b'Marlin Travel is excited to welcome aboardMallory Lawlor!THUMBS UP -to John Whyte of Joys Candy and LandonOLDBeacock of Landons Tree Service, for donating dog dispensers and dog waste bags to our new dog park.ONEPaws up! THUMBS DOWN - to the garbage collectors who throw the bins so carelessly that they block driveways.Twice in the last month, Ive not been able to get in my own driveway without parking on the side of the road to move the binsrst.Show some consideration, please. THUMBS UP - to those garbage collectors who thoughtfully and carefully place the bins on the side of the driveway and off the road.Thank you!THUMBS DOWN - to those who think its a good idea to bring small children and babies to our dog park. Its irresponsible of you! Please refrain from doing this.THUMBS UP - After my pug Luna got out of her harness, and ran out onto the street, this wonderful lady stopped her car and gave me dog treats to coax her back. Once again, got to love this small town, anywhere else it could have been a very different outcome! mallory.lawlor@marlintravel.ca THUMBS UP - to the local vendors taking away the option of supplying us with plastic bags. Some offer a paper bag option or force us to re-use our own bags. Good on them. I wont name the two I have noticed recently as I would be missing too many others that do the same. Going to be tougher for the larger stores and supermarkets to address MARCH 16th - 20th this issue but we need to start somewhere.DROP IN EVENTS: THUMBS UP - I went to the Emergency at Port Perry TICKETED EVENTS: Hospital this past Saturday (February 1) with awful kFrozen 2 Party k Family Art Party abdominal pain. By the time I was ready to go home that (March 19th) k (March 16th) night I had improved from when I walked in. I am extremely Family Story Timegrateful for the doctors, nurses and staff there, and all thatkZoo to Youk (March18th) they do. My most heartfelt thank you to all of them.Make & Take:(March 20th) Colour Your Own yourDo you have a Thumb up or down that you have WE WANT TO pleasevoice (limited numbers,Bookmark & Book Bagwouldlike to see published?Please submit your HEAR FROMTELL tickets must be purchasedk (March18th) two or three sentences to a maximum ofsay .YOU!US.MATTERS! in advance) Free Family Matinees125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com(March 16th & 17th) REGISTERED EVENTS: Go to our website for k Plant an Egg Cartonmore info.your please WE WANT TOhaveEdible Garden withVariety of Age Groups World-renownedTELL HEAR FROMyourvoiceWillowtree FarmsREGISTER NOW! guitarist US.YOU! say .MATTERS!(March 17th) For details about all ourDON ROSS k Outdoor Scavenger Huntprograms see: performing at and Nature Friendly Bird Feeders (March 19th) www.scugoglibrary.ca Jesters Courtor call Dont miss hearing 905-985-7686one of the worlds top ext. 101ngerstyle guitarists.Scugog Memorial Public Library See details on page 29231 Water Street, Port Perry905-985-7686 in Whats Up Scugog? 20FOCUS - MARCH 2020'