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FOCUSon Scugog DECEMBER 2015 See Page 3See Page 33 port perry dental centre 238 Queen Street - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 - Wishingyouaworldof happiness thisholidayseasonand throughout thecomingyear. From everyone at the e y e w e a r THE VISION CLINIC OPTICIANS OPTOMETRISTS 305 Queen St 905 985 9388 Gift Certificates for gift ideas . . . drop in or visit Publisher Editor ................. MaryAnn Fleming Advertising ...................................... Tracy Souch Production.....................................Arlene Walker Freelance Writers ..................... Lynn Campbell Paul Arculus Karen Stiller Marjorie Fleming Jonathan van Bilsen Peter Hvidsten Website................................................Bill Walker Accounting........................................ Judy Ashby FOCUSon Scugog DECEMBER 2015 Volume 10 - Number 9 Published by Focus on Scugog Inc. 188 Mary Street Unit 201 Port Perry L9L 1A2 905-985-8585 email website Focus on Scugog is published 12 times a year from Port Perry and is distributed to all homes and businesses in Scugog Township by Canada Post. Delivery the rst Tuesday of each month although this date does vary depending on the number of weeks in a month. Opinions expressed by columnists contributors and letter writers must be signed including address and phone number. Letters must be signed. Requests that a name be withheld will be honoured only if there is a compelling reason to do so. Helping us wish everyone a very Merry Christmas are a few of the kids from the Story Time Ladys Pre School Story Time Class at the Scugog Memorial Library. Left to right Lily Smith Dylan Monsma Isla Ripley the Story Time Lady Julie Anne Gatto-Gibbons and Ivy Smith. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks to the kids for helping us out See page 3. Photo by MaryAnn Fleming our cover features 3 17 34 47 regulars 37 38 60 62 Thumbs Rating local events and decisions. Changing Faces Local businesses on the move. Whats Up Scugog Local entertainment you dont want to miss. PhotosNtravel Adventures with Jonathan van Bilsen. Please submit ideas to GOT IDEAS The Story Time Lady A must read for all parents. Its Like Im a Telephone Meet Jennifer Bathgate-Williamson. Dylan Parson A hard working and determined young man. Volunteer Can you make the time Ann Koke can. 7 31 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 1 2 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Making Christmas merry Dear Editor Once again Joan Elliott and myself who are Independent Sales Consultants with Mary Kay Cosmetics are participating in the Community Gift Giving program in partnership with the Port Perry Place LTC Home. We have adopted the Port Perry Place LTC Home and along with your support will provide each resident with a Christmas Gift. Please join us in this wonderful program to aid in ensuring that each resident at the Port Perry Place LTC Home will have a gift to open this Festive Season. Each gift will be a memorable gift that will be wrapped in a beautiful Christmas bag with a card attached from you. The cost of each gift is 20.00. Cheques can be made out to us or Community Gift Giving Program. We will issue a receipt that can be used for advertising and promotion. All gifts will be delivered prior to Christmas. Thank you for helping to make this a bright Merry Christmas for the residents of the Port Perry Place LTC Home. Thank you Jillian Howsam and Joan Elliott Focus article evokes memories Dear Editor I have just finished reading the Focus on Scugog November issue. Reading the article about Mr. Jack Craighead I was surprised to see a mention of a ship sunk in the St. Lawrence. The ship was a converted yacht bought by the government from a wealthy jeweller in New York. One of my brothers was a signalman on board at age 20. Thirty officers and men were all lost at sea. It was H.M.C.S. Raccoon. I was quite surprised to read this article and see the Raccoon mentioned. All these years later it is the first time I have read anything about her. I still have letters and telegrams from the government and personal letters to my mother father and his 12 year-old sister. E. Louise Penstone Port Perry Congratulations with a capital C Volunteer with a capital V Dear Editor I would like to send out a huge congratulations to Helen Whiteway for receiving her Provincial Lifetime Membership pin. Helen is one of many auxiliary volunteers who put in numerous hours working at Camilles Closet. These ladies work throughout the year planning and participating in fundraising drives such as the Tag Day the delicious Fish Dinner and the ever-popular Polar Bear Plunge. All the money raised at these events goes directly to Port Perry Hospital. Among other things they have purchased hospital beds incubators bed lifts and have made a huge commitment and cash donation towards the hospital renovations that are now taking place. The next time you happen to pass one of these Coral Coat Ladies whether they are holding a donation box or refilling your bedside water at the hospital please take a minute to thank them for all the work they do for our community. I for one want them to know it does not go unnoticed Congratulations again Helen on your PLM award and to all the other ladies who have received it in the past. Cheers Bonnie DeCosta Port Perry Thanks and Thumbs Up Dear Editor To Heather and Andrew owneroperators of Port Perry Moving and Storage and their staff Sean and Kyle. This autumn due to a nasty fall and serious injury my mother had to leave her condo in Etobicoke and move to a retirement residence in Port Perry. After raising a family and living in Etobicoke for over 60 years Mom had a huge amount of memories memorabilia and material things that needed to be packed and moved. Heather and Andrew handled all of her items as if they were as precious to them as they are to my Mom. I want to thank them for being so kind calm and compassionate they made an emotional day so much easier. Thank you Port Perry Moving and Storage Bette Hodgins Port Perry ...................... Please turn to page 58 presents the 2015 Santa Claus Parade Saturday December 5th 5pm This years theme Info Scugog Visitor Business Centre 237 Queen St. 905-985-4971 Reach Queen Water Simcoe Fair Grounds Parade Route Starts at the Fair Grounds Babies gazing in awe at the images in a picture book. Toddlers having fun pretending that theyre jumping in a pile of autumn leaves. Preschoolers creating virtual cupcakes on a kid friendly computer website. Parents often tell The Story Time Lady that their kids play Julie Anne at home by reading books to their siblings or even the family dog Many also sing Julie Annes songs around the house. These kinds of stories warm her heart. Julie Anne Gatto-Gibbons enjoys running into students up to University age who fondly remember attending her library programs. For eight years Julie Anne volunteered at R. H. Cornish for the Home Reading Program too. She likes to host school and daycare visits to Scugog library. Scavenger hunts and story times are some of the interesting activities she plans for the children to share her love of books and make the visits a positive experience. I feel so blessed to be able to do this says JulieAnne. Every day is like my rst day. These are some of the many exciting shenanigans that happen each week at Scugog Public Library during Julie Anne Gatto-Gibbons Early Literacy programs. Who Ate All the Cookie Dough Julie Anne Gatto-Gibbons the Story Time Lady has the children ages 3 to 5 years of the Preschool Storytime Class totally engrossed in this story. tell me a story ...................... Please turn to page 4 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 3 4 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 A few years ago Julie Anne observed that there was a lack of programming for babies in Scugog Township and the Babytime class was born. Its so successful that attendance includes 25 babies up to 12 months old along with their moms. You should see the bright-eyed faces of the babies as Julie Anne dramatically reads from the colourful board books changing her voice and acting out the various characters. By age two to three months she says that the babies are reaching out trying to touch the books. Favourite toys for the wee visitors are mini rubber duck- ies with an accompanying song. Reading to newborn babies is very important says Julie Anne who has been educating preschoolers in her entertaining way for 15 years. It has been documented that early exposure to books turns children into good readers and helps to develop language skills Julie Anne noted. That translates into doing better in school. Three-and-a-half-year-old Liljas mom Kristy Reid is a teacher and she agrees that there are positive future benets to early literacy. Little Lilja already enjoys shar- ing books with her siblings one-year-old twins Nathan and Charlotte. A graduate of the Babytime program Lilja is really enjoying the Preschool class and Tech for Tots while Kristy and the twins hang out in the library playing and looking at books. Its a nice change says Kristy and its good for Lilja to have kids her own age to play with. Lilja met her best buddy at Babytime and they even went out trick or treating together this year. Not only do the kids who attend the library programs make friends the parents do too. Jenna Berry of Port Perry has been taking Grace to Babytime since she was three months old and shes eight months old now. We love it Jenna enthuses. The babies have fun but we have fun too She has made friends with other moms and they like to hang out at the library after class for a couple of hours chatting and selecting books to take home. They get together outside of the library as well. This brings joy to me says Julie Anne with a smile. Story Time Lady continued from page 3 Twelve hours a week Julie Anne aka The Story Time Lady runs four amazing programs for newborns through age ve. The little ones have so much fun that they dont realize that they are learning literacy skills. Eight-month-old Ivy Smith along with her mom Jen. 1. PHOTOSBYMARYANNFLEMING Three-and-a-half-month-old Tucker Whiteway with his mom Jen. Tea Room is open Everyones talking about the Christmas Barn at Coach House Studio 605 Regional Road 21 Port Perry 905.982.2705 ANTIQUES UNIQUES DCOR MORE COACH HOUSE STUDIO ITS A DESTINATION SHOPPING LOCATION Bakersville Gingerbread Village Scugog Memorial Library 231 Water Street Port Perry 905 985 7686 Dec. 5th Jan. 2nd Visit the library to view the gingerbread homes and buildings created by a variety of community members. Want to be a participant Pick up an information sheet at the library. There is no fee and entries from individuals families and groups are welcome. Bring your creations to the library Dec. 1st to 3rd. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 5 Tracy Keith Brett Tanya Betty-Jane Guy CayleighBetty-Jane Guy Cayleigh ALL STARS REALTY INC. BROKERAGE Independently Owned Operated We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Healthy New Year Surrounded By Family And Friends. Caregivers accompany the one to three-year- olds to the popular Parent n Tot program. Its an action-packed half an hour of sharing books and songs and movement activities. Julie Anne is gifted at stimulating young imaginations with games such as shovelling snow or raking leaves using imaginary tools and all the while singing cute little songs. One funny story she shared had to do with the kids planting something in their pretend garden that their Dads would like for Fathers Day. One child chose cucumbers. Another chose tomatoes. A third chose beer There was a bit of an issue with the watering and harvesting of the bottles but it was all in good fun Julie Anne recalls. Caregivers accompany the one to three-year- olds to the popular Parent n Tot program. Its an action-packed half an hour of sharing books and songs and movement activities. Julie Anne is gifted at stimulating young imaginations with games such as shovelling snow or raking leaves using imaginary tools and all the while singing cute little songs. By the time the kids aged three to ve are in the Pre- school Storytime class their parents wait outside the door. This could be the rst time that they have been left alone Julie noted. But most of these children attended her library programs at a younger age so they feel safe and comfortable with their grown-up friend The Story Time Lady. Its great preparation for JK and SK JulieAnne add- ed. Her programs are structured which kids want and need. Plus she has little rules such as No running If one runs they all run Julie Anne laughs. The Preschool Storytime program is 45 minutes long providing enough time to share longer books and talk about them together then have fun making a take- home craft. Linda Fletcher enjoys taking her grandson Ryan 3 to Julie Annes programs. She also took his brother Ellis who is eight now. Its a great prep for Kindergarten and Julie Anne is amazing Linda commented. The programs are so interesting with story time and play time. The children also learn im- portant social skills like each others names. Julie Anne says she spends hours online searching out good websites for the preschoolers to learn to use at Tech for Tots. Lets go to Mars or lets go to Italy Julie Anne will exclaim mouse in hand. Linda Fletcher enjoys taking her grandson Ryan 3 to Julie Annes programs. She also took his brother Ellis who is eight now. Its a great prep for Kindergarten and Julie Anne is amazing Linda commented. The programs are so interesting with story time and play time. The children also learn im- portant social skills like each others names. ...................... Please turn to page 6 3. 2. 