From Terry’s team to all
Dear Editor
On a beautiful September morning 461 people gathered to raise over $30,000 for cancer research plus the participating schools and we expect to reach $50,000. It was an incredible way to celebrate the 25 continuous years of the Terry Fox Run in Port Perry.
Behind the numbers is a bigger story about our community. Martha McClew, Ontario Director of the Terry Fox Foundation saw the extent of the media coverage in Scugog and wrote me to say what a “great portrait of life in a caring and tight-knit community.
It is so rare now to see articles of any significant length or even ones that tell a story.”
To Focus on Scugog, participants, volunteers and sponsors – THANK YOU for your support.
Elizabeth McArthur,
Organizer Terry Fox Run Port Perry

Kim’s Climb update
Dear Editor
Thank you once again for your generous coverage of Kim’s Climb for epilepsy in your June 2018 issue.
I am pleased to report that the project has been a great success, with more than $200,000 raised for epilepsy research in Canadian universities and hospitals.
Our full ten-person expedition team made it successfully to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and back down without a scratch! Special thanks to all of our individual and corporate sponsors! CTV News did a segment on us that can be seen at:
Leonard Allen,
Kim’s Climb expedition leader

Circle of Gratitude
Dear Editor
Since the hospital re-opened, patients and their families remark again and again how grateful they are to have their hospital back along with its caring team of health care professionals. Staff, doctors and volunteers express the same sentiment……tremendous gratitude for the return of the hospital to the community. It’s truly a special place.
Did you know that you can now make a donation to honour great care by a specific doctor, staff member, a special team, or volunteer at Port Perry Hospital? Port Perry Hospital Foundation has introduced the Circle of Gratitude program and it’s a great way to recognize someone for their care and compassion, while supporting your hospital.
If you’d like to acknowledge someone for their exceptional care, you can donate online by visiting and selecting Circle of Gratitude, you can call the Foundation office at 905-985-7321 ext. 5580, or use the reply form in the Circle of Gratitude brochure found throughout the hospital.
When you make a Circle of Gratitude donation, the staff member you would like to honour will receive a personal message from you along with a Circle of Gratitude pin to wear as a reminder of your appreciation. And the donation you have made….it will help to ensure our hospital has the tools to help our health care team continue to provide great care.
Yours in health,
Rachel Agnoluzzi,
Port Perry Hospital Foundation

The gift of giving
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself, Jillian Howsam, who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics, are participating in the “Community Gift Giving” program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this:
We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20. Cheques can be made out to “Community Gift Giving Program”. We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Thank you,
Joan Elliott, 905-728-4220
and Jillian Howsam, 905-982-1902

First Lake Week celebration a success
All the dollars, donations and good comments are in from the first Annual LAKE WEEK: A Celebration of Lake Scugog. There is so much excitement about what is being done to ensure the lake is healthy for our kids and grandkids.

Dear Editor
The Lake Stewards were so pleased to work with so many people on this initial venture. We would like to especially thank Jack Doak of Old Flame Brewing Co. for holding a big courtyard BBQ, Marwan Dib of Marwan’s Bistro, Yellowlees Family Farm and the Pantry Shelf for providing wonderful food. The donations, memberships and sales dollars will be a big help with our work. Jack did all the work to organize, promote, and provide the venue and band. It was a wonderful event on a beautiful August evening!
Thanks go to Dana’s Goldsmithing, professional photographer Hark Nijjar, the Wee Tartan Shop, Herrington’s Meats, artists Joanna Malcolm, June Haynes, Leslie Beauchamp, and thanks for other items donated anonymously, for the silent auction.
Old Flame also arranged that 50 cents for every Old Flame Beer sold during Lake Week at Marwan’s, Harp & Wylie’s, The Pub, Jester’s Court, Col. Mustard’s, the Foundry Kitchen and of course Old Flame Brewing Co., went back to the lake.
Chris Pudleiner of Kwik Signs made 50 wooden cutouts for a fish painting organized by Birgitta McLeod of META4 Craft Gallery. When they were auctioned it brought in well over $1,000 for the lake.
We cannot forget the help from the Township, which enabled the Stewards to hold a great open house called Secrets of Lake Scugog, to help people understand the lake’s challenges and opportunities.
For the first year we think it was a great success with all our supporters and new members. We look forward to next year. All in all, about $12,000 was contributed in donations, memberships and in-kind gifts.
Thank you all,
Barbara Karthein,
President, Scugog Lake Stewards



Lucky for us… our property owners care!
Dear Editor
Since this is too long for a “Thumbs” would you please consider this “Thumbs Up” for your “Mailbox” section.
Port Perry has a main street which is envied by most small communities across the province. Its envy is a credit to the building owners who year after year spend countless dollars to renovate, repair and restore their 130-year-old structures.
It’s an expensive process, but this past summer we have seen local owners pump tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, into restoration projects and improvements to their buildings on and around Queen St.
One of the most noticeable and impressive this year was the expensive restoration by the Brock family to rebuild the massive brick parapets at the top of their building. The structure, as completed this summer, looks almost identical to pictures taken not long after it was constructed in 1885.
Local jewellery store owner Dana Smith, who invested heavily to repurpose her property modernizing the entire inside of her store, undertook another excellent transformation. Dana also updated and refreshed the look of the outside of her building to complete the renovation.
Other buildings have been freshened up with new paint and signage. One of these, the popular Piano Café, changed its signage and colours this year.
Currently, the second phase of a large restoration project on the Puckrin/Latrielle building at the corner of Queen and Perry St., is underway. Major brick repair and replacement is underway behind a shroud of scaffold and protective cloth. We look forward to seeing it when completed.
Around the corner on Perry St., Old Flame Brewery owner Jack Doak constructed a coach house-styled addition to his heritage building, creating more space for his growing business and a courtyard for customers. A nice touch to the structure was the addition of two refurbished century old cupolas, originally part of an outbuilding on Mary St.
Smaller projects include Pickles and Olives, Pantry Shelf and Marwan’s Global Bistro all constructing convenient patios for their businesses this summer. There may be others I’ve missed, but these are a few of the most obvious.
We, as Scugog residents, should be thankful to have such progressive merchants and building owners, who help year after year, to keep downtown Port Perry such a vibrant and beautiful place to shop, stroll and enjoy.
Peter Hvidsten

Overwhelming support
Dear Editor
On behalf of Theatre on the Ridge, we would like to acknowledge the overwhelming support for Festival 2018 (July 5 to August 18) at Town Hall 1873 and other locations in Port Perry. It was a season of powerful and captivating theatre to be proud of and we would like to thank our patrons, supporters, volunteers, sponsors, partners, funders, venues and believers for making this season so successful!
Special thanks to Vos’ Independent Grocers, Town Hall 1873, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, Scugog Council for the Arts, Township of Scugog, Utica Community Hall, Church of the Ascension, Prince Albert Community Hall, Pine Grove Cemetery, Scugog Memorial Public Library, M. Meyers & R. Henderson, Heather Chapman, Canadian Tire Port Perry, North Durham EcoWater, Hark Nijjar Photography, Puckrin & Latreille Real Estate, HandtoHeart Healing, Legacy Vintage, Domino’s Pizza, Framer’s Gallery, Willowtree Farm, META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery, Pamela Meacher, Libby Burns, Grant Lucas, anonymous and the golden girls of Perry St.
We would have not been able to accomplish so much without the support of the above or without the commitment and enthusiasm of our actors, artistic, production, marketing and front of house teams, and the staff and board of directors, not to mention the word of mouth provided by so many patrons.
Festival 2018 brought us new insights, new experiences, new friends and great theatre in a great community. Thanks again to all and we look forward to Festival 2019!
Carey Nicholson, Artistic Director, Theatre on the Ridge
Ruth Spearing, President, Theatre on the Ridge

An amazing town we live in
Dear Editor
I walked into the Port Perry post office on September 5th to mail one envelope. A lady was there to pick up a package and I turned to her and said, “Oh great! No money at all in my wallet. I wonder if they would take debit for $1.15”. I then decided to walk over to my bank and as I as walking away, she ran to me with $1.25 and said she hoped that was enough. I told her I was going to my bank but she insisted I take it.
What an amazing town we live in. With all the bad news we hear every single day it would appear like there are not many good people left, but I certainly had my faith in human nature renewed today. I did not ask her name as I was gob smacked (amazed) LOL, but she will see this and know it’s her. Thank you so very much and I intend to pay it forward.
Sheila Moxom

A HUGE Thumbs Up thanks!
Dear Editor
We would like to send out a huge thank you to Port Perry Smokehouse for their kindness and generosity. They are huge supporters of Port Perry hospital and have once again gone above and beyond. On August 28th, they put on a barbecue for all staff and construction workers as a ‘welcome back’ for staff. Adam (owner) and McKenna (Manager) worked so hard to make this event happen, and collaborated with other businesses in town such as Vos’ Independent Grocer, Hank’s Pastries and Canadian Tire for other donations for the day. So thank you to them as well.
It was such a wonderful day; getting to see staff and friends we haven’t seen in far too long. The food was fantastic, as always. At last check Adam had made over 200 sandwiches and had another chef on call if we ran out. He didn’t want anyone leaving hungry. He even provided a vegan option for people, which was so thoughtful.
Thank you Port Perry Smokehouse for always giving back so much to our community. We are truly lucky to have you as part of our wonderful little town.
Candice & Chris Sedge

Thanks from our own little paradise
Dear Editor
It is so amazing how wonderful and caring Port Perry has been to our Scugog Island Sunrise Beach for all these many years. How many times can we say THANK YOU – never enough to an endless list of all the special individual and businesses whose generosity truly made our annual Fun Day on August 25, such a success.
Once again, thank you so much, for making our Fun Day FUN. You are the best!!!
Yours truly,
Linda Brown (Brownie)
on behalf of Sunrise Beach Association

Let’s fill the shelves
Dear Editor
Operation Scugog would like to give a big shout out to all individuals, organizations and businesses who have donated to our community food bank over the spring and summer.
As Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approach, our need continues. Your donations can be dropped off at Operation Scugog food bank. We are open Wednesdays from noon - 4 p.m. 593 Alma St. (beside Victory Christian Centre) 905 985-3087 or by contacting Karen Teed at 905 985-4899.
Thank you,
Karen Teed

Beautiful baskets downtown
Dear Editor
During my walks around town this summer, I have been very pleased to see the wonderful hanging baskets adorning our downtown streets. They are absolutely beautiful and I would like to congratulate all those who have taken care of them throughout the season.
Great job! Believe me, it is truly appreciated.
Eileen Hodgins

Keeping our street accessible
Dear Editor
Just a short letter to thank our by-law officer Denise for monitoring our street, Rosa Street (from Bay Street to the fairgrounds) during the fair weekend. In the past we had been told that nothing could be done about the cars parking on both sides of our narrow street. We could barely get our vehicles out of our driveways, let alone if there had been an emergency and we needed ambulance or fire services. This year was totally different thanks to her dedication all weekend.
Thanks again,
Don Orr

Dear Editor
We wish to sincerely thank Focus for including our nights each month under ‘What’s Up Scugog’. Your support IS THE BEST and we appreciate it very much!
We had better luck this year with only 3 cruise-ins postponed until August 28th – our Appreciation Night and final event for the season. There was a total of 1,484 vehicles shown at the Tuesday Night Cruise-Ins.
Operation Scugog was the lucky recipient of over $1,050 cash and 4 trucks of food and paper products collected during two special occasions this year. Our cruisers ARE THE BEST!
We have over 20 awesome businesses who support our cruise-ins and we ask that everyone support them by looking locally for your needs. From buying or selling your home, to purchasing insurance, parts, towing and repairs – our sponsors can provide it all! Fast food, trailer rentals, buying a Ford or GMC vehicle and even when you “gotta go” - check our blog ( to find out who is best because our sponsors ARE THE BEST!
And finally, to each and everyone who has enjoyed even one of our events, we thank you for attending and look forward to meeting you again.
Yours very truly,
Bev VanKessel, President; Tony Laundrie, Vice President;
Julie Williams, Secretary/Treasurer, Cruisin’ Classics Car Club



A big ‘thumbs up’ thank-you
Dear Editor
Hi there.
I’m writing about what happened when my mom passed away on July 25th in the early morning. I’m not sure who all we need to thank for the help we received, but I do want to give a big thumbs up in the Focus on Scugog magazine to the Durham Regional Police, ambulance etc. who came to the house (Apple Valley neighbourhood) when I called 9-1-1.
To the great owners and staff of Harp & Wylies, thank you for supporting Jamie and myself at this difficult time – same goes to all of our family and friends here in Port Perry.
Thank you all so much.
Jackie Woodcock

A proud physicians group
Dear Editor
During the past year, the Port Perry community and its health care team have anticipated the reopening and repatriation of services to our hospital currently known as Lakeridge Health Port Perry. True, many services continued in some form or another (such as surgical and obstetrical services in space graciously provided at other Lakeridge Health locations); however, as Dorothy discovered, and we can confirm, “there is no place like home”.
At this grand moment, I would like to take the opportunity, on behalf of the physicians of the Medical Associates of Port Perry, to reaffirm our commitment to providing outstanding Surgical, Anesthesia, Obstetrical, Emergency, and Inpatient services. Our intent is to provide patient care that is safe, compassionate, close to home, and, barring future acts of God, uninterrupted.
Matthew J Schurter, BSc MD CCFP FCFP
Chair of the Board, Medical Associates of Port Perry



