b'The angels came to Caesarea Finally and importantly, we had exemplary response Dear Editor from Hydro One, both the local groups and the team of I would like to give a major shout out to anmen and trucks from North Bay assigned to Caesarea. We organization that provided a crew of nine men, whowere indeed fortunate in our small devastated town.went through the Caesarea community after the terribleThe goodwill all around, among neighbours, family, storm (Saturday May 21), and o ered free assistance forfriends, the CAM(RRS) and ourre ghters was truly property clean up to those who really needed help. amazing.The group is called the Christian Aid MinistriesSo, thank you to everyone involved in helping to get Canada - Rapid Response Services (CAM-RRS),our community back on its feet. Martha Casson,based in Moore eld Ontario (near Waterloo). TheirCaesareawebsite expresses their mission with these words: CONNECTING PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HELP WITH PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP. COME CHECK OUT Under the leadership of a man named Tim Horst, nineOUR NEW FARM-SIDE young men arrived in Caesarea and drove around townWINE & CIDER PATIOassessing damage and asking who needed help. They didJAMSJELLIESHONEYfast and ecient work and would not accept any payment.PICK YOUR OWN O ers to donate were humbly accepted, but not expected.STRAWBERRIES & MOREIt was clear that they were delighted to help. Personally, IPUMPKIN PATCH & dont know what I would have done without them! GIANT CORN MAZEpick your own Also, daily, they went to our Caesarea Fire StationCOMING THIS FALL! strawberriesgroup asking if they had heard of anyone needing help.AWARD-WINNINGFRUIT WINES, CIDERS (Our Caesarea Fire ghters and volunteers were alsoAND MEADESawesome with their constant help during the storm2055 SAINTFILED RD., SEAGRAVE, aftermath). applewoodfarmwinery.comTransferring your prescriptions is as easy as a phone call. Call us today. Scugogs Best Pharmacy,5 years running!FOCUS - JULY 202217'