b'FOOT PAINIs it Affecting your Life?Dr.John Tompkin says the solution can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.1)ASSESSMENT I have been treating foot pain and building quality custom made orthotics for nearly 21 years and I am still surprised how many patients have Still stocking the shelves after all these years. never received treatment ties, including the agricultural community of Blackstockfor their foot problems and surrounding areas that we have been proud to serveprior to receiving their for over 34 years. orthotic device.For advice on everything from how to plant garlic to repair bare spots in your lawn, check out www.wrights- 2)TREATMENTfeeds.ca. Treatment can consist Melanie invites everyone to drop into the store. Youof impulse and manual may be surprised what you find! adjusting, joint By Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog mobilization, soft tissue therapy as well as modalities to reduce inflammation. Theseare the sameprinciples used in the treatmentof spinal disfunction.3)SUPPORT This includes orthotic support, shoe recommendations and in many cases, maintenance treatments to the foot ankle complex. The orthotics can be manufactured with the gaitscan data allowing both flexibility and rigidity to help correct your gait.PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD!NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES126 - 2 Water StreetPort Perry 905-985-8591 Dr. John Tompkin Our services are covered by most Chiropractor extended health care benefits.Chiropractic,Foot Pain Therapy, Orthotic TherapyFOCUS - APRIL 201919'