Note from a thankful Grandma
Dear Editor
What is Port Perry? It is a beautiful little town full and I do mean full, of amazing, caring, loving people. My grandson was seriously hurt in an accident and Port Perry adopted him as theirs.
Thanks to all my wonderful customers for the thoughts, gifts and genuine concern that still all ask about his recovery.
My work family who were always their for support 24/7, you really are family.
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all. I will never forget the love from this amazing little town with the big, big heart!
Forever touched Grandma X0X0

A big ‘thumbs up’ to our business community
Dear Editor
Thank you to the generosity of Port Perry businesses who donated prizes for the PROBUS Club of Port Perry’s 2nd Anniversary BBQ held at Scramble’s Restaurant on June 25.
A huge thank you to the following businesses who helped make it such a great success:
Borelians Community Theatre, Branching Out, Brock’s, Century Home and Garden Greenhouses, Colonel Mustard’s, Foodland, Hank’s Pastries, Harp & Wylie’s, Herrington’s Butchers, Hyland Family Restaurant,
Jester’s Court, Luke’s, Meta 4, Pickles & Olives Bistro, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sunnybrae Golf Course, The Pantry Shelf, The Wee Tartan Shop and Vos’ Independent Grocer.
Ann Skinner, Social Committee Representative
PROBUS Club of Port Perry


JULY 2018

Should I write a poem?
Dear Editor
I just finished reading our, “Wonderful, Outstanding and Informative, Focus on Scugog for June and was again impressed with the many things our supportive community does to improve the quality of lives in many places.
I could simply echo their many excellent words and say, “Ditto from the G-Moms.”
However, that would be wrong!! We need to celebrate the tremendous quality of the people in our community so we can override the crazy negative world news. We need to celebrate the fact that most people are kind, helpful and generous and try to make the world a better place.
We thankfully live in a place of peace and helpfulness. How lucky we are!!! Our Gala in April was a huge success in spite of the snow and ice. Our Yard Sale was again a winner for
everyone who bought and sold. Together, these two events raised over $25,000.
That puts a lot of orphans in schools. It also provides food and clothes for them and very importantly, it provides support for the resilient Grannies who continue to hold the continent together. They grieve the loss of their children and step up to raise their grandchildren. They are capable women who become empowered and independent due to our support.
Please remember that the Stephen Lewis Foundation guarantees that 90% of each dollar we raise goes directly to the projects we support. We three fortunate grannies who have gone to Africa can attest to the fact that we have created happiness and provided much needed support.
Tinie Evans, on behalf of all the G-Moms

Are you missing treasured pictures?
Dear Editor
Attention to the wonderful family who donated books last year to be included in our G-Moms yard sale on June 2, 2018.
We found a book: The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Phillip Sendker. Apparently the next read for your Book Club was to be : The Year Of Necessary Lies by Kris Radish.
However, within the book we found some treasured pictures. They are pictures of Joy and Don’s Anniversary (we assume) and some other very special family pictures.
If they are yours, or if you may know to whom they belong, please contact Tinie Evans at
Tinie Evans, G-Mom

Scugog Bridge Club looking for new members
Dear Editor
Scugog Marathon Hospital Bridge Club was formed many long years ago in Port Perry with a dual purpose. The main reason was to raise money for our local hospital, but also to get together with friends, play bridge and have fun. As a result, a group of women play a set number of games from September to April and donate a small amount of money each time we play. Over the many years, we have donated money to Port Perry Hospital, which has helped to purchase many items for our facility.
Our membership has dropped for several reasons but we are anxious to keep this bridge club going. Therefore we are always looking for new members. If you enjoy playing bridge and could manage to find a partner, that would be wonderful.
For more information please call Gale Ballard at
905-985-7054 or Catherine Corden at 905-985-9412.
We would be happy to hear from you.
Catherine Corden

Caesarea - Lake Scugog Regatta:
Now in its ninetieth year!

Dear Editor
Lynn Campbell’s article brought memories flooding back to me, of a particular era of the regatta – the sail boat races around the 1950s. As a member of the Port Perry Yacht Club I participated in the two races – The Trophy for first place and The Handicap Trophy based on a calculation of your two times in the two races. I won The Handicap Trophy in our sailboat, Tinker Bell.
It is wonderful that the Beacon Marina has revived sailing and the Lake Scugog Regatta Association volunteers keep this unique community event going. It’s a variety of active and social events that put an energy into a community and build memories. Some people participate every year. Talk to Ted Griffen. He’s never missed a sailing race. He’ll be there
this year. Ask him about the challenges and pleasures of sailing.
It’s a health promoting sport, that’s kind to the environment and wind is free.
Georgia Brock


JUNE 2018

BIG Shout Out
Dear Editor
We would like to give a big shout out to the staff, students and parents at S.A. Cawker P.S. for the amazing show, “The Lion King”.
Everything from the music, costumes, stage set, actors, choir, lighting and choreography was absolutely top quality and very entertaining.
These performances could not happen without the dedication of staff, students and parents who volunteer their time for costume making, rehearsals, set preparations etc…
All the people from Community Living Durham North that attended the play really enjoyed it. The productions at S.A. Cawker are always an event that people we support look forward to.
We look forward to seeing the next play they perform in the future.
Thank you all for the great show!!!!
Kathy Turner, Community Living Durham North

Greenbank Folk Music Society sends along thanks
Dear Editor
Mogens and I, and all the folks that volunteer with the Greenbank Folk Music Society, would like to express our sincere thanks for all that you do for us through your Focus on Scugog publication.
As we end our 25th year of presenting this concert series, it was wonderful to see the article in last month’s Focus (May 2018). Your help in getting the word out to
the community is part of why we are still here.
We – along with all residents of Scugog – are fortunate to have this quality community magazine come to our doorsteps each month.
With thanks again,
Mogens and Cathy Galberg

Want to be part of the Port Perry House Tour?
Dear Editor
The Port Perry and Prince Albert United Church Outreach Committee is currently planning this year’s Town and Country House Tour for Saturday September 22. This is a charitable event with the proceeds supporting the following local charities: Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham, Community Care Durham, Joanne’s House, North House and YWCA Durham and Second Stage Housing For Women.
This year marks the 10th Anniversary of this tour and has raised over $100,000 to date.
If you are interested in participating in this wonderful fundraiser, we are looking for homes in the area of varied and interesting architecture, interior design and decor. Houses can be large or small, new or old, in town or the surrounding area.
Please consider putting your home or garden on the 2018 tour and help these valuable charities in our community.
Refer to our website for further details –
Shelley Bertrim, Committee member PPHT

Rotary Club of Port Perry – Spring Gala
Dear Editor
Many thanks to everyone who supported the Rotary Club’s Annual Spring Gala on Saturday April 21 at Royal Ashburn Golf Club – to the 225 attendees, to all the generous individuals and local businesses for their donations and to the members of the Rotary Club and their partners.
The evening was a great success raising over $38,000. This money will enable the club to meet its final installment of its commitment of $150,000 to the Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham.
In addition, the funds will help the club continue all its good work in the community.
The next big event for the club will be the 3rd Annual Ribfest to be held on July 27, 28 and 29. Hope to see you there!
Joanne Fowler, Rotary Gala Chairperson


MAY 2018

Heart & Stroke Campaign Thank You
Dear Editor
I am so happy to have deposited the last donation for this year’s Heart and Stroke Campaign. We raised over $18,000.00 knocking on doors in this generous community where there are so many ways to sponsor and support worthy causes. I’m sure the online contributions will be strong again this year, raising our total even higher.
Thank you to the eight Captains who made sure there was a canvasser on every street in their neighbourhood. Thank you to the sixty-three canvassers who knocked on your doors and to the student who delivered brochures in an area with no canvassers.
I know there are many ways to support heart health in Scugog Township. Maybe I’ll see a picture of you in Focus On Scugog, on the Big Bike when it comes to town.
Thank you Epsom, Utica, Greenbank, Seagrave, Port Perry, Prince Albert, Blackstock, Caesarea, Nestleton, and Scugog Island for making this year’s Heart and Stroke Campaign a success.
Judy Anderson, Zone Leader
Heart & Stroke Person-to-Person Campaign 2018

P.S. .... and we at Focus thank our advertisers for
supporting this worthwhile cause!

CLDN takes a break this year
Dear Editor
It’s that time of year again, Gala season. All of us at Community Living Durham North would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our Jamie’s Dream Gala. Because of your generosity, many wonderful things are happening for people at CLDN.
We have decided to take a break for the 2018 year. Given the amount of fundraising that happens on a regular basis in the community we are mindful of the strain it puts on everyone to contribute. Moving forward, we are hoping to build something different, something more inclusive and available to all members of the community to participate in some meaningful way so…..stay tuned! We promise it will be great!
Tracy McGarry, Manager, Community Development
Community Living Durham North


APRIL 2018

Wing & Pizza Night 2018

Dear Editor
You helped us raise over $25,000 to continue to provide mentoring programs to the children and youth in our communities.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham can’t thank the local community enough for their ongoing support of our agency and towards our Annual Wing & Pizza night.
Whether it was by attending the event, donating a prize, product or services to our silent auction, or by financially donating to our agency – THANK YOU!!
This year we had 391 people in attendance. Participation was at an all-time high with 10 wing and 5 pizza restaurants cooking up delicious food for all to enjoy. Our 2018 Best Tasting went to Horn Dawgs BBQ (best wings) and Crusty Pizza (best pizza).
All our restaurants are winners by giving their product, time and commitment. We would like to thank all the restaurants and donors for your support – Pizza: Crusty Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Bona Via Pizzeria, Square Boy Pizza and Jim’s Pizza & Pasta. Wings: Horn Dawgs BBQ, Vos' Independent Grocer, Harp & Wylie’s, Jester’s Court, Port Perry Smokehouse, Willowtree
Farm, Boat House Grill, Sunnybrae Golf Club, Chuck’s Roadhouse and Perry Wing House.
Our silent auction was amazing. Thank you to over 65 local businesses that contributed a prize, product or service. Please shop locally! Also thank you to Maple Leaf Food, Cakes by
Stephanie, South Scugog Auto Sales, Sensational Signs, Baldwin Sales, KX96 - Jerry Archer, Branching Out, PPPrint, Tim Hortons, DJ Todd Soomre, photographer Spring Reilly and to our staff and our great volunteers!
Thanks as well for the financial donations to Wing & Pizza Night from Redleaf Landscape, Oppers Ltd., Wotten Carpentry, Uxbridge Lions, Ron Noble Insurance, Scugog Accounting, Royal Bank Port Perry Branch, Sunderland Coop and Titlers Professional Corp.
We live in an amazing community and we are stronger together. Thank you once again for the ongoing support you show to the children and youth we serve.
Mark your calendar for February 23rd 2019!
Margaret Ayres,
BBBSND Executive Director


An abundance of thanks .............
Dear Editor
Once again the volunteers of Operation Scugog were overwhelmed by the support of our friends in the community. Christmas cheer was given to 77 families and 121 singles and couples this past Christmas.
Most of the families were adopted out by people who wanted to share the meaning of Christmas. For single people and couples, food hampers were given out; gift cards were purchased along with a pair of warm socks. For added warmth, a new hoodie too. Thank you to Sandy O’Hare, our wonderful “Hoodie Elf” who collected 140 hoodies given by generous people along with hand knit items, socks, PJ’s and bedding.
To all our volunteers who helped with the Christmas campaign and throughout the year, Thank You. We couldn’t do this without you.
Many thanks to all who donated food, money, toys, gifts, gift cards and their time. We are so very grateful for your continued support to assist our friends and neighbours who are in need.
Kind Regards,
Karen Teed
Chairperson, Operation Scugog


The Canada 150 theme rocked this year at Bakersville!
Dear Editor
What a great response we had for our 22nd Animated Bakersville Gingerbread Display at the library during the Holiday Season! Thank you to everyone who participated by making a creation celebrating Canada 150 – it was a huge success. There were 60 wonderful entries of varying styles and skills and once assembled into a town, the moving parts of the train, and animation including the skating rink, hockey players, and snow boarders brought it to life. It was great to see so many individual entries as well as those from a local Beaver group, Girl Guides, Scugog First Nation and various schools and businesses.
This village wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful support of our library’s administration and its staff. We greatly appreciate the financial support that we have received this year from Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation; this allowed us to get more signage and visibility, Vos Independent for processing the pictures for the visual boards and Foodland for supplying gingerbread cookies on our opening day. Thank you to the Hvidsten family who have offered space for us within the Focus on Scugog building as we were desperate for ongoing storage for all of our accessories associated with the village. The Township of Scugog and BIA were helpful with regards to approving signage for us, and Landon’s Tree Service was so helpful putting up the downtown banner from Sue’s Signs. It takes a community to make this village happen!
Thanks again to Master Engineer Alan Locke and conductor Neil Bradley, who kept the village train on its track and Brianne Mercer for being our fabulous social media queen and publicist – again, great work! Our local press, were wonderful with all of the support, printing our releases in a timely matter in our community newspapers. Thanks also to our patient families who never mentioned how many dinners were late because of our pre-occupation with everything gingerbread.
We already are thinking ahead and have December 1st marked down as opening day this year. It is never too late to start thinking about what to design – we LOVE the original ideas in gingerbread. This is a community event made by and for the community –
so it’s never too late to start baking!
“The Village People”
Sue Bradley, Tracy Pastic, Kathy Payne-Mercer, Terry Glenn, Carolyn Humphrey, Alana Andrews, Lynda Brownson, Bonnie Solomon, Linda McMillan, Marian Barltrop and Carole Matthews

A big ‘paws’ up!
Dear Editor
The Therapeutic Paws of Canada Port Perry/Uxbridge Team would like to send a big thank you to Vos’ Independent Grocer, the staff and all their amazing customers. The Port Perry/Uxbridge Team hosted a Therapy Dog Awareness Day on December 9th. Vos’ Independent gave us space in their store, their staff was fantastic and very supportive of this event and the kindness and generosity of their customers was more then we ever expected. It was so very greatly appreciated.
Eileen Gerber
Therapeutic Paws of Canada,
Team Leader Port Perry/Uxbridge

T’was the season of true christmas spirit!
Dear Editor
On behalf of Operation Scugog Food Bank and ourselves, we would like to thank Focus on Scugog and most especially MaryAnn Fleming, for your enthusiastic participation in, and support of, the Operation Scugog “Hoodie” Drive - 2017 Campaign.
Highlighting our efforts in the magazine to bring a little Christmas warmth and cheer to those in need in our community has given us the gift of a far greater reach and furnishing a drop-box in your offices allowed many to contribute.
As a result, we are pleased to report that between friends and family on Facebook and the Focus collection box it has been a banner Christmas! At the time of this writing we have collected over 120 hoodies with the number still climbing, pyjamas, socks, slippers, sheets and towel sets, art supplies, toiletries and cash donations. A special shout-out to the Canterbury Knit Wits who have gone above and beyond this year with an array of hand-knit outerwear garments and lovingly produced dolls and toys.
For showing up, stepping up and living the spirit of Christmas we thank all who have contributed. We have been humbled by your generosity and know lives will be changed for the better this holiday season as a result. Merry Christmas!
Karen Teed and Sandy O’Hare
Editors Note:
On behalf of Scugog residents, we thank you ladies for the hard work and commitment on your end, to give those in need a special Christmas as well! There will be a Christmas Hamper update in the next issue, as we didn’t have all the details finalized by press time!

