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FOCUSon Scugog JUNE 2016 SIX YEARS SUCCESS Caesarea Skateboard Park Opens Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon Periodontist New Patients Always Welcome port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTIST 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE ONLY YOUR DENTIST KNOWS WHAT LIES BENEATH What you cant see CAN hurt you. Book your appointment now. Grab your readers attention with a great quote from the document or use this space to emphasize a key point. To place this text box anywhere on the page just drag it.PORT PERRY 0PTICAL THE VISION CLINIC OPTICIANS OPTOMETRISTS 305 Queen St 905 985 9388 Lets choose together LEGENDARY FOR 175 YEARS Publisher Editor ................. MaryAnn Fleming Advertising ..............Tracy Souch Hallie Karpis Production.....................................Arlene Walker Freelance Writers ............. Jonathan van Bilsen Lynn Campbell Paul Arculus Karen Stiller Marjorie Fleming Scott Mercer Peter Hvidsten Website................................................Bill Walker Accounting........................................ Judy Ashby FOCUSon Scugog JUNE 2016 Volume 11 - Number 3 Published by Focus on Scugog Inc. 188 Mary Street Unit 201 Port Perry L9L 1A2 905-985-8585 email website Focus on Scugog is published 12 times a year from Port Perry and is distributed to all homes and businesses in Scugog Township by Canada Post. Delivery the rst Tuesday of each month although this date does vary depending on the number of weeks in a month. Opinions expressed by columnists contributors and letter writers must be signed including address and phone number. Letters must be signed. Requests that a name be withheld will be honoured only if there is a compelling reason to do so. 12-year-old Dallas King was one of many who turned out on Saturday May 14 for the Grand Opening of the Caesarea Skate Board Park. Congratulations to Susie Bollon and everyone involved for the past six years in bringing this to fruition. Photo by Tracy Souch our cover features 3 6 20 32 regulars 9 15 34 38 Thumbs Rating local events and decisions. Changing Faces Local businesses on the move. Whats Up Scugog Local entertainment you dont want to miss. PhotosNtravel Adventures with Jonathan van Bilsen. Chad Gerrits A tool-wielding young man. Do You Love Ribs The Rotarys rst Ribfest July 29 30 31. Classic Car Show Roars into town on Fathers Day June 19. Then Now From hatchery to Brewers Retail. 6 At Focus on Scugog we value reader input. Please submit ideas to GOT IDEAS LETS HEAR THEM 5 Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry FOCUS - JUNE 2016 1 2 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Thank you Bona Via Dear Editor THUMBS UP to the great folks at the Bona Via Pizzeria in Port Perry. We just completed a 4H pizza club and wanted to show our members a commercial operation in action. While most such businesses tend to shy away from accommodating us the staff at Bona Via welcomed us with open arms letting each of our seven girls tour their facility as well as making their own pizzas from scratch. They also gained some insight into the behind-the- scenes activities such as food storage and the scrupulous hygiene practices necessary to run a successful business. Kudos to Bona Via Pizzeria for their community involvement. They also make great pizzas Randall Gail Johns Blackstock Please send us your letters. We ask that you keep them to a maximum of 250 words although shorter is often better. Be aware that we cannot publish negative letters about individuals or businesses. Submit to Help us find a cure Dear Editor My name is Heather Beacock and I am the walk coordinator for the Durham Walk for ALS. Our 10th annual walk is taking place this Saturday June 18th at the Port Perry fairgrounds. I got involved with the ALS Society 12 years ago when my Dad was diagnosed with ALS. I began volunteering for the ALS Society and hosted two benefit concerts in Palmer Park. I then took over organizing the Durham Walk and that year I lost my Dad to ALS. It is a neurodegenerative disease where the nerve cells that control your muscles die leading to loss of mobility loss of speech and eventually impact the ability to breathe. The Durham Walk for ALS in the last 9 years has raised 801250. 60 of the proceeds raised goes to Durham clients to support them while living with ALS and the other 40 goes towards finding a cure. I have hope that if we keep raising money and awareness for ALS there will one day be a cure for this awful disease. Hope to see you all at the 10th annual Durham Walk for ALS For more information visit or contact me at or 905-809-4091. Heather Beacock Port Perry As the OwnerPublisher of Focus on Scugog and a long time resident of Port Perry I have heard and witnessed many stories news items and first hand accounts of how fortunate we are as a community to have the calibre of hospital we have for a town our size. Never for a moment did I think that I would get such a birds eye view of just how lucky the residents of Scugog are. Just six weeks ago I was rushed into our hospital and within hours was undergoing emergency surgery for a very serious problem. I had never been in a hospital before and my stay turned out to be 9 days long which I hear is very unusual in these times. I wish to take this opportunity to thank the entire hospital staff for the superb care I received as well as the many family and friends who turned out in droves to help and support me. From Dr. Westerbrook in Emergency to my surgeon Dr. Wang and his team I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding in dealing with all the fears and questions associated with facing the unknown. You came to see me every day and dealt with never ending questions from family friends and myself. And the nurses - I dont know if I met you all but I sure did seem to meet different people almost daily. I want to say as loudly as possible that the nursing staff at our hospital is amazing. I dont have the room to name you all but just let it be said that you do an incredible job in what I often saw to be difficult circumstances. Your efficiency your humour your patience and your joy at every step of my recovery was humbling. From the front desk onwards my experience at hospital was exceptional. I was dealt with kindness at every turn and I found the level of care in these times of cutbacks to be caring professional and way above any imagined expectations. The medical staff deserves a huge amount of respect - you certainly have it from me. I wish a heartfelt thank you to all the staff at the hospital and I would be remiss if I did not say the same to all the family friends co-workers and Focus customers who sent flowers kind words visited often and kept my spirits up. A very special thank you to the Focus staff without them you would not be reading this magazine. Thank you is not a strong enough word to extend to all the people who helped me through this most frightening time. Unfortunately it will have to do. Sincerely MaryAnn Fleming A Heartfelt Thank You TO LAkeridge Health Port Perry Hospital ...................... More letters on page 23 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 3 Craftsmanship transcends both time and technol- ogy. Modern advancements have certainly aided the process with more precise and sophisticated tools but the goal has remained unchanged to create func- tional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces from raw materials and do it with an eye to exceptional quality. And what qualifies a tool-wielding person to call him- or herself craftsman Its an often subjective sometimes misused label. But Scugogs Chad Gerrits not only has the chops of his trade hes garnered accolades from his peers to back up that claim. All this at age 26. Perhaps its no surprise Chad chose carpentry as his vocation. BUILDING A BETTER ...................... Please turn to page 4 A young Chad proudly displays his third place finish representing Canada on behalf of his first place finish in Alberta at the Carpentry National Apprenticeship Competition in Toronto 2014. 4 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 I come from a family of car- penters he explains. My grand- father started his own business Gerr Construction in the late 60s and eventually my dad and my uncles joined as well. Ive been immersed in it since I was a kid so it wasnt hard to learn. I had great teachers. But to advance from talented amateur to certified professional Chad required a four-year appren- ticeship to earn his tradesmans ticket. You need 7200 hours of practi- cal experience working alongside a fully-licensed guy to complete your apprenticeship. You do the same work he does youre just under a watchful pro. And theres a classroom component as well. The lure of independence soon steered him westward. I did a couple years of practical and my first academ- ic block in Ontario but decided to finish up in Alberta. There was good snowboarding there too Prior experiences helped Chad in both facets of his program. In high school I framed houses in a co-op place- ment. Gerr did a lot of commercial work and I was on a few industrial sites out west. The classroom part of the apprenticeship ensures youre comfortable in those different settings so I was fortunate Id already had ex- perience with all of them. That was a great advantage. Chad graduated with his ticket and a Red Seal qualifying him to work anywhere in Canada other than Quebec. A brotherhood founded on a tradition of skill and craftsmanship the Canadian Carpenters Union takes pride in its young talent. In an annual competition which celebrated its twenty-second year in 2015 the Union showcases the best of newly-graduated journey- men first on the provincial level and ultimately on the national stage. Chad Gerrits proved to be a powerhouse in both winning Albertas competition then placing third in the national finals held in August at Torontos Roundhouse Park. Both were structured the same he explains. There was a three-hour written exam a pair of building-site skills competitions and on the second day a hands-on construction project. Not surprisingly the first days practical tests drew on skills basic to construction. We used a Builders Level and a Theodolite Chad explains. They both look similar to a survey transityouve seen pairs of guys doing that one at what looks like a small telescope on a tripod the other holding a vertical rod a dis- tance away. The Builders Level determines elevation at the beginning of the project to help determine how deep to excavate so that when its finished the building will be level. The theodolite ensures the project is built square. On the second day the rub- ber truly hits the road for the competitors. First