b'yearsMay 4th and 5th from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. anniversaryA twentieth anniversary of any kind is well worth celebrating, but it is especially so if that anniversary cel-ebrates an organization that continues to bring the com-munity together to showcase and celebrate the arts.This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Lake Scugog Studio Tour. The brainchild of three local artists, the tours mandate is to highlight and provide a venue for local artists, both established and emerging, to share their work and promote the arts in the greater community of Scugog Township. The tour gives visitors an opportunity to interact with the artists and purchase high-quality, one-of-a-kind works of art.This year the tour will showcase forty-seven estab-lished and emerging artists who either live around Lake Scugog or have close ties to the area. This is a very diversewas in uenced by artists such as Monet, Chagall, Poussin, group of artists in terms of what media they use and howBonnard,CanadiansDavidMilne,TomThompson, their environment has in uenced their work.Visitors toandStanleyCosgroveandfriendsMaxwell Arm eld, the tour will meet artists who paint, sculpt in clay, stoneHoward Hodgkin and Duncan Grant.andmetal,workinglassandtextiles,carveandturnIn1979,MichaelandhiswifeNormaimmigrated wood and create jewellery and photographs. Several ofwith their family to Canada. In the mid 1980s the Reeves these artists will conduct demonstrations of their workpurchased a property on the shores of Lake Scugog just during the tour and some will o er visitors the oppor- north of Port Perry. The local countryside had a profound tunity to try their hand at the art form. All sites, with thein uence on much of his work.During the Lake Scugog exception of the Michael Reeves exhibit, will have artistsStudioTourmanypiecesofMichaelswork,including work available for purchase as well as on display. some of his never-before-seen early art, will be on display As in the past, the sites for this years tour are spreadat the cottage he and Norma owned. This will be a unique out around Lake Scugog, giving attendees a chance toopportunity for visitors to the tour to view and appreciate witness thegeographicalandagriculturalthe man and this wonderful collection. rst-hand diversity of the area and its in uence on the host artist.This years Lake Scugog Studio Tour promises to be Most venues will house several artists, so that visitors caneverything one would expect from a twentieth anniver-experience a variety of art over the course of the week- sary. Young and old are encouraged to get out, enjoy the end. From a wool mill in the east of the township to aLake Scugog area, meet local artists and celebrate art! greenhouse in the west, these venues will have much to o er patrons.This year the Lake Scugog Studio Tour is especially pleased to be part of a year-long retrospective on the life and work of the esteemed artist and antique dealer, Michael Reeves. Born, raised and trained in England, he Practising in Durham Region Since 2002M c M urtryLAW PC Family LawGeneral Civil LitigationFor more information visit:250 Shanly Street, Port Perry www.scugogstudiotour.ca905-982-2650www.mcmurtrylaw.ca www.facebook.com/scugogstudiotourwww.instagram.com/scugogstudiotour40 FOCUS - APRIL 2019'