Street Lights Out!!!
Dear Editor
Did you know? The only way streetlights get repaired is for the citizens to call the Township office???
My councillor said she would see about putting a notification in the local papers but nothing has shown up.
On my last trip through Port Perry on 7A Westbound, I counted over 15 lights out between the causeway and Walmart (4 on the north side as you enter town from the causeway in front of the Independent). I see them out, stuck on all day or going on and off through the night here in Cartwright, and try to report it but I can only do so much, as nobody else seems to call in.
Pete Barber, Blackstock
p.s. I joined the “procrastinators” club last year,
we haven’t had a meeting yet!!!!!!!!!



Generosity was appreciated
Dear Editor
On behalf of the Scugog Shores Fibre Artists Guild I would like to thank Renetta Cook Holdings Ltd. for giving us the use of their store on Queen Street for a number of weeks. It was really appreciated.
Dini Page,
Chair of the Scugog Shores Fibre Artists Guild

Feast for the Senses
Dear Editor
What a wonderful ‘Feast For The Senses’ it was!
The Scugog Council for the Arts would like to thank the Feast for the Senses Gala Committee. This dedicated group wove together a successful and sumptuous Gala For The Arts, held at the Scugog Community Centre on October 19. In addition to the Gala Committee, an enthusiastic cadre of volunteers made the evening’s enjoyment possible.
The SCA is most grateful to our generous sponsors: Vos’ Independent, The Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, and Canadian Tire Port Perry.
A lively Live Auction took place where bidders competed on exciting opportunities made possible by the following generous donors: The Foundry, Luxe Beauty and Portrait Studio, David and Joanna Malcolm, Pickles and Olives, Borelians Community Theatre, Nestleton Waters Inn and Sunnybrae Golf Course.
More than sixty local businesses or individuals donated Silent Auction and other prize items.
Harp and Wylie’s Canadian Grill House presented their fabulous food with a fun and interactive dining experience. Adam Crossman, Donna Lajeunesse and Port Perry Dance Academy provided entertainment throughout the evening.
Stunning botanical and floral arrangements by Branching Out Florists complemented a fantastic fountain, designed especially for the gala by Williams Design Studio.
Everything and everyone worked together to provide a memorable night of sights, sounds and flavours! The SCA appreciates the community’s most generous support. We are truly grateful for the continuing role that the local community plays in promoting the arts in Scugog.
Libbie Burns,
President of the Scugog Council for the Arts

“Timing is everything”
Dear Editor
We love seeing MaryAnn from Focus on Scugog each month as she pops by our office to drop off copies of the magazine.
Funny thing, last month, as she is standing at my desk handing me the November issue, a gentleman came in (with a copy of our advertisement we just ran, in his hand) wanting to make an appointment with Jean as soon as possible to book a trip to Costa Rica!
The proof is in the Focus. Thank you MaryAnn and team for such a great local publication.
Virginia Frew, Marlin Travel
Editors Note:
Thank you Virginia for your support each month!

Have fun, stay fit, meet friends and give back!
Dear Editor
Every year the members of the Scugog Women’s Hockey League are handed a custom printed shopping bag and asked to fill it and return it over a three-week period at the end of October/ early November.
This year our members surpassed themselves again and returned a whopping 81 grocery bags filled with food, toiletries and supplies for Operation Scugog Food Bank. Last Sunday we loaded the shopping bags into a truck and delivered them to the Food Bank along with some financial donations.
As a league we love giving back to our community and all of our fundraising efforts are community based including our Hockey Sistoars Dragon Boat team, which is made up of members of the Scugog Women’s Hockey League.
Our league is made up of women from 18 years of age to sixty-something and we follow our motto of, Fun, Fitness and Friendship. Anyone looking to join can email us at or come along to Port Perry Arena on a Sunday afternoon and say hello. We are particularly looking for anyone interested in playing in goal for us next season. If that’s you, please get in touch!
Many thanks and see you at the rink!
Yours sincerely,
Lorraine McNulty
(on behalf of) Scugog Women’s Hockey League - Executive



Port Perry Hospital Foundation clears up confusion
Dear MaryAnn
We were very concerned to see a “Thumbs Down” about Port Perry Hospital Foundation in the October issue of Focus on Scugog. Your magazine is widely read and respected, and what your readers are saying to you about our hospital and our hospital foundation is important to us. We would be grateful if you would consider publishing this letter to clear up any confusion about our current fundraising efforts.
Port Perry Hospital Foundation’s mission is to support the equipment needs, programs and capital projects of Port Perry Hospital. Your readers are absolutely right – our understanding is that Lakeridge Health’s insurers will be responsible for all the repairs, infrastructure and construction costs associated with restoring the hospital to its former state and no donated funds will be used for those purposes. While there may be an opportunity for us to participate in improvement projects in other areas of the hospital, these are separate from the reconstruction.
The Foundation’s main focus during the time of closure continues to be raising funds to buy new and replacement equipment. All the medical and patient equipment that we purchased before the August 25th fire will still be there when the hospital reopens. However, it is a constant challenge to keep the hospital equipped and up-to-date and we can only be prepared to deal with this by seeking assistance from our community. We feel it is essential that we are able to say yes when, for example, one of our surgeons asks for a $25,000 specialty monitor that will help save patient lives, or a nurse needs funding to offer a program that brings young people and frail elderly patients together. The ability to fulfill these needs without delay is due to the thoughtful generosity of people like your readers.
We are deeply thankful to everyone who supports Port Perry Hospital.
Mark Fletcher, President
Port Perry Hospital Foundation

Sarah saved the bees
Dear Editor
Sarah would like to wholeheartedly thank the community of Scugog and all who opened their doors and contributed to her ‘Save the Bees’ initiative. What a joy to see our community’s compassion and enthusiasm in responding to the need to strengthen the bee population. Thank you to individuals who embraced her project and provided meaningful encouragement with kind words, wisdom and passion in fostering environmental awareness around this issue.
Thank you also to Focus on Scugog (June 2017 page 16) for supporting and communicating her initiative in your valued magazine.
Your generous donations resulted in $1,408.25, all of which will be given to the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association. Along with this incredible donation, many have planted the wildflower seeds and have expressed their delight in seeing them grow, bloom and attract bees, helping in the efforts of pollination.
Together we can protect and strengthen native bee and other pollinator insects whose species play a vital role in our ecosystem and in the maintenance of a healthy and sustainable environment.
Helen McLaren on behalf of Sarah McLaren

It’s that time of year …. Community Gift Giving Program
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics are participating in the “Community Gift Giving” program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this:
We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season.
Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20.00. Cheques can be made out to “Community Gift Giving Program” or us. We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home.
Joan Elliott 905-728-4220
Jillian Howsam 905-982-1902
286 Rosa Street, Port Perry, L9L 1M5

Amazing treatment by kind people
Dear Editor
I would like to share a positive experience with you covering a loss and the return of my gold bracelet over the past couple of weeks.
We were visiting Great Wolf Lodge, and while at the waterpark, I noticed that my gold bracelet was missing from my wrist. I then went to their lost and found to find that some awesome soul had found it and turned it in – so I got it back!
One of the gold links had actually broken, which caused it to fall off my wrist. Thankfully there are some very GOOD people out there.
My bracelet was purchased at Dana’s Goldsmithing Inc. in Port Perry last Christmas. I brought it back to their store to have Amanda (one of the jewellery repair/sales clerks) try to repair it for me. Unfortunately, Amanda said to me, later on that same day, they could not repair it properly. However, between Kerry and Dana they decided to contact the manufacturer on my behalf, to get the manufacturer’s comments. The manufacturer, fortunately, was very gracious to advise Dana’s that they would replace it free of charge.
I now have the new bracelet back in my possession and I am a very happy customer!
I want to make it known that I am so pleased that Dana and her staff went out of their way to assist me.
Kudos to Dana and her staff for a job well done!
Bill Stimson

9th Annual Port Perry Town & Country House Tour
Dear Editor
On Saturday September 16th, the Port Perry and Prince Albert United Churches’ Outreach Committee was pleased to present the 9th annual Port Perry Town & Country House Tour. This year, we were delighted to present five homes, one garden and a loft. We were very pleased to include the Scugog Shores Historical Museum on this year’s tour. Over $12,000.00 was raised on that day.
The Port Perry House Tour committee is grateful to the homeowners, Township of Scugog, sponsors, patrons, local media and many volunteers who generously supported this charitable event. Since 2009, over $100,000.00 has now been raised for five important local organizations: Big Brothers Big Sisters North Durham, Community Care, Joanne’s House, North House, and YWCA Durham’s Second Stage Housing for Women.
Next year’s tour is a milestone year. It will mark the 10th anniversary of the tour and the committee is already planning!
For further information, please visit our website, Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Shelley Bertrim, on behalf of PPHT Committee

Camille’s Closet carries on
Dear Editor
Our hospital in Port Perry may need mechanical repairs and is currently “off the road” but the Auxiliary volunteers have hardly shifted a gear.
Camille’s Closet, our “new-to-you” shop on Mary St. behind the post office, continues to accept donations
and offer great bargains Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We offer seasonal clothing, housewares and holiday decorations. With the community’s help, that little store has become a big source of revenue for us.
At our monthly meetings, we are currently planning the “Wheelbarrow of Wine” and “Polar Plunge” fundraisers for the fall and winter. There is also a new event planned for the spring (TBA) and you’ll see our smiling faces again at the June “Tag Days”.
We are going to be ready to buy any new equipment or help with whatever is needed when those doors reopen. Our members will celebrate with the community as we once again will be able to provide the caring support to the patients and staff in our special hospital. We eagerly wait for the day when our smocks will once again be visible in day surgery, in the gift shop and in the patient rooms.
Until that day arrives, for the Auxiliary –
it’s DRIVE ON! You’re invited along for the ride.
Gail Kerry, on behalf of the Auxiliary
and administrators of Camille’s Closet



Ribfest 2017
Dear Editor
On behalf of all the members of the Rotary Club of Port Perry, we want to thank and acknowledge the hard work, support and generosity of the many volunteers, sponsors and all the folks from within our community of Scugog that came out to support our Ribfest 2017. Everyone was part of making this year another success!
A special thank you to Focus on Scugog for promoting our Ribfest event on the front cover of the August issue. This sure helped boost the exposure throughout the community.
Jim Jenkins,
President of the Rotary Club of Port Perry

“Oh, what a night!”
Dear Editor
With the sun shining and the coffee flowing we had a terrific Appreciation Night Cruise-in on August 29th! Thanks to all who came out to enjoy our wrap up event.
We also wish to thank Focus on Scugog for including our nights each month under What’s Up Scugog. Your support is greatly valued.
Mother Nature was not kind to anyone this cruise-in season. However, after six rained out nights (the month of June was a total washout) we had just 135 vehicles less than last year!
With a paper drive earlier in the season and a food drive at the end of the season, Operation Scugog received over $1,000 and three truckloads of products! Our cruisers and visitors are amazing – thank you to each and every one for being so generous.
We have 18 awesome local businesses that contribute as well as many who provide prizes every night. With their backing, our cruise-ins are a great success and we are looking forward to their continuing support next year.
Please check out our blog ( for pictures and updates of our club activities.
Yours very truly,
Cruisin’ Classics Car Club
Bev VanKessel, President; Tony Laundrie, Vice President; Julie Williams, Secretary/Treasurer

Cannot say thank you enough
Dear Editor
It is so amazing how wonderful and caring Port Perry has been to our Scugog Island’s Sunrise Beach for so many years. How many times can we say ‘thank you’ (never enough!) to an endless list of all the special individuals and businesses whose generosity truly made our Annual Fun Day such a success.
Once again, thank you so much, everyone, for helping make our Fun Day fun. You are the best!!
Yours truly
Linda Brown
(our Sunrise Beach Association)

Fun(ny) times at the gate!!
Dear Editor
I hope this finds MaryAnn’s desk at Focus on Scugog.
I am writing this to thank Mary Ann for her sense of humour while covering the Port Perry fair.
I am one of the guys at the gate that had more than a few laughs with her. Working on the gates at a fair (September 2-4) you meet all kinds of people, meeting Mary Ann was a highlight for me.
I thank-you again for the side splitting encounter at the gate and look forward to meeting you again next year.
From the good looking one of the two.
Mike (Slater) ...ok from Steve (Rutledge) also.

