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FOCUSon Scugog JUNE 2015 Summertime in Scugog Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon Periodontist New Patients Always Welcome 2014 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR BEST DENTIST port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals Let the games begin Dont forget your athletic mouth guard - one of the most important parts of any uniform. Join us for our GRAND OPENING Friday June 12 2015 3 7pm refreshments - ribbon cutting 430pm OAKLEY Trunk Show Pizza Party Saturday July 4 2015 10am 2pm View Sunglass and Eyewear Lines Great give-aways prizes est. 1982 NEW LOCATION AT 305 Queen St corner Queen Simcoe THE VISION CLINIC O P T I C I A N S - O P T O M E T R I S T S 905 985 9388 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 1 FOCUSon Scugog JUNE 2015 Summertime in Scugog The Port Perry BIA commissioned Phoenix Aerial Photography a Durham company last August to take aerial shots to promote our beautiful down- town and surrounding area. With tourist season upon us and for locals alike we feel it offers a very warm welcome to our Scugog community. Photo courtesy of Port Perry BIA our cover 3 8 15 23 Torch Relay Ready to run June 8. Scugog Chamber Awards of Excellence Congratulations Sunnybrae Golf Club and Anytime Fitness. Big Brothers Big Sisters Justin and Owen spending time together. Wanted Keeping track of local reptile and amphibian sitings with help from the public. features regulars Changing Faces Local businesses on the move. Thumbs Rating local events and decisions. Whats Up Scugog Local entertainment you dont want to miss. Travelon Adventures with Jonathan van Bilsen. 9 22 36 38 23 3 15 Publisher Editor .............. MaryAnn Fleming Advertising ....................................Tracy Souch Production.................................. Arlene Walker Freelance Writers .................. Lynn Campbell Paul Arculus Karen Stiller Marjorie Fleming Jonathan van Bilsen Peter Hvidsten Accounting...................................... Judy Ashby FOCUSon Scugog JUNE 2015 Volume 10 - Number 3 Published by Focus on Scugog Inc. 188 Mary Street Unit 201 Port Perry L9L 1A2 905-985-8585 email website Focus on Scugog is published 12 times a year from Port Perry and is distributed to all homes and businesses in Scugog Township by Canada Post. Delivery the rst Tuesday of each month although this date does vary depending on the number of weeks in a month. Opinions expressed by columnists contribu- tors and letter writers must be signed includ- ing address and phone number. Letters must be signed. Requests that a name be withheld will be honoured only if there is a compelling reason to do so. 2 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 The torch has officially been passed and for those of you I have not had the pleasure of meeting I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is MaryAnn Fleming and I am the new owner and publisher of Focus on Scugog. I have been in the publishing busi- ness for almost 30 years and while that sounds like a long time to those of you who do know me you must remember I started my career very young. After eight years as part of the Focus team along with Tracy Souch Arlene Walker and Judy Ashby I feel more than ready to guide the magazine through the next era with a talented cast of artistic characters by my side. I wish to thank all the readers ad- vertisers writers and photographers who have supported our magazine and made it what it is today. The in- put from the readers and from peo- ple throughout Scugog has been a very big part of the magazines success and we hope you continue to send us your letters share your story ideas and just generally keep telling everyone how much Focus magazine has become such an im- portant voice for Scugog residents. In small measures we will make some subtle style changes but essentially all the things that make Focus work as a community magazine will continue. We will still be delivered safely to your mail- box monthly our advertisers will continue to make sure you know exactly what they can do to make your shopping and service require- ments excellent value and most of all we will continue to bring you local stories we know there are many years more of stories out there and we hope to shine the focus on as many community peo- ple and ideas as possible. The publishing industry contin- ues to evolve and change. I look forward to the road ahead for Focus on Scugog and once again wish to thank all of you for your support and input. With appreciation may it long continue. A New Era Begins 186 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2953 1918 Scugog Street Port Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 OMESTEADHFURNITURE APPLIANCES HARDWOOD LAMINATE FLOORING WINDOW COVERINGS Enjoy the Playoffs from the best seats in the house Home Theatre Seating from FOCUS - JUNE 2015 3 Three thousand torchbearers will carry the power of the energy of the Pan Am flame coast to coast this summer including Scugogs own Gary Edgar and Dana Smith. These two local residents call each other friends and both are proud to be part of this historic event being held in Port Perry on June 8. Gary was in South Carolina when he got word that he was chosen by Scugog Township council to be part of the relay. Its quite an honour he commented. I was humbled and thrilled. Im really looking forward to it. Seventy-four years young Gary was described in a press release from the township as a natural selection. an inspirational community leader and athlete who was inducted into the Scugog Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. A former physical education teacher and track coach Gary excelled in track and field hockey and basketball. Hes a retired Chief and also retired as the PR rep for Blue Heron Casino. Gary continues supporting many worthwhile endeavours in his role as a member of the Baagwating Community Association. Gary has had both knees replaced so he says hes good to go to walk the 200m carrying the torch symbolizing the spirit of the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. Through the OLG Pass It Ontario Program Dana Smith was also selected to be a torchbearer. She was very surprised and pleased to be chosen by the Scugog Chamber of Commerce. A two-time winner of the Scugog Business of the Year Award Dana is well known for her Queen St. destination store Danas Goldsmithing. A lifelong local resident she has been in business for 23 years and has a reputation as a good corporate citizen. I am very excited to be named as a torchbearer added Dana. I feel honoured to be chosen to represent my friends and neighbours by carrying the torch on behalf of the town. She likes the concept of the torch relay because It promotes community spirit. Dana is always ready to lend a hand to help good causes and promote her hometown. Dana is a very athletic person. She formerly played womens hockey and sponsors teams. Her latest passion is golf. Dana and her family have enjoyed every sport under the sun. Carrying the torch for 200 m will be a piece of cake and she has her choice of running walking or jogging. The Scugog Chamber of Commerce chose Dana because she embodies the core characteristics of the torch relay community celebration participation and pride. Here are some fun facts about the Pan Am and Parapan Am Torch Relay. It runs from May 30 through July 10 thats 41 days. A total of 5000 kilometres will be covered by road and 15000 kilometres in the air. Planes trains and even ferryboats will be used to transport the torch. The Pan Am torch itself is 65 cm long and 1.2 kg in weight. Constructed out of aluminum it will feature the colourful United We Play pictograms. It is visible in all weather conditions. The burn time is 10 - 12 minutes and the flame can withstand up to 70 kilometer winds. Each torchbearer will be provided with a commemorative uniform to wear for the relay. The exact local route is yet to be announced but Palmer Park will be a gathering place. No doubt the residents of Scugog township will display their famous community spirit by coming together to cheer on Gary and Dana as they fulfill their civic duty by carrying the Pan Am torch proud and high. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog Please Note As press time approached we learned of a third torchbearer and will cheer on local resident Sara McCoshen too Gary Edgar and Dana Smith will proudly carry the Pan Am torch representing Scugog Township. ReadytoRun Monday June 8 Festivities start at 1130 a.m. ETA of Torch 115 p.m. 4 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 OpenEvery Dayduringthe summermonths 225 Platten Blvd. Scugog Island 905-985-2275 FRIDAYS ON THE PATIO 7 - 930 pm JUNE 5 - John Tayles JUNE 12 - January Lane JUNE 19 - David Fraser JUNE 26 - Nicolette Henderson Pitching in with thumbs down To the editor Thumbs down to the Township of Scugog Council and the mayor for their dreadful behaviour at the May 4th council meeting. For shame on the attack of Councillor Drew who has served us all over many many years with dignity and pride. To embarrass her in such a flagrant manner shame shame shame And a Thumbs Up to Councillors Drew and Wotten for standing up to the rude and shameful behaviour of their fellow members with grace and dignity. Well done three cheers Doreen Kendall Utica G-Moms Thank You To the editor The G Moms send out a Huge Thank You to Port Perry and Friends as Gala on the Greens 2015 was again a wonderful success. FACTS We support over 25 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa 5000 people a day still die of Aids... many are children Stephen Lewis Foundation guarantees that 90 of the monies raised go directly to the projects we support. Kids get to eat go to school and even get counselling Grannies get help to create income generating projects They become empowered to help themselves and others 80 businesses .... large and small donated prizes for our marketplace Many happy recipientswinners were strongly encouraged to reciprocate and support local business Donations were very generous and creative We will personally deliver your Thank You Ubuntu is a Sub-Saharan African philosophy and a way of life. It defines what it means to be truly human We affirm our own humanity when we acknowledge the full humanity of others. Ubuntu principles include dignity respect honesty empathy caring sharing and compassion. Thanks to all who supported this lovely luncheon. We enjoyed ourselves while we helped others. Now Yard Sale June 6th. Walking group disappointed To the editor Thumbs down to the Township of Scugog for closing down the Walking Group at the Scugog Arena as of Friday April 24th for the summer months. There are all types of people that use this service and for a variety of good reasons. Since the sidewalks in Port Perry are not the best the arena proves to be a much safer environment to walk in. The 2nd ice pad walk area has even pavement which means less chance of falls for seniors post operative people and all others. I myself have been using it for post operative therapy. It gives me reassurance that I will not likely trip fall or slip. There are many seniors that rely on this as their only form of exercise. It also gives the walkers a dry place to walk through during all types of weather. It seems that these people pay their taxes but yet are restricted to when they can use a township building. The township should come by some time and see who participates in this program and then maybe reconsider their policy. Wendy Clark Port Perry ............. MORE LETTERS ON PAGE 40 ............ FOCUS - JUNE 2015 5 THEY DID IT All three local entrants returned from this Aprils Boston Marathon with feelings of satisfaction having successfully completed the iconic race. But it wasnt easy they agreed. The weather was cold rainy and windy Ben Lariviere reports. Those mightve been the worst conditions Ive ever run a race in. I was hours thawing out adds Rory Scully with a half-smile. Sabrina Hooper faced issues beyond simply braving the elements. A mid-winter concussion had interrupted her training for a month and ultimately produced dire residual effects on race-day. Id been managing my symptoms well until just before Boston she says. At the race the motion of other competitors threw me off so I had to look down most of the time I was running. The event draws thousands of spectators. Rory recalled one specific moment when he felt their impact. Wellesley is a womens college along the route. I could hear the students cheering from a couple miles away and of course it got louder the closer you came. The crowds were phenomenal. Sabrinas husband Dwayne one of those onlookers commented from a different perspective. Boston takes great pride in the race before during and afterward. The people lining the route are truly excited theres a real energy and it doesnt have that big-city atmosphere. I saw blind and amputee runners. Very inspirational. Wicked weather Ben noted wasnt the days only surprise. It was hillier than Id anticipated he says. I wasnt ready for thatbut will be next year Terrain was a factor for Rory as well though not in the most obvious way. Running downhills harder in some respects than going up because youre constantly putting on the brakes. I couldnt walk normally for a few days. After running nearly four hours through adverse conditions Sabrina said she felt good as the race ended. Emotionally exhilarated. And physically sure I was sore but I did have energy at the finish. For Rory the thrill of being part of the Boston Marathon shaped his comment about completing the course. The time seemed to go by very fast. Running that race was truly special. Bens reaction to the finish line blended elation with relief. I felt awesome but at the same time I was glad it was done. Not surprisingly all three made a mini-holiday of their commitment in Massachusetts. We did some sightseeing beforehand Sabrina says. Bostons beautiful and theres so much history there. ...................... Please turn to page 6 Sabrina Hooper Ben Lariviere and Rory Scully. PhotobyJ.PeterHvidsten A follow up from Focus on Scugog April 2015 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 5 6 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 The expo a pre-race event where vendors sell marathon gear was cool Ben recalls. And huge Rorys review of his visit contained a twist. Bostons a great town. Id love to go back this time without the 26-mile run Running even walking any distance wasnt in the cards for days afterward. Friday after Mondays race was my first run Ben comments. The legs were stiff to start but it felt good to be out again. Following up the Boston Marathon could prove as challenging as the race itself but all three have plans. I may run an ultra-marathon a 50K trail race at Blue Mountain Ben says. That mightve been my last marathon Rory reports. But if my daughter someday qualifies for one. Sabrina had originally targeted Boston as her swan song but that tune may have changed. I wasnt happy with my time so I might do another one this fall. Ill be able to train on longer warmer days. Whatever their competitive futures theres no question each will continue running. Its a lifestyle choice a daily challenge which none would forsake. And added to the strength of that bond now is the knowledge theyve successfully answered the challenge of one of the worlds elite athletic events. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Continued from page 5 ................................ Natural Health FAQs Can Orthotics alone fix all my foot problems While many patients do get immediate relief it is important to realize that orthotics are only one piece of the puzzle. Most patients require foot therapy to help correct the injury and are advised to buy better footwear such as motion controlled shoes. Will Orthotics fit all my shoes Most patients get multiple pairs to meet their needs. We can make larger more supportive pairs for runners and boots and small low profile orthotics for dress shoes and even most heels. How long will Orthotics last The plastic used is durable and resilient and can last for years. The top covers and padding can be replaced at any time. However the feet tend to change with time and we advise a gaitscan a minimum of every two years. Do I need a doctor referral for registered massage therapy No. Although many physicians refer patients for massage therapy treat- ments RMTs are primary health care providers who assess and treat independently. However some insur- ance claims do require referral in order to be reimbursed. Can I ask Stephanie to increase or decrease the pressure During your massage if the pressure is either too light or too deep please make sure you tell Stephanie. She wants you to receive the service you are looking for so your feedback is important. How will I feel the day after a massage Most clients feel great the next day. However depend- ing on the service and the pressure that you choose it is possible to experience a little bit of short term discom- fort in an injured area. Make sure you inform Stephanie so she can make adjustments where necessary. She may also advise you to use ice or heat to calm the area. Dr. John Tompkin D.C. Stephanie Alexander RMT NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES Combining New Technology and Traditional Therapy 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8591 Book a complimentary no oBligation gaitscan today. FOCUS - JUNE 2015 7 The DUTCH Pantry Gifts clothing candy groceries and more baked goods Now in our New LoCaTioN 34 waTeR STReeT Port Perry 905-985-9506 On Wednesday May 6th 1 from the sale of all Big Macs hot beverages and Happy Meals in Port Perry and Uxbridge was given to Big Brothers Big