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FOCUSon Scugog OCTOBER 2015 See Page 22See PageSee Page 2222 Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon Periodontist New Patients Always Welcome 2014 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTIST port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals SCARE OFF TOOTH DECAY LIMIT YOUR CANDY GOBBLING AND DONT FORGET TO BRUSH AND FLOSS Kidz packages on quality eyewear Eye Examinations 305 Queen St. 905 985 9388 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 1 28 FOCUSon Scugog OCTOBER 2015 See Page 22See PageSee Page 2222 Publisher Editor ................. MaryAnn Fleming Advertising ...................................... Tracy Souch Production.....................................Arlene Walker Freelance Writers ..................... Lynn Campbell Paul Arculus Karen Stiller Marjorie Fleming Jonathan van Bilsen Peter Hvidsten Website................................................Bill Walker Accounting........................................ Judy Ashby FOCUSon Scugog OCTOBER 2015 Volume 10 - Number 7 Published by Focus on Scugog Inc. 188 Mary Street Unit 201 Port Perry L9L 1A2 905-985-8585 email website Focus on Scugog is published 12 times a year from Port Perry and is distributed to all homes and businesses in Scugog Township by Canada Post. Delivery the rst Tuesday of each month although this date does vary depending on the number of weeks in a month. Opinions expressed by columnists contributors and letter writers must be signed including address and phone number. Letters must be signed. Requests that a name be withheld will be honoured only if there is a compelling reason to do so. Rocking Scugog from left to right Hallie Karpis Eveline Klamt Mayor Tom Rowett and front Peter Hvidsten in anticipation of the Mayors Gala on Thursday November 5. See page 22 Photo by MaryAnn Fleming At Focus on Scugog we value reader input. Unique local story ideas and any community information is always welcome and we will publish as much as we possibly can. Please submitideasto GOT IDEAS LETS HEAR THEM our cover features 3 6 12 36 regulars 31 32 38 40 Thumbs Rating local events and decisions. Changing Faces Local businesses on the move. PhotosNtravel Adventures with Jonathan van Bilsen. Whats Up Scugog Local entertainment you dont want to miss. 6 The Man Behind the Headlines Peter Parker receives Act of Bravery award. The North Durham Family Health Team So much to offer Bakersville Animated Gingerbread Village 20 years and counting. Dyslexia Giving kids a leg up. 2 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Letters to the editorLetters to the editorLetters to the editorLetters to the editor Mailbox Scugog is a very special community Dear Editor When you pick a new hometown you dont necessarily realize how your new community will wrap around and take care of you. My elderly mother Jean Healy moved to Port Perry with me in 2009. Sadly she passed away in late August. But during her time here she was the beneficiary of an amazing array of assistance service and care. Dr. Armstrong Dr. Wang and Dr. Steve Russell were wonderful with our mother and our family. The nurses and technicians of the Port Perry Hospital were kind caring and expert in their duties. Dr. John Stewart and his wife Barb and Norma and Bill van Camp were the kinds of neighbours one is grateful for every day. Valerie and Ken Wright from Medical Supplies of Port Perry provided amazing services and products that made my mothers life safer and easier. The staff members at Shoppers were unfailingly helpful and Bruces regular deliveries helped a great deal in easing the process of ordering and getting the many pills and products my mother needed. Caregivers Pauline McKenzie Nancy Rivera Karen Galve and Brenda Carberry brought joy to our mother every day and they are all examples of the kinds of people who should choose careers that support seniors. So to many new friends in this town and to the many people who provided support to my mother and who continue to provide support to other seniors I offer heartfelt thanks from myself and my sisters Ruth and Kit. Port Perry really is a special place. Martha Casson Port Perry Personal Service is alive and well Dear Editor As a long time resident of Port Perry I wanted to recognize a shop owner who went out of her way to assist me with a specialty purchase. We recently put our house on the market and had only days to get all the items needed to prepare it for an open house. After looking all over Durham Region for a door wreath without any success I ended up at Eclectic Elements in Port Perry. I didnt see anything suitable so I chatted with the owner Diane Rooney and although she had nothing in stock that would work she offered her help. The next day I went back with some colour ideas and Diane had all the items I needed to make a wreath myself. However instead of sending me home with all the pieces she then proceeded to put the wreath together for me while I waited I ended up with a custom made piece of art at a price that was well below what I expected. I know Diane didnt have to go out of her way to assist me but it certainly was the highlight of my very hectic and stressful week. Thank you so much Diane your personal service is something special Susan Norrie Port Perry Trophies Awards Corporate Promotions Embroidery Graphic Design Engraving Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road Port Perry Your Name is Our Business ...................... More letters on page 32 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 3 Just who is this Peter Parker Hes not secretly Spiderman as a Toronto Star article about the August incident intimated. Though he says with a smile hes heard that one many times before. Ive lived with that all my life he laughs good-naturedly. People sometimes dont believe me and oc- casionally theyll ask me to show my drivers license to prove thats really my name. Of course the kids all love it. I tell them when they ask that I havent got my web-stuff with me today In spite of his unexpected celebrity he harbours no long term star-making aspirations. I wouldnt say Im exactly tired of telling the story though youll prob- ably be the last he says. Ive already spoken to our two local papers done a couple of live radio interviews as well as three more for TV. Some members of those television crews may have experienced a mild surprise when they arrived to meet the somewhat-reluctant centre of attention. A familiar face was surely unexpected. Ive retired from television but some of them were people I used to work with. Peters career like the more recent events on Lake Scugog was a matter of good timing. I fell into it he chuckles. They had a teenagers dance party show on CHEX in the early 60s and a friend asked me if Id be a spot- ter. When theyd have contests Id watch the dancers and shepherd the selected ones to the host. I caught on at the station from there. In 1963 Peter became a tape operator. Other than using film tape was the only method of archiving video images black and white in those days he explains. It was the focal point of TV at the time. The job involved recording out- of-market broadcasts as well as live events. Id record satellite feeds for broadcast in our market on future days. I was also responsible for sports events like Leafs hockey and Blue Jays baseball games. The tape I assembled found its way into high- light packages. That assignment sounds sexy but Peter says it wasnt always so. Id have to isolate my tape to one camera. So for example in the base- The Man Behind the Headlines TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Whether youre revelling in good karma or analyzing misfortune timing has undeniably played a critical role in determining its outcome. Peter Parkers remarkable timing has recently been well documented. Saturday August 22 a routine boat outing by Peter and his wife Debbie Holbik had life-saving consequences for a family of ve. Navigating westward from Washburn Island the couple observed two crafts nearby their own one moving slowly then a second speeding off their bow. When the two collided only seconds later Peter and Debbie raced to the scene where the rst was overturned and the second upright but disabled. That collision happened in slow motion for me Peter recalls of the impact. Being at the right place at the right time is the chance element in good timing the truly heroic component requires knowing what to do in an emergency and acting effectively without hesitation. I helped a 9-year old out of the water then took the couples 5-month old from the father who had been searching frantically for her under their capsized boat. ...................... Please turn to page 4 On Tuesday September 8 Peter Parker was given an Act of Bravery award by the Township of Scugog for his heroics on the lake on August 22. In true fashion Peter said he and his wife Debbie Holbik also in photo did what anyone would do in that situation. PhoTobyMARyANNFLEMING 4 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 ball games Id be watching a camera over home plate the entire game. Not the ideal perspective to watch all night. I did see a lot of sporting events live the 1980 Winter Olympics were a highlight and got to do a fair bit of travelling. Again good fortune landed Peter at the right place in televisions evolution. I was lucky enough to get hired at CFTO he says. It was the big production station in Canada where the facilities existed to stage and record large events. CFTO was a mecca the place you wanted to be if you were in broadcasting. Hegrewwiththeincreasinglysophisticatedtechnology. At one time we used a machine the size of a freezer to record video clips. Technology has changed so dra- matically during my career. Nowadays TV production requires fewer people. Just ask my wife about that. Coincidentally Debbie their son and daughter all work at CTV. Peter suggests that will likely change in the foresee- able future. Debs a Production Assistant but computers have reduced the studio staff of six to eight to just a couple today. Retirements in her future. The couple he says are considering a winter in the sun. In mid-career I took time off to backpack around Europe. Once were both retired weve talked about go- ing to Spain. I really enjoyed that country and want her to experience it as well. Humble and self-effacing Peter doesnt seem in the least distressed that the adulation of this late summer will soon die down. His life he expects will return to peaceful days on the Lake Scugog shore where excite- ment rarely comes calling and the only admirers who clamour for his attention are kids wondering aloud if hes really a superheros alter-ego. Not surprisingly the timing for his life to return to normal is perfect. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Saturday November 7 900 am - 200 pm Emmanuel Community Church 1680 Reach Street Port Perry Hosted by Emmanuel Community Church in support of the Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham Coffee Bar Silent Auction Raffles Local Artisans Crafters Vendors MMistletoe Market FREE ADMISSION Behind the Headlines continued from page 3 BUICK GMC BUICK GMC B U I C K G M C B U I C K G M C 10 Vanedward Drive Port Perry 905-985-8474 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 5 Parent Caf Visit www.newsongportperry.caparentcafe for more information or call 905-982-2064. Email When parents get better the whole family gets better. Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding things in the world. Its easier and better when parents support each other freely sharing their knowledge and experience. New Song Church in Port Perry announced the launch of the Parent Caf this fall a monthly drop-in evening for parents to learn from an expert guest and each other. The Parent Caf is a friendly supportive environment for parents facing the normal joys frustrations ques- tions and challenges of parenting great kids of all ages in todays world. It is free to attend. Free babysitting will be provided. Tuesday October 20 at 7 p.m Resiliency and Stress Specialist and author Beverly Beuermann-King will lead us with the topic Joy Success and Meaning Creating the Balance you Desire as Parents in a Busy World. Almost two-thirds of Canadians report having difficulty balancing their mul- tiple roles and more than half worry they do not have enough time to spend with their family and friends or believe they have enough time for themselves. Beverly will lead us through an S-O-S Principle that will help us focus goals learn activity management strategies and make impor- tant changes in our lives and parenting. Tuesday November 17 at 7 p.m Local parent and Sunday School guru Sonia Hiebert will take the reins on Building Your Childs Faith at Home. Sonia will help us explore ways we can be active leaders in our childrens spiritual lives without leaving that essential dimension of their development solely in the hands of the local church. While recognizing the church as an important partner Sonia will help us think of ways we the parents can more easily and confidently fulfill our role as the main spiritual educators in our childrens lives. Future Parent Caf Topics will include topics like how to interact effectively with teachers and the school system to partner on your childs education how to prepare healthy quick meals on a budget inside ADHD and how to keep your marriage strong with the de- mands of parenthood. New Song Church Launches Drop-In Events