6 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Everystorytimeincludesacraft and has a seasonal theme such as recently Hibernating Bears. Julie Anne read the book The Grumpy Bear and each child enjoyed mak- ing a creative bear craft. The kids learned about colours and shapes while Julie Anne asked them to make choices A square nose or a round nose A blue bear or a purple bear What colour polka dots would you like to put on your bears winter blanket Really a serviette What do you need a mouth for What do you need a nose for What would you do if you were a bear and you couldnt nd any leaves to make a comfy winter bed The kids are so proud of their crafts says Julie Anne. And it doesnt matter if an eye ends up glued to a foot instead of the face Story Time Lady continued from page 5 Four-and-a-half-month-old Bryson Bray and his aunt Brenda Elford. All of Julie Annes amazing preschool literacy programs are free of charge with the exception of Tech for Tots which costs 10 for each four-week session. Drop in or call Scugog Public Library at 905-985-7686 extension 101 to register and join in the fun 4. One-year-old Megan Rutherford and her mom Jodi. 16050 OLD SIMCOE ROADPORT PERRY on Reach Street north ofTim Hortons 905-985-8888 MERRY CHRISTMAS from ELIZABETH SHELLEY From the staff of 11490 Simcoe St. Port Perry 905-985-0195 Wishing you a blessed Christmas. 1 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 A 20-year tradition in Port Perry has come to an end but hopefully it will be revived in the future. For two decades Donna Eckhardt and her beloved white Grey Percheron Newt has delighted visitors to Queen St. by providing horse and carriage rides during the Christmas season. NewtWho Will Fill Newts Shoes Horse The end of an era. Newt has retired from the BIA carriage rides in December on Queen Street. Owner Donna Eckhardt and her son Regan thank everyone for the support they received over the past 20 years. FocusonscugogFilephoto ...................... Please turn to page 8 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 7 8 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 These pleasure trips were complimen- tary with the Port Perry BIA picking up the tab. Donna started out with her black Percheron Thor who has since passed away and then Newt took over. Neither of us are getting any younger Donna says of herself and Newt her beautiful big boy. He is 18 hands high and 15 years old. It has been a holiday tradition for local families and visitors to Port Perry to snuggle up under the cozy fur robes in the carriage decorated with tinkling sleigh bells to enjoy the old-fashioned experience of a horse drawn carriage ride. What a wonder- ful way to savour the sights of beauti- ful Queen St. resplendently decked out with coloured lights and natural greenery for the Christmas season. WellmissitsaysDonnabutits a lot of long cold hours on the pave- ment. Every year Newt and Donna were out on the town from 5 to 8 pm on Friday nights and from noon to 4 pm on Sunday afternoons. The twosome has long been a familiar favourite at- traction in the local Christmas parade as well. Newt is still going strong how- ever and Donnas Driving Service will continue to do private events such as weddings anniversaries birthday parties and prom nights. Donna her husband Ed and their four sons have always been an im- portant part of the Epsom-based busi- ness which she refers to as a family endeavour. They take turns help- ing Donna commented. I couldnt do it without them. The extra hands and eyes have en- sured an excellent safety record with no injuries to man or beast she added proudly. The traffic was always good giv- ing us lots of space she said. Donna has met generations of wonderful people during her horse and carriage days. People bring their kids and then their grandkids she recalled. Over the years some children who have come to know and love Newt like to bring him his favourite treat carrots. Once a little boy asked Donna if the horses hooves were made of wood and another little guy noticed Newts steamy breath in the cold win- ter air and remarked that he must be a dragon not a horse Its fun talking to people who have never met a horse before said Donna. She treasures many fond memo- ries such as happy families singing Christmas carols while enjoying their excursion. Its been an incredible ride commented Kenna Kozak of the Port Perry BIA. The horse and carriage rides definitely created a wonderful atmosphere in the downtown keep- ing our small town charm alive. She is hopeful that the BIAcan find someone to fill Newts horseshoes in the future. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog Newt continued from page 7 OMESTEADHFURNITURE APPLIANCES HARDWOOD LAMINATE FLOORING WINDOW COVERINGS from all your friends at 1918 Scugog St. Port Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 HomesteadFnA See us for handy and useful gifts for your Automobile Enthusiasts Port Perry Auto Supply 16050 Old Simcoe Rd. Unit 1 Port Perry 905-985-8481 Port Perry Auto Supply Merry Christmas Automobile Enthusiasts Maggie and the gang from Unforgettable Experiences Downtown Port Perry Youre closer than you think.BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION PORT PERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY Most shoppes downtown open until 8 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays. Check our website Your local downtown Port Perry Business Improvement Association is making plans for Tis the season to shop local. Merchants will be offering specials and sales throughout the month be sure to support them and shop local DECEMBER HOURS Mon Tues 9 till 6 Wed - Fri 9 till 8 Sat 9 till 6 Sun 11 till 5 CAFE BAKE SHOP CHRISTMAS COTTAGE DECOR CLOTHING 155 QUEEN STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-3900 Cookies pies chelsea buns tarts and so much more PICK UP NOW OR SPECIAL ORDER Stop in for a quick lunch and check out our new menu FREE SAMPLES FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 9 MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905.982.1164 Workshop Gift Certicates Many Unique Christmas Ideas One of a Kind Hand Painted Furniture Decor Original Fine Art Custom Work Workshops Eco-Friendly Canadian Cottage Paint Shop Local This Holiday Season Support local businesses farmers restaurants artists designers and crafters. Do your bit to keep Scugog open for business. 187 Queen St.Port Perry 905.985.7224 Christmas Festive Dinner Gift Certificates New Years Celebration Live Entertainment last Thursday of the month 10 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 168-178 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2521 Shop this Christmas Extended Christmas Shopping Hours December 1 - 23 Open Wednesday - Friday til 8 p.m. 207 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-3011 www.lukes for For a memorable holiday shopping experience. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 11 Bakersville Animated Gingerbread Village December 5 to January 2 Dont forget to pop in to the Scugog Memorial Public Library Rotary Community Room to see the gingerbread homes and buildings created by a wide variety of community members. Bakersville oers a delightful celebration of the season. Admission is free. Order by Dec. 12th and Walter Campbell will personalize your gift by signing the glass with gold pen 233 Queen St. Port Perry 905 985-2543 1-800-637-5391 Great Christmas Gifts By Walter Campbell MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY 12 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Tis the Season to Create Christmas Memories Hungry Dont forget all the delicious eateries to enjoy while you are downtown 150 Water Street 905-982-2103 Start your New Years Eve off with our delectable TRADITIONAL FEATURE MENU. Christmas at Celebrate the Holidays by enjoying our NEW MENU with family and friends make a greatstockingstuffer Please place your orders before December 24 Traditional Christmas Pies Dutch Stollen Bread Yule Logs Holiday Cakes Festive Pastries Almond Sticks Christmas Cookies Fruit Cake and dont forget Fresh baked bread and dinner rolls LET US HELP MAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS A LITTLE MERRIER CaptainGeorge FishChips Merry ChristMas from 905-985-1022 161 Queen Street Port Perry FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 13 Santa Claus Parade Saturday December 5 at 5 pm This years theme - Small Town Christmas Clothing for All Ages 268 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-7707 Check out our variety of holiday outfits and gift giving ideas. 135 Perry Street Port Perry 289-485-BREW 2739 Clothing glassware collectibles and gift cards 227 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-8778 Handcrafted Sterling Silver UniqueDistinctiveQuality MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY 14 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 TAYLOR COMPANY I N T E R I O R S 239 QUEEN STREET PORT PERRY 905.982.2001 Merry Christmas To All Thank You For Your Patronage 705.432.3340 14 Cameron St. E. Cannington ON 905.985.3033 158 Water St. Port Perry ON MILK HONEE BABY BOUTIQUE 143 Perry St. Port Perry Phone 289-225-8707 www.facebook.commilkandhonee Tonnes of gifts for wee ones. Gift certificates available. 251 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-1456 Ideal gifts to give and receive Santa will be at his house in front of the post office waiting for you to tell him what you are hoping to see under your tree on Christmas morning. Thursdays and Fridays 3 to 5 p.m. Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Kids Come and Visit Santa BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION PORT PERRY Unique Original Exceptional Gift Giving META4 Gallery brings you ThE TwElvE DAys Of ChrisTMAs 200 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-1534 Its a sale every day from december 1st - 12th META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery Dec. 1 Earrings Dec. 2 Visual Art Dec. 3 Pottery Dec. 4 Glass Dec. 5 Sculpture Dec. 6 Serving Utensils Dec. 7 Art Supplies Dec. 8 Mugs Dec. 9 Necklaces Bracelets Dec. 10 Wood items Dec. 11 Scarves Purses Dec. 12 Visual Art FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 15 16 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 JOIN US FOR WORSHIP THIS CHRISTMAS There are multiple service times in the Scugog area during the Christmas season and everyone is invited to join in the celebration of Christs birth with song and thanksgiving. Sun. Dec 6 ADVENT 2 Sunday School Presentation at Blackstock Sun. Dec. 13 ADVENT 3 White Gift Sunday Choir Cantata at Blackstock Sun. Dec. 20 ADVENT 4 Thurs. Dec. 24 CHRISTMAS EVE Joint Service 7 p.m. at Blackstock Sun. Dec. 27 945 a.m. Joint Worship Service at Blackstock Sunday Services Blackstock - 945 a.m. and Nestleton - 1115 a.m. A warm welcome is extended to all BlackstockNestleton United Church 905-986-4235 3483 Church St. Blackstock 3991 Proutt Rd. Nestleton Special Services Christ is the hope of the world Please join us for our regular service each Sunday at 10am. Thursday December 24 630pm Christmas Eve Service Friday December 25 10am Christmas Day Service Thursday December 31 630pm New Years Eve Service Hope Church 14480 Old Simcoe Road Prince Albert 905-985-9307 OUR MISSION - To Know Show the Love of Jesus New Song Church Anglican Network in Canada 14460 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905- 982-2064 December 20 Lessons Carols - 10 a.m. Christmas Eve - Dec. 24 4 p.m. - Family Service 7 p.m. - Carols and Eucharist Christmas Day - Dec. 25 11 a.m - Christmas Service Followed by FREE Community Christmas Dinner. All are welcome. Call ofce to RSVP. 14460 Simcoe Street Port Perry Lessons Carols - 10 a.m.Lessons Carols - 10 a.m. Port Perry Baptist Church would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sunday December 20th Christmas Program 630 p.m. Refreshments will follow. Thursday December 24th Candlelight Christmas Eve Service 700 p.m. Port Perry Baptist Church 2210 Hwy 7A At Island Rd. 905-985-8681 Port Perry Prince Albert United Churches 294 Queen St. Port Perry 23 Jeffrey St. Prince Albert 905-985-2801 Rev. Elaine Hall Rev. Don Willmer Everyone Welcome Sunday December 13 - 400 p.m. 66th Annual Christmas Choralfest followed by Lasagna Dinner Choralfest has a free-will offering. Dinner tickets 12adults 6children. Call 905-985-2801 Port Perry United Church Tuesday December 15 - 700 p.m. Comfort at Christmas Service A service for those who have experienced loss or who find this time of year difficult. Port Perry United Church Thursday December 24 Christmas Eve Services Port Perry United Church Christmas Story told for all ages 500 p.m. Prince Albert United Church Candlelight Service 700 p.m. Port Perry United Church Christmas Celebration Senior choir Girls choir 700 p.m. Come and welcome the newborn king Seagrave United Church 15 Coryell Street Seagrave 905-985-2429 YOURE INVITED TO A PARTY Seagrave United Church is having a Birthday Party for Jesus with Caroling and Horse and Wagon Rides December 24 430 p.m. Horse and Wagon Rides 530 p.m. Celebrations Carols and the Christmas Story Church of the Ascension 905-985-7278 266 North Street Port Perry Wednesday December 23 730 p.m. Quiet Christmas Service Thursday December 24 500 p.m. Family Service 730 p.m. Carols 800 p.m. Christmas Eve Service Eucharist Friday December 25 1000 a.m. Eucharist CHRISTMAS MASS SCHEDULE Christmas Eve Thursday December 24 7 pm Midnight Christmas Day Friday December 25 10 am Immaculate Conception Church 1710 Scugog St. Port Perry 905-985-7071 NEW YEARS MASS SCHEDULE New Years Eve Thursday December 31 5 pm New Years Day Friday January 1 10 am FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 17 If a beautiful blonde lady lined up in front of you at a local grocery store asks if you know what a medium is you are likely talking to Jennifer Bathgate-Williamson. If you react favourably shes bound to share with you a personal message from someone on the other side. My advice is if Jennifer offers to relay some information to you from spirit take her up on it. Her spontaneous communiqu to me from my late Mother and brother was bang-on. How does she do this Jennifer is a medium. She was born being able to hear see smell taste and pick up emotions and information from people who have passed on. This is a testament to the theory that only the body dies while a persons energy lives on. It comforts people to know that their loved one did not stop existing when their body gave out that they still ex- ist in spirit Jennifer said. Spirits