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FOCUSon Scugog MAY 2016 See Page 3See PageSee Page 3See PageSee Page 33 Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon Periodontist New Patients Always Welcome port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTIST 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE A Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile Lets choose together O P T I C I A N S est 1982 Book an Eye Examination THE VISION CLINIC 305 Queen St 905 985 9388 Publisher Editor ................. MaryAnn Fleming Advertising ..............Tracy Souch Hallie Karpis Production.....................................Arlene Walker Freelance Writers ............. Jonathan van Bilsen Lynn Campbell Paul Arculus Karen Stiller Marjorie Fleming Scott Mercer Peter Hvidsten Website................................................Bill Walker Accounting........................................ Judy Ashby FOCUSon Scugog MAY 2016 Volume 11 - Number 2 Published by Focus on Scugog Inc. 188 Mary Street Unit 201 Port Perry L9L 1A2 905-985-8585 email website Focus on Scugog is published 12 times a year from Port Perry and is distributed to all homes and businesses in Scugog Township by Canada Post. Delivery the rst Tuesday of each month although this date does vary depending on the number of weeks in a month. Opinions expressed by columnists contributors and letter writers must be signed including address and phone number. Letters must be signed. Requests that a name be withheld will be honoured only if there is a compelling reason to do so. features 3 15 43 44 regulars 17 33 51 54 Thumbs Rating local events and decisions. Changing Faces Local businesses on the move. Whats Up Scugog Local entertainment you dont want to miss. PhotosNtravel Adventures with Jonathan van Bilsen. Sandy Michell had a Dream WindReach Farm showing signs of spring. Serve It Smash It Win It Love It Port Perry Tennis Club serves up fun. Celebrating Seniors Month Dont miss the special event on June 3rd. Seven Good Reasons to have a Cuppa Joe here. The Coffee Kiosk explains. At Focus on Scugog we value reader input. Unique local story ideas and any community information is always welcome and we will publish as much as we possibly can. Please submitideasto GOT IDEAS LETS HEAR THEM our cover Photo by Lynn Campbell A rooster struts his stuff as spring is in the air. To see lots of barnyard springtime babies visit WindReach Farms. See story on page 3. FOCUSon Scugog MAY 2016 See Page 3See Page 3See PageSee Page 3 13 FOCUS - MAY 2016 1 39 2 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Annual Hearth Place Valentines Dance Dear Editor We would like to thank everyone for supporting our Annual Hearth Place Valentines Dance. Once again this sold out event was a huge success. This event would not be successful without the help of many others. Everyone working this event was a volunteer. The catering by Lelis Sons Pastizzis John Bonello Lourdes Barbara and Kendra Caron was more than expected and again they raised the bar. Food was fantastic. Live entertainment by local band Plan B The Band kept the dance floor packed all night long. Band members include Jon Bourgeois Mike Murczek Pat Sabyan Julie Renwick Lisa Carnwith John Foster and Bill Dowson. Thanks to the local businesses for their contribution Old Flame Brewery Steam Whistle Brocks Danas Goldsmithing Branching Out Emmerson Insurance Great Blue Heron Casino Herringtons Port Perry Dental Centre Lake Scugog Lumber PP Print and the Scugog Township. Our bartenders Stacey and Darryl Master of Ceremonies Anna Barbara have been with us from G Moms send out a Huge Thank You to Port Perry and Friends Dear Editor Gala on the Greens 2016 was again a wonderful success. FACTS We support over 17 million orphans in Sub-Sahara Africa. Stephen Lewis Foundation guarantees that 90 of the monies raised go directly to the projects we support. Kids get to eat go to school and even get counselling. Grannies get help to create income-generating projects They become empowered to help themselves and others. 90 businesses large and small donated prizes for our marketplace. Many happy recipientswinners were strongly encouraged to reciprocate and support local business. Donations were very generous and creative and we raised over 18000. That keeps a lot of kids in school. We will personally deliver your Thank You. Ubuntu is a SubSaharan African philosophy and a way of life. It defines what it means to be truly human We affirm our own humanity when we acknowledge the full humanity of others. Ubuntu principles include dignity respect honesty empathy caring sharing and compassion. Visit our Web Site and see all that we do and all of our upcoming events. G-Moms of Port Perry Please send us your letters. We ask that you keep them to a maximum of 250 words although shorter is often better. Be aware that we cannot publish negative letters about individuals or businesses. Submit to our very first fundraiser in 2013 and continue to do a wonderful job. Thanks to all the student volunteers who helped clean up sell tickets serve the food and at times sang a few songs Total monies raised were 7621.79 Our 5050 portion was donated to Tinas memoriam fund. The funds will be going to Tinas church in Grand Falls NF to help young people interested in learning a brass instrument in order to play in the band at church. We have already started making plans for next years event save the date Saturday February 18 2017. For more information please email Diana at Mike Murczek and Diana Bonello-Gibbs SHOP OUR PORT PERRY Saturdays 8 am - 1 pm Palmer Park Home Baking Preserves Fresh Fruits Fresh Vegetables Local Meats Local Honey Plants Flowers Herbs VQA Wine Crafts EAT FRESH BUY LOCAL OPENING JUNE 4 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 1 Spring Has Sprung at His wife Sally explains that Sandy was born with cerebral palsy giving him a rst-hand understanding about the problems caused by barriers to accessibility. In 1989 Sandy founded WindReach Farm a place for everybody.. Nestled on 105 rolling acres on Townline Road in Scugog Township WindReach Farm is unique. Its a fully accessible working farm and nature interpretation centre with wide paved pathways for easy wheelchair navigation. undreds of families enjoyed visiting WindReachs March Break Madness event sponsored by OPG Ontario Power Generation. Judging by the exclamations and the smiles people of all ages were having a good time. Volunteers including high school students earning their volunteer service credits met and greeted the visitors and provided in- formation on all of the agricultural attractions. Everybody likes the animals agreed Sally and grandson Noah who were spotted visit- ing with the adorable two-day-old uy baby chicks. Another sign of spring were the sweet new- born lambs in the barn guarded by the bleat- ing ewes and the purring cats. Sandy Mitchell had a dream. Spring Has Sprung atSpring Has Sprung at Sandy Mitchell had a dream. WindReach Farm ...................... Please turn to page 4 H FOCUS - MAY 2016 3 4 FOCUS - MAY 2016 n the Craft building Janice Bailey was found demonstrating how to operate a loom while Lesley Crothers showed off the art of knitting. The Farming and Community Participation Program Coordinator for the past five years Eleanor Meredith and student volunteer Sarah Peters were busy teasing wool which was dyed orange. Children were having creative fun making crafts out of bits of wool from WindReach sheep. Jonathon Oliver entertained everyone on the autoharp. ets visit Kendra Abbey from Sea- grave who is the Stable Manager. The barns are immaculate and theres a spacious indoor ring. It was fasci- nating to watch little Jasmine age three mounted on Sassy demonstrat- ing the therapeutic riding program. The oldest participant in this pro- gram is 72 said Cori Whittington a retired special education teacher who has enjoyed volunteering with the equestrian program for 10 years. e come across Community Living friends Tony Stephanie and Amanda with Cindy who are proud of the bountiful baskets of eggs they have gathered. An im- portant part of WindReach is work experience for individuals with intellectual mental health or physi- cal disabilities. Participants in the Community Participation program range in age from 14 years and older and benefit from learning everything from animal care to custodial duties horticulture property maintenance recycling vegetable harvesting wool processing and yes egg collection. eanwhile the visiting children mingle with the tame chickens and the colourful rooster pecking and strutting around the yard. One child is taking pictures of these feathered friends on her pink cell phone. he century barn which serves as the farm museum is a treasure chest of antiques artifacts and histor- ic photos. There we find Blackstock resident Karen Allen a volunteer since 2009. Shes demonstrating the art of spinning wool on a spinning wheel to be transformed into warm socks and sweaters. Nana Joanne Laviolette takes her two-year-old grandson Wes to feel the softness of the natural sheeps wool. The displays in the museum barn reveal that The Learning for Life Adult Day program at WindReach has featured everything from apple orchardstobeekeepingtoanimalhus- bandry Cori points out. Fundraising dances and events are also held in this rustic venue. ith assistance from the staff visitors had the novel experi- ence of feeding the farm animals including sheep goats and alpacas. Friendly horses and cows greeted the children as they traversed towards the stables coming over to the fences to say hello. heres a multi-sensory room and trailandevenanarcheryprogram. agon rides around the prop- erty are popular for people of all ages. The kids like roasting marsh- mallows over an open fire pit and other refreshments are available for purchase. heres also a gift shop featuring products created right on the premises. ewly renovated apartment ac- commodations are available for people who would benefit from an accessible respite retreat in a peaceful environment. The Wounded Warriors booked an upcoming visit. FUTURE VISTING OPPORTUNITIES Days old baby chicks. WindReach wagon rides tour the grounds. WindReach continued from page 3 DontworryYouhaventmissed your chance to visit the magical WindReach Farm to have a hands- on agricultural experience in a storybook country setting. Eleanor reassures that there are special events open to the public about once a month. Check out www. to plan your visit. Bring your camera and be prepared for a memorable day While enjoying your interaction with the friendly folks and critters you will discover that WindReach Farm truly lives up to its Vision Statement WindReach Farm in- spiresempowersandchangeslives. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog L I T N Blackstock resident Karen Allen with Nana Joanne Laviolette and 2-year-old Wes. M T W W PhotoSbyLyNNCAMPbELL W FOCUS - MAY 2016 5 port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King - Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon - Periodontist Your Hometown Dental Professionals 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTIST 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE MAKE BRUSHING MORE FUN Clean your teeth at the same time as them Stick to absolute standard routine as to when they are done Use the timer on your phone to time 2 minutes exactly Have a morning evening routine picture board that helps them transition from play Make up a funny tooth brushing song Dole out stickers and more stickers and more stickers Talk about germs in detail most kids are totally fascinated by germs Have a small special brush for dollies so their teeth can be cleaned at same time Let them look in a mirror whilst they are doing it young kids nd themselves hilarious Tell a story which stops if the brushing stops tips for getting children to brush their teeth 6 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Soups on Us a weekly drop-in lunch for the entire community has been serving up soup in Port Perry for the past 5 years. Soups on Us an initiative begun by a local Parents Support Group and enthusiastically sup- ported by a number of our local churches is closing its doors. At this 5 year milestone it has been determined that the program will not continue. Soups on Us has been a huge success due to the commitment and hard work of everyone involved from the church organizers to all our volunteers. The endeavour was begun with organizers from the churches and volunteers adults with special needs from the com- munity. The experiences and new friendships will not be forgotten and serve to demonstrate what can be done when differences in backgrounds can be put aside for the benefit of everyone. Our volunteers have gained skills and confidence working in the community. Soups on Us brought the community together with 100 people each week enjoying a hot delicious lunch during the fall and winter months more than 10000 over the years. We wish to thank our sponsors for their support Foodland Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Port Perry Smokehouse Vos Independent Grocers and Walmart. To our volunteers many thanks for your many long hours of cooking and serving. We are grateful to you our com- munity for supporting the Soups on Us program and making it the resounding success that it was. The North Durham Concert Band under the direction of Sarah Lynn Howie has had another successful year making music with and for the people of North Durham. In the past year they have appeared at the Uxbridge Santa Claus Parade treated the residents of Port Perry Place and the Villa to a concert and presented an extremely well received Christmas concert Sounds of the Season. On Wednesday May 4th at 730 p.m. the North Durham Concert Band will be wrapping up their season with Springtime Serenade at Port Perry United Church. Attendees of this concert will be treated to a selection of the North Durham Community Bands favourite popular jazz and classical selections from the past year. Attendees will also be treated to some delicious homemade treats as a thank you from the band to all of their supporters and fans. The whole family will enjoy this event.Admission is by donation and all funds raised will be used toward the purchase of music and practice venue rental. This performance will mark the end of this season but we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we can always use more fun committed musicians to enrich the sound and experience. So if you are tempted to join next September please dont hesitate to contact us. Whether you are interested in dusting off your musical instruments to join the band or in supporting the band by attending the Springtime Serenade we always look forward to seeing you. Soups on Us celebrates a happy and successful conclusion North Durham Concert Band wraps up 18th Season with a For more information about the North Durham Concert Band go to To enquire about membership email the Director of Music Sarah Batten at Springtime Serenade A letter to thank the Port Perry Community TERRY BOYLE Author and historian will speak about his latest book DISCOVER ONTARIO Wednesday May 11 - 730 p.m. Everyone WelcomeSt. Johns Presbyterian Church 319 Queen Street Port Perry Business Leaders PART 4 It takes skill experience and passion and here are a group of exceptional business people who have that and more to offer. Please support them whenever possible. Lets keep our business in and around the Scugog area. Business Leaders Four Part Feature Saluting Some Of Our Many Local Business Leaders GRANT LUCAS Sales Representative ABR SRS SRES A Full Time Realtor who prefers the personal hands-on approach to client care Grant brought with him over 25 years of Sales Marketing and Customer Service experience when he joined the industry in 2009. Grant keeps current with todays real estate market technology and marketing techniques to better serve his clients at Coldwell Banker RMR. This dedication to his people was reected when he received the Coldwell Banker Sapphire Society and Ultimate ServiceAwards. Grants strong Family Values and Work Ethic coupled with his Experience Professionalism and Friendly Outgoing Manner combine naturally to make him a Trusted Advisor and an excellent choice for Buyers and Sellers alike. Grant truly believes in giving The Care and Service You Deserve And by the way he is never too busy for any of your referrals. 1894 Scugog Street Port Perry Port Perry Plaza Ofce 905-985-9777 Direct 905-718-2933 R.M.R. Real Estate Brokerage Not Intended to Solicit Buyers or Sellers Already Under Contract Each Ofce Independently Owned and Operated JULI CONARD Therapeutic Grace Helping others is a fundamental part of who I am commented Juli Conard of Therapeutic Grace. I have an inner desire to help ease pain and reconnect the body mind and soul for optimal wellbeing. Juli offers Massage Therapy Reiki Meditation Classes Hypnosis for personal empowerment and growth Spiritual Retreats Life Coaching and Angel Therapy. Juli also offers Customized Wedding and Baptismal Services of any denomi- nation. More information and online booking is available through www.allseasons- Juli has been in the business of helping others to feel better and reacquaint themselves with their authentic selves for more than 16 years. Married with two young children Juli is the Greenbank Mission Team Coordinator plus she volunteers with the Little Rockers at the Port Perry Curling Club. Therapeutic Grace is open by appointment Monday through Friday. 14683 Old Simcoe Rd. Prince Albert 905-985-2006 FOCUS - MAY 2016 7 Business Leaders PART 1 188 Mary Street Port Perry 905-925-1343 JONATHAN VAN BILSEN PHOTOGRAPHY Jonathan van Bilsen has spent most of his adult life travelling photographing and writing about wonderful locations around the world. From his home in a country setting outside of Port Perry he has visited 96 countries written 9 books and has photographed some of the most exotic locales on our planet. His photography studio in downtown Port Perry features the latest in digital technology as well as large format printing capabilities producing spectacular portraits and commercial images. He currently writes 4 monthly features for magazines and newspapers and takes readers all over the world sharing his adventures and sometimes calamities in many different lands. Jonathans sense of humour and storytelling ability makes him an excellent speaker at events and meetings. He has spoken to groups as large as 1500 and as small as 20 in faraway places like Hawaii and Paris as well as close to home. Consider Jonathan van Bilsen as a guest speaker at your group or clubs next event. His adventures packed with award-winning photographs can be viewed at JONATHAN VAN BILSEN Photographer JEANNIE MUIR - TEAM LEADER AND TEAM - LIZ FULFORD GAYLE STAPLEY BEV MUIR GAIL KERRY Camilles Closet Its the best of both worlds when you can get a bargain and support a worthwhile cause at the same time. Camilles Closet is operated by the Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry. Open from 10 am 4 pm six days a week it specializes in recycling used merchandise all of which has been donated. Since Camilles began ve and half years ago they have raised over 152000 for the Port Perry hospital and is staffed exclusively by volunteers. Camilles Closet has been one of the key projects in helping the Auxiliary meet its commitments to the hospital. Currently theAuxiliary has pledged 350000 to support renovations of patient rooms now underway. Auxiliary members also organize the Polar Plunge in February and Tag Days in June. The gift shop in the hospital lobby operates all year. The Auxiliary welcomes new members to help with these and other programs. Supporting Auxiliary initiatives means better health care for you 119 Perry Street Unit 5 facing Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-9522 Born and raised on a family farm in the Greenbank area James Cannon left Port Perry High for University where he met his future wife Lori also from a family farm. In 2002 after years of commuting and demanding careers Lori is a chartered accountant and James has extensive retail experience they gave up the Corporate life to establish Trading Post Quality Foods just three miles from their Seagrave home where they are raising their three children. This successful business is famous for its quality meats and specialty foods. Customers enjoy choosing fresh beef chicken pork lamb sh and seafood plus culinary accompaniments. Forty-four people are employed to run the specialty food store 362 days of the year from 9-7 Monday to Wednesday 9-8 Thursdays and Fridays 9-6 on weekends and 9-5 on holidays. Closed Dec. 25 26 and Jan. 1. Future plans are to continue wowing customers with exceptional service and highest quality fresh local product. Community-minded the Trading Post sponsors a Dragon Boat team many local sports teams churches and numerous community events. 