thing that morning we were led to individual piles of wood and given a set of drawings which we hadnt seen in advance of the same project. We each had eight hours to complete it. The organizers supplied power saws to each station and the jour- neymen were allowed to bring their own hand tools. Completion of the project demanded skill organization as well as a brisk working pace. You had to go flat out for the full eight hours. In Alberta six people finished the garden shed we had to build. In Toronto I was the only one who finished the project. But completion under pressure wasnt the only cri- terion in determining a winner. To be a craftsman you also have to be precise. If you were out by more than a millimetre the judges deducted marks. I finished the garden bench that was our project in Toronto but had a couple errors while the two guys who finished ahead of me had incomplete projects but no errors. In the end our three marks were within a half-percent. In spite of the pressure Chad enjoyed the day. A couple dozen members of my family came to watch so it was a great experience. But Chads days in Alberta he knew were numbered. When oil prices dropped the writing was on the wall. Business dwindled so I decided to come home. The result of that homecoming was Gerrits Contracting a self-owned business that Chad describes as well-rounded. I do home renos garages additions custom cabinets door and window installations sheds decks and out- door structures. His newly created enterprise he reports has gradually ramped up. Of course it was slow at first. But now Im busy every day and looking toward expansion. And what differentiates Gerrits Contracting from other similar services Customer serviceand quality. In other words the craftsmans touch. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Building continued from page 3 Today Chad now owns and operates his own business. Definitely keeping it all in the family FOCUS - JUNE 2016 5 The volunteers of the Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary will hold the groups annual Tag Days Thursday and Friday June 2-3 and the ladies in their signature coral coloured jackets will be canvassing at various locations throughout the town. Funds received from the generous support of the community will help them reach their pledge of 350000 to the local hospital. Todatetheauxiliaryhasraised250000oftheirpledge to the Lakeridge Hospital Port Perry Your Hospital - Your Future campaign to fund the modernization of the local hospital facility. With still 100000 to raise the volunteers are looking forward to the generous support of the community so if you see one of them decked out in their coral jackets give them a smile and drop a few coins into their basket. These three ladies from left Lillian Partington Helen Whiteway and Kathy Spencer are just a few of the dozens of members of the Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary that will be out fundraising for the Your Hospital - Your Future campaign this week. The Auxiliary will hold its annual Tag Days fundraising event this Thursday and Friday and the canvassers will be found around the town. Be generous and support their efforts on behalf of the Port Perry Hospital. Hospital Auxiliary hope a generous community will top up their pledge TAYLOR FORD 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry BesideWalmart 905-985-3655 Larry Taylor Rod Parsons Bryce OHare Jamie Menzies Steve Staniland Kent Taylor Friendly and familiar You can trust us to get the job done. 1680 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-4441 Trade in Old Fear for New Faith Apply within. Sundays 10 a.m. C o m m u n i t y C h u r c h In the Ruff SAVE THE DATE 4th ANNUAL IN THE RUFF GOLF TOURNAMENT Sunnybrae Golf Club I 125golfer In the Ruff JUNE 23 I 2016 Register online at or pick up form at PetValu Port Perry or Uxbridge. 6 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Advertising Sub-Committee Chair Terry Coyne of the Port Perry Rotary Club points out that the difference between the local Ribfest and other Ribfests is the setting. Everyone enjoys the ambiance of gathering by Lake Scugog for events at Palmer Park and the Marina. The Rotary Club has a rich tradition of hosting events by the water. The annual Aquarama ran for 20 years and raised over half a million dollars for charity. The Ribfest is re- placing this event to offer something new and exciting. To date the Rotary Club has donated 75000 to the local hospital and it is hoped that Ribfest will raise 25000 more for this good cause. The Rotary Club members tossed around new concepts for fundrais- ers. Should they host a Ribfest How about a Music Festival They decided to combine these two great ideas. Theres an amazing lineup of enter- tainment geared to appeal to all ages and musical tastes. Everyone will be well entertained while devouring ribs from five fa- mous ribbers Texas Rangers Crabbys BBQ Shack Blazin BBQ Camp 31 and Billy Bones BBQ. Terry Coyne likes his ribs spicy. Other advertising commit- tee members are looking forward to different flavours. Debbie McEachern goes for hot and spicy and Heather Haliburton-Smith likes notes of gar- lic and peppercorn on her ribs. Her husband Bob Smith prefers mild BBQ. Award-winning rib recipes slathered with all kinds of tempting sauces will be grilled up for the hungry visitors. Your only problem will be which one to choose Yummy side dishes will be available including corn on the cob popcorn and ice-cream and there will be an adult beverage area. Artisans and vendors will add to the attrac- tions. A midway will be part of the Kids Zone. Its all about good food good en- tertainment family fun and music Terry commented. And dont worry about trying to findaplacetopark.Youcanleaveyour car at the spacious parking lot at the arena and take a shuttle bus down- town for this event. Terry predicts that 15000-20000 people will visit the Ribfest during the Civic Holiday weekend. Taylor Ford and Coldwell Banker are two of the major sponsors. More sponsors vendors and volunteers are being sought. You can contact the organizers through the website if you want to be part of what promises to be an outstanding event www.portper- Marilyn McInnis 905- 985-6282 is coordinating the high school students who need volunteer hours to graduate. Ironically in keeping with the Rotary Clubs motto Service Above Self thousands of pounds of deli- cious ribs will be served up during the three-day festival. Come on out and join the party By Lynn McDonald Focus on Scugog Friday July 29 4 - 6 pm The Wanted 630 - 830 pm Riki Knox 9 - 11 pm James Barker Band Saturday July 30 12 pm - 1 pm Sound City 130 - 330 pm 2 Cute for Country 4 - 6 pm Big Otter Creek 630 - 830 Fourfit 9 - 11 pm Dan Clancy Rock Band Sunday July 31 12 - 1 pm Port Perry High School 130 - 330 pm Cowboy Buddha Band 4 - 6 pm Par Four 630 - 830 pm Emerson Ireland 9 - 11 pm The Burnt River Band featuring Winston James HERES THE ExCITIng SCHEDulE Invite your family and friends THE 1st ROTARY CLUB OF PORT PERRY WatErFrOnt riBFESt July 29 30 31 You are down at the scenic Port Perry waterfront on a sun- kissed afternoon. The robins egg blue sky is reflected in the water and theres a pleasant breeze. Theres the sweet and smoky aroma of ribs grilling and your toe is tapping to the music of a live band. Your fingers are sticky from enjoying a delicious feed of spicy ribs and your tummy is happy. A little girl wearing a pink polka-dot sundress is trying to lick her ice-cream cone before it melts. Then she will join the other children having fun on the merry-go-ground and at the splash pad. Acouple of your neighbours smile and wave as they walk by to line up for fresh corn on the cob to go with their ribs. Others stop to chat on their way to the adult beverage tent. Moms Dads grandparents teenagers kids locals and out-of-towners everyone is enjoying the family fun at the Inaugural Rotary Club of Port Perry Waterfront Ribfest on the Civic Holiday weekend Picture this scene FOCUS - JUNE 2016 7 Call John 905 434 0517 905 985 8569 Renovations from the outside in we can do it all Turning old and dated ...... into classy and elegantTurning old and dated ...... into classy and elegant BEFORE Turning old and dated ...... into classy and elegant AFTER Referrals are the core of our business 1. Behind the BIA booth is Erin Edwards of the Port Perry BIA handing out ballots and information. There were over 780 ballots filled out over the course of the evening. What a turnout 2. David Leask entertained the crowds throughout the evening. 3. Owner Amy Keiser of Lime Canary having a few laughs with customer Caitlyn. Friday April 29th 1 32 PhotoS13byDianereddy Photobykennakozak 8 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 9 1918 Scugog Street Port Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 OMESTEADHFURNITURE APPLIANCES HARDWOOD LAMINATE FLOORING WINDOW COVERINGS Let Dad enjoy the best seats in the house this Fathers Day Home Theatre Seating from Accounting tAx inc. 1st Financial centre 269 Queen Street Port Perry on L9L 1B9 905-985-1926 Fax 905-985-4320 All Accounting Bookkeeping Services Computerized Government Reports HST Payroll WSIBCRA Audits Appeals Forensic Reviews Budgets and Business Plans. C.A.C.P.A Services also available. Corporate Small BuSineSS Farming perSonal complete auto repair 1511 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-1999 Mon-Fri8am - 6pm Sat8am - 2pm Oil Changes Start at 29.95 Plus tax Up to 5 litres Most vehicles Warranty Approved Tire Specials 12 Price Alignments with purchase of 4 new tires Vehicle Certifications Alignments BrAkes tune ups exhAust THUMBS UP - one extremely happy resident sent us a note to please include a thumbs up to the township of Scugog for nally paving chandler Drive on Scugog island. the road was probably one of the worst roads ever seen. I am sure I will not be the only person you hear this from. We are so happy. the money it was costing in repairs for our vehicles was horrendous. THUMBS DOWN - to the careless individuals who choose to visit Scugog First Nation and dump their garbage bags and other refuse onto our clean and beautiful community. Shame on you for treating our First Nation with such disrespect THUMBS UP - the PLP Practical Learning Program class at PPhS would like to thank the following community stores for supporting some of our students in our Work education Program Dollarama the kids cupboard Millars Market and rona. these stores provide valuable work experience for our special education students THUMBS DOWN - to the person who locks their car remotely each night sometimes well after 11 p.m. waking the rest of us with the horn honk...3 times over. common courtesy goes a long way in a normally quiet neighbourhood. THUMBS UP - to our