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THUMBS UP - to Carey Nicolson and the actors of Theatre on the Ridge. It was an excellent summer ofCanadian and International plays. We are so fortunate to have them here in Port Perry.

THUMBS DOWN - to those who put their garbage out two days before pickup. It’s not only an eye sore, it attracts animals and the garbage is blown onto the property next door. Please have consideration for your neighbours.

THUMBS UP - to all the volunteers who help make our Port Perry Fair such a great success. However,
THUMBS DOWN - to those volunteers who are so eager to finish up that they totally disrupt the final entertainment act by stacking all the empty audience chairs during the performance. How disrespectful to the band!

THUMBS DOWN - to the people that feel they can park as long as they like in the 15-minute parking spots at the Medical Associates of Port Perry. I waited for 10 minutes and not one of the four cars there moved. I decided to stay to see just how long it would take and they were all there for 25 minutes before one person came out. I went into the pharmacy and there was nobody in there, so that made me think they were using it for appointments.

THUMBS UP - a local resident wrote in, “I am literally watching this happen right now” (Tuesday September 4) and made me smile. A man and his little boy are picking up garbage in the Bay and Rosa area. A lot of garbage (beer cans, red solo cups, food wrappers, etc.) were left on our lawns and roads from fair goers. It’s really lovely to see someone going the extra mile to keep our community clean and teaching his young son to do the same. Perhaps a thumbs down to all those that thought it was ok to throw their garbage on the ground.

THUMBS UP - This resident writes ‘a green’ thumbs up for all the lovely planters and hanging baskets on our patios, businesses and lamp posts.They all add to the beauty of our town.

THUMBS UP - to Brent Herrington! Congratulations on being in the top three of the Ontario’s Finest Butcher finals. Please know the whole community is behind you as you compete at the Meat Industry Expo on Friday October 25, in Niagara Falls.

THUMBS UP - Thank you to Durham Region for adding the bike lanes along Highway 57 in Caesarea when doing pipe work and re-paving the road. It shows some forethought for the residents who don’t have transportation’s needs. Now all we need is for the 7A crew to pave the shoulder and make bike lanes so that we can actually get to town safely (fingers crossed).



THUMBS DOWN - to those of you that walk your dog in Cartwright Fields or any of our parklands and don’t clean up after them. You make the responsible dog owners look bad. How would you feel about your children or grandchildren playing in the mess you leave behind? Personally I do not appreciate stepping in your mess and I am sure the soccer and baseball players do not appreciate sliding in it either. Our park is not your dumping ground.
Editor’s note; we receive multiple thumbs down on this subject throughout the spring and summer months.

THUMBS UP - to the one in ten power boaters on Lake Scugog who give way to the slower rowing shells. Not only is it marine law that slower boats have the right of way, but it is the sensible and courteous thing to do. These rowing shells are very low on the water and very easily flipped by the wake caused by motorized boats as they careen crazily past.

THUMBS UP - to my very nice and helpful neighbours on Earl Cuddie Blvd. Special thanks to Vernon who ran out to help when my dog picked up a bone in the field and had it wedged in his wide-open mouth, behind his front teeth. I couldn’t get it out, it was stuck there and of course I was in a panic. Vernon was calm, patient, gentle and he managed to break it in to two smaller pieces. Saved the day!

THUMBS UP - on behalf of the citizens of Caesarea, I would like to thank Mike and Debbie Davidson and helpers for the fireworks displays they put on for May 24th and July 1st at Peace Park. The displays were great and are really appreciated. Thanks again.

THUMBS DOWN - to Health Canada (Ontario) for approving outdoor grow-ops (Cannabis) without consideration for neighbouring residential properties.
I have no issue with growing Cannabis when the health benefits are obvious, however, when thousands of plants are growing less than 100 feet from your front door and the odour is overpowering, it greatly diminishes the enjoyment of one’s home. Health Canada’s outdoor approvals are not aligned with our municipal governments to properly plan protocols and by-laws. Another initiative by our present government with no thought to residential homeowners.

THUMBS DOWN - to the paving crews working on Regional Road 57 south of Caesarea for not taking their garbage (coffee cups, water bottles, drink bottles) with them at the end of their job. Leaving them all over the sides of the road is unacceptable. Shame on them for not cleaning up after themselves.

THUMBS UP - to organizers Shari Bown, Ronna Collard, Cheryl and all the hard working Caesarea volunteers including Beacon Marina and the Caesarea Firefighters, for once again holding their very successful Regatta from August 2 to 4. What a great old-fashioned community event celebrating living on the lake, which has been running strong since 1928!



THUMBS DOWN - to those people whose dogs bark during the night, especially later than 10 p.m. Warm spring and summer nights mean that windows are open. When dogs bark loudly in the neighbourhood it can make getting to sleep or even staying asleep very difficult for many of us. Please, when you let your dogs out at night, stay near the door and let them in on the first or second bark. Do not leave them barking for up to 30 minutes.

THUMBS DOWN - to those cyclists who do not obey the traffic signs. They too should stop for stop signs.

THUMBS UP - Thank you to the kind gentleman at the garden centre who came along and unloaded five bags of dirt for me, and then returned the cart. The previous week I had hurt my back, so I was so grateful for his kind and special gesture.

THUMBS DOWN - to the Township of Scugog for not maintaining our roads, thus placing Carnegie Beach Road the 9th worst road in Ontario. How embarrassing for the town of Port Perry and for those who live on it!

THUMBS DOWN - to customers who make inappropriate comments about cashiers. If you can’t say anything nice – keep your mouth shut.

THUMBS UP - to Miller Waste crews for doing such a great job keeping our waste under control. The crews are also friendly and courteous.

THUMBS DOWN - Just back from Roar by the Shores car show, the portable washrooms in Palmer Park were disgusting. I went to use them just after 8 a.m. and they were “full” and very dirty! Surely the township knew this event was on and “should have had them pumped out” the day before! Attendance was well over 300 vehicles from all over and this looked terrible and not what should have been expected!

THUMBS UP - A local resident sent in a good news note. She had left her purse in a hospital bathroom and lo and behold, it was returned! What a great town we live in.

Rebuttal - to the Thumbs Down in June Focus issue (page 20) regarding the reduction of the speed limit to 60 km an hour as you leave Port Perry heading north. The reduction of the speed limit was done after numerous accidents had occurred along Simcoe. Exiting our streets onto Simcoe was becoming increasingly dangerous due to speeding traffic. After our petition with many signatures was submitted to Township Council and the Durham Region, it was agreed that this was long overdue, especially since most municipalities have a speed limit of 60 km within the urban boundary area of which this is. So be respectful and stay within the speed limit, this is not a racetrack.



JULY 2019

THUMBS UP - to the Good Samaritan who found my lost keys in December. Luckily there was a War Amps key tag on the key ring, so the person put it in a mailbox and War Amps traced the number back to me (albeit, an old one, so it took time to track me down) and my keys were sent back a few months later. It is nice to live in a small town where people care about each other. Also, renew your War Amps support – the more up-to-date their records are, the faster their amazing service works!

- to the township staff / board of Town Hall 1873 Theatre for replacing the neglected outdoor lights, etc. over the Queen St. door. The magnificent old world style lamps draw attention to the other features, well done! Can we please keep the original name ‘Town Hall 1873’? Change is not always good.

THUMBS UP - to the wonderful nurses at the Medical Building in the Central Nursing Department. Over the years I’ve always been greeted with smiling faces and treated with respect, kindness and compassion. I wanted to wish them Happy Nurses Week May 6-12 (unfortunately I missed the June Focus deadline). They deserve “two thumbs up”.

