b'Great neighbours, great neighbourhood! A little human loves FocusDear Editor Dear EditorThat was a horrendous weather anomaly weMy name is Hudson, I live in experienced on Saturday May 21! Hats off to our EMSScugog and I am 5 years old. I and Hydro line workers clearing and repairing to get usjust wanted to let you know how back up and running.much I look forward to getting But I want to tell you about my neighbourhood,your magazine. I flip through Apple Valley. every page and I let my mom and dad know all about Sunday morning with no power, we were up earlywhat is happening in Scugog.In this issue (June 2022) I and took our dog for her walk, as did most otherswas excited about the ice cream on page 12 at the Nutty around here. Everyone stopped and talked and as weChocolatier.I think my mom and dad will take us there proceeded, I heard a voice offering coffee! Gary andone day. Peggy had set up two coffee makers on a table in theirThe photo was taken on May 31st by my mommy.driveway with cups, milk and sugar! Wow, they madeKeep up the good work!!!our day! I even got a refill! Sincerely, HudsonIts because of people like Gary and Peggy that make this a great place to live! But not only them, as the dayCornwall to Port Perry - a fortunate moveprogressed we heard about neighbours sharing theirDear Editor generators with neighbours and allowing them to plug in! Since September 2021, I have been fortunate to call After all the damage that was done, shingles blownPort Perry Villa my home! To the staff that left their off, trees damaged and destroyed and there was sohomes and families to make sure all the residents were much more, people pulled together to help one another. safe and fed during the power outage on Saturday May Thank you one and all for being you and our prayers21, please accept my sincerest thanks.go out to our neighbours in Uxbridge. Beverley TaylorSincerely, Jim Leipsig Please turn to page 1712 FOCUS - JULY 2022'