local McDonalds and the effort of all McDonalds across the country for raising over one million dollars for the big Mac for Fort Mac campaign. thuMbS uP as well to our 100 Men of Scugog who raised 5110 and were matched by both tD bank and the government to exceed 20000. THUMBS UP - We can now nd old Flame brewing co. cans in Lcbos here in Port Perry and nineteen other locations throughout Durham york and the Kawarthas the ame is burning umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum THUMBS Note We appreciate our businesses as they not only pay taxes but support sports teams donations to charities of all kinds and we will not publish these names. If you have an issue with a business owner we urge you to speak with them directly rather than use this column. Come on everyone please just talk to one another Do you have a Thumb up or down Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to 10 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Many patients who visit Port Perry Dental Associates ask why wisdom teeth should be removed if there is no pain or infection present. The answer is Preventative Medicine. First of all wisdom teeth or third molars are the third set of molars which grow at the far upper and lower corners of the jaw. Wisdom teeth often make their debut when a person is approximately 15 to 25- years -old. By the time they erupt the patients mouth is usually already full of teeth leaving no clear space for them to grow into the mouth. Often the result is that all or part of the crown of the wisdom tooth and all of its roots remain submerged below the gum line and often grow on a crooked angle. This can cause unpleasant future oral health issues. If wisdom teeth are not removed they can become impacted which basically means staying trapped below the gum line. If a wisdom tooth is unable to fully erupt to become a healthy functioning tooth several problems may occur. The pressure that impacted wisdom teeth can put on neighbouring teeth is unhealthy. If not extracted wisdom teeth can lead to periodontal gum disease. If the crown of a wisdom tooth remains trapped underneath the gums nasty infections and cyst formation can result. A partially erupted wisdom tooth can cause the formation of a skin flap which becomes red swollen and painful. In cases where wisdom teeth do grow through they often cause crowding and an improper bite by erupting too close to existing molars. Submerged wisdom teeth can also cause damage by putting pressure on the roots of other teeth. Nobody wants this to happen The best time to remove wisdom teeth is before any problems emerge usually between the age of 16 and 22 according to the experienced Dentists at Port Perry Dental Associates. The ideal candidate for wisdom tooth extraction is a young healthy patient who has not yet experienced any pain at the sites of the wisdom teeth which is a red flag that there are problems brewing. Depending on the individual patient the procedure of wisdom tooth removal is routinely done in the office and we can provide that service for you. At Port Perry Dental Associates the procedure is done under IV sedation. Recovering from oral surgery to remove one or more wisdom teeth can be expected to take a few days. Analegesics are made available and most patients can expect a speedy and uneventful recovery. The patients diet should consist of soft foods or drinks and nothing too hot or cold. Think room temperature pudding yogurt drinks and broth soup. Then gradually start to enjoy scrambled eggs and mashed potatoes. In a week or so you can look forward to a nice T-bone steak. The best thing about getting all four of your wisdom teeth out is that it only happens once and then you can be worry free for the rest of your life. Another silver lining is that the removal of wisdom teeth in no way impedes a persons ability to eat or speak or bite properly. The bottom line is It is a very wise decision to have your wisdom teeth removed. Visit the caring professional Dentists ready to serve you at Port Perry Dental Associates to determine if now is the right time to remove your wisdom teeth. To wisdom or not that is the question. 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 2014 BEST DENTAL OFFICE Come and experience downtown Port Perry at twilight as our merchants turn up the savings for you FRIDAY JUNE 17 6pm -Midnight IN DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY Kick Off a Summer of Blockbuster Events Take advantage of the great savings under the stars by the lake. 161 Queen Street 905-985-1022FishChipsCaptainGeorge Our sh chips areoutofthisworld FOCUS - JUNE 2016 11 Give aways every hour on the hour 160 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-2120 lime accessories canary Moonli ght Madnes s Its 50OFF 158 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-6556 Buy one small gelato or ice-cream and receive the second one at Valid on small size only. 168 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2521 mens womens kids over 100 styles to choose from YOUR SPECIALIST 227 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-8778 Unique Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery MO ONLIG HT M ADN ES S SAVE THETAX OPEN til 10 p.m. Stop by the BIA booth and put your name in for our Moonlight Madness draws throughout the evening Enjoy the jazzy sounds of BLUE ROOM while strolling Queen Street 12 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 From opening to midnight all of Port Perrys eclectic stores boutiques and eateries will be offering fabulous savings on a wide selection of items. 207 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-3011 www.lukes for We pay the tax for moonlight madness on in stock purchases from 6-midnight. WE PAY THE TAX SALE at the July 11-15 Into the Woods July 18-22 Star Wars - sold out July 25 28 Carnival August 2-5 Famous Artists August 8-12 Animal Kingdom August 15-19 Mexican Fiesta August 22-26 First Nations First Peoples Spectacular Summer Art Camp Registration is Now Open 200 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-1534 META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery Flexible schedule Professional artist instructors Top quality materials and art experiences for kids 6 older New teen and adult programs Register for single or multiple sessions. Mondays clay Tuesdays painting Wednesdays mixed media Thursdays sculpture Fridays mixed media Enjoy Moonlight Madness Drop by for snacks dinner and drinks outside on our patio. 279 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2775 279 Queen Street Port Perry279 Queen Street Port Perry279 Queen Street Port Perry279 Queen Street Port Perry Every Tuesday 3 - 9pm 45 prepaid Includes CD of reading PAST...... .PRESENT........FUTURE........P AST..........PRESENT........FUT URE.........PAST..........PRESEN T........FUTURE........ As the moon rises the prices will drop Dont miss the great events sponsored by the Downtown Port Perry BIA. August 7 BRITS ON THE LAKE British Car Show Shine September 18 CHILI COOK-OFF Harvest Celebration November 18 A DOWNTOWN CHRISTMAS Candlelight Walk and Tree Lighting Unforgettable Experiences Downtown Port Perry BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION PORT PERRY Mark your calendar FOCUS - JUNE 2016 13 14 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Kristy Micklewright RMT NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES Combining New Technology and Traditional Therapy 126 - 2 WATER STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-8591 We are pleased to welcome Kristy Micklewright RMT to our team. Kristy is our new registered massage therapist and reexologist She has been practicing for 8 years and also holds a BSc in Kinesiology. She has additional training in craniosacral therapy and myofascial release therapy. Kristy aims to bring balance to your body and mind through her experienced practice. Her clinical approach looks at the body as a whole and incorporates an effective blend of myofascial techniques reexology and Swedish massage with subtle craniosacral therapy. Kristy is excited to be part of our team and is looking forward to meeting new clients. Call today for an appointment with Kristy Our services are covered by most extended health care benets. FOOT PAINAffecting your LifeIs Dr. John Tompkin says the solution can be as easy as 1 2 3. Dr. John Tompkin DC To book a no charge no obligation consultation with Dr. John Tompkin DC call today. 1 ASSESSMENT Dr. Tompkin usually starts his foot examination as you walk in the room looking for asymmetry. A physical exam of the feet and lower limbs can help reveal the cause of your pain and dysfunction while a digital gaitscan can measure timing and pressure data as you walk. Dr. Tompkin then explains his ndings so you have a clear understanding of your foot problem. 2 TREATMENT Treatment can consist of impulse and manual adjusting joint mobilization soft tissue therapy as well as modalities to reduce inammation. These are the same principles used in the treatment of spinal disfunction. 3 SUPPORT This includes orthotic support shoe recommendations and in many cases maintenance treatments to the foot ankle complex. The orthotics can be manufactured with the gaitscan data allowing both exibility and rigidity to help correct your gait. FOCUS - JUNE 2016 15 Sharpest Scissors in Port Perry. Internationally trained Paul Rogers has been perfecting the craft of hairstyling for over 30 years. Whether you are a women looking for an amazing new haircut or colour followed by the best blow-dry styling you have ever had or a man looking for todays trendiest barber cuts Pauls skills and passion for people and their hair will have you looking your very best. 21 Wilbur Avenue 905-985-0099 For the past 35 years Port Perry Auto Glass has been servicing the people of Scugog Township. Celebrating the occasion on Friday April 15 are from left Kelly and Glen Evans Tilly Durward Anja Knutson Jennifer Foley Eric Arsenault Suzie Feeney Jeff Beddome Mike Charron and Bruce Kindree. Port PerryAuto Glass Celebrated 35Years Focus on Scugog apologizes to the good people of Port Perry Auto Glass for incorrectly identifying them as Port Perry Auto Supply in our May Milestones. We are very sorry for any confusion this may have caused. Our very own Scugog artist Bill Lishman would like to invite everyone to attend the unveiling of his iceberg sculpture at the official opening of the New Landscape of the Canadian Museum of Nature. This event will be held at 240 McLeod Street at Metcalfe Street in Ottawa. For more information contact Friday June 17 NEW Dr. Ryan Gilmour DC has opened Gilmour Chiropractic and Wellness Centre of Port Perry at 229 Mary Street providing chiropractic services and custom orthotics. JOINING FORCES Garett Hazelwood Chartered Professional Accountant is pleased to announce that he is joining forces with Nellie Westerman Accounting Service. At this time both locations 119 Perry Street Unit 3 and at 11490 Simcoe Street will remain open to continue to serve all their clientele. 