1920 Whiteld Road Port Perry 905-982-0118 JAMES and LORI CANNON Trading Post SUE DALBY Sues Signs Wedding Dreams Decorating Sues Signs was the winner of Best Sign Shop two years in a row for Scugog Township and that says a lot for this business owner Sue attributes this to taking care of her clients needs no matter how big or small the project. Creating signs has been Sues life and she has kept up with all the changes in the industry over the years to give her clients the best in materials and pricing Over 10 years ago she fell in love with the creativity of wedding decorating hence Wedding Dreams Decorating was born With both businesses Sues main focus is on listening to her clients needs and wishes and make sure her clients get quality products and services at the best possible deal. I pride myself in completing the tasks from beginning to end. She has great staff to help with decor. She can match or beat any competitors written quote with both businesses. Sue belongs to the SWNB 100 Women Who Care Chamber of Commerce and donates to many charity causes across Durham Region. 905-985-0008 905-985-0008 Wedding Specialty Decorating 8 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Business Leaders PART 1 DANA SMITH Danas Goldsmithing 186 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2953 DanaSmithownerofDanasGoldsmithing credits years of success with passion and persistence. She recognizes the great impor- tance of community and giving back and acknowl- edges her dedicated team of staff in her success. Over the years she has been honoured to receive numerous awards both personally and professionally and the store has most recently been named Central Canadian Retailer of the Year in 2014 by the Canadian Jewellery Group. Her personal spirit and drive is apparent in all aspects of the business. She ensures her staff are educated and keep up to date within the jewellery industry provides exceptional and timely services on site and maintains an immaculate interior store design and displays. As a leader in the industry Danas Goldsmithing was one of the rst independent retailers to launch an e-commerce site now available to shop online at your convenience. Technological advances have offered a broadened clientele area to expand across Canada for her true passion one-of-a-kind custom jewellery designs. Custom appointments are also available in the store by appointment. Visit us today at Danas Goldsmithing We Make it Personal SANDI YOKOM Bookkeeping Services Sandi Yokom has always been an entre- preneur. She worked for six years as a legal secretary at which time she handled accounting duties. She then spent three years as a real estate agent. Sandi later operated a deli for two years and then spent 10 years as an accounting clerk. In 2007 she nally decided to merge her experience and her skills in interacting with people to create her own bookkeeping service. With a spotlight on small business bookkeeping as well as computerized payroll government remittances payroll deductions and personal income tax Sandi specializes in providing clients with proper insight into RRSP planning. To provide the most convenient and affordable service possible small businesses only need to drop off paperwork on a monthlybi-monthly basis for Sandi to do the work. Take advantage of her convenient work hours Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm. Extended hours during tax season. 4 River Street Seagrave 905-985-8962 BOOKKEEPING SERVICES RANDALL JONES Superior Tire Auto Randall Jones owner of Superior Tire Auto Port Perry says no matter what tire you are looking for you will nd it here. We offer brand name tires such as Michelin Goodyear Toyo Kumho Bridgestone and many other great tires at great prices. The price includes free tire rotation for the life of the tires. Superior Tire Auto also offers a priced alignment on your vehicle with the purchase of four new tires. We offer a complete selection of rims whether you require alloy or steel. In addition we offer a discount oil lube and lter change at 29.95 tax up to 5 litres for most vehicles. Superior Tire Auto service is performed by highly skilled licensed technicians trained to work on all vehicle makes and models from brakes alignment air conditioning tune ups exhaust and more. Plus Vehicle Certications. For quality honest friendly service bring your vehicle in today and you will be more than satised Monday-Friday 800 am - 600 pm Saturday 800 am - 200 pm 1511 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-1999 LESLEY WESTBURY and VICTORIA WESTBURY Silver Cross Durham Silver Cross Durham offers exceptional service and care when it comes to health care equipment. Lesley Westbury and her daughter in-law Victoria Westbury are on hand to offer their knowledge compassion and commitment to provide the correct option for people with mobility issues. Theirhealthcareproductsolutionsincludestairliftselevatorsbathroomsafetywheelchairs walkers roll in showers and accessibility renovations aids for daily living. Victoria worked in a nursing home in England for 12 years commented that teaming up with Lesley three years ago to start Silver Cross was a perfect t. We are open 9 - 5 Monday to Friday and ready to help you We often answer our phones on weekends and offer weekendevening appointments Our website is very user friendly and you can generate an inquiry should you need a quote or an in-home visit. 850 King Street W. Oshawa 905-668-8560 1-800-659-0668 FOCUS - MAY 2016 9 Business Leaders PART 1 Belief in your product ensures youll represent it with integrity and honest passion. Rory Scully gained his background rst-hand. As a client for a number of years I saw the value in good nancial advice he explains. Those experiences inspired Rory to leave his job 19 years ago for a career in Financial Services with Investors Group. Now he nds solutions for clients using Investments Insurance Mortgage and Financial Planning and loves every minute of it He stresses the human element as well as customer-service exibility in his dealings with clients. Everyones an individual with unique circumstances and needs. And I recognize my clients often keep busy schedules so Im available to see them both days and evenings either at my ofce or in their homes. And hell be there to help you with personalized sensitive service. After all he learned to believe in those products by sitting in your chair. RORY SCULLY CFP Investors Group Financial Services Inc. 111-1614 Dundas Street E. Whitby 905-434-8400 1-888-801-9406 STEVE GAJEWSKI and JENNIFER MICHEL Taylor Forder Insurance Port Perry residents Steve Gajewski and Jennifer Michel of Taylor Forder Insurance serve their hometown in so many positive ways. First they offer outstanding rates and advice on your home auto or commercial insurance needs. Secondly they are good corporate citizens. A Rotary Club member Steve is also co-founder of the 100 Men of Scugog group which supports local charities. Jenn Steve and the Taylor Forder staff love to promote and support many local charities and community events Their mandate is to contribute to the wellbeing of their customers and their community. Steve has 40 years of experience in the insurance industry and Jenn has 13. Both have RIBO and CAIB qualications. Taylor Forders staff of 14 brokers all offer superior personal and professional service. Taylor Forder Insurance offers superior insurance coverage and exceptional service at great rates I N S U R A N C E 169 North Street Port Perry 905-985-8416 KENNA KOZAK Scugog Chamber BIA Executive Director Kenna Kozak has been the enthusiastic face of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and Port Perry BIA for nine years. She brings her in-depth experience in all areas of business human relations public and media relations event coordinating marketing creative design and her many years working in the broadcast industry. The Chamber BIA is dedicated to providing a full business complement of services including event coordinating and marketing to assist in promoting everything that is wonderful in our community and region. The Scugog Visitor and Business Centre downtown community hub is open seven days a week with one full time and two part time employees. Kenna likes to refer to the Centre as Scugog 411 your go-to place for information on local day trips events and organizations. Kenna is a member of many local and regional boards and committees and sits on the Ontario BIA to assist with strengthening Downtowns to keep our small business owners in the forefront of our consumers. She loves living and shopping locally in this beautiful township with her husband of 26 years Jeff. 237 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-4971 1-877-820-3595 BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION PORT PERRY BOB MOORE The Perfect Scoop Picture a warm summer daya leisurely lakeside strolldo you feel a craving The Perfect Scoop Gelato Ice Cream answers that yearning with style and avour. Located adjacent to Port Perrys waterfront 158 Water Street its an ideal stop whileenjoyingPalmerParkorsimplyoutforairinsummertime. Gelato an Italian-origin frozen treat offers extraordinary richness in a rainbow of avours. Perfect Scoops ice cream locally made like the gelato as well as specialty and brewed coffees round out the menu. Owner Bob Moore brings an academics sweet tooth to his enterprise. Im a practicing pharmacist with a natural interest in the chemistry of food preparation he smiles. Skills honed from extensive experience compounding products fueled his pursuit of frozen perfection. Four years ago Perfect Scoop emerged as the ultimate blend of those passions. Drop by youre sure to nd the perfect summertime treat 158 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-6556 Owner Bob Moore brings an academics sweet tooth to his enterprise. 10 FOCUS - MAY 2016 FOCUS - MAY 2016 11 EASTER EGG HUNT The Nutty Chocolatier 28th Annual Easter Egg Hunt held on Sunday March 27 was a fun time for all the kids It was a sunny beautiful day Thanks Ken Koury of the Nutty Chocolatier for continuing the tradition. PORT PERRY VILLA RETIREMENT LIVING 15987 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985-3312 Proudly serving the community for 40 years. and ZOO TO YOU EXOTIC ANIMALS at 1115 DRAWS and much more FREE BBQ with a donation of toiletries for Operation Scugog FREE GIFT with a tour 11am - 4 pm11am - 4 pm11am - 4 pm OPEN HOUSEOPEN HOUSE PhotoSbyMARyANNFLEMING 12 FOCUS - MAY 2016 No Teeth No Problem. Get them in just one visit 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE Why All-On-4 For most people dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. With the All-on-4 technique anyone can have beautiful new teeth in a single visit. If you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants or are lacking enough bone for implants this solution might be right for you. The All-on- 4 technique is a revolutionary treatment and can be used in either the upper or lower jaw to support an immediate fixed bridge that looks feels and functions very similar to natural teeth in just 1 day. All-on-4 is a cost effective advanced technique whereby a whole arch of teeth is supported by only four implants.With this treatment there is typically no need for bone grafting and other time consuming and costly procedures. Because less implants are placed in comparison to other methods it allows for simpler cleaning while still delivering optimal results. This procedure is a common treatment in our clinic and many of our patients come to Port Perry Dental Associates because they are unhappy with their denture or are losing their teeth and want a naturally looking smile. For all these casesAll-on-4 can be the right solution to going back to having a full upper andor lower set of permanent teeth.The person who has lost their teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile again with confidence. What to Expect Placing a dental implant is a quick minimally invasive procedure.At Port Perry Dental Associates our dental specialist will do a careful initial evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your dental condition.The initial evaluation consists of a comprehensive examination and diagnostic imaging. With the help of CT analysis a 3 dimensional image of your jaw will be created and Virtual implants are placed in the 3D image to ensure accuracy at the time of your surgery. After the implants are placed models are taken and your prosthesis is prepared in the laboratory and inserted on the same day. Contact Port Perry Dental Associates for your consult at 905-985-8459.We look forward to helping you achieve your new smile. FOCUS - MAY 2016 13 1680 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-4441 Broken people fixed here... Details inside C o m m u n i t y C h u r c h Stroll among the hundreds of beautiful lavender plants and around our spring-fed lake. Or let us take you on a golf cart tour. Our Gift Shop offers a large variety of lavender products with the aromatic and calming benefits from naturally grown lavender. We are located just off Highway 12 north of Greenbank 1381 Scugog Line 12 Greenbank ON 905 985-9060 Come visit us at Christel Lake Lavender Farm ChristelLakeAd_Focus on Scugog.indd 1 2016-01-25 1106 AM The 12th annual Port Perry Dragon Boat Festival is soon upon us. In just over six weeks on Saturday June 18 the paddles will be in the water. As in past years this event is held at Palmer Park and the races take place along the waterfront with resting areas throughout the park for all participants. Festival organizers are asking businesses families and groups to form their teams and register as soon as possible. Teams consist of 20 paddlers a drummer and a steersperson. Instructions will be provided for those teams that have never before paddled a dragon boat. The preseason ex- citement begins during the two weeks of June 6 to June 15 just prior to the event when practices are held at the waterfront of Palmer Park. All equipment is supplied. Working Together For a Healthy Community is what this event is about and the two charities involved are Port Perry Hospital Foundation who will utilize funds to enhance support for cancer recovery and palliative care at Lake Ridge Health Port Perry and The Scugog Lake Stewards raise funds to continue protecting and enhanc- ing the health of Lake Scugog and its most recent initia- tive to dredge the basin of the shores of Palmer Park. Two wonderful local causes to put your paddles behind In addition to paddling and raising funds for these community projects the festival oers opportunities for fun tness and fellowship for all ages and genders. Dragon boat teams compete for medals in various divi- sions as they paddle in numerous heats and nal races. There is also a prize for best-dressed team All participants must park at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre at 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. There will be three shuttle buses provided from 630 a.m. - 630 p.m. Please do your best to car pool as the fewer the vehicles the easier it is to manage the parking and drop os. Dedicated volunteers and charitable sponsors are also needed to make this worthwhile event a success. Additional information for individuals groups and busi- nesses for sponsorship volunteering and team registra- tions is provided on the website or by contacting Carol Gonder at 705-932-2078 or Jackie Taggart at 905-407-2174. Port Perry Dragon Boat Festival Saturday June 18 14 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Shine a Light on Community Living The CN Tower Canadas most iconic structure and source of pride for all Canadians will be lit blue and green during its night-time illumination on Wednesday May 11th raising awareness for the full participation inclusion and citizenship of people who have an intellectual disability. The lighting will begin at sunset however it wont become fully visible until the sky darkens sufficiently approximately 30 minutes later. Also a standard light show will run for eight minutes at the top of every hour. The lighting will conclude at sunrise. On May 11th you can inspire even more possibilities and Shine a Light on Community Living. Getting involved is easy and the impact will be shown in communities across Ontario. You too can Shine a Light on Community Living in your town or city by turning the lighting outside of your home blue and green that evening or throughout the month and having your local association area businesses and municipality do the same. May 11th PRE-REGISTRATION Friday June 10 500800 p.m. Scugog Community Recreation Centre Pad 1 West Side 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Title Sponsor Register on line at DURHAM GTE 10TH ANNIVERSARY RIDE SATURDAY JUNE 11 t e n y e a r a n n i v e r s a r y m o t o r c y c l e r i d e f o r d a d 2 0 1 62 0 0 6 BREAKFAST LUNCH PRIZES POKER RUN SCENIC RIDE PARADE thru Reach-Simcoe-Queen- Water Streets LUNCH PRIZES POKER RUN SCENIC RIDE THE TELUS 2016 REGISTRATION 730930 a.m. OPENING CEREMONY 930 a.m. KICKSTANDS UP 1000 a.m. sharp Scugog Community Recreation Centre Pad 1 West Side 1655 Reach St. Port Perry GIFT FOR FIRST 250 RIDERS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Registered participants will receive a chance to win this custom motorcycle valued at 124000 for every 200 in donations raised. See for details and contest rules. RAISE TO RIDE National Sponsor FIGHTING PROSTATE CANCER TELUSRideForDad 168 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2521 at Eveline Klamt retired as Scugog Council for the Arts Administrator. She was responsible for everything from website maintenance to gallery exhibitions coordinator. Eveline in her role at the SCA will be greatly missed by the arts community. Well miss you PhotobyJONATHANVANBILSEN FOCUS - MAY 2016 15 TENNIS ANYONE Port Perry Club an Ace with Tennis Lovers Tennis anyone Enthusiasts in Scugog have been posing that question since 1969 when the Port Perry Tennis Club first spread humble wings in a parking lot. But if you phrase them differently those words also illustrate an important part of the sports wide appeal. Tennis is for anyone says the clubs current President Arnis Pukitis. We have both kids and seniors in our club as well as whole families as members. Perhaps theres no better example of that than Georgia Brock Sophia Brendon and Sydney Moore three gen- erations of the same family who continue to actively participate in club activities. Like golf tennis is a lifetime game says Sophia. You can learn it as a kid then go back to it later. And you can play just about anywhere theres a hard surface. Founding member Georgia understands that aspect as well as anyone. A retired teacher she spearheaded the clubs forma- tion and nurtured it during its earliest days. I put an ad in the Port Perry Star asking if anyone was interested in ten- nis she recalls fondly. Eight or ten people responded. At first we played on the high schools parking lot be- cause it was open at and paved. The edgling organization re- ceived municipal permission to paint court markings and sink postholes for nets. Now boasting three courts the group was off and running. The teachers would try to park clearofthecourtareaGeorgiasmiles. And as we offered more activities our turnout grew. Lessons which Georgia gave four nights a week proved a popular ad- dition and organized leagues soon followed. Buoyed by their swelling subscription the club raised its vision to the next level. With support from local ocials enclosed courts on Water Street were built. Yet in spite of its growing popularity the club remained informal. Oftenyoudjustshowup and get a game. Sometimes seniors partnered with kids to round out teams Georgia remembers. It was like one big family a social centre for a lot of people. As the quality of play and quantity of players increased some chafed for competi- tion beyond the clubs own leagues. A U of T Phys Ed grad Georgias daughter Sophia Brendon was among those who prospered in the expanded competition. Initially Port Perrys teams challenged other tennis clubs in Kawartha centres ulti- mately migrating to a league based in Durham Region. I was asked to play on the club teams. Eventually I joined the Durham College indoor facility where I could play through the winter months and competed even further away from home. Sophias 13-year old daughter Sydney travelled to Oshawa for her initiation to the game. I started at five years old she re- members. Oshawas a bigger place so I could start earlier. Right now I take lessons but dont play on the club teams. The current edition of the Port Perry Tennis Club boasts about 100 members. Photo by MAryAnn FLEMinG Its a family affair. From left Georgia Brock Sophia Brendon and Sydney Moore three generations who are actively involved with the Port Perry Tennis Club. ...................... Please turn to page 16 16 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Referrals are the core of our business Call John 905 434 0517 905 985 8569 Renovations from the outside in we can do it all We can turn your bathroom ...... into a relaxing getaway.We can turn your bathroom ...... into a relaxing getaway. BEFORE We can turn your bathroom ...... into a relaxing getaway. AFTER We have four levels of leagues in mens womens and mixed Arnis explains. Lessonsatalllevelsarevery much a part of the program. We have a professional Nancy Kempton who oversees those structured activities. Of course the ongoing health of the club requires attracting young people to the sport. Our junior lessons consider their unique needs. The ball-speed and racket sizes have been adapted the courts smaller and the tone of their lessons is less formal than the adults. With these potential barriers eliminated we hope our juniors will gradually grow into the skill level required for the adult game. We also hold four-day camps es- pecially for kids in July and August. The clubs programs Arnis adds have expanded this season. In addition to the leagues les- sons clinics and annual tournament every second Friday from 600 to 800 we have fun nights. These are so- cial interactive events. Like Sophia and her family Arnis sings the praises of tennis as a long- time activity. I was introduced to it as a kid he says. I played on our high school team and recreationally at university. During my teaching career I coached our schools team. And everywhere I moved I found a tennis club in my new location. Its a great sport for fitness and nowadays it gets a lot of TV coverage which keeps it in the public eye. Most telling is the clubs survival over almost 50 years. There are certainly more choices of activities today Sophia says. On top of lacrosse soccer and ball some families travel away once school ends. But interest in tennis though its occasionally dropped off has al- ways revived. Its that great a game. And the costs are affordable. Family memberships are only 150 Arnis reports. For fun and fitness from May to October thats pretty good. So perhaps the next time someone shouts tennis anyone youll be the person waiting for an answer. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Georgia getting in the swing of things preparing for tennis season to begin 47 years after she picked up the racket for the first time. Georgia Brock founding member of the Port Perry Tennis Club giving lessons on the parking lot of Port Perry High School in July 1969. Further details about activities and membership can be found on the clubs website Photobyroyh.Cornish PhotobyMAryAnnFLEMinG Tennis Club continued from page 15 This plaque hangs in the Sports Hall of Fame at the Scugog Heritage Centre 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. FOCUS - MAY 2016 17 Celebrating 40 Years 1918 Scugog Street Port Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 HomesteadFnA Charity Golf Tournament for Esophageal Cancer BENEFITTING PRINCESS MARGARET CANCER FOUNDATION In Memory of Steve Lizotte Sunday June 12 Sunnybrae Golf Club 1430 King St. Port Perry Join CTVs Dave Devall 5000 Cash Hole-In-One 9 holes 75 18 holes 100 includes steak dinner and awards ceremony Dinner only 30 530 p.m. To register call Jan 905-999-7493 or email httpspmhf3.akaraisin.comcharitygolf2016 2nd Annual THUMBS UP - A Port Perry resident sent Focus a letter asking us to give a thumbs Up to the library staff for the activities held during March break. We are indeed fortunate to have such an amazing facility and staff who really care. Excellent job THUMBS UP - to Vanessa Page of Port Perry. For her ninth birthday this past March Vanessa asked her friends to bring donations for the Uxbridge Scugog Animal Control Centre in lieu of gifts. Vanessa and her friends raised 250 and were treated to a tour of the facility. Articles in Focus and The Standard that have celebrated good deeds done by other youngsters in our area have inspired Vanessa. May this circle of kindness continue THUMBS UP - to all of Scugogs elementary schools for participating in the recent Crazy hat Day. this event is run in conjunction with the Port Perry Easter bonnet Contest and the schools collectively raised 1184.45 for the Scugog Memorial Librarys Childrens teen Areas. THUMBS UP - to the gang at harp Wylies for not only taking care of their customers food and drinks but also for thinking of our four-legged friends by leaving dishes full of water out on the sidewalk for anyone walking by with their pets. THUMBS UP - It was very disheartening to hear that the last ladle of soup was scooped up last month at the free community lunch called Soups on Us. We extend a Thumbs Up to the ve churches volunteers and the special needs adults who served up welcoming smiles along with a bowl of delicious hot soup for the past ve years. THUMBS UP - With school winding up in the next month or so this might be a good time to tip our hat and give a thumbs up to the dedicated school crossing guards in Scugog who watch out for the safety of our children through wind rain snow and cold. Next time you see one of these dedicated and concerned citizens take a minute and thank them for their service. umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum Do you have a Thumb up or down Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to If you have an issue with a business owner please speak with them directly rather than use this column. 18 FOCUS - MAY 2016 WORKS DEPARTMENT PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRE The Region of Durham is undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment Class EA to plan for additional water supply and storage capacity to service the Port Perry Urban Area as well as improve naturally occurring aesthetic characteristics of the existing municipal water supply taste odour and colour. The additional capacity is required to support future development within the Port Perry Urban Area as forecast under the Durham Regional Official Plan as well as support the long-term goal of providing municipal water servicing to the entire Port Perry Urban Area including those areas currently serviced by private wells. What stage is the study currently at A Public Information Center PIC was held on November 19 2015 to provide an overview of the Class EA process and to review the preliminary water supply and storage alternatives. Based on input received to date the Region has evaluated the preliminary alternatives and is recommending a preferred solution How can I provide comment We invite you to attend either one of the following PIC sessions. This PIC will present the evaluation results recommended solution and the next steps in the study that will lead to a preferred design. Information panels will be on display and a brief presentation will be made by the Study Team followed by a question answer period Date Tuesday May 17 Times 2 to 4 p.m. Presentation at 230 p.m. 6 to 8 p.m. Presentation at 630 p.m. Location Scugog Memorial Public Library 231 Water Street Port Perry An additional PIC is planned for spring 2017 to present the recommended design. Your input is welcome at any time throughout this study and may be submitted to Beata Golas Project Manager Region of Durham Works Department Rika Law Project Manager R.V. Anderson Associates Limited Tel 905-668-7711 Ext. 3447 e-mail Tel 416-497-8600 Ext. 1209 e-mail If this information is required in an accessible format please contact 1-800-372-1102 ext. 3447 Provision of additional water supply capacity and water storage capacity to service the Port Perry Urban Area The Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department 605 Rossland Rd. E. Whitby ON L1N 6A3 Telephone 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102 www.facebook.comregionofdurham www.twitter.comregionofdurham Water Supply Alternatives Water conservation measures Additional wells near existing municipal wells and treatment of the municipal well supply New Lake Scugog based water treatment plant Conveyance from another municipal water system New local municipal well supply on a new site Water Storage Alternatives Five locations Three types In-ground reservoir elevated tank or water pumping station Evaluation Criteria Technical Impact implementation operation maintenance Financial Impact sustainability costs Environmental Impact natural features local private wells Social Impact Archaeological Impact Recommended Solution Additional wells and new treatment facility near the existing municipal wells at Simcoe St north of Scugog Line 3 New elevated water storage tank east of Taylor Blvd north of the Walmart plaza WORKS DEPARTMENT PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC INFORMATION CENTRE The Region of Durham is undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment Class EA to plan for additional water supply and storage capacity to service the Port Perry Urban Area as well as improve naturally occurring aesthetic characteristics of the existing municipal water supply taste odour and colour. The additional capacity is required to support future development within the Port Perry Urban Area as forecast under the Durham Regional Official Plan as well as support the long-term goal of providing municipal water servicing to the entire Port Perry Urban Area including those areas currently serviced by private wells. What stage is the study currently at A Public Information Center PIC was held on November 19 2015 to provide an overview of the Class EA process and to review the preliminary water supply and storage alternatives. Based on input received to date the Region has evaluated the preliminary alternatives and is recommending a preferred solution How can I provide comment We invite you to attend either one of the following PIC sessions. This PIC will present the evaluation results recommended solution and the next steps in the study that will lead to a preferred design. Information panels will be on display and a brief presentation will be made by the Study Team followed by a question answer period Date Tuesday May 17 Times 2 to 4 p.m. Presentation at 230 p.m. 6 to 8 p.m. Presentation at 630 p.m. Location Scugog Memorial Public Library 231 Water Street Port Perry An additional PIC is planned for spring 2017 to present the recommended design. Your input is welcome at any time throughout this study and may be submitted to Beata Golas Project Manager Region of Durham Works Department Rika Law Project Manager R.V. Anderson Associates Limited Tel 905-668-7711 Ext. 3447 e-mail Tel 416-497-8600 Ext. 1209 e-mail If this information is required in an accessible format please contact 1-800-372-1102 ext. 3447 Provision of additional water supply capacity and water storage capacity to service the Port Perry Urban Area The Regional Municipality of Durham Works Department 605 Rossland Rd. E. Whitby ON L1N 6A3 Telephone 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102 www.facebook.comregionofdurham www.twitter.comregionofdurham Water Supply Alternatives Water conservation measures Additional wells near existing municipal wells and treatment of the municipal well supply New Lake Scugog based water treatment plant Conveyance from another municipal water system New local municipal well supply on a new site Water Storage Alternatives Five locations Three types In-ground reservoir elevated tank or water pumping station Evaluation Criteria Technical Impact implementation operation maintenance Financial Impact sustainability costs Environmental Impact natural features local private wells Social Impact Archaeological Impact Recommended Solution Additional wells and new treatment facility near the existing municipal wells at Simcoe St north of Scugog Line 3 New elevated water storage tank east of Taylor Blvd north of the Walmart plaza Business Leaders PART 2 JOAN WILSON Vintage Marketplace The element of surprise generates a unique excitement. At Port Perrys Vintage Marketplace you never know what youre going to nd. Or what you might learn Newly located at 1894 Scugog Street just west of the causeway Vintage Marketplace offers 5500 square feet of potential surprises. With capacity for over 40 vendors the Marketplace has attracted a wide variety of quality vendors professional artisans antique collectors and vintage lovers share its space. Could there be a special treasure waiting for you Certainly there could and thats part of the fun Learning is too. Upcoming onsite workshops include faux nishing fusion mineral paints and nishing techniques antiques repurposing and fun with gourds. The program kicks off May 7 1000-noon with a special class for kids who will be creating a unique surprise for Mothers Day. Whether youre browsing or learning youre sure to enjoy Vintage Marketplace. And thats no surprise Port Perry Plaza beside Food Basics 1894 Scugog Street Port Perry 905-926-9766 Wood works that will inspire your life is the tag line for Inspirational Wood Works Inc. It is owned by Ian Ross who enjoys living in Scugog with his family. Ian has 16 years of experience in the business and hes been self-employed for nine years. Inspirational Wood Works Inc. specializes in interior nishing custom rustic and reclaimed wood work carpentry custom woodwork built-in cabinetry interior railings and stairs crown molding hardwood ooring harvest tables kitchen design and installation. Ian has a good eye for detail. Hes honest and dependable and he has strong visionary skills. I really enjoy the opportunity to provide quality workmanship to people Ian commented. I like working one on one with my customers. We will treat your home like it was ours. Check out our website to inspire yourself IAN ROSS Inspirational Wood Works Inc. 905-242-4690 Custom Finishing Carpentry SHANNEN-DEEN GULANOWSKI AND ASSISTANT - LAUREL Just Pets Plus Inc. As a much-loved member of the family your pet deserves the very best. Just Pets Plus Inc. has operated in Port Perry for 12 years offering the kind of loving care your pet would pick supposing he or she could do the choosing. We offer a wide range of services for both dogs and cats explains owner Shannen-Deen Gulanowski. Grooming nail clipping dog-walking pet-sitting as well as home care. We are also happy to help re-home animals. Pick-up and drop-off times at their location are exible. Our grooming hours run from 8 am - 5 pm but were able to accommodate clients busy schedules. Overnight boarding in a cage-free caring environment is also available for short- or long-term stays. Shannen and her three part-time assistants Laurel Sierra-Deen and Nathan cant wait to meet your pet. What if your furry friend isnt a dog or cat We can accommodate other animals as well she says. Just Pets Plus Inc. theyre sure to earn two paws up 15725 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985-7600 Grooming and Pet Services Just Pets Plus Inc. DR. CARA MACMULLIN ND Port Perry Naturopathic Dr. Cara MacMullin ND can help you feel better A newcomer to Durham Region from Toronto three years ago she has been the owner of Port Perry Naturopathic since January 2016. Formerly Leanne Barfoots location Dr. MacMullin has a general family practice treating all conditions from acute to chronic pediatrics to geriatrics plus well patient visits. Treatments commonly utilized include nutritional and lifestyle counselling botanical medicine nutritional supplements bioidentical hormones and acupuncture. She also has experience in weight management digestive complaints thyroid disorders womens health fertility and prepostnatal care. As the business grows Dr. MacMullin plans to extend the hours. The current hours of operation areThursdays from 10-630 orFridays from 9-1. Newpatients and formerpatientsof Dr. Leanne Barfoot ND are all welcome Check out Dr. MacMullins website Twitter Instagram Facebook and Linked IN pages. 180 Mary Street Port Perry 289-653-1583 www.ppnd.cadrcaraND Port Perry Naturopathic FOCUS - MAY 2016 19 Business Leaders PART 2 214 Mary Street Port Perry 905-982-0606 HELEN DAYMOND M.Sc. C.Psych ACCESS Psychology Adolescent Child Counselling Educational Support Services A registered psychologist Helen Daymond of ACCESS Psychology offers psychological and counselling services for children teens and families. Services include behavioural and social-emotional assess- ments as well as psychoeducational assessments to identify learning difculties ADHD and ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder. Helen also provides therapy to address a variety of concerns affecting youth and their families. These include anxiety depression self-esteem adjustment to separationdivorce blended families grief bullying social skills body imageeating disorders trauma and more. ACCESS is a multi-disciplinary practice which also offers speech-language services family therapy and dietarynutritional counselling. Helen has been working with children teens and their families for over 15 years. She is on the Board of Directors for the Uxbridge Youth Centre and she is a member of 100 Women Who Care Durham Chapter. MICHAEL KONOPASKI Scugog Accounting Michael Konopaski PhD CPA CMA CFP has an impressive professional background. The owner of Scugog Accounting Professional Corporation Chartered Professional Accountants Michael has shared his expertise by speaking at conferences throughout Canada the United States and Europe. Michael is also professor of Entrepreneurship at UOIT Oshawa. Michael has 21 years of experi- ence including ve years in Port Perry. His consulting focuses on the nancial capital of wealthy families and professionals. Services include accounting audits review engagements bookkeeping business advisory entre- preneurial training family business management nancial and investment education estate planning and tax and succession planning. He makes time to serve locally as the Treasurer of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and as a Director on the Port Perry Business Improvement Area BIA. Michael and Roger Moase CPA CA along with their employees are available with extended hours during tax season. For expert professional advice on your nancial affairs Scugog Accounting Professional Corporation is the wise choice. 250 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-9791 905-985-8893 SCUGOG chartered professional accountants accounting professional corporation TERRY BOOTH Goldbug International Do you wonder about the value of your old coins Perhaps you want to sell your jewellery that is seldom worn or broken for instant cash. Do you have an old pocket or wrist watch ROLEX that you would like to sell Goldbug International is the place to go. Having opened a year and a half ago in Port Perry the partners have years of experience buying and selling jewellery watches coins and estates. Both partners decided to turn their hobbies into a business. Retired policeman Terry Booth and Eric Lismanis a real estate developer are experts who promise People can trust us to buy and sell. Theres a large selection of coins and quality jewellery for sale at reduced prices. Goldbug buys and sells gold and silver bullion jewellery paper money coins and watches. Hours of operation are from 10 -5 Monday to Friday and 10-4 Saturday. 1874 Scugog Street Hwy. 7A across from Water Street 905-985-0001 GOLDBUG INTERNATIONAL NANCY DRISCOLL and JANET PAGE Videoplex WHOO HOO .. CELEBRATING 10 YEARS Videoplex independently owned by local residents Nancy Driscoll and Janet Page for the past 10 years and looking forward to many more. In this day and age as the big box and chain video stores have been long gone Nancy and Janet have thrived. A lot must be said about walking in to your local small town video store being greeted with a friendly hi and leaving with a new release or an old favourite. Pop in and browse through their many sections of movies TV series documentaries music and foreign lms in DVD Blu Ray 3D and UHD format. They also have thousands of seven-day rentals. Cant play your video game DVD or CD For a small fee Videoplex can help make them new again. Nancy Janet or one of their wonderful staff can give you advice on renting or ordering that special movie. Drop in today 68 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8807 20 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Business Leaders PART 2 JEAN SCOTT Marlin Travel A travel professional is like your own concierge better connected faster than the internet and able to book the un-bookable with a single call. Jean Scott has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. Her years of expe- rience have brought knowledge skill and resources to help clients realize their travel dreams. Jean has organized individual and group travel Cruise Groups Destination Weddings and Family Reunions as well as Luxury Travel Packages. Jean has been fortunate enough to have travelled to many countries within Europe the Caribbean Mexico Australia New Zealand all across Canada and many parts of the USA including Alaska and the Hawaiian Islands. Jean has just recently come back from a fabulous trip in Los Cabos Mexico and is looking forward to her upcoming trip to Greece and Turkey in June. Travel has been her passion for as long as she can remember and she loves sharing her experiences with others. Nothing pleases Jean more than hearing about clients travel dreams and being able to make them come true. Jean welcomes the opportunity to be a part of your travel experience and looks forward to helping you discover the world 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO 4577532 COLLEEN ANDERSON Marlin Travel Colleen has been in the travel industry for over 25 years and is a certied member of the Canadian Institute of travel counsellors which promotes professionalism and offers ongoing educational training. Many people believe that the best deals are found on line but your travel consultant can usually nd the same price or less and you have the peace of mind that someone will advocate on your behalf if the need arises. It is always nice to deal with a person instead of a computer and get the best advice on your destination choice necessary documentation and any extra costs that you might occur during your travels. You can pick up the phone and call Marlin Travel anytime and be sure of helpful service. Colleenwillofferyouthebenetofherlifetimestravelexperience. This past year Colleen cruised the Danube wine tour starting with a 3 day stay in beautiful Prague with lots of stops in pretty villages enjoying scenery and local cuisine. On the list this year are Bermuda re-visit and a weeks stay in London England. 