for.the Parents AVAILABLE AT FDJ.CA 168 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2521 in regular and petite size 0-18 NEW STYLES JUST ARRIVED 6 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Centralized Nursing for blood pressure checks dressing changes ear syringes cryo therapy for plantar warts Tb tests immunizations su- ture and staple removal travel injections. No fee except for some injections and treatments. SUITE 205 Healthy Lung Program for patients with CoPD Asthma and Restrictive Lung Disease. Individual counselling to help patients manage their respiratory health including how to take medications for optimum effectiveness. No fee. SUITE 205 for patients with various health conditions and wellness goals. No fee. SUITE 205 Mental Health Services quiet comfortable and very private ofce. Counselling services social workers and psychologists are available for individuals and groups to help patients improve their mental health. Focus on anxiety depression grief and loss stress or traumatic life events life transitions and chronic conditions. Referrals from family physicians required. No fee. SUITE 203 Diabetes Education program for adult patients with Prediabetes Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes. Focus on healthy eating physical activity stress management and goal setting. Information is provided about medication risk factors and complications. There are also one-day Reduce your Risk pre-diabetes pro- grams for preventative health care. binders of information are available. Ask your doctor. No fee. SUITES 203 205 you need stitches removed or if your child requires immun- zation for school what would you do Call your doctor Line up at the walk-in clinic Now there is a time- saving alternative. The North Durham Family Health Team now offers a Centralized Nur- sing service for patient and family centred nursing care. It is located in Suite 205 on the second floor of the Medical Associates of Port Perry building. Nurses and nurse practitioners are on duty weekdays from 830 a.m. to 430 p.m. and you can just walk in no appointments necessary. We are very proud of our Centralized Nursing office com- mented North Durham Family Health Team Office Manager Judith Sanders. It takes nursing out of the doctors office freeing up the doctors. It also reduces wait times to see your physi- cian and at the Urgent Care Clinic. Judith describes the new method of local health care service delivery as streamlined. All patients of a Medical Associates of Port Perry physician or patients seen in the Medical Associates Urgent Care Clinic are welcome to take ad- vantage of the many valuable North Durham Family Health Team services. The new second floor waiting rooms and exam rooms are modern and comfortable with appealing dcor. Be prepared to be greeted with a warm smile by a caring professional who is sincerely interested in helping you Recently some local seniors were invited to participate in a collabora- tive working group to determine what services are required for their demographic. Surveys are also used to Judith Sanders Ofce Manager of the North Durham Family Health Team. WELCOMES YOUWELCOMES YOU The Nutrition Assessment Counselling FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 7 For more information on the North Durham Family Health Team Services ask your family physician or drop in to visit the North Durham Family Health Team Ofce at the Medical Associates building at 462 Paxton St. in Port Perry. You can also check out the website or call 905-985-2895 ext. 6068 or 6070. get public input on health care needs. Judith reported that Community outreach to local schools to promote healthy eating through the THRIVE program has been very well received. Its all about working together with patients she added. Executive Director Stephen Gray pointed out that the future goal of the Family Health Team is to con- tinue to develop programs and con- tinue to recruit physicians. Its unusual for a town this size of 10000 people to have 37 physi- cians to serve the community he added. Former medical students residents of Port Perry have recently joined the Medical Associates of Port Perry. Dr. A. Gauster and Dr. Curtis Hadden are both currently accepting new patients. The latest expansion and renova- tionofthemedicalcentrein20112012 was necessary to accommodate more physicians and the impressive roster of Family Health Team Services. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog Jenn Gaboury Receptionist welcomes you to the North Durham Health Team Suite 205. Tiffani Howell R.N. of Central Nursing Ofce and Smoking Cessation Suite 205 with newly-removed foot cast. Yvette Dalrymple Pediatric Nurse Practitioner examining the Teddy Bears. Pediatric Clinic welcomes children up to age 18 for a variety of health care needs. Teddy bears in residence. Free lollipops. No fee. SUITE 205 Thrive popular four-week group program led by a Dietician. It is geared to help people gain the skills and tools necessary to make lifestyle changes for a healthier you A grocery store tour and recipes are included. Theres a quarterly newsletter. A recent back to School healthy Lunch promotion was very successful. Literature compared the cost and nutritional val- ues sodium sugar and bre content etc. of packed lunches vs. purchased lunches and all of the suggested menus and recipes quickly disappeared from the display table homemade lunches were the winners. SUITE 205 Foot Care Clinic experienced Chiropodists assisting with all of your foot care needs for greater comfort and mobility. No fee. SUITE 205 Pharmacist education and support available to help patients and caregivers manage their medications. INRWarfarin coun- selling and medication reviews. No fee. SUITE 203 Smoking Cessation Program education counselling and ongoing support to help indi- viduals quit smoking and stay smoke-free. Customized quit plan and free nicotine replacement therapy NRT. No fee. SUITES 203 205 Patient Advocate Navigator to ensure that an individual is getting assistance with all of their health care and social service needs. Services offered include assistance with nancial applications legal referrals addiction information employment and educational resourc- es food banks dementia support life skills acute situational anxiety and stress management. No fee. SUITE 203 Ask about the Senior Program provided by a Registered Nurse and Psychologist. 8 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Halloween is just around the corner and we all know that for most children Halloween means candy and lots of it However when your child consumes sugary food or drinks the bacteria germs in the dental plaque on the teeth mix with the sugars in the candy to make a mild acid. This acid attacks the hard outer layer of the tooth called the enamel. If the dental plaque isnt removed every day by brushing and ossing over time the enamel gets soft and a cavity forms. The damage to the tooth depends on how much sugar goes in the mouth and how long it stays there. In other words the longer and more often sugar touches the teeth the more damage it can do. Healthy Halloween tips To keep cavities away and protect your childs smile this Halloween the Canadian Dental Association CDA recommends taking these simple steps Limit the number of times a day your child eats sugary treats or snacks between meals. Serve snacks that will not harm your childs teeth such as vegetables cheese nuts or seeds. It is best to eat sugary treats at the end of mealtime while there is still plenty of saliva in the mouth. Saliva helps to wash away the sugars and acids.Drinking a glass of water after eating a sugary treat will also help wash away some of the sugars and acids. Avoid soft sticky treats that get stuck between teeth and always have your child brush and oss before going to bed. Halloween with braces can be sweet Halloween candy can be a nightmare for someone who wears braces but it doesnt have to be. Trick-or-treaters who wear braces should avoid nuts popcorn tortilla chips hard candy caramel and other chewy candies to keep their braces safe and intact. However there are plenty of other things that trick-or-treaters who wear braces can enjoy like chocolate Fun alternatives to candy If you are concerned about the amount of candy that your child will receive try rationing it over a few weeks. Another alternative would be to let your child trade in Halloween candy for a video game book toy or trip to the movies. You can also have your child set aside half of the Halloween candy and donate it to an organization such as a womens shelter or a local soup kitchen. There are healthy treat alternatives for parents to hand out on Halloween night to help trick-or-treaters avoid a mouthful of November cavities such as sugarless gum sugarless candy and string cheese. Parents can also give out fun toys and other gifts like Halloween stickers Halloween pencils and erasers temporary tattoos vampire teeth toothbrushes and oss which will certainly help trick-or- treaters keep their smiles cavity free. Healthy Tips for Healthy Smiles at Halloween FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 9 On Saturday September 12 we provided free dental care to over 100 patients in need. 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 2014 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTAL OFFICE We also extend our appreciation to Councillor Betty Sommerville who stopped by to say a few words of encouragement support and goodwill. Port Perry Dental Associates would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who helped make our third annual Dentistry from the Heart event such a huge success People were lined up outside the door of our ofce at 7 a.m. and registration began at 830 a.m. Free cleanings llings and extractions were offered to patients over the age of 18. Dr. Rami Maarouf Dr. Sandro Del Rosso Dr. Farah Walji and Dr. Bob Boyko express heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in the third annual Dentistry from the Heart day. We couldnt have done it without you Special thanks to All of our wonderful staff who donated their Saturday family time to participate Friends and family helpers Dental student volunteers Steve Gray and all the staff at the Medical Associates Building The Standard Focus on Scugog magazine Dental Suppliers Brenda Nichols from Sinclair Dental Germiphene Corporation Brasseler Hansamed Butler Colgate Maxill DLS We would also like to thank Perk Up located in the Medical Associates building for donating lunch for everyone and to everyone that contributed to Operation Scugog Food Bank. Its amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together See you next year The 159th Fair on the Labour Day weekend was a scorching hot fun-lled event for everyone The entertainment ranged from the midway rides to dairy and beef shows truck show and shine family rodeo chuck wagon races exhibits vendors and so much more PhoToSbyMARyANNFLEMINGANDbILLWALKER Top left The chuck wagon races were off and running. Top Right The country music group Small Town Pistols performed Sunday evening. Middle Jack Raines and his calf Dolly practicing for the Junior Dairy Show. Beside One of the entries in the Mens Cake Contest. Below The midway sparkled after the sun went down. 10 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 11 The very popular and highly extraordinary Sheesham and Lotus Son will return to Greenbank Folk Music Society on Saturday October 17. Show time 8 p.m. The end of the 20th century saw the formation of Sheesham and Lotus a simple musical duo whose main concern was to revive fiddle music and the good-time songs of years past. In the years following they have become one of the most popular Old-time Roots acts in North America. Noted for their highly original presentation Sheesham and Lotus and Son have created a sonic and visual language that is very much their own utilizing instruments of their own creation such as the Sepia- phonic Monophone and the Contrabass HarmoniPhoneum. Such inventions have been instrumental in building a show that is vividly antique in both sight and sound along with their excellent musician- ship setting them apart as true innovators of their craft. Not only that they are as one reviewer put it recently riotous fun In 2012 Sheesham and Lotus and Son recorded the critically ac- claimed 1929. The record was quickly nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the category of Best Traditional Album. Their latest recording The High Stepping Music of Sheesham and Lotus and Son is garnering praise in the UK and will soon be released in North America. Its our season opener folks. Its going to be a great gig with these marvelous musicians Join us wont you Greenbank Folk Music Society Greenbank Centennial Hall Greenbank Hwy 12 30 min north of Whitby Tickets are 25 each and available at Blue Heron Books 62 Brock St West Uxbridge 905-852-4282 P O E Design 146 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-0060 or phone 905-985-8351 for reserved tickets and information. Watch for future concerts at and on Facebook Sheesham and Lotus Son Open Greenbanks 2015-16 Season Saturday October 17th ANTIQUES UNIQUES DCOR MORE COACH HOUSE STUDIO ITS A DESTINATION SHOPPING LOCATION 605 Regional Road 21 Port Perry 905.982.2705 Check out the fall class schedule on-line Tea Room is Open Many items on Sale ChRiSTMaS haS aRRived Facilitator Jennifer Graham is a published author and writer with a B.Sc. in Communications emphasis on print Journalism and art minor. Her articles have been printed in numerous publications in Canada USA and New Zealand. An Immoral Proposal is her first book. Jennifer is a certified writing workshop facilitator in the method of Amherst Writers Artists AWA. JeNNIFer GrAHAm 905-986-1705 or 647-836-5535 or Collage Creative Writing Workshop 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Wednesday October 7 14 21 28 Saturday October 17 24 31 Wednesday November 4 11 18 25 Saturday November 14 21 28 30 per workshop All materials included Introduction to Memoir Writing 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Tuesday October 13 20 27 Tueday November 3 10 17 150 for 6 week session Scugog Memorial Public Library 231 Water Street Port Perry limited to 10 participants per class PSST Heres the secret to holding your Gingerbread House together A hot glue gun This little tip may come in handy when you are making your ginger- bread creation for Port Perrys 20th annual Bakersville display at the library. Its all about creativity and you dont have to make a traditional gin- gerbread house. Volunteer organiz- ers Sue Bradley and Kathy Mercer of The Village People listed some of the imaginative gingerbread figures exhibited over the past two decades a beaver dam gazebos a hockey rink churches log homes stores a dragon boat trains a ski lodge the CN Tower tree houses and even a swamp house complete with little swimmers in lifesavers candy inner tubes and an alligator One year there was even an igloo made out of sugar cubes. Lights and animation bring the Bakersville Village to life. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed the festive display over the years. Usually there are more than 50 submissions. It takes a whole week to set up the exhibit artistically Sue revealed but only a couple of days to tear it down. The Village People are hoping that the landmark 20th anniversary Bakersville display will be the best ever. Everyone is invited to partici- pate including individuals families and groups. It would be a great project for your school class church group office Scouts etc. You dont have to live in Scugog township to participate. Everyone is welcome Theres no entry fee theres no judging and admission to attend the show is also free of charge. Its all about community involvement and festive fun. Its a family tradition for Kathys husband Gord and their daughters Brianne and Laura to bake and dec- orate a gingerbread themed submis- sion for Bakersville each year. Its all about the candy Kathy says. The Bulk Barn is an inspiring place to candy shop she added. Did you know that when you cut up Sweet Marie bars the result looks a lot like a chimney Cotton makes great smoke and pretzels resem- ble logs. Your gingerbread house or figure doesnt have to be 100 ed- ible. Kits are okay if you embellish them but The Village People encour- age you to bake from scratch and they even provide a recipe and some foolproof tips and tricks. Its avail- able at the library and coming soon to the new Facebook page. Kathy points out that your ginger- bread needs to be crunchy not soft. Sue recommends rolling the dough on parchment and using a flat baking pan with no lip. Double cutting after baking is advised to get nice straight lines. And remember theres always the glue gun icing and lots more candies to hide any imperfections. Theres plenty of time to plan and get ready. The Village People will accept your creations at the Scugog Memorial Public Library at 231 Water St. from Monday November 30 until Thursday December 3. The show opens in the beautiful venue of the Kent Farndale Gallery on Saturday December 5 and runs until January 2 2016. You can visit Bakersville during regular library hours seven days a week to get your sweet dose of Christmas spirit. At the same time 20 years ago Sue and library employee at that What happens when you mix ginger cinnamon cloves and nutmeg with imagination TIP Dont mix small and large pieces together on the same cookie sheet. TIP Thick pieces make stronger walls. TIP Wait until fully cooled before assembly. TIP Cut doors and windows while pieces are still hot. Layla and Cayne Goulet .................. 12 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 13 time Linda Baca had the brainchild to organize this local Gingerbread Village. Support from local busi- nesses has been outstanding over the years Sue noted. New volunteers are always wel- come especially people with electri- cal skills to animate and illuminate the magical village. While some people opt to take their gingerbread treasures home after the show others donate them for display at local nursing homes and retirement residences. Older people love them Sue pointed out. Traditionally spiced with ginger cinnamon cloves and nutmeg the scent of gingerbread is so delightful. If you google Bakersville Port Perry or check out the Facebook page you can visit the amazing past entries and exhibits online just to get you in the baking mood. Facebook page Bakersville Animated Gingerbread Village Beat two egg whites until stiff ADD tsp. cream of tarter ADD two cups of icing sugar slowly always beating at high speed. Get out the candies and have fun building your gingerbread creation GINGERBREAD GLUE AND FROSTING REMINDERS FOR BAKERSVILLE Mark these dates on your calendar WHERE TO TAKE YOUR GINGERBREAD CREATIONS Scugog Memorial Public Library 231 Water St.Port Perry WHEN TO BRING THEM IN Monday November 30 through Thursday December 3 WHEN THE SHOW OPENS IN THE KENT FARNDALE GALLERY Saturday December 5 WHEN THE SHOW CLOSES January 22016 For more info or to join The Village People call Sue 905-985-2490 or Kathy 905-985-2412 OFFICIAL BAKERSVILLE GINGERBREAD RECIPE INGREDIENTS DIRECTIONS 5 cups unsifted all-purpose flour tsp. salt 3 tsp. ground cinnamon 2 tsp. ground ginger 1 tsp. ground nutmeg 1 tsp. ground cloves 1 cup vegetable shortening 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup molasses 1 egg Sift flour salt cinnamon ginger cloves and nutmeg onto wax paper. Beat shortening with sugar in a large bowl until fluffy. Beat in molasses and egg. Stir in flour mixture to make dough stiff. Chill for one hour. Roll out dough on an oiled cookie sheet or parchment paper. Cut templates for house. Bake at 350F for 8 - 10 minutes. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7 10 am to 2 pm 7TH ANNUAL 905-985-8660 1-800-248-0848 293 Perry Street Port Perry Interested vendors please call 905-985-8660 ELEGANT LIVING BY THE LAKE Home of the Famous FruitCake TO ONI E T A B L E Dont miss out Get here early to get yours. TEA ROOM 14 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Our free Community Lunch opens its doors again this fall in Downtown Port Perry at Church of the Ascension. A weekly drop-in lunch for the entire com- munity Soups on Us is organized by a local Parents Support Group and area churches. Volunteers from the churches and adults with special needs will once again serve up delicious homemade soup bread and dessert every Thursday at the Church of the Ascension hall at 266 North St. Port Perry. The lunch a drop-in affair will be offered free of charge. Those who wish to make a donation may do so. Volunteers have said these things about their partici- pation in SOUP Its the best thing Ive ever done. Its fun the soup is delicious and Ive made lots of friends at SOUP. The participating churches include Emmanuel Community Church Hope Christian Reform Church New Song Church Port Perry United Church and Church of the Ascension. Neil Bradley from the Parents Group has shared that Soups on Us exemplifies community spirit. People in the community from all walks of life are working har- moniously for the good of others. Soups on Us kicks off the 20152016 season on Thursday October 22. The lunch will run weekly from 1130 a.m. to 1 p.m. until mid-March closed at Christmas for 2 weeks. Everyone is welcome. COMMUNITY SOUP KITCHEN hearty hot healthy 5th Season Kicks off Thursday October 22 SOUPS ON US St. Johns Anglican Church Blackstock The congregation would again like to invite everyone out for the final event of the year in celebration of their anniversary. OnOctober17weinviteyoutojoin us for our 175th Anniversary Fall Tea from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Entertainment will be provided from 12 noon to 1 p.m. by the Suburbanaires a senior mens choir led by Milt Rainey specializing in barbershop music. Thank you to those who assisted and everyone who joined us in making this a memorable celebration and we look forward to many more. One last note everyone is welcome to join us for Sunday service throughout the year at 930 a.m. Milt Rainey We invite you to join us on Saturday November 7 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. as Emmanuel Community Church hosts their annual Mistletoe Market. The market will be held at 1680 Reach St. Port Perry and will feature local artisans crafters vendors silent auc- tion raffles and a coffee bar.Admission is free and the mar- ket is in support of the Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham. The SCA will be promoting the Mayors Gala for the Arts by having a musical themed exhibit in the Gallery through the month of October. The Gala theme for 2015 is Scugog Rocks and SCA member artists have been invit- ed to submit their work relating to that theme including a brief explanation of why their piece works with the theme. The opening reception will take place on Saturday October 3 between 1 and 3 p.m. at 181 Perry St. Refresh- ments will be served. To promote our Scugog Rocks Gala and in keeping with our mandate to promote and support the arts in Scugog we are holding Open Mic night at the Gallery 181 Perry St. featuring Nico Henderson every Thursday evening in October. Bring your instrument your voice and songs All musical styles and skill levels welcome. Drop by to enjoy an evening of live music. Sign up 7 pm music starts at 730. Mistletoe Market For the fifth year in a row the Port Perry Unplugged Concert Series is back at the beautiful Town Hall 1873 Centre for Performing Arts and is happy to be bring- ing the best of Canadian original acoustic music to the people of Port Perry. On Saturday November 7 we are very pleased to present Hamilton native and JUNO and Maple Blues award winner Steve Strongman. Steve has shared the stage with legends such as BB King Buddy Guy and Joe Cocker just to name a few. His breakthrough 2012 release A Natural Fact was recog- nized as a standout blues and roots record winning a whopping three 2012 Maple Blues Awards Recording Songwriter Guitarist Of The Year of the six for which it was nominated. The record was also recognized with a JUNO Award for Blues Recording of the Year. After his energetic appearance at the 2014 Bluebird North Port Perry Unplugged show people have wanted him back so on November 7th you will have your chance to be part of what will surely be the show of the year in the Scugog area. Opening for Steve is Vancouver born songsmith Jack Connolly who was 2004 Songwriter of the Year at the Vancouver Island Music Awards. He went on to become a folk festival regular and shared stages with the likes of Tom Cochrane Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Spirit of the West 54-40 and many more. For more information or tickets contact or call 905-985-8181 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 15 For any information to sign up or to contribute please contact Wilma 905-986-4602 or Melanie 905-986-4201. Come celebrate the harvest and bring your family and friends to the 15th Annual FALL FESTIVAL CLASSIC CAR SHOW being held at Cartwright Fields in Nestleton on Saturday October 3. The theme this year is Hot Cars Hot Chili This fun-filled afternoon runs from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. and is packed with activities events contests fun and games for everyone. Enjoy all of this with your entry fee of 5. Children under 2 are free. There will be horse-drawn wagon rides through the trails and a silent auction which will showcase many items of interest bringing out eager bidders vying for their favourites. Refreshments and a BBQ will be availa- ble during the afternoon. Have the kids decorate a scare- crow or a pumpkin at home in the 50s 60s theme and have them bring it to enter the contests for best carved decorated pumpkin and best-dressed scarecrow. Included in the price of admission for the children they will have a Kids Funzone area crafts activities colouring contest face painting a loonies-in-a-bale search and Scugogs Fire Safety House. The popular Classic Car Show is back this year so come check out all the shiny chrome. It is open to all makes and models 1990 and older. There will be prizes and draws for this event so Show it before you Stow It for the winter. Returning again is the Chili Cook-Off Contest. They are looking for local organizations teams and families to enter the contest using their favourite chili recipe bring two large crock pots. They also challenge local beef pork chicken and lamb producers to bring your familys chili recipe prepared with your own farms meat and produce. Decorate your table to showcase your farm to the community. Those who collect the most votes for best chili in the Judges Choice and the Peoples Choice categories will receive the coveted win of bragging rights. Interested in participating Register early for your spot in the hall. This community fundraising event is hosted by Cartwright Sports and Recreation volunteers to provide an opportunity for our local communities and families to