Sisters North Durham 10424.00 to everyone who helped with the 2015 McDonalds McHappy Day campaign Scugog Council for the Arts Juried Art Show July 4-25 The SCA invites you to submit paintings only all media for an open juried art show. Submit Tuesday June 30 between 12 noon and 8 p.m. at the SCA Gallery at 181 Perry Street Unit G-1. The Opening Reception and Awards will be held July 4 from 100 to 300 p.m. For more information contact Eveline 905-982-2121. Bigger and better is the theme this year as we invite you to join us at our new location on Water St. this Fathers Day June 21 from 8 a.m 2 p.m. Bring dad and the whole family out and prepare to enjoy a fantastic day taking in some of the best vintage and unique classics you can set your eyes on. This classic car show included 345 classics last year and in this the 3rd year hoping to exceed 500. Registration begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. A 5 per car entry fee will be donated to the existing Port Perry Animal shelter and the Lake Scugog Stewards Pledge the Dredge. Spread the news the day will be exciting featuring live music and more. Roar by the Shores now on Water Street FashionoUTLET 1888 scugog st. 905-985-1890 summer sale 20-80 off Bras Grad or Prom Dresses Special Occasion Dresses Swim Summer Styles Year-Round All Occasion Ladies Wear At Kotya Peekin Computer REPAIRS IT and Network SUPPORT PC and Server UPGRADES 333 Major St.Port Perry 905-985-0568 SERVING SCUGOG UXBRIDGE TOWNSHIPS 8 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 Dorie McDonald Belonging to a club means more to members than simply access to its facilities. Its like their cottage says Dorie McDonald owner of Sunnybrae Golf Club. We look to give every guest a good experience and make them feel welcomed. Theyve obviously succeeded as the long- established facility proudly accepted the Scugog Chamber of Commerce 2014 Award of Excellence for local businesses over 15 employees. The towns setting and friendly atmosphere attracted Dorie and her husband to the establishment of both award-winning businesses. Graham and I drove through Port Perry for years going to and from our cottage Dorie comments. Ironically we almost bought Sunnybrae years ago. When it came back on the market in September 2013 we jumped at the chance. There was an energy we liked about it. One key to success in assuming an established business was changing its public perception. Sunnybrae wasnt what it had been so we set about making improvements. Our greenskeeper did an excellent job on the course and inside we upgraded the dining room and the bathrooms. The publics reaction has been positive and steady. Membership has gradually increased as has use of the banquet facility. The Chamber of Commerce award Dorie says documents publicly just how dramatically things have changed. And it tells us as the people running the club that were on the right track with what were doing. Naturally shes pleased to receive an Award of Excellence from the Chamber of Commerce and stresses she didnt win the award alone. Everybody on staff won this award its not about me. They did it by treating our guests with respect and kindness and those feelings reflect back to them. This way everyone enjoys being at Sunnybrae staff and guests. Almost you might say like coming home to a welcoming cottage. Jennifer Docherty Jennifer Docherty whose Anytime Fitness took home the Award of Excellence in the Under-15 category echoed Dories sentiments about the role of customer service in establishing a successful business. Our staffs professional and very dedicated to our members she says. We celebrate their successes as they work toward their fitness goals. She stresses how community involvement has also contributed to its acceptance. Weve participated in charitable and town events. Weve also reached out into the community with a program promoting a healthy lifestyle for parents and kids which ranges beyond team sports and into everyday life. Preparing to begin a new chapter in their working lives Jennifer and her husband John targeted Port Perry for what it had as well as what they felt it didnt. We wanted to relocate to Port Perry because its a beautiful town says Jennifer. And a full service gym was a service we felt the community would embrace as well as something we personally felt good about. Working with Anytimes parent company the couple began building their business from the ground up literally opening their doors in October 2013. The facility which occupies 5000 square feet in the McDonalds restaurant plaza offers a blend of traditional and new-style services. We have free weights and weight machines for individuals as well as group fitness classes. We also offer functional training resistance and weight classes where the movements mimic everyday life. Theres also bootcamp-style exercise running and power- walking clubs massage therapy. And in good weather we have an outdoor area to work out in the fresh air She too was delighted by the recent award. Were thrilled to be recognized for our work Jennifer says. We plan to continue supporting other area businesses with our membership advantage discount program because shopping-local is important. And of course to carry on promoting healthy living She graciously shared the spotlight of success. Our instructors have more than just technical skill. They relate to the members on a personal level. That simple recipe has proven itself the secret to success. And just like its members Anytime Fitness has grown strong and healthy on a steady diet of it. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Sunnybrae Golf Club and Anytime Fitness Winners of the 2014 Business of the Year Award take the spotlight Focus on Scugog apologizes to Lori and Larry May owners of Ray Hobbs Garage for the error with names published in May 2015 issue of Exceptional Business Leaders. Terry McClurg is their shop foreman. Sorry for any in- convenience this may have caused. 182 Northport Rd. Units 8 9 Port Perry 905-985-0059 RAY HOBBS GARAGE Lori May Owner Terry McClurg Shop Foreman FOCUS - JUNE 2015 9 Open tO all mOdels 1990 Older sunday June 21st 2015 8am - 200pm Water street port perry registratiOn until 11am voting up until 100pm For more information go to 905-242-4909 or r arby the shores Design Printing comPliments of PPPrint ClassicCar Show Photo courtesy of Glen Evans proceeds to pledge the Dredge lake Scugog Scugog Animal Control Shelter NEW largEr locatioN oN WatEr st. port pErry Fathers Day spectacular 3rd annual liVE baND Thursday August 20 2015 Sunnybrae Golf and Country Club Tickets 125.00person Registration Lunch 12 Noon Shotgun Start 1pm BBQ Steak Dinner 630 pm 18 Holes Golf Cart Putting Contest Great Prizes Scugog Chamber of Commerce presents Register before July 20 and your name will be entered into a draw to win a 150 Gift Certicate Hole-in-one sponsored by Stewart Morrison Insurance 10000 prize and Hole-in-one sponsored by Taylor Ford Wins a Brand New Ford Escape 2nd Annual TENDONITIS Dr. Dwayne Hooper BSc DC 905-985-3624 175 North Street Port Perry Appointments can be made online Chiropractors treat that too Changing Faces Katie Lautenbach owner of Bona Via Pizzeria in Blackstock has partnered with Nikki Rousell to open Bona Via Pizzeria here in Port Perry. They are located at 1874 Scugog Street formerly occupied by Yellow House Pizza. Tracy Chow an infant and toddler sleep consultant has opened WeeSleep in Blackstock. Tracy assists parents in helping their children to become healthy independent sleepers. She can be reached at Scugog Kitchen Design Ltd. along with The Dutch Pantry has moved from its location at 180 Mary Street and now opened their doors at 34 Water Street Port Perry. Janet Bisschop owner invites everyone to drop in And new neighbours also moving in beside Scugog Kitchen Design at 34 Water Street are Riverin Law Firm a full service law firm serving residents and businesses throughout the greater York and Durham regions. Real Estate Wills Estates Employment Law and more. Rhonda Couch-Campbell has opened Durham Homestyle Gourmet Catering at 166 Water Street formerly Rolands Delectable Desserts. Specializing in catering and rotisserie chicken they also offer gourmet sandwiches salads and more six days a week from 11 a.m. Closed on Tuesdays. 