Editor’s Note: Obviously the note found my desk! This was Steve’s second year at the gate at the Bigelow entrance and Mike’s sixth year. We just want to throw it right back at them, what a fun welcoming experience to one of the entrance gates at the fair. See you next year!

A golden thumbs up
Dear Editor
Thumbs up to the Port Perry-Prince Albert United Church members and their annual Town and Country House Tour held on Saturday September 16. From the moment we were approached to be a part of this wonderful fundraising event, to the final minutes of hosting over 300 people at our shared ownership home, everything went SO smoothly.
The church members worked long hours giving tours of our home and explaining this rather new shared living model.
We are so fortunate that there are organizations and people in this community that raise awareness and raise funds for the betterment of Scugog. It was a pleasure to be a part of your event.
Thank you,
The Women of 100 Perry Street
(Golden girls, Martha Casson, Louise Bardswich,
Beverly Brown, Sandy McCully)

Biking, running and walking for another successful year
Dear Editor
Terry Fox is the face of hope for cancer research. To this day Terry’s Marathon of Hope inspires and motivates people to raise much-needed funds for cancer research. On Sunday September 17, the sun was shining as 457 people gathered to participate in the annual Port Perry Terry Fox Run.
Since 1994 our community Terry Fox Run along with participating schools have raised an amazing $1,067,813.35. The Terry Fox Foundation has a single goal – to fund innovative cancer research. The Foundation continues to be a leading investor in cancer research with an 83-cent fundraising cost ratio.
The Terry Fox Research Institute invests in research with the potential for best outcomes. I would encourage people to visit the Terry Fox Foundation website to learn more about the different types of cancer research that is funded.
What a great day we had with participants taking a ride, run or walk along the route. This was the 24th annual TFR in Port Perry and it’s amazing to see three generations of families participating and their many dogs to raise $30,261.50. A big thank you to all participants, volunteers and sponsors for making the day such a big success!
Thank you,
Elizabeth McArthur

Maurice Midgley,
our smiling crossing guard!

Dear Editor
There are so many people who add to the layout of our days. So many times we get caught up in a rush and forget to pause and truly appreciate all these amazing people we encounter as we journey through our day. This incredible man takes that pause with every single person he encounters. He endures every form of weather and faces it every morning and afternoon with an unwavering smile. We are so blessed to have him as part of our community. He puts the safety and well-being of our children first and foremost and makes a connection with every one he crosses.
Thanks to Maurice, for your genuine smile and for pouring your heart into what you do and for keeping all of our babies (and us) safe. The school year has started and we are very happy to have Maurice Midgley back as our crossing guard on Queen Street for R.H. Cornish Public School.
Kelly MacArthur



Thank you, Jonathan
Dear Editor
I am writing in regards to the article on Latvia written by Jonathan van Bilsen (PhotosNTravel, August 2017 issue). I truly enjoyed reading it, being of Latvian descent. My father and grandparents were born there, but due to their precarious journey to Canada during World War II, they neglect to speak about home very much.
My grandmother will be 102 in November and sometimes says she would like to return home to live by the Baltic Sea, but never elaborates. I will bring this with me when I visit her next week so I can read it to her. I'm sure it will bring a smile to her face with its positive outlook on her home.
You have just given me a totally different and appreciative view of what looks to be a wonderful place presently. Your pictures of the architecture are amazing.
I know I will be visiting the country of my heritage as soon as I can.
Thank you so much for your story.
Adrianne Makovskis

"Go Fly A Kite"
Dear Editor
As a teenager many years ago I have fond memories of flying kites with my siblings, adults and friends, growing up in Nestleton and having many laughs along the way. For a few years I have wanted to start a Port Perry Kite Club and see if there are others interested as well. If so, this will be open to all ages on Sunday September 17 at 1p.m. at the fair grounds here in Port Perry. Let's meet and see if we can create fun for everyone! Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
Bring your own kite! For beginners, you can purchase them at dollar stores!
Call me today at 905-985-4372 to discuss.
Lynn Doucette, Port Perry

Thank you
Dear Editor
I would like to extend a very special thank you to Colin and Nancy Graham of Thistledown Pet Memorial, in Uxbridge.
When our beloved dog passed away at home, Colin and Nancy took great care in looking after our pet's remains and us. They showed great compassion and treated our dog with the respect she deserved, as a member of our family.
Sarah Dedrick, Port Perry

Regatta successful once more
Dear Editor
On behalf of the Lake Scugog Regatta Association Committee, I would like to thank all of you who helped make our 89th Annual Regatta an awesome and fun filled weekend! Dinner Friday evening and live entertainment was enjoyed by candlelight and generator. The dance floor was hopping!
Mother Nature was certainly on our side all weekend as we started out with the parade, followed by dog show, races, games, volleyball and horseshoe tournaments, movie in the park at dusk and much more. A special thank you goes out to all the local businesses who generously donated gifts for our Tooney Table, which was a big hit. Sunday's delicious pancake breakfast hosted by our local Fire Fighters, followed by the fishing derby, swimming, canoe and kayak races, and of course our famous Lake Scugog Championship Sailboat race was enjoyed by everyone.
I must say, we certainly have an amazing community within the Township of Scugog. Many generations have supported the Lake Scugog Regatta and continued to do so. We are awed to see the generosity to help continue this event for many more years to come. Stay tuned for an even better Regatta next year as we celebrate our 90th Annual. Thank you.
Shari Bown

I won something!
Dear Editor
I would like to thank Valerie and Ken Wright of Port Perry Medical Supplies. I have always said that I never win anything and lo and behold, I won a scooter in early July.
I purchased the scooter and upon my name being drawn, my money was returned to me. Thank you so much for your kindness and caring.
Barb McIntyre

Another successful Ribfest weekend
Dear Editor
Although the weather didn't cooperate as it did last year, we still had 16,000 people through the entrance, five renowned ribbers, a premium craft beer supplier, music acts for all ages and genre, along with many vendors and artisans.
Proceeds of the ribfest are pledged to the Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham as well as other local, national and international projects of the Rotary Club of Port Perry.
The Port Perry Waterfront Rotary Ribfest is made possible by our sponsors and executed with the support and dedication of the many VOLUNTEERS. Thank you!
New this year was a "Dream Cruise Vacation" draw with a value of $9999. Ticket sales were brisk over the last several months and the winner was local resident Jillian Howsam Adomeit. This draw was sponsored by Expedia CruiseShipCenters® and Royal Caribbean.
Overall feedback from the public in attendance was "a well organized, family-focused, environmentally conscious, entertaining event."
Thank you to everyone who attended and/or participated.
Rotary Club of Port Perry



Thanks for caring
Dear Editor
The Care & Share Garden crew wishes to acknowledge two groups who have provided support, encouragement, and assistance in the past few months.
First, we would like to thank leader Mike Duhamel and the Port Perry Venturers, who moved countless pails of mulch onto the garden pathways. This will help to ensure the safety and comfort of gardeners and visitors, in addition to keeping the weeds down!
Second, we were delighted when the Nu Alpha chapter of the Uxbridge and Port Perry Beta Sigma Phi Sorority chose the Care & Share Garden as one of their community group service projects. They presented us with a tumbling composter and cash donation during a lovely year-end celebration that included a guided garden tour and a light lunch.
Thanks again to both groups!
Lynne Chase,
on behalf of the Care & Share Gardeners

Memories do matter
Dear Editor
On behalf of the 2017 Walk for Alzheimer’s - Durham Region, we would like to give a thumbs up to Port Perry Smokehouse, Blazin’ Burgers, Jester’s Court, Pickles & Olives and the Old Flame Brewing Co. for their generous gift donations in support of this year’s walk. Also, a big thank you goes out to the numerous individuals and families from Scugog that came out to walk and support the cause.
The event was held at the Oshawa Civic, Terry Kelly Fields on Sunday June 4. This year a record $92,000 was raised to support the programs and services of the Alzheimer Society Durham Region. Your support means that those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia are not alone in their journey and memories do matter.
Thank you.
Liane Strus

Missed on Canada Day
Dear Editor
Canada Day in Port Perry was very successful; nice parade, ceremonies, Vets for Vettes, the veterans banners, window displays, entertainment and waterfront festivities.
But where were the Canada flags flying proudly? Thank you to ReMax, Herrington’s Quality Butchers, Piano Café and Remedy Rx for flying our flags. (If I missed anyone, I do apologize). Where were the rest of the flags in our downtown core?
No flag on our oldest Mill in Canada in celebration of Canada 150?
Shameful! Check out Port Hope and Cobourg – they are flooded with Canadian flags.
Sorry Port Perry.
Canadian, EH?
Reid Stainton


JULY 2017

G Moms send out a Huge Thank You
to Port Perry and Friends ..... Ubuntu

Dear Editor
Gala on the Greens 2017 was again a wonderful success!
• All participants enjoyed a fabulous day and truly enjoyed the guest speaker who addressed “Reconciliation.”
• We support over 15 million orphans in Sub Sahara Africa
• Stephen Lewis Foundation guarantees that 90% of the monies raised go directly to the projects we support.
• Kids get to eat, go to school and even get counselling
• Grannies get help to create income generating projects
• They become empowered to help themselves and others
• They all now stand a chance to succeed in their lives
• 90 businesses, large and small, donated prizes for our marketplace ..... Yes, think about that great support!!
• Many happy recipients/winners were strongly encouraged to reciprocate and support local business
• Donations were very generous and creative and we raised over $19,000. That keeps a lot of kids in school.
• We have personally delivered your Thank You
Ubuntu is a sub-Saharan African philosophy and a way of life. It defines what it means to be truly human: We affirm our own humanity when we acknowledge the full humanity of others. Ubuntu principles include dignity, respect, honesty, empathy, caring, sharing and compassion.
Visit our Website : and see all that we do and all of our upcoming events. Follow us on Facebook.
Tinie Evans, on behalf of all G-Moms

So many donations and so much success!
Dear Editor
We never cease to be amazed by the generosity and support of this community. The G-Moms want to send out another huge thank you for the fabulous success of the Yard Sale. Not only did we get quality donations, which netted wonderful freewill donations, but we also received very generous donations for the donated articles. Did you see how many times we had to say “ Donations? “
Picture this!!! On the afternoon of Friday June 2nd, people arrive with articles they have saved for us in order to help our Grannies and Orphans in Africa. They know 90% of our monies go directly to the projects and that we are empowering and enabling them. The articles are then sorted as best we can and Saturday morning the enthusiastic and generous crowds arrive. Organization mixed with chaos prevails for the day and by 2 p.m. the Scout Hall is back to normal.
We are close to a profit of $7000. That means a lot of food, clothing and school uniforms. The orphans can further their education and increase the likelihood of a better future for themselves and their country. Grannies can start income generating projects so they can become self-sufficient.
However, on the other side of the picture is the fact that many items were being reused and some people were able to access some items that may have been unaffordable in some cases. A G-Mom Yard Sale is a great way to set up for university.
Thanks especially to Focus on Scugog, the Star, the Standard and Caps for their ongoing support with publicity. Also a special thanks to Port Perry Salvage and Glen Page for their continued help with very much needed “BINS.”
Tinie Evans, on behalf of all G-Moms

The Palmer Park Project
Dear Residents of Scugog
Borelians Community Theatre is writing a new play, and they need your help! Set to premier in February 2019 at Town Hall 1873, and made possible through the Spark the Arts grant, the new comedy will be written by local playwright Graeme Powell and will tell the unique history of Palmer Park.
But here’s the twist! So much has happened in Palmer Park over the years. From its roots as a bustling train station to becoming the beautiful waterfront wonder that it is today, Palmer Park has watched Port Perry change and take shape for at least 150 years!
We have photos and books to help tell the history; but, we think it would be so much better if we could shine the spotlight on your personal story, too!
The Borelians want to hear your Palmer Park memories! Weddings, picnics, festivals, sporting events... maybe you have a family tale that has been passed down through generations? Or perhaps you know a lesser-known fact about the park that never made it into the history books. The Borelians will accept all entries submitted and notify those who are chosen to be dramatized in their new comedy.
Whatever your story might be, visit to share it, or send via email to You could also type up your story and mail it to:
Palmer Park Project
34A Water Street
Port Perry, Ontario
L9L 1J2

See your memory brought to the stage! Submit your story today!
Kyle Brough, Borelians Community Theatre

Love Bridge?
We are looking for new members

Dear Editor
Scugog Marathon Hospital Bridge Club was formed long ago in Port Perry with a dual purpose, to raise money for our hospital and to play bridge among friends and have fun.
A group of women play a set number of games from September to April and donate a small amount of money each time we play. We just donated $6,000 to Port Perry Hospital Foundation that covers our donations for the past two years. For various reasons, our membership has dropped, but we are still anxious to keep this bridge club going. We are always looking for new members and if you could find a partner to play with you that would be excellent.
Please call Gale Ballard at 905-985-7054 or Catherine Corden 905-985-9412 for more information.
Catherine Cordon