gather and celebrate the fall season while raising funds for the enhancement of the park and facilities at Cartwright Fields. There are opportunities for student and adult volunteers to lend a hand but if volunteering doesnt fit your timetable please consider donating items for the silent auction or sponsoring one of the various events being held. Saturday October 3 along with their sponsors Canadian Tire Port Perry Napa Auto Parts Signworks Canada Carquest THANK EVERYONE for the success of our second annual TRUCK SHOW SHINE at the Port Perry Fair on Saturday September 5 Landon Beacock of Landons Tree Service and John Whyte of True North Eavestroughing John and Landon Silver Cross offers a wide range of home healthcare product solutions Great selection of stairlifts porch lifts wheelchairs walkers scooters bath safety and more In-home assessments professional installation and service Recycled and rental equipment available VISIT OUR SHOWROOM 850 King Street West Oshawa ph 905.668.8560 home healthcare equipment Overweight Think CAN DO For 31 years I have been a Fitness Professional maintaining an up-to-date business with an ever-changing tness industry. At Studio-Fit you will nd a clean well maintained state of the art facility with all the latest equipment including ballet barres VIPRs TRX Kettle Bells etc. My belief that Strength comes in all shapes and sizes hasnt changed in 31 years so I have created CAN DO a class specically for overweight people who do not feel comfortable attending regular tness classes. Most instructors dont understand the signicant difculties that overweight people have. This class takes into account a persons medical physical emotional and social needs and limitations. Studio-Fit Kim McCann RN 905 985-0864 See our ad on page 17. Call the Scugog office at 905-985-8461 Become a volunteer today Volunteering enriches your life The need for Transportation Volunteers has never been greater Support our clients by driving them to medical appointments grocery shopping and errands. Flexible schedule based on your availability Monday to Friday Volunteers use their own vehicle Mileage will be reimbursed Drivers Needed Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. We would love to clean for you Community Cleaning is a full service cleaning company and supply store. We offer superior in-home cleaning and are committed to excellence. Community Cleaning is here to make your life easier. Our weekly biweekly and occasional cleaning packages are customized to suit your needs. We fold laundry change bedding do dishes de-clutter disinfect and scrub every surface. The possibilities for your lifestyle are endless. We offer free delivery of products to our cleaning customers and are leaders in our industry. We sell everything from laundry and dish soap to vacuums mops and dusters. We carry name brands Dyson Swish Electrolux and an array of eco-friendly cleaning options. Shop online with shipping right to your door Visit us in store or on our website for more details. We would love to clean for you Community Cleaning 73 Brock St. West Uxbridge 905-852-9419 See our ad on page 18. 16 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 P H Y S I C A L B E H AV I O U R A L S P I R I T U A L E M O T I O N A L I N T E L L E C T U A L A N D M E N TA L W E L L N E S S NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES 905-985-8591 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry Our services are covered by most extended health care benets. Combining New Technology and Traditional Therapy MOBILIZATION THERAPY Dr. John Tompkin has been adjusting Scugog residents for the past 18 years but agrees that it may not be for everyone. Dr. Tompkin says that some patients have pre-existing health conditions that may conict while others may simply wish for an alternate therapy. These patients are usually candidates for mobilization therapy a type of passive movements to a joint or joint complex to achieve a therapeutic eect. Dr. Tompkin often accompa- nies this therapy with trac- tion stretching and trigger point therapy. Dr. Tompkin says these therapies can be applied to almost all joints of the body including the com- plex arch of the foot.Dr. John Tompkin D.C. DEEP TISSUE THERAPYStephanie Alexander has been practicing asa Registered Massage Therapist for the past5 years and says that deep tissue massagetherapy is usually the answer to chronicmuscle knots and tight muscle tension.This type of massage is focused on the deeperconnective tissues. It isusually more focused onan area of concern andgenerally more intense.Patients are encouragedto speak up to help gagethe intensity that worksfor them. They are alsoadvised to drink lots ofwater to ush lactic acidand other waste productsfrom the musculatures. Stephanie Alexander RMT To book mobilization therapy with Dr. John Tompkin D.C. and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy with Stephanie Alexander RMT call Stair Lift Home Elevator Wheelchair Lift Information Silver Cross deals in new and recycled home medical equipment including Elevators Van Conversions Stair Lifts Stair Wheelchair Lifts Daily Living Aids Wheelchair Lifts Dumbwaiters Ceiling Lifts Bath Lifts Mobility Scooters Power Wheelchairs Lift Chairs Walk In Bath Tubs Roll In Showers Ramps Manual Wheelchairs Bathroom Equipment Safety Equipment Hospital Beds and Canes and Crutches. Our mandate since 2003 has been to empower your selection of stair lifts home elevators and other accessibility equipment and mobility devices. We are not a manufacturer but rather an objective information resource that has served over 200000 clients by providing the ideal solution at the best price. We take the guess work out of the project for you simplify the process and save you time. Silver Cross 850 King Street West Oshawa 905-668-8560 See our ad on page 16. STUDIO-FIT NEW CLASSES FOR FALL 2015 Can Do - Mondays 615 pm Designed specically for overweight participants P.A.I.N Physical Activity Is Necessary Tuesdays 645 pm P.A.I.N is free for the months of September until November bring a friend STUDIO-FIT HAS GROWN AGAIN We added more rubber oor space due to increased class sizes Call Kim McCann RN for more information on these and other classes 905 985-0864 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 17 Becoming a Volunteer Driver is a Rewarding Experience Did you know becoming a volunteer driver for Community Care Durham CCD can help people in your community CCD relies heavily on its volunteer drivers to take clients to appointments or deliver a hot meal to their door. Hours are exible Monday to Friday depending on your availability. Volunteers use their own vehicle and receive mileage reimbursement for driving clients. With over 10000 clients who have needs related to aging physical andor mental health the need for volunteer drivers has never been greater How about joining our team of volunteers Whether it is a few hours a week or a month you can make a difference in someones life. Please call the Scugog ofce at 905-985-8461 for more information or visit our website at See our ad on page 16. HEADACHES Dr. Dwayne Hooper BSc DC 905-985-3624 175 North Street Port Perry Appointments can be made online Chiropractors treat that too Foot Pain Relief Dr. John Tompkin has been helping Scugog residents suffering with aches and pains for over 18 years. Dr. Tompkin says that back and neck pain are the two most common conditions in his practice and foot pain comes in a close third. The most common foot pain conditions he treats are plantar fasciitis heel spur bunion and hammertoe pain. Over recent years he has invested in a digital gaitscan system which measures timing and pressure data as you walk. This data can be used to help determine the cause of your foot ache. Treatment usually consists of mobilization therapy Impulse Adjustive therapy ultrasound therapy and orthotic therapy. Dr. Tompkin encourages anyone suffering with foot pain or any other aches and pains to book a no charge no obligation consult to nd out if these therapies could be right for you. Natural Health Associates 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8591 See our ad on page 17. COMMUNITY CLEANINGCOMMUNITY CLEANINGCOMMUNITY CLEANING LTD. 73 Brock Street West 905-852-9419 We bring our own cleaning supplies We do residential ofce and construction cleaning We provide move in and move out cleanings We do charity cleans and support local groups We offer rellable eco-friendly cleaning options in our supply store We sell vacuums We have free delivery for our cleaning clients Seniors discounts available. SMALL town service with BIG time results The body heals with play the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy JOIN NOW 199 Value 14500 Simcoe St. Port Perry ON L9L 1V4 905-982-2788 Offer valid until 10.16.15 with a minimum 12 month membership at participating locations only. Fitness consultation must occur at the club you join. Duration of the Get Started Plan may vary by location. Monthly dues still apply. Terms and conditions may vary based on applicable state laws and regulations. Each location is independently owned and operated. 2015 Anytime Fitness LLC. SOURCE CODE OCT15PRINT 18 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 x PORT PERRY DENTURE CLINIC 6 High St. Unit 4 Port Perry ON L9L 1H8 905.985.8028 ALL INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED Celebrating 20 years in Port PerryFree no obligation consultation Complete and Partial Denture Services Same Day Relines and Repairs Implant SupportedRetained Dentures Sports Mouth Guards Tooth Whitening Getting You to a Healthier Place This fall Anytime Fitness is committed to getting you to your Healthier Place Join before October 16th and our friendly educated and experienced staff will guide you through your own customized Get Started tness plan a 199 value FREE with your membership Your Get Started package includes a 1-hour Fitness Consultation which will allow us to determine your personal health and tness goals. Next we will set you on a path to reach them with your own customized 30-day workout plan nutritional guidance tness tips and continued personal support to ensure you stay on track If you have ever contemplated a tness club in the past but were too intimidated to join or just didnt know what to do once you got there fear no more Your FREE customized Get Started Plan and friendly support from our expert staff are just what you need No more excuses ITS GO TIME Promotion ends October 16 2015. See club for details. Anytime Fitness 14500 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-982-2788 See our ad on page 18. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 19 THE TERRY FOX RUN FOR CANCER RESEARCH Kim McCann lead the participants in the pre-race warm-up. Lacey White showed off her butterfly face painting before the start of the race. Elizabeth McArthur welcomed the crowd and introduced this years Terrys Team Members. The Terry Fox Run this year had fabulous numbers with an increase of participants to 455 and having raised 29608.05 and still counting PhotoSbyARLENEWALKER 20 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 An evening to celebrate Durhams agricultural roots Those in the agriculture com- munity are invited to come out and enjoy delicious food entertainment a silent and live auction and a chance to connect with friends in the community. The second annual Durham Farm Connections Celebrate Agriculture Gala will benefit agricultural aware- ness efforts in Durham Region. Once again a special feature of the evening will be Agricultural Awards recognizing outstanding contributions in Durham Region in the categories of Farm Family Award Spirit of Agriculture Award and a Leadership Award. The awards focus attention on the importance of farming as a vibrant and diverse business sector that has both fami- lies and organizations actively involved in their community. Our guest speaker Dan Needles will be entertaining the audience along with music by Irwin Smith. Dan Needles is an author and playwright of the popular Wingfield Farm stage plays and books that have been entertaining groups across Canada for over 25 years. The winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and named to the Order of Canada in 2014 Dan delights audiences with his quaint entertaining and laugh-out-loud tales. Local businesses are welcome to sponsor the Gala to help show their support of the importance of Durhams agricultural sector. Thanks to our supporters to date The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group Egg Farmers of Ontario Scugog Chamber of Commerce Thompsons W.B. White Insurance Sunderland Co-op Durham Sheep Producers Durham Region Cattlemens Association Durham Region Pork Producers East Central Fruit Vegetable Growers Werry Co. Join us for a night to Celebrate Agriculture in Durham Region by ordering your tickets 50 per person. Visit www.durhamfarmconnections.caeventgala for nomination forms auction donation forms or more information or email For more information contact Karen Yellowlees 905-434-3150 or Carolyn Puterbough 905-243-3156 FashionoUTLET 1888 scugog st. 905-985-1890 Fall Fashions arriving daily Bras Grad or Prom Dresses Special Occasion Dresses Swim Summer Styles Year-Round All Occasion Ladies Wear At Kotya Peekin Computer REPAIRS IT and Network SUPPORT PC and Server UPGRADES 333 Major St.Port Perry 905-985-0568 SERVING SCUGOG UXBRIDGE TOWNSHIPS vehicle lettering wrapping Reach Northport Rd. Port Perry 905-985-0802 Since 1996 SIGNS