10 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 21 Wilbur Avenue 905-985-0099 I Pine Grove Fame and Fortune Cemetery Walk Lake Scugog Historical Society will be hosting another of its popular Cemetery walks in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Prince Albert on Sunday June 21 at 200 p.m. As usual the guide will be local historian Paul Arculus. The theme of this walk will be Fame and Fortune. Canadian life politicians industrialists sports personalities and entertainers. They are all remembered here. Paul will give an account of many of their lives including an NHL All-Star a Hollywood movie star and a man who has a mountain named after him in the North West Territories. The latter was born in Prince Albert and went on to achieve military fame. He is commemorated here along with his parents. To find their names and many others join in the walk on June 21. The walk begins at the south end of the cemetery on Barber St. at 2 p.m. rain or shine and is free but the hat will be passed around afterwards for voluntary donations. Proceeds go to aid the work of the Historical Society. ITS CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY FRIDAY JUNE 19 11am - 2pm Mark and Leahann Willesinvite you to a WWWiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssinvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to ainvite you to a 1511 Reach Rd Unit 2 Port Perry MARK WILLESMARK WILLES Automotive 905-985-9292 Hot Dogs Hamburgers Door Prizes What s On Seniors Scugog Township Seniors Advisory Committee 289-485-1012 Want your July event activity listed Please forward information to by June 6. SENIORS COMMUNITY CALENDAR JUNE 2015 181 Perry Street Unit G1 Port Perry Come one - come all to the seniors information office Friday june 19 1100 am Rain Date Friday June 26 SCUGOG SENIORS INFORMATION CENTRE Seniors helping Seniors Visit our office 181 Perry St. Unit G1 Contact 289-485-1012 Email Created to provide a link between Seniors and The Township of Scugog Council Tuesdays 1 - 3 pm Thursdays 10 am - 12 pm SCUGOG SENIORS ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETING Tuesday June 9 10 am in the Council Chambers Come out and see what we are all about SCUGOG MEMORIAL LIBRARY Contact 905 985-7686 Movie Nights Thursday June 4 and 11 630 pm Tea Books Drop by for an afternoon of tea and treats and discover some great new reads Thursday June 4 2 - 4 pm Computer Classes Introduction to Android Tablets and other devices Friday June 5 3 - 4 pm pre-registration required Zoomer Tech Class Saturdays 2 - 4 pm EVENING BOOK CLUB Thursday June 25 7 - 830 pm Book Title Sweetland by Michael Crummey KENT FARNDALE GALLERY Annual Student Exhibit - Port Perry High School June 6 - 25 Portals - Annabelle Jane Murray June 27 - August 6 MEALS Community Care Durham Luncheon Out Various Locations - MUST Pre-register Cost 8.00 Thursday June 4 18 at noon Call to register 905 985 8461 Hot and or Frozen Meals on Wheels Contact 905 985 8461 NEW OUT TO LUNCH Seagrave United Church Tuesday June 16 at noon Call ahead 905 985 8383 SENIORS EXERCISE AT THE VILLA Balance Mondays 945 - 1030 am Weights Exercise Tuesdays 945 -1030 am Tai Chi Thursdays 945 -1030 am Fun Flex Fridays 945 - 1030 am Call The Villa to Confirm 905 985 3312 MUSEUM VILLAGE 16210 Island Road - Open daily 10 am - 4 pm Please visit the museum for guided tours and heritage demos. PORT PERRY SENIORS CLUB Latcham Centre Membership Ages 50 - 79 15 annually Ages 80 5 annually Port Perry Seniors General Meeting Wednesday June 10 at 2 pm LATCHAM CENTRE ACTIVITIES closed statutory holidays Contact 905 982-2192 Email Art Wednesdays 1030 am - 1230 pm Bridge Cribbage Euchre Tuesdays 1 - 3 pm Chorus Wednesdays 1230 - 130 pm Crafts Wednesdays 9 - 1130 am Exercise Monday and Fridays 930 - 1010 am Gentle Exercise Tuesdays 1030 - 1130 am Line Dancing Mondays Fridays Regular Classes 1030 - 1130 am Beginner Classes 1130 am - Noon Shuffleboard Mondays 1 - 3 pm Tai Chi 1st and 3rd Wednesday 2 - 330 pm Woodcarving Wednesday 9 - 1130 am Yin Yoga Yoga For Arthritis Thursdays 10 - 11 am Pickleball at the Scugog Recreation Centre Mondays Thursdays 9 am - 4 pm Beginners Mondays 9 - 10 am NEW Tuesdays 930 am - 2 pm SCUGOG RECREATION CENTRE Must pre-register for all of these programs Call 905 985 8698 X 101 NEW AQUAFIT WATER AEROBICS Ages 45 Tuesdays OR Thursdays 11 am - 12 pm Birds Eye Pool June 30 - August 27 Cost 60 HST for one dayweek ADULT BOOT CAMP Ages 18 Tuesdays OR Thursdays 740 - 840 pm Latcham Centre 45.00 HST July 7- August 27th ADULT CARDIOKICKBOX Ages 18 Tuesdays 630 - 730 pm Latcham Centre 45.00 HST July 7 - August 25 ADULT CORESTRENGTH Ages 18 Thursdays 630 - 730 pm Latcham Centre - 45.00 HST July 9 - 27 BLACKSTOCK REC CENTRE Contact 905 985 8698 Shuffleboard Club Every Wednesday 9 am - 330 pm HEALTH WELLNESS Community Care Durham Foot Care Clinic Hope Christian Reform Church Wednesday June 10 24 By Appointment Only Contact 905 985 8461 Port Perry Tai Chi St. Johns Presbyterian Church Cost 25.00month Mondays 630 - 730 pm Thursdays 1 - 2 pm Beginners Thursdays 230 - 330 pm Contact 905 985 1689 CLUBS MEETINGS Durham Beekeepers - Greenbank Hall Monday June 29 630 pm Contact Toni 905 852 0733 Greenbank Lions Meeting - Greenbank Hall Wednesday June 3 17 7 pm Community Volunteer Awards Night is Wednesday June 17 7 pm Contact Larry Doble 905 985 3723 Yoga Greenbank Hall Every Tuesday 545 pm Contact 905 985 3723 Zumba Greenbank Hall Mondays 10 am Contact 905 985 3723 Port Perry Patchers Hope Christian Reform Church Monday June 15 7 pm Contact Pine Ridge Garden Club - Nestleton Hall Tuesday June 2 730 pm Topic Exciting New Plant Introductions Guest Speaker Marion Jarvie Contact 905 986 5330 Seagrave United Church Mens Breakfast Saturday June 13 8 am Contact 905 985 2429 EUCHRE Blackstock - St. Johns Anglican Church Tuesdays 730 pm Contact 905 986 5046 Nestleton - Nestleton Hall Thursdays 730 pm Contact 905 986 5648 Port Perry Villa Wednesday June 3 17 130 pm Contact 905 985 3312 FREE of Charge FOCUS - JUNE 2015 11 12 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 ADVERTORIAL Why All-On-4 For most people dental implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth. With the All-on-4 technique anyone can have beautiful new teeth in a single visit. If you have been told you are not a candidate for dental implants or are lacking enough bone for implants this solution might be right for you. The All-on- 4 technique is a revolutionary treatment and can be used in either the upper or lower jaw to support an immediate fixed bridge that looks feels and functions very similar to natural teeth in just 1 day. All-on-4 is a cost effective advanced technique whereby a whole arch of teeth is supported by only 4 implants. With this treatment there is typically no need for bone grafting and other time consuming and costly procedures. Because less implants are placed in comparison to other methods it allows for simpler cleaning while still delivering optimal results. This procedure is a common treatment in our clinic and many of our patients come to Port Perry Dental Associates because they are unhappy with their denture or are losing their teeth and want a naturally looking smile. For all these cases All-on-4 can be the right solution to going back to having a full upper andor lower set of permanent teeth. The person who has lost their teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile again with confidence. No Teeth No Problem. Get them in just one visit FOCUS - JUNE 2015 13 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE What to Expect Placing a dental implant is a quick minimally invasive procedure. At Port Perry Dental Associates our dental specialist will do a careful initial evaluation to determine the best treatment plan for your dental condition. The initial evaluation consists of a comprehensive examination and diagnostic imaging. With the help of CT analysis a 3 dimensional image of your jaw will be created and Virtual implants are placed in the 3D image to ensure accuracy at the time of your surgery. After the implants are placed models are taken and your prosthesis is prepared in the laboratory and inserted on the same day. Contact Port Perry Dental Associates for your consult at 905-985-8459 We look forward to helping you achieve your new smile. Insertion of implants All four titanium dental implants are placed so that the maximum amount of the patients bone is utilized without any bone grafting needed. Securing of prosthesis Once the implants are in place the dentist attaches abutments to which the patients new teeth are to be secured. Arch of teeth The arch of teeth your trial teeth is attached to the implants. Minor adjustments will be made to get your new teeth as perfect as possible. Enjoy your new smile Once bone secures the dental implants the patients general dentist replaces the temporary arch of teeth with a sleeker stronger even more attractive arch of teeth. All-on-4 Dental Implants THE BENEFITS OF ALL-ON-4 DENTAL IMPLANTS A full smile restoration in one day Eliminates the need for bone grafting in most cases Requires minimal recovery time Food can be eaten without fear You can retain your natural taste and temperature sensations Procedure can be performed safely on patients of any age Compacts dental visits from many months to a few weeks Minimal discomfort and soreness Comfort level is high as implants function similar to your natural teeth One time long term solution to missing teeth Confidence is restored when you no