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO 4577532 VIRGINIA FREW Marlin Travel Initially the love of travel lures agents into the travel profession but the relationships they build with clients over many years holds them in. This busy mother of two owns Marlin Travel a full service travel agency that she began her career with 28 years ago. The team does it all from packages to airline tickets but Virginia specializes in cruises. A veteran of many cruises she uses her knowledge of cabin locations best times to sail certain regions and the benets of each cruise line to help each guest navigate wisely. I love helping clients plan their dream cruise she says. Cruises can be booked in some cases up to two years in advance and she is currently working on 2018 sail dates for some cruise destinations. Most cruise deposits are refundable so the client has complete exibility when they take advantage of early bookings. We have group space available on our Canada New England 14 night cruise this September and also our 10 night Italy and Croatia cruise in June 2017. and also two quick trips rst to New Orleans in June and then Bahamas in October Call Virginia today to discuss your next dream cruise. 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO 4577532 JENNIFER BATHGATE- WILLIAMSON Psychic Medium You might have heard Port Perry based psychic-mediumJenniferBathgate-Williamson doing a call-in guest spot on The Den with Dan on 105.5 Hits FM The Voice of Uxbridge radio. As a medium Jennifer is the voice of our departed loved ones. Her career chose her and she has been able to channel spirit from a young age. I connect with loved ones on the other side to bring peace and comfort and uplifting messages Jennifer explains. During the past four years Jennifer has focused her time on psychic-medium ship. She has successfully connected hundreds of people with their friends in spirit plus offered important insights relevant to their daily lives. Jennifer welcomes clients by appointment and she also offers meditation and workshops. Learn more about her amazing gift on her website. Her charity of choice is Operation Scugog Jennifers way to give back to the community. 158 Casimir Street Suite 206 Port Perry 289-385-2704 Jennifer Bathgate-Williamson Internationally Renowned Psychic Medium FOCUS - MAY 2016 21 Business Leaders PART 2 ANITA VAN ZEELAND 1st Financial 269 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-1926 For 40 years Anita Van Zeeland of AVZ Accounting Tax Inc. located in the 1st Financial Centre has helped to make her clients lives easier by taking care of their accounting and tax needs. Her clients range from Sole Proprietors Farmers Corporations to Individuals. As a ForensicAccountantAnita takes an analytical approach to ensure that each client benets from proper bookkeeping payroll WSIB HST Tax returns and has CRA insight with Audits Appeals. Tax knowledge is of prime importance to ensure that all expenses are claimed and in the proper way. Tax court and representation are also offered along with C.A.C.P.A. services. Top of the line tax software and accounting software are used. Tax Return lings and AccountingBookkeeping are just a couple of the professional services offered by AVZ Accounting Tax Inc. Anita Van Zeeland has a professional team of six employees on the job from 830 to 430. From anywhere in the world with internet Anita can look after her clients with her personalized hometown approach DIANE SMITH db silversmith designs 227 Queen Street in Historic Downtown Port Perry 905-982-8778 Diane Smith of db silversmith designs has seen her business progress from juried art shows to the opening of her jewellery boutiquestudio 5 years ago. Her shop has become a destination for those looking for unique made-on-the-premises items and her success is a testimony to the quality of her work and added-value she offers by being the shops ownerartisan. She nds that in this day of mass-production-jewellery it is gratifying to have more of her customers appreciate handcrafted pieces and be able to meet and chat with the person who made them. Diane takes immense pride in her own sterling silver work and that of the other local artisans represented in her shop. Diane thanks the people of Port Perry and surrounding areas for continuing to support her and the historic downtown area of Port Perry. JACQUELINE AND BRENT HERRINGTON Herringtons Quality Butchers Whether company is coming for dinner or its just a family meal Herringtons Quality Butchers is the place to go for ne cuts of meat and delectable accompaniments. For 15 years Brent and Jacqueline Herrington have offered high quality fresh meat economical freezer packs and custom orders big or small. Herringtons specialty products include Empire cheese olive oils and dips. There are 20 popular varieties of meat pies to choose from ranging from turkey cranberry to beef and bacon. Brent is a former farmer who started in the butcher business as a coop student and decided to make it his career. Friendly service is offered seven days a week by the knowledgeable staff of thirteen. Herringtons is proud to support the Terry Fox Run Chili Cook Off and so many more. Check out the easy and delicious recipes on Herringtons website Sign up to get notice of weekly specials via email. 251 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-1456 MIKE DUNN Port Perry Denture Clinic Celebrating 22 Years in Port Perry Mike Dunn DD owner and Denturist of Port Perry Denture Clinic would love to help you in creating a new smile Mike Dunn DD took over the family business in Oshawa in 1995 which was originally established by his father Edward Dunn DD in 1972. He then opened his Port Perry location in 1995. Newdenturescanimproveapersonslifeinsomanyways. Frompersonal condence in appearance and social settings to improved function and health. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment the Clinic provides a full denture service from new full and partial dentures relines and repairs while-you-wait to implant supportedretained dentures and also offering the All-on-4 procedure. His relationship with local dentists and oral surgeons allows him to offer a complete service. Mike even makes house calls to your home hospital or retirement home. He is only a phone call away You can contact him at his ofce in Port Perry or Oshawa or check out the information on the Dunn Denture Clinic website. 6 High Street Unit 4 Port Perry 905-985-8028 Port Perry Denture Clinic Implant Centre 22 FOCUS - MAY 2016 FOCUS - MAY 2016 23 May sees an exhibit at The Scugog Council for theArts Gallery called The Art of Books. The SCA has invited all artists with published work to partici- pate in this group show. This will be an exhibit of the original art created for books with the books on display as well and available for purchase. This exhibit has been organized to comple- ment the 2016 SCA Literary Contest Event reading that will take place on the last weekend of May. Check the website for updates on the 2016 Literary Contest. The Art of Books Opening Reception will be held Saturday May 7 from 1 - 3 pm at the SCA Gallery 181 Perry St. Port Perry. The exhibit runs through Saturday May 28. SCA Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Gallery is wheelchair accessible. One of Pamela Meachers paintings called Last Hunter from her book Emilys Spirits of the Snow Books the Artof May 7- 28 2016 Its that time of the year again for the community to help Spiros and Dimos Vovos assist Scugogs seniors. The owners of Mr. Sub Port Perry are at it again this year holding their annual Subs for Seniors day on Monday June 6. The fundraiser which began in 2009 was inspired by their mother who lived in a nursing home. In hon- our of her the two young men started Subs For Seniors to help give back to their community and the nursing home. For one day they donate 1 from every 12 inch sub and 50 from ev- ery six inch sub to the Community Nursing Home. The money will be used for supplies arts and crafts en- tertainment and help pay for trips and outings for the seniors. To date Spiro and Dimos have raised 36225.28. Subs for Seniors June 6th 605 Rossland Rd. E. Whitby ON L1N 6A3 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102 If this information is required in an accessible format please contact 1-800-372-1102 ext. 2792. www.facebook.comregionofdurham www.twitter.comregionofdurham ONLINE Viewdownload online www.durham.cademo EMAIL Send us an email PHONE Call us 1-800-372-1102 ext. 2792 IN PERSON Region of Durham Headquarters Your emergency preparedness guide GET YOUR COPY 24 FOCUS - MAY 2016 COLOURING AND STYLING SKILLS UNITE TO GIVE YOU AN EXPERIENCE YOU WONT SOON FORGET. Emily Caroline Paul Rosario Josie PRESENTS STARTS TODAY INSPIRED BY REAL LIFE STORIES OF PEOPLE WITH TROUBLED HAIR. The Five Stylists directed by Rosario Greco. Starring Josie for your colour and colour correction needs Paul for ladies cuts and styling and all the trendiest mens barber cuts Emily and Caroline for your affordable cut and styles great upstyles and extensions. 21 Wilbur Avenue 905-985-0099 FOCUS - MAY 2016 25 SCUGOG SHORES MUSEUM VILLAGE 16210 Island Road Port Perry 905-985-8698 x 103 Scugog Shores MUSEUMVillage OPEN DAILY MAY 21 to SEPTEMBER 4 10 am - 4 pm Guided tours of historic village and Ojibway Heritage Interpretive Lands Special Events Childrens Activities Head ChurchGrounds Rental You will feel like you have stepped back in time Did you know that more than a third of Canadians are aected by a mental health disorder either directly or indirectly Kim Lepine Director COPE Mental Health and Specialized Geriatrics for Community Care Durham quotes a 2012 national survey that reveals at this moment as many as 3 million Canadians are living with a mood disorder. If you factor in the fam- ily who are caring for loved ones the impact is as high as 11 million Canadians. If you or someone you care about experience mental health challenges Community Care Durham CCD of- fers free programs throughout all of Durham Region to help you COPE with stress anxiety and depression. TheCOPEorCreatingOpportunities for Personal Excellence program of- fers support to adults aged 16 years and older with emotional andor mental health concerns. Self-referrals are always welcome and can be made by contacting the local Community Care Durham oce nearest you. In Scugog weekly support groups encourage COPE participants to develop skills that build a personal toolkit for managing their emotional health. Each participant meets with Kathleen Wells COPE Program Manager for Scugog Uxbridge and Brock prior to joining the sessions. At the initial meeting an assessment is conducted and mental health goals are discussed. At the end of the eight-week program these goals are reviewed to see what progress has been made. Kathleen can be reached at the Scugog oce of Community Care Durham by calling 905 985- 8461 ext. 225. Kathleen has facilitated classes in Scugog for over ve years. During this time she has seen numerous people benet from the information support and camaraderie that COPE programs oer. One of the benets says Kathleen knowing that you are not alone in facing the challenges of a mental health disorder. No dif- ferent than a physical illness mental illness can also be debilitating. But unlike a physical disability mental and emotional disorders are often stigmatized leaving a person to deal with their experience in isolation. We are here so people do not need to suf- fer alone and in silence. That is also why on June 11 2016 Community Care Durham is hold- ing their 11th Annual Walk for Mental Health Awareness at the Heydenshore Park Waterfront Trail in Whitby. From 9 a.m. until noon more than 300 people will walk run or bike up to ve kilometres to raise funds and awareness about mental health and dispel the stigma that sur- rounds these types of disorders. An event for the whole family there will be a petting zoo and face painting for the kids music entertainment a free BBQ at noon and amazing prizes. Please call Emma at 905-430-8014 or email her at eramcharan for more information and to register your participation in the Walk for Mental Health Awareness. Coping with stress anxiety and depression May is an in-between monthwhen we adjust to the unpredictable weather and get ready to welcome summer with its unlimited opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. May is an ideal time to take care of basic maintenance inside and outside your home so that later on youll have time to enjoy the summer. SPRING SPRING QUALITY Let us be the ROCK in your next step. LANDSCAPING STONE DIRECT FROM THE QUARRY 1400 REACH ST. PORT PERRY We have a LARGE INVENTORY of NATURAL STONE Armour Flagstone River Rock Step Material Decorative Rock Hand Stackable Wall Stone Mulch Topsoil Flagstone Armour Stone Aggregates LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES LFS ROCKLFS ROCK MULCH Black Brown Red Natural Cedar Driftwood TOPSOIL AGGREGATES Limestone Products Sales Delivery OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Mon - Sat Opens 8am 905-985-2100 Scugog Pest Control is owned and operated by Jim and Ellen Cross serving Durham Region and beyond since 2004. We are teamed with fully licensed certified and insured professionals Andrew Lamb and Rick Grieve. Our mission is to provide needed pest control services of varying descriptions to the home or business owners to help make living with pests or Not more enjoyable indoors and out. Using the best products available we can deal with anything from carpenter ants spiders cluster flies to bats squirrels birds and almost anything in between. Scugog Pest Control are members of CPMA NPMA IPM and The Port Perry Chamber of Commerce. We enjoy working with our clients and were honoured to be named Best Pest Control for the past 9 years. Our guarantee is if you are not happy with our service let us know and we will be back to make it right Scugog Pest Control 27 Angle Street Caesarea 905-986-4169 See our ad on page 31. Well do what it takes to solve your pest problems CANADIAN TIRE 14325 Simcoe Street Port Perry 904-985-7341 PLANTS FLOWERS HERBS VEGETABLES SOIL GARDEN CARE FERTILIZERS GARDEN TOOLS LAWN CARE WATERING IRRIGATION BIRD BATHS FEEDERS Dont Forget Mom on Mothers Day. GARDEN DECOR PATIO FURNITURE LANDSCAPING OUTDOOR LIGHTING MOSQUITO INSECT PEST CONTROL GARDEN CENTRE OPEN 26 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Century Home Garden Greenhouses 1431 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-2672 Hundreds of HYDRANGEAS Hundreds of HYDRANGEAS Annuals Perennials Herbs Vegetables Climbing Vines Tropicals Box Plants Bedding Plants Hanging Baskets Flowering Shrubs Wall Bags Urn Planters Rose Bushes Roses Family owned by John Karen vanderZalm family 3 IN 1 ORGANIC SOIL Great for vegetables 3.99 or 3 for 10.00 VERANDA CONTAINER MIX Great for containerpotted plants 6.99 or 3 for 18.00 905-655-3291 1-800-575-5656 4179 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa just 10km south of Port Perry When Quality Counts LIMITEDTIME ONLY 14995 FS38Gas Trimmer MSRP 179.95 LIMITEDTIME ONLY 17995 BG50HandheldGasBlower MSRP 219.95 LIMITEDTIME ONLY 22995 MS170GasChainSaw MSRP 279.95 With 16 Bar LIMITEDTIME ONLY 19995 RE88Pressure MSRP 229.95 NEW Often we are asked When should I open my pool and the answer is very simpleas soon as you canWhy would you open a pool in April when you have no plans on using it Well there are many benefits to opening up early. 1. To Prevent Algae Growth Warmer temperatures breed algae the sooner you are able take the cover off and start the system circulating the less chance that you will have a green pool. 2. Expense Cooler water temperatures require less circulation time and go through a minimal amount of chemicals. 3. Esthetics For many people the pool is their backyard. A pool that is open and clear is much better to look at then one with a winter cover full of stagnant water and leaves. 4. Mother Nature Lets face it. Mother Nature has a hard time committing to the seasons lately. One day its 15 degrees and the next it is -2.Warm weather is coming so lets be ready Clearwater Pools and Spas 6 High Street Port Perry 905-985-6650 See our ad on page 28. When is the best time to open my pool Plan for Property Maintenance Landscaping requires maintenance and care from pull- ing weeds watering and pruning to replacement of dead plants etc Consider hiring a professional gar- dener or lawn service to take care of your yard. FOCUS - MAY 2016 27 6B High St. Port Perry beside Halibut House 905-985-6650 Annual Spring Sale and BBQ Saturday May 7 2016 sales service installation above ground inground pools salt water specialists pool spa parts and accessories openings closings liner replacements leak detection lters pumps chemicals free pool hot tub chemical water testing safety covers expert staff 48 Water St. Port Perry ON 905 985-3767 Transform your Kitchen into the Heart of Your Home Dont put it off any longer. The solution is just a phone call away. New Kitchens Refaced Kitchens Rollout Drawers BathroomVanities Closets 905-904-2050 Port Perry ROLLOUT DRAWERS REFACED NEW Nature springs to life and our homes show us their need for renewal too What better way to start than in the heart of our home The Kitchen. Its easy to replace a dull worn out look with up to the minute styles. New doors hardware and counters will make the heart of your home appear new again Brand new faucets sink lighting and mouldings will finish the fresh new look. All this can be done without the cost and mess of a major renovation. Its as easy as making a quick call to Alec at Ideal Home Storage Solutions to ask about our kitchen refacing plan. Ideal Home Storage Port Perry 905-904-2050 See our ad below. SPRING Dont settle for anything but the best Pests Check for pest infesta- tions such as mice termites and carpenter ants. Trees and Shrubs Trim or remove nearby trees shrubs or bushes that may pose a danger to your home. SPRING SPRING SPRING With spring finally here its time to start thinking all things garden. Start here at Century Home and Garden. Our family has been busy all winter long growing and creating beautiful plant boxes hanging baskets wall bags and so much more. We want provide our community with the best quality plants and products at reasonable prices. Stop by to ask our professional staff about your outdoor living space. We have annuals perennials herbs and of course vegetable garden products. We have over 1 acre of greenhouse and outside selection. Please remember to SHOP LOCAL FOR QUALITY. Be sure to see our massive selection of Hydrangeas. We will be open for business during construction of Hwy 7. Century Home and Garden Greenhouses 1431 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-2672 See our ad on page 27. Take your pick from local quality 28 FOCUS - MAY 2016 193 North St. Port Perry 905-985-4910 A. Oppers Ltd W i n d o w s D o o r s PRIDETHAT SHOWS THROUGH FROM STARTTO FINISH Scugogs premier supplier of windows and doors since 1979 JAMES PAPIA Certified Arborist 905-982-1998 Tree Trimming Pruning Tree Stump Removal Free Estimates Arbor Consultation TREErifc Tree Service SO-4204A Get it done right the first time - on time Fred Shepstone owner of Shepstone Haulage Port Perry has been serving Southern Ontario for over 40 years. Fred provides delivery for both do it yourself residential home owners to large industrial job sites. He will schedule your delivery to be in time for your projects to be completed on schedule. If you are unsure of the products you require Fred and his knowledgeable staff will offer insights into the best product for the job. He truly believes that his professional experience and credibility will exceed all your expectations and that is what you need to get the job done right the first time. Before you begin any job stop in to talk to Fred or Bonny at Shepstone Haulage. Shepstone Haulage 1451 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-7282 See our ad on page 30. Let the professionals at Port Perry Pool Spa be your trusted stop for sales service and support for all your pool and spa needs this year. We offer premium Bio-Guard sanitizers balancers and remedy solutions for chlorine bromine or salt water applications. Come in