- I get that sitting outside having a drink or eating is nice, but taking up parking spots on the main street to me isn’t right. People have a hard time finding parking spots as it is. Why can’t the patios be in the back of the stores instead? I just think the town should look at parking issues before taking up spots for a patio.

THUMBS UP - So great to see some restaurant owners have opened their patios on Queen and Water Streets in Port Perry. I love being able to sit outside and visit with friends over a light lunch or a drink during our short summers. Two thumbs up to the BIA and township for bringing them back again this year.

THUMBS UP - to Durham Transit who did reinstate the service through Prince Albert as of the beginning of June. Unfortunately it was after our issue had gone to the press! Prince Albert and Scugog thank you for acting so quickly!

THUMBS DOWN - to Port Perry drivers who have no regard for pedestrians. I have often been almost hit by a driver in a car coming out of a driveway only looking at oncoming traffic and not the sidewalk and my mother was just hit a few days ago!

JUNE 2019

THUMBS UP - Our young family (wife, 3-year-old, 2-year-old, 7-month-old, and I) went to Sweet Maple for breakfast to celebrate my wife’s birthday on April 20. It was a bit hectic for us trying to feed kids and ourselves, as most parents with young kids can understand.
As I went up to pay someone generously had already paid for our entire meal. We feel very blessed to be part of a great community.

THUMBS DOWN - to Durham Transit for cutting out 16 stops and totally cutting service through Prince Albert. Their slogan is Connecting Communities - think again!

THUMBS UP - to Old Flame Brewing Co., for bringing home another Gold medal for their Brunette Munich Dunkel and a Silver for Raven, their black lager, at the Canadian Brewing Awards in Toronto in early May.

THUMBS DOWN - to the person or persons who decided to lower the speed limit to 60 kms an hour as you leave Port Perry heading north.

THUMBS DOWN (May 2019) – turns into a
THUMBS UP - The woman that made the mistake of cutting in line at the car wash, is taking full responsibility for her actions, and is very sorry for the inconvenience she may have caused to others. She also apologizes
and knows not to do this again.

THUMBS UP - to Maggie Davison, owner of Port Perry Auto Supply. Maggie was featured in Carcare Business, Canada’s Premier Car Care and Repair Business Magazine (April 2019). The column titled ‘Leader Profile’ with the headline Lead by Example contains Maggie’s business acumen since 1981.

THUMBS UP - Again this year, Brent and Jacqueline Herrington of Herrington’s Quality Butchers, are offering up their fundraiser, “For Goodness Steak”. Purchase a $90 box of 10 oz. New York Striploin Steaks and $20 will be donated to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation, now until July 1st long weekend. Steak for you, win for our hospital! Way to go Herrington’s!

THUMBS UP - to Doug Brown. In recognition of his 25th anniversary, Doug is matching every donation made, dollar for dollar, to a maximum of $5,000 to raise $10,000 for the Port Perry Hospital Foundation. Let’s all help Doug help our hospital!

OOPSIE! - In our May 2019 Thumbs, page 18, we incurred an error. Our final thumbs in the column stated THUMBS UP and should in fact have been a THUMBS DOWN. We apologize for the error.


MAY 2019

THUMBS UP - to all the drivers who slow down beside me as I'm walking my dog. These days as the weather is getting warmer and the roads are becoming slushy and messy, it's nice to not get splattered with slushy crap! You're consideration is well appreciated!

THUMBS DOWN - to people that litter by throwing garbage, i.e. cups, food wrappers, cigarette butts etc. out their car windows. It is especially bad and unsightly around the boat launch here in town. People, please show some respect for everyone else, by not littering!

THUMBS UP - to Focus on Scugog magazine, for mailing its publication instead of throwing it, wrapped in non bio-degradable plastic, into driveways, snow banks and mud puddles all over the township.

THUMBS DOWN - On a recent visit to the car wash, a resident was very upset with the inconsiderate person who cut right in front of her to go into the bay that she was waiting for. The proper protocol is for vehicles to line up ahead of one bay to enter, not to proceed to the first one that opens up. Consideration and patience are undervalued these days.

THUMBS UP - to the compassionate young woman who pulled her car to a stop at a busy intersection in town recently to perform a loving, but heartbreaking task. Exiting her car, she pulled on some blue gloves before kneeling down and gently lifting the lifeless remains of a beautiful orange cat, obviously killed by a passing vehicle. Big hearts deserve recognition so please award her. "Two Thumbs Up".

THUMBS DOWN - to whoever took the Scugog annual clothing sale sign from the causeway. This sign is a vital part of advertising for our semi-annual sale. Proceeds of this sale go to support Big Brothers and Big sisters in our community. Shame on the person who felt they needed to take this.

APRIL 2019

THUMBS UP - A very grateful resident wanted to give a big thumbs up to the waste collector men who picked up her blue boxes mid February from a snow pile at the end of her driveway and brought them right up to her garage door! Thanks so much.

THUMBS DOWN - on pedestrians in grocery store parking lots who without looking one way or another walk behind cars that are already backing out. Pedestrians lack of attention puts a terrible onus on drivers to brake hard and fast.

THUMBS UP - to the Ontario Hydro One crew who responded to sparking wires on a 20-metre high transformer pole on Aldred Drive, Scugog Island. In spite of an evening blizzard-like snowstorm on February 25, the crew responded promptly and worked under severe conditions to correct the problem. We are very fortunate to be blessed with these efficient professionals.

THUMBS UP - further to the above-mentioned date, we would like to give a big thumbs up to all snowplow and emergency crews who worked through treacherous conditions, while most stayed within the comforts of their homes.

THUMBS UP - to the Mulligan's Golf League, a charitable golf group who recently donated $2,000 to Port Perry Canadian Tire Jumpstart charity. This charity helps make sport and play accessible to local kids. A win for everyone!

THUMBS UP - A resident writes "thumbs up to the Port Perry Refugee Support Group for continuing to raise funds now, to bring siblings of already settled Syrian families to Port Perry. Well done!"

MARCH 2019

THUMBS DOWN - a reader wrote, to all anglers catching pickerel when it's a permanently closed fishery. The Ministry of Natural Resources has closed this species for a reason and nothing is being done to stop the poaching. Save our fish and our lake! (Sadly, I personally have witnessed this far too many times).

THUMBS UP - to the Bill Lishman Memorial Committee looking to raise funds to create a memorial sculpture in honour of Bill, who passed away last year. Artist, filmmaker and inventor, Bill helped raise awareness on a number of environmental issues and also put Perry on the global map. The hope is that this commemorative sculpture can be erected on the waterfront for everyone to enjoy now and in the future.

THUMBS DOWN - to the shouting senior man on a suicide mission that was hiding around a blind corner in the centre of a clearly marked snowmobile trail.

THUMBS DOWN - to some very impatient drivers in town this winter season. A resident mentioned that with slippery, snowy and icy conditions, people who are trying to cross the street at a cross walk, unfortunately are not able to walk as fast as normal from one side to the other. On numerous occasions, I have experienced or witnessed drivers blowing their horns at people. I wish everyone would be more patient and considerate.

THUMBS UP - Kudos to the snowplow driver who clears our streets after a heavy snow fall. As he approaches each driveway, he raises the blade until he has passed to the next house. All the way down our street nobody has a windrow of heavy snow at the end of their driveway that they must clear themselves. Everybody who has ever cleared snow knows how heavy those piles of partially melted snow are to clear. Thanks Mr. Plow Driver!



