b'department is undertaking this. Today the Municipality of Scugog, who looks after thebuilding,itsmaintenanceandstructure,ownsthe PHOTO BY PAUL ARCULUS, FOCUS ON SCUGOGTown Hall 1873. However, the facility is leased from the Municipality by an 8-member board of volunteers who administer its use.Tristen Smith chairs this volunteer board. Dale St. John is the deputy chair. Other members are: Alissa Smith, Louise Bardswich and Howard Danson, Andre Grander, Tammy Irwin, Dave Bell, Rebeka Haak and Kyle Brough. In addition, the board has hired two part time employ-ees, Michael Serres and Nancy Bisset to assist in theatre administration, bookings, ticket office, maintenance, sales and the website. www.townhall1873.ca PHOTO BY J. PETER HVIDSTEN, FOCUS ON SCUGOGUnfortunately some people in town still associate the Town Hall with the Municipal office and we still get callsMichael Serres and Howard Danson.enquiring about taxes and permits, commented Michaelof ladies undergarments, leased the building to establish Serres. theirfactoryinPortPerry.Gossardsleaseexpiredin In order to provide an improved service, and to avoidJanuary 1974. At this point it began its major restoration these kinds of misunderstandings, and to improve ticketas outlined earlier.sales, the board is in the process of exploring a variety ofAdetailedhistoryofthebuildingcanbefoundat new approaches to marketing. www.scugogheritage.com.Board member Howard Danson explained,We havePort Perry can be proud of this respected entertain-three residential groups who perform here, the Borelians,ment venue. Its architectural prominence at the edge of Theatre on the Ridge, headed up by Carey Nicholson,the downtown core is a distinctive punctuation mark for and SCS, a musical group formerly known as the Scugogour streetscape. The eventual return of the bell tower will Choral Society.serve to enhance that role. The board also rents the hall to various groups and The tower on Town Hall 1873 went up in 1975. individuals for weddings, public meetings and seminars.By Paul Arculus, Focus on ScugogThe theatre seats are reasonably priced for most events. Town Hall(continued from 3) But the limited capacity does place some restrictions on providing entertainment for a wide range of tastes. In 1996, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board ofHoward added, Theatre attendance is sometimes be-Canada and Port Perrys recognized the building Townlow our expectations. Tribute concerts such as Elvis, the Hall 1873 was designated as an historic site.A plaqueEagles and Queen are typically a complete sellout. But we commemorating this event sits on Queen Street just westcant have tribute concerts every night of the week and of the old entrance.we must give opportunities to local artists and talent.In2003anotherrenovationprojecttookplacetoMichael Serres stated, Our aim is to have the Town enhancethebuilding,providingmorestoragespace,Hall evolve into a centrepiece for our communitys enter-improved access and vastly enhanced seating increasingtainment and culture.the main hall seating capacity to 234 seats. Over the years this iconic building has gone through The Town Hall building will be topless for manymany changes. It started as the administration facility for months as the new tower is built using many parts fromthe town. Later it became a movie theatre, a roller skating the 1975 feature as possible. The Municipalitys Worksrink.In 1951 The H.W Gossard Company, manufacturers s t e wa r t t o u r s HALIFAX WEEKENDJUNE 20-23Fly direct from Peterborough Airport $1365 per person *(air, transfers, hotel - Delta Barrington)* based on double occupancyTICO #4577532 MCvirginia.frew@marlintravel.ca 905-985-2268158 Casimir St., Port Perry4 FOCUS - APRIL 2019'