just want to be loved honoured and remembered. The man on the bus When Jennifer was three years old she had her first memory of connecting with spirit. She was on a bus in British Columbia with her mother and she saw a man on the bus wearing a uniform. He only had one leg. Jennifer asked her mom what had happened to that man. Her mother said that she couldnt see him. Then his image disappeared. Growing up Jennifer was never made to feel bad or good about being able to see spirits. As for the skeptics she has met along the way in her 41 years of life Jennifer breezily says You just need to shine your light harder when there is negativity. What is a Medium According to Wikipedia Mediumship is the practice of certain people known as mediums to purportedly medi- ate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings. Attempts to contact the dead date back to early human history with mediumship gaining in popular- ity during the 19th century. Jennifer clarified the difference between a medium and a psychic. A medium channels messages from the spirit world through their guides psychics are better known for A MEDIUM IS LIKE A TELEPHONE If a beautiful blonde lady lined up in front of you at Keeping in Touch ...................... Please turn to page 20 PHOTOSBYMARYANNFLEMING 18 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Mel issa Wend y Donn a Annist on Emily Lauryn Ashle y L auren Carly Ca pris Janet V anessa We all wish you and Holiday Season and FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 19 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 Sh elley Dr. Rami Dr. Sandr o Lori Dan ielle Ka itlynn Joa nne Erin R achel your family a wonderful a very Happy New Year 20 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Here is one gift they will look forward to opening. A beautiful Kevin Murphy Gift Set for everyone on your list. Available exclusively in Port Perry at Styles for the season call Rosario Paul Emily Caroline and colour specialist Josie today STYLES 21 Wilbur Avenue 905-985-0099 Style Half Page Ad.indd 1 14-11-06 443 PM foretelling the future. Some people like Jennifer are both. Many spiritual readers use things in their psychic tool box to trigger readings. Examples include tarot cards tea leaves pendulums and crystal balls. Without prompting spirits often suddenly appear to Jennifer and ask her to relay messages to their loved ones here on earth. Yes even in line at the local grocery store. Its like Im a telephone she explained. It really has nothing to do with me. Those in spirit share key facts-- things only they would know to validate their existence. Perhaps Jennifer will detect the scent of your late mothers perfume or tune into symptoms of the late persons disease. When Jennifer relays messages from spirit she says It makes me feel good by bringing peace and comfort to help others. She has connected people all over the world with their loved ones on the other side through personal readings Skype meditation classes and reading parties. She also does automatic writing. The past two years Jennifer has been a guest medium at the famous Lilydale Assembly a gated spiritual com- munity in New York State where she did gallery read- ings at the Forest Temple. A student minister through the Divine Light Learning Centre she is also a certified spiri- tual healer. Many compare Jennifer to the well-known Theresa Caputo who she went to see at the GM Centre in Oshawa. Jennifer takes pride in what she does and shes proud of her career. People who pretend to be psychics or mediums are really scam artists make me sick she added. She always asks her guides not to divulge negative information. Are you intuitive Everyone is a bit intuitive to some degree Jennifer pointed out. You can build upon the skill you have through medi- tation she explained adding that not everyone who meditates can actually channel spirits. Anyone can call upon their guides to help them find their misplaced items and many creative people who do artwork or sew have spirit muses. The gerbera daisies the swim up bar and the Christmas ghost As someone who is a conduit to the spirit world Jennifer is never really off duty. During her honeymoon where she really felt at home in the Mayan Riviera Mexico she spent six hours in the pool giving messages to people at the swim- up bar. She also stood in the ocean for a long time provid- ing grief counselling to someone who had just lost their Keeping in Touch continued from page 17 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 21 brother. And she didnt mind a bit. It is an honour for Jennifer to be able to use her gift to help people. She had to put off a request from spirit for a few hours one Christmas day. During the gift exchange and while trying to prepare the turkey for the oven a spirit hung around Jennifer and repeatedly asked her to email a message to his mom. He followed her around all day. Eventually she got a chance to turn on the computer so she could tell his family how much he appreciated the nice graveside memorial. It was their first Christmas without him and they were so comforted to receive this heartwarming message. Other times Jennifer gets strong direction to do things. On the Friday before Thanksgiving she was compelled to buy a bouquet of beautiful gerbera daisies. It was a splurge says Jennifer. My favourite colour orange. But they never made it home to her vase. A voice insisted that Jennifer give the flowers to a local crossing guard and so she did with some reluctance. It turned out that this crossing guard was going through a lot of stressful problems at the time and the gift of flowers re- ally brightened her day. She cried all the way home she was so happy. A bright future Despite her unusual occupation Jennifer is just a regu- lar mom. Married to Tom Williamson she is the mother of four kids and they share their Blackstock home with three dogs ones a growling ghost detector and chick- ens that lay happy organic eggs After six years in Scugog Jennifer feels right at home here. She has nothing but good things to say about the schools and friendly townsfolk and Operation Scugog which she supports. This was the first year that she participated in the Dragon Boat Races and she really enjoyed this experience. She also loves to kayak. I chose Port Perry as much as it chose me Jennifer commented. I have never felt so comfortable in a place in my whole life. Its my calling to do this and be in this area. The good news The future for her chosen hometown looks bright she predicted. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog 22 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasWith appreciation for your business and with warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. Your One Stop Independent Financial Shopping 269 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-1926 Tom Rowett B.A RDA 1FC Insurance Karsten Doose CFP RDA 1FC Insurance Anita Van Zeeland FTA AVZ Accounting Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year Village Dcor ShoppeVillage Dcor Shoppe 154 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-4808 Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and peaceful New Year. 14500 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-982-1256 296 Toronto Street Uxbridge 905-852-0554 MERRY CHRISTMAS Port Perry Salvage Inc. DEMOLITION 132 Reach Industrial Park Road Port Perry Yard 905-985-6121 1-877-587-4557 from Michelle John and all the staff of Merry Christmas and HappyNew Year Hardwood laminate installation Custom interior wood work Hanging interior doors Casing windows doors Custom built inns Kitchen bathroom cabinet installation INSPIRATIONAL WOOD WORKS Custom InterIor FInIshIng 905-242-4690 Ian Ross Port Perry WooD WorKs thAt WILL InsPIre Your LIFe CUSTOM INTERIOR FINISHING Port Perry 905-242-4690 MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR from Ian Ross at As you come across our Christmas Greeting pages please consider supporting these businesses. Thanks to them we are able to publish Focus each and every month. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 23 Care beyond the prescription. . . Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Caring for the community for over 21 years Transferring your prescription file is easy Just call us and we will handle the entire process. 905-985-9200 Flu Shots and Flumist Intranasal Vaccine Available Free delivery Compliance Packaging Services Doug Brown Lead Pharmacist Bonnie McEachern Registered Pharmacy Technician 11 Water Street Unit B Port Perry beside Monte Carlo Hair Bonnie joins Pharmacy Associates as another familiar face serving the patients of Scugog for over 16 years. Another Holiday Season is upon us and with it comes Danas Goldsmithing Charity Christmas Ornaments. Owner Dana Smith started 15 years ago de- signing and selling Christmas Orna- ments to raise money for our local Port Perry Hospital Foundation. Her efforts have raised over 53000 to date. The fundraising efforts began with ten years of angel designs and now they are on the 5th year of the very popu- lar snowflake motif. The non-profit ornaments sell for 25 plus tax each with 5 going to the founda- tion. The 2015 limited edition Charity Christmas Ornament is now available at Danas Goldsmithing 186 Queen St. and the Port Perry Hospital. Get yours before they are gone Together we can make a difference Left to right Kerry Turner Amanda Davies Dana Smith and Sharon Scott happily showing off the 2015 Christmas ornaments. Pop in today 2015 Limited Edition Christmas Ornament The gift that benefits us all . . . 24 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 CandlelightWalk Christmas Tree Lighting Victoria Latin and Collin DAntimo wait with their candles lit for the procession down Queen Street to begin. Santa was at the park to greet the children accompanied by some of his reindeer. Here Hunter and Emma Warnock get to know a couple of them. The crowd walks through downtown singing Christmas songs along the way accompanied by the Claidhmor Band. On the cool evening of Friday November 20 hundreds took part in the annual Candlelight Walk and Christmas Tree Lighting kicking off the Christmas season in downtown Port Perry. Please turn to page 38 for more photos of the event. PhotoSbyBILLWALKER FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 25 port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King - Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon - Periodontist 26 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasWith appreciation for your business and with warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. CLASSIC ALUMINUM 905-985-0075 Merry Christmas Happy New Year To Our Many Valued Customers and Friends Julie Curran Sales Representative 905-985-4427 Warmest wishes for a happy holiday to all my clients friends and family SINCE 1975 Port Perry 905-985-4028 Whitby 905-430-7444 From all of us to all of you our very best wishes for a joyous holiday season and a happy new year. Tax Services 174 Perry St. Port Perry 905-985-9803 Wishing You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Marigold Travel 12 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-7878 905-985-8807 68 Water Street Port Perry Special Order yOur mOvieS nOw - fOr chriStmaS from Nancy Janet and staff of Merry Christmas Gift Certificates BriansTowing 2-100 North Port Rd 905-985-2243 Brians Towing Flieler North End Service 15829 Simcoe St. Port Perry 905-985-8177 Best wishes for the holidays from your friends at FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 27 Front Row L-R Riley sisters Tayler and Eden Pugh Clayton Barton Middle Row L-R Gail Pearson holding Lucy Greg Pugh Meghan Barton with daughter Blake Back Row L-R Ken Pearson holding Abby John and Marie Lucyk Kyle McDowell Ian Barton Referrals are the core of our business905 434 0517 905 985 8569 The Port Perry Santa Claus parade the largest and best twilight parade in Durham Region is on Saturday December 5th. It starts at 5 p.m. from the fairgrounds and winds its way along Simcoe St. south along Queen St. and onto Water St. to end at Mary St. Please note that Mary St. will be closed from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. to accom- modate the floats exiting the parade route. This always popular Santa Claus Parade is brought to you by the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and the Port Perry Lions Club. The annual tradition has put smiles on faces for more than 45 years. A Small Town Christmas is this years theme Check out the Chamber website for a list of ideas to help you plan your float Santa will be visiting Port Perry on Thursdays and Fridays from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. - noon and 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. When you are downtown stop by to say hi and let him know if you have been good this year He will be waiting for you in front of the Post Office. For further information call 905-985-4971 or email Santa Claus is Coming to Town December 1st to 23rd Monday to Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm Thursday and Friday 430 pm - 8 pm Saturday and Sunday 9 am - 5 pm 1st Port Perry Scouts Christmas Trees Canadian Tire 14325 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985-7341 Courtesy of Owners andy and Terry Leitch Proudly Supporting Port Perry Scouts 28 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasWith appreciation for your business and with warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. HAIR SOLUTIONS 84 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-2508 Merry Christmas from all the girls at Seasons Greetings with all good wishes for the New Year. 178 Reach Industrial Park Rd.Port Perry 905.985.8054 905-985-9057 Best Wishes to you over the Holidays from George and the staff 278 Queen Street Port Perry Store 905-985-2159 Florist 905-985-7025 Tis the Season of Gratitude This Christmas be grateful for the abundances you have eat joyfully and give food to those who need it the most. Merry Christmas from all of us at Certified floral designers on staff PORT PERRY TRAILER RENTALS DIV. OF ROBERT E. LEE ENTERPRISES INC. 905-985-9650 Fax 