THUMBS UP - to Dana Smith of Dana's Goldsmithing for the beautifully designed snowflake ornament that raised $6,635 for the Port Perry Hospital Foundation this past Christmas. Grand total of $75,000 since inception eighteen years ago! WOW! 

THUMBS UP - to Port Perry Canadian Tire for donating a beautiful Christmas tree to the New Life Centre at the Port Perry Hospital. Our tree could not be found after the fire. The tree was beautiful and enjoyed by our new parents, big brothers and big sisters and the staff that worked over the holidays! Thanks for your generosity. 

THUMBS UP - to the lovely lady from Piano Café (Tami) who took the time just before Christmas to give each of the cashiers at Food Basics a much-appreciated hug and to the couple who paid for a lady's grocery order on December 22. Nice to see and experience these random acts of kindness and gestures.

THUMBS UP - to Santa outside the post office this year. His lovely demeanor with the children was exceptional and real - it was a treat for all to hear his voice and 'ho, ho, ho's'. He brought the spirit of the season to my two grandsons, who were in awe as they talked to him about hockey, school and of course, what they wished for under the tree. Let's hope this Santa comes back every year! A grateful GG. 

THUMBS DOWN - a reader sent in a thumbs down to an electrician's billboard sign on the side of the road and although they have a good sense of humour, felt that it was offensive. Hard not to disagree. 

Publishers note: It may seem that Christmas was so long ago and it was, but our January deadline was as well. Therefore, some of these submissions came in after the deadline and we feel that they should be recognized.



THUMBS UP - to the McKay guys, Jordan and Alex of Willowtree Farm. They were chosen as National Winners from seven regional farmers at Canada's Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Program's national event held in Winnipeg Manitoba in December 2018. Way to go guys! Watch a future issue of Focus on Scugog for more on this award.

THUMBS UP - to our Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary for the generous donation of over $300,000 to Lakeridge Health! The ladies in the coral smocks sure work hard and exceed at everything they do. We are lucky to have them.

THUMBS UP - and speaking of donations, how about Ron and Nancy Compton? In 2011, they sold Compton Communications and since then have invested over one million back into our community and surrounding area. Thanks Ron and Nancy, Scugog is fortunate to have such wonderful residents.

THUMBS UP - A reader had attended the Santa Claus parade and loved it, but also had a THUMBS DOWN to the pot smell that was continuous. Her high was from watching her grandchildren enjoy the parade and she commented,"this is not a rock concert". Absolutely no reflection on any of the organizers, volunteers or participants, but sad to think this is just the beginning of what is still to come!

THUMBS DOWN - to the prolonged idling of vehicles to warm them up in cold weather. This contributes more damage to our environment and to your vehicle's engine. Think about our individual carbon footprint, it may help to save our planet.

THUMBS UP - to Scugog! Thanks to absolutely everyone who gave to Operation Scugog, i.e. for families in need, toys, food, hoodies and so much more! This community is awesome!



THUMBS UP - on Halloween night our local firefighters in Caesarea drove around in the fire truck handing out red plastic fire hats and colouring books. I think that was a wonderful thing to do, the kids were very excited.

THUMBS DOWN - to those of you who were able to, but did not vote during this past municipal election. Sadly, only about a quarter of the population voted. Next time you want to complain to the Township and/or Region about issues you are not happy with, ask yourself if you have the right to do so if you did not vote.

THUMBS DOWN - to the grave robbers at the Pine Grove Cemetery in Prince Albert. I hope someday you get what you deserve.

THUMBS UP - to the Scugog Remembers committee and all those who volunteered the many countless hours to Armistice on Saturday November 3. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, but the band played on (Uxbridge Pipes & Drums) and many of the exhibitors did hang in, almost literally, from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

THUMBS UP - to the Port Perry Seniors Club for involving seniors, our legion and over 2,000 elementary students in the signing of the Armistice flag for the Silent March held on Remembrance Day, November 11. A historic event!

THUMBS UP - you may have already read the story within these pages, but we feel Medical Associates of Port Perry deserves a huge thumbs up for their recent award, 2018 Family Practice of the Year (General Practice). The award was for exemplary service and commitment to family medicine and the community and we couldn't agree more.


THUMBS UP - to Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Campaign. The week-long campaign held in September, throughout Durham raised $160,000 for Starlight Children’s Foundation. The top location for funds raised was the Reach and Old Simcoe Sts., here in Port Perry, raising $7,200. Wow! A huge thumbs up to all staff and all of you who supported this cause.

THUMBS DOWN - to the person/persons messing up the brick wall and the garbage dumpster [lewd smut] in the strip plaza at 7A & Carnegie St. Hopefully you will be identified by camera.

THUMBS UP - on behalf of 1st Port Perry Scouting, we would like to acknowledge and thank the community and local storeowners for their support with our annual Apple Day on October 13. Your generous support will help us to continue to open new opportunities and help our youth participate in new mentoring programs.

THUMBS UP - to the 100 Men of Scugog!
As of Tuesday October 2 this year, these fine gentlemen went over the $100,000 mark in funds raised for local charities right here in Scugog. Way to go men and we are sure that all the charities agree!

THUMBS UP - to all those who give generously of their time and their money to remember our vets throughout the poppy campaign this month and during the year.

THUMBS UP - to grilled cheese – and the Piano Café for the grilled cheese contest held mid-October. The success of the contest resulted in over $1,000 raised for the Port Perry Hospital Foundation.

THUMBS UP - right at press time, we wanted to give a shout out to the Scugog Chamber of Commerce for their ‘Business on the Move’ on Friday October 19 from 5 - 8 p.m. and to the Fall Food Fest held at Old Flame Brewing Co., on Sunday October 21 from noon - 6 p.m. Two first time events, both very enjoyable and successful.



THUMBS UP - to Bonnie Cohoon and her helpers for putting on the Tough Udder Obstacle Race at the Port Perry Fair. As one of the participants, I can say that it was well organized and certainly a blast to be part of.
Well done!

THUMBS UP - While on the topic of the Port Perry Fair, we would like to give another thumbs up to the organizers and all volunteers on a very successful 165th fair.

THUMBS DOWN - another reader did want to give a big thumbs down to the fair goers that littered while going to and from the fair on Rosa Street and for trying to take down lawn decorations from residents’ yards. Not cool!

THUMBS DOWN - to the young boy who crossed 7A at noon on Thursday September 13. You had to dodge oncoming traffic and I slowed down to miss hitting you. The crosswalk supervisor was 30 feet away from where you crossed. I admire your independence to walk to and from school but putting your life in peril like you did, doesn’t demonstrate good sense. Your parents and the community want you safe. Parents, please remind your children to use the crosswalks.

THUMBS UP - On Saturday September 8, “Riders”, a local motorcycle group with members from all over Ontario, held their annual charity ride in support of PTSD. PTSD Association of Canada is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help those experiencing
post-traumatic stress disorder. Congratulations “Riders” for raising $6,000 and raising the awareness of this worthy cause.

THUMBS DOWN - to the township. Over a weekend in August my nephew had a ball tournament on the waterfront, in which he played three games. We had to use the restrooms that are located by the south diamond and the tennis courts. They were gross. The floors had puddles everywhere, the hand dryers didn’t work and there were no paper towels available to dry hands or a change table at all. For a town that wants people to visit the lakefront, let’s hope they don’t need to use the restrooms.

