b'2018 2018Readers ReadersChoice Awards Choice AwardsPORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STARBESTBEST DENTIST DENTAL OFFICEDr. Sandro Del RossoDENTISTDr. Sandro Del Rosso loves to work with children.ORAL HEALTH IN CHILDREN* Cavities are preventable in children ages 3 to 4* Proper oral health in newborns is essential* wipe the gums after feeding with a simple clean cloth* the infant connects feeding with oral hygiene*Once the connection is made, brushing teeth in the futurewill be easier.*Making the first dental visit a positive experience encourages better oral health.Preventing Gum DiseaseTake a piece of floss about as long as your arm.Wipe the tooth from bottom to top 2 Wrap it aroundor 3 times or more until it is squeaky your middle fingersclean. Repeat on each tooth using a leaving about 2new section of floss each time. If your inches betweenfingers get tangled in the floss, try your hands. tying it into a loop. Flossing gets easierthe more you do it, so be patient.Use your index fingers to guide the floss between your teeth and wrap it into a C shape under the gumline at the base of the tooth.Call today tobook a consultation withDR. SANDRO DEL ROSSO.462 Paxton Street, Port PerryLocated across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building905-985-8459www.dentistportperry.com EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE28 FOCUS - APRIL 2019'