for a free water analysis and let our trained staff perfect your water chemistry and answer any questions you may have.We also offer a full range of sales and service options for above ground on ground and in ground pool systems. Whether its a new build a remodel a new liner or upgrading to energy efficient equipment let Port Perry Pool Spa handle the work. Come visit us today. Port Perry Pool Spa 135 North Port Road Port Perry 905-985-9746 See our ad on page 30. Professional pool and spa services Open 7 Days a Week Over An Acre Of Greenhouse Space ENTER TO WIN Beautiful Hanging Basket 63.99 value Name Phone Number DRAW DATE MAY 28 315 Medd Rd. Port Perry 9 0 5 8 5 2 4 1 8 7 o t t e r g r e e n h o u s e s . c o m Everything From The Front Door To The Back Door Durhams First Choice for Renovations Hire MDS Home Renovations for all of your Interior Renovations Licensed Insured Call or email to schedule in your Free Estimate Phone 905-404-5115 Email Website Facebook Mds Home Renovations FOCUS - MAY 2016 29 SPRING SPRING SPRING SHEPSTONE HAULAGE LTD. 1451 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-7282 SHEPSTONE HAULAGE L I M I T E D DELIVERY AVAILABLE SMALL TO LARGE LOADS. Stone Pea StoneGravel Sand Top Soil PLAYGROUNDS PET RUNS A B GRADE BACK FILLING MASONRY AND BEACH QUALITY DRAIN AND SEPTIC GRANITE STONE NATURAL STONE 1 - 3 RIVER ROCK 4 - 6 GABION STONE UNSCREENED SCREENED AND TRIPLE MIX NOW AVAILABLE MULCHOPEN TO THE PUBLIC 135 North Port Road Port Perry 905-985-9746 Sales - Service - Support Full Parts and Service Chemical Supplies BOOK YOUR 2016 POOL OPENING NOW Landons Tree Service Ltd. has been in business for 8 years serving the Durham region. Landon and his team provide free estimates and always give the most honest advice to help care for your trees. They are committed to high quality workmanship and every job site is left in immaculate condition. Landons Tree Service Ltd. provides a variety of services including tree removal hazardous tree removal pruning hedges stump grinding bucket truck services 24 hr. storm service deep root fertilizing tree planting cabling and crane work. If you need advice on your trees call Landon and his knowledgeable team LandonsTree Service Ltd. 905-260-3338 905-728-4595 See our ad on page 31. Your local tree care specialists Home Improvements Now is the time to establish a clear idea of the home improvements you need to do be it painting or renovating. You could be putting those plans into action by the time warmer weather finally arrives. Pools and spas Want to have your pool cleaned and balanced without doing the work Consider hiring a pool expert to open your pool for you. Windows and doors If you suspect air and water leaks schedule professional inspection and consider replacing your windows and doors as soon as you can. 30 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Landon Beacock Certified Arborist Urban Forester 905.260.3338 905.728.4595 Your tree care specialists. We care about your trees. WINNER FOR 7 YEARS Readers Choice Awards Looking for a landscape alternative to gardens of full plants Look to rocks. By replacing a portion of landscaping with rocks you can construct a low maintenance and water efficient garden. Choose either large stones or a combination of smaller ones to create a desired space. When landscaping with rock you can make waterfalls retaining walls walkways steps and just about anything you desire. LFS Rock on Reach Street in Port Perry has different sizes colours and shapes for specific areas you wish to design with. We also have mulch topsoil and aggregates. LFS Rock offer delivery service throughout Durham Region. Stop by and we can help you find the right rock for your project. LFS Rock Landscaping Supplies 1400 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-2100 See our ad on page 26. Landscaping with rocks We believe that to do something well you have to be passionate about it and we are We are a family owned business that has been operating on Medd Road between Port Perry and Uxbridge for 16 years. Quality and customer service are what we pride ourselves on and our customers know that when they walk through the door they can expect the best of both. Our goal is for you to come through our doors and find things you wont find at other garden centres.We love sharing our ideas and showing you whats new in the greenhouse The coffee is on every weekend in May see you soon Otter Greenhouses 315 Medd Road Port Perry 905-852-4187 See our ad on page 29. An acre of greenhouse just off the beaten path Large selection of porcelain tile. 64 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8722 Howey Kitchen Bath and Interiors MAAX CUSTOM GLASS SHOWERS FOCUS - MAY 2016 31 32 FOCUS - MAY 2016 The Telus Motorcycle Ride for Dad invites everyone to join the 10th annual ride for charity. All monies raised go towards Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness. The event promises to be a fun-lled day and includes breakfast prizes lunch poker run and a scenic ride. There is a gift for the rst 250 riders plus all registered partici- pants will receive a chance to win a custom motorcycle valued at 124000 for every 200 in donations raised. See for details and contest rules. Pre-registration is available on Friday June 10 from 5 - 8 p.m. or Saturday morning from 730 - 930 a.m. at the Scugog Recreation Centre Pad 1 West Side 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. Opening Ceremony 930 a.m. and kickstands up at 10 a.m. sharp. If you dont ride be sure to come out and wave to the hundreds of bikes and riders as they parade down Reach St. Simcoe St. Queen St. and Water St. past Palmer Park. Register or donate online at THE TELUS 2016 Get your motors running . . . SATURDAY JUNE 11 48th Annual Canoe the Nonquon Saturday June 4 2016 Registration at the Latcham Centre Friday June 3 6 - 9 pm Saturday June 4 7 - 10 am First boats in the water Saturday morning at 8 am Registration 50canoe or kayak. All participants encouraged to seek additional sponsorship. A prize will be awarded to the person who raises the most money. Prize donated by For more information or call 905-985-8698 x 103 A RACE FOR ALL AGES Also at Latcham Centre on Saturday .... ChildrenS CraFtS BBQ aWardS CereMOnY - 2 PM Silent auCtiOn Open to the public during Friday registration and Saturday 7 am - 2 pm Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North Durham held their second annual Trivia Night on April 7 and Becky Lawlor left and Krista Webb were the MCs who kept the evening moving along. The BBBS fundraising event was held at Sunnybrae Golf Club and by all accounts it was a successful evening. Pop Culture was the theme of this years Trivia Night and the competition was erce as only one point separated the top two teams. In the end the team of back left Janna Guido and Rob Winger and front left Tim Dinesen and Laura Francis came out on top This trio of ladies were only here to heckle the players and what a great job they did From left Tracy McGarry MaryAnn Fleming hiding behind a camera and Wilma Wotten. Hecklers Oh what a night it was Pub-style food refreshments prizes and tons of fun with friends made for a good night for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham Trivia Night. Players WINNERS FOCUS - MAY 2016 33 NEW Mila Haynos - Owen of Lavender-Blu Artisan Studio at 2375 Bank Rd. Seagrave will be open every Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Thanksgiving. NEW Evelyn Grace Salon has opened their doors at 166 Water Street Port Perry. NEW Port Perry Massage is now open at 28 Water Street Port Perry. Proceeds raised will benefit Community Living Durham North supporting people with intellectual disabilities 2nd Annual On May 26th 2016 from 6 p.m. Scugog Community Recreation Centre We celebrate and remember Jamie Ross to carry on the tradition of making dreams come true. Cocktail Reception Gourmet Dinner Entertainment SilentLive Auction Dress is Business Attire. Please alert us to any food allergies prior to event. 125 per person Tickets Contact Tracy McGarry or Nadine Hilts-Avery or call 905.985.8511 Proudly sponsored by YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y Care beyond the prescription. . . Pharmacy Associa of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Free delivery Compliance Packaging Services Doug Brown Lead Pharmacist Bonnie McEachern Registered Pharmacy Technician Melanie Kent Pharmacy Assistant Caring for the community for over 21 yearsThe happiest pharmacy in Scugog Care beyond the prescription. . . The happiest pharmacy in Scugog 11 Water St. Unit B Port Perry 905-985-9200 Not Happy Get Happy We can help with that. Experience Something Spectacular New 18 Hole Layout Great Daily Green Fee Rates Stunning Membership Packages Beautiful Weddings Banquets Offsite Conferences Office Retreats 1-905-448-7848 1-705-932-4653 1-888-932-2005 2 Players for 80 Includes 18 Holes of Golf Shared Power Cart Available Monday through Thursday anytime and after 1100am on Friday Sat Sun Holidaysplus applicable taxes Business Leaders PART 3 DAWN TAYLOR Inner Solitude Meditation Classes The company name says it all Inner Solitude Meditation and Emotion Energy Coaching. Dawn Taylor has been in the medita- tion business for 20 years plus she has 15 years of experience as a counsellor. Incorporated in 2012 Inner Solitude promises Relaxation Restoration and Rejuvenation. Groups run for eight weeks with 90 minute sessions. Participants learn how to change their outlook on life by shifting their emotional energy and negative attitudes towards the goal of personal happiness. Meditation helps people to focus to the point of stilling the mind Dawn pointed out. Emotional Energy is very real and has various ranges like joy and enthusiasm at the highest level and depression and apathy at the lowest level. Dawn coaches people to replace their negative thoughts and fears with a positive attitude by shifting patterns of emotional energy. Let Dawn bring you insight and compassion Meditation Classes 289-354-0887 Inner Solitude 14500 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-982-1256 SANDY AND GINGER JACKSON McDonalds Owners of the Port Perry McDonalds for 13 years Sandy and Ginger Jackson love to meet people and work together supporting our beautiful community. Gingers strengths are marketing and networking. Giving back to the community is a priority for this family-run business. One of Gingers passions for the last four years has been serving as Vice Chair for the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge and Scugog. Check out Ginger was one of the founders of 100 Women Who Care and she has served on many other local organizations. Each year McHappy Day supports childrens charities plus McDonalds donates to many sports teams and good causes. Sandy is proud to serve delicious coffee and hot fast meals made with 100 Canadian beef. He employs 72 people and we pride ourselves that we have two exceptional employees from Community Living. McDonalds drive thru is open 247. PAULA R. MCMURTRY Barrister Solicitor A true professional will unravel the mysteries and relieve the stresses of unfamiliar situations and guide you with a steady condent hand. Paula McMurtry Barrister and Solicitor is here to help. Whether you require family law or civil litigation youll nd the assistance you need in Paulas professional experienced legal services. Located conveniently at 250 Shanly Street Paulas practice has been serving the Port Perry community for six years. Trained as a Collaborative Lawyer Paula will work to resolve your family case in a non-adversarial manner. If Court is ultimately required you have a trained litigator in your corner. Are you considering a lawsuit or perhaps facing one Paula and her team Amy Toon and Trudy Empringham will again assist by reaching a favourable negotiated settlement or by winning your case in Court. With sensitive professional legal service Paula McMurtry is the lawyer you need to ensure positive resolution. 250 Shanly Street Port Perry 905-982-2650 Paula R. McMurtry BARRISTER SOLICITOR LAURA GRAY - OWNER ALONG WITH BEV LESLIE HEIDI JONES Coach House Studio Since Laura Gray opened the eclectic Coach House Studio three years ago it has become a popular destination retail store offering a unique shopping experience. Browse Christmas items cottage and home dcor garden products fashion accessories kitchenware furniture antiques jewellery blinds wallpaper a large selection of iron products and even door knobs Canadian made items and hand-made artisan-crafted treasures are displayed. Enjoy a treat at chef Kim Davis Lemon Tree Tea Room and Patisserie. Ask about the Toronto made Homestead House VOC-free milk paints and classes. Laura Bev and Heidi welcome customers from 10-6 Monday to Friday Saturdays from 10 -5 and from 11-5 on Sundays. I work hard to keep the store dynamic and constantly evolving Laura commented. I wanted to offer that old feeling where shopping is an actual experience. Check out the website and Facebook page or better yet come by to explore 605 Regional Rd. 21 Port Perry The Old Utica Store 905-982-2705 ANTIQUES UNIQUES DCOR MORE COACH HOUSE STUDIO 34 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Business Leaders PART 3 BRIAN CALLERY The Callery Group Brian Callery has helped business owners create and protect their nancial futures since 1975. And he remains at their side to this very day helping them realize the rewards which follow a lifetime of hard work. The Callery Groups formal succession planning specialists work with accounting and legal professionals to carefully review goals determine fair business values and prepare those who will ultimately manage estates. Most important they develop the plans which protect business legacies care for surviving family members and supply social capital for charities. As a long-time Kinsman Hospital Foundation member Rotarian and supporter of several local causes such as the Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre Callery clearly sees the value in giving something back to the community. As business owners we are all fortunate to be supported by the people of Scugog and the surrounding area says the member of the Canadian Institute of Certied Estate Advisors. Im honoured by the opportunity to help my clients my friends to build lasting legacies for the businesses they created and to support the things they hold dear. 204 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-4028 Fx 905-985-4598 Insurance Financial Planning Succession Planning Benets MARK LEAHANN WILLES Mark Willes Automotive 1511 Reach Road Unit 2 Port Perry 905-985-9292 Partners in life and work Mark and Leahann Willes have owned and operated Mark Willes Automotive Ltd. for three years. A licensed mechanic since 1998 Mark describes himself as a problem solver and he has a strong commitment to offering his customers honesty and good work at good prices. We are a full service shop offering basic automotive maintenance for all makes and models tire installation and balancing. Roadside assistance is available through Technet which can alleviate your fears. Parts are ordered online. Ask about our warranty programs Visit us today for all of your automotive requirements from 8 - 5 Monday to Friday and 8 - noon on Saturdays thru May and again October thru December. Mark who grew up in Port Perry and raised his family here likes to give back to the community. He volunteers for Community Living and sponsors Port Perry Fair events and Classic Car Club Cruise-ins. Check them out MARK WILLES Automotive JULIE CURRAN Sales Representative HavingatruepassionforthecareerJuliehaschosengiveshertheopportunity to represent people in one of the largest investments they will make.Along with her genuine passion for people positive and friendly personality she provides clients with the condence and expertise they are looking for in a realtor. Dressing for Success and working hard for Remax All-Stars Realty has allowed Julie to distinguish herself within the Durham Real Estate Industry and strives to stay educated on the ongoing changes associated in the business Stepping into her 4th term as President of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce Julie is also proud to represent the business community of Port Perry and gives back by volunteering on a number of Boards Committees and local Scugog initiatives helping to make Port Perry a better place to work and live As a resident for over 45 years Julie is proud to call Port Perry her home town and has raised her four children in this wonderful community If you are considering buying or selling a home or know someone who might be Julie will see that the level of service is exceptional 144 Queen Street Port Perry Ofce 905-985-4427 All-Stars Realty Inc. Brokerage VIKTOR TREIGUTS VT PLUMBING Service with a smile. As a slogan that one may sound outdated but friendly expert service never goes out of style. Thats what you can expect from Viktor Treiguts owner of VT Plumbing. His philosophy is clear My specialties showing up on time with extensive knowledge to resolve your plumbing issues. Viktor is new to his self-owned business but not to plumbing. Ive spent over 16 years in the trade he explains. Ive worked on the smallest jobs and multi-million dollar projects. Viktor has acquired a broad range of skills. Ive had hands-on experience installing piping systems and equipment including radiant in-oor heating and water treatment systems. Whether its residential or commercial work I can handle your job. New builds to renovations. Count on Viktor to arrive with a smile and leave you with one when hes done. 905-243-4606 FOCUS - MAY 2016 35 Business Leaders PART 3 NANCY HICKOX Hair Solutions Nancy Hickox has owned and operated Hair Solutions for 11 years a business built upon her genuine love of people and desire to make them happy. I had always worked for someone else and I thought it would be amazing to have my own business. I love working with the public some of my clients are like family states Nancy. Having been a hair stylist for twenty ve years Nancy has learned that the most important thing is to make sure the client is happy treat them with respect and kindness and give them what they want. Hair Solutions offers hair cutting perms highlights and coloursand all the latest styles. They use the very best hair products on the market including Schwarzkopf colour. Stylists at Hair Solutions are highly skilled and experienced and together aim to provide the very best services to the clients they serve. They are open Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays 9-5 Thursdays 9-7 and Saturdays 9-3. 84 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-2508 HAIR Solutions Port Perry 905-982-1831 JOHN WHYTE True North Eavestroughing John Whyte owner of True North Eavestroughing is extremely proud of his small town roots and with over 25 years in the construction market has got customer service down to a ne art. Johns motto quality is our priority appears to be working well as he has just received Best in Durham for the sixth year in a row And now along with the eavestroughing John is excited to announce Metal Roong to the Scugog area. John says there are many myths about metal roong but he can dispel them . its all about keeping energy costs down and increasing the resale value of your home. Give John a call today to discuss andor answer any questions you may have. Port Perry Proud and Scugog Chamber Member John was extremely honoured to be nominated along with 13 other businesses for Business of the Year Award at the Chamber AGM on March 31 of this year 268 Queen St Unit 3 Port Perry across the street from old location 905-985-7707 KAREN STANILAND The Kids Cupboard Clothing for All Ages The rst thing you should know about The Kids Cupboard is that the store is not all just about kids. Although there are literally thousands of gently consigned items from kids clothing shoes baby gear sports equipment kids books and games there is also one of the largest selections of new Melissa Doug toys in Canada. AND The Kids Cupboard also has a huge assortment of clothing accessories for men women teenagers. Karen Staniland owner for over a decade is anxious to mention that her store is for everybody from infants to grandparents. Her store is consignment and carries all the best names in fashion for everyone in the family. Brand names have become hot items and The Kids Cupboard carries everything imaginable. Clothing shoes handbags jewellery and toys all at amazing prices. Open Monday - Saturday 10-5 Sundays and Holidays noon to 5 pm. MYLES ORIORDAN Wagg Funeral Home Myles ORiordan of Wagg Funeral Home has now expanded from his Port Perry base by purchasing the Thorne funeral home locations in Sunderland and Cannington. Clients at all three venues will benet from his stellar reputation for sensitivity and genuine concern. We offer traditional and non-traditional funerals in a peaceful warm and comforting atmosphere Myles promises.And past history shows that Wagg Funeral Home lives up to that promise. Wagg Funeral Home has been serving the needs of Scugog and area residents since 1846 and Myles purchased the business 25 years ago. Hes a past president of the Ontario Funeral Service Association. Their website offers information about funerals lists obituaries accepts donations and posts public condolences. An active member of the community Myles is a member of the Rotary Club Knights of Columbus Oddfellows Chamber of Commerce BIA and the Port Perry Hockey League. 