THUMBS UP - to Hendrik Weiler, a West Shore Village resident. Hendrik read our September Thumbs column (page 22) and took it upon himself to go and clean up Reflection Park. He filled at least five bags with dead vegetation and could not carry it back to his place, so wondered who he could contact to pick it up.
Thumbs Up Hendrik for a wonderful deed!



THUMBS UP - to our postmaster Heather Garvock and staff who went way out of their way to help you receive our August issue of Focus on Scugog. Believe it or not, they hand bombed all our bundles of 50 (9,500 copies total) from a van on to the loading dock. That was way over the top and we can’t thank you enough.

THUMBS UP - to the Rotary Club for another wonderful Ribfest held in Palmer Park through the July 27-30 weekend. Speaking of the Ribfest, THUMBS UP as well to Hometown Printing for sponsoring the first ever fireworks on Friday evening and lighting up our waterfront.

THUMBS DOWN - to the sorry state of Reflection Park -
once an award-winning Canada Blooms recipient. The garden with plaques from the various Scugog schools is overgrown with a vine completely covering all the generous community-donated plants and shrubs as well as the inspirational messages from the students. This lack of attention is not just from this growing season. You can see the dead vine that covered the plants last season and now it’s happening once again with the new growth from this year. What a shame!

THUMBS UP - to the Durham Regional Police Service for collecting graduation gowns and suits for students who would not otherwise be able to afford them.

THUMBS DOWN - to those that post signs (with or without balloons) for their yard sales, birthday parties, weddings and other events, then neglect to remove them. The helium balloons that usually end up blowing away are dangerous to turtles, fish and birds.
Have some respect for your neighbors who have to pick up your mess and to the turtles, fish and birds that die from ingesting the balloons. If you put it up then take it down when you are done!

THUMBS DOWN - to those who park RVs/boats/etc. on their driveways during the summer months and then spoil our lovely neighbourhoods by parking their cars on the street. Come on, guys! We expect better of Port Perry!

THUMBS UP - to a local window cleaning company, Smart Eco Cleaning Inc., for donating their time and services to clean all windows at our Port Perry Hospital. A pure water cleaning system only, no chemicals were or are ever used. WTG, wonderful gesture!


THUMBS UP - to all those involved in keeping us up to date on our hospital and for the best news ever! It is set to reopen on September 5 to deliver care and treatment. Watch for opening celebrations.

THUMBS UP - While on the subject of the hospital, a huge thumbs up to Brent and Jacqueline Herrington of Herrington’s Quality Butchers. Their For Goodness Steak promotion resulted in a donation of $7,000 in support of the Port Perry Hospital Foundation.

THUMBS UP - to the fabulous Canada Day celebrations and fireworks. Not many towns our size have all day
entertainment for both children and adults, free food donated by local businesses, all topped off by a spectacular fireworks display in the evening. Well-done Scugog.

THUMBS DOWN - to people that bring their dogs to the fireworks. You can see how scared they are. Why traumatize your dog like that? It is also upsetting and disturbing to those sitting around you when the dog is barking and going crazy with fear. Can’t be any fun for you as you are trying to deal with their hysteria. Next year, leave them at home where they feel safe!

THUMBS UP - and thank you to the brave gentleman who stopped his van on Cochrane Street to help a hungry skunk who had gotten a mayonnaise container stuck on it’s head. He managed to free the skunk without getting into the line of fire! I wonder if we should keep the lids on our recycling containers to avoid this from happening to any more hungry critters!

THUMBS UP - Having purchased two chairs that would not fit into our car, a young gal from Manilla offered to deliver them in her vehicle to our residence without even asking where we lived. Your kindness was appreciated and will be remembered. Thank you!


JULY 2018

THUMBS UP - to Erin O’Toole, MP for Durham, for obtaining a unanimous vote in the House of Commons on May 24 to install the Sam Sharpe sculpture. It’s a huge accomplishment for Erin and finally Sam Sharpe’s memory may help light the way out of the darkness for others.

THUMBS UP - to the man who stopped his car to run across Water Street and rescue my dog Bubba on the busy Sunday of the long weekend! (May 20.) The dog got away from me when he saw two dogs on the other side of the street. Thank you so much for caring.

THUMBS DOWN - to the person who stole my purse. I’m a 70-year-old on a fixed income. The money in my purse was for groceries and physiotherapy, and the gift cards were from my grandchildren for me to get new clothing. I hope you needed the money for something good, like food, rent or clothing!

THUMBS UP - A customer of mine (Bill), when finding out he received $10. too much in change, came back to our establishment to return the money. Thank you Bill and to the small town of Port Perry for having so many honest residents.

THUMBS DOWN - to all those who own a house and don’t look after your property – you make your neighbourhoods look like a slum! Where is your pride of ownership?

THUMBS UP - and best of luck to Port Perry High School students Claudia Hickey and Hannah Cohoon. The girls are heading to Rock Springs, Wyoming, to compete in the National High School Finals Rodeo, July 15 -21. Let’s all wish them the best!

THUMBS UP - to the generosity of everyone who filled the Auxiliary tag boxes on June 7 and 8 with $10,470.00. The new moms, their babies and the staff in the hospital are the happy beneficiaries and we’re all winners.


JUNE 2018

THUMBS DOWN - to whoever has been posting terrible signs on mailboxes all around town, encouraging people to discriminate against/euthanize pitbull/pitbull mixes. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive, just like any dog can be a wonderful addition to a family if trained and given the care it deserves. #don’tbullymybreed

THUMBS UP - to two excellent fashion shows, back to back and both for great causes. Community Living Durham North (Sunday May 6) and the Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry (May 7) strutted the latest spring fashions, showcasing many of our local businesses.

THUMBS DOWN - A Water Street resident asks that people slow down and be considerate of our wildlife. A person hit a groundhog (named by residents, Willy) that had crossed Water Street for years and on Monday May 7, hit him and kept right on going! Willy didn’t make it and she and other neighbours are devastated. Please slow down!

THUMBS DOWN - to the terrible condition of many of the newspaper boxes scattered around the town. Many of the boxes have been damaged and are in extremely poor condition, becoming an eyesore to the public. Owners of these boxes should be required to maintain them regularly, replacing those that have become worn out or vandalized.

THUMBS UP - to everyone within our community who continues to give of their time and financially, for all the wonderful causes throughout Scugog. It’s unbelievable!!


MAY 2018

THUMBS UP - I just wanted to say thank you to the staff and researcher of Focus on Scugog, for the hard work they did in putting together 10 women who were ‘first’ to break the glass ceiling in their chosen field. (March 2018). I am very honoured to be one of the ten women picked. Thanks again.

THUMBS DOWN - to motorists who speed on Lakeview Dr., using it as a short cut from Simcoe St., via Carnegie, to Scugog St. This is a residential street and the speed limit is 50kph. Also why are transport trucks, construction trucks, dump trucks and delivery trucks using this street as a shortcut?

THUMBS UP - to our very own grant master, Larry Doble! He has done it again! The Canada Legacy fund is giving the Greenbank Hall $16,500 as part of a $33,000 project to restore Greenbank Hall in preparation for the re-enactment of the first service held at St, Agnes Anglican Church, 150 years ago (September 1868). Way to go Larry!

THUMBS DOWN - to the person/s who dropped the newspaper end roll sitting outside what was once Millar’s Market on Queen St., Port Perry to be picked up! This roll has been sitting for months and although it does have a name on it for pick-up, obviously the person has long left town and left an eyesore behind!