A happy thankful return
Dear Editor
I am writing to offer a huge thank you to some workers at Tim Hortons, store #3159 on Old Simcoe Road in Port Perry. During the Month of May I realized that my Pandora bracelet, lovingly filled with charms from my family, was missing. I was certain it would show up around my house somewhere but unfortunately it did not. Even the thorough searches of the car turned up nothing. Over time I questioned friends and spoke with a few store clerks where I frequently shopped. It seemed that I was going to have to accept the fact that my beautiful bracelet was indeed gone. About two weeks later, we were with friends having coffee at Tim Hortons when I decided to ask if they had a lost and found area in the store. The young lady at the counter asked about the item I was missing and I told her my sad story. She came out to our table and asked me to describe the charms on my bracelet. Moments later that lovely young woman returned to our table and with a huge smile handed me my missing treasure. She told me they had been attempting to find the owner, even sending a message through Facebook.
I am so grateful to the responsible members of the staff who found and took care of my bracelet. I have been back a couple of times to ask names and details but was unable to find any information. So, once again, I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the fine group of caring, honest people who work at Tim Hortons.
Georgeen Cochrane

Making a difference with your help
Dear Editor
The recent Tag Days brought the Hospital Auxiliary $9,362 closer to the $105,000 we need to purchase three pieces of equipment on our 2017 hospital wish list.
One of my donors commented about two other recent fundraising efforts by local organizations and here they were again being asked, “to give”. I understand.
But how lucky we are to be blessed with countless volunteers from so many organizations who donate their time to make things better for our families and those we don’t know. They take the “pocket change” which most of us will never miss and direct it to helping others in so many ways.
Our local magazine, newspapers and businesses unfailingly support those organizations over and over again. We volunteers can’t do it without them and without you, the donor.
Together, we do make a BIG difference in someone’s life.
And just a note - pocket change does add up but a “fiver” just makes my heart sing!
Thank you everyone.
Gail Kerry,
The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry

Field of Dreams
Dear Editor
Field of Dreams (FOD) 2017 took place on June 10th & 11th in Port Perry and was an overwhelming success. FOD is a weekend dedicated to raising funds to support enhancements to our softball diamonds within Port Perry. Our tournament was very well attended with 19 teams coming to play, which is up 7 teams from last year.
Thank you to our sponsors who enabled this to be a phenomenal weekend – Township of Scugog, Crusty’s Pizza, Emmerson Insurance Brokers Limited, Clearwater Pools & Spas, Port Perry Colonel Mustards, Kwik Signs, Mississauga’s of Scugog Island First Nation, Campkins RV Centre and many more local businesses for their donations to the silent auction and prizes. FOD directors would like to thank all the volunteers, sponsors, ball players and attendees that made this a huge success.
Follow us on Facebook for progress updates and diamond improvements so you can see the difference that your support has made.
For more information or to volunteer at FOD 2018, please email Batter UP!.
Tim Myers, FOD Board of Directors

3rd Annual Jamie’s Dream Gala
Dear Editor
Everyone at Community Living Durham North continues to be overwhelmed by the ongoing generosity of this community. On June 1st, we hosted our 3rd annual Jamie’s Dream Gala. Along with this, we are very excited to be celebrating 50 years of supporting people with intellectual disabilities in the communities of Scugog, Uxbridge and Brock. The Gala was a huge success! We were very fortunate to showcase the talents of the Port Perry High School’s Culinary Arts Program as they catered the event. We are deeply thankful for our event sponsors; Vos’ Independent Grocer, Homestead Furniture & Appliances, Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry, McDonald’s Port Perry, State Farm Insurance and the Durham Region Police Services Board. Without the generous contributions of our sponsors and all the merchandise graciously donated by local businesses for our silent and live auction, the event wouldn’t have been possible.
The funds generated from this event are used to keep the late Jamie Ross’s legacy alive. Jamie was a very giving man who anonymously ensured people receiving support from our organization had what they needed to make their dreams come true. This enables these people to experience an increased quality of life and in many cases assists them to become valuable contributing members of their community. To date, we have raised over $74,000, this is incredible! We are definitely changing lives!
It goes without saying, another huge contributing factor to the evenings success is the incredible auctioneering of Gary Hill Auctions and his team. They are integral to ensuring the night runs smoothly and definitely navigate the live auction and sales transactions very efficiently. Gary’s humour and skill adds to the evening’s entertainment as well.
I’ll end by simply saying….without the support and generosity of this community, we would not be able to help people experience life altering opportunities, we cannot thank you enough and, we look forward to seeing you again next year at our 4th Annual Jamie’s Dream Gala!
Tracy McGarry, Gala Committee Chair

Everyone Helping Rotary, Helps Scugog
Dear Editor
The Rotary Club of Port Perry would like to thank everyone for their support of this year’s Spring Gala, held on Saturday April 29. Through your generous support along with those of our outstanding community, the event was a great success.
During the evening, it was announced that a site in Port Perry has been purchased for the new Oak Ridges Hospice of Durham. The former Immaculate Conception Catholic School will be transformed into the region’s first residential end-of-life facility.
The gala raised over $38,000, which will enable the club to meet its commitment of $100,000 to the project over the next year. The club has also made an additional pledge of $50,000.
The next big event for the club is the 2nd Annual Rotary Rib Fest to be held in Palmer Park on August 4, 5 and 6. Hope to see you there.
Once again, thank you.
Jim Brady, President,
Rotary Club of Port Perry
Joanne Fowler,
Rotary Spring Gala Chairperson


JUNE 2017

Hello Port Perry
Dear Editor
I am introducing two busloads of retired women teachers to our beautiful and exciting town on Wednesday June 7th. They will be arriving in time for lunch around 12:30 p.m. and will be on their way back to Ajax Convention Centre by 3:30 p.m.
I would appreciate any ideas from you on how to find your shop or restaurant and not overwhelm your staff.
Some may want to eat immediately and others later. I am feeding them a large breakfast followed by a coffee break so they shouldn't be starving.
Some may have mobility issues while others may want to tour your historic building.
Some may be looking for a place to sit down and everyone will need a washroom at some point.
I would love to make sure everyone has a great afternoon and ask if you have any ideas to share with the ladies, if you could do it before I turn them loose.
I am looking for maps, historic information, special deals and an accessibility guide.
Later that day at the ACC Shona Stone will pipe in the head table, Bill McKee will deliver a cry and Irwin Smith will entertain them. The following day, Bobbie Drew will bring greetings to the convention on behalf of Chair Roger Anderson.
Thank you for your assistance in making this day and this convention a huge success for us all.
Almost half of the convention chose this excursion. Congratulations Port Perry!
Best Regards, Judy Anderson, Co-Convenor of
Retired Women Teachers of Ontario Convention 2017

Watch for turtle crossings
Dear Editor
Our Scugog community has a wonderful wetland full of new life and colour. There aren't many of these valuable wetlands left in Southern Ontario which provide a large habitat to support the turtles and many other species.
In late May and early June turtles leave the safety of the wetland in search of a good spot to lay their eggs. Female snapping turtles return to their hatching site to lay their first clutch of eggs when they have reached 15 - 20 years of age. Snapping turtles lay 30-40 ping pong sized eggs which takes about an hour. She lays her clutch of eggs, covers them and heads back into the wetland, leaving the sun and warm ground to incubate the eggs. Without her protection, many eggs are eaten. In early fall, young hatchlings are preyed upon or driven over before they have completed their journey to the safety of the wetland.
Unfortunately, the ideal egg laying spot is along the gravel shoulders of the roads that run through the wetland. The Nonquon OEE Centre has posted several turtle crossing signs warning people to slow down. Snapping turtles are now listed as a Species of Special Concern in Ontario. The turtles are an important and integral part of the wetland ecosystem and food web.
The next time you are driving through the wetland, please keep this in mind, slow down to let the turtles cross the road safely, and help keep our fragile wetland ecosystems intact for future generations.
Sandra Churchill,
Nonquon Outdoor Environmental Education

Thanks for your support!
Dear Editor
A huge thank you to our friends and neighbours who live, work, play, go to school and worship in Scugog Township for so generously supporting Operation Scugog Food Bank throughout the year.
A very special thank you for the weekly support from Hank's Pastries and for the continued support from Vos Independent Grocer, Food Basics, Foodland and White Feather Farms. Due to this outstanding community support, your food bank is able to provide an exemplary service throughout the community.
A huge thank you as well to the dedicated volunteers who give so generously of their time and caring.
Chris Cook, Chairperson
on behalf of the Trustees of Operation Scugog Food Bank

Join us at the Durham Walk for ALS
Dear Editor
My name is Heather Beacock and I am the walk coordinator for the Durham Walk for ALS. Our 11th annual walk takes place Saturday June 17 at the Port Perry fairgrounds.
I got involved with the ALS Society 13 years ago when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS. It is a neurodegenerative disease where the nerve cells that control your muscles die leading to loss of mobility, loss of speech and eventually impact the ability to breathe. When someone in your family is diagnosed with ALS it is a disease that affects the whole family. That is why the ALS walks in Ontario form teams to come and walk, as it is a team of people that helps support and care for the person who has been diagnosed with ALS.
The Durham Walk for ALS last year raised $83 491. Sixty percent of the proceeds raised goes to Durham clients to support them while living with ALS and the other 40% goes towards finding a cure. I have hope that if we keep raising money and awareness for ALS there will one day be a cure for this awful disease.
For more information visit or contact me at: or call
Sincerely, Heather Beacock


MAY 2017

Thanks for your support!
Dear Editor
The Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary would like to thank the community for its never-ending generous support. With your contributions, this is what we have accomplished; December 2016, we completed our $350,000 pledge to support the renovations to patient rooms and we did it in two years instead of three!
We are now contributing $105,000 to Lakeridge Health to purchase three items for Port Perry; coagulations analyzers, a floor lift and a KCI VAC (an important treatment option for complex wounds). These have all been identified as having top priority for our hospital.
We couldn’t do it without your help!
Diane Martin
on behalf of the Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary


APRIL 2017

Sincere thanks
Dear Editor
The family of Ruth Paterson express their deep gratitude to Dr. Armstrong, the palliative team of Linda Dunford RPN, Dr. Boardman and Dr. Schurter, and the wonderful staff of West Shore Retirement Home here in Port Perry. With competence and genuine caring, they helped our mother through her illness and final days. We are grateful that Mom was able to remain at West Shore, her home for the past five years. The compassion and care of all the staff was truly remarkable and constantly with her until her peaceful passing on January 25th, 2017.
Paul, Angela, Michael and Tricia Wakeford

Seeking Women’s Institute members
Dear Editor
On Wednesday May 10th at the Scugog Community Centre, Durham Farm Connections and the four remaining Women’s Institutes in Durham Region are hosting an Alumni Tea for former members of this prestigious agricultural women’s organization. We need the public’s help in finding former members and hope your readers can assist.
Durham Region was home to the 2nd WI formed in Canada in 1897 and at one time had over 34 local organizations. These women gave so much back to the community over their years of operation including scholarships and bursaries to our high schools, donations to the music programs, significant world war contributions in both wars and on a national level, the advocacy for the pasteurization of milk, painting of white lines on provincial highways, mandatory stopping for school buses, clear markings on poison containers and many other initiatives which improved the living conditions for our families and our communities.
In this Canada’s 150th anniversary as we look back at our agricultural heritage it is time to say thank you to all those members and former members who contributed so much in their own quiet way. If you know of anyone who was a Women’s Institute Member please let us know so we can send them an invitation and hopefully have them attend. Their family and friends are welcome as well. My email is or call 905-985-9250.
Hope you can help.
Marilyn Pearce, Port Perry

Firefighters’ dance a success
Dear Editor
On Saturday, February 11th, the Port Perry Firefighters’ Association held its Valentine’s Dance fundraiser at the Scugog Community Centre. The PPFA would like to thank a number of community members and businesses, which made our Valentine’s, Dance the success that it was.
The Township of Scugog contributed a portion of the Community Centre use fee through their Community Grant Fund program.
Dominoes Pizza donated more than enough pizza to feed all in attendance.
Vos’ Independent Grocer made a contribution towards soft drinks, ice and munchies.
W.B. White Insurance donated full coverage for the event.
Canadian Tire, Devil’s Den Golf Center, Chris McAuley, TSO Teamwear, Ontario ICF Supply and Therapeutic Grace donated raffle and door prizes.
As with any event a great deal of work went into planning and execution of this dance. Special thanks to the ladies who looked after those aspects - our wives, girlfriends and even community members unrelated to PPFA members.
Last but most importantly, a thank you to all of the people who attended the dance, enjoyed the evening with us and contributed their personal funds to help our various causes. Proceeds from this event will allow the Port Perry Firefighters’ Association to look forward to another year of giving back to numerous local organizations and charities, a tradition that our Association has been proud of since 1978.
Anticipate our Valentine’s Dance in the spring of 2018 and look for us at local events between now and then!
Cam Arnold, Vice President and Mike Waller, President,
Port Perry Firefighters’ Association

