b'Is a Number, truly only a Number?by Deborah Jones Finotti, Advertising Representative, Focus on ScugogThis year I celebrate a BIG birthday, I will turn 50myID,because plus 15 . I am hoping you cant read thene print, butIcertainlylook if you can, then you know I am now eligible for mytoo young to be pension, AND I get free drugs!!!Quite the milestone. a senior. I guess it now works in reverse, after all these I can remember when my Dad and Mum turned 65,years I no longer get carded to enter a club like in my I thought WOW, they are getting on in age, however theyouth.reality is they never acted old and I can appreciateThey say we become wiser as we grow older, and I their outlook on life much better now. Keep movingtotally agree. We know ourselves better through expe-forward and enjoy life because it will go by much fasterriences and that helps make the hard decisions easier. now. Our girls like to remind us of our advancingPerhaps we also have more empathy and compassion age and we all make jokes about it, but in reality, I dotowards others.feel older and I know I cant get things done as fast orSophiaLorenoncesaidThereisafountainof eciently as in the past.youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you My boss, or as I like to call her, a true friend, willbring to your life and the lives of people you love. attest to the above statement.I cant tell you all theWhen you learn to tap this source, you will truly have friendly reminders she sends me via email becausedefeated age.I have repeatedly forgotten to add something to myMypersonalthought:Maybewecandefeatage, paperwork.As you can see, I am still here doing mythey say age isnt a number, its an attitude, so pick a job, perhaps she also su ers from the forgotten.good one.One thing about getting older is apparently I dont need to set an alarm. Well, with years of having to set an alarm, it has now been stamped into my brain, so now my body automatically sets its own alarm, which means I am still getting up early. I guess thats ok be- Its ne ver to cause I also go to bed earlier than I did in my youth. e arly to work What is all this hype about a seniors discount!!!I was asked if I was a senior when I was in myfties, aton he althy that time I thought it was an insult; surely I didnt look like I was a senior. Apparently, we are now consideredtee th & gums10 % discounted at 55.I am not complaining, now I dont need to send my husband to Vos to get grocer-ies therst Tuesday of every month to get the seniors discount.I can go myself, however wouldnt it be nice if when I do go for therst time, they will ask to see We are proud to have received the COVID-19 Certificate in Prevention and Safety Excellence for Senior Move ManagersWe are specialists in helping to downsize, de-clutter, organize, sell, donate, dispose, pack,PORT PERRY DENTAL CENTREmove,unpack and settle into your new home. ChoRiceea dAewrsards 238 Queen St.Port PerryExperienced in helping905-985-8451families and executorsPORT PERRY STAR PORTPERRYDENTIST.COMclear estates. d r . J ack c ottrell d r . m aNdeeP d hilloNd r . c olleeNB aNfield (P eriodoNtist& e NdodoNitist )d r . c alviN r ichardsoN d r . B arBara f rackowiakCall 647-948-3482 for a FREE consultation d r . r yaN s iciliaNo (o rthodoNtist )www.downsizingdivadurham.com N ewP atieNtsa lwaysw elcome e NhaNced safety ProtocolsFOCUS - JULY 202241'