THUMBS UP - What a pleasant surprise. In these days of being unsure what constitutes sexual abuse, it was nice to receive a surprise greeting from a stranger while in line at Walmart. The young woman walked up and gave a warm hug to all of the checkout clerks, and a couple of customers. When I thanked her for the hug, she simply replied, “thank you for accepting it”. The world would be a better place if we could all hug a stranger with no fear of being charged!

THUMBS UP - to the neighbour who was seen collecting discarded beverage cans etc., cast aside over the winter at the north end of Ambleside Drive. This is particularly commendable because the person lives at the opposite end of the street, almost a kilometre away.

THUMBS UP - to the man on Sunvalley who brought out his tractor and plowed our driveway after the ice storm when my sister and I were really struggling.
My family and I are endlessly grateful! We wish you well! Thank you so much!


APRIL 2018

THUMBS UP - to McDonald’s for giving little books by Canadian authors with a Happy Meal. Also to the wonderful Library staff for the monthly movie presentations and bringing in the opera and ballet.The Russian Nutcracker in December was exquisite.

THUMBS UP - to our Canadian Tire for raising a total of $12,230 for Jumpstart, to help local kids participate in organized sports. Way to go Canadian Tire!

THUMBS UP - to the Walmart employee “first aid response team” on the morning of Monday, February 26. The employees who responded to an emergency in the store, responded quickly with confidence and knowledge. They showed great compassion and
exuded amazing calmness and reassurance to a fellow member of our Port Perry community during what I’m sure was a very fearful event. Their teamwork and compassion must be commended.

THUMBS DOWN - to everyone that drives around in poor visibility (fog, rain, snow) with no headlights. There’s a magic button on your dash that turns both head and taillights on so other motorists can see you.

THUMBS UP - to Durham Region’s new Nonquon Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) serving Port Perry in the Township of Scugog, for being named Project of the Year for 2017 by the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) in the Environment, $10 to $50 million category.

THUMBS DOWN - to the people that walk their dogs in Pine Grove Cemetery and allow them to do their business on the graves and headstones. Would you appreciate if it were one of your family’s graves? Please keep your dogs on their leash while in the cemetery and clean up after them!

THUMBS UP - to Brent and Jacqueline of Herrington’s Quality Butchers for helping the hospital through their promotion of New York Strip Loin freezer packs. $20 from each purchase between now and Canada Day is being donated to the Port Perry Hospital Foundation. Thumbs up to all those who buy a freezer pack. The Foundation is very grateful, For Goodness Steak!!


MARCH 2018

THUMBS UP - to the person who found my purse in a buggy at Walmart Port Perry Supercentre in November 2017 and returned it to customer service with wallet and everything intact. I am a little tardy in getting this message to you, but wanted to thank you so much! Wish you and your family the best in 2018.

THUMBS DOWN - to the man in the small black car who ignored the no trespassing signs and illegally entered the property of Borelia Crescent on Monday January 22nd at 3:15 p.m. and deposited his garbage in the apartment dumpster. Would you like someone to dispose of his or her garbage on your property?

THUMBS UP - to two young men from Port Perry High School named Mac and John, who came to the help of this elderly lady after seeing me staring in horror at my very flat left front tire on a bitterly cold morning in January, on Old Simcoe Road. After telling them I would call Roadside Assistance they told me it would take too long, so they efficiently jacked up the car, wriggled underneath to remove the spare tire, then installed it and sent me on my way. It’s encouraging to know we have such kind young men in our town!

THUMBS DOWN - to the increasing number of drivers in the area who do not bother to signal their intentions, also, the drivers who do not bother to stop at stop signs. They just float thru those right hand turns. I guess they feel that they are entitled to act this way.
Whatever happened to the concept of doing the right thing and obeying the law? It is unfortunate that entitlement is rapidly advancing into all aspects of our lives.

THUMBS UP - This is long overdue as it happened at the end of December, but wanted to give a shout out to the two gentlemen that stopped to help me when my vehicle was stuck in a snowy ditch at night (on the Island). I don’t know who they were, but it was a gentleman who drove a range rover and another who went to get his truck. Thank you for helping and getting me out that snowy ditch.

THUMBS UP - to the guy that works at the Esso Mac’s Store on 7A and Simcoe Street. My wallet fell out in the process of leaving the store and I didn’t realize until late the same night. My most heartfelt ‘thank you’ for holding on to it for me!



THUMBS UP - to Port Perry Place, on the presentation of the 2017 Clinical Protocol Excellence Award at the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s convention the end of November 2017. This award is given to a person, home or organization that has demonstrated the ability to champion the implementation of the OLTCA’s best clinical protocols.

THUMBS DOWN - to people that walk into retail stores or any place that sell products to the public and think that it is their right to take whatever they want and walk out without paying for it. It seems that people do not have any self-dignity anymore. We are all trying to make a living here and when you steal from the retailers, you steal from their employees as well. Think about it, would you like someone to walk into your home and rob you?

THUMBS UP - to the doctors and staff of our local hospital who have taken steps in providing Urgent Care services here within our community and not leaving us totally stranded while the hospital is being repaired. They have also worked with Lakeridge Health Oshawa and continue to provide seamless service for their patients when hospital care is required. Having surgery scheduled recently I was concerned about it being postponed, but everything went smoothly.

THUMBS UP - A reader writes: we would like to give Martyn Mini Hoe ‘a great big thank you’! During a mini blizzard in early January they came to our rescue after my husband’s vehicle and another vehicle got stuck in a snow bank! They very kindly pulled them both out! We are so grateful.

THUMBS UP - to Ken Dowson and the Odd Fellows Lodge for providing mobility and bathroom devices for those felled by surgery or an accident. Impressive how prompt the devices are delivered to the caregiver.

THUMBS DOWN - We’ve had a number of residents voice their displeasure with the large tractor-trailer, on 7A Hwy. west of town, being used to advertise a commercial establishment. Not only is it an eyesore to the public, it also is a distraction from our very attractive “Welcome to Port Perry” sign which the township erected last year. Very disappointing for the community.



THUMBS UP - to all of Scugog who generously donated hoodies, household items and personal items and those who filled hampers for our adopted families in need! The generosity was over the top!!
Plus – a shout out to all the volunteers who pulled this all together!

THUMBS UP - to our Scugog Lake Stewards and Emmanuel Community Church who were recognized for their hard work by receiving a DurhamFor150 award by our MP Erin O’Toole. The awards were presented on Thursday December 21. Congratulations!

THUMBS DOWN - to the people who continue to litter with empty paper containers and plastic bottles even though there are lots of waste barrels located in the area and also to the smokers who leave their butts everywhere. Make sure the cigarette is out and deposit the butt in the waste container. Butts are litter too.

THUMBS UP - to Dave Ellis, Alissa Smith and Liz Auston for the successful production of “Beauty and the Beast, A Magical Musical Pantomime” at the Town Hall 1873 at the end of November. The show was so much fun and showcased so much local talent. Kudos to all of the cast and crew! We enjoyed the show!

THUMBS UP - to the person that found my wallet at Vos’ Independent in mid-December and returned it intact to customer service. You made my day and Christmas and I hope someone made yours as well! Thank you for your honesty and I wish you a healthy and happy 2018.

THUMBS UP - Early Tuesday morning (December 12), I came across a pony running up Old Simcoe Road towards Simcoe Street. I tried in vain to stop him from running onto the busy road. Thumbs up to the black GM 3500 that stopped to assist. A really big thumbs up to Team Chelsea and the wonderful Facebook group that came together to get this little one safely back home!