A ‘shout out’ of thanks!
Dear neighbours, friends and family,
The African dinner fundraiser raised an incredible $1200. on February 11, in support of my upcoming pilgrimage to Kenya. Thank you to MaryAnn at the Focus for the promotional article in the February issue and to everyone who purchased tickets.
I’d like to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all who made the African dinner fundraiser such a success. A big shout out to Tinie Evans and the Port Perry G-Moms whose wisdom, and expertise in the kitchen were invaluable in pulling together this large dinner. Thank you to my Port Perry & Prince Albert United Church family who has supported me emotionally, prayerfully and financially since I announced I had been selected to participate in this pilgrimage. Many congregation members young and young at heart helped with the African dinner by donating desserts, assisting with food prep as sous chefs, setting up, serving and cleaning up. To our ministers Elaine, Don and church administrator Nancy.....thank you.....thank you....thank you for all you do! Thanks Bonnie and Eric for quietly working so hard to keep our Church clean.
Special thanks to RH Cornish drumming group under the leadership of Suzanne Guimont-Garriock, who entertained and uplifted us with their African drumming. It was a wonderful way to kick off the evening. Thanks also to the enthusiastic Kids for Kids Group from RH Cornish who served and assisted with clean up. It was great to have you with us!
We are truly blessed to have such a high level of musical talent at Port Perry United Church. Thank you Joan for coordinating the musical entertainment. Our junior choir under the direction of Julie with accompaniment by LeeAnn for singing a couple of delightful African tunes which we thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you ladies for nurturing the love of music in this young group! Thanks also to youth sound technicians Ben and Luke.....the volume was perfect!
Sincerely hoping I have not missed thanking anyone; if I have, my apologies. God bless you/Mungu Akubariki.
With a grateful heart, Jill Bates


MARCH 2017

Thumbs Up to our local restaurant - Sweet Maple
Dear Editor
We arrived starving just before closing and were greeted with a warm smile by Sasha, who took care of us personally despite only a few minutes before closing time. Then we had a lovely meal prepared by AJ – we’ve been many times and always the same thing….lovely atmosphere and people, and great food. We have never had a bad meal here.
Let’s keep this friendly little business busier so they stick around for a long time to come.
Bev Giglio, Port Perry

Soup for Thought
Dear Editor
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those Focus readers and Scugog citizens who attended the 5th Annual DCAF Soup for Thought event last month. The event was a success due in large part to our main sponsor, Vos’ Independent and our 9 participants who go above and beyond to bring together such diverse and delicious fare each year.
Special thanks go out, as well, to our judges, Bobbie Drew, Andrea Neufeld and Annie Gray, who awarded their choice to Willowtree Farm (Who knew beets could taste that good, huh?). Mostly, though, I want to thank our attendees who show up to pick a bowl, taste the soups and, as an added bonus, help make the dream of a post secondary education possible for a youth in foster care. Incredible. This year, we have $7,245 to add to the pot. It means a lot.
Laura Francis and Jocelyne Boissonneault
Soup for Thought Co-Chairs


Best medical staff in Ontario
Dear Editor
In the early hours of January 7, I had a medical emergency at Port Perry Hospital. The nurses and doctor on call were without doubt, the best I have ever seen.
Their caring and respect were unbelievable. I hope the people of Scugog Township and surrounding communities are aware that we have the best medical staff in Ontario. I was back home within an hour and a half. Thank you gang, you’re the best!
I sure hope the Wynne government doesn’t get hold of this, as they have a tendency to make good things bad.
Don Orr, Port Perry



Thanks for the largest village ever!
Dear Editor
What a great response we had for our annual Animated Bakersville Gingerbread Display at the library during the Holiday Season!
Thank you to everyone who participated by making a creation – it was a huge success. There were over 65 wonderful entries of varying styles and skills and once assembled into a town, the moving parts of the train, and animation including the skating rink, hockey players and snow boarders, brought it to life. It was great to see so many individual entries as well as those from a local Beaver group, various schools and businesses; it was our largest village ever!
This village wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful support of our library’s administration and its staff. We greatly appreciate the financial support that we have received from The Bagwaating Community Association and Vos’ Independent Grocer this year as well as all of our past sponsors.
Thanks again to Master Engineer Alan Locke and conductor Neil Bradley, who kept the village train on its track, Alana Andrews for printing and Mag Brown for distributing our flyers. Brianne Mercer is our fabulous social media queen and publicist – again, great work!
Our local press were wonderful with all of the support, printing our releases in a timely matter in our community newspapers.
We were desperate for ongoing storage for all of our accessories associated with the village. Thank you to the Hvidsten family who has offered space for us within the Scugog Focus building.
Thanks also to our patient families who never mentioned how many dinners were late because of our pre-occupation with everything gingerbread.
We are looking to expand our gingerbread committee. If anyone with a creative flair would like to join us, we would love to hear from you! Please call Tracy if interested 905-985-7030.
Next year will be Canada’s 150th Birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to celebrate Canada in gingerbread. Start thinking of what Canada means to you – what landmarks, celebrations, and culture are important. Keep in mind that we do have limited space, so please don’t make the bases too large.
We are eager to see what this community can come up with! This is a community event made by and for the community – so it’s never too late to start baking!
“The Village People”
Sue Bradley, Tracy Pastic, Kathy Payne-Mercer,
Terry Glenn, Carolyn Humphrey and Cathryn Hall.

Caring community thanked
Dear Editor
I would like to acknowledge the good-hearted citizens who assisted me after a recent fall (December 13) in downtown Port Perry.
To Sharon Oak who called and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived, to the kind others who graciously covered me with their coats, to the young mother who covered me with her baby’s blanket and Meta4 for the warm blanket.
We are so fortunate to live in such a caring community.
Thank you to all involved for being so kind and compassionate.
Donna Schewaga

Firefighter’s Christmas party fun
Dear Editor
On Sunday December 4th the Port Perry Firefighters’ Association held its Children’s Christmas party. The weather was perfect for our visit to the tree farm for the selection and cutting of the kids’ choice of tree. Decorating our tree showcased the creativity of our children who were then treated to a visit from Santa, arriving to the party in true firefighter fashion.
The PPFA would like to thank a number of community members and businesses, which made our Kids Christmas, party the success that it was.
The Eastview Tree Farm allowed us use of their beautiful property and donated a very nice Colorado blue spruce tree for use as a centerpiece for the party. Thanks to Paul Arsenault who owns the farm and to Randy, Christine and Mason Arsenault for the guided tour on the quest for our tree.
Dominoes Pizza provided the fuel for our little tree-trimmers.
Andrew Johnston held the position of honour, arriving with a big bag of gifts for the kids.
Scugog Fire Department Chief Richard Miller and Deputy Chief Mark Berney allowed us use of Scugog Station #1 to host the tree trimming and gift giving portion of the event.
I am pleased that we have been able to bring back this Association tradition for the kids. The Port Perry Firefighters’ Association looks forward to another year of giving back to various community groups, contributions that we have been proud to make since 1978.
Cam Arnold, Vice President and Mike Waller, President, Port Perry Firefighters’ Association

G-Moms Making a Difference!
This time moving to the music!
Dear Editor
To all of our wonderful supporters out is a little something to bring a smile to your face in this grand new year. Well it might actually make you laugh uproariously but it will also make you very aware of the strong group of Canadian Women who work to help the Grannies and Orphans in Sub Sahara Africa.
Please visit Feel free to share it with family and friends.
This group of women have raised over $25 million to date and we stress that 90% of every dollar raised is guaranteed to go directly to the projects. Grannies are empowered to become self-sufficient, kids get nutritious food and get to go to school. These are the things that will make a difference.
Tinie Evans
on behalf of G-Moms of Port Perry

Appeal to Durham Transportation
Dear Editor
How does a 40-minute walk sound four times a day with a 2, a 4 and a 6-year-old in this weather? How about if it could be replaced for no extra cost with just stepping out the door instead? To most of us, this is a no-brainer. Not so to the Durham Student Transportation Services.
The DSTS picked a community stop for our street. However, my kids are the only ones taking the school bus here and it drives right by our house. They attend two different schools, so we go to the stop four times a day. That is over 2.5 hours every single school day!
DSTS’s reasoning is “what if someone moves into one of the other houses and wants to take the same bus”? My logic would dictate to reassess the situation if that ever happens.
I appealed to several levels within the DSTS and above, with no success. Unless there is a safety reason, there would be no change. So it is their official policy to not care about the families and their lives. The fact that our street has no sidewalk or shoulder and I’m walking right where the cars go with my three kids on a steep, often icy road is not enough of a safety reason for them.
The lady in charge told me there were “lots of other families” in the same situation. I think that is all the more reason I should keep pressing this issue, and I promise I will go to all levels, including appealing every single year for the next 14 years at all levels of the DSTS, the school board, our MP and whatever other ways I can find so that the senseless, bureaucratic approach of the DSTS could finally change towards our families.
Viktoria Brown

Second chance to attend symposium
Dear Editor
The Scugog Housing Advisory Committee would like to thank Focus on Scugog for the excellent coverage of the second annual Housing Symposium held on Saturday October 22. We would also like to thank the many Scugog citizens who contributed to the discussion about the Draft Housing Plan that the committee will finalize and present to the council early in the New Year.
We had an excellent turnout of “more mature” Scugog residents, but we are also very interested in hearing from the under 40 crowd regarding their needs for affordable and suitable housing. Therefore we are holding a second event to present the Draft Plan on Wednesday January 18 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Old Flame Brewing Co., 135 Perry St., Port Perry.
Early RSVP confirmation of individuals between 18 and 39 will result in an Old Flame “surprise”, which will be donated by a local resident, to the first 40 callers.
To RSVP please contact Lindsay Burnett by telephone at 905 985 7346 x 120. ID will be checked to validate age, however, anyone who wishes to attend will be welcome at the presentation.
Thank you again to the editor and staff of Focus on Scugog for your continuing support of the Scugog community. You do a great job!
Martha Casson
Chair, Scugog Housing Advisory Committee

Gift Giving Program a success
Dear Editor
On behalf of “The Community Gift Giving Program” we would like to send out a big heartfelt thank you for your generosity and support once again this year. You have helped make it possible to spread Christmas cheer to all the residents at Port Perry Place. This would not be possible without the support of our wonderful community.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017, filled with happiness and good health.!
Joan Elliott and Jillian Howsam



Thanks for the memories
Dear Editor
Thank you for the article regarding the young Norwegian Serviceman in your November 2016 issue. My home was in the general area and we often watched the planes flying over our little town. I am probably mistaken but I think in the little town of Emsdale there was a landing strip and some of the planes would practice landing and taking off.
As a high school student at Huntsville High we often saw the men in town. But, one of my best memories was going to watch the men who were ski jumping. Many came from areas near – i.e. Haliburton – to watch these men perform. It was a sad day when the jump was torn down. The jump could be seen from Highway 11 when driving north. You brought back many memories.
Thank you again!
Peggy Sochasky

Second chance to attend symposium
Dear Editor
The Scugog Housing Advisory Committee would like to thank Focus on Scugog for the excellent coverage of the second annual Housing Symposium held on Saturday October 22. We would also like to thank the many Scugog citizens who contributed to the discussion about the Draft Housing Plan that the committee will finalize and present to the council early in the New Year.
We had an excellent turnout of “more mature” Scugog residents, but we are also very interested in hearing from the under 40 crowd regarding their needs for affordable and suitable housing. Therefore we are holding a second event to present the Draft Plan on Wednesday January 18, 2017 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Old Flame Brewing Co., 135 Perry St., Port Perry.
Early RSVP confirmation of individuals between 18 and 39 will result in an Old Flame “surprise”, which will be donated by a local resident, to the first 40 callers.
To RSVP please contact Lindsay Burnett by telephone at 905 985 7346 x 120. ID will be checked to validate age. However anyone who wishes to attend will be welcome at the presentation.
Thank you again to the editor and staff of Focus on Scugog for your continuing support of the Scugog community. You do a great job!
Martha Casson
Chair, Scugog Housing Advisory Committee

African dinner
Dear Editor
It is with a very happy heart that I write this thank you letter to our amazing community. Time and time again we read in our media that Port Perry and its surrounding community has again supported a fundraising event. How long can this generosity of time, energy and financial resources continue?
However, it seems that the people of Scugog truly make the world a better place.
The G-Moms of Port Perry hosted an African dinner on November 9th at the Port Perry Villa.
I shall list the support given to us :
1. Royal Le Page and Coldwell Banker sold tickets for us.
2. Port Perry Villa provided the venue, cleaned up and did the dishes.
3. Focus on Scugug, Port Perry Star and Scugog Standard all advertised for us.
4. Port Perry United Church donated the working kitchen for food preparation.
5. S. A. Cawker staff and parents somehow transported over 40 students from the junior choir to come and entertain us with uplifting songs.
The G-Moms made authentic African dishes that were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Four organized and energetic students under the guidance of a super mom handled serving and clearing. We could not have done it without them.
Yes, we continue to raise funds for the Grannies in Africa who are parenting over 17 million orphans. It is imperative that everyone is aware that 90% of all monies raised by us goes directly to the projects in Africa in order to feed, clothe and educate the children. Grannies continue to be empowered and often start great income generating projects.
We raised well over $2,500 while celebrating great things with our community.
We invite you to save the date for the “Gala on the Greens”, Saturday May 13 at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Michael de Gagne who is the President of Nipissing University. He has received the Order of Canada, the Province as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He was the Founding Executive Director of “A Healing Foundation”. He brings a wealth of knowledge as he addresses a most important social concern of our country today: “ Reconciliation.” Thanks to Gord Downie, the story of Chanie Wenjak has made all of us aware of the situation facing our Aboriginal People.
Google our website: for more information.
Tinie Evans on behalf of the G-Moms

Volunteers on the way
Dear Editor
Thank you for running the hospital article “Where have all the Volunteers Gone?”, in the November 2016 issue. It’s amazing what happens when you ask for help and a community responds by picking up the phone to say, “yes I can.”
Since publication, we heard from people who want to give back after someone they know spent a lengthy stay in the hospital and they saw firsthand what a difference the volunteers make. Others say they didn’t know we needed help and would happily spend an hour volunteering for their local hospital.
By helping us shake the tree, a spark ignited in the dormant volunteers to fill some of our empty spots. The Hospital Auxiliary could not have done this without your help.
Today, as we circulate the Focus amongst hospital patients and their families, your help continues to find our future volunteers. Please know our volunteers walk a little taller with the understanding help is on the way.
It wasn’t until someone tried to contact Linda by email that I noticed my error.
The correct contact information is: Linda Romano, or 905-985-0220.
On behalf of all the Port Perry hospital volunteers, thank you for your ongoing support.
Sandra Spiers, Volunteer

A thumbs for a thumbs
Dear Editor
In response to the “Thumbs Down” to the construction crew completing the work on highway 7A that caused orange and black barrels to be left all summer for everyone to see - featured in the November issue…..
I would like to offer a “Thumbs Up” to all the members of the construction crews who spent their entire summer working during night time hours only on this job. They did this so as not to disrupt traffic flow to our local businesses during daytime business hours or to create further congestion during cottage commuter season on an already too busy highway through town. I can imagine the challenges of completing all this work during night time hours only, and would instead like to show some appreciation to these guys and gals for missing out on spending their warm summer evenings at home with their families having a BBQ or enjoying a cold beverage as many of us may have been during this past beautiful summer.
Construction can be frustrating for everyone, but we should remember the folks who are doing the work day and night are not the ones deciding how, when or what work gets done!
Thank you!
Kristi VanKessel



Terry’s dream continues
Terry Fox …..
“Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue.
It’s got to keep going without me.”