longer have to hide your smile 2014 BEST DENTAL OFFICE Voted Best Dental Office 14 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 BUICK GMC BUICK GMC B U I C K G M C B U I C K G M C 10 Vanedward Drive Port Perry 905-985-8474 A NEW TOY FOR A BIG BOYHappy fathers day dad A TRUCK THAT WORKS AS HARD AS YOU DO The Port Perry Business Improvement Association BIA has new white umbrellas for use in the Umbrella Program. Anyone shopping downtown and finds themselves stuck out in the rain can pop in to one of the participating businesses pick up an umbrella continue to shop and drop it off at any of the other locations listed below. If you really love the umbrellas you can purchase them at the BIA office at 237 Queen St.. Participating businesses include Co-Operators Danas Goldsmithing Eco Port Eclectic Elements Focus on Scugog Jonathan van Bilsen Photography Lukes for Home Meta 4 Gallery Millars Market POE Refresh Tweed Hickory and the Wee Tartan Shop. Stay dry while you shop BIA has you covered 216 Queen Street Port Perry Ontario L9L 1B2 Tel 905-985-2171 Fax 905-985-4572 Port Perrys only locally owned and operated Funeral Home Since 1846 Myles ORiordan FUNERAL DIRECTOROWNER Susan ORiordan FOCUS - JUNE 2015 15 In April of 2012 Justin and Owen were matched by Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Durham in the Traditional Mentoring program. Now after almost three years they both say its like they really are brothers. 24-year-old Justin says being matched with 12-year-old Owen has really helped them both to grow and mature. I think the program is incredible. Ive noticed a huge difference in Owen and even in myself. Its evident the purpose that were serving as big brothers which is great. I dont even really feel like Im in a program anymore. I just feel like hes actually my little brother which is a pretty cool feeling says Justin as Owen smiles and nods along. Its amazing he chimes in. Justin says hes never been respon- sible for someone so close like a little brother so the match has really helped him to learn a lot about himself as helearnedmoreaboutOwenwho is now in Grade 7 at Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School. Owen thinks having a big brother is great and it is easier to stop playing Call of Duty his favourite video game when he knows Justin has some fun things planned for the day. Owen is the only kid in the history of the world who never has home- work jokes Justin who tries to make sure they spend as much time as they can doing things outside. Together they do a lot soccer baseball basket- ball ping-pong swimming paint- balling golfing and this year they are going on their first camping trip. Having a big brother is a lot different than having a younger brother explained Owen who says he gets along much better with his 9-year-old younger brother since joining the mentoring program. Big brother Justin has taught him to have pa- tience and has helped him to see situations differently with his own little brother who is also in the traditional program. Owen says the only thing he would change about his match with Justin is that they would spend more time together their 35-minute distance limits the amount of time they get. Ivealwayswantedalittlebrother says Justin who grew up with three older sisters. I always asked my parents for one for Christmas and they never gave me one. When I found out there was a huge need for big brothers it didnt take much convincing. I jumped right on the chance. Big Brothers Big Sisters is always looking for volunteers like Justin. Serving as role models our mentors teach by ex- ample the importance of giving and giving back of staying in school and hav- ing respect for family peers and community. By Rachel McLean Special to Focus on Scugog If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or joining one of the mentoring programs please do not hesitate to contact the Big Brothers Big Sisters office at 905-985-3733 or visit the website at www.bigbrothersbigsisters.canorthdurham to learn more. Little Brother Owen Moore and Big Brother Justin Knaggs. PhotobyMARYANNFLEMING 16 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 HEY KIDS Join us at SCUGOG MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARY for lots of fun and keep reading all summer For more information visit the TD Summer Reading Club website at or the Scugog Memorial Public Library at or call the Library at 905-985-7686. Registration begins on Friday June 26th but you can still join any time after that date. All ages are welcome. Your registration gets you Free entry into any of our summer programs A ballot to enter our weekly prize draw Stickers to collect on your weekly visit A summer reading club poster An activity booklet HEY KIDS Registration begins on Friday June 26th but you can still join any time after that date. All ages are welcome. or the Scugog Memorial Public Library at that date. All ages are welcome. HEY KIDS Join us at website at or the Scugog Memorial Public Library at A summer reading club poster or the Scugog Memorial Public Library at Here to save your event... 905-904-1736 905-985-7356 Chef Robin Brown 905-904-1736 905-985-7356 food man mobile food company Fun Mobile Food truck Fine catering Complete event catering services from our mobile kitchen or from the location of choice. Weddings Corporate Events Private Parties Outdoor BBQs FOOd TRuCk lOCaTEd aT ThE PRinCE alBERT GEnERal STORE the frst gourmet food truck of its kind in Port Perry Terry and Christine Vos of Vos Independent Grocer welcomed Dr. Helena Jaczek Minister of Community and Social Services on May 20 as she announced exciting details of a new resource to help enhance employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The province is contributing 800000 to help create a new Centre of Excellence for Employment Services. Story to follow in our July issue of Focus. Pictured from left Joe Dale Executive Director Ontario Disability Network Vos employee Gary McCullough Terry and Christine Vos Dr. Helena Jaczek and Vos employee Tyler Bjerknes. Community Living large at Vos Independent FOCUS - JUNE 2015 17FOCUS - JUNE 2015 1 The latest page in local history was turned earlier this year when The Vision Clinic Port Perry opened in the landmark building at 305 Queen St. It is co-owned by Brock and Wendy Reville Opticians owners of Port Perry Optical and Dr. Brian Darlene Hadden owners of Dr. Hadden Associates Optometrists who were previously established on Water St. where they successfully practiced and cared for their patients for more than 25 years. The Vision Clinic team purchased the attractive Victorian building from Irwin Smith. It has been totally renovated and updated while maintaining its unique charm and delightful appearance. Its bright airy and open Wendy described. Renovations included removing walls installing new windows and adding a new washroom making it easier for wheelchair navigation. The Vision Clinic is now fully accessible. The new owners met with the members of the Port Perry Heritage Committee to ensure that all changes were in keeping with the historical integrity of the building. Theres ample parking conveniently located behind the building at the Simcoe St. entrance. HISTORICAL NOTES The beautiful brick home at 305 Queen St. where Dr. George Clemens had his medical practice was lost in a tragic fire in 1895. Dr. Proctor purchased the site and built the appealing building still standing today and he doctored there until 1908 when he moved to Whitby. Dr. John D. Berry was the last physician to occupy the premises. Reach Township councillor Wm. M. Real and his wife Mina lived there from 1918 to 1942. Over the next 40 years this house was owned by the Spooner Drake Bryden McDermott Glidden and Decan families. Local musician Irwin Smith converted part of the building into a retail store in 1991. The Smiths lived upstairs until they moved to their family farm southwest of Port Perry circa 1995 and established Ocala Orchards Farm Winery. A bridal shop Everlasting Memories was the most recent tenant. Darlene Hadden Office Manager for Dr. Brian Hadden Associates explained that the historical significance of the Victorian building at the junction of Simcoe and Queen St. was a major consideration in establishing The Vision Clinic on this site. Darlene remarked We feel so fortunate and proud to be a part of Port Perrys beautiful and vibrant Heritage District. Our staff and patients alike have shared their admiration and respect of our new building. Interestingly Dr. Hadden is a direct descendent of Elias Williams who is acknowledged as the first resident of Port Perry. Two elderly residents shared memories of playing with the children who lived in the old house when they were youngsters. Some claim that there is a friendly ghost lingering in the building. Commonly known as the Dr. E. L. Proctor residence this attractive two-storey frame house was