THUMBS DOWN - to the people who cut branches off evergreens planted around the neighbourhood water catch basin. These trees are planted for everyone’s enjoyment, not for your Christmas decorations! Let our trees grow.


THUMBS DOWN - to the person or persons who thought it would be cool to take a step ladder while guys were putting up the snowflakes in downtown Port Perry, next to the CIBC. We ask that you return it to Landon’s Tree Service (the address is written on the inside rail).

THUMBS DOWN - to the people who vandalize the public washrooms by the baseball field.

THUMBS UP - to Scugog Township employees who kept our parks and flowers looking wonderful this past summer.

THUMBS DOWN - to the individuals who dump their yard waste in the ditches along St. Christophers Beach Road and Colwell Drive. The township performed costly upgrades to our road last year and the road has improved immensely. Do those individuals not realize that the ditch work was completed to allow proper drainage resulting in a vastly improved access?
The ditches are for drainage, not yard waste. Bag it and put it out to be picked up by the great services provided by the township.

THUMBS UP - to Devon Smith and his mighty sooper-dooper wheelchair, who delivers Canada Post mail daily to many stores and businesses in town with his caregiver Carly.

THUMBS UP - to Fred Haines of Signworks for his generous donation of signage for Devon Smith’s Movember Campaign. Thanks Fred!

THUMBS DOWN - to some of the parents of the children of Cartwright Public School in Blackstock who insist on driving at excessive speeds on Mason Street. As you are well aware there are no sidewalks and this is a very narrow road. Please drive as though your children live on this street.

THUMBS DOWN - to the property owner on Scugog Street with two lovely loaded pear trees on their property with a no trespassing sign. I can understand that part, but please pick up the pears and eat or donate them to the food bank. Just do something rather than let them fall to the ground and rot. It’s a shame!

THUMBS UP - to Town Hall 1873 staff, who because of this column (readers’ opinion) had the old door on Queen Street painted. Hopefully they can continue to keep that corner spruced up with new or refurbished lamps and attractive house numbers in keeping with the age of the building.

THUMBS UP - a number of residents commented – to all those responsible for lighting the town up this Christmas season, fantastic!


THUMBS UP - to Donna and Sandra at Hank’s Pastries. They have watched our children grow, listened and cared through the hard times, cheered and encouraged through the good times and treated each person who enters the doors with amazing kindness and joy! They make Hank’s feel like an extension of our own kitchens...where we matter and are known personally. Thanks for all you do. We love you ladies!

THUMBS DOWN - to the woman that felt it was necessary to speed by our horses on the road. Please advise her that it is against the law to speed past a horse - you are required to keep a distance and pass slowly. You frightened a young horse just learning to travel on the road and she almost backed into your vehicle as you passed. We tried to get off the road and into the driveway but didn’t quite make it. There is a sign on our road warning about horses on the road.

THUMBS UP - Kudos to Sheila; the kind lady who delivered coffee and muffins to two chilly ladies who were selling Port Perry House Tour tickets in front of the post office on Saturday September 16. Your kindness is another example of Port Perry friendliness.

THUMBS DOWN - On behalf of those who live on Hwy. 7A in Nestleton, we would like to caution those drivers that choose to speed through our neighbourhood. You are creating a community that will not tolerate this any longer!! We are working with each other and police to enforce more pressure to drivers who choose to break the law. Drivers beware - we will catch you! And if you are driving for a business, your company will be notified!

THUMBS UP - I can’t imagine how many times throughout the year business owners are requested to make room to display a poster and/or make a product or service donation. A special thumbs up to the businesses of Scugog Township for helping to promote the Terry Fox Run by displaying posters, selling t-shirts, providing product, service and financial donations adding to the great success of the Terry Fox Run.

THUMBS UP - A reader writes, “We were having dinner at Pickles & Olives Bistro, when a nice gentleman approached our server and gave her $40 towards our bill! Whoever you are, it was a lovely gesture and we wish to thank you for your kindness.



THUMBS DOWN - to those who insist on jogging on the road, especially along Union Avenue where there are perfectly good sidewalks. Not only do drivers have to avoid ditches, pot holes, oncoming cars, parked cars, cars that don’t stop at stop signs on crossroads, cyclists, big trucks and buses, etc., now we have to swerve into the opposing lane to avoid you? Do not get angry with us when you are the one putting yourself in harm’s way!

THUMBS UP - to our beautiful town of Port Perry, where all we have had to complain about is how wet and cool it has been this past summer. Compare that to floods in South Asia, fires in British Columbia, hurricanes in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida, the earthquake in Mexico, all forcing people to flee their homes and businesses. We can be thankful indeed!

THUMBS DOWN - to the heartless s.o.b. who dumped a litter of defenceless 4-month-old kittens on the side of Cartwright West Quarter Line at Bradburn Road in Blackstock the morning of August 21. Shame on you for this cowardly, despicable act and for not spaying the mother cat in the first place! (Luckily for a couple of them, they have been given veterinary care, medicine and a foster home until they are in good health and a permanent home can be found for them!)

THUMBS DOWN - to the individual(s) who stole the lovely hanging basket at the Port Perry Tennis Courts. The club and courts are cared for ($) by volunteers from the club. It is disheartening for the volunteers/members when vandalism occurs. The flowers were placed there this year to celebrate Canada’s 150th in a beautiful red and white display, for club members and the public to enjoy.

THUMBS UP - to Lakeridge Health Port Perry staff, the Scugog Fire Department, Durham Regional Police, Durham Regional EMS and Port Perry Medical Associates for their quick response to ensure patient safety during the fire at Port Perry Hospital on Friday August 25. Their efforts were second to none.

THUMBS DOWN - A number of residents have voiced their concerns for the Hospital Foundation asking the public to make donations for the hospital repairs, when the fire was the result of contractor error and should be covered by insurance!



THUMBS UP - We went on a canoeing and fishing excursion Monday afternoon of the Civic holiday weekend. We were unloading the canoe and realized we did not get worms. Well as it was, there was a gentleman just putting his canoe on his truck leaving. He asked if we wanted any worms. How lucky for us. These must have been feminine worms since I was out fished two to one. Thank you for his kindness. At the time we left the dock there was a Tebco Legacy fishing rod left unattended. It was still there when we returned, so we brought it home and would love to return it to owner. Please email if it is yours!

THUMBS DOWN - to those seasonal recreational individuals who frequent our beautiful area, please be respectful of the speed limits and leave home a bit earlier so that you can make your destination without having to speed as country roads can be deceiving. And to the cycling clubs, we love seeing you up here in north Durham and we are so fortunate that our government has spent all this money providing SAFE bike lanes for you to ride in, but can you please use them in single file and not four abreast, as you may not know how dangerous these hilly, twisty country roads can be.

THUMBS UP - While attending Aquafit one morning I returned to my car which was parked outside the library to find an apology note on my windshield indicating that they were sorry but they had opened their car door and put a dent in my passenger back door. This person left their name and phone number, which I presume they did in case I was going to have it, repaired.
Only in Port Perry would someone actually admit fault and leave their contact information for such minor damage. Thank you for your honesty to whoever you are, but it’s a six year-old vehicle and it’s nothing that an $8.00 bottle of touch up paint won’t fix.

THUMBS DOWN - to those who throw trash of all kinds in the ditches of “country” roads. I have seen kitchen sink, bathroom sink and countertop, clothes, bags of garbage, even dead animals dumped in a ditch that obviously didn’t die there. All of this, plus the standard fast food wrappers, cups, etc.
This was on a short stretch of Demara Road on Scugog Island but it appears to be the same all over!