905-985-2236 E-mail Hazelwood Rosborough Accounting and Taxation Services Taxation Personal Business Accounting Advisory Garett Hazelwood CPA CGA Dan Rosborough CPA CGA 119 Perry Street Unit 3 Port Perry 905.985.7171 Seasons Greetings FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 29 Wishing you a real Old-Fashioned Christmas and Happiness throughout the NewYear. ELEGANT LIVING BY THE LAKE 905-985-8660 1-800-248-0848 Many of us are looking for ways to make our holiday gift giving more meaningful and the Snowflake Sale at the Scugog Public Library offers the opportunity to find special gifts for everyone on your list. All of the items featured in the Snowflake Sale are handcrafted by local artists and artisans and a portion of the proceeds go to- wards the Library so your purchases have an important impact in your community. Visit the Library during their normal hours of op- eration every day until Saturday December 19th for an opportunity to browse and buy a wide variety of hand- crafted items. Many of your favourite vendors will be returning this year with new work. Choose from a wide range of items in a variety of media including stained glass jewellery handcrafted soaps pottery woodcraft and much more. 231 Water Street Port Perry. For more information contact Amy Caughlin CEO Scugog Memorial Public Library at 905-985-7686 ext 102 or via email Bring in 10 items of food for dona1on to Operaon Scugog Food Bank and Any1me Fitness Port Perry will give you 10 OFF your Membership Dues This year do something great for your community as well as for yourself and we will all be in a Healthier Place Save 10 on Membership Dues Bring in 10 items of food for dona1on to Operaon Scugog Food Bank and Any1me Fitness Port Perry will give you 10 OFF your Membership Dues This year do something great for your community as well as for yourself and we will all be in a Healthier Place Save 10 on Membership Dues 14500 Simcoe St. Port Perry ON 905-982-2788 Hurry Sale ends Dec 29 2015 Applies to 12-month term at Port Perry location only. 30 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry ChristmasWith appreciation for your business and with warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. Cakes By Stephanie 905-982-8881 88 Water St. Port Perry Peppermint Bark Special Buy one get one 12 price Peppermint Bark Special Buy one get one 12 price Cakes and Cupcakes Yule Logs Cookie Trays Meringues Pies Bars Cheesecakes 182 North Port Rd. Unit 4 Port Perry 905-982-1578 YOUR ONE STOP FOR TRUCK ACCESSORIES Serving Scugog Since 2003 WINE ON 38 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-1197 905-985-8962 4 River Street Seagrave Small Business Bookkeeping E-File Computerized Payroll Personal Income Tax BOOKKEEPING SERVICES New Clients Welcome 905-985-2659 178 Reach Industrial Park Rd. Port Perry AldonTransmission Specialists HAIR STUDIO 905-242-8076 16 Water Street Port Perry FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 31 A great read and perfect gift Pine Grove Cemetery Book Now Available Just in time for Christmas . . . The long awaited book on Pine Grove Cemetery is now available. Pine Grove Cemetery in Prince Albert is well known for the fact that a surprising number of this areas in- habitants has made a significant mark on Canadian life politicians industrialists sports personalities and entertainers. NHL All Star Goalie John Ross Roach is buried here as is Joel Aldred one of the founders of CTV. In an- other section of the cemetery we can find the grave of Hollywood movie star and entertainer Craig Russell. Sir James H. McBrien one-time head of the Canadian Armed Forces and later head of the RCMP has a moun- tain named after him in the North West Territories. He was born and raised here in Prince Albert and Port Perry and although buried in Ottawa he is remembered through his family here in Pine Grove Cemetery. The parents and other members of the family of Dr. H.A. Bruce the former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario are buried here. One of Bruces classmates at Port Perry High School was Edwin Campbell who later went on to become a director of Buick and later founded the Chevrolet Motor Company. He is remembered on the monument to his parents and siblings at the north end of the cemetery. Another fascinating aspect of this cemetery is the re- minder of murders missing persons unsolved crimes tragic accidents and passionate romances. These are explained in the accounts of the lives of those whose gravestones adorn this impressive and well-maintained cemetery. Pine Grove Cemetery the book gives detailed ac- counts of more than 80 lives and many are accompanied by illustrations. Financed and produced by the Lake Scugog Historical Society the book is written and researched by local his- torian Paul Arculus. The 70-page book is available through the Historical Society and Books Galore and More on Perry St. in Port Perry. The book is on sale at 10.00 per copy and all proceeds go to the Lake Scugog Historical Society. Hot off the presses Paul Arculuss much anticipated book is now available at Books Galore More. All proceeds go to the Lake Scugog Historical Society. This monument of Milton McDermott shows he died at the age of twenty-five. You can read his story on page 44 of Pauls book. What do Russell Craig Eadie and Hollywood film star Mae West have in common Answer on page 59 of his book. 32 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Holiday Season Wishing you a happy Kathy Boyle CFP Branch Manager 1535 Highway 7A Port Perry 905-985-2131 Holiday Season Wishing you a happy It is that time of year to deck the halls. 1st Port Perry Scout Group is once again selling beautiful fresh trees which are sure to make your holidays special. The Scouts are generously sup- ported by Canadian Tire who will give up space at their store south of town at 14325 Simcoe St. for the Christmas tree lot. Proceeds from tree sales will help support the many varied and exciting activities that youths can participate in as well as the purchase of new equipment for outdoor adventures such as camping and canoeing. Some of the activities are mentioned below. - the Venture Company is heading off to BC for ADVenture16 next summer where they will have the opportunity to hike canoe sea kay- ak rock climb and meet youth from all parts of Canada in addition to attending the Calgary Stampede. - the Scout Troop is working on their canoe skills in preparation for sev- eral camps and also will be head- ing south of the border to sleep on a real submarine. - the Cub pack will be sleeping overnight at the Science Centre as well as attending several weekend camps. - the Beavers this year are learning all about animals and will include a visit from Jungle Cat World and an overnight safari at the Toronto Zoo. Many thanks for the support of the parents guardians and relatives as well as our Venture Company who volunteer their time to run the tree lot in all weather conditions and always with a smile for every customer. For more information about Port Perry Scout Trees or our Group please email infoportperryscout- or look on Facebook at Port Perry Scouting. The lot will be open from Dec- ember 1st to December 23rd or until the trees sell out so get yours early. The Hours of Operation are Monday to Wednesday 6 pm - 8 pm Thursday to Friday 430 pm - 8 pm Saturday to Sunday 9 am - 5 pm Port Perry Scouts Christmas Tree Sales Scouters ready for tree sales left to right Jon Bolan Sandie Barnes Jayne Harris David Harris. Lets support our Scouts FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 33 BUICK GMC BUICK GMC B U I C K G M C B U I C K G M C 10 Vanedward Drive Port Perry 905-985-8474 Merry Christmas from everyone at Gus Brown Help make this a happy holiday for EVERYONE. Drop off your toys food and pet food donations here and help us ll our truck. SHARE YOUR CHRISTMAS The Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry is holding its ANNUAL DELICIOUS DELIGHTFUL HOLIDAY SALE on Wednesday December 9th in the lobby of the Port Perry Hospital. Mmmm.... tempting tarts and pies delicious squares cookies and loaves and more Come and stock up on delicious homemade Christmas baked goods and treats Need a unique decorative holiday gift to take to someone special Our Auxiliary Artisans create one- of-a-kind gifts perfect for stocking stuffers and hostess gifts All profits from this Delicious Delightful Sale will support your hospital Auxiliarys ongoing fundraising initiatives including the Your Hospital Your Future campaign. Lakeridge Health Port Perry 451 Paxton St. Port Perry Get your goodies on Wednesday December 9th from 10 am until 3 pm at Lakeridge Health Port Perry Delicious Delightful H liday Sale The Hospital Auxiliarys Annual 10 Min East of Port Perry Take 7A to Durham Rd. 57 6 km south 905.986.4437 SALES SERVICE We can set you up with a plow for your ATV REMEMBER LAST WINTER Sales and Service of Yamahas for 44 years We carry Genuine Yamaha Parts and Apparel Heated Motorcycle Winter Storage Yamaha Sleds Parts Service Wishing all of our customers a Happy and Healthy Holiday. Sales and Service of Yamahas for 44 years CHRISTMAS GIFT CERTIFICATES We carry Yamaha Snowmobile Clothing 34 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 The following heartwarming story is one of her reminiscences from her childhood in Holland My grandmother cooked big pots of stew during the war for people who were hungry she recalls. She then divided the stew into smaller pots which I delivered. We happened to have lots of food because my mother came from a farming family. As I went off to school my mother always made me two bacon fat sandwiches one to eat and one to give away to someone who needed it. I also delivered false ration cards in an enamel milk can to a farmer who after he took the cards out filled it with milk. I didnt really think of it as volunteering then rather as being part of a family and a community. But looking back on it I realize I was introduced to volunteering at a very early age. Her lifestyle of helping others has led Ann to do good work for many groups including Scugog Community Care 21 years the Boys and Girls Club in Oshawa and Operation Scugog. When her two children were young her neighbour volunteered to look after them and feed them lunch while Ann drove cancer pa- tients to Toronto for treatment. She enjoys adopting a family each Christmas to make sure that they get gift and food hampers. For many years Ann has been involved in Meals on Wheels can- vassing door to door for cancer and more. She also led or started Are You Doing What for the rest of your life For 80-year-old Ann Koke of Port Perry volunteering is a family tradition. Benets of volunteering Increases self-confidence. Provides a sense of purpose. Combats depression and eases stress. Helps you stay physically healthy. Can provide career experience. Brings fun and fulfillment to your life. Helps strengthen your community. Learn or develop a new skill. Inspire others. Meet new people. Develop lasting friendships. PhotobyMARyANNFLEMING FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 35 Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season I N S U R A N C E Your Protection is our Policy 905-985-8416 Steve Jenn and the staff of Taylor Forder Insurance up groups to enrich the lives of herself her children and others such as Ladies Take a Break and church groups. Ive done a little bit of everything she says. But she doesnt want to be patted on the back. The recent recipient of Scugog Community Cares Lifetime MembershipAward for volunteerismAnn doesnt want to be painted as a goody or a hero. I have friends who do way more than I do Ann empha- sized. Im just one of many volunteers. This is what makes this town so wonderful. In Port Perry what is donated and given in time money and effort is unbelievable. As a volun- teer you get way more out of it than you put into it. Anns research shows that volunteers are happier than people who do not volunteer. In fact the odds of being very happy rose 7 among those who volunteer monthly and 12 for people who volunteer every two to four weeks. Volunteering connects you to others helps you stay physically active and combats depression she says. Volunteering has great benefits for the volunteer too Approximately 6.3 million Ontarians volunteered in 2010 which is 48 of the population of the province Ann pointed out. Most of our community organizations could not per- form the valuable work they do without the help of a vol- unteer she noted. And volunteers live longer She sings the praises of the hospital auxiliary ladies with their colourful smocks and their friendly smiles who greet people at hospital entrances and provide assistance by guiding patients to the right departments. Ann says sometimes she comes home from volunteering crying and other times she is laughing her head off. Either way it makes her days interesting. Ann encourages others to volunteer and recruit their friends to help out too. Many local people volunteer after retirement if they are too busy during their career and child-rearing years she has observed. There are many op- portunities to enrich your life by helping out in your own hometown. It could be as simple as calling to check on se- niors in the morning to make sure they are okay through Community Care taking a shut-in out for coffee and a chat assisting with community lunch programs run by the church or helping with special annual events. Volunteers come in three sizes she pointed out One time short term or What are you doing for the rest of your life By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog get 36 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 1680 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-4441 Come receive Gods Christmas Gift Come check us out. Sundays 10 a.m. C o m m u n i t y C h u r c h HEALTHIER GEL POLISH 5 FREE NO Formaldehyde NO Toluene DBP NO BHA or Solvents ZERO Dehydration ZERO Staining or Weakening 35 covers one of the following services Pedi Mani Bio Gel Refill Foot Reflexology Massage French Gel Polish Manicure Back Shoulder Massage 30 Min. noticia textMonday-Saturday 10am - 630pm Sunday 10am - 5pm 1874 Scugog St. Port Perry across from Shoppers Facebook Muses Nails Beauty Spa 905-982-0242 Port Perry - Home of the Zip Hinge John Whyte and would again like to thank the Scugog community for their support throughout the past year. We are a proud sponsor of the Santa Claus Parade on December 5 .... be sure to look for us in the parade John Whyte with Zippy TM Zip On Flip Up Greenbank Mission Team Presents GET HYPNOTIZED Mike Mandel Award Winning Hypnotist Saturday January 30 2016 7 pm - 1 am The Greenbank Mission Team invites everyone to this event with proceeds to Benefit 2016 Guatemala Mission Work. Using nothing more than the power of suggestion and his unique wit Mike Mandel guides his volunteers through increasingly ludicrous mental excursions each displaying a brilliant sense of imagination and creativ- ity. Mike Mandel is able to cause otherwise rational people to see do and believe totally ridiculous things He provides an energetic and hilarious demonstra- tion of the incredible faculties of the human mind. This is an Age of Majority Event being held at Scugog Community Centre 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. The evening includes Comedy Hypnosis Show spe- cial guest band Plan B cash bar silent auction and hors doeuvres. Tickets are 35 in advance or 40 at the door. For tick- ets call Juli at 905-985-2006. The Greenbank Mission Team continues their work in remote villages in Guatemala in April 2016. GMT oers self- sustaining and educational programs to enhance the lives of indigenous families. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 37 THUMBS UP - to those businesses along Queen Street that acknowledged Remembrance Day in their windows. You know who you are and it was a nice touch to show our vets your respect THUMBS DOWN - to the people leaving Scugog Island. They come around the turn heading west and completely neglect the merge lane. They head directly into the driving lane causing vehicles to either slam on the brakes or head for the merge lane. Lets show a little respect for other vehicles and common courtesy. THUMBS UP - to downtown Port Perry we were chosen as the 14th best Ontario town bursting with fall charm by Ontario Travel Downtown Port Perry hugged by Lake Scugog offers sublime shopping and dining. Also mentioned within the write up preserved Victorian architecture shing galleries the performing arts centre and tours of Old Flame Brewery. Congrats everyone THUMBS DOWN - to the drivers turning at the intersection of Queen and Simcoe. Numerous times while walking across the street at the walk sign especially in the evening my dog and myself have almost been hit Dont these drivers know that pedestrians have the right of way As well our neighbours in the area often walk their dogs in the evening and cross at that intersection and too often then not have also had a near-miss situation. Please drivers watch for pedestrians crossing especially in the evening before something very tragic happens THUMBS UP - to the students of Trinity Grace Academy who cleaned up garbage recently along the roadside of King Street in Prince Albert. THUMBS DOWN Shame on people who throw their fast food wrappers containers plastic bottles beer cans etc. out their car windows. You should keep a small garbage bag in your car. THUMBS DOWN - to the inconsiderate neighbour on Cedar Grove in Caesarea who runs her ear piercingly loud leaf blower for several hours daily and blows all her leaves into a public park until they blow back onto her lawn and the leaf blower starts up again. This disrupts the peace of our beautiful lakeside community. Please pick up rake and bag your leaves and save the neighbourhood the noise pollution If we have any white stuff on the ground please note this thumbs was sent to us before that happened umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum Do you have a Thumb up or down that you would like to see published Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to Monte Carlo HAIR FASHION 11 Water St. Port Perry 905-985-3684 Mike Leigh Darleen Brandon Kim Faryn Holliy Sondra Esthetician 38 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 From my family to yours Merry Christmas and warm wishes for the year ahead. Please join us for a hot chocolate and a free public skate to welcome in the New Year. Saturday January 2nd 2016 100pm-300pm Legends Centre Ice Pad 2 1661 Harmony Rd. N. Oshawa ERIN OTOOLEMember of Parliament for Durham Sunday January 3rd 2016 130pm-315pm Rickard Complex Pad B 2440 Hwy 2 Bowmanville Sunday January 17th 2016 1230pm-200pm Scugog Arena 1655 Reach St. Port Perry Merry Christmas An RSVP to or 1-866-436-1141 is appreciated. SOLD - Owners Dave and Rebecca Mounsteven sold Crabby Joes back to the franchisor on October 10 after 8 years. They have gone on to pursue new ventures. RE-OPENING now under the name Chucks Roadhouse serving some old favourites as well as new including a large variety of steak options. 14375 Simcoe St. Port Perry. NEW -Adam and Michelle Macintyre have opened Macintryre Plumbing at 30 Water St. Port Perry. Your one-stop plumbing shop. Drop in to see their new showroom today NEW Joan Wilson has opened the doors of Vintage Marketplace in the Port Perry Plaza at 1894 Scugog St. beside Food Basics Port Perry. A unique collection of antiques collectables cottage dcor and more. Everyone sang as the Christmas tree in front of the municipal ofce was lit. Following the procession back to Palmer park to see the gazebo light up there was hot chocolate cookies and marshmallow roasting to be enjoyed by all. Candelight Walk continued from page 24 PhotoSbybILLWALKER FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 39 The Scugog Arena was rock- ing on Thursday November 12 as well over 200 folks dropped in to see the induction ceremony for the class of 2015 for the Scugog Sports Hall of Fame. Dean Van Camp Rodd Foster Funny man he is Don Cochrane and Doug Scott all gave most gracious acceptance speeches for the honour bestowed upon them. Jordan Mercier was up to his reliable self as MC and handled the event with class. Guest speaker Kevin Shea gave a stirring speech about all things hockey and every- ones favourite trophy the Grey Cup made an appearance a mere two weeks prior to taking centre stage in Winnipeg the site of this years CFL championship game. This event has become one of the must attend events in the area and Committee Chair LeanneAshbridge has a few reasons why. Everyyearthecommitteestrives to put on the best show possible for these very worthy inductees of- fered Ms. Ashbridge. We are bring- ing in top flight speakers and are enhancing the evening with special perks like the Grey Cup making an appearance. We hope that this has created a memorable event for all that attended most importantly for our inductees and their families and friends. We have already started on 2016s event. There was also a silent auction to raise funds for the Hall. It was a perfect evening out. Attendees were from all over North America includ- ing Arizona and Saskatoon. Old friendships were rekindled and more than a few stories passed along. Dennis Dowell the handler of the Grey Cup said it best. You guys sure know how to put on a super event. I have seen more than a few of these and this ranks right up with the best of them. We couldnt have said it better ourselves. By Shawn Lackie Special to Focus on Scugog Fun Night with the Grey Cup Guest speaker Kevin Shea and handler Dennis Dowell with Grey Cup November 12 2015. 40 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 On a gray overcast day Wednesday November 11 a large crowd gathered at the Scugog Township office to remember all those who fought for our freedom. Ryan Edgar Master of Ceremonies was truly hon- oured and thanked all those who came out to support our veterans of the past and our veterans still with us. A class from R.H. Cornish recited In Flanders Fields and many families businesses and organizations laid wreaths. The 1st Port Perry Beavers laid hand-made wreaths and presented all veterans in attendance with a thank- you post card. 1 PhotoSbyMARYANNFLEMING FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 41 1. Showing respect in front of the cenotaph. 2. The Nutty Chocolatiers window display showed their respect to our veterans. We know there were a few others as well but next year it would be a nice touch if every business could show their support 3. Knights of Columbus member Corry Kerstens left shown with two of our veterans Ted Burns and Paul Cleary. 4. A new initiative Four new banners honouring local war vets are a start as next year the Legion hopes to have in excess of 50 banners along Queen St. and Water St. 5. Memorial wreaths placed beneath the cenotaph. 2 5 3 4 Thank you to all my clients friends and associates. Port Perry 905-904-2050 Alec Cook 42 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 The Regional Municipality of Durham Durham Emergency Management Office DEMO 605 Rossland Rd. E. Whitby ON L1N 6A3 905-668-7711 or 1-800-372-1102 If this information is required in an accessible format please contact 1-800-372-1102 ext. 2792. www.facebook.comregionofdurham www.twitter.comregionofdurhamwww.facebook.comregionofdurham www.twitter.comregionofdurham ONLINE Viewdownload online www.durham.cademo EMAIL Send us an email PHONE Call us 1-800-372-1102 ext. 2792 IN PERSON Region of Durham Headquarters Your NEW emergency preparedness guide GET YOUR COPY 279 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2775 279 Queen St. Port Perry Every Tuesday during the winter. Call to book your reading. Avoid disappointment BOOK YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY NOW disappointmentdisappointment Banquet Party Facilities Available for up to 50 winter DATE NIGHT dinner package for 2 DINNER FOR TWO EVERY THURSDAY Choice of an appetizer an entree choose from 3 a dessert to share and choice of coffee or tea. 50. Its back As another year draws to a close all of us at Focus on Scugog would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Tracy Souch - Sales Representative Arlene Walker - ProductionGraphic Designer Judy Ashby - Accountant and Bill Walker - Website along with our talented writers Lynn Campbell Scott Mercer Paul Arculus Jonathan van Bilsen Marjorie Fleming Karen Stiller and Peter Hvidsten and myself would like to thank our readers and our ad- vertisers for the support given to us each and every month. We have always felt that we are the messenger and without your input and support we would not be able to publish your favourite articles including Thumbs Changing Faces Whats Up PhotosNtravel and all the many features we provide on a monthly basis. Remember that without the ongoing support of our advertisers this magazine could not be provided to you for free. So to everyone that loves Focus we suggest that as you start your Christmas shopping you first consider buying from our local advertisers. Its good for all of our businesses Again thank you and have a Merry Christmas MaryAnn Fleming OwnerEditor Focus on Scugog ... from all of us at Focus FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 43 This fun fundraiser is being held on Sunday December 6 from 9 am - 1 pm at the Blackstock Recreation Complex 3440 Church St. Blackstock. There will be fun for everyone and activities include Mail Letters to Santa Silent Auction Table Bake Sale and Pictures with Santa. Everyone is encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item for the Scugog Food Bank. The Santa Claus Plate is 8. Mrs. Claus Plate 6. Elf Plate 4. All plates include ham sausage eggs pancakes juice and coffee or tea. For more information please call 905-985-4585 or email The Blackstock Co-op Nursery School presents . . . 193 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-7306 1-800-387-5642 www.emmersoninsurance.comINSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED May Peace Happiness and Prosperity be yours during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year. Hairy Christmas YaPPY HoWLDaYSHappy Paw-lidays From Zora her people Fleas Naughty-Dog Seasons GRRRRR- eatings t r i p p c r e a t i v e . c a HOW EMBARRASSING 1975 - Aerial view of the former Lake Scugog Lumber site on Water Street in Port Perry. For more information about the year 1975 in Scugog see page 59 Looking Back. 44 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Our sincerest Thanks and Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year. RORY SCULLY CFP Financial Consultant Investors Group Financial Services Inc. Tel 905 434-8400 Fax 905 721-0483 1-888-801-9406 111-1614 DunDas st. E Whitby On L1n 8y8 Merry Christmas 250 Shanly St. Port Perry 905-982-2650 Paula R. McMurtry BarriSter Solicitor from Paula Amy and Trudy 462 Paxton Street Port Perry 905-985-8363 Health love peace and an injury-free 2016 to all of you R.M.R. REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE R.M.R. REAL ESTATE R.M.R.REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE May the warmth and love of the season fill your hearts and home. 1894 Scugog St. Port Perry Plaza 905-985-9777 Dianne Hooker Sales representative BARBERICKSTYLISTRICKS Your Family Hair Care Centre 50 Water Street Port Perry 905.985.1998 905-213-4027 ReHabilitative Massage Therapy ReHabilitative Massage Therapy complete auto repair 1511 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-1999 Mon-Fri8am - 6pm Sat8am - 2pm Alignments BrAkes tune ups Oil Changes Start at 29.95 Plus tax Up to 5 litres Most vehicles Warranty Approved Winter Tire Specials 12 Price Alignments with purchase of 4 new tires FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 45 1874 SCUGOG ST. HWY 7A PORT PERRY 905-985-7420 170 CASIMIR STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-0715 Get ready for the chilly winds of winter. FIREPLACES AND GRILLS Savings of over 400 1799sale price New Tempur Impulse Mattress Set New Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses Now Available Half Price Box Spring with Purchase Christmas Special Up to 25 off Fully Adjustable Bases Tis the season for giving and isnt it a wonderful Christmas tradi- tion to be able to give a little some- thing special to people who really need and