216 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2171 36 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Business Leaders PART 3 Vos Your Independent Grocer is a family store with strong family values. Owners Terry and Christine Vos are proud of that. They have a strong knowledge and sense of business. They are very personable and community responsive. Terry has worked in the grocery business for 25 years. The clean and bright Vos store features the exclusive line of Presidents Choice products. Vos Your Independent Grocer is the place to go for something sweet or savory from the bakery specialty cheeses fresh produce dry goods and a tempting array of meats and deli items. There are 178 friendly staff members to assist you. Customer service is a priority. Terry and Christine are dedicated to being part of the local community contributing and getting involved. Vos is open Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 10 pm for your convenience. For a pleasant shopping experience choose Vos Your Independent Grocer. CHRISTINE and TERRY VOS Vos Your Independent Grocer 1893 Scugog Street Port Perry YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y ALISON BROWN Studio Alison Brown of Studio is a true furniture artist. Using preservation techniques high quality paints and her creative imagination Alison magically transforms old wooden furniture into unique conversation pieces sure to be the focal point of any room. She majored in Fine Art at University and earned a diploma in graphic design. Her education coupled with her childhood experiences helping her mother paint walls and furniture led Alison to nd her calling. Antweek specializes in personalized sales and demos of the high end Cottage Paint line. Alison offers workshops to teach fun and easy techniques plus she sells unpainted furniture and Serenity Urban and Cottage paints. Youll be amazed by the beautiful photos and useful information on the Antweek website AlisonboughtAntweekfromthepreviousownerinDecemberof2015andrelocatedtoSeagrave. Store hours are 1-5 Wednesday to Saturday or by appointment. Free delivery service on Tuesdays 195 Sun Valley Road Seagrave 905.449.2326 15930 Old Simcoe Road Port Perry 905-985-9748 DR. JESSICA SHERWIN AND DR. MARGARET CHEUNG Scugog Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary care to the Port Perry and surrounding communities for 40 years and our new hospital facility beside Tim Hortons at the north end of town is easy to get to and fully handicap accessible. We have three doctors to cover all of your pet care needs in addition to our referral network. Drs. Sherwin and Cheung practice conventional medicine dentistry and laser surgery which has many important benets including improved patient comfort less bleeding and over- all faster recovery. Dr. Carolyn Benson practices homeopathic medicine which draws upon the bodys natural ability to heal itself. We focus on preventative care through regular examinations early detection screening and vaccination protocols that are tailored to the specic lifestyle of your pet. We also recommend and provide prescription diets and health care products aligned to your pets own unique needs. Whether you have questions or you just want to check out one of our Puppy Play socialization sessions our Doctors and Staff look forward to helping you and your pets in whatever way that they can. JOE GIBSON Budget Blinds of Port Perry Many consumers selecting decorating needs can nd it challenging to imagine how a products colour or texture will look in their home while shopping in a store. Joe and Cathy Gibson owners of Budget Blinds of Port Perry offer the perfect solution. Well bring the store to your home Cathy smiles. After all the best place to shop for your home is in your home. The Gibsons offer free in-home consultations bringing samples and swatches for comparison to surrounding areas.Appointment times are exible. And Budget Blinds offers full service professional measuring and installation a vast array of blinds shades shutters and draperies. They proudly stand behind their motto exceptional customer service with a ve-year no-questions warranty. Seven years experience conrms they can deliver the goods and they do right to your home. Your decorating dreams may nish in your home but as Budget Blinds website suggests Stylish starts here Joe Gibson Blackstock 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry FOCUS - MAY 2016 37 38 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Kick Flips Back Tail Slides and many more stylish tricks. Thats what you will see at the GRAND OPENING of the Caesarea Skate Park on SATURDAY MAY 14. Six years ago when Susie Bollon Parkinsons son Billy was 11 he wondered if there could be a skateboard park built on the village property where an old house had been torn down. Mom Susie said Why not Her rst step was to distribute yers to deter- mine the interest. An enthusiastic committee was formed. There were many fundraisers includ- ing Halloween dances bottle drives yard sales and pancakes with Santa. Generous grants were received from Trillium Hydro One the Rotary Club and Bagwaating. The dream came true last November and Susie recalls her pleasure at seeing the children on Christmas Day having fun at the skate park with their new BMX bikes scooters and skateboards. The kids are so respectful she added taking turns and picking up litter. The designer came out from Vancouver and asked the local kids what they would like to see. The result is a facility for people of all ages and skill levels says Susie. Theres a half pipe quarter pipe stair sets ledges and rails. Parks like this help develop skilled ath- letes by providing them with a place to practice in several dierent areas of discipline. The grand opening celebrates six years of working to reach this goal Susie pointed out. From 9 - 1030 a.m. people can sign up for free skateboard and scooter lessons provided by Evolve Camps. Speeches and the ocial ribbon cuttingareplannedfor10a.m.Demos take place from 1030 a.m. - 1 p.m. and the skills competition hosted by West 49 runs from 1 - 4 p.m. Thats when you can see some amazing action Caesarea reghters will man the BBQ from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Bay Cycle will have a tent and Vans is sending products for giveaways. Videos by Billy Parkinson now 17 will be shown. It should be a great day said Susie who has always believed that It takes a community to raise a child. Rain date is Sunday May 15. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog GRAND OPENING of SATURDAY MAY 14. Six years ago when Susie Bollon Parkinsons son Billy was 11 he wondered if there could be a skateboard park built on the village property where an old house had been Her rst step was to distribute yers to deter- mine the interest. An enthusiastic committee was formed. There were many fundraisers includ- ing Halloween dances bottle drives yard sales and pancakes with Santa. Generous grants were received from Trillium Hydro The designer came out from Vancouver and asked the local kids what they would like to see. The result is a and rails. Parks like this help develop skilled ath- letes by providing them with a place to practice in several dierent areas of discipline. The grand opening celebrates six years of working to reach this goal Susie pointed out. From 9 - 1030 a.m. people can sign up for free skateboard and scooter lessons provided by Evolve Camps. Speeches and the ocial ribbon cuttingareplannedfor10a.m.Demos take place from 1030 a.m. - 1 p.m. and the skills BBQ from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Bay Cycle will have a tent and Vans is sending products for giveaways. Videos by Billy Parkinson now 17 will be shown. It should be a great day said Susie who has always believed that It takes a community to raise a child. Caesarea Scugogs locally owned and operated General Insurance Broker with over 130 years of Broker experience. FARM HOME AUTOMOBILE COMMERCIAL INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED We live Where you live. 193 Queen Street Port Perry I 905-985-7306 I 1-800-387-5642 I SINCE 1917 FOCUS - MAY 2016 39 Left to right owner Maggie Davison of Port Perry Auto Supply accepted the 2015 Award for the under 15 employees from Wilma Wotten Janna Guido Tony Janssen and Julie Curran. The guest speaker David Hooker lived up to the hype and recharged the audience on how to energize business with his talk on positive attitude customer service and developing entrepreneurial skills. Blended with his personal sense of humour it was enjoyed by everyone 2015 Award Winner in the over 15 employee category RBC. Left to right Wilma Wotten Janna Guido Brandon Radway Lorna Santacona Leanne Kealy Jane Gilbert Manager Tony Janssen Julie Curran and Dave Stone. Scugog Chamber of Commerce 2016 Awards of Excellence held March 31 at Scugog Recreation Centre Have your say Co-sponsor Age-Friendly Durham Initiative funded by the Government of Ontario will be holding Focus Groups to get input from Seniors on Transportation and Senior Housing needs. SCUGOG SENIORS INFORMATION FAIR FRIDAY JUNE 3rd - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Scugog Community Recreation Centre arena entrance 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Information Sessions Keynote address Ms. Jacquie Hermans humorist and inspirational speaker. FREE ADMISSION donations of non-perishable food items will be gratefully accepted for Operation Scugog Over 50 Exhibitors offering information about resources support and services for Seniors For more information and to enroll in the Focus Groups contact Scugog Seniors Advisory Committee at 289-485-1012 and leave a message or email See article on page 43 for complete details.ONTARIO SENIORS SECRETARIAT To sign up or get more information please call 289-485-1012 or email This Fair is hosted by the Scugog Seniors Advisory Committee in partnership with Seniors have your say about transportation and senior housing in North Durham The project funded by the Government of Ontario aims to develop a long-term strategy and action plan to help make Durham a more Age-Friendly community. Sign up for one of two focus groups hosted by the Region of Durhams Age-Friendly Initiative. Seating is limited so dont wait. ttee Friday June 3rd Scugog Community Recreation Centre 1655 Reach Street Port Perry ON Seniors Information Fair 10 am to 3 pm ONTARIO SENIORS SECRETARIAT or100 pm TRANSPORTATION 200 pm SENIOR HOUSING 40 FOCUS - MAY 2016 The 48th annual Canoe the Nonquon is taking place on Saturday June 4 in Port Perry. The race is sanctioned by the Ontario Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racing Association OMCKRA. All funds raised benet the Scugog Shores Museums. The course starts on the twisty Nonquon River. For the rst few kilometers there are many tight bends to practice your rudder turns. There are also some dead end channels along the river section when in doubt keep right. There are no portages but you may have to push over one or two beaver dams. There is 12 km of river paddling followed by an 8 km slug along the shores of Lake Scugog to the nish line. Participants race the clock and can start anytime between 8 - 1030 a.m. on Saturday morning. This is a well attended race with a long-standing history in the community. Amateurs and professionals young and old may compete in a large number of competitive or recreational categories. Shuttle vans are available to take participants back to their cars upon concluding the race. Registration takes place at the Latcham Centre 121 Queen St. Port Perry on Friday June 3 from 6 - 9 p.m. and Saturday June 4 from 7 - 10 a.m. All participants MUST bring a completed registration form and signed waiver to the Latcham Centre before proceeding to the start line. Upon registration at the Latcham Centre you will receive your race number. You will not be permitted to start the race without this number. Many local businesses have donated prizes for our Silent Auction which will be open to everyone during registration on Friday from 6 - 9 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. The participant who raises the most money will receive a prize. Come and support local heritage at our event. has generously oered free canoekayak rentals for the race. Please call them directly to set up your paddle plans for the day at 1-647-282-7775. Canoe the Nonquon is the largest annual fundraiser fortheScugogShoresMuseums.Minimumraceentrance feeis50butallparticipantsareencouragedtoraisemore money through sponsorship to support the Museum in its ongoing mission to protect local heritage and to keep a historical race like Canoe the Nonquon around for another 50 years. For more information contact Scugog Shores Museum Village 905-985-8698 ext. 103 Canoe the Nonquon 48th Annual Saturday June 4 Thursday August 18 2016 Sunnybrae Golf and Country Club Tickets 125.00person Registration Lunch 12 Noon Shotgun Start 1pm BBQ Steak Dinner 630 pm 18 Holes Golf Cart Putting Contest Great Prizes Scugog Chamber of Commerce presents Register before July 22 and your name will be entered into a draw to win a 150 Gift Certicate BEST BALL FOR BUSINESS 3rd Annual YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y TAYLOR FORD Trophies Awards Corporate Promotions Embroidery Graphic Design Engraving Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road Port Perry Your Name is Our Business Reach Northport Rd. Port Perry 905-985-0802 Since 1996 signs vehicle lettering graphics boat names numbers FOCUS - MAY 2016 41 e a s t e r b o n n e t c o n t e s t 1. Best Bloomin Runner Up - age 4 under Mojacks Harper Cranswick 2. Manliest Man Winner Beer Garden Anthony Duivesteyn 3. Most Delicious Winner Cookies Milk Emma Fox 4. Judges along with contest chair - Mayor Tom Rowett Laura Francis - chair Bo Beep - Pam Hollett Julie Anne Gatto-Gibbons and contest co-chair - Melissa Durward 5. Easter Spirit Winner Reading Rocks Emily Brown Best Pet in a Bonnet Winner Kelly Gracie dogs Runner-Up Lambie lamb grandparent grandchild Winners Kylie Pauline Bertrim Runners-Up Brynn McEvoy Trish Bateson Easter Spirit 4 yrs and under Winner Reid Clow Runner Up Myah Elliot Best Bloomin 4 yrs and under Winner Josie Manns Runner-Up Harper Cranswick Easter Spirit 5-15 yrs Winner Emily Brown Runner-Up Gabby Nicol 2 1 3 4 5 Best Bloomin 5-15 yrs Winner Mali Janwin Runner-Up Sophia Guido Most Delicious Winner Emma Fox Runner Up Heidi Killeen Most likely to Cause a Traffic Accident Winner Evelyn Smith Runner-Up Ethan Boudreau loveliest lady on Queen Winner Kristen Meyer-Creamer Runner-Up Betty Butler Manliest Man in a Bonnet Winner Anthony Duivesteyn Runner-Up Chris Creamer Sunday March 27 everyone was a winner but here are the top two in each category 42 FOCUS - MAY 2016 What do the following EXCEPTIONAL Business Leaders have in common Jeff Bezos Founder Sergey Brin Larry Page Google Co-founders Jimmy Wales Wikipedia Founder Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Co-founder A MONTESSORI EDUCATION Half and full day programs for children 18 months to 14 years Qualified AMI Montessori staff Before and after school care available Competitive rates 16150 Old Simcoe Road Port Perry ON 905-985-3431 FOCUS - MAY 2016 43 SeniorS information fair Friday June 3 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. THE SENIORS FAIR IS FREE OF CHARGE BUT NON-PERISHABLE FOOD DONATIONS FOR OPERATION SCUGOG WOULD BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED Scugog Councillor Jennifer Back explained Our goal is to highlight what the SSAC Committee does to make a difference and enrich the lives of of seniors by providing various lifestyle choices information education and tips. The 2006 census revealed that 17 of Scugogs population were seniors she noted and this number has continued to grow over the past decade. We are looking forward to having a successful day with good attendance and we welcome feedback commented Katy Krieger of the SSAC. This should be a good opportunity for seniors to get the information they need. CELEBRATING SENIORS MONTH Over 400 people attended the 2014 Seniors Forum staged in November. It was decided to move the event to June to celebrate Seniors Month. Katy and Jennifer pointed out that better weather is expected at this time of year. Also the snowbirds will be back home and able to attend to explore the wide variety of services for seniors. Thanks to a partnership with the Region of Durham through the Age-Friendly Durham initiative Jennifer and Katy anticipate that the 2016 Seniors Fair will be an interesting showcase of resources. LIVING JOYFUL Living Joyful will be the theme of Jacquie Hermans comical and inspirational keynote speech at the 2016 Seniors Fair hosted by The Scugog Seniors Advisory Committee SSAC. The exciting slate of activities planned for June 3 all seem to be in keeping with the Living Joyful philosophy. Seniors and caregivers alike are invited to gather at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre Ice Pad 2 and adjoining meeting rooms. The event runs from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. and its going to be an action-packed day. Over 50 vendors are booked. There will be demonstrations of everything from woodworking to line dancing to pickle ball. Find out all about Tai Chi and Nordic pole walking. TRANSPORTATION AND HOUSING Dont miss the opportunity to have your say at the breakout sessions on two important local issues Transportation and Housing. Communicate your needs To participate call 289-485-1012 or contact Scugog Fire Departments Fire House will be on site for the purposes of fire safety education. Durham Regional Police will share valuable tips on fraud prevention. You can ask representatives of the Ministry of Finance about tax credits and benefits available to seniors or get advice from accountant Janet McGee. The agency SAGE will provide advice on downsizing. Seniors Making a Difference By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog SENIOR DOGS FOR SENIORS The Animal Guardian Society TAGS is bringing four senior dogs in hopes of matching them with senior people who would love a pet. MEDICAL CARE A whole spectrum of representatives of the medical industry will be on hand to answer your questions. To name just a few you can visit with a denturist Community Care reps from LHIN pharmacists and a naturopath. Plus there will be information available on living with Alzheimers Diabetes and more. Senior Chester took time out to model only as he already has a home. Sitting with Chester is Katy Krieger and Jennifer Back. There are seven good reasons for you to enjoy a cuppa joe at the Coee Kiosk at Scugog Library a project of Community Living Durham North. is the staff. Both Kathrine Follows and Kevin Gimbel are friendly and ecient. Each puts in 13 hours a week on the job for minimum wage plus there are volunteer workers. Graduates of the 15 week paid training program both Kathrine and Kevin work well independently and Kathrine is very proud of the fact that she now opens and closes herself. Im not bored at home anymore Kathrine says. This job gets me out. Alot of people recognize me and I am gaining experience. I like meeting new people and dealing with everyday challenges on my own commented Kevin. Having a steady job has had such a positive impact on their lives. Both Kevin and Kathrine were able to save up enough money to take a cruise in January an exciting life experience enabled by their incomes. While Kathrines dream career would be training whales at Marine- land Kevin is investigating continu- ing his education as a dog groomer in the future. But for now both love their job at the Coee Kiosk especially interacting with the public. They share some of the cute things the children say. is the customers. Regulars like Mark Sharp of Port Perry count on the Coee Kiosk being open so he can enjoy a treat. He especially likes the apple cider the coee and the cook- ies. Mark patronizes the Coee Kiosk three or four days a week so he has earned many free coees with his Buy 10 get one free card. Theres a large binder lled with 300 of these cards used to reward the happy cus- tomers who make return visits. Its comfortable to sit here and enjoy a coee says Mark. And its a great deal. Its also nice to be greeted by name by the sta Mark adds. Situated inside the library build- ing the Coee Kiosk is convenient for visitors to the library who are using the computers browsing through the bookshelves or waiting for their kids to get out of a program. Theres usually no lineups so ser- vice is quick. is the price freshness and selection. Kevin points out that carafes of coee can get too strong over time but with the individual servings your coee is always hot and fresh. There are many delectable Keurig coee avours to choose from and its only 1.50 for a coee and 1.25 for tea hot chocolate or apple cider. Water chocolate milk orange and apple juice which appeal to the kids cost just 1 each. The price of Gatorade is 2 and for 75 cents you can enjoy some Dads cookies. Theres fresh cream or milk sugar and sweetener plus honey pro- vided by a local beekeeper. Please put a little something in the Tip Jar if you can Behind counter right to left - Kevin Gimble and Kathrine Follows who man the Kiosk 13 12 hours each week with Tracy McGarry Manager of Community Development for Community Living North. In front Mark Sharp one of their regular customers. 