built in 1897. Since it was originally utilized as a home-based practice for a physician it is appropriate that the latest occupants are also professionals in a medical field. DR. BRIAN HADDEN ASSOCIATES 905-985-9385 Optometrists Dr. Brian Hadden Associates continue to offer outstanding professional eye care and treatment. The latest in modern equipment is used for eye examinations including new computerized eye charts and Opto Map retinal scans. Theres a new pediatric examination room especially designed and decorated to accommodate young families. Dr. Hadden Dr. Gilliver and Dr. Hsia are all accepting new patients. Friday June 12 300 - 700 pm Patients special guests and the general public are all invited for refreshments to celebrate the occasion. Drop in to welcome The Vision CliniC to historic downtown Port Perry PORT PERRY OPTICAL 905-985-9388 With 30 years of experience the professionals at Port Perry Optical continue to offer superior service and eyewear products. The Revilles have a strong background in lab work and they offer state-of-the-art digital design to optimize lens optics. Frame fit is of number one importance. There are hundreds of attractive designer frames and sunglasses to choose from. GRAND OPENING THE VISION CLINICport perrys one stop vision care services PAID ADVERTISEMENT Come and experience downtown Port Perry at twilight as our merchants turn up the savings for you FRIDAY JUNE 19 6pm -Midnight FRIDAY IN DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY Kick Off a Summer of Blockbuster Events Take advantage of the great savings under the stars by the lake. 227 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-8778 Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery MO ONLIG HT M ADN ES S SAVE THETAX 168 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2521 mens womens kids over 100 styles to choose from YOUR SPECIALIST 18 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 MOONLIGHT MADNESS From opening to midnight all of Port Perrys eclectic stores boutiques and eateries will be offering fabulous savings on a wide selection of items. Give aways every hour on the hour Enjoy Moonlight Madness Drop by for snacks dinner and drinks outside on our patio. Every Tuesday 3 pm - 9 pm 45 Includes CD of reading to be paid before reading PAST...... .PRESENT........FUTURE........P AST..........PRESENT........FUT URE.........PAST..........PRESEN T........FUTURE........ 279 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2775 279 Queen Street Port Perry279 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2775 www.jesterscourt.ca905-985-2775 Casual Style Clothing Vegan Purses All Natural Lotions 249 Queen St. Port Perry beside Herringtons 289-485-1020 An adventure in lifestyle 179-183 Queen Street 905-985-3307 SUMMER SALE up to 60 off O PEN TIL MIDN IGHT SHOP MOONLIGHT MADNESS exclusions apply Durham Homestyle Gourmet Catering Rotisserie Chicken Dinners Vacuum Sealed EntreesSide Dishes Gourmet Sandwiches Butter Chicken WeddingEvent Catering Picnic Lunches Call ahead and we will have it ready for you 905-985-6956 166 Water Street Port Perry Hours 11am - 7 pm Daily - Closed Tuesdays Open late for Midnight Madness Open late for Madness Open late for 207 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-3011 www.lukes for Regular Price in-stock items 20 OFF FOCUS - JUNE 2015 19 20 FOCUS - MARCH 2012 Stop by the BIA booth and put your name in for our Moonlight Madness draws throughout evening As the moon rises the prices will drop 241 Queen Street 905-985-7707 When the children are all safely tucked in bed come out and enjoy MOONLIGHT MADNESS. SHOES CLOTHING ACCESSORIES SHOES CLOTHING ACCESSORIES DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY 905-985-9910 NO TAX DISCOUNTED RACKS Its at Get wild deals downtown Open Seven Days 9am - 9pm Want Ice Cream E S T . 1 9 3 7 D A I R Y Try our new COLOSSAL SUNDAE Tuesday is the new Sundae SAVE 1.50 off our Colossal Sundae on Tuesdays Join us for Moonlight MADNESS 155 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-3900 Serving 22 flavours of SAVE THE TAX HOURLY DEALS COLOSSAL MINI 20 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 FOCUS - MARCH 2012 21 Youre closer than you think. 186 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2953 In-store purchases only Pandora excluded Dont miss the great events sponsored by the Downtown Port Perry BIA. August 9 BRITS ON THE LAKE British Car Show Shine September 20 CHILI COOK-OFF Harvest Celebration November 20 CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING Downtown Christmas Celebrations Begin Unforgettable Experiences Downtown Port Perry BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION PORT PERRY Mark your calendar Moonlight Madness kicks off a whole summer season of exciting events in Port Perry 161 Queen Street 905-985-1022FishChipsCaptainGeorge Our sh chips areoutofthisworld Enjoy the jazzy sounds of BLUE ROOM while strolling Queen Street at the Take it off our wall and hang it on yours M.E.T.A. Members save 15 on all visual art and wall sculptures during the month of June. Are you a member Its free to join. Spectacular Summer Art Camp Registration is Now Open Flexible schedule Professional artist instructors Top quality materials and art experiences for kids 6 older New teen and adult programs too OFF THE WALL SALE META4 Gallery 200 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-1534 META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery FOCUS - JUNE 2015 21 22 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 THUMBS UP - from a very impressed and grateful reader who popped into our office with this note. On April 23 while buying beer at The Beer Store he was told by the manager that during his previous visit 2 weeks earlier he accidentally dropped a 20 bill on the counter. the store clerk Claudia informed the manager who in turn gave him back his 20. Such honesty and integrity Cheers THUMBS DOWN - to dog owners who leave their pets waste alongside the roads and sidewalks of the town. We are talking about scooped poop here not a freshly deposited lump. Why would anyone make the effort to stoop and scoop tie the bag then drop it on the ground instead of taking it home Come on dog owners stoop scoop and dispose - but not on the roadside Have you no shame THUMBS UP - to emily ayres Cynthia nimri and Lauren Esdale three Port Perry grade 8 students honoured with the 2015 louise russo Working against Violence everyday award for leadership. these three young ladies were recognized for their efforts to celebrate every student from kindergarten to grade 8 in their school Kudos to you THUMBS UP - from Susie bollon. Congratulations to Peter Hvidsten on his retirement and thumbs up and congratulations to maryann fleming for taking on the challenge of becoming the new owner and publisher of the Focus. may you both enjoy your new endeavours and have fulfilling futures. Thanks Susie we appreciate it THUMBS UP - to the gentleman who picked up the scattered contents of my wallet on a busy Simcoe Street in Port Perry and actually drove to my house in Seagrave to drop it off. i didnt get your name but you restored my faith in humanity on Sunday may 17. Thank you umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum 1511 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-1999 Oil Changes 33.96 Includes tax Up to 5 litres Most vehicles Warranty Approved SPECIALS Hours Monday-Friday 800 am - 600 pm Saturday 800 am - 200 pm C O M P L E T E SPECIAL PRICING KUMHO KH18 All Season Tires 75. plus OTSinstall and balancing Air Conditioning Service Changes SPECIAL PRICING 20555R16 SHOP OUR PORT PERRY Saturdays 8 am - 1 pm Palmer Park Home Baking Preserves Fresh Fruits Fresh Vegetables Local Meats Local Honey Plants Flowers Herbs VQA Wine Crafts EAT FRESH BUY LOCAL NOW OPEN 193 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-7306 1-800-387-5642 FARM HOME AUTOMOBILE COMMERCIAL INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED Scugogs locally owned and operated General Insurance Broker with over 130 years of Broker experience. SINCE 1917 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 23 As the warm season awakens in Scugog Township and across Ontario there is more life all around including wild critters and among those the cold- blooded reptiles and amphibians. There is nothing to fear for all of our local species are harmless and in fact quite fascinating. Think of the tiny spring peeper frog encapsulated and dormant in his frozen lair all winter long. With the first rains of spring he emerges from the icy ground and migrates to his favourite breeding pond to sing his heart out in hopes of attracting a mate. How can such a little frog make so much noise Later in the spring the female painted turtle will leave the safety of her pond to march across dry land to find a suitable sandy knoll to lay her eggs. She