appreciate it Christmas will be here before we know it and as usual the residents of Scugog Township have the heart- warming opportunity to help others. Vos Independent Grocer is hav- ing a Toonie at the Till event for Operation Scugog that is on now until December 12. They will also be holding a One Day Toy Blitz on December 5. Herringtons Quality Butchers will have a cash donation box with all the proceeds going towards ground beef orders for the food bank. Foodland is also offering turkey bucks. Customers can then donate their turkey bucks to Operation Scugog and they in turn buy turkeys for people who otherwise would have to go without. There are many convenient loca- tions to drop off food and toys to help make everyones Christmas a merry one. Thanks to the following Port Perry businesses for partici- pating BMO Canadian Tire CIBC Foodland Gus Brown McDonalds Micklegate Realtor PP Print Royal Bank Scotiabank Scugog VisitorBusiness Centre Shoppers Drug Mart Vos Independent Grocer and Walmart. The public is also being encour- aged to donate items to brighten the holiday season for singles couples and teens such as gift cards. Karen Teed pointed out that Scugog is a very generous com- munity and without them we wouldnt be able to do what we do at Operation Scugog Food Bank. Thanks to everyone in advance for that famous local spirit of giving Lets work together to make sure that everyone has a nice surprise in his or her 2015 Christmas stocking. From left to right Norah Adams Zoe Mills Mary Stewart Victoria Chin Jack Parry Isabella Reid. Back left Taylor Fords Steve Staniland Kent Taylor and far right Bryce OHare along with these and many other kids carried out the boxes to pack up the van to deliver to the food bank on Tuesday November 3. To all involved - Way to go Starting the season with over a ton of food The kids at R.H. Cornish School took matters into their own hands this year along with the help of Taylor Ford. The school held a food drive for our food bank called Gobble Up Hunger Kids for Kids Food Drive. The whole school was involved and raised over a ton-and-a-half pounds. These six kids even went as far as instead of trick or treating for candy collected donations for Operation Scugog Food Bank. 46 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Happy HolidaysOur sincerest Thanks and Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year. rom 15930 Old Simcoe St. Port Perry 905-982-2211 Elizabeth Clyde Competitive priCes Lake Scugog Historical Society would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the for the New Year. 905-985-3658 182 North Port Plaza Unit 7 Reach Street at North Port Road 905-985-6665 Locally owned and operated by Ike and Kelly van den Berg WishingyouaveryMerryChristmas andJoyousNewYear. MerryMerry Christmas Christmas We wish you a and a happy NEW YEAR 181 North Port Rd. Port Perry 905-985-9330 1-866-985-9330 AUTO TRAILER AUTO TRAILER LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES LFS ROCKLFS ROCK 1400 Reach StReet PoRt PeRRy905.985.2100 HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 47 Courted athletically at the provincial and national levels for his prodigious talent Dylan Parson consistently leaves a good impression both on and off the field. He has the physical attributes and the attitude to succeed says Darryl Devine coach of the University of Guelph Gryphons where Dylan will play in the fall. We expect him to make an impact with our team perhaps make us a con- tender for the championship. A rugged sport with stra- tegic similarities to North American football rugby originated and continues to be a more generally popular audience draw in Europe. To score a five-point try the ball must be touched down beyond the goal line with possession Dylan explains. A trys followed by at- tempting a two-point conversion and at any time you can also score three points by drop-kicking the ball through a pair of upright goal posts. Two versions of the game exist either 7- or 15 players-a-side. Just like football the teams use various strategies of player and ball movement as they move toward the opposing goal all the time subjected to unrestricted tackling and this with no equipment beyond a mouthguard. The ball-carrier any member of the team tries to attract defenders in order to open up space for a teammate to take over moving ever closer to the goal. A rugby balls bigger heavier and rounder than a football. You can carry kick or pass it the only restric- tion is that passes have to be lateral or backward. But unless that happens or theres a penalty or the ball goes out of bounds the actions fast furious and continuous. The flow of play is much different from football where its more stop-go. That flow was one of the as- pects of rugby which appealed most to me. A ball passed forward or played out of bounds results in a scrum. In 15-a-sidemy usualeight play- ers make up a scrum. They bind togeth- er arm over the next persons shoulder in two opposing lines. The balls thrown in the middle along the ground and each teams hooker uses his feet to direct the ball toward a halfback outside the scrum. He can start moving the ball up-field as soon as he has possession. Dylan enjoyed a varied athletic back- ground while growing up in Caesarea. I played house-league hockey and football. I was playing rep football for Clarington when I started overlapping that with rugby. But eventually I de- cided to give up the football and concen- trate on rugby. I enjoyed the hitting and physical DYLAN PARSON ...................... Please turn to page 50 This just in .... Just as we were going to press we heard that Dylan made the Team Canada Rugby Team DylanDoesMore ThanJustTry 48 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Our sincerest Thanks and Warmest Wishes for the Holiday Season and throughout the New Year. Hope your holiday adds up to a joyous season www. Phonefax 905-985-3912 905-435-4179 Pamela D. Manseld Thank you for your business throughout the year MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR Mark Leahann Willes 1511 Reach Road Unit 2 Port Perry MARK WILLES Automotive For appointments call 905-985-9292 Hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday 8am-noon Thank you for your business throughout MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR Mark Leahann Dr. Jim Brown Southside Pet Clinic 905-985-5600 14990 Simcoe St. Port Perry Find us on facebook from SHEPSTONE HAULAGE LTD. 1451 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-7282 from your friends at happy haulidays Thank you to all our donors and customers who support the closet. All proceeds go to equipment at Port Perry Hospital. 119 Perry Street Unit 5 facing Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-9522 Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Closed Sunday Helen DaymonD Child and Adolescent Psychologist Merry Christmas from 905-982-0606 214 mary Street Port Perry BOB GOODMAN PLUMBING 905-985-7758 GOODMAN PLUMBING FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 49 The Scugog Council for the Arts is whis- tling a happy tune after another successful Mayors Gala for the Arts. A crowd of arts supporters gathered on November 5th to celebrate all things musi- cal and wonderful about Scugog raising much-appreciated funds for the SCA. The highlight of the night was a trio of perfor- mances by the winning singer-songwriters in the Scugog Tribute Song Contest. Richard MacMillan Elsa Jayne and Carol Salamone performed their tuneful tributes to loud applause and a standing ovation. Each was presented with a prize of 500. During the Gala the SCA also announced its new Spark the Arts grant. Funded by Arts Gala proceeds Spark the Arts grants will help fund projects or events that bring a new dimension to the arts in Scugog. For more information on deadlines and how to apply visit Jennifer Hardie one of three owners of Meta4 Gallery transformed the entrance- way of the Scugog Recreation Centre in to this spectacular vision using old CDs and DVDs for the aptly named Mayors Gala Scugog Rocks. Tyler Renaud of Homestead Furniture rocked at the Gala photo booth. Thanks to Homestead for sponsoring it as everyone had a great time Photos courtesy of Fraleigh Photography with our thanks Eveline Klamt and Birgitta MacLeod having fun whilst calling out record titles. They had fun but if the record title was yours you were eliminated from the draw. Elsa Jayne was one of three winners to perform her song that was based on Scugog for the Tribute Song Contest. Meta4 Gallery owners and three of many organizers Birgitta MacLeod Bonnie Thomson and Jen Hardie ham it up in amongst the cds and dvds in the beautifully decorated entranceway. 50 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 play. I also liked the continuous action and that any player on the team could carry the ball and score a try. In football I might never have touched the ball in the course of a game. His initial experience with the sport came in Grade 9 at Port Perry High School. Soon he added a second team the Oshawa Vikings to his athletic workload often play- ing with competitors beyond his age group. His dedication and skill were noticed. When I first saw him two years ago he was on the verge of being great says Kalil Ajram who coached Dylan with Rugby Toronto. His work ethic stood out and he took improving his skills seriously. It paid off in being selected for the Ontario team. Last season his provincial team narrowly missed the national title. But his play drew notice from the national programs organizers. He stood out among the best players in five Canadian regions explains Mike Curran his Ontario coach. His size and general physicality earned him consideration for a tryout with the national team. Just as specific physical attributes define ideal candi- dates for a football teams many available roles on the field Dylan possesses the qualities for his rugby position. At six-two and 260 pounds he certainly has the size and power to be a prop says Mike. Hes able to chan- nel force inside the scrum and manipulate the angles to our hookers advantage. Props a challenging position and an important one. The ability to control the scrum is critical like winning face-offs in hockey. With the exciting possibility of national recruitment in the back of his mind Dylan will begin a Kinesiology program at Guelph in September. His studies he hopes will lead to a career in an area with which he would be well familiar after considerable experience in so physical- demanding a sport. Once I graduate Id like to work in sports training and physiotherapy working with athletes to prevent injuries. And of course he expects hell continue to enjoy play- ing rugby. It would be a huge thrill and an honour to play with the nationals he says. And you can carry on playing for years. The Vikings have an old boys league. Blending the speed physical intensity and intricate strategy which make football such a popular spectator sport you might wonder why rugby isnt as well known. Its the lack of a pro league here in North America and there are already a number of popular contact sports like football and hockey. Overseas its neck and neck with soccer and cricket as the most popular sports and there is a professional level. Darryl Devine sees the game becoming increasingly more popular. The Sports Network TSN is giving coverage to rugby which will popularize it. And that exposure will help it grow it at the grassroots. Dylan himself views the sports recognition philo- sophically. Rugby has a lot to offer. But you either love it or hate it. As he moves steadily toward a future which may well include a generous helping of international competition its easy to see where Dylans opinion lies. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Dylan Parson continued from page 47 Dylans dedication and hard work has now earned him a spot on the Team Canada Rugby Team. PhotoScoureSeyofdylanParSon 905-655-3291 1-800-575-5656 4179 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa just 10km south of Port Perry When Quality Counts Santas New Ride Come on in and check out our Toys for Big Boys Collectable scale model toys and lots of stocking stuffers. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 51 Seasons Greetings Seasons Greetings Seasons GreetingsOne of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You and to wish you the very best in the New Year. 905-982-1998 JAMES PAPIA Certified Arborist SO-4204A and thanks for a TREEriffic year MERRY CHRISTMAS 14500 Simcoe St. South Unit 4 Port Perry South Gate Plaza 905-982-0134 Have a blessed and Merry Christmas Dental Office SoUth Gate Dr. Smochko and Staff Merry Christmas to all and to all a good knit Never eNough Wool 26 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-0030 Calvin and Kim Bryant of Bryants Auto Repair would like to thank all of their customers for their faithful patronage throughout 2015. Our continued goal is to provide you with the best possible service and maintain your valued confidence. We look forward to serving you and welcome new customers in 2016 Calvin Bryant Licensed Mechanic Servicing all makes and models 1346 Hwy 7A Port Perry 289-385-6951 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Evenings and Saturdays by appointment TO ALL OF OUR CLIENTS ASSOCIATES AND FRIENDS MIChAEL L. FOwLER LAw OFFICE 175 North Street Port Perry 905-985-8411 MIChAEL L. FOwLER PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 905-986-0550 905-718-6375 HoHo Hoe Martyn Mini 52 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 WERE GROWING AGAIN Now Hiring Salaried Positions Two additional department managerskeyholders to complement existing management team. Starting salary of 35000 - 42000 performance bonus Reporting directly to Store Manager Jill Vaughan the successful candidate will lead their fast-paced team of 4-10 staff by example. possess strong communication and organizational skills provide excellent customer service excel in a team atmosphere This 42.5 hour baseline schedule will include one evening until 8pm and one shift on weekends until 6pm. Full job description available at httpwww.tradingpostqualityfoods.comemployment Send resume to attention Lori Cannon or drop off in person to Jill Vaughan Christmas Carols and comedy by the magic of black- light and fun for the whole family What a way to get into the Christmas spirit 19 pup- peteers with over 300 props and will perform 14 songs. Three performances to choose from 1. Friday December 4 - 7 p.m. with Greenbank United Churchs Sunday School Concert goodwill donation to the Sunday School 2. Friday December 11 - 730 p.m. Greenbank United Church goodwill donation to Greenbank Mission Team 3. Saturday December 12 - 730 p.m. Prince Albert United Church goodwill donation to the Prince Albert Church For more information please call 905-985-7816. Greenbank Blacklight Puppeteers Its almost Christmas... it must be time for the Some things about Christmas that maybe Jingle Bells This popular Christmas song was rst written for Thanksgiving and later became one of the most popular Christmas songs ever. Rudolph Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was created in 1939 by a 34 year old copywriter named Robert L. May. He came up with a poem about a mist reindeer at the request of his employer Chicago based Montgomery Ward for a Christmas story they could use as a store promotional gimmick.The Montgomery Ward store had been buying preprinted colouring books and giving them away at Christmas every year and they thought that creating their own would save them a lot of money. May who had a knack for writing childrens stories and limericks was asked to create the booklet. Reindeer Santas reindeer is believed to have come from stories of the Norse God Woden who rode through the sky with reindeer and 42 ghostly huntsmen. Clement Moores famous poem A Visit from St. Nicolas Twas the Night Before Christmas sealed the image of Santa Claus his reindeer and the magical ying sleigh loaded with sacks of presents. Stockings According to tradition Saint Nicolas left his very rst gifts of gold coins in the stockings of three poor girls who needed the money for their wedding dowries. The girls had hung their stockings by the re to dry. The tradition has modied itself from gag gifts to small inexpensive but useful gifts. Poinsettias Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced the poinsettia plant to the United States from Mexico. Poinsett was a botanist physician and the rst United States Ambassador to Mexico. December 12th is Poinsettia Day which marks the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett in 1851. Boxing Day December 26 was traditionally known as St. Stephens Day but it is more commonly known as Boxing Day. This expres- sion came about because money was collected in alms-boxes placed in churches during the festive season. This money was distributed to the poor and needy after Christmas. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 53 Seasons Greetings Seasons Greetings Seasons GreetingsOne of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You and to wish you the very best in the New Year. Lumber Division 905 985-7391 Roof Truss Division 905 985-9716 11 Vanedward Drive Port Perry www.lakescugoglumber.comBuilding Centre 1920 Whitfield Road Port Perry 905-982-0118 Merry Christmas 159 Casimir St. Port Perry 905-985-4352 gift CertifiCateS availaBle tel 905-985-7129 cell 905-429-1907 Port Perry ontario Robert Carolyn Hall Sales Representatives 905-985-7718 from our family to yoursfrom our family to yours Merry Christmas Wishing you a tangle-free holiday. May all your days be merry and bright. A safe and joyous season to everyone. Get to a better State . 1201858 CN.1 State Farm branded policies are underwritten by Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company or Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. State Farm and related trademarks and logos are registered trademarks owned by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company used under licence by Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company and certain of its affiliates. Brent Holmes Ins Agcy Inc Brent Holmes Agent 60 Vanedward Drive Port Perry ON L9L 1G3 Bus 905-982-1491 Wishing you a tangle-free holiday. May all your days be merry and bright. A safe and joyous season to everyone. Get to a better State . 1201858 CN.1 State Farm branded policies are underwritten by Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company or Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company. State Farm and related trademarks and logos are registered trademarks owned by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company used under licence by Certas Home and Auto Insurance Company and certain of its affiliates. Brent Holmes Ins Agcy Inc Brent Holmes Agent 60 Vanedward Drive Port Perry ON L9L 1G3 Bus 905-982-1491 54 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM BDO Assurance Accounting Taxation Advisory Services 1 1 Brock St E Uxbridge 905 852 9714 BDO Canada LLP a Canadian limited liability partnership is a member of BDO International Limited a UK company limited by guarantee and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM BDOHAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM BDO Assurance Accounting Taxation Advisory Services 1 1 Brock St E Uxbridge 905 852 9714 BDO Canada LLP a Canadian limited liability partnership is a member of BDO International Limited a UK company limited by guarantee and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms. HUB INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT LTD. 14795 Hwy. 12 Port Perry 905-982-1500 866-882-5271 12 Golden Mile Rd. Lindsay 705-324-6136 800-267-8665 Christmas Early Order Make Your List And Check It Twice GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS from TOYS JACKETS HATS AND ACCESSORIES Farm and Construction TOYS Reach Northport Rd. Port Perry 905-985-0802 Since 1996 signs vehicle lettering graphics snowmobile numbers Trophies Awards Corporate Promotions Embroidery Graphic Design Engraving Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road Port Perry Your Name is Our Business Geese still enjoying our lake with temperatures hovering around 14C. Golfers still golfing Just think maybe one day years from now this will be in history books Wednesday November 18 2015 Yes you read that right PhotobyMARYANNFLEMING FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 55 H H H Merry Christmas ThestaofEcoWaterNorthDurhamwould liketowishyouablessedChristmasseason andahappynewyear 1894 Scugog St. Port Perry Sales Service Rental 905.985.4900 Free In-Home Consultation A style for every point of view. 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry Joe Gibson Blackstock Joe and Cathy We invite the general public on December 12th to WindReach Farm to attend our Holly Jolly Jubilee Open House. We will have numerous activi- ties including visiting with Santa meet- ing our friendly animals wagon rides and crafts as well as an Artisan show. The Farm will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with activities running throughout the day. We encourage all visitors to dress for the weather. There is a gate entrance fee of 20 per car. WindReach Farm is a fully accessible farm which offers programs and services for people of all abilities particularly those with cognitive physical or psycho- logical challenges and their families. As a registered charity which receives no core Government Funding we are proud to serve more than 22000 visitors annu- ally and are changing lives by creating opportunities in a barrier-free natural farm environment. WindReach Farm is located at 312 Townline Rd. Ashburn. For more information call 905-655-5827 or email Holly Jolly Jubilee Open House Give the gift of Handcrafted items by local artists and artisans. Everything from photography jewellery handcrafted soaps pottery paintings prints and much much more Scugog Memorial Library 231 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-7686 ANNUAL Snowflake Sale November 21st - December 19th 56 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Seasons Greetings Seasons Greetings Seasons GreetingsOne of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You and to wish you the very best in the New Year. Merry Christmas from Myles Susan ORiordan and Staff 216 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2171 Sincerest wishes for hope happiness and peace during this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year. peaceon earth peace on earth peace on earth pe aceonearthpeaceonearthpea ceonearthpeaceoneart h peaceonearthpea ceon earth peace onearthpea ceonearth peaceo nearth MISSISSAUGAS OF SCUGOG ISLAND FIRST NATION 905-985-0439 162 Reach Industrial Park Port Perry Protect. Maintain. Save. Mike Dunn DD PORT PERRY DENTURE CLINIC 6 High St. Unit 4 Port Perry 905.985.8028 905-243-5834 Judi WeedmarkCRESCENT MORTGAGE CORP. Lic. 10126 15930 Old Simcoe Rd. Unit 10 Port Perry 905-985-3344 2 Elgin Park Dr. Unit E Uxbridge 905-852-3309 on Scugog Merry Christmas FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 57 FashionoUTLET 1888 scugog st. 905-985-1890 Party wear and Casuals Bras and Accessories. At Kotya Peekin Christmas sale Computer REPAIRS IT and Network SUPPORT PC and Server UPGRADES 333 Major St.Port Perry 905-985-0568 SERVING SCUGOG UXBRIDGE TOWNSHIPS 181 Perry Street Unit G-1 Port Perry 905-982-2121 The Scugog Council for the Arts would like to thank the dozens of volunteers and hundreds of businesses and donors that made our 6th Annual Mayors Gala for the Arts such a great success. SCUGOG COUNCIL FOR THE FOR THE SCUGOG COUNCIL Special thanks to our key sponsors BUICK GMC BUICK GMC OMESTEADHFURNITURE APPLIANCES HARDWOOD LAMINATE FLOORING WINDOW COVERINGS YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y Andrew Frew of Scugog Township was recognized with the Farm Connections Leadership Award. This award was presented at the Celebrate Agriculture event on October 29 at Royal Ashburn Golf Course. Cheryl Timbers of TD Canada Trust in Port Perry and Ryan Parish of TD Agriculture Services presented the award. The Durham Farm Connections Leadership award recognizes an outstanding farmer under the age of 39 who has a passion for agriculture and has shown strengths in leadership and community involvement. Andrew farms along with his family in the Nestleton area operating a pig farm with over 4000 hogs and growing 3000 acres of corn soybeans and specialty beans such as azuki beans. Andrew has vol- unteered with Ontario Pork as a spokesperson for the industry and helps in designing programs to support Ontario farmers with Durham Region Federation of Agriculture Farm Connections 4-H and Blackstock Fair. Andrew is a full time farmer a volunteer and a hus- band and anyone that meets him will agree that he is a thoughtful and outstanding member of the agriculture community in Durham Region. Andrew Frew left graciously accepting his award from Cheryl Timbers of TD Canada Trust Port Perry and Ryan Parish of TD Agriculture Services on October 29th. Congratulations Andrew Frew 58 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Changes in hospital stang of CSR at local hospital Dear Editor My how quickly time passes. It seems such a short time ago that Shirley Foster transferred from Oshawa Hospital to join us in Port Perry as an RPN serving both in the Central Supply as well as Nursing Services to patients both on the oor in the Emergency Department in the Obstetrics Department and in the Operating Room. Truly a nurse for all occasions. Forty-seven years ago I was a newly released General Practitioner and General Surgeon when I moved to Port Perry to establish my practice at the hospital. Shirley Foster had recently returned to her hometown to assist in the new hospital in Port Perry. Shirley was a dynamo the most enthusiastic person I had the experience of working with at the hospital and was a mentor in teaching me the facts of life as a newly minted physician. I learned that without nurses no care would be rendered and that nursing skills were essential in recovering a patient to their preoperative state and most importantly that while I had a role to play in patient care it was wiser to work under nursing recommendation than to spurn the ladies of the lamp. Now that we have gotten that admission established I will get on with the story of Shirley Foster. Here are thoughts that pop in to my mind SUPER CAREGIVER TEAM CHEERLEADER HARD WORKER DEDICATED FRIEND STAMINA OF A RACEHORSE LIFE LONG LEARNER It is not that Shirleys abilities have waned. For Shirley is in my books on the short list of my personal best nurses list a founding member of the A team the midget nursing team never been on the EH team a dedicated supporter of Port Perry Community Memorial Hospital and a great friend. Shirley has supported the leadership role that Port Perry has played in the training of Resident Physicians and the retention of Physicians in this area. She was a founding member and has supported our patient care program that is regularly praised by the management team of Lake Ridge Health Oshawa. Shirley will be missed but not forgotten by the medical community. She certainly deserves a long and eventful retirement with the energy to enjoy her grandchildren. Shirley retired November 4th 2015 Best wishes Bill Cohoon Port Perry Letters to the editor continued from page 2 Mailbox FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 59 JANUARY Durham Regional Works committee is reviewing the planned Lilla Street expansion. Scugog Townships subsidy allocation for road con- struction and maintenance was set at 334000. FEBRUARY Durham Regional Works committee has decided to leave the widening of Lilla Street until 1976. Richard Drew becomes the new Scugog Chamber of Commerce president. Thirty-four-year-old Arthur Cresswell was killed when his kite collapsed and he fell onto the ice on Lake Scugog. MARCH Town Hall 1873 committee hosted a 3-day Open House for the people of Port Perry and area to see the restora- tion efforts of their committee. APRIL The clock on the Post Oce was repaired after being out of commission for many years. Blackstock senior citizens returned a 5585 grant to the government because they and the Recreation Board could not iron out their differences on