b'THE NUTTY CHOCOLATIERS31ST ANNUAL Congratulations Doug Brown!EasterSunday,April 21, will be the 31st yearServing since this fun event hasScugog and been held on Queen St., downtownPortPerry,Beyondand its all thanks to Ken Koury,ownerofthe Nutty Chocolatier.I opened my choco-lateshopherein1988, becauseIwascraving chocolate. Im a diabetic and I thought that Port Perryneededitsown chocolateshop,heex-plained. (Yes, The Nutty Chocolatier has delicious choco-late treats suitable for diabetics to enjoy).I started the Easter Egg Hunt because I wanted to do something for the kids, and people who maybe couldntDoug has established aa ordtheEasterBunny,Kenexplained.Ithastrulyprofessional reputation based onbeen a family event for Ken as well, as his son Justin insound advice, empathy and individualized his younger years was known to dress up as the Eastercare and attention.bunny for this occasion. Another Easter promotion held in-store, is the FindLets help Doug celebrate!the Bunny with the Money. In selected chocolate bun-nies, you maynd gift certi cates worth $2 - $50. Hope you can pick the right one.A few years ago, the Church Chicks joined in the fun by starting the Easter Bonnet Parade and Contest (11:30 a.m. registration, contest at noon), and as soon as it ends the Easter Egg Hunt follows at approximately 1 p.m.Its a fun event, Ken commented. Everybody likes it! Pharmacy Associates Pharmacy Associates of Port Perryof Port PerryCaring for the health of the community.one patient at a time.Doug Brown NEWLocal residents Dean and Julie Leeder haveLead Pharmacist a proud member ofopened the doors of The Tool Doctor, at 16050 Old Simcoe Rd., Unit 5, Port Perry. You may also even seeFree deliveryCompliance Packaging ServicesRandy (formerly of Uxport Tools) kicking around too.2018 11 Water St., Unit B, Port Perry ReadersNEWRB Diner is now open at 1812 Scugog St., (beside Monte Carlo Hair) Choice AwardsPort Perry.905-985-9200 PORT PERRY STARPlease make us aware of who is opening, moving or closing in Scugog. Submit information to:www.pharmacyassociates.cafocus@focusonscugog.comFOCUS - APRIL 20197'