Thursday October 29 Social 6 p.m. Dinner 7 p.m. The Royal Ashburn Golf Club Celebrate Agriculture Gala Referrals are the core of our business Call John 905 434 0517 905 985 8569 Renovations from the outside in we can do it all We can do that for you too The OLD 315 Rosa Street is now the NEW 319 Rosa Street FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 21 port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King - Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon - Periodontist Something you should know MOST PEOPLE BRUSH THEIR TEETH THE SAME WAY EACH DAY. CHANGE HANDS TO REACH NEW SPOTS. HELPING YOU KEEP YOUR TEETH FOR LIFE 22 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 193 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-7306 1-800-387-5642 FARM HOME AUTOMOBILE COMMERCIAL INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED Scugogs locally owned and operated General Insurance Broker with over 130 years of Broker experience. SINCE 1917 1680 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-4441 Try Our Sundays .... Better Than Dairy Queens Come check us out. Sundays 10 a.m. C o m m u n i t y C h u r c h While the Scugog Council for the Arts always pays tribute to Scugog one way or another in its an- nual Mayors Gala for the Arts this years party will feature all things musical. Throughout the evening Gala guests will learn just how Scugog Rocks and why Port Perry is such a wonderful place. With so much talent in our commu- nity and a mandate to promote all the arts in Scugog the Council for the Arts felt a nod to our musical talent would be a fitting theme. Port Perrys own talented musician Lynn McDonald will be the MC this year. The SCA has many surprises in store this year musi- cal and otherwise. Focus wasnt able to discover what the main entertainment for the evening will be but the SCA Administrator and Gala committee member Eveline Klamt promises it will be fun. Weve got many irons in the fire and are looking forward to a very harmonious pun intended evening. Mayor Tom Rowett says dont let the cover of Focus fool you. Im looking forward to the event however I have no musical or vocal talent so if Im asked to come onstage Im pre-denying it. The evening will once again open with a cocktail re- ception starting at 6 p.m. with specialties from Old Flame Brewery and a delicious sit-down gourmet dinner pro- vided by Pelican Events Catering. Of course there will be wonderful offerings in both silent and live auction items. The Mayors Gala never fails to provide superb opportunities to pick up fabulous works of art win amazing prizes and do some creative Christmas-gift shopping. From the spectacular lobby decorations designed and installed by Jennifer Hardie of META4 Gallery to the final sold call by the auctioneer Gary Hill an entertaining performer in his own right and a few new prizes and surprises in between the Mayors Gala for the Arts is a memorable event every November. The SCA would like to thank once again Baagwating Community Association Vos Independent Grocer and Gus Brown Pontiac Buick GMC for their ongoing sponsor- ship of the Mayors Gala for the Arts. Their support in pre- senting this event is greatly valued by the Scugog Council for the Arts as it helps them spread arts benefits further into the community. The SCA believes the arts are essential to the quality of life in Scugog and surrounding area and takes its role as a voice and home for the arts seriously. The Council provides an artistic environment for the communi- ty growth for its artists and services for the organizations members. Whether your artistic expression or interest is musical visual literary performing or theatrical the SCA is there to assist. The Gala takes place at the Scugog Recreation Centre 1655 Reach Rd. Port Perry on Thursday November 5 at 6 p.m. For more information about the SCAand to purchase tick- ets online go to scugogarts.casitemayors-gala. Individual tickets are 125 and a table of eight can be purchased for 1000. You can also get tickets by calling the SCAat 905-982- 2121 Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For the month of October the SCA Gallery will be fea- turing works of art that support the Gala Scugog Rocks theme. The opening reception will be on Saturday October 3 between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Come out and see what mu- sical lyrical and literal interpretations are presented. The Gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 noon to 3 p.m 181 Perry St. Port Perry. Thursday November 5 6 p.m. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 23 Large and colourful works of art depicting eyes complete the new dcor. One resembles a sunflower and another dramatic image is the real eye of a parrot fish. Dr. Darryl Workman has operated his practice out of the 189 North Street location for 21 years and it was time for a change noted his wife Stephanie who doubles as Office Manager. Interior designer Pamela Holletts genius is responsible for the new look which is more modern but warm and inviting at the same time. Honey oak woodwork was replaced with washed grey accented by teal and orange flowers stylish lamps new signage and even the play den for the kiddies has been updated to include iPads. The new look of the office reflects the quality of care patients receive from eye exams to eyewear commented Stephanie who has a strong background in the optical field. What hasnt changed at North Durham Eye Clinic is the high quality of service in optical care. The friendly smiles of the staff are the same. Unique collections of beautiful high-end frames and designer sunglasses arrive regularly and are artistically displayed in the Eyeglass Gallery as their new boutique gives one the feel of being in an art gallery. A local optometrist since 1994 Dr. Workman is certified to prescribe drugs for eye disease. He acquired updated technology and is enthusiastic about his latest exam room OCT machine. OCT is the modern day established standard of care for macular degeneration and glaucoma among other retinal and corneal diseases. He specializes in referrals for laser therapy and offers eye disease management services. Generations of patients ranging in age from toddlers to seniors trust Dr. Workman and his caring qualified staff to take care of all of their vision needs. The recent Changing the Face of Port Perry One Frame at a Time ad campaign as seen in Focus on Scugog magazine is a brilliant way of promoting other local businesses by using their patients as models for the latest trends in eyewear. Laminated copies of these ads will soon be displayed. The public is invited to drop in to admire the new dcor and the Keurig coffee pot is always on. Stephanie says that plans are also underway to host another cocktail party to show their appreciation to their patients. As parents and local business owners Darryl and Stephanie and their daughters Piper four and Sydney six are very involved in the community. They enjoy participating in many local events such as the Easter Bonnet Parade and he has sponsored the Hawkeyes Soccer and Baseball teams since he started in 1994. The North Durham Eye Clinic is a good corporate citizen sponsoring local sports teams over the years. Drop in and give them a look-see All eyes are on you when you enter the newly renovated North Durham Eye Clinic. 189 North Street Port Perry 905-985-1361 DR. DARRYL WORKMAN B.Sc. Hon. O.D. Fall workshop registration has begun now carries four Canadian paint brands for all of your furniture and wall painting needs. Their new Eennie Meenie Minie Mo fabulous introductory workshop to let you try them all and discover which one is best for your next project. Youll try the new Hybrid Urban paint in pearl suede and liquid metal New Serenity indoor outdoor furniture and wall paint in velour and silk Moire furniture and wall paint for texture and shimmer and Cottage Paint for distressing antiquing and that poplar beach feel Each are available in 5000 colours For a complete list of all workshops including three new art workshops go to our website or come into the store. 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-1164 See our ad on page 27. O C T O B E R Fall is in full swing but before breaking out your Halloween decorations remember that by the end of this month most of your winterization should be completed. Make the most of these beautiful brisk October days by getting your home and garden ready for the cold weather ahead. 193 North St. Port Perry 905-985-4910 A. Oppers Ltd W i n d o w s D o o r s PRIDETHAT SHOWS THROUGH FROM STARTTO FINISH Scugogs premier supplier of windows and doors since 1979 OVER RIDGE FIREPLACE BBQ FURNACE 1874 Scugog St. Hwy 7A Port Perry 905.985.7420 Heating and Cooling - BBQ NEW MODELS ARRIVING Over 30 years of not just sales but guaranteed friendly service. The RIGHTConnectionsmean everything. Your home electrical wiring is much too important to leave to just anyone. You can trust our careful professional service to wire your home safely and efficiently. MONSMA ELECTRICLTD. 905-431-5042 INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL home services 24 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Does your kitchen need a makeover The solution to your kitchens tired worn out look is just a phone call away. Speak to Alec who has been creating kitchens to meet the diverse needs of his clients for more than 30 years. His meticulous attention to detail and fair pricing make him stand out. This business is right in your neighbourhood. Ideal Home Storage Solutions 905-904-2050 See our ad below. Dont settle for anything but the best. Dont put it off any longer. The solution is just a phone call away. What do I do with my outdated kitchen Do you need a brand new kitchen or maybe just a new look Ideal Home Storage has several simple solutions to your question. If you are satised with your current kitchen layout you may choose to replace the old worn out look with up to the minute door styles colours hardware and new countertops. Existing cabinets may be altered and some new matching cabinets may be added. If you are not satised with your existing cabinet layout you may choose to have a completely redesigned kitchen. Either way you will be assured of quality craftsmanship attention to detail and competitive pricing. Do you need to increase accessibility New rollout drawers may be installed in your existing or new cabinet. Solid maple dovetail drawers on full extension slides maximize your space. No more getting down on your hands and knees to reach items in the back of your cabinets. We have systems for that wasted corner cabinet and custom pullouts for just about any space. Port Perry 905-904-2050 Alec Cook Hardwood laminate installation Custom interior wood work Hanging interior doors Casing windows doors Custom built inns Kitchen bathroom cabinet installation INSPIRATIONAL WOOD WORKS Custom InterIor FInIshIng 905-242-4690 Ian Ross Port Perry WooD WorKs thAt WILL InsPIre Your LIFe Hardwood laminate installation Custom interior wood work Hanging interior doors Casing windows doors Custom built inns Kitchen bathroom cabinet installation CUSTOM INTERIOR FINISHING 905-242-4690 Ian Ross Port Perry Joe Gibson Blackstock 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry Blinds - Draperies - Shutters - Shades Great Selection - Stylish Colours Superior Service - Satisfaction Guaranteed Free In-Home Consultation A style for every point of view. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 25 1874 Scugog St. Hwy 7A Port Perry 905.985.7420 Pick your number Queen Mattress W2 Pillowtop - 325. Twin Mattress W2 Pillowtop - 175. MIX AND MATCH CLEAROUT MATTRESSES 905-655-3291 1-800-575-5656 4179 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa just 10km south of Port Perry When Quality Counts UNBELIEVABLE 5 YEAR UNIT WARRANTY For a limited time get an additional FREE 2 year warranty extension from Ariens already great 3 year unit warranty. see dealer for details PICTURE YOURSELF HERE 905-982-1998 Tree Trimming Pruning Tree Stump Removal SO-4204ALicenced and Insured James Papia CERTIFIED ARBORIST OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE Arbour Consultation Hedging Planting SPACIOUS APARTMENT IN DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY Large eat-in kitchen and appliances. Spacious Living Room. Large one bedroom apartment on second floor with private entrance. Features an eat-in kitchen with fridge stove and dishwasher. A separate laundry room with storage space and a washer and dryer. Ceramic floor in kitchen. Living room features a vaulted ceiling with small gas fireplace and walk-out to a sun room and a separate walk out to an open area for BBQ. Office space or small den. Lots of storage Water and hydro is included. Unit rents for 1100 plus gas heat. For more info Call Realty Pro Management Mon. to Fri. 9-5 pm at 905-433-0270. Its fall time to think about energy-saving window coverings As you know as much as 50 percent of a homes heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. All of Budget Blinds energy saving window treatments provide effective insulation offering your home increased protection against heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. Cellular shades unique honeycomb-shaped pockets or cells are designed to enhance your homes energy efficiency by keeping heat from escaping or entering your home. Energy-saving Shutters make indoor spaces warmer in the winter keeping heating bills lower. If Roman Shades or Drapery are