renovations of the Blackstock Community Hall. MAY R.H. Cornish Public School gymnasts captured 11 gold medals at an inter-school competition. An eleven mile walkathon from Durham College to Port Perrys Old Town Hall raised over 1800 in pledges to go toward renovations. JUNE After 50 years a new tower was back on the Old Town Hall. It was made possible by the generous donation of Mrs. M. Letcher. The local Chamber of Commerce held their first Recreation Show in the arena with boats motorcycles trailers and other types of recreation equipment on display. JULY A motion was passed to turn down the Penitentiary Services offer to build a regional reception centre. AUGUST The Scugog Arena committee begins campaign to raise 300000 for the new arena. Premier William Davis attended a luncheon at Com- munity Nursing Home. SEPTEMBER Victor Malcolm deputy clerk for the Township of Scugog resigns after two years of service. Scugog farmers won all three classes in the International Plowing Match Farmstead Improvement Competition. The winners were Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Redman Mr. and Mrs. Neil Hunter and Mr. and Mrs. Don Hunter. OCTOBER A rash of break-ins occurred in the Port Perry area dur- ing the weekend with thefts of 1000 lbs of meat from Pineridge Packers thefts of guns televisions cash etc. NOVEMBER Living nine miles apart without knowing two sisters Helen McKean R.R. 2 Seagrave and Dorothy Simpson Uxbridge reunite after 44 years. Dr. M.B. Dymond ocially opened the new Port Perry Community Nursing Home. DECEMBER A new shopping centre housing four stores opened on the south side of Highway 7A. The stores were Red and White Stedmans Canadian Tire and Larry Kendalls Shoe Tree. Scugog - 40 Years Ago 1975 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-3655 Beside Walmart Hours Mon-Thurs 8-8 Fri 8-6 Sat 8-4 MERRY CHRISTMAS TaylorTaylor Licenced Ford Stocking Stuffers Courtesy of Scugog Heritage GalleryPeter Hvidsten 60 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 What s Up Scugog On Now thru December 18 Tuesday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. An award-winning travelling exhibition on loan from the Ontario Provincial Police Museum. A rare collection of historical photographic portraits displaying 100 mug shots from 1886-1908. Location Scugog Shores Heritage Centre Archives 1655 Reach Street Port Perry 2nd Floor ArrestingImages Every Thursday until mid-March 1130 a.m. 1 p.m. Volunteers from the churches and adults with special needs serve up delicious homemade soup bread and dessert. A drop-in affair. Location Church of the Ascension 266 North Street Port Perry Everyone welcome. Free of charge. Those who wish to make a donation may do so. SOUPS ON US To submit your upcoming event email by the 8th of the month one month before you need it to be published. Opens December 5 January 2 2016 Lights and animation bring the Bakersville Village to life The Village People invite you to see the imaginative gingerbread gures that are on display. This year being the 20th they are hoping for more than 50 participants so be sure not to miss it Location Scugog Memorial Public Library 231 Water Street Port Perry Admission Free 7 Days a week during regular library hours. Saturday December 5 10 a.m. 3 p.m. Festive home dcor and gift items bake sale mystery rafe and featuring a Lunch and Tea Room from 11 a.m. 2 p.m Location Church of the Ascension 266 North Street Port Perry behind Reection Park For more information 905-985-7278 Church of the Ascensions Annual Old Fashioned Christmas Bazaar Saturday December 5 Showtime 8 p.m. Joanna Malcolms Christmas Art Show featuring original paintings prints cards and calendars. Location Studio by the Green end of Nestleton Road Information 905-213-4922 or email Studio by the Green Its Christmas at Saturday December 5 Oh Susanna Suzie Ungerleider was born in Massachusetts and raised in Vancouver. She rst recorded a cassette of seven songs for a couple hundred bucks making 50 copies and catching the attention of the music industry before Alt-Country even had a name. Since then shes released several critically acclaimed albums including her latest Namedropper which harnesses the songwriting chops of her many industry friends including Royal Wood Ron Sexsmith Kathleen Edwards and Joel Plaskett among others. We are delighted to welcome her back to Greenbank Location Greenbank Centennial Hall Hwy. 12 Greenbank Tickets 25. each available at POE Design 146 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-0060 Blue Heron Books 62 Brock Street W. Uxbridge 905-852-4282 or phone 905-985-8351 for reserved tickets and information. and on Facebook. Oh Susanna Award Winning SingerSongwriter FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 61 Saturday December 12 7 p.m. The Borelians are thrilled to announce a one-night only per- formance of the Christmas classic Its A Wonderful Life. The text has been lovingly adapted from the lm and includes all of the great scenes that you remember. It will be performed with a full cast of actors reading from the script complete with sound effects and live music. Come on out and enjoy a night of laughter and tears as your favourite holiday lm is brought wonderfully to life Location Port Perry United Church Tickets 15 and can only be purchased at the door on the night of the event. All prot from the show will be donated to The Denise House a shelter for abused women and their children located in Oshawa. Its a Wonderful Life Calling all Elvis fans Dont miss Collingwood Elvis Champion Gino Monopoli starring in Elvis Blue Christmas when it comes to the Port Perry on December 19th. Backed by the incredible Memphis Cats Band youll hear the amazing Gino Monopoli singing all your favourite Elvis classics.This fun lled audience interactive show is a must for all Elvis fans Location Town Hall 1873 Centre for the Performing Arts 302 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-8181 Tickets 34. Purchase on line phone or box ofce Elvis Blue Christmas Tribute Saturday December 19 8 p.m. Sunday December 13 11 a.m. 3 p.m. Step back in time and tour through the historic village tradi- tionally decorated for the holidays with evergreen boughs bright ribbons and berries. Children will be engaged in activities throughout the village. Visit with Santa Claus and his elf in the Pioneer Church bake and decorate cookies in the Log Cabin create unique ornaments to hang on your tree decorate traditional Victorian Christmas Cards visit with the blacksmith and print shop and explore the Museum Village on a Holiday Scavenger Hunt. We are also accepting non-perishable food donations for Operation Scugog. Where Scugog Shores Museum Village 16210 Island Road Port Perry Admission Adults - 4 Students and Seniors - 3 Children 5-12 - 2 Under 5 - Free Contact Scugog Shores Museums 905-985-8698 x 103 email Childrens Old-Fashioned Christmas in the Village Step with Style proudly presents our rst annual performance of The Nutcracker. Students aged 5 through to adult gather to give a stunning performance of the all-time Christmas classic. Including performances by professional artists there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Come one come all. Lets celebrate this beautiful season together. Location Town Hall 1873 Centre for the Performing Arts 302 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-8181 Tickets 25. All Ages. Purchase on line phone or box ofce The Nutcracker Sunday December 13 1 p.m. 330 p.m. Presented by Step With Style Dance Productions December 13 - 19 8 p.m. A new adaptation directed by Reanne Spitzer with original music by Landon Doak and Company. Location Old Flame Brewing Co. 135 Perry Street Port Perry Tickets 25 12 and under 15 Call 1-289-485-2739 or purchase at Old Flame Brewery presents From the Company that brought us Romeo and Juliet 62 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 Some of the designer shops on Zurichs Bahnhofstrasse the main shopping street in the city. A visit worth repeating over and over again When travelling in Europe one country that is an abso- lute must for a visit is Switzerland. Beautiful mountains deep blue lakes friendly people and quaint Alpine villages make this country a requisite for a lengthy visit or a short layover. FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 63 I had the pleasure of spending three days in the Zurich area a few weeks ago and although it was not my rst visit it certainly brought back the memories stored in the recesses of my mind. Zurich is a very cosmopolitan city lled with commerce and fashion outlets displaying the latest trends which make Europe famous. The main street the Bahnhofstrasse is the Rodeo Drive of Zurich. Fortunately my hotel which was lo- cated in the old city was a block from this spectacular street so I had many opportunities to check out the latest in un-affordable attire and accesso- ries. There is a certain satisfaction in window shopping when names like Gucci Cartier Rolex etc. stare you in the face. Of course Switzerland is known for its watches and there is no shortage of shops selling them. Dozens if not hun- dreds of small watchmaking companies sell their superior products everywhere. If you are not into the cosmopolitan element a trip through the countryside to Lucerne is only an hour away. It is easy to get to by train at a relatively inexpensive ticket. Once there most of the interesting parts of the city are explorable on foot. When I arrived I found myself in the middle of a cheese festival. Dairy farmers had made their way to the city to sell their cheeses and the taste of fresh Emmental or a chunk of Gruyere accompanied by a piece of fresh baked bread is about as perfect as it gets. You can take a leisurely stroll along the Reuss River and cross at any one of the numerous bridges. The most pic- turesque is of course the Chapel Bridge with its 600 year old towers. In the sum- mer the walls of this old covered bridge are lined with bright pink flowers adding to the spectacular views. A short walk from the bridge is the lion monument not to be missed. It was sculpted in 1820 and is dedicated to the Swiss Guards who were mas- sacred during the French revolution in 1792. Mark Twain praised the sculp- ture of a mortally-wounded lion as The most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world. Words cannot do the artwork justice and photographs can never capture the emotional ties the monument has to the people of Switzerland. There is a large outdoor museum which can become a nice walking tour for several hours. The area is well laid out with public toilets which are free of charge a rarity in Europe. I actually had a funny experience when I went to use the facilities. The three doors to the cubicles were locked so I assumed one had to pay for usage. I looked to see where the money was to be deposited but found nothing. An elderly man wearing a hat and carrying an umbrella came out of one of the cubicles and I asked him How does this work. He slowly studied my face titled his head slightly and in a very arrogant voice said. How does this work he paused. You open the door go in- side and do what you have to do. He walked away and only then did I realize the toilets were free of charge. They just happened to all be occupied when I rst checked the doors. Once again the cloak of embarrassment covered my face. A nice walk is along the old city wall and a visit to several of the tow- ers which fortied the city in days gone by. The old square of Lucerne is a shoppers paradise. Souvenir shops The mortally wounded lion sculpture dedicated to the Swiss Guards. ...................... Please turn to page 64 64 FOCUS - DECEMBER 2015 jewellery stores and a large four story Rolex store can occupy many hours of time. I saw a Rolex watch which sold for 250000. Needless to say I left it be- hind. I didnt like the colour of the band. If you still have a little time in Switzerland I would recommend a visit to the Rhine Falls the largest waterfall in Europe. Only an hour by train from Zurich this natural wonder is a sight to behold. It is well organized with many different viewing areas from where you can observe the cascading rapids. A short walk down a path with stairs puts you at the base of the waterfall where the view is unbelievable. There are several restaurants where local sausages or ham and cheese croissants are served to tour- ists. Souvenirs can also be purchased but the view of the falls is the reason for visiting this wonderful attraction. I have been to Switzerland several times and never get tired of the beauty the Alpine region has to offer. If the opportunity exists give it a visit. Air Canada flies direct using its new Dreamliner which gets you from Pearson to Zurich in a mere seven hours. It takes me that long to drive to Montreal. The spectacular Rhine Falls in Switzerlands Alps. Yodel continued from page 63 Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer author and columnist and can be followed at XMerry Christmas Merry Christmas Give the Gift of Travel A handful of cabins still available on our group departure. 15 night Panama Canal cruise on Celebritys newly refurbished INFINITY. 11-26 April 2016 TICO 4577532 158 Casimir St. Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC Merry ChristmasM ChChC t Port Perry urFamilyAHappyandsurvivableHolidaySeas 9 0 5 . 9 8 5 . 1 3 6 1 Dr. Darryl Stephanie Workman And Their peeps Piper Sydney Wish All Of You A Safe And Happy Holiday See You In 2016 Operated by Rogers Communications MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRYMERRY CHRISTMASCHRISTMAS fromthestaffat 1893 Scugog Street Port Perry MERRY CHRISTMAS HAPPY NEW YEAR Christine Terry Vos YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT Creating Smiles Since 1992 29 Toronto St. Uxbridge 905-852-7382 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT Creating Smiles Since 1992 26 Church St. Sunderland 705-357-3161 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND 15 Ringwood Dr. Stouffville 905-642-5777 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT Creating Smiles Since 1992 15930 Old Simcoe Rd. 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