THUMBS UP - A huge thumbs up to the Lake Scugog Regatta committee for making the 89th annual a great event. Thank you all for your hard work to keep it going. My family has been attending the regatta for many, many years and always has so much fun!

THUMBS DOWN - to the person(s) who have removed the Putsey Park sign from the park in Caesarea. The park is used for the annual Regatta and I noticed it was missing when wanting to direct guests to the park. The Township did not remove it and say it’s been stolen. This is very disrespectful to the Putsey family, who have been pillars in our community for years, and will now cost taxpayers for the Township to replace it. Shame on you! Any information about the missing sign, contact Tom at:



THUMBS UP - to the wonderful ladies working in the garden centre in Walmart, Port Perry. A new, featherless baby bird had fallen out of her nest on a cold and windy day at the entrance of the garden centre. After consulting with Gate’s Wildlife, one of the ladies got a ladder and gloves, picked up the little bird and put her back inside her nest to be back with her momma. You ladies are wonderful!

THUMBS UP - to everyone involved in the Canada Day festivities on July 1, starting with the best-ever parade, the opening ceremonies, our dignitaries and all the festivities, right thru until the fireworks. Another busy day on July 2 included the free Rotary Pancake Breakfast and lots of activities for the kids!

- to the surprisingly large number of people who still feel it is acceptable to talk on their cell phones while driving. You are not above the law and you are putting yourself and everyone else at risk. Please, it is quite simple, just stop!

THUMBS UP - to the musicians who have taken the opportunity to perform along Queen Street this summer. It is such a delight to walk downtown Port Perry on a beautiful day and hear live music being played. The courage it takes to stand in a public place and perform just for the enjoyment and experience is inspiring.
Good for you!.

THUMBS DOWN - to those individual(s) who have stolen four golf carts and those that have vandalized the property at Summerlea Golf Course. This is a serious offence and not sure how or why you do it, but please stop! Show some respect for the hardworking owner, staff and those who enjoy a round of golf!


JULY 2017

THUMBS UP - to the wonderful community we live in. We know that our business community is second to none and recently a number of them have put us on the map again. If you see any of these business people ask them about their recent accomplishments; Jack Doak at Old Flame Brewing, Doug Brown at Pharmacy Associates, Richard Gauder of CMS Solutions and Dana Smith at Dana’s Goldsmithing. Kudos!

THUMBS DOWN - writes a resident to the people who cut their grass onto the road. Not only does this cause weeds to grow up along the cracks in the roadway, it also looks terrible and clogs the storm drains which was quite apparent in the heavy rains of April and early May.

THUMBS UP - to the amazing Education Assistants at Port Perry High School. These caring and dedicated individuals continue to go above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing and educational success of PPHS students. They’re such an integral part of the school community. Their continuous effort is recognized and greatly appreciated. A HUGE thank you to all!

THUMBS UP - for Cameron and Clara Hick who organized an amazing concert (Saturday June 10) with many outstanding talented Port Perry youth. The quality of this concert was “over the top” and the gift of charity for the G- Moms in support of the African Orphans is just a perfect indication of their superb character as they give generously to their community.

THUMBS UP - to all parties involved in the settlement for Canterbury Common. The adult lifestyle community will include a four storey seniors building and 99 detached dwellings in keeping with the existing development.


JUNE 2017

THUMBS UP - A resident wanted to give a huge thumbs up to the staff at McDonald’s and in particular, Dave! She says ‘they go out of their way to make it such a McHappy experience’.

THUMBS DOWN - to the paper delivery people who throw the newspapers and flyers at the end of the driveway on rainy days without tying the end of the plastic bag in a knot. It is a total waste of the contents if they are soaking wet. You can’t dry them out, so they are usually pitched in the trash.

THUMBS UP - A woman said she was at the medical centre on May 3rd and a woman came in to the lobby cafe ‘Perk Up’ with a large bundle of roses and began handing them out to all of the ladies in the area. She said it was simply to brighten their day and make them smile. “A very big thumbs up to her and the sweet gesture”.

THUMBS UP - wrote a gentleman, to a Port Perry Durham Police officer at McDonald’s, who “a few weeks ago was ahead of me by two vehicles. Thanks for the coffee and muffin. I have heard of this happening at a Tim Horton’s the odd time. Maybe you have started something, we shall see? Thanks again”.
“P.S. I owe you a double cheeseburger and fries. LOL”!

THUMBS DOWN - “to what looks like a mother-daughter combo who race like the zebra seat covers on their front seats at speeds 2-3 times the limit in a white Honda Civic from Victoria St. all the way down Union Ave. Hopefully you don’t injure anyone/anything, or yourselves, by thinking you’re above the law of speed limits”.


MAY 2017

THUMBS UP - A woman dropped in a thumbs up to a gentleman who was behind her at the check out in Foodland on March 28. She was having problems with her bankcard and was going to leave her groceries, go home and get money, when he paid for her entire purchase. Thank you so much, you made my day!
Only in Port Perry!

THUMBS UP - to all of the crossing guards who have been there everyday through freezing rain, blizzards, sub zero temperatures and scorching hot days without complaint and usually a smile and wave. Thanks for making sure our children arrive safely to school and home each day.

THUMBS UP - There is a recycle/garbage collector who has been picking up garbage since last fall that goes out of his way to put garbage bins one inside the other. I have personally waited and thanked him for going the extra mile to keep our neighbourhood tidy. It’s nice not to wander down the street and find the bins strewn about.
If you see him doing this very thing, please thank him as well.

THUMBS DOWN - A reader sent this in – “Give me a break. In our back yard, we see rabbits, raccoons and skunks but just today there was a possum, yes possum, casually walking by. These are ugly looking scavengers which we are very surprised to see and have a thumbs down feeling toward having them around”.

THUMBS UP - Kudos to those on the Executive of Port Perry Minor Hockey who organized the annual awards ceremony/pizza party held in early April at the Community Center. Due to their voluntary efforts, the kids and coaches of each and every team in the association enjoyed a great time. Also, it was great to see members of the Mojacks’ Executive helping out during the day. It shows how community-minded that group is!

THUMBS UP - to the Port Perry United Church Chicks and Ken Koury of The Nutty Chocolatier for making Easter Sunday so special again this year with the annual Easter Bonnet Parade and the Easter Egg Hunt! Thanks!


APRIL 2017

THUMBS UP - from a resident who was thrilled to see the Township resurface Old Simcoe Road North. For a long time they had been patching the holes and recently they dumped a load of asphalt and graded. Thanks so much! (It is that time of the year, many more thumbs on potholes, so here is one more). A tongue in cheek THUMBS UP to the township from another resident, for drastically reducing the speed of vehicles travelling on Union Avenue in Prince Albert. “Who needs raised speed bumps when large potholes are doing an excellent job”, he asks. Keep up the good work!

THUMBS DOWN - Wow, after our March issue went to the press, we had numerous readers emailing and calling in with this thumbs! It seems as though people are really upset that dog walkers are not scooping the poop. From Honey’s Beach to Orchard Park, areas in between and all around, readers are asking everyone to show some respect. If you are out and walking your dog(s), please clean up after them! It is unfair to those trying to walk or jog and to those property owners who end up cleaning up the mess!

