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FOCUS - AUGUST 2015 3 The recipient of a quadruple heart bypass in late November 2014 Mike isnt just surviving hes thriving. Im feeling super said the active and athletic sixty-one year old Port Perry resident. I has been a good experience. Im doing more now than I did before the operation. To celebrate the six months milestone since he had surgery Mike is working toward entering a 5 k race in Stouffville. Hes doing his walkingrunning mile in 11 minutes and he challenges himself to go three miles five days a week. A member of the Cycling Dudes group for senior men Mike rides 30-50 km with the other guys who come from all over Toronto Cobourg and Peterborough to name a few hometowns. Add that to his two 25 km bike rides around Scugog and hes out on his red rocket covering close to 100 km a week. When the first Focus interview with Mike was published in February of 2015 he was recovering nicely and patiently waiting until he was allowed to begin his rehabilitative exercise regime. The quad bypass to clear his blocked arteries went well and he was waiting for a procedure to correct an ablation which was also successful. There has been no recurrence of heart racing or fluttering in the heart he happily reported. Mike enjoys working with Paul his cardiotherapist through the six month government sponsored Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. The group consists of people who have had bypasses heart attacks or heart valve changes. They meet at If you catch sight of a red blur going by its likely just Mike Steele zipping along on his Trek Road Bike. PHOTOBYMARYANNFLEMING ...................... Please turn to page 4 A FOLLOW UP FROM FOCUS ON SCUGOG FEBRUARY 2015