risks life and limb evading trac as she crosses roads and hopes to escape detection by the nibble keen- nosed raccoon. Many of our reptiles and amphibians are not as common as they used to be for a variety of reasons. Even frogs are no longer heard from some places where they were common in living memory. Currently the Ontario Amphibian and Reptile Atlas Project spearheaded by Ontario Nature is trying to document all species of snakes turtles frogs and salamanders across the province to make comparisons with their historic known distributions and see how they are faring overall. Ontario Nature is relying on members of the public to submit observations to get a complete picture. James Kamstra is the local representative of the Amphibian and Reptile Atlas Project for Scugog Township and adjacent areas of Durham Region. He would like to know if youve seen any interesting scaly or slimy animals in Northern Durham. If so James would like to hear from you. There are interesting organisms to be found in Lake Scugog Nonquon River Beaver River and other areas. One of the local specialties is the Mink Frog a northern species that is mainly found on the Canadian Shield but thrives in the marshes of Lake Scugog and in the Beaver River. The provincially threatened Blandings turtle lives in some of the Lake Scugog Marshes but there is only one recent record. The diminutive red-bellied snake uncommon in some districts is still quite numerous locally. Northern water snake not always a favourite with cottagers seems to have disappeared from Lake Scugog as there have been no reports in more than 30 years. We are particularly interested in the less common species to know if they are still here. The milk snake has never been seen in Scugog yet probably lives here. Similarly map turtles and musk turtles are known from nearby areas but have never been reported from Lake Scugog. All salamanders appear to be very scarce in Scugog. They spend most of their lives under logs or underground but they breed in ponds in early spring and are probably more widespread than we know. Have you seen any of these Because many reptiles and amphibians live such secretive lives the public can really make a significant contribution. It is important to record the date of any observation and the location as accurately as possible. If you are not sure of the identity of your observation take a photograph if possible or record as many details as you can such as size colour patterns distinctive features etc. Ontario Nature has even produced an App that you can download onto your smart phone so that observations can be submitted from wherever you are. We would even like to know about common species like snapping turtles and garter snakes since there are many gaps in their distributions and who knows what will become rare in the future. Contact James Kamstra with observations or questions you may have. Email james.kamstra or call 905-985-4497. More information about the Ontario Amphibian and Reptile Atlas can be found on the Ontario Nature website at www.ontarionature.orgprotectspecies herpetofaunal_atlas.php. By James Kamstra Special to Focus on Scugog FROGS SNAKES AND TURTLES The mink frog thrives in marshes. The tiny spring peeper frog. Rarely seen milk snake. 24 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 Currently showing at Scugog Shores Museum - Heritage Centre Archives and running until June 21 is an exhibit of art created by R.H. Cornish stu- dents. The students use the seeds of art to ex- press freedom of crea- tivity and they develop their skills using a wide range of materials. The exhibit of art entitled From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Do Grow includes both individual and collaborative pieces. There are two school pieces shown art cre- ated by students within their class- room learning and the art they have created that shows the talents they developed outside their classroom. Strength of the Oak is in the Sum of Its Parts has been put together by both students and staff and is com- prised of two parts. The first is a celebration of self and the second highlights the artists connection with each other and their community. Branches of Classroom Learning is an amazing display of the creativ- ity of the R.H. Cornish students and this part of the exhibit show- cases pieces created from a foundation of skills with roots in the Ontario Visual Arts curriculum. Be sure not to miss this tremendous ar- tistic offering by R.H. Cornish students now on display at The Scugog Shores Museum - Heritage Centre Archives located at 1655 Reach St. 2nd floor of the Port Perry Arena. For more infor- mation please contact Amy Barron Curator or call 905-985-8698 ext 103. The one stop shop that keeps you going Beware of PARTS UNKNOWN Genuine Ford and Motorcraft Parts made specifically for your vehicle Competitive prices on everthing your vehicle needs Fleet discounts available Specializing in large accounts No charge local delivery Great tire deals all year long Loyalty rebates available Lifetime warranty on Motorcraft Brakes Tamara Phillips Parts Manager John Waite Tire Parts Specialist TAYLOR FORD 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry BesideWalmart 905-985-3655 vehicle lettering wrapping Reach Northport Rd. Port Perry 905-985-0802 Since 1996 SIGNS GOT ENOUGH COVERAGE HOME AUTO BUSINESS LIFE HEALTH GROUP BENEFITS 1564 King St. E. Hwy. 2 Courtice 905-436-9090 W.O. INSURANCE BROKERS Dale Gibbons R.I.B. ON Broker Art exhibit by R.H. Cornish students is a must see Every student in R.H. Cornish decorated a popsicle stick and this patchwork quilt is the end result aptly named Sticking Together. Dear Family Love Dad I WANT STEAK 905-985-1456 251 Queen St. Port Perry FOCUS - JUNE 2015 25 port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King - Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon - Periodontist The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Light- Activated Whitening System Its the name asked for by more patients than any other professional whitening brand and for good reason. Only Zoom WhiteSpeed delivers maximum results advanced LED light technology and variable intensity settings. Backed by clinical evidence marketing and training support Zoom WhiteSpeed can provide brilliant results. The 1 patient-requested professional whitening system is now better than ever. Call us 905-985-8451 for a FREE consultation for the month of June. 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Call today and receive a 50 DISCOUNT Offer expires June 30 2015 26 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 TICO 4577532 DominicanRepublic Jamaica St.Lucia Mexico Cuba Dont panic still some space available for 2016 weddings Call me to arrange your perfect wedding dream small and intimate or large and crazy I have done it all Jean Scott Destination Wedding Specialist 158 Casimir St. Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC You Are Engaged CONGRATULATIONS 15930 Old Simcoe Street Port Perry across from the fairgrounds 905-982-2211 COMPETITIVE PRICES prepaid gift phone cards phone accessories cases cuban cigars slushies magazines ATM pop shoppe greeting cards sunglasses 649lotto max we do have and a whole lot more THANK YOU to all our customers who bought scratch tickets for the past 18 months to qualify for the 649 terminal. Clyde Emily Sarah Elizabeth and Cheryl Not present Our friendly helpful staff here to serve you better. HOURS Sun 9-7 M T T 8-8 and W F S 8-9 Auxiliary to tag the town June 4 5 L-R Sue Brain with Carly the pet therapy dog Ilean Pugh sitting volunteer since 1968 and Linda Elliot will be out canvassing along with many others June 4 and 5 for the Auxiliary Tag Days. Please be sure to say hello be generous and support this ongoing cause Over 100 volunteers for the Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry Hospital will be canvassing local business outlets throughout the town on June 4 and 5 in their coral coats for their annual Tag Days. Once again this year the Auxiliary has pledged 350000 to the Your Hospital Your Future campaign. Remember the money stays here and helps our community hospital. For more than forty years this fundraiser has been a success and we appreciate the support and generous contributions and look forward to seeing you on Tag Days. Photobymaryannfleming Trophies Awards Corporate Promotions Embroidery Graphic Design Engraving Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road Port Perry Your Name is Our Business FOCUS - JUNE 2015 27 It all started out as a relaxing pastime whittling wood by the campfire. Now Alan Brownriggs skill has evolved into crafting intricately carved wooden canoe paddles and one is up for grabs at this years Canoe the Nonquon event which is a major fundraiser for Scugog Shores Museum. An avid canoeist Alan had the idea and then he offered to carve and donate a custom made paddle featuring