16 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Lifes better at theVilla THURSDAY JULY 18TH 130 pm. THURSDAY JULY 18TH 130 pm. THURSDAY JUNE 23RD 130 p.m. strawberry desserts draws strawberry desserts draws strawberry desserts draws Live entertainment Live entertainment Live entertainment Everyone welcome to this free event 15987 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985.3312 Join Us For Port Perry Villas Standing in front of her quilt titled Retired not Retiring is Marion Meyers who also took the honour of Best in Show. Avid Quilters Camille McGill and Julie Allen of Seagrave were delighted by the number of beautiful quilts at the show here they stand in front of a quilt by Dawn Ewart Cook called Dresden Plate and Irish Chain. Port Perry Patchers Quilt Guild held A show of Many Hands at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre on Friday May 6th and 7th. Over 300 traditional contemporary and artistic bed and wall quilts were on display. Also at the show were demonstrations classes a guild shop and caf. PhotoSbytracysouch FOCUS - JUNE 2016 17 HEY KIDS Join us at Scugog MEMorIal PublIc lIbrarY for lots of fun and keep reading all summer For more information visit the TD Summer Reading Club website at or the Scugog Memorial Public Library at or call the Library at 905-985-7686. Registration begins on Thursday June 30th but you can still join any time after that date. All ages are welcome. Your registration gets you Free entry into any of our summer programs A ballot to enter our weekly prize draw Stickers to collect on your weekly visit A summer reading club poster An activity booklet Accounting Service My staff and I would like to thank you for your loyalty and continued support. We are looking forward to serving you even better alongside Garett and his team Downtown Location 119 Perry St. Unit 3 Port Perry South Port Perry Location 11490 Simcoe St. Port Perry Joining Forces - Accounting - Taxation - Bookkeeping - Payroll - Advisory Linda Joanne Nellie Garett Tracy Rhonda Garett Hazelwood Chartered Professional Accountant 905-985-7171 905-985-0195 Canterbury Common residents work at keeping community spirit alive. Through the years a Golf Dinner has been held weekly from May through September. For ten years the Canterbury Silver Dragons competed in the Dragonflies Festival raising more than 100000.00 to help fight Breast Cancer. For several years the Canterbury Players have written produced and staged a play annually. Other events that have helped bring residents together have included dances a parade a showcase of residents talents in Canterburys Got Talent and a car rally through Port Perry and Uxbridge. Canterburians will be participating in the Amazing Race Canterbury on Sunday June 5. The race will have eight legs. Teams comprised of two or three residents will need to ride a bike recite a poem string beads learn a dance solve puzzles and much more. Amazing Race Day will start at 1045 with a pep rally where teams clad in their unique outfits will be introduced before heading off to tackle numerous tasks. The day will conclude with a dinner followed by a slide show of the competition and the awarding of prizes. Life is never dull for the residents of Canterbury who truly have embraced the Active adult lifestyle. AMAZING RACE CANTERBURY Sunday June 5 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 18 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King - Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon - Periodontist Your Hometown Dental Professionals 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTIST 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE MOUTHGUARDS PROTECTYOUR GAME FACE. Play it safe. Prevent dental injuries. FOCUS - JUNE 2016 19 Oneofthemostcontroversial and divisive issues in Scugog Township over the past few years is whether Port Perrys 1874 Grain Elevator is an asset or a white elephant. Many opponents of this aging building feel it is an eyesore which should be torn down while supporters look at it as historically important and an irreplaceable part of the towns history. Recent information suggested that the Port Perry Grain Elevator is the largest oldest and most significant woodcrib elevator left standing in Canada. In an effort to shed some light on this 142-year-old building local historian J. Peter Hvidsten has published a new book which provides an in-depth look at the fascinating history of the elevator. The 36-page publication is filled with photographs of the interior and exterior from 1980 to 2004 and provides a description of how it was constructed its importance to the community and why it should be saved. The Port Perry Grain Elevator is now available at Books Galore More 175 Perry St. or Focus on Scugog 188 Mary St. Port Perry for 12. Port Perrys historic grain elevator is Canadas oldest View Original Paintings by Local Artists Oil Acrylic Watercolour Pastel and Mixed Media NO AdMissiON Fee Free PArkiNg Free DrawS JUNE 10-12 Latcham Centre Port Perry Friday evening from 5 to 8pm Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm Presented by the Port Perry Artists Association On Wednesday May 4th 1 from the sale of all Big Macs hot beverages and Happy Meals in Port Perry and Uxbridge was given to 12843.00 to everyone who helped with the 2016 McDonalds McHappy Day campaign Jennifer Ashleigh Childrens Charity Thursday August 18 2016 Sunnybrae Golf and Country Club Tickets 125.00person Registration Lunch 12 Noon Shotgun Start 1pm BBQ Steak Dinner 630 pm 18 Holes Golf Cart Putting Contest Great Prizes Scugog Chamber of Commerce presents Register before July 22 and your name will be entered into a draw to win a 150 Gift Certicate BEST BALL FOR BUSINESS 3rd Annual YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y TAYLOR FORD QUALITY PARTS FAIR PRICING QUALITY SERVICE 1511 Reach Rd Unit 2 Port Perry For appointments call 905-985-9292 MARK WILLES Automotive Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm1511 Reach Rd Unit 2 Port Perry AutomotiveAutomotive Dont get stranded - Get peace of mind get your FREE BATTERY TEST with any service 20 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 SHOP OUR PORT PERRY Saturdays 8 am - 1 pm Palmer Park Home Baking Preserves Fresh Fruits Fresh Vegetables Local Meats Local Honey Plants Flowers Herbs VQA Wine Crafts EAT FRESH BUY LOCAL NOW OPEN ThankyoutoOur2015SponsorsJoinusfor2016 FATHERS DAY Cars of every description colour and size will roll onto Queen St. Port Perry on Sunday June 19 to take part in the fourth annual Roar By The Shores classic car show. This event has gained popularity each year since it began and once again this year the event is expected to attract more entries and spectators than ever before. The classic car show will take place along Water St. beginning early Sunday morning and will end about 3 p.m. During the day spectators will be asked to vote for their favourite car or truck with 10 Peoples Choice awards being presented. The show is open to anyone with a vehicle model 1990 or older. Proceeds from this Fathers Day Spectacular car show will be divided between the United Way Port Perry Scugog Food Bank and Healthy Lake Scugog. Sunday June 19th 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. 3rd Annual For more information visit or call 905-242-4909 or 905-985-9755 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 21 The Scugog Public Library was the place to be on April 28th as Member of Parliament Erin OToole hosted three fantastic events. The first was a presentation made by Lieutenant Colonel Martial de Reviers a French liaison officer attached to the embassy in Ottawa who made the trip to Port Perry to present the distinguished Order of the Legion of Honour award to two local distinguished veterans of World War II. The medal is the highest honour France bestows on anyone and is equal to our own Order of Canada. Legion of Honour medals were presented to those who served in the liberation of France during World War II. The recipients were George Emmerson and Edward Groves of Port Perry. Lt-Col de Reviers was introduced by MP Erin OToole and was elegant in his traditional presentation. Standing stately he addressed each veteran awarded them the medal took them by the shoulders and placed an emotional Faire la Bise the art of the Parisian double air kiss on each cheek. The event also called for the presentation of Community Service awards to local residents who have given more to the community than was ever asked. The awards were presented jointly by MP Erin OToole and Scugog Mayor Tom Rowett. The recipients were totally surprised and quite stunned as their names were called. Paul Arculus Terry and Christine Vos Tyler Briley and Joyce Kelly were the well deserving recipients of this prestigious local honour. The third event originated several years ago when Erin OToole a veteran himself began an undertaking to restore Lt-Colonel Sam Sharpes military existence back into the record books. Sam Sharpe was a Member of Parliament for North Durham who in 1915 soon af- ter Britain declared war on Germany began recruiting friends from the area and formed the 116th battalion. After being trained in England the 116th was dis- patched to the frontlines in France. They witnessed action at Vimy Ridge and in Avion where scrambling through bomb blasts machine-gun fire and poisonous gas the men of the 116th reached the German line and fought hand to hand combat. Nearly 200 Germans were killed or captured and the 116th suffered 100 casualties. The losses hit Sharpe hard especially as he had per- sonally recruited many of the men. