b'THE PROBLEM WITH POTHOLESSpring is here!Finally, were free from the snow, sleet, salt and sludge that comes with winter.But theres one nuisance that comes with spring, one that we and our vehicles are all too familiar with.Driving in the springtime means facing pothole-ridden roads that could cause an accident or damage to your car. Here is some information for safe driving through pothole season.Precision Auto Repair & Electric Bryants Automotive Nick Oram Auto BodyOver 30 years in business.Beat the rush! FREE SCHEDULEYOURESTIMATESSPRING SERVICE TODAY!Air ConditioningBrake SystemsDiagnosticsExhaust DRIVE SMART/SAVE MONEY NICK ORAMMaintenanceTune-ups Call, text or emailAUTO BODYto arrange your appointment.PRECISIONCollision RepairAUTO REPAIR Re nish& ELECTRIC Auto Repair for Most Licensed Technicians80 Van Edward Drive,Makes and Models 131 Northport Road Unit #1,Port Perry Calvin Bryant Unit 10Licensed Mechanic905-985-8406 1346 Hwy 7A, Port PerryPort Perry L9L 1B2 timbartley@ 289-385-6951 Tel: 9059851991precisionautoelectric.ca www.bryantsautomotive.ca Fax: 9059854058Monday to Friday 8am to 5pmAdust the way you drive. Drive Slower. Stay Alert.Leaving ample space between you andYou have a greater chance of noticing aAvoid distractions. Keep your eyes on the the car in front of you can allow you to seepothole and avoiding it and allows you toroad to avoid a jolting surprise pothole that more of the road. take the pothole at a slower speed. could cause you to lose control of your car.FOCUS - APRIL 201925'