b'GOLF 2019Sunnybrae(AGAIN)Golf ClubAnyonetravellingindowntownPortPerryafew A group of concerned citizens, ledweeks ago would have noticed a scurry of activity around by Bill Brock, President of the Lakehas somethingTown Hall 1873 at the corner of Queen and Simcoe Streets.ScugogHistoricalSociety,organ-On February 28 the Bell tower on top of the iconic Townized a committee to save the historic for everyone! Hall 1873 was carefully removed from its place. andbuilding.raisingeortstookplaceThetowerhasdeterioratedovertheyearsFund needs to be completely rebuilt. Its location, high andthevolunteercommitteeforabove the streetscape, exposes the structure to Town Hall 1873 leased the build-the worst aspects of the weather. ing from the Town Council. AMENS 18 HOLE MENS 9 HOLE WOMENS 9 HOLE This is not the rst time that the bell tower has complete restoration was under-had to be replaced. The original tower of 1873 had taken, including a brand new bellThursdayThursdayTuesdaydeteriorated and was removed around 1900. tower.morning league evening league evening league Again, in 1950, debris from the deteriorating As part of the restoration, pho-(tee ti mes from 9 a.m.) (tee ti mes from 3-6 p.m.) (tee ti mes from 3-6 p.m.) tower began falling onto the street below.This tographs of the original bell towersecond tower was removed in 1951, but this time, were found and a new tower wasit was not replaced. Instead a simple roof cap created.Financed through a do-League Fee: $75League Fee: $75 League Fee: $75 was built on the roof. nationbythefamilyofformer$30 weekly to walk $20 weekly* $20 weekly* By 1974 the entire Town Hall build- ReeveMerlinLetcher,andWelcome party ThursdayWelcome party Thursdayingneededextensiverepairs. built by Dale Procunier and$42 weekly to ride* April 25 at 6 p.m. April 23 at 6:30 p.m. Ratherthanundertakecostly others, the new tower wasLeague start day: May 2 repairs,theTownCouncilde- erectedandputinplaceinLeague start day: May 2 League start day: April 30 cided that the structure should be June 1975.(weather permitting) (weather permitting) (weather permitting) demolished. Please turn to page 4NEW! COMMUTERJUNIORNEW! PHOTO BY J. PETER HVIDSTEN,MEMBERSHIPS 12-17 years old FOCUS ON SCUGOGGolf any day aft er 3 p.m. Monday - Friday EXPRESS CHECK IN$599 + HST any ti me and aft er 2 p.m.REWARDS CARDon weekends Register today by calling our Limited Spots Available Golf any day aft er 3 p.m.BOOK TODAY! NEW Pro Shop Manager SALE! Reg. Price Mike Ayres $250 + HST $399 905-985-2234 or emailLimited Spots Available Mike@SunnybraeGolfClub.comBOOK TODAY!Awards and prizes throughout*HST includedthe season.Golfers of all calibres welcome.REGISTER TODAY! 1430 King Street, Port Perry (Prince Albert)905-985-2234www.SunnybraeGolfClub.com2 FOCUS - APRIL 2019'