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for gallantry under fire but was hospitalized due to his growing stress from what was then known as shell-shock. Succumbing to his depression Sharpe jumped to his death from a hospital window soon after arriving in Montreal. Sam Sharpe was all but erased from Canadian his- tory. His portrait in the regiment office was taken down and only in the official Book of Remembrance kept in Ottawas Peace Tower was his name retained. Shell- shock was considered a weakness at the time. Member of Parliament Erin OToole began a suc- cessful mission to resurrect the heroic leadership of Sam Sharpe and commissioned Port Perry artist Tyler Briley to create a bronze sculpture of Lt-Col Sam Sharpe. The sculpture was unveiled at the event and now has a per- manent resting place in the Parliament buildings. By Jonathan van Bilsen Focus on Scugog Christine and Terry Vos were among the recipients of the Community Service Award presented by MP Erin OToole left and Mayor Tom Rowett right. The Legion of Honour Award is presented by Lt-Col Martial de Reviers right to George Emmerson as MP Erin OToole left looks on. Artist Tyler Briley left with MP Erin OToole and the Sam Shape sculpture. LIBRARY BECOMES CENTRE OF HONOUR PhotoSbytomPouPore 22 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 George Timms Jr. joined the team in 1971 to partner with his brother Joe and continue not only the family business but also their involvement in the community. Sponsoring ladies and childrens baseball teams over the years along with their consistent support of the Port Perry Fair allows them to stay connected to the town they love and keep in touch with their clients. With a friendly staff experienced in servicing cars and trucks of any make and model Timms Garage has what it takes to keep customers satisfied for more decades to come George and JoeTimms would like to thank their customers for their trust and dedication that has acquired them this impressive milestone Back in 1966 Timms Garage began its first year in operation. It started out with just two employees father George Timms Sr. and son Joe Timms. Highway 12 Saintfield 905-985-7515GARAGETimms What was originally just an 18 x 24 ft. 2-bay shop has grown substantially over the years into a 10-bay shop currently hosting five full time employees. Their services include auto mechanical work body repairs and refinishing plus a used car sales department John Timms Joey Timms Devon Powell George Timms Jr. joined the team in 1971 to partner with his George and JoeTimms would like to thank their customers for their trust and dedication that has acquired them this impressive milestone Back in 1966 Timms Garage began its first year in operation. It started out with just two employees father George Timms Sr. and son Joe Timms.IN BUSINESS Joe Timms George Timms FOCUS - JUNE 2016 23 JUNE 24 Noon - 4 p.m. 22940 Highway 12 Saintfield 905-985-7515 Please join us at our WERE CELEBRATING TIMMS GARAGE mmsGarage CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY WERE CELEBRATING IN BUSINESS 279 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2775 279 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2775 TIME TO ENJOY DRINKS LUNCH AND DINNER ON OUR PATIO Come in and enjoy our Weekly Features Mon - 12 price wings with purchase of beveragenot available for take-out Tues - 15 Seniors Discount Ages 65 Thurs - Date Night two can dine for 50 Fri Sat - Prime Rib Dinner Sun - Breakfast Platter forTwo Letters to the editor continued from page 2 Mailbox Annual Veterans Golf Tournament Dear Editor Its that time of year when the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 419 Ladies Auxiliary canvas for their annual veterans golf tournament. All proceeds go to veterans and their causes. Some veterans are still living on the streets. The Tournament will be held Friday July 15th at 1 pm. Entry fee includes golf cart prizes and steak dinner all for 100.00. Hole sponsorships are available for 100.00 per sign. If you wish to donate or participate call Wendy at 905-985-6124 or Pat 905-985-9058 or Br. Wendy Norton Port Perry Free Vision Screenings Double Dear Editor Thanks to the many LionsLioness Clubs and personal donations the Vision Screening Program rose about 18000 Canadian and as a result was given an additional grant of 10000 U.S. from Lions International. We now have the equipment to double the number of elementary school children who will receive FREE vision screenings. Lion Larry Doble Greenbank Lions tHiS CoULD SaVe YoUr Life Complete the form and put it in the bottle. Available at SCUGoG SeniorS information fair friday June 3 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 1655 reach Street Port Perry Place the other sticker on the outside of the fridge. Place one green sticker on the inside of the front door. Place bottle in the fridge. All emergency services are aware of the program and will use the information in an emergency THE GREENBANK LIONS CLUB OFFERS Facilitates access by first responders to your personal medical information in the event of an emergency situation in your home. meSSaGe in a BottLe free of CHarGe 24 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Godspell by Stephen Schwartz Town Hall 1873 July 6-9 plus Port Perry Confidential Musical Theatre Project PWYC Cabarets Readings The Art Craft of Theatre The Plays The Thing by Ferenc Molnar Town Hall 1873 July 21-23 The plays the same the action never is Town Hall 1873 August 5 6 An agency of the Government of Ontario Un organisme du gouvernement de lOntario Tickets Information BUICK GMC BUICK GMC B U I C K G M C B U I C K G M C 10 Vanedward Drive Port Perry 905-985-8474 Beautiful from the inside out. 2017 BUICK ENVISION Luxury Compact Crossover 10 Vanedward Drive Port Perry COMING SOON Seniors this will be an interesting showcase of resources allinoneeasylocationattheScugogCommunityRecreation Centre arena entrance 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. There is an exciting slate of activities planned for this day Over 50 vendors are booked Included will be demonstrations of everything from woodworking to line dancing to pickle ball. Also learn about Tai Chi and Nordic pole walking. Living Joyful will be the theme of Jacquie Hermans comical and inspirational keynote speech. You will have an opportunity to have your say during two important sessions on transportation and housing. Learn about fire safety and learn valuable tips on fraud prevention and tax credits and benefits available to you. A whole spectrum of representatives from the medical industry will be on hand to answer your questions. If you are looking for a four-legged friend The Animal Guardian Society TAGS is bringing four senior dogs in hopes of matching one of them with those who would love a pet. For more information contact Scugog SeniorsAdvisory Committee at 289-485-1012 and leave a message or email or refer to the Focus May 2016 issue pages 39 and 43. Join us this Friday June 3 10 am - 3 pm Seniors Information Fair Seniors Making a Difference FOCUS - JUNE 2016 25 New 18 Hole Layout Great Daily Green Fee Rates Stunning Membership Packages Beautiful Weddings Banquets Offsite Conferences Office Retreats 1-905-448-7848 1-705-932-4653 1-888-932-2005 2 Players for 80 Includes 18 Holes of GolfShared Power Cart plus applicable taxes Available Monday through Thursday anytime and after 1100am on Fri.SatSun Holidays Experience Something Spectacular 216 Queen Street Port Perry Ontario L9L 1B2 Tel 905-985-2171 Fax 905-985-4572 Port Perrys only locally owned and operated Funeral Home Since 1846 Myles ORiordan FUNERAL DIRECTOROWNER Susan ORiordan since 1917 EMMERSON INSURANCE BROKER LIMITED Personal Professional Competitive 193 Queen St. Port Perry Antique Auto Insurance Specialists 905-985-7306 1-800-387-5642 or visit us at A Proud SPonSor of roAr by the ShoreS Last year Cameron and Clara Hick talented young people from our community decided to put on a concert and donate the proceeds to the G-Moms. With the help of some other special performers they raised over 800 for the Grannies and their orphans and entertained a star- struck audience. They are planning a second concert for this coming Saturday June 11th at 7 p.m. at the Port Perry United Church 294 Queen St. Port Perry. These talented dedicated musicians and friends will present an eclectic variety of musical numbers that are sure to make your heart happy as you tap your feet and clap your hands. There will be no tickets sold but a free will donation will be available. Please join us as we enjoy ourselves and make lives better at the same time. We are beyond honoured. G-MOMS PORT PERRYof Supporting the Stephen Lewis Foundation It is important to make sure you give yourself at least 3 warm and sunny days to clean and seal your deck. You should allow 24 hours between cleaning your deck and applying deck sealer. Cleaning the exterior of your home can be done with a regular garden hose and mild detergent. Pressure washers can force water up and under your siding and cause mildew and rot so beware. Scugog Pest Control is owned and operated by Jim and Ellen Cross serving Durham Region and beyond since 2004. We are teamed with fully licensed certified and insured professionals Andrew Lamb and Rick Grieve. Our mission is to provide needed pest control services of varying descriptions to the home or business owners to help make living with pests or Not more enjoyable indoors and out. Using the best products available we can deal with anything from carpenter ants spiders cluster flies to bats squirrels birds and almost anything in between. Scugog Pest Control are members of CPMA NPMA IPM and The Port Perry Chamber of Commerce. We enjoy working with our clients and were honoured to be named Best Pest Control for the past 9 years. Our guarantee is if you are not happy with our service let us know and we will be back to make it right Scugog Pest Control 27 Angle Street Caesarea 905-986-4169 See our ad on page 30. Well do what it takes to solve your pest problems June has the longest daylight hours perfect for getting outside and taking care of those nagging annual home cleaning and repair chores before the heat becomes too much. Make sure your summer is easier by getting your home and outdoor gear in shape now. JUNE SPRING 193 North St. Port Perry 905-985-4910 A. Oppers Ltd W i n d o w s D o o r s PRIDETHAT SHOWS THROUGH FROM STARTTO FINISH Scugogs premier supplier of windows and doors since 1979 Spring and summer are the best time to have your chimney sweep inspect and clean your chimney. If there is damage this will allow plenty of time to have the damage repaired. 