b'The faint X on the back of this small secretive Spring Peeper is a PHOTOS COURTESY OF JAY THIBERT.diagnosticeld mark.Search for Spring on April 26 at 7:30 p.m.It is the time of year when we are all looking for a signa sign that winter is behind us and spring will unfold with the promise of warmth, growth and opportunity to be outdoors. What is it for you? Is it therst Robin, or a crocus in your garden?This Gray Treefrog has made a smart colour change to blend in TheFriendsofNonquoninviteyoutolistenforawith the milkweed leaf that it is resting on. sure sign of spring at our second annual Amphibians at Nonquon evening. We are inviting families to join usNext on our spring play list are the Leopard Frogs, in our search for spring on April 26 at 7:30 p.m. at theAmerican Toads and Gray Treefrogs. On warm nights inutey Nonquon Environmental Education Centre.May, male Gray Treefrogs make atrill from their Warming temperatures in our local wetland is the pri- perch in a tree or shrub. This springtime music results in mary signal prompting romantic frogs to call for a mate.2000 eggs laid in a nearby pond.It is like a multi act musical that begins in early springThe symphony continues into late spring when the and unfolds into June, as it has done for millions of years.Green Frogs and Bullfrogs join the chorus. If this Spring First on the stage, in late March, are the Wood FrogsFrog Symphony is a sound that you would like to know andSpringPeepers.TheSpringPeeperisatypeofmore about, consider bringing your family to an evening treefrog, with enlarged toe pads. These tiny frogs reachof discovery and learning about these amazing life cycles. no more than 3cm in length, but their song is anythingThe Pheasant Pen site at the Nonquon Provincial Wildlife but small. Each call is a single loud, high pitched peepArea contains several permanent ponds and vernal pools repeated over and over. What hes trying to convey isthat are the breeding sites for these frogs. Come and learn simpleHere I am! Im big! My genes are excellent.how citizen science is helping amphibians. North Durham When a female hears the call from her species, shell hopNature and Friends of Nonquon sponsor the event. or swim in that direction. At close range a full chorus can be deafening and can carry over half a kilometre. In largeTo register, contact friendsofnonquon@gmail.comchoruses, Peepers also trill, advising other males to keepFor information on this and other spring o erings, go to their distance.www.northdurhamnature.comFOCUS - APRIL 20199'