1 2 3 If you want a cup of coffee why not come to us C FFEE KIOSK the 44 FOCUS - MAY 2016 FOCUS - MAY 2016 45 is the hidden benefit.Tracy McGarry the Manager of Community Development for Community Living Durham North points out that by supporting the Coee Kiosk You do so much more than buy a coee. You are helping people to develop skills that will lead to other jobs in the future. And the condence to seek other employment. You are build- ing relationships she added. The concept is to provide people with an opportunity to develop skills in a safe supportive environment which is slower paced than corporate coee shops. Its not just about money its about people agreed Bonnie Black- stock Community Livings Manager of Community Supports. People are becoming more thoughtful about where they spend their money. They like to help others in their com- munity and support and sustain a good initiative which helps peoples development. So if you want a cup of coee why not go with us is future success Thirteen people who have worked at the Coee Kiosk since it started in 2013 have gone on to nd other jobs Tracy proudly an- nounced. Some of the local employers include Vos Independent the Scugog Chamber of Commerce Sunnybrae Golf Club PP Print Tim Hortons and a childrens party company. is the ongoing need to increase awareness about peoples abilities. Tracy and Bonnie plan to continue to promote the Coee Kiosk and con- tinue to create awareness in hopes of ongoing support for this successful initiative. Everyone who takes part in Jamies Dream Gala fundraiser is helping Community Living Durham North. Much appreciated is the sup- port from Bagwaating the Rotary Club and other service clubs plus everyone who drops by the library for a cookie and a cup of tea. Ongoing partnerships are necessary for the Coee Kiosk to remain sustainable notes Tracy since 2016 is the fourth year of the ve year 195000. Ontario Trillium Foundation grant for sta training. is Community Connections. Connections have been made by both Kathrine and Kevin. People noticed Kevin busy knitting and crocheting while manning the Coee Kiosk and waiting for customers. Now he hosts his own Crochet and Knitting Group at the Library from 1030 to noon on Fridays. They are making hats and scarves for refugees. Kevin and Kathrine also make baby hats to do- nate and they have both volunteered for the Soups on Us program in Port Perry as their way of giving back to the community which supports them. Come on in for a visit Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Weekdays 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog 4 5 6 7 Popular author Terry Boyle will be visiting Port Perry to discuss his latest book Discovering Ontario. Just released this month Discover Ontario includes updates from his radio show of the same name but also has further stories from all over Ontario. It includes interesting stories on Project Magnet the Canadian Governments study of UFOs. Terry has written several books on unusual aspects of Ontario history in such works as his series on Haunted Ontario. Terry will share his passion for unusual aspects of Ontario with his audience at the regular meeting of the Lake Scugog Historical Society on Wednesday May 11 at St. Johns Presbyterian Church 319 Queen St. in Port Perry. The meeting starts at 730 p.m. And all are welcome. Author Terry Boyle Returns to Port Perry 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-3655 BesideWalmart Monday-Friday 8 - 6 Saturday 8 - 4 TAYLOR FORD OnlyTheWorks gives you an up-to-83 point inspection of your Ford done by a Ford-trained technician plus an oil change and tire rotation. Get piece of mind that your vehicle isriding the road properly by adding anAlignment CheckAudit to The Works. If your vehicle does require an alignmentwe will take 20 off the Alignment cost. Ford Approved Service Every 8000kms or 6 months Premium Oil and Filter Change Battery Health Test and Report Visual Brake Inspection Top Up All Fluids Muliti-Point Inspection Report Card No Charge Local Shuttle Service Vehicle Report Card Oil and Filter Change Tire Rotation Applies to single rear wheel gas vehicles only. Includes up to 5 litres of engine oil. ONLYONLY 8995 8995 Includes detailed printout OnlyTheWorks gives you an up-to-83 point inspection of your Ford done by a Ford-trained technician plus an oil change and tire rotation. THE Alignment Check Business Leaders PART 4 MONIQUE MELOCHE Personal Injury Lawyer WARDS PC When you or someone in your family has been injured it is important to ensure that you get the right legal representation to pursue your rights. Monique Meloche has experience working on both sides of personal injury law she has insight and understanding into how insurance companies manage personal injury claims. Her practice is focused on plaintiff personal injury matters including motor vehicle snowmobile ATV accident claims sliptrip and fall accidents defective products and denied long-term disability claims. As a resident of Port Perry and with a practice that spans the Durham Region and the City of Kawartha Lakes Monique is available to meet clients in various locations and offers free consultations. Monique and the team at WARDS PC will work hard to ensure that you receive the advice care insurance benets and fair compensation to which you are entitled. Please contact Monique for a free consultation. 84 Kent Street West Lindsay T 705-324-9273 WARD F 705-324-2364 MICHAEL FILIP Scugog Computers Did you drop your iPhone and break the screen Does your PC have a virus Help is at hand Michael Filip started Scugog Computers three years ago to bring his 17 years of experience to our community. With a focus on mobility and responsiveness he offers free pickup and delivery for all services and includes onsite setup with purchase of a new computer. His services include PC Laptop and Mac repair virus removal tune-up data recovery and new hardware or batteries. He xes iPhones and iPads. Scugog Computers can design build and host your website and is happy to advise on marketing and Social Media. Michael is proud to be a Scugog Chamber Director and volunteers on many committees. He recycles old hardware and donates good machines to charity. Hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday evenings and weekends by appointment. The best news is that there is a no x no fee policy 905-985-2161 JODIE MALCOLM Malcolms Auto Service Malcolms Auto Service formerly Marks Maintenance are the experts diagnosing what is wrong with your vehicle. Jodie Malcolms 26 years in this business began by working with his father Mark who retired after 35 years. The family tradition continues with Jodies son Danny who is an interprovincially licensed mechanic. So the work force of two licensed mechanics and two apprentices has moved forward with the next generation Jodie originally planned on a career as a systems analyst but the family business was calling his name. Ive always had a good diagnostic mind says Jodie who loves to diagnose and resolve issues with the more complex automotive systems being used in todays cars. Malcolms Auto Service is the go-to place for servicing and repairing all makes and models. People who want paperless service can take advantage of the option of receiving pictures and invoices through their smart phones and computers. They are open from 7-6 Monday to Friday and 8-2 on Saturday. 3976 Highway 7A Nestleton Station 905-986-5620 Being 18 years wiser Sensational Signs is full of experience with the latest product knowledge and technology to help you with your new business endeavour idea or event. We are proud to be part of this community and have built a solid reputation. The historical and local signage bylaws are etched into our memory for a wrinkle free worry free installation. Our products are environmentally friendly resilient with the highest quality and service. Its been a busy Spring we were recently awarded Excellence in Signage at the Durham Region Home BuildersAssociation awards of excellence for Heathwood Homes andAndrin Homes Country Lane community in Whitby and up for an award for Great Gulf Homes Brockton community best in signage in Toronto at the Building Industry and Land Development annual prestigious award night. We love dimensional signs and are proud to share some of our local work around town at The Old Flame Brewing Co. Modella Marwans Books Galore andAstoria Spa. They are our best advertising. Sensational Signs is proud to support many community initiatives teams golf tournaments and local fundraisers. Our team of experts are here to serve you from 830am to 430pm Mon. to Fri. How can we help you BRENDA COLVIN Owner Sensational Signs Company Inc. 12780 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-982-0881 Since 1998 46 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Business Leaders PART 4 DR. JOHN TOMPKIN D.C. Natural Health Associates Dr. John Tompkin of Natural Health Associates has spent almost 19 years helping the people of Scugog with their aches pains and injuries. Dr. Tompkins focus has always been on normalizing motion in the entire body and says that movement is an important part of a long and healthy life. In recent years Dr. Tompkin has shifted attention to peoples feet and now runs a large foot pain and orthotic clinic in conjunction with his existing clinic. Dr. Tompkin says many spinal and joint injuries can originate from improper gait and says it only makes sense to start with the feet. Dr. Tompkin has invested in a digital gaitscan system that allows him to measure timing and pressure data as you walk. This information can then be used to determine the cause of your foot problem. Dr Tompkin often recommends foot mobilization therapy to restore proper mobility within the feet. Custom made orthotics can then be prescribed to support these changes. For a no charge no obligation consultation call 905-985-8591 126 Water Street Unit 2 Port Perry 905-985-8591 NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES SADIE ROSS My Hair Salon Sadie Ross has done amazing coiffures for high style salons fashion shows and photo shoots and she can make YOU look like a cover girl too in her home salon aptly named My Hair Salon. In business in Port Perry for one year Sadie has had an exciting career in the hairstyling industry for 11 years. What about a fresh and alluring new hairstyle or colour for spring Sadie says she loves all things hair and she offers professional and creative colours cuts and styling using the respected LOreal line of colour hair products. As a mum of two she understands her clients busy schedules and she offers exibility when booking appointments. Self-describedasatotalpeoplepersonwhoworkswell under pressure Sadie is your go-to girl to look like a model too. I love my job says Sadie who you can nd on Facebook 905-985-5792 MAGGIE DAVISON Port Perry Auto Supply Where do you go when youre searching for auto parts For garage operators dealerships marinas farmers or do-it-yourselfers Port Perry Auto Supply has been the go-to destination for Scugogs auto parts needs for the past 40 years. Maggie Davison has owned the business located at 16050 Old Simcoe Road for the past ve years. Hers is a simple and straightforward philosophy. Customer service is very important she stresses. We have a knowledge- able experienced and friendly staff of eight waiting to serve you. Arecent award from the Scugog Chamber of Commerce named Business of the Year for 15 or less Employees helps to conrm Maggies statement. Port PerryAuto Supply is open for business six days a week Monday to Friday 730-600 and Saturday 800-300. Delivering exceptional customer service and stocking a wide variety of parts for all makes and models Port PerryAuto Supply is truly Scugogs go-to 16050 Old Simcoe Road Unit 1 Port Perry 905-985-8481 A U TO SUPPL Y P ORT PERR Y BROCK and WENDY REVILLE Port Perry Optical Port Perry Optical has just passed one year in our new location at The Vision Clinic 305 Queen Street. Brock Reville Owner - Optician and his staff have been enjoying their renovated Victorian building in beautiful Port Perry. They bring many quality eyewear brands to Port Perry keeping the costs affordable and allowing you to support your community. Brock has helped contribute to numerous worthy community events and fund raisers in the Durham North area including Rotary and A Hundred Men Who Care. Brock has also enjoyed his involvement with the Mens Hockey League who contribute generously to support the Scugog arena and many other community groups. Brock Wendy Reville have operated Port Perry Optical for over 30 years and raised their family in Port Perry. The Revilles feel the Scugog community is a wonderful place to live for all ages and that to continue enjoying the privilege of living in unique community like this we need to support our local businesses service groups and recreational groups. 305 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-9388 portperry0 p t i c a l FOCUS - MAY 2016 47 Business Leaders PART 4 DR. RAMI MAAROUF DDS Dentist Dr. Rami Maarouf of Port Perry Dental Associates says that many of his patients are now good friends. He joined the team at PPDA in January 2010. Prior to that he practiced dentistry for one and a half years in Madrid Spain and for two years in Dubai. After coming to Canada in 2007 and working in Trenton Dr. Rami decided he liked small town life and relocated to Port Perry. He graduated from dental school at New York University where he did an internship at the Rosenthal Aesthetic Institute. As well as restoring teeth Dr. Rami does crowns bridges and root canals. He has a special interest in cosmetic veneers and implant dentistry. Dr. Rami likes being part of the Port Perry Dental Associates team of professionals who work collaboratively to give each patient individual care. DR. ROBERT BOYKO Orthodontist Orthodontist Dr. Robert Boyko of Port Perry Dental Associates works with children and adultstore-aligntheirteethforthatHollywoodsmile. Heseespatientsasyoungassevenyearsofagesince early detection of developing issues is crucial so early interceptive treatment can begin. Childrens teeth are not fully formed and the jaw is still growing but xed or removable appliances are available to youngsters.Age 13 is the time when those who need braces can make that commitment. Dr. Boyko gets great satisfaction out of working with his patients of all ages to re-align their teeth for that condent smile. Born in Oshawa he earned a degree in Economics and his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Western Ontario. He completed his Orthodontic Specialty Training at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Dr. Boyko has been treating the friendly residents of Port Perry for over 20 years. DR. SANDRO DEL ROSSO H.Bsc DDS Dentist Dr. Sandro Del Rosso enjoys the variety of practicing general dentistry at Port Perry Dental Associates. Since 1996 he has fullled his childhood dream of a career as a Dentist. A typical day may include lling cavities doing extractions root canals dental implants bridges and crowns. He also handles any dental emergencies. Dr. Del Rosso believes that lifelong good dental health relies on good oral hygiene starting at an early age. Brushing and ossing in between teeth where the toothbrush cant reach is vitally important to the health of each tooth. Parents can help their children as young as newborns by wiping their gums and cleaning their teeth for them to prevent cavities. State-of-the-art technology continues to dramatically improve dental care services. Dr. Del Rosso nds it rewarding to serve local families and help patients of all ages to smile their best smiles. DR. FARAH WALJI BSC DDS DIP. PERIO Periodontist When we think of the word Dentist the word Teeth springs to mind. But healthy gums also play a vital role in good oral health. Periodontist Dr. Farah Walji joined Port Perry Dental Associates in 2005. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from McGill University and graduated seven years later as a Periodontist from Tufts University in Boston. She uses her expertise to restore lost gum tissues to their original levels and helps to prevent further bone loss and deterioration. Sometimes dental implants are the right choice for a patient. With the advent of CT guide surgery it is now possible to place the dental implants without long incisions resulting in minimal swelling and post-op discomfort. Dr. Farah believes that tooth loss and gum disease dont have to be a result of aging. Using modern pro-active treatments she is experienced in helping people keep that youthful smile. 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 48 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Business Leaders PART 4 We would like to thank all those who participated in the annual Focus on Scugog Exceptional Business Leaders feature and for allowing us to share your lives with our readership. Also thank you to all of our advertisers for their ongoing support of Focus on Scugog magazine. We love to bring it to our readers each month and can only do this because of the continued advertising support of the Scugog business community. Finally we urge everyone to shop locally at the businesses that support Focus on Scugog and this great community of ours. Thank You R E A L E S TAT E G RO U P 905-985-7300 1-866-507-2375 BRETT PUCKRIN AND TANYA LATREILLE The Puckrin - Latreille Real Estate Group Your home is the largest and arguably the most personal investment in your nancial life. So trust is a critical factor when youre choosing an agent to guide you through the process. The Puckrin-Latreille Real Estate Group ReMax All-Stars offer an astounding 100 years of real estate experience. Keith Puckrin Guy Latreille Brett Puckrin and Tanya Latreille are well-established local names you can rely on to market your home along with Betty Jane Short and Cayleigh Hoag who can offer superior customer service and representation for all their clients. The group combines digital and traditional techniques to provide an un- precedented client-focused experience. Modern technology has further enhanced their ability to sell at top dollar with fewer days on the market. These channels allow them to reach more potential buyers providing a signicant strategic advantage. Whether youre in Durham Region or City of Kawartha Lakes the Puckrin-Latreille Real Estate Group will strive to meet all your real estate needs. They are the experienced trusted name for your most im- portant investment. ROSARIO GRECO RG Styles Hair Salon Hair specialist Rosario Greco the owner of RG Styles Hair Salon is very excited about the newest products and services now available at his Port Perry salon. The salon located at 21 Wilbur Ave. is the newest location of the premier Canadian banner group Capilia. With 48 centres across North America focusing on scalp care hair-loss prevention and correction Capilia is a natural t to Rosarios lifelong commitment to hair and hair health by providing solutions for clients struggling with thinning hair scalp conditions or tackling chemotherapy. Capilias commitment to research development and training allow Styles to offer their clients the best 100 natural products and solutions available in the marketplace. The value add for clients is that while their hair is being styled or coloured Rosario now trained in trichology has the ability to talk to them about scalp health and hair revitalization.. For a consultation give us a call email us or visit us at facebook.comRosarioGrecoStyles 21 Wilbur Avenue Port Perry 905-985-0099 HALLIE KARPIS Focus on Scugog If Hallie Karpis friendly smile looks familiar thats because shes been so involved in the community. Her new venture is serving as advertising sales rep for Focus on Scugog magazine Hallies background includes real estate working as a teaching assistant at local dance studios and creating signs for Sensational Signs. Shes also an enthusiastic committee member for the Mayors Gala for theArts and the Scugog Arts Council. I feel I bring a unique and fresh perspective to advertising and Focus on Scugog commented Hallie. My years of experience in artistic and customer service related elds allows me to build great relationships and interact well with clients. I can also provide them with great ideas for marketing and keep them up to date during the process to ensure that they are completely happy with their advertisements. A Scugog resident most of her life Hallie is enjoying raising her son in Seagrave. 