Dear Editor
Together 457 participants raised $34,373.71 – amazing!
The Terry’s Team Members, also known as the red shirt brigade, are individuals from our community who have a personal diagnosis of cancer and are at different stages of their diagnosis, treatment and recovery. All participate to show that cancer research works and to give hope to others who are living with cancer. Many individuals who are part of Terry’s Team want you to know that they are long time cancer surviviors, as member Ann shouted out ….. I am a cancer survivor! Another person told me that next year will be the 20th anniversary of his diagnosis and recovery.
What an amazing run we had in Port Perry, with hundreds of people involved as participants, volunteers and sponsors. To the seventy volunteers, we couldn’t manage without your help. We are so fortunate to have local sponsors who provide financial, service or product donations giving the organizing committee the resources to provide water along the route, a complimentary barbecue, signage and a stage area, etc. – thank you!
To the hundreds of participants who gave personal donations along with the hundreds more who sponsored a participant – thank you for continuing Terry’s dream to find a cures for all cancers.
Working Together to Outrun Cancer
Elizabeth McArthur
Event Organizer

Thank you Marwan
Dear Editor
We had overseas visitors over the Thanksgiving weekend. After enjoying a fabulous meal at Marwan’s Global Bistro on the Sunday, our guests realized on their way to the airport the following morning that their wallet was missing. I reached out to Marwan’s by email on Monday as their restaurant was closed. To my surprise, Marwan shortly thereafter responded and took time out of his day off to go to the restaurant in search of it. Thank-you so much for your kindness.
Great food and great people. Another reason to love Port Perry.
Heidi McKitterick

p.s. The wallet was eventually located.

Fun Day FUN!
Dear Editor
It is amazing how wonderful and caring Port Perry and all of Scugog has been to Scugog Island’s Sunrise Beach for all these years. We can never say THANK YOU enough to the endless list of special individuals and businesses whose generosity truly made our August annual Fun Day such a success.
Once again, thank you so much, everyone, for helping make our Fun Day FUN! You are the best!!!!!
Linda L. Brown (Brownie)
Sunrise Beach Association

Together, we make a difference
Dear Editor
My sincere THANK YOU to the community of North Durham for making WINDING ROADS, in celebration of Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham’s 40th Anniversary a great success. I am proud to say I live in such a caring and generous community.
A very special thank you to Chris Everly, (WISP) for being our title sponsor, without your financial support this would not have been possible.
A huge shout out to our event sponsors whether it was financial support, in-kind donations, donation of products or services, you all played a very important part.
To the many volunteers, thank you for your countless hours of hard work, you made this evening run smoothly and your help was very much appreciated.
A year of dedication, commitment and hard work from Dorie McDonald (Sunnybrae Golf Club), Jason Jarvis (Big Screen Rentals) and Terry Vos (Vos’ Independent Grocer) allowed WINDING ROADS to come to fruition. I will always be grateful to you.
Without ongoing core funding, Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham must depend on these special events and the generosity of our community throughout the year to continue to provide mentoring programs to the over 280 children we serve.
All of our mentoring programs strive to increase a child’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills. It is not a ‘nice to have’, it is a ‘must have’, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for celebrating 40 years of mentoring; together we are making a difference in the lives of the children in our community.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham have children waiting for a special friend; please think about volunteering with us today. Our mentoring programs take as little as one hour of your time per week.
Margaret Ayres,
Executive Director

Generosity truly appreciated
Dear Editor
The Scugog Lake Stewards were honoured by the Baagwating Community Association who presented to us one of their final gifts to this community on September 15. The Baagwating Community Association has for two decades, been extraordinarily generous to Scugog and beyond. Their Board has been keenly aware of the importance of community services (welfare, health, arts, learning, environment) and has enabled many programs to grow to meet community needs. The Scugog Lake Stewards are especially appreciative of the strong and sensitive leadership provided by Chairman (and former Chief) Gary Edgar.
While the Baagwating Community Association has been discontinued along with the signing of a new agreement between the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation (MSIFN) and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG), we are heartened and moved by the MSIFN’s decision, made by Chief and Council, to continue the practice of charitable giving. We thank you for your generosity and for caring so deeply about the health of our lake.
Barbara Karthein, Bill Eull
Scugog Lake Stewards Inc.

Community gift giving
Dear Editor
Once again Joan Elliott and myself, who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics, are participating in the “Community Gift Giving” program in partnership with Port Perry Place LTC Home.
The program works like this: We have adopted the Community Nursing Home and along with your support, will provide each resident with a Christmas gift. Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is $20.00.
Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at Port Perry Place LTC Home, will have a gift to open this festive season.
Cheques can be made out to “Community Gift Giving Program” or us. We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas to the residents.
Thank you for helping to make this a bright, merry Christmas for the residents, some of who do not have any loving families.
Joan Elliott, 905-728-4220
Jillian Howsam, 905-985-2253
139 Roseborough Drive, Port Perry L9L 2E3

Bee die-off clarified
Dear Editor
Thanks for the interesting article on John Todd and his beekeeping in the Ocotber 2016 issue of Focus.
I would like to point out an error in the article, however. Laura Francis states that “...the day I visited, the news was inundated with a report of a bee die-off that had occurred in the US after crops had been sprayed for the Zika virus.” Yes, there had been a large die-off of bees, but the spraying had been done in cities to kill mosquitos that may potentially have been carriers of Zika. Cities were sprayed, not crops.
Thank you,
Ivan and Brenda DeJong, Nestleton

Editors note:
Laura referenced this article that states that more than two million bees were affected.

Community Care Durham still smiling
Dear Editor
The results are in! This year, the participating Durham Region Tim Hortons restaurants raised $134,079 during the Smile Cookie campaign for Community Care Durham and our clients.
On behalf of Community Care Durham, I would
like to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to this success. The overwhelming generosity from across the Region will
go towards assisting more than 12,000 individuals.
Our services include support for activities of daily living, health, nutrition, transportation, and personal safety and caregiver respite. We also provide mental health group support services and assisted living throughout Durham.
The services Community Care Durham provides help people avoid hospital admissions and emergency department visits. We can also help people when they are discharged from hospital, assisting in their successful transition home.
Your generosity during the Smile Cookie campaign will make a difference in many peoples lives. Thank you to the participating Durham Region Tim Hortons for their support, and thank you to everyone who contributed to making this year’s Smile Cookie campaign such a great success!
Brent Farr
Executive Director, Community Care Durham



Fantastic fair once again this year
Dear Editor
On behalf of the Port Perry Agricultural Society, I would like to thank the Port Perry community and visitors from beyond for making this year’s Port Perry Fair the best ever.
It is because of you that it was a success. Thank you for participating in our contests and attending our entertainment shows.
Our sponsors, vendors, exhibitors, volunteers, and our own board of directors all worked together to provide a fantastic fun weekend. Even the weather co-operated!
Special kudos to our new secretary-treasurer, who was learning on the job.
We had a wonderful turnout, and received compliments from all areas of the fair.
Thank you again, and anyone who would like to get involved for next year’s fair is encouraged to visit our website,, and follow the contact links.
Margaret Taylor-Sevier
President, Port Perry Agricultural Society

Thumbs up to the Focus
Dear Editor
I wanted to thank Lynn Campbell and the Focus on Scugog magazine for sharing my 90th birthday adventure.
I mailed a copy to a friend in Syracuse and it made it’s way from there to Oswego N.Y. to a niece I had not heard from for about 6 years. She phoned the Focus, who in turn called me directly and we are now reunited.
Great job Focus!!! Bev Gallagher

Sincere thanks for your support
Dear Editor
The Friendly Vendors Market would like to say thank you to the town of Port Perry for their amazing hospitality, support, patronage, referrals and all the kind words that came our way.
It was a first for us, and a first of its kind for the town. We have learned a lot and have plans for next year to make this even better!
Special thanks goes out to:
Focus on Scugog; you girls have been amazing towards us; The Standard, you girls were awesome too; the BIA for their support with this venture; Stacy and Sandra Millar for taking a chance on a new concept and opening their building to us, and all our vendors. Some started as friends and remain so, others we met along the way and hope to continue the friendship. It has been a great ride and your product helped make it so.
Finally, all the residents of Port Perry, we have enjoyed meeting you and cannot wait to see you again next year!
We were a “pop up” store with plans of being temporary. Now that we have finished, it’s hard to believe it’s over. We can’t wait until next year and hope to see you all when we “pop up” again!
Tom, Pat, Janet, Mike, all of our vendors and Lucy too!

Kendall Cemetery - Utica
Dear Editor
Having received a photograph of the sign recently erected at the Kendall Cemetery, I express my thanks to the Board and all those involved in this endeavour and my appreciation to Hillis and Carol Wilbur for their years of dedication to the care of the place.
The sign, crafted by Clarence Wilcock, a local artisan, gives it a special significance.
Donald George Kendall, Orillia

Concert series a great success
Dear Editor
Last night was the grand finale to our Summer Concerts in the Park. Thank you MaryAnn for including these events in Focus on Scugog.
The last band, Gord Magee and the Blue Sky Flyers, played until 8:10!! Irv Gibson was a huge help with his sound equipment but he has retired from that job now and I need to find someone to take his place.
There were lots of compliments on the variety of musical styles from one week to the next, which included both singers and instrumentalists. We covered all ages, had people up dancing and groups attended from retirement residences and the nursing home.
All in all – a very successful season.
Thank you friends for bringing your lawn chairs down to Palmer Park and singing along.
Judy Anderson and Helen Biffert
Summer Concert Series Co-ordinators

Smiles all around
Dear Editor
On behalf of Community Care Durham (CCD),
I would like to thank the Durham Region Tim Hortons for selecting our organization as this year’s recipient of the proceeds from the Smile Cookie campaign, as well as EVERYONE in Durham who supported us by purchasing a Smile Cookie!
For every Smile Cookie purchased, the full $1 was donated to CCD. Your generosity helps us continue to serve clients with services that support their independence, health and quality of life, and helps them to remain in their own homes, in their own communities. By helping people stay healthy at home, hospital admissions can be avoided and emergency visits are reduced. CCD also provides mental health group support throughout Durham Region.
Your support, and that of the participating Durham Region Tim Hortons, has made a difference in peoples’ lives. Thank you so much for helping us put a BIG SMILE on our clients’ faces!
Brent Farr
Executive Director, Community Care Durham



Ribfest participants truly appreciated
Dear Editor
Wow, from the feedback received, the Civic Weekend in Port Perry will never be the same. Three busy, family fun-filled days was the end result of months of planning and preparation by the Rotary Club of Port Perry.
The success of this event was a group effort of community minded people who saw the potential and stepped forward. Sponsors, vendors, Township of Scugog and Council, volunteers and businesses collectively made this a major community event.
Part of the group effort is the printed media.
Focus on Scugog published advertising and information to inform the public of the event and the itinerary.
In the June issue of Focus on Scugog, a cover story by Lynn Campbell laid out the event and goals. That was followed by a full page of Q & A in the July issue leading up to the Waterfront Ribfest.
A huge thank you to Focus on Scugog, MaryAnn (for volunteering) and her team for their participation to make this event a community success.
Terry Coyne, Advertising & Promotion
Rotary Club of Port Perry

Thanks from Prince Albert Church
Dear Editor
I would like to thank you on behalf of our congregation for the write-up on our church (Prince Albert United Church) in the August 2016 issue. Paul Arculus has done a great job; we have received many wonderful comments.
It is a very important time in the life of our church and the Focus has helped us tell others about it. Thank you, Paul. Keep up the good work.
I always look forward to reading every publication of your magazine.
Linda McMillan, 150th Anniversary Committee
Prince Albert Church