26 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 SHEPSTONE HAULAGE LTD. 1451 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-7282 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC SHEPSTONE HAULAGE L I M I T E D PICK UP DELIVERY AVAILABLE MulchGravel Sand Top Soil PLAYGROUNDS PET RUNS A B GRADE BACK FILLING MASONRY AND BEACH QUALITY DRAIN AND SEPTIC STONE GRANITE STONE NATURAL STONE 1 - 4 RIVER ROCK 4 - 6 GABION STONE PEA STONE HPB STONE UNSCREENED SCREENED AND TRIPLE MIX Limestone Products Stone We offer antiques vintage finds shabby chic and locally made rustic furniture.We also house the works of local artisans. We have new Canadian made Steampunk jewellery items made from reclaimed antique tin the areas largest selection of cast iron and a variety of knobs and handles Weve added wallpaper to our home dcor studio already offering custom drapery and upholstery as well blinds shutters and lighting. Our LemonTreeTea Room and Ptisserie offers a variety of lunch selections and HighTea openTuesdays through Saturdays. Call 905-985-4643 for reservations. So come in and see whats new.We promise to become your new favourite Destination Shopping Location Coach House Studio 605 Regional Road 21 Port Perry 905-982-2705 See our ad on page 29. Our year-round open barn with wonderful new garden home and cottage dcor items Over 35 Years of Customer Satisfaction and Installation Experience 170 CASIMIR STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-0715 Over Ridge Fireplace BBQ Furnace JAMES PAPIA ISA Certied Arborist 905-982-1998 Tree Trimming Pruning Tree Stump Removal Free Estimates Arbor Consultation TREErifc Tree Service SO-4204A FOCUS - JUNE 2016 27 JUNE SPRING JUNE Have you ever wanted to sit in your backyard and experience a sense of pleasure at accomplishing a garden of your dreams Here at Century Home and Garden Greenhouses we grow our own plants and our knowledge is second to none. Our family and trained staff help teach you about your new plants whether it be vegetables annuals perennials or baskets we can guide you to get the best blooms or yield. We have over 1 acre of greenhouse and outside selection to choose from. We are open from Mon - Sat 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sun 9 a.m - 5 p.m. Century Home and Garden Greenhouses 1431 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-2672 See our ad on page 29. Take your pick from local quality Fred Shepstone owner of Shepstone Haulage Port Perry has been serving Southern Ontario for over 40 years. Fred provides delivery for both do-it-yourself residential home owners to large industrial job sites. He will schedule your delivery to be in time for your projects to be completed on schedule. If you are unsure of the products you require Fred and his knowledgeable staff will offer insights into the best product for the job. He truly believes that his professional experience and credibility will exceed all your expectations and that is what you need to get the job done right the first time. Before you begin any job stop in to talk to Fred or Bonny at Shepstone Haulage. Shepstone Haulage 1451 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-7282 See our ad on page 27. Get it done right the first time - on time Precision carpentry Now that the big spring clean is behind us its time for those home and yard renovations that have been pushed aside. Gerrits Contracting is a one stop shop for custom cabinets furniture refinishing decks fences sheds additions garages and flooring. Renew an old kitchen with refinished cabinets add storage space to your yard with a brand new shed or finally achieve that outdoor living space youve been dreaming of with a new deck. Chad Gerrits the owner and operator is a Red Seal certified carpenter whos focus is on precision work and quality. Call today for a free estimate. Gerrits Contracting Corporation 905-260-6347 See our ad on page 27. Blinds - Draperies - Shutters - Shades Great Selection - Stylish Colours Superior Service - Satisfaction Guaranteed Joe Gibson Blackstock 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry A style for every point of view. Free In-Home Consultation Refresh your home Revive your sense of style Renew your windowsS E R I E S By Budget Blinds Everything From The Front Door To The Back Door Durhams First Choice for Renovations Hire MDS Home Renovations for all of your Interior Renovations Licensed Insured Call or email to schedule in your Free Estimate Phone 905-404-5115 Email Website Facebook Mds Home Renovations Viktor Treiguts 905-243-4606 Licensed and Insured by WSIB Over 15 Years Experience 28 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 48 Water St. Port Perry ON 905 985-3767 Beautify Your Outdoor Living Perennials 2.99 and up Beautiful Planters 24.99 Large Tomato Cages 11.99 starting at Century Home Garden Greenhouses Where the Spirit of Gardening Lives 905-985-2672 1431 Hwy. 7A Port Perry Family owned by John Karen Colleen vanderZalm The Pool Heater Doctor is a specialist in installation sales and service of any natural gas or propane pool heater as well as Gas BBQ fittings and piping. Our products and exceptional service are what sets us apart from the competition.We take pride in knowing that our clients receive the best products available on the market today and we partner with companies that stand behind them. With over 40 years of experience we offer prompt service a tidy approach to your backyard and a season that lasts from April 1st to the end of November. Call us today and let us help you get the most out of your pool season The Pool Heater Doctor 905-986-4000 See our ad on page 31. Exceptional service sets us apart ANTIQUES UNIQUES DCOR MORE COACH HOUSE STUDIO ITS A DESTINATION SHOPPING LOCATION 605 Regional Road 21 Port Perry 905.982.2705 Our year-round open barn features Garden Home Cottage Decor items large selection and variety of cast iron knobs handles rustic furniture wallpaper . . . and so much more FOCUS - JUNE 2016 29 JUNE SPRING JUNE Transform your Kitchen into the Heart of Your Home Port Perry ROLLOUT DRAWERS Alec Cook Dont put it off any longer. The solution is just a phone call away. 905-904-2050 New Kitchens Refaced Kitchens Rollout Drawers BathroomVanities Closets REFACED Nature springs to life and our homes show us their need for renewal tooWhat better way to start than in the heart of our home The Kitchen. Its easy to replace a dull worn out look with up to the minute styles. New doors hardware and counters will make the heart of your home appear new again Brand new faucets sink lighting and mouldings will finish the fresh new look. All this can be done without the cost and mess of a major renovation. Its as easy as making a quick call to Alec at Ideal Home Storage Solutions to ask about our kitchen refacing plan. Ideal Home Storage Port Perry 905-904-2050 See our ad below. Dont settle for anything but the best WINNER FOR 7 YEARS Readers Choice Awards 905-655-3291 1-800-575-5656 4179 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa just 10km south of Port Perry When Quality Counts MOWERS STARTING AT 80 INSIGHTFUL ENGINEERING. PROVEN DURABILITY. EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE ANAMERICANWORKHORSE SINCE 1916 30 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Change the filter in your air conditioning system. Thirty days is the longest you should wait especially during peak usage months. Inspect the operation of the automatic light timers motion detector systems and lawn irrigation systems especially if you are planning to leave on vacation. Prune trees and shrubs so that the growing branches do not come in contact with the exterior of your home. PORTABLE AFFORDABLE LUXURIOUS Call today for start-up and cleaning of your pool heater Just plug in anywhere Super Spring SPECIAL 4295 Complete with stairs cover hand rail. Reg. 5295. while supplies last. Milestone Mocha Marble Grey Sandstone Green Call 905.986.4000 Solar shades protect your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays and provide great insulation while maintaining your beautiful view. Cellular shades unique honeycomb construction help insulate your room making energy use more efficient and less costly. These shades are available in a vast variety of colours patterns and opacities. Most solar and cellular materials are available in a vertical application that is perfect for patio doors.This allows you to co-ordinate your windows and patio doors. Consider purchasing cordless shades for children and pet safety. Ask about our no questions asked warranty. To view our hot summer trends products call Budget Blinds for a complimentary in-home consultation email or visit our website. Budget Blinds 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comport perry See our ad on page 28. Keep your cool with our hot summer trends where high style meets low energy costs 1874 SCUGOG ST. HWY 7A PORT PERRY 905-985-7420 Over 30 years experience in customer satisfaction Local Canadian Grill Experts QUEEN MATTRESSES Starting at 375 Whatever you do in bed Sealy supports it. Comfort to Suit Everyones Needs Inspirational Wood Works Inc. Custom Finishing Carpentry 905-242-4690 Ian Ross - Port Perry Custom Built-Ins Interior Finishing Hardwood Flooring Kitchens Harvest Tables More FOCUS - JUNE 2016 31 32 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 The name Arthur Brunton may not be familiar to many Port Perry and Scugog Township residents but this mild-mannered soft spoken man was once considered one of Canadas top poultry breeding experts. Mr. Brunton during the late 1940s and 1950s raised and nurtured Rhode Island Reds chickens achieving world fame for his breeding expertise. One of his many laying hens Red Lady pro- duced a record 346 eggs in 365 days. In 1950 he was honoured by the Pakistan government for his generos- ity in providing five dozen hatching eggs of his famous worlds record egg- producing strain of Rhode Island Reds to that country half of them free of charge. At a special gathering of 500 guests in Ottawa including the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Prime Minister of Canada he was presented with a ex- quisitely hand-wrought silver tray and cups for his generosity. In June 1952 a fire which started from a seized motor swept through- out Mr. Bruntons hatchery building on Concession 6 destroying one of his buildings. Fortunately Port Perry fire- fighters were able to save a larger barn that was standing nearby. Undaunted Mr. Brunton rebuilt a new hatchery at the corner of Hwy. 7A and Queen St. and began working out of the new facility. By this time the hatchery was shipping 250000 chicks annually throughout Canada and the world. After only four years in the new fa- cility Mr. Brunton retired and sold his building to the Brewers Retail who renovated the building and opened it as an outlet for beer in 1958. By Peter Hvidsten Focus on Scugog Arthur Brunton The new Brunton Farms Hatchery building located at the corner of Hwy. 7A and Queen St. was opened in October 1952 to great fanfare. A large crowd attended a special opening on Saturday October 25 to see the modern new 72 x 36 building with its state-of-the-art hatching equipment. Arthur Brunton operated successfully here until June 1956. This Brunton Hatchery building on the 6th Concession was saved from being destroyed in the 1952 fire. Bruntons Hatchery becomes first Brewers Retail FOCUS - JUNE 2016 33 In September 1966 the Brewers Retail tore down Mr. Bruntons former hatchery building and re-opened on the same site in a newly constructed building. The new building bottom right is still in use today. In March 1989 the Brewers Retail became the The Beer Store. It has operated from the same site for more than 50 years. This small building just west of the hatchery was a ready to eat chicken outlet which served fresh cooked chicken to the public on weekends. Bruntons former ready to eat chicken outlet is now a two-storey building operated as the Chalet Restaurant. 