more your style simply adding a thermal lining will help to insulate and increase energy savings. For more information and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation call 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry See our ad on page 25. home services 26 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 27 48 Water St. Port Perry ON 905 985-3767 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905.982.1164 One of a Kind Hand Painted Furniture Decor Original FineArt CustomWork Workshops Eco-Friendly Canadian Cottage Paint An .net Keep your gutters clean With the fall upon us now is the time to clean your gutters. In order for gutters and downspouts to do their job they must be clear of leaves and debris. If they arent drain outlets will dam up and rainwater will ll the gutters overow and eventually pull the gutters loose. Water that pools in troughs will rot wood gutters and rust sheet metal ones. Water trapped in gutters can cause major damage to your roof and walls not to mention the fact that decaying plant matter in your gutters can smell horrible and stain the sides of your home. Have you gutters cleaned out more often if you home is located under trees an and area with frequent storms or is a subject to a great deal of leaf and other debris. Not fun to do but you can rest easier once you have cleaned them out The Durham Childrens Aid Foundation will be facilitating its first annual Superhero Walk on Sunday October 4. We are putting the call out to all Superheroes like the 100 Women Who Care from the Scugog chapter to come and help us make a huge impact The Durham Superhero Walk is a 5 k fun walk that is open to all residents of Durham and for all ages. Our superheroes come in many shapes and sizes but they all follow Wonder Womans Amazon code govern yourselves with love kindness and service to others. The Durham Superhero Walk supports our most vulnerable children in Durham region those ali- ated with the Durham Childrens Aid Society. Held in the month of October to commemorate Child Abuse Prevention month the Durham community is invited to come and participate in this annual event. Every child needs a superhero from social workers teachers police ocers firefighters para- medics to community champions like yourselves The monies raised at this event will have a su- perhero impact For 50 we can put together a 24 hour emergency care backpack for children in crisis For 100 we can put together a gift hamper for a childyouth to help put hope back into their Holiday season each hamper consists of new clothing a toy and a grocery gift card For 170 we can send one child to a week of summer camp and give them the gift of play For 1500 we can provide a bursary for a youth in care in support of their post-secondary journey. The Foundation would love to see you come out and show Durham Region the type of superheroes you truly are For more information or to register please contact Leslie McLean by phone 905-433-1551 ext. 2409 20 CHILDREN UNDER 5 ARE FREE INDIVIDUALS SUNDAY OCTOBER42015 11 A.M. - 2 P.M. PURPLE WOODS CONSERVATION AREA 38 COATES RD. E. OSHAWA CALLING ALL 100 WOMEN WHO CARE SCUGOG CHAPTER SUPERHEROES 28 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Taylor Ford SaleS is pleased to announce Steve Staniland to the Taylor Ford Sales Team. Steve is a long time resident of Scugog and invites all friends and family to pop in and see the car line up that Ford has to offer. 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-3655 Beside Walmart Hours Mon-Thurs 8-8 Fri 8-6 Sat 8-4 68 Water St. Port Perry 905-985-8807 October 2 Avengers Age of Ultron October 6 Magic Mike XXL October 13 San Andreas October 20 Jurassic World October 27 Southpaw 216 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2171 1-800-377-9139 Port Perrys only locally owned and operated Funeral Home since 1846 Myles ORiordan FUNERAL DIRECTOROWNER Mark Fletcher FUNERAL DIRECTOR PRE-ARRANgEMENT COUNSELOR Pre-planning and pre-paying your funeral is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your family. Its easy. Anyone can do it. 5.00 under 2 Free Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides Kids FunZone Face Painting Loonies-in-a-Bale Search Contests Games Prizes Silent Auction Fire Safety House Contact Wilma 905-986-4602 or Melanie 905-986-4201 CLASSIC CAR SHOW Refreshments Cartwright Fields - Nestleton 15th ANNUAL Saturday October 3 1-5 p.m. Port Perry United Way 8th Annual BBQ Trike Race Above PhotosNtravel writer Jonathan van Bilsen hammed it up as he pedalled through the course for the team of RG Styles on Thursday September 10. Below twelve enthusiastic teams of 4 people per team took to the street to give it their all in support of United Way. Gus Brown took the Tour de Perry Trophy from the Scugog Chamber of Commerce in the nal heat. Many dignitaries and residents were on hand to cheer on the racers Index page 1 Paul Rogers of RG Styles ying to the nish line. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 29 5 Shares AvailableOnly 2Left Singles or couples welcome. Information sessions upcoming Wednesday October 28 at 230 p.m. or 730 p.m. in Port Perry. For more information call 905-985-7283 or visit our website www.100Perrystreet.cawww.100 905-985-8633 5 Shares Available5 Shares Available SHARED HOME OWNERSHIP SHARED HOME OWNERSHIP What a perfect day for the 7th annual Harvest Chili Cook-off held on Sunday September 20. The line ups may have been long but sure was worth it Ten business and services groups all vying for the bragging rights of Judges and Peoples Choice awards and the real winners were those who got to taste it As we look towards the 8th annual seems like not only will there be the cook-off but a Chili War see signs below Tony Janssen Vice-President and Julie Curran President of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce lent a helping hand to the BIA and had a ton of fun York Durham Line entertained the masses as they sampled their mug of chili on Water Street. Terry Vos of Vos Independent threw the gauntlet at Harp Wylies and things got nasty not really all in great community spirit Chili Lily .... THE WAR WAS ON.... There was pumpkin painting for the kids and here are a few of the nished products. TM PORT PERRY Judges Choice Port Perry Villa and yes The Peoples Choice Port Perry Villa so ..... Congratulations Chili Lily and look out for next year everyone will be out to beat you TOLD YA 30 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Our next production is of John Patrick Shanleys controversial drama Doubt A Parable winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and 2005 Tony Award made famous when it was adapted into an Oscar-nominated film star- ring Meryl Streep. It will be performed at Town Hall 1873 from October 15 to October 24. The show stars two of Port Perrys most recognized and accomplished theatre actors Michael Serres and Annette Stokes. Husband and wife in real life the two are playing bitter arch rivals in this production. The two have a long history with Scugogs theatre community and were even married on the very stage that they are now playing enemies. When an iron-gloved principal at a Catholic school in the Bronx becomes suspicious towards the teachings of a charismatic priest working at her school she pro- ceeds to fiercely question the relationship he has with his students. Her suspicion becomes so all consuming that it tears a rift in her morals her faith and her ability to understand the truth. Tickets 22. Call 905-985-8181 or Doubt A Parable October 15 16 17 22 23 and 24 at 8 p.m. October 17 and 24 at 2 p.m. Borelians Community Theatre and Port Perry Town Hall Players present . . . JoinusforthePineRidgeGardenClubsannualDessert Night fundraiser. Our members will be baking their favourite sweet dish to be judged as best dessert. After judging you can enjoy a homemade dessert and drink for 2.50 and the remaining desserts will be auctioned off at the end of the evening. The proceeds from this sale and auction help with the Clubs plantings in the area. This evenings guest will be Martin Galloway a witty and engaging speaker who has been seen at many horticultural events and has hosted the TV show The Secret World of Gardens. Martin has a Masters Degree in both Environmental Biology and Zoology and is the owner of Chalk Lake Nurseries. His love of perennial and native plants is evident in his greenhouse. His topic will be Environmental Horticulture Concerns. This is one speaker you wont want to miss. Everyone is welcome to join us for this informative delicious evening at the Nestleton Community Centre Hwy. 7A Nestleton. For more information call S. Love 905-986-5330 or email PINE RIDGE GARDEN CLUBDESSERT AUCTION Tuesday October 6 730 p.m. The sweetest night of the year An evening of acoustic excellence . . . Juno AwArd winner Steve Strongman Part of the Port Perry Unplugged Concert Series Saturday November 7 Port Perry Town Hall 1873 Doors Bar Open 7 p.m. Show Starts 830 p.m. TickeTS 39.50 i 905-985-8181 To order tickets with special guest Jack Connolly You must be 19 years of age or older to attend. PSYCHIC READINGS Every Tuesday 3pm - 9 pm 45 per reading includes CD of reading to be paid before reading PAST...... .PRESENT........FUTURE........P AST..........PRESENT........FUT URE.........PAST..........PRESEN T........FUTURE........ Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner with all the Trimmings CALL NOW FOR RESERVATIONS 279 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2775 gobble gobble gobble Join us for Thanksgiving Dinner with all the CALL NOW FOR RESERVATIONS gobble gobble gobble Private room for functions available for up to 50 people MONDAYS HALF PRICE WINGS FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 31 THUMBS DOWN - to my neighbor who on a daily basis early in the morning all summer long has started your ginormous truck by remote and left it to idle in your parents driveway anywhere from 12 - 20 minutes. Not only does this cause air pollution on an already endangered planet never mind that we live on the Oak Ridges Moraine but you have either removed the mufer or the catalytic converter on your truck and therefore the idling of your truck is extremely noisy. Therefore in addition to air pollution we have noise pollution in our quiet subdivision on a daily basis. I ask you to have more consideration for your neighbours. You are destroying the peaceful sanctity of our neighbourhood. Shame on you for your selshness THUMBS UP - to the ten or twelve Scugog residents from the neighbourhood just north of the Fairgrounds. For the last three years this group has prepared a home cooked meal for the men and ladies who work at the fair. Approximately 25 - 40 people enjoy the home cooking at the Lawn Bowling Club the Friday night before. How thoughtful is that Only in Scugog THUMBS UP - to local residents of Scugog Point Tyler Martin and his friends for our new attractive Welcome to Scugog Point sign replacing our previous 12 year-old sign erected by Bruce Atkins. Well done It certainly is appreciated THUMBS DOWN - to the shocking news from GolfNorth who sold the Canterbury Common Golf Course seemingly unknown to everyone including the 241 residents of the area and the Township of Scugog. It is essential to protect the designated green space and the sensitive environmental areas within our township. THUMBS UP - to all those who helped make the third annual Dentistry from the Heart a huge success again this year The community would like to take this opportunity to thank the dentists staff volunteers and so many more of Port Perry Dental Associates for giving of your time to our community in this way. See you next year our new location is 250 Shanly Street Port Perry 905-982-2650 Family Law General Civil Litigation PRACTISING IN DURHAM REGION SINCE 2002 Paula R. McMurtry BARRISTER SOLICITOR CANADIAN TIRE 14325 Simcoe Street Port Perry 904-985-7341 Hunting Season We have you covered. Absolutely everything for the hunter in our newly-stocked Pro Department Competitive pricing and qualified staff for all your questions. RiflesShotguns Archery Supplies Locks Cabinets Scopes Binoculars Game Calls Knives Clay Targets Clothing Footwear HUGE SELECTION OF AMMUNITION OMESTEADHFURNITURE APPLIANCES HARDWOOD LAMINATE FLOORING WINDOW COVERINGS Furniture Appliances Flooring Mattresses Window Coverings Accessories Choose your style Choose your colour Choose your fabric Canadian made bar stools ON DISPLAY NOW 1918 Scugog St. Port Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 HomesteadFnA Canadian made bar stools 32 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Dont judge who you dont know Dear Editor This past week we had an experience in Walmart that taught the children with me that you should be careful about making judgements of people without knowing all the facts and you shouldnt let your own prejudices cloud your perceptions. I was with five teenagers at the checkout when a lovely young man with Autism excitedly approached my adopted daughter something about her had attracted his attention. He excitedly pointed at her front saying something we didnt catch before taking off. My guys were laughing and trying to figure out what had drawn his attention specifically to her. There was no negativity to the laughter but rather pleasure in the situation. As we paid and left the line a woman came up into my face and aggressively said Do you know how bad they make you look laughing at that autistic boy before taking off in her