18 FOCUS - JUNE 2018 “My goal, in producing materials to approach po- tential sponsors, is to drive awareness. Most people don’t realize that what hap- pened to Kim wasn’t an isolated event…epilepsy can be fatal.” Thanks to his friends and corporate sponsors – Leonard proudly reported he’s received generous sup- port from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer – the group is partway to its goal of half a million dollars. Leonard speaks with confidence that they’ll achieve their funding goal. “But we’re not fully funded yet!” he’s quick to add. Reaching that 100% goal, you might say, is the current priority for all the members of his team. It is the mountain to be climbed, he says, before they climb the mountain. By Scott Mercer, Focus on Scugog Kim’s Climb (continued from page 17) Leonard and team thank those who have sponsored their climb thus far and would love your help to reach their goal. If you’d like to sponsor Leonard Allen, or any of the climbers on his team, please open Epilepsy Canada’s website: www.epilepsy.ca/kims-climb 1918 Scugog Street, Port Perry (beside the causeway) 905-985-2451 • homesteadfna.ca OMESTEAD HFURNITURE & APPLIANCES HARDWOOD & LAMINATE FLOORING • WINDOW COVERINGS Stop in and ask me about our Canadian made furniture. @HomesteadFnA HOMESTEAD STAFF PICKS Hi... I’m Joanne and my pick is the SUPERSTYLE curved sofa! THUMBS DOWN - to whoever has been posting terrible signs on mailboxes all around town, encouraging people to discriminate against/euthanize pitbull/pitbull mixes. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive, just like any dog can be a wonderful addition to a family if trained and given the care it deserves. #don’tbullymybreed THUMBS UP - to two excellent fashion shows, back to back and both for great causes. Community Living Durham North (Sunday May 6) and the Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry (May 7) strutted the latest spring fashions, showcasing many of our local businesses. THUMBS DOWN - A Water Street resident asks that people slow down and be considerate of our wildlife. A person hit a groundhog (named by residents, Willy) that had crossed Water Street for years and on Monday May 7, hit him and kept right on going! Willy didn’t make it and she and other neighbours are devastated. Please slow down! THUMBS DOWN - to the terrible condition of many of the newspaper boxes scattered around the town. Many of the boxes have been damaged and are in extremely poor condition, becoming an eyesore to the public. Owners of these boxes should be required to maintain them regularly, replacing those that have become worn out or vandalized. THUMBS UP - to everyone within our community who continues to give of their time and financially, for all the wonderful causes throughout Scugog. It’s unbelievable!! Do you have a Thumb up or down that you would like to see published? Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to: focus@focusonscugog.com 216 Queen Street, Port Perry 905-985-2171 1-800-377-9139 www.waggfuneralhome.com … Port Perry’s only locally owned and operated Funeral Home since 1846… Myles O’Riordan FUNERAL DIRECTOR/OWNER Mark Fletcher FUNERAL DIRECTOR PRE-ARRANGEMENT COUNSELOR Pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your family. It’s easy. Anyone can do it.