34 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Scugog What s Up SUNDAY JUNE 5 GABRIEL PALATCHI BAND ARGENTINIAN PIANIST EXTRAORDINAIRE IS BACK My friend Gabriel is travelling all over the continent South America Buenos Aires Mexico mostly Tulum British Columbia touring touring This is Gabriels sixth Annual Port Perry appearance en route between the Toronto clubs Ottawa Montreal and Quebec City. They will leave you breathless. Fans agree Gabriel Palatchi is a rare phenomenon and taps into a main vein of untold energy and Latino re when he attacks the key- board at the speed of sound. Please check the website. Doors Open 700 p.m. Location Jesters Upstairs Music Charge 15 per person Reservations Call Lynn 289-354-1140 or email at jesters court June Jazz will Knock your Sandals Off This show will sell out ArgentinianCubano Jazz Piano Trio A great opportunity for seniors to get information they need. Living Joyful a comical and inspirational keynote speech by Jacquie Hermans medical care transportation and housing senior dogs for seniors and more. Location Scugog Community Recreation Centre 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Admission Free Information 289-485-1012 or email Donations of non-perishable food items will be gratefully accepted for Operation Scugog Friday June 3 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Have your say SCUGOG SENIORS INFORMATION FAIR A race for all ages. Registration Friday June 3 6 - 9 p.m and Saturday from 7 - 10 a.m. First boats in the water at 8 a.m. Saturday morning. Childrens Crafts BBQ Awards Ceremony 2 p.m Silent Auction Location Latcham Centre 121 Queen Street Port Perry Admission Minimum race entrance fee 50 Everyone encouraged to raise more. Information 905-985-8698 ext 103 Saturday June 4 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. CANOE THE NONQUON 48th Annual Share the Treasures ANNUAL GIANT YARD SALE Saturday June 4 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Our community has been most supportive of this event and we hope you have saved your treasures to share with us yet again. There will be bins for electronics and scrap metal. When purchasing items on the Saturday it will be by donation. Find G-Moms with foolish hats and lovely yellow T-shirts to make your payment. All proceeds go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation where we guarantee that 90 of that money gets directly to the projects so we can continue to support over 17 million orphans. We feel strongly that the only way to make a difference for this devastated continent is by empowering our Grandmothers in Africa as they care for their grandchildren and get them to school. Hope to see you there Location Scout Hall 15585 Simcoe Street Port Perry Donations for this sale can be dropped off at the Hall on Friday June 3 from 4 until 9 p.m. G-MOMS PORT PERRYof present June 4-25 June brings a new exhibit to The Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery called VIVID. The SCA is featuring two artists with complementary work to participate in this show Colin Whitebread and Kirsty Naray. Colin paints lively bold landscapes in vivid acrylics. Kirsty works with glass in equally bold colours that will delight the viewer. VIVID Opening Reception will be held Saturday June 4 from 1 - 3 p.m. at the SCAGallery. The exhibit runs through Saturday June 25. SCA Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. The Gallery is wheelchair accessible. Location The Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery 181 Perry Street Port Perry SCUGOG COUNCIL FOR THE FOR THE SCUGOG COUNCIL VIVID FOCUS - JUNE 2016 35 Friday June 10 5 - 8 p.m. Saturday June 11 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday June 12 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Over 20 local artists are participating at the Port Perrys Artists Association Art Show Sale featuring a wide variety of original paintings. Pieces in oil acrylic watercolour and mixed media will be on display and for purchase. Door prizes and refreshments Location Latcham Centre 121 Queen Street Port Perry Admission Free Information email Presented by the Port Perry Artists Association Come and join the fun downtown Port Perry at twilight as the merchants turn up the savings for you All of Port Perrys eclectic stores boutiques and eateries will be offering fabulous savings on a wide variety of items Location Downtown Port Perry Admission Free Information 905-985-4971 or visit Come and join the fun downtown Port Perry at twilight as Friday June 17 6 p.m. - midnight Saturday June 11 The Telus Motorcycle Ride for Dad invites everyone to join the 10th annual ride for charity. All monies raised go towards Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness. The event promises to be a fun-lled day and includes breakfast prizes lunch poker run and a scenic ride. There will be a gift for the rst 250 riders. Plus all registered par- ticipants will receive a chance to win a custom motorcycle valued at 124000 for every 200 in donations raised. See for details and contest rules. Pre-registration available on Friday June 10 from 5 - 8 p.m. or Saturday morning from 730 - 930 a.m. at the Scugog Recreation Centre Pad 1 west side 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. Opening Ceremony 930 a.m. and kickstands up at 10. If you dont ride be sure to come out and wave to the hun- dreds of bikes and riders as they parade down Reach St. Simcoe St. Queen St. and Water St. past Palmer Park. Register or donate online at THE TELUS 2016 Get your motors running . . . Meet Bernie Finkelstein Author Manager to Bruce CockburnCanadian Rock and Roll Pioneer Michael Occhipinti guitaristarranger. Juno nomi- nee Elizabeth Shepherd Montreal pianist sings and plays Cockburn songs with Michael. Bernie Finkelstein reects on the 70s and 80s in the Canadian Music Industry detailing his career as Bruces manager. The True North Publishing Group oversaw works by song-writers including Cockburn McLachlan and Rough Trade Anne Murray The Barenaked Ladies Jerry Garcia k.d. Lang The Rankins Maria Muldaur Jimmy Buffett Judy Collins Elbow Dan Fogelberg and The Barra MacNeils to name a few. Thursday June 9 7 p.m. The Bruce Cockburn Project Location Jesters Court Listening Room 297 Queen Street Port Perry Admission 25 pp Reservations Lynn at 289-354-1140 Small room committed reservations only...please. An approachable raconteur Bernie Finkelstein shares stories from the launch of Canadian content which he helped to cre- ate. This is an up close and personal evening you will not forget. Lynn McDonald presents Saturday June 11 From 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. more than 300 people will walk run or bike up to ve kilometres to raise funds and awareness about mental health and dispel the stigma that surrounds these types of disorders. An event for the whole family there will be a petting zoo and face painting for the kids music entertainment a free BBQ at noon and amazing prizes. Location Heydenshore Park Waterfront Trail 589 Water Street Whitby Information 905-430-8014 48th Annual Walk for Mental Health Awareness Debs Wine Paint Row Boat Wed. June 15th 730-930pm Poppy Trio Wed. June 22nd 730-930pm Margarita Wed. June 29th 730-930pm Join me for a night of fun and creativity as I guide you thru the step by step painting process. No experience necessary Register early for one or all of the above courses to reserve your seat. Just 40.00 per course includes all supplies due at time of registration supplies include canvas line drawing paints easels brushes and aprons. Painted on 12 x 16 canvas. Drinks munchies are available for purchase during class. Location Col. Mustards Bar Grill 15 Water Street Port Perry Information Debbie Cotton email 905-718-4097 call or text facebook Debs Wine Paint 36 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 presents July 6 - 9 Godspell is a perennial favourite appealing to audiences of all ages. In Godspell parables from the gospel according to Matthew are engagingly and energetically told through song and dance. The show features an outstanding timeless score and a talented cast led in a production lled with inventive staging and choreography. July 21 - 23 This witty satire pokes fun at 19th century playwrights and theatre conventions. Two theatre collaborators writing a new libretto set out to solve the problem of losing their young composer when he accidently overhears a romantic ex- change between his anc and a has-been leading actor. What ensues is a fast- paced hilarious series of antics and twists contrived by one of the collaborators to conceal the truth soothe the fragile ego of the young composer and save their libretto. Location Town Hall 1873 Centre for the Performing Arts 302 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-8181 And theres more Port Perry Summer Theatre also includes the Port Perry Condential Musical Theatre Project the 1st Durham Minifest theatre festival Summer Stages youth theatre camps com- munity cabarets and readings and The Art and Craft of Theatre exhibition at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery. Visit for full event line up and details Saturday June 18 9 a.m. Start The Port Perry Lions Club will host its 17th annual Soapbox Derby along MacDonald St. from the intersection of Ottawa St. at the rear of Port Perry High School to Old Simcoe Rd. For anyone who cant build their own car the Lions Club has soapbox cars it will loan to ensure that everyone can enjoy a day of racing and fellowship. The derby gets underway starting at 9 a.m. The entry fee is 10 per driver and includes a free t-shirt and participation trophy. Location MacDonald St. Port Perry Information 905-985-0120 or email We are looking for volunteers to help load the derby cars on and off the travel trailers on race day Port Perry Lions Club SOAP BOX Derby Friday July 1 11 a.m. Start Celebrate our local culture on Canadas 149th birthday in Port Perry at Palmer Park and along Water St. from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Support the Troops parade kicks off at 11 a.m. and during the day enjoy the local food arts and crafts childrens activities entertainment and concludes with our unbelievable reworks display set for dusk Location Water St. Port Perry Information 905-985-7346 ext 112 or visit CELEBRATIONS Saturday June 18 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. For participants 4 to 10 years of age. Games team pictures skills competition BBQ sponsored by Vos Independent Grocer. Grandparents who wish to attend but worry about getting across