b'is one of her special CDs. Twice, The Durham Region Music Society named Lynn TheBestFemaleVocalist.PartoftheLynnMcDonald Quartet, her piano player, Dave Restivo, won a national jazz award. Lynn and Dave share a birthday, and at one of their celebrations, they launched the CD Patina. Now they are working on a new duo CD! Bass player Jordan OConneranddrummerTedWarrenoftenshareher spotlight.The players constantly thank me for providing them with a venue to ply the craft that took them years to mas-ter, Lynn noted. Many local churches are great venues with good acoustics.If this is the gift I have to give, she said of promoting other talents, I will happily do just that. My other gift is the flock, the herd, the harvest of phenomenal vocal stu-dents who have come through my tender care and gone on to leads in musicals, idols on competitions, recordingDave Restivo, Ross McIntyre and Lynn singing at Jesters Court.artists and great jazz singers in their own right. makes up the difference out of her own pocket. Whethershesteachingvocals,hostingevents,orI see skiers and snowmobilers and think to myself, singing at one of her sold-out concerts, Lynn is livingSo what if it costs me money, a labour of love is simply the dream. Concert listings always appear in Focus onan expensive hobby!Scugogs Whats Up column. Back to Jazz at Jesters on that snow-kissed Sunday Theres nothing we havent heardflamenco, rock,night. the musicians take a break while Lynn, wearing jazz,bluegrass,gospel,acapella,Cubano, Argentinian,her organizer hat, brings out a menu and takes their din-Czech, Moravianall authentic and first class. ner orders. Maybe later she will take to the microphone. WeareaculturalfeatherinDurhamRegion,de- After all, music is her first love. And all that jazz.scribed Lynn, a member of the Scugog Council for the Arts.When there is a shortfall in pay for the performers, sheBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogLynn in her Port Perry home, with her favourite framed poster of $ $Charlie Parker, who she affectionately calls Bird. $Lynn McDonald Jazz(continued from 29) singing inFind the BUNNY $ $At age 40, Lynn quit her job and startedFREEnightclubs. First, she sang her way across Canada. Then$ with the $ $ Easter Egg Huntit was the U.S., then Europe, the Czech Republic andMONEY $ Sunday April 21stPrague, where she really feels at home. The connec- $tions she has made have lasted, like lingering musicalIn selected chocolate bunnies $ 11:30am - 2pmnotes,andherlittleinternationalfamilyofmusical friends have followed her.there are gift certi cates worthhas enjoyed teaching at York University for 20 years. She$ $ DowntownLynn, who studied jazz at U of Ts Faculty of Music,anywhere from 1 to 50 ! Port Perryhas been the subject of countless newspaper and maga- $zine articles, all carefully catalogued along with photo- $ HOPE YOU PICK $graphs, ticket stubs, and posters, in scrapbooks shared. Where her life story is contained in printed memorabiliaTHE RIGHT ONE! $ends, she points out, the Internet preservation of her con-tinuing musical history begins. (lynnmcdonaldjazz.com) Writers have penned about her warm and personal voice and her highly acclaimed concert at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. And then theres her unforget- THE NUTTY CHOCOLATIERtable sultry style, personal charisma, stunning fashions,182 Queen Street, Port Perry(yes, its Lishman) and those sea- hued eyes. A respected artist herself, like attracts like. I havewww.thenuttychocolatier.combeen doing this music thing for years, wherever I go,OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKwherever I live, says Lynn, who currently resides in Port Perry. Born in Ottawa, she grew up in Toronto, where herGOOD FRIDAY 10am-6pmEASTER SUNDAY 10am-4pmDad introduced her to the jazz scene. Song for my Father FOCUS - APRIL 201931'