FOCUS - JUNE 2018 3 Who remembers Albert Putsey, who used to drive around Scugog in his van equipped with a bullhorn, announcing all of the exciting events taking place at the Lake Simcoe Regatta in Caesarea? Albert has long passed, but the community spirit of the man “who put his heart and soul” into the regat- ta lives on, says Lake Scugog Regatta Association President Shari Bown. Generations of families have vol- unteered to organize the annual Lake Scugog Regatta for the past 90 years. Staged in the waterside hamlet of Caesarea, it is reputed to be the longest running three-day event in Ontario. This year’s theme is 1927, to com- memorate the inaugural year. Mark August 3, 4 and 5 on your calendar! Shari says that all of the volunteers who organize this major event find it worthwhile because, “It’s such a great time for everyone. The air is electrifying…. it’s a great atmosphere! Everyone is talking and laughing and enjoying themselves.” “Cottagers always make sure that they are here every summer for the regatta, which is always held on the civic weekend in August,” she noted. Hundreds of locals and people from as far away from Toronto also come to join in the festivities. “The whole town has a feel good feeling,” Shari added. “People thank us and say that they had a good time.” Shari is a typical regatta commit- tee volunteer. Her husband Roger Bown and his family have local roots in Caesarea. When Shari and Ron’s daughter was two, and before their son was born, they moved back to Roger’s hometown hamlet. Now their kids are 22 and 27. They had the pleasure of growing up enjoying the local regatta, and now they pitch in and help with the event also. Long gone are some of the events of yesteryear, such as the Regatta Queen Contest and the motor boat races, which drew some 5,000 people to Caesarea in 1964. Other popular attractions have stood the test of time, and exciting new activities are being added again this year, Shari announced. Hundreds of people are expected to attend and enjoy the over- whelming slate of events, centred in Beacon Marina and Putsey Park. STILL GOING STRONG! ...................... Please turn to page 4 The Regatta - Caesarea, Lake Scugog. Postcard from early 1900s.