THUMBS DOWN - to the self-proclaimed “old-schooler” who is annoyed with the use of debit at the drive-thru. Most people have bigger priorities than remembering to carry cash in the drive-thru. On top of that, new cards have a tap feature, which is actually quicker than cash! (A number of people felt the same way! Love that we all have different opinions).

THUMBS UP - I bought a pair of tickets for a play at Town Hall Theatre 1873, which I could not attend. Shortly after, I went to purchase a pair for the following weeks’ play and John (the administrator) and the producers agreed to give me free tickets. Only in Port Perry! So a BIG THUMBS UP to Town Hall 1873 Theatre staff, from this very happy resident!

THUMBS UP - A resident sent in a thumbs up to Port Perry Hospital personnel who replaced the Canadian flag very quickly after I had complained at the end of February, that it was tattered and way too small. Neil Clarke sent me a photo of our bigger and better Canadian flag. Thumbs Up, “Eh”!


MARCH 2017

THUMBS DOWN - A reader would like to give a big thumbs down to the lazy people with dogs who over this winter for some reason refuse to pick up after their dogs. The sidewalks and road edges are littered with poo making it difficult to walk while dodging feces.
Be a responsible owner, stoop and scoop no matter what time of year it is, it takes two seconds to pick it up. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate other people’s dogs crapping on your property.

THUMBS UP - to see the student painted garbage cans that had adorned Palmer Park during the Olympic Torch in 2015, now out in downtown Port Perry.
What a refreshing look on some gray winter days!

THUMBS UP - to our very own ‘Golden Girls’ and John Lucyk for putting Scugog on the map for their shared housing concept. A feature article and accompanying photos appeared in the Toronto Star January 24.
Another concept introduced for retirement living!

THUMBS DOWN - Waiting in a drive-through line for a coffee has become an annoyance for old-schoolers. Waiting for coffee addicts who no longer carry cash is frustrating. It takes much less time to pay by cash, than having to be handed a debit terminal, plug-in a card, punch in a code and return it to the cashier before getting your java. Cash is still legal tender so keep some handy for the drive-through. Please!

THUMBS DOWN - to people who buy fast food meals and rather than discard their containers in a garbage can, throw them on our streets, lawns and boulevards.
It is so unnecessary and detracts from our town’s beauty!

THUMBS UP - and congratulations to Chief Richard Miller upon his retirement. Chief Miller joined the fire and emergency services in 1974 and now, nearly 43 years later, has retired. Best wishes for a happy retirement!



THUMBS UP - to the Port Perry Smokehouse for providing a free Christmas dinner on Christmas Day! What a meaningful way to show the spirit of the season with kindness and generosity. This restaurant and its wonderful owners are a great part of the Scugog community!

THUMBS UP - A reader sent in a great big Thumbs Up to the Dollar Tree and their very civilized ambiance. Why you ask? There is silence, no radio assaulting their ears. Bravo!

THUMBS DOWN -A number of readers wrote in with their displeasure at the lack of snow removal on Queen Street sidewalks thus far this winter – especially the week before Christmas when shoppers were out in full force. Another issue mentioned is how impossible it is for passengers to get out of parked vehicles, unless one stops half way out on the street causing another safety hazard.

THUMBS DOWN - to the half a dozen or so people who stood out front of the library on Sunday January 15 during Granville Anderson’s New Year’s Levee. Although polite, they were handing out literature against the liberals and suggesting everyone go to their website. Whether one agrees with the issue or not, this was not the time or the place to do it!

THUMBS UP - to all Honour Roll and Scugog Heritage Award recipients of this year’s Mayor’s levee held on Sunday January 15. A lot of these recipients said it isn’t just themselves who did the work, there are numerous people involved.

THUMBS DOWN - to those who vandalized the Anglican Church of the Ascension’s new sign. This heritage sign was installed in December, and someone has twice damaged and tried to remove the rainbow fish decals. The church sign says, “All are Welcome” and this symbol is included in this welcome. We feel this act of vandalism is also a hate crime and are dismayed this would happen in Port Perry. We invite those with concerns that “All are Welcome” at Ascension to speak directly with us.
Anglican Church of the Ascension parishioners, Port Perry.



THUMBS DOWN - to the man that came to my property on Thursday November 24 at 2:52 a.m. and stole my 4’ grapevine deer out of my front garden bed and proceeded to look around my property. It’s a shame that you can’t decorate your own place at Christmas or anytime of the year, without some people thinking it is there to be stolen. This was a grown adult who should know better! My other concern is what else is he coming back to steal from the neighbours or myself. It’s people like this that put a strain on our society.

THUMBS UP - to the Lions Club and the Scugog Chamber of Commerce along with the many volunteers who again this year organized such a wonderful, colourful Santa Claus parade for all to enjoy! A lot of work goes into an event like this, so please know that it is appreciated!

THUMBS DOWN - to those individuals who think nothing of lighting up at family events such as the Santa Claus parade, Canada Day fireworks, etc. “To smoke or not to smoke” is not my argument here. I’m simply asking those who smoke to ensure they are far enough away from others who do not, especially innocent children. It’s simply a common courtesy, like keeping the noise to a minimum late at night or allowing someone to merge in traffic.
Thank you.

THUMBS DOWN - another reader writes - to the many people he witnesses almost every morning at either McDonalds or Tim Hortons showing poor and miserable manners to the employees. They are doing their best to serve you during the morning rush, have some patience!

THUMBS DOWN - from a runner who says Old Simcoe is a fantastic road to run/walk on, except that some drivers use this road as their own personal highway and fail to slow down and share the road. Multiple times vehicles have not slowed and in fact come so close that the dog whose head was sticking out their window could have hit me while I ran.



THUMBS UP - to Vos’ Independent Grocer for their hiring strategy. Not to take anything away from the females, because they are just as great, but I was impressed recently to see an integration (if not completely full) of male sales persons at the checkout. They are polite, helpful and friendly young gentlemen. Way to go Vos’ and keep up the great work gentlemen. You will do your community proud when you eventually venture out as adults and have these worthy people skills.
From a female shopper (who is unbiased).

THUMBS DOWN - A reader writes, I would like to give a thumbs down to the group of people that park at the back of Tim Hortons and hang out while drinking their coffee. Instead of taking their empty coffee cups to a garbage can they just throw them on the ground and leave them to blow around in the wind causing a mess in the parking lot and surrounding area! It is such a shame that these people can’t pick up the mess rather than leave it for others to do. Act like a grown up and pick up your own mess!

THUMBS UP – A huge thumbs up to the staff of S. A. Cawker who brought their amazing junior choir to sing at the G-Moms African Dinner. A huge shout out to all of the talented, dedicated members of this awesome group of singers. Then we give an even bigger thumbs up to the wonderful parents who drove their students to Port Perry Villa during the dinner hour. You brought great joy to many.

THUMBS DOWN - to people who move to the country, buy a house next to a farm that has been there for over 100 years and then submit anonymous complaints about basic things you would expect near a farm such as livestock noise, smells, flies etc. Perhaps a home in a subdivision in Oshawa or Whitby would have been a better choice.

THUMBS UP - Another resident wants to thank the person or persons that picked up after their dog and at the same time give them a THUMBS DOWN for throwing the bag on their lawn.

THUMBS DOWN - another comment dated October 21. I would like to say thumbs down to whoever looks after the street lights in Port Perry. My husband and I walk around town most nights after dinner. Our route is Simcoe St. to Queen St. down to Water St. to Carnegie and into Apple Valley. We counted twelve lights burned out. Let’s get Port Perry lit up for safe walking!