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FOCUS - JULY 2015 19 for example Terry explains that they come with a strong support network of family friends and support workers. Sometimes an agency will make the first contact but often the prospective employee will come in on their own for the interview and do very well and land a job offer like the girl who applied yesterday. Terry has passed along the torch for hiring people with barriers to employment to his new manager who sees job applicants from the same equal opportunity lens. Many people can really thrive in the business environment and shouldnt be overlooked Terry noted. The government and agencies provide a lot of support through job coaching skill development and the provision of special equipment if needed. Terry uses the example of an employee hired needing special footwear which was supplied by the agency. Haircuts clothing for job interviews and even transportation may also be available. One of his staff members described by Terry as loyal dedicated and reliable says he loves coming to work as opposed to sitting at home and doing nothing. Getting out into the working world is also the best way for social inclusion. At the North Durham Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon for Kids earlier this year Vos Independent Grocer raised 900 and of that amount 500 was raised by employee Tyler Bjerknes who had the honour of pie facing Scugog Mayor Tom Rowett. Vos Independent Grocer has a social committee which plans all kinds of fun things for the staff including a recent golf tournament. Terry Vos is a busy individual who is well-known and appreciated as a good corporate citizen keen on community involvement. He makes time for his important roles serving on the boards of North Durham Community Living Rights Board for Durham North and North Durham Big Brothers Big Sisters. Vos Independent Grocer was the ideal choice for a recent visit by Dr. Helena Jaczek Minister of Community and Social Services. Speaking to a small but enthusiastic crowd of onlookers gathered at the local store she officially announced The Centre of Excellence for Employment Services a new resource to improve employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. In the press release it states that there are an estimated 65000 adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario alone. The province is contributing 800000 to create this new Centre of Excellence for Employment Services. It will provide resources to help local community agencies and employers across the province create awareness about the benefits of hiring people with developmental disabilities and build community and employer networks to share best practices. There will be job support available as well as an investment in peoples talents and skills. Financial support will be offered for projects that promote greater inclusion and independence for people with developmental disabilities. The press release also calls for creating a dynamic supportive environment where business thrives plus providing financial security and a retirement savings plan for the employees. In other words the Centre for Excellence for Employment Services will do what Vos Independent Grocer has been doing all along. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog Left Tyler Bjerknes has been happily going to work for seven years and Sean Alexander for just over three years. Both love their jobs at Vos It doesnt get any fresher than this. Step out the kitchen door and harvest your own luscious fruits and vegetables still warm from the summer sun. Check out our many ideas and exclusive plants in our Presidents Choice Summer 2015 Insiders Report available at YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y