righteous indignation feeling very proud of herself for putting us in our place giving me no chance to explain her mistake. You see we judge without knowing the facts and sometimes we judge the book by its cover. My husband and I have looked after children with special needs for over 15 years in our home. Sometimes their special needs have been very apparent as in downs syndrome children the physically challenged or the autistic children. Having said that the majority that have special needs at first glance are not apparent such as the child with PTSD due to years of physical and emotional abuse the suicidal child the child with global delays the cognitively impaired child children whos mothers drank during pregnancy the children with brain trauma and the children with internal medical issues. Perhaps we were mistaken in thinking the young man was attracted to the characters on my daughters T-shirt. Maybe he saw far clearer than any adult a peer with disabilities. You see my daughter has significant cognitive delays a debilitating anxiety disorder has had a liver transplant and survived a bout of cancer. All the children with me that day have invisible issues. In the autistic young man they saw a peer having fun and joined in his laughter. They werent judging him or finding him lacking just that he was their peer. Perhaps the lady in her righteousness should look at her own prejudices. Elaine Pratt Port Perry Letters to the editor continued Mailbox continued from page 2 Keep letters to a maximum of 250 words shorter is often better. We cannot publish negative letters about individuals or businesses. Submit to Marcade Dcor has now opened at 126 Water St. 2nd oor Port Perry offering interior decorating feng shui and events. The Prout family owners of Special Benets Insurance Services have moved from 118 Water St. around the corner to 158 Casimir St Port Perry. They provide individual health and dental insurance. CMS Web Solutions at 126 Water St. Port Perry made a small move . They moved from Unit 2 to Unit 3. Were thinking the view was nicer The Muses Nails Beauty Spa has opened their doors at 1874 Scugog St. Unit 3 Port Perry formerly the home of Youre So Country. Global Pet Foods at 1888 Scugog St. are closing their doors on Wednesday September 30 after three years in Port Perry. Sweet Maple serving breakfast and lunch is now open at 20-22 Water Street Port Perry formerly known as Red Ribbon. The next scheduled fundraising event for the new an- imal shelter will be the 4th Annual Gimme Shelter Gala taking place on November 7 at Wooden Sticks Golf Course in Uxbridge. Back by popular demand Canadian actor voice actor writer and comedian Neil Crone will be the Master of Ceremonies. The evening includes dinner drinks and entertainment along with live and ticket auctions for incredible items donated by local businesses and families. Tickets 125 for a single or a table of eight for 900 can be purchased online at www. or at Pet Valu in Uxbridge and Port Perry. Tax receipts are available for a portion of the ticket cost. As a bonus each ticket purchased before October 7 will qualify for a draw to win a pair of diamond ear- rings courtesy of Rutledge Jewellers in Uxbridge. The gala is a wonderful evening and over the years it has proven to be the biggest annual single fundraiser staged by the shelter committee says Amy Stevenson Board member and Co-Chair of the Fundraising Committee. We are fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers from our communities who are so passionate about our cause and the well-being of animals. Without them we wouldnt have the success we do with our fundraising events. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7 2015 PARTS SERVICE MAINTENANCE CLEANING SALES ACCESSORIES If your car needs regular service get it done now. Nothings a big deal in the summer. You break down So what Its a nice night out. But break down when its minus jaw-freezing outside and thats a different story. Since bad hoses belts water pumps and spark plug wires can leave you stranded in the winter its better to bite the bullet and x them. Its better than spending the same amount of money after youve been sitting in your cold stalled car for three hours waiting to be rescued. Here are some great auto service centres right here in Scugog that will get you ready for the cold weather ahead. North Port Tire Auto Service Winter Tires Installation Balancing Flat Repairs Rotations Medium and Light Truck Tires Lawn Garden ATV Always in-town pick up and delivery service. 178 Reach Industrial Park Rd. Unit 5 Port Perry beside Allens Siding 905-985-8054 NORTH PORT TIRETIRE AUTO SERVICE 905.985.8054 Servingthetirebuyersince1950 YOUR TIRE SPECIALISTS P 905-985-8507 1575 Hwy 7A Port Perry Port Perry Auto IN BUSINESS FOR 33 YEARS YES WE ALSO DO AUTOMOTIVE Windshield replacements Stone chip repairs Auto upholstery - seat damage burns MISCELLANEOUS Awnings Snowmobile seats HOUSEHOLD Glass table tops Mirror door replacements Window replacements Thermal glass If you dont see it Just Ask We probably can do it 1511 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-1999 Winter Tire Specials 12 Price Alignments with purchase of 4 new tires complete auto repair Oil Changes 29.95 Plus tax Up to 5 litres Most vehicles Superior Tire Auto HOURS Monday-Friday8 am - 6 pm Saturday8 am - 2 pm To help maintain control and stability of your vehicle in icy conditions you should always install winter tires in sets of four. An incorrectly installed windshield could pop out in an accident allowing the roof to cave in and crush the cars occupants. Improperly aligned tires can cause you to travel miles farther in terms of gas and wear than you are actually travelling. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 33 Try to stay calm and dont go out in the cold. Stay in your car you will avoid getting lost and your car is a safe shelter. Dont tire yourself out. Shovelling in the intense cold can be deadly. Let in fresh air by opening a window on the side sheltered from the wind. Keep the engine off as much as possible. Be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning and make sure the exhaust pipe is not obstructed by snow. If possible use a candle placed inside a deep can instead of the car heater to warm up. Turn on warning lights or set up road ares to make your car visible. Turn on the ceiling light leaving your headlights or hazard lights on for too long will drain the battery. Move your hands feet and arms to maintain circulation. Stay awake. Keep an eye out for other cars and emergency responders. Try to keep clothing dry since wet clothing can lead to a dangerous loss of body heat. If youre due for a tune-up have it done before winter sets in. Winter magnies existing problems such as pings hard starts sluggish performance or rough idling. Have the battery and charging system checked for optimum performance. Cold weather is hard on batteries. Clean ush and put new antifreeze in the cooling system. As a general rule of thumb this should be done every two years. Check to see that exterior and interior lights work and headlights are properly aimed. Mark Willes Automotive For appointments call 905-985-9292 Let US get your vehicle ready for the winter driving ahead. HOURS Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm QUALITY PARTS FAIR PRICING QUALITY SERVICE MARK WILLES Automotive 1511 Reach Rd Unit 2 Port Perry Tire sales and installation FREE BATTERY TEST with any service Save up to 40 on brakes Mark Leahann Willes month of October 2015 Northport Auto Trailer AUTO TRAILER 905-985-9330 1-866-985-9330 181 North Port Road Port Perry Automotive Repairs Exhaust Mufflers Alignment Brakes General Repairs Trailer Service Trailers for all your needs. AUTO TRAILER Follow these tips if you get stuck in the snow 34 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Have the exhaust system checked for carbon monoxide leaks which can be especially dangerous during cold weather driving when windows are closed. Be diligent about changing the oil and lter at recommended intervals. Dirty oil can spell trouble in winter. Consider changing to winter weight oil. Motorists should keep the gas tank at least half full at all times to decrease the chances of moisture forming in the gas lines and possibly freezing. to all our valued customers and the Township of Scugog for your generous and ongoing support for the market this year. Port Perry Farmers Market Operation Scugog Food Bank Drive October 10th Stevenson Specialty Cars 1511 Reach St. Unit 3 Port Perry 905-982-0825 We sell and install brand name tires and performance parts. brand name tires and performance parts. 905-982-0825 We can pick up your specialty car in an enclosed trailer for any winter projects As well as specialty cars we do service your commuter vehicle too BRING IT IN TODAY Aldon Transmission Automotive Marine Serviced Rebuilt Warranty Available AldonTransmission Specialists 905-985-2659 178 Reach Industrial Park Rd. Port Perry Owner Don Campbell Complete General Repairs IN-PORT AUTOMOTIVE Service Repair Import Specialists 80 Vanedward Dr. Unit 4 Port Perry 905-985-3971 In-Port Automotive Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm Our personal customer service will help you to make condent informed decisions. WE GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME Tire Storage Available. Locally Owned and Operated Thank you Scugog for Voting us 1 Readers Choice. Dont take your Import out of Port FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 35 36 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 Reading this article may entertain you. At other times your ability to read may help you earn a comfortable living master new skills or avoid po- tential danger. What would your life be supposing you had been born with an unseen and possibly unrecognized reading disability Imagine in the earliest yearsofyoureducationthatyoufound it dicult to match written letters with their appropriate sounds. Or perhaps your eyes saw the word was on the page but your mind named it as saw. If you experienced those symp- toms you were dyslexic says Bob Almack whose Scugog-based com- pany Online Reading Tutor Services Inc. ORT teaches dyslexic people of all ages and nationalities to read and by grade two you were probably told and more than likely believed yourself that you were intellectually challenged. Dyslexic people Bob explains may be anything but. Many are very smart with av- erage or above-average IQs. They often have special gifts because the dominance of the right side of their brains exceptional creativity artistic or athletic talentusually some form of outside-the-box thinking. The brains left side Bob explains controls language. A genetic condition which cuts across all cultures and lan- guages dyslexia makes reading but not learning he stresses very chal- lenging for those who are right-side dominant. Beyond simply the practical limita- tions created by diculty in master- ing written words dyslexia also has social consequences which reach into adolescence and adulthood. The labelling dyslexics suer theyre often branded as learning- impaired can have dire eects on their self-esteem particularly because it happens in their early formative years.Studiesshowdyslexicsareover- represented in jails and have a much higher incidence of substance abuse depression and unemployment. Through no fault of its own the school system often and quickly leaves these students behind. After grade 3 the curriculum abruptly changes from learning to read to reading to learn. Struggling readers are left in the dust. Our education is highly reading- based so thats the foundational skill for success in that environ- ment. Teachers and this is not a criticism have limited time to provide that level of support to a single student. It is simply not possible for a teacher with 25 students to teach reading to the 15 of his or her stu- dents who are dyslexic. The irony is these kids often have great brains just not good ones for reading. They try to read with the wrong part of their brain. Bob decided to devote his entire energies to improving the situation when he retired in 2009 from Port Perry High School. There he had spe- cialized in teaching dyslexic students to read. His success was recognized in 2007 when the Board trustees award- ed him the Bruce Mather Outstanding Teacher Award. The next year I was hired as a lit- eracy consultant by a BC First Nation and gained experience with students in grades 2 and 3. I recognized the negative impact non-reading had on their lives. In 2011 he launched Online Read- ing Tutor. Our reading software targets the proper location in the brain for opti- mal results. The key is repetition rep- etition repetition. Each student has an individualized learning stream and by monitoring their lessons our tutors adjust the software six days a week. We always have the option of Skype if face-to-face time is necessary. So long as there were no factors unrelated to dyslexia in the persons background and by that I mean ele- ments like substance abuse in utero or a traumatic brain injury we guarantee reading improvement and have a 99 success rate. That conclusions backed up by independent scientic studies. Online Reading Tutor now em- ploys eight teachers from Canada the US and New Zealand and serves students around the globe. Weve helped students in Russia Australia Ireland New Zealand and of course Canada and the United States. Computer technology and the use of Skype has removed those barriers. ORT also offers a free dyslexia screener app on its home page which gives a detailed analysis of decoding skills. We pay a big price as a society by not fully and properly addressing dyslexia. If governments spent public money to teach these people to read youd save taxpayers a lot of dollars in the long run. It is short sighted that the Federal Government has cut the budget for adult literacy while increasing spending on prisons Forty percent of inmates are illiterate Bob stresses the positive angle of his work which has dominated the last 25 years of his life. They have a great deal to contrib- ute. You dont have to look beyond our own back yard to nd an exam- Literacy Gives Dyslexic Kids a Leg Up PHOTOSUBMITTEDBYBOBALMACK An ORT student has greatly improved and is now reading uently. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 37 Help us Celebrate our 1ST ANNIVERSARY Saturday October 17 15 WATER STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-0505 Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 2 a.m. Saturday - Sunday 1030 a.m. - 2 a.m. FREE APPETIZERS AND SAMPLES EDGE playing from 930 p.m. till close THURSDAYNIGHTS Starts at 830 p.m. FRIDAYNIGHTS Starts at 9 p.m. KARAOKE NIGHT 2015 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST PUB Featuring October 1st CAROLYN WILBUR Singer entertainer. Karaoke and lots of fun FOCUS - JUNE 2015 3 ple of a creative and successful dyslexic Bill Lishman the art- ist right here in Scugog. Then you can add in a long list of people from around the world names like John Lennon Steve Jobs Agatha Christie and Jay Leno. Dyslexia has historically not been accurately diagnosed or handled in the educational system. Technology has enabled us to eectively teach dyslex- ics to read. Its one of the most optimistic hopeful and positive development of our time. Knowledge of eective teaching software like the one pioneered by ORT is spreading rapidly. We can hardly keep up with the demand. I spend a great deal of time training new teachers. People need it now more than ever because our society is a reading economy where that skill is required in all phases of modern life. Our economy requires life-long learning and this in turn re- quires reading uency. This in a society which he says has historically looked down upon dyslexics and so often casts their fate to the wind. Bob sees their place in society quite dierently. If Im ever lost in the wilderness I want a dyslexic with me be- cause they have exceptional visual memories excellent pe- ripheral vision spatial aware- ness and great intuition. Were sure to nd our way out. That is an apt and tting statement. Bob after all has helped many dyslexics nd their way out of a wilderness one just as challenging of a much dierent kind. Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog For information on this topic Bob Almack will be speaking on Why Some Smart Kids Cant Read The Science of Dyslexia at the Port Perry Library Tuesday October 20 at 7 p.m. 38 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 I have had the pleasure of spending the past 40 years travelling to hundreds of interesting locales and have learned a few ins and outs about travel but that certainly was not the case when I initially started. One of my rst adventures was a whirlwind trip through Europe on a coach with 30 of my new best friends. I was young and naive and because I was born in Europe and had visited ve or six countries thought of myself as a world traveller. Little did I know. My adventure started in London where I made mistake number one I rented a car. After four hours of trying to nd Hampton Court which included driving on Tower Bridge on the wrong side hitting a man on a scooter and looking the wrong way in a trafc circle I nally made it totally frazzled. I left London and boarded the ferry to cross the North Sea with no concept of how rough the water could be. Three hours of non-stop up and downs sideway rolls and food not wishing to stay in my stomach I nally set foot on the continent. I then started my tour of seven countries in 14 days I discovered that a 14 day tour is really only 12 days with one day arriving and one day departing. The trip began in Amsterdam with a quick canal cruise and a visit to the Rijksmuseum. The company I chose was a tourist class outt and I soon learned that tourist class meant budget class something which in Europe means a whole lot less than it does in North America. The coach travelled along the Rhine with a stop at Lorelei for a short boat cruise. Our guide Franco was Italian and it turned out that he along with his brother owned the company and this was their rst tour. To make matters more frustrating his English was terrible. The group I was with was very international. We had a few people from Iran who spoke no English several from Nairobi a couple of Americans some English folks and two from India. Francos readiness to speak Italian was lost as there were was no one there from Italy. We continued through Switzerland and found ourselves in a mountainous snowstorm as we crossed the Gotthard Pass. Visibility was so limited and the steep slopes so scary that a woman began to cry which of course led to uneasiness by everyone else. Finally we made it to the bottom of the Alps and by now I was thoroughly confused with the currency. This was prior to the Euro at a time when passport entry to each country A beautiful view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo. FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 39 Holidays more hectic than happy Hanks is proud to oer the rare skills of scratch-baking still done the Old Fashioned Way with all natural ingredients and no llers or preservatives so you can take time out to relax. 204 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2172 ONE MORE REASON TO GIVE THANKS. Traditional Thanksgiving Pies mincemeat apple and pumpkin pie Holiday cakes and cookies Festive tarts and cinnamon rolls Pumpkin-spiced mufns Fresh baked bread and dinner rolls Pumpkin-spiced mufns Traditional Thanksgiving Pies mincemeat apple and pumpkin pie Holiday cakes and cookies Holiday cakes and cookies Festive tarts and cinnamon rolls ORDER NOW was mandatory. We had also discovered a fellow pas- senger Melba a self-proclaimed well-to-do seasoned traveller found fault with everything around us. Constantly complaining about minute details and blaming Franco for everything she was responsible for a near mutiny on our coach. Vienna our next main stop started interestingly enough with the bus becoming lost enroute to nding our hotel. Roley our driver was taking directions from Franco who could not nd the property. I learned later that we had somehow lost our initial reservation and Franco was try- ing to nd a new hotel for his 30 charges. After several hours of combing the city we stopped at a hotel that could accommodate us and I found myself sleeping on a cot in a tiny room. Tourist Class had a whole new meaning for me. Even Roley the driver was complaining openly about our guide. The following morning it was announced that Melba had decided to return to New Jersey the evening before and we could not help wonder if she left of her own free will or was asked to do so or perhaps Franco had hidden her in the luggage area of the bus. From Vienna we crossed into Italy and it was as if we had been transformed into an entirely different tour. Franco was home and began to explain every detail of life in Italy. Our visits to Venice Florence Rome Milan and Pisa were refreshingly wonderful. I was sad to leave Italy fearful of what lay in store. Fortunately for me I was young and resilient whereas most of the passengers were over 50 and not willing to let issues roll off their backs as easily. We continued into France and stayed in Paris which was uneventful from a problem perspective. Franco was back to his old self pointing out the odd bridge or a passing train without any reference other than Look a train or Look a bridge. I jumped the tour in Brussels and took a train to visit with my relatives in southern Holland before taking the Hovercraft back to Dover no more ferries across the North Sea for me. Looking back it was an adventure still vivid in my mind. Since then I have taken great care in planning every detail of every trip I have ever taken for as interesting and eventful as that rst exploration was it was not one I ever want to repeat. 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC TICO 4577532 LUXURY CRUISES TOURS The Hidden Wonders of Europe River Cruising Swing by for a copy of the 2016 brochure. Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer author and columnist and can be followed at 40 FOCUS - OCTOBER 2015 What s Up Scugog Every Saturday until Thanksgiving 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Be sure to come down to Palmer Park at the waterfront and meet and support our local farmers. There is lots to choose from food plants and owers VQA wine and crafts. On Now thru December 18 Tuesday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. An award-winning travelling exhibition on loan from the Ontario Provincial Police Museum. A rare collection of his- torical photographic portraits displaying 100 mug shots from 1886-1908. Scugog Shores Heritage Centre Archives 1655 Reach St. Port Perry 2nd Floor ArrestingImages OCTOBER LYNNS PICKS SUNDAY OCTOBER 18 PETER HILL BE-BOP QUINTET Duelling saxophones If you like Duke Ellington and Count Basie boogie woogie to swing it bring it arrangements Peter Hill piano Chris Gale saxes Bobby Brough saxes Brendan Davis bass Sly Juhas drums. This is pure satisfying jazz. SUNDAY OCTOBER 25 SAM BROVERMAN SINGS Songs by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen All the Way I Should Care with Mark Kieswetter keys and Jordan OConnor bass. An evening of songs and stories about these two great composers in the Great American Songbook Lynn sings as well.. Doors Open 700 p.m. Location Jesters Upstairs Music Charge 15 per person Reservations Call Lynn 289-354-1140 or email at jesters court Port Perry FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1971 10 Min East of Port Perry Take 7A to Durham Rd. 57 6km south 905.986.4437 How do you improve on the ATV that became a legend Make it better in every area. Superior handling Check. Unmatched comfort and performance Affirmative. The quality and reliability that Yamaha is renown for Absolutely. Yamahas Grizzly is and will continue to be the ATV all others measure up to. Quite simply its the best overall performing big bore ATV there is. MORE POWER 708cc with optimized torque power delivery and engine character for exciting recreational riding. 26 TIRES 26 Maxxis tires provide a high level of durability optimum traction comfort and steering precision. PRACTICAL DESIGN Revised styling for better protection more storage and increased rack carrying capacity. How do you improve on the ATV that became a legend Make it better in every area. reliability that Yamaha GRIZZLY I EPS I SE I LE Member-to-Member Benet Get More As A Group Member More protection more savings and more peace of mind Kathy Bonis Peggy Taylor Judi Freeman Ron Noble Insurance Ltd. is pleased to partner with Economical Select to provide Your Group Advantage insurance plan. The plan is available to all Scugog Chamber of Commerce members their employees spouses and dependent children. Exclusive Group Rates for quality home and automobile insurance designed for the policyholder in mind. Convenient payment options with NO interest service charges or fees. Getting a quote is easy. Call for a no-obligation quote - 905-985-3344 Discover the savings with ....... Operated by Rogers Communications You really can have the best of both worlds with Compton Contact our office today for more on how to get started or bundle your current packages. At Compton we make it easy 905-985-8171 I Same Local Customer Service New Big City Speeds INTRODUCING OUR NEW INTERNET 30 INTERNET 60 PACKAGES Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2009 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2010 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2012 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2011 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2013 Best Telephone Service Internet Provider See for yourself why we were voted Readers Choice 5 years in a row CHANGINGFACETHE OF PORT PERRY.... ONEFRAMEAT TIMEA 905. 985. 1361 189 NORTH STREET CALL Check Out Our NEW Website DR. DARRYL WORKMAN Joe Johnston Cole One Of His Rescue Pups On Joe Orgreen hand made titanium STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT Creating Smiles Since 1992 29 Toronto St. Uxbridge 905-852-7382 26 Church St. Sunderland 705-357-3161 15 Ringwood Dr. Stouffville 905-642-5777 15930 Old Simcoe Rd. Port Perry 905-985-7777 Creating Smiles Since 1992 Creating Smiles Since 1992 CREATING SMILES SINCE 1992 Your Confident Smile is Our Goal Our dental office is your one-stop conveniently located centre with multiple dentists and flexible schedules. Our specialists - periodontists and oral surgeons - work onsite and allow us to provide services that other dental practices cannot. IV sedation gum surgeries all extractions - the Dental Centres are here for you We welcome ALL smiles - new and familiar - call today to book your appointment 1893 Scugog St. Port Perry www.yourindependentgrocer.caYOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y If you dont search for more youll never find it. Proud to be a new Associate Member of Port Perry BIA.