b'JAZZ SINGERLYNN MCDONALDWhere she goes, the music followsOne might describe Lynn McDonald as the Pied Piperlittle Beethoven. Jane Bunnett, the Spirit of Havana, A of the music world. Where she goes, the music follows.Cuban Love A air. Alex Pangman and her Alley Cats, For decades, she has brought together famous musicians1920s and 30s Swing Era sounds. Dixieland, the Dixie of all genres with folks who appreciate their polished,Demons,featuringfavouritesfromNewOrleans.The professional sounds. Men of Steel: The Art of the Steel Spring Guitar. And Case in point: On a recent visit to Jesters Court ondont forget Canadas own Don Ross, world-renowned Queen St. in Port Perry, on a snow-kissed Sunday even-ngerstyle guitarist, to name but a few.ing, there was a hush over the room as jazz a cionadosThentherewasthemusicaloasisDuJazzClub& made their instruments come to life. The singing was justBistro, created by Lynn and her former husband James another voice in the choir of brass and keys and strings.McDonald (French horn player) at their unique residence Everyone was there to savour each and every note. Thereon Simcoe St. in Sonya. Her musical friends all came on was no conversation, no peeking at cell phones. It was allboard to help renovate the basement of the former church about the music, and for Lynn McDonald and her friends,into a 60 seat jazz club, decorated with 12 chandeliers, it always was, and it always will be. glowing candlelight, pinkoors, red walls and disco balls When the quality of the listening goes up, so does the- just to set the mood. quality of the performance, Lynn pointed out. Built in 1849, this historic church was rebuilt in 1892 The intimate upstairs room at Jesters Court is the latestfollowing are. venue where Lynn McDonald arranges big name talent toFrom1998to2006,patronsoftheartsgatheredin perform. Yes, people make the trip from as far as OshawaSonya to drink up the music. Chef Lynn even cooked and Haliburton. Some of the performers themselves hailfor her appreciative New Years Eve party guestsa little from as far away as Prague. World-class entertainmentThai noodle shrimp, a little mustard glazed ham.for only $15. admission! Sometimes I would realize that I was singing with my Youmayhaveheardthenamesbefore:Lynnapron still on! she laughs.McDonaldPresents,circa2001,andthelong-runningHow did a social worker and mother of two end up series of musical o erings at Port Perry United Church.befriending and booking famous musicians from all over JunoandGrammyawardwinningmusicians.Classicthe globe, attracting them to a gig in small venues such as Bluegrass, Jazz, Big Bands, Celtic, Chamber MusicaSonya and Port Perry?Please turn to page 30Lynn sang with Flamenco dancers in Havana, Cuba. Lynn singing in Prague, a place where she feels at home.FOCUS - APRIL 201929'