the elds can let us know and we can drive them out on our golf cart sponsored by Wave Dental Port Perry. Location Scugog Fields 16700 Old Simcoe Road Port Perry Information Ombrelle Active Start Festival What s Up Scugog Saturday June 18 9 a.m. Working Together For a Healthy Community is what this event is about and why everyone is putting their paddles in the water on this special day. The two charities involved are Port Perry Hospital Foundation and The Scugog Lake Stewards. Join all the festival offers including opportunities for fun t- ness and fellowship for all ages and genders. Compete for medals in various divisions and a prize for the best-dressed team Location Palmer Park Port Perry along the waterfront Information Carol Gonder 705-932-2078 or Jackie Taggart 905-407-2174 12th Annual Port Perry Dragonboat Festival To submit your upcoming event email by the 8th of the month one month before you need it to be published. FOCUS - JUNE 2016 37 For the second time in 140 years Joseph Bigelows original Port Perry home has been lifted off its foundation. The house now located at 100 Mary St. was built in 1855 and while its not the most architecturally impressive home in the com- munity it is without a doubt one of the towns most historically significant homes. Recognizing the importance of the historical home local builder John Lucyk purchased the property and came up with a plan to renovate the home and build an addition that will transform it into a shared-residence for seniors. Work began on the 4500 sq. ft. project earlier this year and last month the historic structure was raised from its old foundation in preparation for constructing a basement. Mr. Lucyk said in an interview last year that special care will be taken to preserve and enhance the integrity of this heritage home plus all the modern amenities will be featured. When completed 100 Perry St. will have four spacious and pri- vate bedroomssitting areas with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets. Laundry facilities will be provided on each floor and a grand kitchen will be available to share. There will be a beautiful dining room a Georgian room a back deck parking and a new entrance. The house is important for many reasons although the most note- able is that it was the first home of Joseph Bigelow the towns most influential and important citizen during the towns early develop- ment. Mr. Bigelow was not only an entrepreneur he was the towns first post master first Reeve Justice of the Peace bank manager and one of the towns leading industrial and commercial businessmen. The Bigelow house was originally on a lot located approximately at 183 Queen St. where Tweed Hickory is located today. Joseph and his twin brother Joel took possession of the land in 1851 and built a simple two-storey structure to house a general store and living accommoda- tions. After Joel moved to Whitby and with the business expanding Joseph and his wife Elizabeth decided to build a new house separate from the store. It was on this lot their two-storey white frame home was built in 1855. Years later with a family of six children the Bigelows decided to move from Queen St. so they might have more pri- vacy. They had their comfortable home moved during the early winter months of 1876 to its present 100 Mary St. lot. In the years since it was moved the home has had a number of owners. The last family to own the house and raise a family was Stan and Vera Hatchinski who purchased the house in August 1959. Mrs. Hatchinski continued to live in the home until 2011 when she moved away. By Peter Hvidsten Focus on Scugog Joseph Bigelows first home in Port Perry was located on Queen Street. The two-storey frame home was moved from the street about 1876 to its present location at 100 Perry Street. The house was raised off its old foundation in preparation for renovations in April 2016. The Bigelow house was moved to this lot at 100 Mary Street in 1876. 38 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 TRAVEL KEEP FLYING I dont want to stop ................................ Several months ago I had the pleasure of visiting four countries Switzerland Sri Lanka Dubai and England and all the flights were done on a brand new airplane. Not just any airplane but the Emirates Airways new A380 Airbus. I normally write about the locales I visit but having spent more than 20 hours over four weeks on this luxury aircraft I thought it would be interesting to share not the destination but the manner in which one arrives there. My annual travels averaged over 50 plus flights a year and I have be- come familiar with most airplanes and airlines. It was my first Emirates flight but certainly not my last. The plane which seems to hover slowly when landing was larger than anything I had ever seen. The A380 is three times as long as a Boeing 737. In fact the tail alone is nearly the same width as the 737s wingspan. The sight was simply amazing and when the plane landed I realized how immense it truly was. The inside of the craft is unbeliev- able. When fully outfitted for economy the A380 Airbus can hold more than 800 passengers. This particular plane was divided into First Business and Economy classes. Needless to say I was in economy but sat in the first or second row in the front of the lower level yes there are two stories. The economy section is much finer than most airplanes I have travelled on. Adjustable headrests more space and a sliding base allowing deeper seat recline meant more comfort for pas- Economy class. FOCUS - JUNE 2016 39 sengers. Each seat features a personal digital widescreen TV with over 2000 channels of on-demand entertain- ment. During one flight I did not want to de-plane as I was enthralled by the entertainment on the 17 inch screen in front of me. An in-seat power supply for laptops dual port USB and extra-large table provide a comfortable workspace for pleasure or business. Moving to Business Class adds a level of luxury never imagined. Your seat extends to form a flatbed up to two metres long. The seats include per- sonal storage massage features and a privacy divider. For your convenience every seat has access to the aisle as well as access to the 2000 channels of entertainment available on a 17 Digital widescreen TV. To add to your personal comfort you will find a built-in mini-bar in every seat. As if that was not enough a third level of travel First Class has been added for the traveller who wants it all. Enjoy your own sanctuary in spacious private suites each equipped with an electrically operated sliding door a personal mini-bar adjustable ambient lighting and its own vanity table mirror and wardrobe. Every seat has a built-in massage system with adjustable speed and in- tensity. The seat converts to a fully flat bed with a mattress so you can arrive at your destination relaxed and re- freshed all this for only 14000 return from Toronto to Dubai. Features such as dine on demand and a 23-inch TV turns your suite into your personal private space. Oh did I mention a shower Yes there are two in the First Class section however you can only use them for twenty minutes at a time something I cant even do at home as the well would run dry. I remember when I first came to Canada my dad took me to Malton Airport to see the magnificence of the new DC8 as it dwarfed the tarmac. Years later we went to see the first 747 when it touched down in Toronto. The A380 is yet another step in the unending quest for larger and faster. Who knows what the future will bring perhaps a plane so large you can enter in the rear walk to the front and be in Europe. I should touch on the comfort of the flight itself. If I had not peered out of the window I would not have known that we had taken off or landed. There was absolutely no turbulence on any of the legs I took. I look forward to my next journey aboard this new level of travel. I hope they dont mind singing in the showers. Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer author columnist and key-note speaker. Follow his adventures at Inside the first class compartment. The washroom. 158 Casimir St. Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC TICO 4577532 LIMITED SPOTS LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN 4 nights October 23 - 27 Riu Paradise Island Nassau 1125per person based on double occupancy Call for details INCLUDES 425TAX 40 FOCUS - JUNE 2016 Computer REPAIRS IT and Network SUPPORT PC and Server UPGRADES 333 Major St.Port Perry 905-985-0568 SERVING SCUGOG UXBRIDGE TOWNSHIPS Reach Northport Rd. Port Perry 905-985-0802 Since 1996 signs vehicle lettering graphics boat names numbers Trophies Awards Corporate Promotions Embroidery Graphic Design Engraving Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road Port Perry Your Name is Our Business 905-985-2234 WHERE E VERYBODY KNOWS YO UR NAME 1430 King Street Port Perry Fathers Day Golf Dinner Special Call to reserve NINE AND DINE IS BACK Every Friday all Summer 9 Twilight Holes Power Cart and our Famous Pasta Bar Dinner 45. tax included Tee Times 4-6 - Dinner from 5-9 Tuesday May 17 five teams pedaled for the cause Port Perry Dental Associates Port Perry Realtors Scugog ChamberTownship of Scugog Banks of Port Perry and Off the Couch. Above last minute instructions for Port Perry Dental Associates. Below Scugog ChamberTownship of Scugog are all smiles before boarding the Big Bike. NOW THATS A Operated by Rogers Communications You really can have the best of both worlds with Compton Contact our of- fice today for more on how to get started or bundle your current packages. At Compton we make it easy 905-985-8171 I Same Local Customer Service New Big City Speeds INTERNET 30 INTERNET 60 PACKAGES Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2009 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2010 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2012 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2011 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2013 Best Telephone Service Internet Provider See for yourself why we were voted Readers Choice 5 years in a row CHANGING FACEOF PORT PERRY... www.NORTHDURHAMEYECLINIC.COM THE ONE 189NORTH ST. 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IV sedation gum surgeries all extractions - the Dental Centres are here for you We welcome ALL smiles - new and familiar - call today to book your appointment STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT Creating Smiles Since 1992 Your Confident Smile is Our Goal YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y 1893 Scugog St. Port Perry START SIZZLING Its that time of year again Check out our mouth-watering barbecue delights. Garden Centre Still plenty of time to plant your garden. Stop by our garden centre for best selection quality and prices.