b'The show must go on.The Humble Divas return to the stage in MayThe Humble Divas are planningCATHYPALVIKisMARIAROMIOS anotherfantasticconcertforaclassicallytrainedis a graduate student Saturday,May4at7:30p.m.mezzo-soprano.atYorkUniversity. and hoping that the weatherShe loves to singAsongwriterand cooperates this year. In 2018,musicindi er- composer,Maria it was touch and go becauseentstylesandplays classical and Friday nights horrible windespeciallylovesfolk guitar. She will storms wiped out the hydrosingingindi er- share arrangements inPortPerryanditdidntent languages. ofpopularmusic comebackonuntil3:30p.m.C ButitsnotaboutMARIA IOS andoriginalcomposi-A VLIK ROMon Saturday, just four short hoursTHYP me,saysthisHumbletions on her acoustic guitar.Abefore show time. Diva.ItsabouthermusicalBEV FOSTER is well known as a With the power restored, the 2018friends. This years impressive lineupbrilliant pianist and music educator. concertwasagreatsuccess,com- of talented performers includes: Bev is the founding mented Diva Cathy Pavlik. LAURAL GRIFFEN is an accom- director of Room Asubstantialdonationwasplishedlifelongmusicianwho217, an organi-raised towards the purchase of a newtaught music for 35 years. She playszationdedi-sound system for Port Perry Unitedpiano andutecated to mu-Church.ThisistheHumbleDivasand is knownsicandcare. concert venue, and it is famous for itsforherjazzBevjoinsthe excellent acoustics, Cathy noted. interpreta- HumbleDivas Thisyearsproceedswillgoto- tions.Sheasacollabora-ward the purchase of French bookswillbetive pianist.BEVFOSTERforthePortPerrylibrary.Cathyisfeatured as All polishedve on leave from her French Immersionasolo ut- and professional musicians will come teaching job at R. H. Cornish Schoolistatthetogether for what Cathy described as to work on her PhD in music at YorkupcomingLAURAL EN an eclectic mix of closing songs. University. Shes just one year awayconcert. GRIFF Dontmissthisconcert,which fromreachingthisgoal!AmusicSASHA LIEBICH-TAIT is a lyric- promises to be a musical treat, and all educator since the year 2000, Cathycoloratura soprano and voice teacher.for a worthy cause too. Tickets are $20 is presently tutoring students, fromShehasstudiedand available at the door. Port Perry grades one to 12, in French. and performedUnited Church, 294 Queen St., Port Itishardto resourcesforinternation- Perry. nd language learning, she pointed out,allyinbothFor more information, Cathy wel-soincreasingthesupplyofFrenchoperaandcomes calls at 905-985-9274.books at the local library was chosenm u s i c a lBy Lynn Campbell, as this years fundraising project.theatreven- Focus on ScugogThroughtheAnimatedLiteracyues. Sasha Program, all sounds are taught throughSAS IT ishighly singing,Cathysaid.SheexplainedHALIE ICH -T A soughtafterasa Bthat learning through music, such assoloistthroughouttheGTA. singing French folk songs, is the idealShewillsingsomeofher wayforlittlepeopletolearnanewfavouriterepertoire,andsharethe language.Cathy also has singing andstage with Cathy for some sur-piano students. prise duets.FOCUS - APRIL 201923'