b'ONE DOOR CLOSESAND ANOTHER OPENSWRIGHTS FEEDS N NEEDSNew owners will offer the same great products for your farm, garden and homeExploringEurope,goingonarelocated 25 years ago, in September cruise, renting a villa in Spain for aof 1993 to its present location, and its monththese are some of the retire- still going strong.ment dreams for Harold and MelanieWe want to see it continue to suc-Wright. ceed, Melanie commented. We are But for now, its still business asleaving the business in good hands.usual.WrightsFeedsNNeedsinDurham Farmers County Co-op-Blackstock have been sold to Durhamerative has two other thriving loca-FarmersCountyCooperative,buttions,inOronoandGrafton.The Melanie and Harold will be stayingPlease turn to page 18When not globetrotting, Harold andon for a year or two to help with the Melanie Wright are looking forward totransition.having more time and freedom duringFor34years,thishard-working their upcoming retirement to pursuecouplehasputinsixdaysaweek their favourite activities, closer to(seven days a week in the busiest sea-home. son, spring.) They even showed up at The twosome has always enjoyedwork with their new babies in tow, a camping and canoeing, and the woodsweek or two after they were born!and lakes of Ontario are beckoning. AlifelongBlackstockresident, Did you know that one of MelaniesHaroldstartedworkingattheold hobbies was acrylic painting? Sheswoodenturn-of-the-centurystyle anxious to pick up the paintbrushfeed mill and grain elevator, right out again.Self-described as an avid gardener,of high school. Melanie said farmers Melanie plans to continue her passionback in the day used to show up with for tending her beautifulowerbedshorses pulling their loads of grain to and planters at their Blackstock home.turn into feed. Harold started looking Melanies happy place is their back- after the store during lunch hours for yard deck, where they look forward tothe other sta , and developed a pas-enjoying many leisurely dinners andsion for the business. evenings with family and friends. In1971,eight-year-oldMelanie Harolds happy place is the farmmoved with her family to Blackstock. where he grew up, at the end ofBothattendedCartwrightPublic Church St. in Blackstock. You will seeSchool and Cartwright High School, Harold out in his element, doing what he has always loved: Tending the land,so their roots in the community run cash cropping, andxing and rebuild- deep.ing things that he hasnt had the timeTheyear1984wasalandmark for while running the business.oneforHaroldandMelanie.They Enjoy your well-deserved retirement,gotmarried,boughtahouseand Melanie and Harold! purchased the feed business. It wasThe countdown is on for the Wrights.FOCUS - APRIL 201917'