188 Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-8585 on Scugog FOCUS - MAY 2016 49 Business Leaders PART 4 AUTOMOTIVE Malcolms Auto Service - Jodi Malcolm................................ 46 Mark Willes Automotive - Mark Leahann Willes ............... 35 Port Perry Auto Supply - Maggie Davison............................ 47 Superior Tire - Randall Jones ................................................. 9 Willes Automotive - Mark Leahann Willes ........................ 35 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The Callery Group - Brian Callery.......................................... 35 1st Financial -Anita Van Zeeland .......................................... 22 Investors Group - Rory Scully ............................................. 10 Sandi Yokom Bookkeeping Services ................................... 9 Scugog Accounting - Michael Konopaski ............................ 20 HEALTH WELLNESS ACCESS Psychology - Helen Daymond .............................. 20 Inner Solitude Meditation Classes - Dawn Taylor ............... 34 Natural Health Associates - Dr. John Tompkin D.C. ............ 47 Port Perry Denture Clinic - Mike Dunn ................................ 22 Port Perry Naturopathic - Dr. Cara MacMullin ND ............... 19 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr Farah Walji .................... 48 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr. Rami Maarouf .............. 48 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr. Robert Boyko ................48 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr. Sandro Del Rosso ........ 48 Silver Cross Durham - Lesley WestburyVictoria Westbury........................................ 9 Therapeutic Grace - Juli Conard ............................................. 7 LEGAL Paula McMurtry Barrister Solicitor ................................. 34 Monique Meloche Personal Injury Lawyer - WARDS PC ... 46 REAL ESTATE Coldwell Banker - Grant Lucas ............................................... 7 Remax All-Stars Realty Inc. - Julie Curran .......................... 35 The Puckrin-Latreille Real Estate Group - Brett Puckrin Tanya Latreille.............................................. 49 RESTAURANTS McDonalds - Sandy Ginger Jackson ................................. 34 RETAIL Studio -Alison Brown ...................................... 36 Camilles Closet - Elly HuhleJeannie Muir ............................. 8 Coach House Studio - Laura GrayBev LeslieHeidi Jones .. 34 Danas Goldsmithing - Dana Smith ........................................ 9 db silversmith designs - Diane Smith .................................. 22 Herringtons Quality Butchers - Jacqueline Brent Herrington ................................................ 22 The Kids Cupboard - Karen Staniland ................................. 36 The Perfect Scoop - Bob Moore ........................................... 10 Trading Post - James Lori Cannon ..................................... 8 Videoplex - Nancy DriscollJanet Page ................................ 20 Vintage Marketplace - Joan Wilson ...................................... 19 VosYour Independent Grocer - Christine Terry Vos ....... 36 VT Plumbing - Viktor Treiguts ................................................ 35 SERVICES Budget Blinds of Port Perry - Joe Gibson ........................... 36 Goldbug International - Terry Booth...................................... 20 Focus on Scugog - Hallie Karpis .......................................... 49 Hair Solutions - Nancy Hickox .............................................. 36 Inspirational Wood Works Inc. - Ian Ross .......................... 19 Jonathan van Bilsen Photography ....................................... 8 Just Pets Plus Inc. - Shannen-Dean GuilanowskiLaurel..... 19 My Hair Salon - Sadie Ross................................................... 47 Port Perry Optical - Brock Wendy Reville ......................... 19 Psychic Medium - Jennifer Bathgate-Williamson.................. 21 RG Styles Hair Salon - Rosario Greco ................................. 49 Scugog Animal Hospital - Dr. Jessica SherwinDr. Margaret Cheung ................................. 36 Scugog Chamber Port Perry BIA - Kenna Kozak ........... 10 Scugog Computers - Michael Filip ....................................... 46 Sensational Signs Company Inc. - Brenda Colvin .............. 46 Sues SignsWedding Dreams - Sue Dalby ........................... 8 Taylor Forder Insurance - Steve GajewskiJennifer Michel............................................ 10 True North Eavestroughing - John Whyte ........................... 36 Wagg Funeral Home - Myles ORiordan ............................... 36 TRAVEL Marlin Travel - ColleenAnderson .......................................... 21 Marlin Travel - Jean Scott ...................................................... 21 Marlin Travel - Virginia Frew .................................................. 21 Index By Business Name 50 FOCUS - MAY 2016 FOCUS - MAY 2016 51 What s Up Scugog Friday May 6 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday May 7 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. A show of traditional contemporary and artistic bed and wall quilts. Hand-crafted weaving wood bre avours and visual art. Over 14 fabulous vendors feature quilter Sandy Curl-James silent auction demonstrations and unique 2 hour classes. Guild shop of contemporary hand-crafted quilt items. Caf with yummy meals. Location Scugog Community Recreation Centre 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Admission 7 Brought to you by the Port Perry Patchers Quilt Guild Monday May 9 - 730 p.m. Presented by Prince Albert United Church in celebration of 150 years in Prince Albert. Location Prince Albert United Church 23 Jeffrey Street Prince Albert Admission 15 Tickets Call the Church - 905-985-2801 Chuck - 905-985-7032 or Doug - 905-985-3143 The ArcelorMittal Dofasco Male Chorus Information Sign-up Meeting Tuesday May 10 10 a.m - noon Retired 55 and over men and women who like to socialize participate in a variety of activities and enjoy stimulating speakers are invited to join. Location Hope Church 14480 Old Simcoe Road Port Perry Information PROBUS Club of Port Perry Debs Wine Paint Wednesday May 12th Sail Away Wednesday May 18th Dancing Petals Wednesday May 25th Cheers 7 p.m. to 9 ish Join me for a night of fun and creativity as I guide you thru the step by step painting process. No experience necessary Register early for one or all of the above courses to reserve your seat. Just 40.00 per course includes all supplies due at time of registration supplies include canvas line drawing paints easels brushes and aprons. Painted on 12 x 16 canvas. Drinks munchies are available for purchase during class. Location Col. Mustards Bar Grill 15 Water Street Port Perry Information Debbie Cotton email 905-718-4097 call or text facebook Debs Wine Paint Mothers Day Special Event 2 p.m. - 4 ish Everyone will receive a complimentary ower 40.00 Location Chucks RoadHouse 14375 Simcoe Street Port Perry Choreographed by Alexandra Lembo Music direction by Jackie Crawford West Side Story is one of the most mem- orable musicals and greatest love stories of all time. The worlds greatest love story takes to the streets of New York as two young idealistic lovers nd themselves caught between warring street gangs the American Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. Their struggle to survive in a world of hate violence and prejudice is one of the most innovative heart- wrenching and relevant musical dramas of our time. PresentedbyspecialpermissionfromMusicTheatreInternational. Location Town Hall 1873 Centre for the Performing Arts 302 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-8181 Tickets Students under 18 20 Adults 26 10 Adult tickets purchased in a single transaction 24 each Purchase on line phone or box ofce Ticket prices include a Town Hall seat surcharge and an Arts People box ofce administration fee. May 13 14 19 20 21 8 p.m. May 14 21 22 2 p.m. 52 FOCUS - MAY 2016 To submit your upcoming event email by the 8th of the month one month before you need it to be published. Suzie Vinnick Saturday May 14 8 p.m. Greenbank fans are delighted that Suzie is returning to the Greenbank stage in May. From her CBC Music bio A Saskatoon native living in Toronto Canada Suzie Vinnick is the owner of a gorgeous powerful voice and performs with a sweet mixture of en- gaging candidness and unparalleled musicianship. Suzie has toured nationally with Stuart McLeans The Vinyl Caf and the John McDermott Band. Suzie made her New York City debut in October 2011 supporting John Hammond at a free outdoor stage in Madison Square Park Conservancy and has performed for Canadian Peacekeepers in Bosnia and the Persian Gulf. A multi-award winner she performs powerfully as a solo act or with her tasteful side players as a duo and band with Rick Fines and is also a member of the groups The Marigolds with Gwen Swick and Caitlin Hanford of Quartette and Betty the Bobs. She was also the voice of Tim Hortons for 5 years. Location Greenbank Centennial Hall Hwy. 12 Greenbank Tickets 25. each available at POE Design 146 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-0060 Blue Heron Books 62 Brock Street W. Uxbridge 905-852-4282 or phone 905-985-8351 for reserved tickets and information. and on Facebook. SUNDAY MAY 15 JOHN MACMURCHY TRIO John - Clarinet Sax Mark Kieswetter - Piano Ross MacIntyre - Bass John has played with Henry Man- cini Cleo Lane Linda Ronstadt John Dankworth Peter Appleyard and Guido Bass . Johns vision of music exudes clarity of companionship between musicians of sound of musical ideas of concept of execution of music. Its an honest sound that MacMurchy uses to converse with the listener. Nothing is hidden. Its all there on the table. Heart. Experience. Pleasure. Life SUNDAY MAY 22 ALLYSON MORRIS TRIO Mark Kieswetter - Piano Kieran Overs - Bass Gorgeous voice gorgeous woman gorgeous accompaniment Allyson has that wow factor combining a rich sultry voice with outstanding raw talent and a dig- deep interpretive air. A statuesque blonde with small-town charm. Allyson possesses a depth of feeling her rich musi- cal vocabulary and her life experiences all these combine to create the condent unique style that is Allyson Morris. A truly astonishing talent wherever she performs we are very glad to have her in Port Perry in an intimate setting. Doors Open 700 p.m. Location Jesters Upstairs Music Charge 15 per person Reservations Call Lynn 289-354-1140 or email at jesters court Gorgeous Jazz Music for Spring 3rd Annual Fundraiser Spring Fling Dance Saturday May 14 8 p.m. - 1 a.m. The Megalore Group invites you to join them for fun with DJ Todd Soomre late lunch cash bar and a 5050 draw. Location Latcham Centre 121 Queen Street Port Perry Tickets 20. each are available at Envoy Business Centre 1869 Scugog Street Unit 6 Port Perry Information Contact Lynn or Jim at 905-985-4372 Find us on facebook or visit our website Helping Local People in Need Megalore Group Presents Monday May 16 7 - 9 p.m. Presented by your local Neighbourhood Watches along with the Durham Regional Police Service and St. Johns Anglican Church Blackstock. Location St. Johns Anglican Church 3505 Church Street Blackstock hall Dont get scammed. Be informed. Fraud Awareness Information Night What s Up Scugog FOCUS - MAY 2016 53 Saturday May 28 - 1030 a.m. The 4th Annual Walk-a-Thon a fundraiser for the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog will take place in Elgin Park and the Trails of Uxbridge. The walk starts and ends at Elgin Park in Uxbridge with registration at 1030 a.m. followed by the walk at 11. Free barbecue and rafe ticket sale following the walk. Prize for the top earning male and female. Registration forms are available at Pet Valu in Port Perry and Uxbridge and can be downloaded at Location Elgin Park Uxbrige 180 Main Street South Uxbridge Jamies Dream Gala Thursday May 26 6 p.m. A fun-lled evening of entertainment excellent food rafes wonderful silent auction and a great live auction featuring the always entertaining auctioneering of Gary Hill Auctions. with DJ Todd Soomre late lunch cash bar and a 5050 draw. Location Scugog Recreation Centre 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Tickets 125 per person includes one complimentary drink ticket Can be purchased by calling Community Living North Durham 905-985-8511 ext. 227 or by stopping by the ofce at 60 Vanedward Drive Unit 2 Port Perry or follow on facebook or twitter 2nd Annual Thursday May 26 4 - 8 p.m. Join us at our 2nd annual Spex N Suds event at Old Flame Brewing Co. Enjoy a cold one while you browse the lat- est springsummer sunglass collections from RayBan YSL Stella McCartney Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta. Proceeds from event sales will be donated to Operation Scugog. Its easy to feel good and look GREAT...all while giving back to our community Everyone is welcome. See you there Dr. D. Stephanie Workman Location Old Flame Brewing Co. 135 Perry Street Port Perry Information See our ad on inside back cover Wednesday evenings at Col. Mustards Bar Grill Port Perry Only 40.00 Drinks extra Includes everything you need to complete each painting. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Private events can be booked with Debbie at other locations. 905-718-4097 facebookDebsWine Paint Wednesday evenings at Debs Wine Paint Debbie Cotton is a local well-known professional published artist with over 20 years experience teaching classes throughout North America. She has been published within the pages of many art magazines and author of two instructional acrylic painting books and kits. 54 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Guatemala has magnificent scenery. I have come to grips with the fact that seasons seem to be changing and winter is just not what it used to be. However there is still a great deal to be said for heading south and relaxing in a quaint village where the temperature is guaran- teed to be hot. One of my favourite destinations is the pictur- esque village of Antigua in Guatemala especially at Easter. Virtually untouched since its origin in the late sixteen hun- dreds Antigua is a quaint village of colourful houses small shops and wonderful restaurants. And for those who want a beach its only an hour or so from the resort area of Lake Atitlan. Getting there is simple. American Airlines although their planes are not very comfortable gets you there in just under 7 hours which includes a layover in Miami. Your basic flying time is 5 hours. Guatemala is a poor country having been successfully rid of civil war for only sixteen years. I found the people ex- tremely friendly and the places of interest are pristine and free from typical tourist debris.Antigua is 90 minutes from the airport and once you are there you feel as if you have been transported back in time. I stayed at the Porta Hotel a mere five minute walk from the town square. The hotel caters to an alternative SUN DESTINATION FOCUS - MAY 2016 55 Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer author and columnist and can be followed at the seasoned traveller and has a wonderful swimming pool clean modern restaurants with exceptional cuisine I love to eat and spacious rooms. Antigua is the kind of village where you can spend three or four days and be totally oblivious to the goings-on around the world. Long pleasant strolls along cobbled streets doing nothing more than gazing in shop windows or admiring lo- cal architecture is an extremely relaxing way to spend a few days. There are many clothing shops which offer the latest in local fashion jade factories which create jewellery that begs to be purchased and all at reasonable cost. Tourism has not yet reached a point where greed has escalated prices be- yond reach. I especially enjoyed the square in the centre of the town. Large shade trees kept the hot temperatures at bay. Everyone was preparing for Easter a time very special to Guatemalans and a bustle is noticeable everywhere. Lunchtime around the square brings out busy chatter about the planned festivities all while enjoying an ice cream. The colourful clothes of the ladies add a festive mood. Each village in Guatemala has its own colour combination for fabric creating a pleasant uni- formity to the area. Kids are kids anywhere in the world and Antigua is no exception. The cute and friendly smiles are a surefire recipe for receiving candy but most were intrigued to view photos of themselves in my camera. They all wanted their pictures taken which created a buzz of excitement around me. The Mayans inhabited Guatemala and the surrounding area for more than two thousand years and created the basis for the present day culture. With the introduction of Christianity new traditions have emerged. Beautiful cathedrals and mag- nificent statues are everywhere and March was a great time to visit as Easter preparations were well underway. Antigua in spring is a time not to be missed. The entire season is a grandiose homage to Christianity and is re- flected in the many processions where images made artis- tically by Guatemalan artisans are paraded throughout the city. Another part of this tradition is the creation of beautiful carpets made with dozens of varieties of flowers mixed with coloured sawdust. They then adorn the streets of Antigua turning the entire city into a living work of art. The entire spring season surrounding Easter is a reflec- tion of the religious fervor brought from Spain five hundred years ago and is a time well worth the visit. Take your cam- eras and your sun tan lotion and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the warmth of the sun. Downtown Antiqua. Ladies in Guatemala dress in colourful costumes. 158 Casimir St. Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC TICO 4577532 JoinouruniquegroupdepartureDIRECTfrom PETERBOROUGH Airport to June 23 - 26 Staying at Bienville House Hotel SELLING FAST 56 FOCUS - MAY 2016 Another business celebrating 40 years of business is Lukes Country Store on Queen St. Wayne right and Carolyn centre left dropped by the store they opened in 1976 to mark the special occasion with current owners Ron left and Teri Venner. For the past 35 years Port Perry Auto Glass has been servicing the people of Scugog Township. Celebrating the occasion on Friday April 15 are from left Kelly and Glenn Evans Tilly Durward Anja Knutson Jennifer Foley Eric Arsenault Suzie Feeney Jeff Beddome Mike Charron and Bruce Kindree. Homestead Furniture celebrated their 40th Anniversary in Port Perry on Friday April 15th with present and former staff attending. From left Chic Carnegie Jackie Bridge Tyler Renaud Margaret Renaud Ralph Ballard and Joanne Rham. Spring must be a great time to start a business as this month three local businesses are celebrating anniversaries. MILESTONES Three Cheers If you are celebrating an anniversary of five years or more please email us at and let us know Survive Combative Arts 182 North Port Road 1 Port Perry Videoplex 68 Water Street Port Perry Redmans Antique Barn 15751 Island Road Port Perry Mr. Sub 1874 Scugog Street Port Perry Port Perry Auto Glass 1575 Highway 7A Port Perry Homestead Furniture 1918 Scugog Street Port Perry Lukes for Home 207 Queen Street Port Perry The Framers Gallery 233 Queen Street Port Perry Timms Garage 22940 Hwy 12 Saintfield Sunderland 10 celebrating years 5 celebrating years 30 celebrating years 25 celebrating years 35 celebrating years 40 celebrating years 40 celebrating years 40 celebrating years 50 celebrating years Operated by Rogers Communications You really can have the best of both worlds with Compton Contact our of- fice today for more on how to get started or bundle your current packages. At Compton we make it easy 905-985-8171 I Same Local Customer Service New Big City Speeds INTERNET 30 INTERNET 60 PACKAGES Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2009 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2010 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2012 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2011 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2013 Best Telephone Service Internet Provider See for yourself why we were voted Readers Choice 5 years in a row YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y 1893 Scugog St. Port Perry START SIZZLING Its that time of year again Check out our mouth-watering barbecue delights. Garden Centre NOW OPEN . . . . new owers your Mother would love Just like your home regular maintenance and clean- ing does not reach all the nooks and crannies. The same goes for your teeth Regular brushing and flossing is great but to keep teeth really clean and healthy a professional cleaning is the only way to remove certain types of plaque and tartar build up. Your Confident Smile is Our Goal. 15930 Old Simcoe Rd. Port Perry 905-985-7777 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT 29 Toronto Street Uxbridge 905-852-7382 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT 15 Ringwood Drive Stouffville 905-642-5777 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT26 Church Street Sunderland 705-357-3161 Other locations to serve you Keep Your Smile Bright and Shiny