, JUNE SPRING Beautify Your Outdoor Living Vegetables and Herbs Hanging Baskets $16.99 and up Succulents $3.99 starting at 905-985-2672 • 1431 Hwy. 7A, Port Perry www.centurygreenhouses.com Family Owned by John, Karen, Colleen, Jeff and Felicity PROUD TO BE Canadian Open every day from 9 am to 7 pm Where the Spirit of Gardening Lives The Aquatic Weed Roller can be used by many different users; cottage owners, pond owners, along lakeshores and swimming beach areas, dock owners and campgrounds. At first sight the Aquatic Weed Roller appears to have an aggressive manner, with three sets of very durable blades cutting and ripping out weeds, chara and algae.The main roller with the cutting blades on it is about 24” wide and weighs only 20 lbs. While the AquaticWeed Roller is busy cutting and tearing out weeds it is also helping to create a softer sludge layer on the bottom. By exposing the sludge and sediment on the bottom and mixing in more oxygenated water, you speed up decomposition of the muck and sediment.This also helps natural bacteria to infiltrate the sediment and again, speed up sludge decomposition. For more information contact: Emma Roefs 905-440-6515 • www.pondperfections.com See our ad on page 24. www.aquaticweedroller.com Kicking back and enjoying your summer will be sweeter when you feel secure in your clean, safe, functional home and here are some of the professional businesses in Scugog ready to help you make it happen. FOCUS - JUNE 2018 23