b'PLANT REDImagine the pleasant experience of sitting in your colourfulower garden, a haven for butter ies, bees and birds. Enjoying nature and sunshine. Imagine picking an organic, sun-warmed tomato for your lunchtime sandwich, and adorning it with fresh herbs out of your garden.Knowing where your food comes from.Thesearetwoexamplesofthejoysofgardening,If you want to learn more about being shared by the President of the Pine Ridge Garden Cluba home gardener, the PRGC is welcom-(PRGC) Norma Haney.ing new members. There is also a lot of The Nestleton based organization is celebrating its 45thgood information available on the PRGC anniversary this year. Theres a special event planned forwebsite, Instagram and Facebook page.club members only this month. Because the colour redDont be shy, Norma said. Join us. You can learn so was chosen by the Canadian Gardening Councils Yearmuch from your fellow gardeners.of the Garden 2022, there will be a Red Garden Tour.The club meets at the Nestleton Community Centre Members are looking forward to driving around to ad- on theTuesday of every month (except for March,rst mire each others gardens based on this colour theme.which is the second Tuesday) at 7:30 p.m. There are no Redowers are also a symbol of Canadian pride, Normameetings in January and February. The cost is only $15 explained, since our nationalag is red and white. per person or $20 for two related adults living at the same Gardening has many bene ts, Norma pointed out.address. The friendship and knowledge o ered is invalu-Itreducesstressandstudieshaveable. Experienced and novice gardeners are all welcome. shown that it is good for your mentalThere are interesting newsletters, and during COVID, health. there were virtual meetings.Enjoying the beauty ofowers andMembers can look forward to hearing the latest infor-the bounty of homegrown vegetablesmation from expert speakers on everything from horti-is something everyone can experience,culture to pollinators to climate change even if they do not have a large property, Norma noted,tonative seedsandheirloomower since many plants can be grown in containers.seeds.Another plus is being out in the sunshine and get- There are four judgedshowsower ting vitamin D, she said. More people like to growannually, with cash prizes available. their own food now. They want to know where their foodThis gives us a chance to show oourowers, said comes from.Please turn to page 39Creating Smiles Since 1992SYour Confident Smile is Our Goal! NORTH PORT TORONTO STREET STOUFFVILLE SUNDERLANDDENTAL CENTRE DENTAL CENTRE DENTAL CENTRE DENTAL CENTRE15930 Old Simcoe Rd., Port Perry 29 Toronto Street, Uxbridge 15 Ringwood Drive, Stouffville 26 Church Street, Sunderland905-852-7382 905-852-7382 905-642-5777 705-357-3161thedentalcentre.caFOCUS - JULY 202237'