Thank you Terry and Vos’ Independent!
Dear Editor
“Give a little, Help a lot” - The United Way of Durham Region thanks Terry Vos and all of the customers of Vos’ Independent for their support. Your contributions made during the period of the campaign (July 15 - 31) will indeed be “helping a lot”.
Helping build a better community for all by helping those less fortunate is at the core of the United Way mission. Community contributions support a broad range of services and assist families, seniors and children alike. From food insecurity to those in vulnerable housing and from children’s programs to support for seniors, “Helping a lot” is precisely what Terry Vos and the customers of Vos’ Independent did. Thank you tremendously.
Cheryl Henderson, Campaign Manager
United Way

Another satisfied customer
Dear Editor
A few weeks ago I was in a car accident. I was okay but my car door wasn’t. I took my car to Carstar Port Perry where the manager, Ron, who assessed the damage, greeted me and assured me it could be fixed. In the meantime I needed a rental. As Discount Car and Truck Rental is located next store, Ron introduced me to Evan and between the two of them they really went out of their way to find me a suitable rental.
A week later I picked up my vehicle and the door looked perfect. There was a bit of a noise coming from the side window and when I spoke to Ron he said to bring the car in the following morning, he would arrange a ride to work for me and would deliver the car when finished. That he did and all was well.
This was an unfortunate situation but such a pleasure dealing with Carstar and Discount. I can’t thank them enough for their excellent service and ensuring I was a satisfied customer.
Kathy Fisher, Oshawa

Theatre 3x60 Prize Winner
Dear Editor
At the recent Ribfest, Theatre 3x60 sponsored a lottery with a wonderful Family Adventure Package as the prize. Ticket holders had the possibility of winning three activity prizes, two restaurant packages and one overnight stay at a beautiful inn, all included with each ticket purchased.
Theatre 3x60 is pleased to announce that the winner of the Family Adventure Package is Judy Anderson of Port Perry.
Theatre 3x60 would like to thank the following sponsors of this fabulous prize package:
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding of Port Perry, Sunnybrae Golf Club, Treetop Eco Adventure Park, Marwans Global Bistro, Pickles and Olives Bistro,
Nestleton Waters Inn.
Theatre 3x60 is a theatrical group that provides community theatre in Durham, workshops for budding actors and artists and socially significant programs and plays to schools.
You can reach us at
Ruth Spearing, Committee Member, Port Perry



Caring, sharing and learning together
Dear Editor
The Care & Share Community Permaculture Garden volunteers are back at it this summer growing food for Operation Scugog! We are following the principles of permaculture (earth care, people care, and fair share) as we learn together. With a focus on nourishing the soil naturally, conserving water, and growing nutritious food, we hope to contribute to the well being of our community.
Thanks are extended to many individuals and groups for their ongoing support. Special thanks goes to Karen Giles of Sun Life Financial (for her generous donation toward the rainwater cistern), and the Port Perry Agricultural Society (for providing the space for the garden, donating straw for mulching, and including us in the Port Perry Fall Fair). We also want to thank Vivian Foster, Kathy Kiiskinen and clients of Community Living North Durham for their ongoing interest and involvement in the garden. Also to Joanne and Tyler of Homestead Furniture for the generous donation of the lovely Adirondack chairs and table.
We hope that the community will understand, but the garden is not equipped to accept or manage excavation fill, pet waste, pet hair, wood scrap donations, old Christmas trees/wreaths, or dead ornamental potted plants. As you might expect, we want to ensure the cleanest conditions possible for growing fresh vegetables in the garden. Also please note that the black containers are for compost only and are not to be used as a waste receptacle. Starting in September of 2016, we will, however, gratefully accept shredded, bagged fall leaves. Please feel free to visit our website at for further information on the evolution of the garden, and opportunities for involvement.
Lynne Chase on behalf of the
Care & Share Community Permaculture Garden

Kudos to two local businesses
Dear Editor
We recently arranged our first family barbeque.
My cooking skills for 39 family members is nil. We would like to send a special thank you to Brent at Herrington’s Quality Butcher Shop and to Hank’s Pastries. Their professional and courteous manner made the experience
a positive one.
We provided them the number of guests. That was it. They did the rest and for a reasonable price. Everyone commented on how fresh the buns supplied by Herrington’s were. The meat was both moist and flavourful. The cake from Hank’s was beautifully decorated. Even with multiple servings, there was plenty for all and just enough to enjoy another meal.
We want everyone in our community to know that Herrington’s and Hank’s are excellent choices in Port Perry.
Again, thank you. Your contribution has successfully started a new tradition.
The Jagers Family, Port Perry

Experience the joy of music
Dear Editor
The Durham Ukulele Klub has been meeting, jamming and performing for the community for just over one year. Founders, Andy Stevenson and Linda Lake, were inspired to start this uke klub in Port Perry after visiting and playing with other groups in Southern Ontario.
The joy of music is their number one function. The accessibility of this affordable and portable instrument allows members to travel and share their gifts with others in the community. While the uke is a quick little instrument to learn, it is also a complex one, as members learn and teach one another new chords and ways of strumming, making the gatherings rich with learning and sharing.
For information about the DUKES e-mail
Linda Lake and Andy Stevenson, Port Perry


JULY 2016

Memories do matter
Dear Editor
THUMBS UP to Haugen’s BBQ, Pickles & Olives, Jester’s Court, Flow Yoga, Theatre 3x60, Blazin’ Burgers, Halibut Time, Port Perry Smokehouse, Halibut House and the Nutty Chocolatier for their generous gift donations at the 25th annual Chocolate Lovers’ Luncheon on May 1, 2016 in support of the Alzheimer Society of Durham Region. The event was held at the Ajax Convention Centre and was a huge success.
This year a record $50,000 was raised. Your support means that those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia are not alone in their journey and memories do matter. Thank you.
Liane Strus, Port Perry

A tingly Thumbs Up
Dear Editor
Thumbs up to a man who got out of his car at the drive thru to let me know my passenger tire was flat, and a HUGE thumbs up to Dean who put down his take out lunch to help me change the tire on his lunch break!!!
After thanking him several times, he said, ‘I’m more than happy to pay it forward! You see, a stranger helped my wife change her tire not too long ago!’
Doesn’t that just give you a warm tingly feeling?! I’m so grateful to live in a town with so many kind people and I too, am going to pay it forward!
Alison Brown, Port Perry

Play for Parkinson’s
Dear Editor
My name is Kevin Gassien and my family and I have lived in Port Perry for over 40 years. I have Parkinson’s. I am 46 years of age and was diagnosed three years ago.
Sports are my life! I was a goalie, a ball player, an umpire and an avid sports memorabilia collector until
I got hit hard with the diagnosis. I couldn’t believe it and thought it just wasn’t possible, me? Well, I’m here to say, I’m not letting it slow me down and I am determined to do everything I can to help find a cure, so other guys like me don’t have to give up either.
I am holding an event, Let’s Play for Parkinson’s Ball Hockey Tournament. Want to play, be part of a team, get your own team together? Then let’s do it!
Saturday July 23, at the Children’s Arena in Oshawa. 155 Arena Street.
Give me a call to register or find out more information. Call: 289-928-5394, Twitter – kevgas1970,
Facebook - Let’s Play for Parkinson’s, or email:
Kevin Gassien, Port Perry

Keeping in mind the ol’ saying:
“Better to Give than Receive” is a grand t’ing to do

Dear Editor
In early April an Irish lady, Bridget Collins, in her tender years of eighty-something, was in need of medical assistance.
Living in Port Perry resulted in an Emergency room visit and admittance to the Port Perry Hospital. Bridget received the best of care under the direction of her family physician, Dr. Gilmore, as well as several physicians on duty and the amazing nurses and hospital support staff.
Me Mum Bridget’s health declined and her care and comfort was managed as best as could be in a hospital environment.
Until one goes through such an emotional journey with a loved one at the end of their life; the need for a facility to specialize in comfort care would probably not cross the minds of most people, let alone be a topic of conversation over dinner.
Through the efforts of many, in particular Dr. Russell, Port Perry is a probable location for Durham Region’s first Hospice Centre. The medical professionals and staff would give of their expertise and services so we, the community, can receive what’s needed at the right time.
Please give what you can and support the inevitable fund raising that will mobilize in the foreseeable future; and therefore provide for the Hospice Centre to be built in our Scugog Community.
Words cannot thank the medical staff enough. Irish humour has always been intact in my family. During a wee Irish wake one of Bridget’s great-grandchildren (Danika) had a need for stitches following a mishap. Without missing a beat or the celebration of life Dr. Ferguson went from the clinic to Emergency so the few stitches needed could be given. And wouldn’t you know it - lollipops were received too.
Patricia (Trish) Petric

Closer to the ‘finish line’
Dear Editor
A heartfelt thank you and a ‘thumbs up‘ to the businesses of Port Perry who made available their premises and to the kind donors who helped the hospital auxiliary volunteers raise $9,420 in their recent “Tag Days” fundraiser. The “finish line” of their $350,000 pledge to the hospital renovations project is in sight, thanks to the generosity of our wonderful community.
Gail Kerry
The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry

2nd Annual Jamie’s Dream Gala – Success!
Dear Editor
It is with a great deal of warm in my heart that I write this letter to thank the wonderful community we are able to be a part of. On May 26th, Community Living Durham North, an agency supporting people with intellectual disabilities living in the North Durham Region, hosted its 2nd annual Jamie’s Dream Gala. The funds raised will keep Jamie’s dream alive and will be used to assist people who may be experiencing a shortfall to achieving their goals as well as supporting people to become valued contributing members of their community.
We are deeply thankful to the great generosity this community has shown us. From the event sponsors,
to all the donations for our Silent and Live Auction donors, the outpouring of support is incredible. This year we were able to raise approximately $27,000.00. Thank You!
It goes without saying, the evening would not be complete or as successful without the incredible auctioneering of Gary Hill Auctions. He and his team has assisted from the beginning to ensure we are prepared for the event and his ability to navigate the Live Auction contributing significantly to the evening’s entertainment, excitement and success is something to look forward to every year.
I’ll simply end by saying, what we have been able to achieve is because of you …. to keep Jamie’s dream alive while making a tremendous difference in the lives of people.
Tracy McGarry – Gala Committee Chair

Bridge Club looking for members
Dear Editor
Scugog Marathon Hospital Bridge Club was formed in October 1983. The club was organized to raise money for the Port Perry Hospital as well as enjoy some games of bridge with friends.
The group started with 20 people, growing to 40 members over time. This past year our membership numbers have dropped and consequently, our donation to the hospital has decreased as well.
We play a set number of games and donate a small amount of money each time we play. We are anxious to keep the Bridge Club going so we are actively looking for new members.
If you enjoy playing bridge and are interested in helping support the Port Perry Hospital, please call Gale Ballard at 905-985-7054 or Catherine Corden at 905-985-9412.
Catherine Corden, Port Perry


JUNE 2016

Thank you Bona Via!
Dear Editor
THUMBS UP to the great folks at the Bona Via Pizzeria in Port Perry.
We just completed a 4H pizza club and wanted to show our members a commercial operation in action. While most such businesses tend to shy away from accommodating us, the staff at Bona Via welcomed us with open arms, letting each of our seven girls tour their facility as well as making their own pizzas from scratch. They also gained some insight into the behind-the- scenes activities such as food storage and the scrupulous hygiene practices necessary to run a successful business.
Kudos to Bona Via Pizzeria for their community involvement. (They also make great pizzas!)
Randall & Gail Johns,Blackstock

Help us find a cure
Dear Editor
My name is Heather Beacock and I am the walk coordinator for the Durham Walk for ALS. Our 10th annual walk is taking place this Saturday June 18th at the Port Perry fairgrounds.
I got involved with the ALS Society 12 years ago when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS. I began volunteering for the ALS Society and hosted two benefit concerts in Palmer Park. I then took over organizing the Durham Walk and that year I lost my Dad to ALS. It is a neurodegenerative disease where the nerve cells that control your muscles die leading to loss of mobility, loss of speech and eventually impact the ability to breathe.
The Durham Walk for ALS in the last 9 years has raised $801,250. 60 % of the proceeds raised goes to Durham clients to support them while living with ALS and the other 40 % goes towards finding a cure.
I have hope that if we keep raising money and awareness for ALS there will one day be a cure for this awful disease.
Hope to see you all at the 10th annual Durham Walk for ALS!
For more information visit
or contact me at or 905-809-4091.
Heather Beacock, Port Perry

Annual Veteran’s Golf Tournament
Dear Editor
It’s that time of year when the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 419 Ladies Auxiliary canvas for their annual veteran’s golf tournament. All proceeds go to veterans and their causes. Some veterans are still living on the streets. The Tournament will be held Friday July 15th at 1 pm. Entry fee includes golf cart, prizes and steak dinner, all for $100.00. Hole sponsorships are available for $100.00 per sign. If you wish to donate or participate, call Wendy at 905-985-6124 or Pat 905-985-9058 or
Wendy Norton, Port Perry

Free Vision Screenings Double
Dear Editor
Thanks to the many Lions/Lioness Clubs and personal donations, the Vision Screening Program rose about $18,000 Canadian and as a result was given an additional grant of $ 10,000 U.S. from Lions International. We now have the equipment to double the number of elementary school children who will receive FREE vision screenings.
Lion Larry Doble, Greenbank Lions