the Canoe the Nonquon logo for the big race 47th annual race slated for June 6. I just wanted to help the community says Alan who moved to Port Perry from Oshawa three years ago because We really liked the area. Amy Barron Interim Curator of Scugog Shores Museum expressed gratitude and enthusiasm about this one-of-a-kind donation. Mr. Brownriggs fantastic paddle will be used as a silent auction prize and we know that many people are already keen to bid on it she said. We were thrilled when he contacted us and made the generous offer. We hope his inspired silent auction donation will encourage local businesses to all consider canoe or kayak related prize items for this worthy cause. The local backyard shop is where the magic happens. It is filled with tools finished products and works in progress. Theres a selection of uniquely shaped wooden vases some graced with green moss still growing on them. There are beautifully crafted cheese boards and bowls. There are rows of paddles with ornate carvings of maple leaves ying geese rocks and river scenes gleaming with marine wood varnish and deserving to be described as fine art. Alan started out carving spoons and there are many shapes and sizes to admire including one out of rare zebrawood. It was 15 years ago that Alan carved his first paddle. He bought one from a craftsman in Huntsville and then he decided to try his hand at making one himself. Alan doesnt actively try to market his wooden treasures but he does do commissions and he gives many as gifts. One of the custom jobs he did was carving a police badge on a canoe paddle. Sometimes people want their names carved on their paddles. It takes about three to four hours to handcraft a paddle out of a plank of wood Alan says and six hours or more for the carving. It took longer for him to bring the detailed image of the Canoe the Nonquon logo to life. He enjoys working on his projects on and off. Cherrywood is one of this self-taught artists favourite mediums. He also makes use of everything from split cedar rails to driftwood for the smaller items. His distinctive ying goose logo adorns each of his creations. After Alan met his wife Helen who was a canoeing enthusiast he got into the paddle of things himself. The parents of four boys the youngest being 15 the Brownrigg family have enjoyed camping and canoeing for years everywhere from the Nonquon River to Algonquin Park to Maine. Alan who works for the railroad says that his hobby may evolve more into a business when he retires. Last year he erected the Scugog Paddles sign at his local home and the odd curious person pops in. No doubt they are amazed and impressed with what they see. By Lynn Campbell Focus on Scugog Wood carver donates paddle to Nonquon Alan Brownrigg is a wood carver hobbiest and was still working on the paddle he is carving for Canoe the Nonquon when the Focus photographer arrived. Alan offered to donate the paddle with Canoe the Nonquon 2015 carved into the blade as an item for the silent auction. PhotobyJ.PeterhViDSten REGISTRATION AT THE LATCHAM CENTRE Friday June 5 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday June 6 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. First boats in water at 8 a.m. Contact 905-985-8698 x 103 or 28 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 Lifes better at theVilla THURSDAY JULY 18TH 130 pm. THURSDAY JULY 18TH 130 pm. THURSDAY JUNE 18TH 130 pm. strawberry desserts draws strawberry desserts draws strawberry desserts draws Live entertainment by ED SmiTH with music from eras past. Live entertainment by ED SmiTH with music from eras past. Live entertainment by ED SmiTH with music from eras past. Everyone welcome to this free event 15987 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985.3312 Join Us For Port Perry Villas The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games Torch Relay is coming to PORT PERRY on June 8th. Were inviting the community to celebrate and share the Pan Am flame when it visits Palmer Park. Celebrations include Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation drumming group Zumba activities community speakers and light refreshments. visit for updates timing celebration details and more. Come join the celebration Festivities start at 1130 a.m. Rosario Greco Styles is reaching out to the Scugog community to help Olivia a local youngster 4 years old diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014. This good natured fun little girl is in remission but is required to go to Sick Kids every three months for various tests. To brighten her days the team at Rosario Greco Styles is raising money to build her a playground. Their goal is to raise 2500 to build it and you can help in one of two ways. Donations will be graciously accepted at the salon at 21 Wilbur Ave. Port Perry during business hours or join them on Sunday July 5 for their Cut-a-thon from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. There is a minimum charge of 20 for a haircut with all proceeds to build the playground for this very young cancer survivor. Million Dollar Smiles Playground for Olivia will be built July 12 2015. Helping hands by Rosario Greco Styles Building a playground for Olivia FOCUS - JUNE 2015 29 Referrals are the core of our business Call John 905 434 0517 905 985 8569 Renovations from the outside in we can do it all What once was old is new again BEFORE AFTER Caesarea Skate Park For Kids Fundraiser once again presents Grant Fullerton Saturday June 27th Dance Beacon Marina caesarea 20.00 advance 25.00 at door Doors open at 730pm Cash Bar Tickets available at Red Ribbon Restaurant Krown Rust Control or call Suzie at 905-986-4038 Former member Stitch In Tyme Mad Cats and Lighthouse April 24 2015 11th Annual Divas Did it with Style in Downtown Port Perry Despite the chilly temperatures everyone was smiling Bottom from left Kerry Turner the little Divas Taylor and Megan Evans part of the Hatley Fashion Show at Millars Market and Disco Diva Sandra Millar. Top right Chloe Traviss along with her mom Alison. Bottom right Diva friends L-R Gloria McRae Charlotte Hughes Lorraine Ingram and Barb McKnight. PhotoSbytraCySoUCh View Original Paintings by Local Artists Oil Acrylic Watercolour Pastel and Mixed Media NO AdMissiON Fee Free PArkiNg Free DrawS JUNE 12-14 Latcham Centre Port Perry Friday evening from 5 to 8pm Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm Presented by the Port Perry Artists Association 30 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 Ahhh June the gateway to the start of summer vacations barbecuing family get-togethers and probably working on a mile long to-do list. Please stay safe if you feel uncomfortable do not understand how to complete a task etc please call in a professional. Coach House Studio has awesome products for your Home and Garden. Specializing in Home Dcor you will find FurnitureWall Dcor Mirrors and more. We offer customWindowTreatments with volumes of fabrics to choose from and an in-house designer to help select just the right look for you. We are the only place around for better light fixtures.We carry the beautiful line of Fiess as well as two custom reproduction lighting suppliers with North American made products. Coach House Studio also has great garden dcor with everything from unique lattice pots pictures lanterns stepping stones and more If you havent visited us you havent been to the most unique shopping place around Tea Room coming soon Coach House Studio 605 Regional Road 21 Port Perry 905-982-2705 See our ad on page 34. A unique shopping experience awaits you Century Home Garden Greenhouses Where the Spirit of Gardening Lives 905-985-2672 1431 Hwy. 7A Port Perry Family owned by John Karen Colleen vanderZalm Perennials 2.99 and up Beautiful Planters 24.99 Large Tomato Cages 11.99 Beautify Your Outdoor Living starting at 30 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 31 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905.982.1164 One of a Kind Hand Painted Furniture Decor Original FineArt CustomWork Workshops Eco-Friendly CanadianCottage Paint An .net Lebel Shingles LTD. Owner Yvan Lebel 905-985-8493 Port Perry LOOK UPWhat do you see A roof that needs some TLC Protect Your Investment A Good Roof is Good Proof OVER 30YEARS OF QUALITYWORKMANSHIP We specialize in Quality Asphalt Shingles and Metal Flashing Reroofing New Work Repairs FULLY INSURED 1874 SCUGOG ST. HWY 7A PORT PERRY 905-985-7420 170 CASIMIR STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-0715 HEATING COOLING - BBQ Canadian Made Large Inventory Top Quality Brands At FAIR PRICES QUEEN MATTRESS Special 375 Pick your number. Purchase a Large Big Green Egg Receive the Nest and wood side Shelves FREE Savings of 353 Pro500RB SELL OFFS List Price 1599 SALE PRICE 1399 PLUS 200 IN FREE ACCESSORIES SAVINGS OF 400 While supplies last. Free Accessories with purchase. See store for details. Quality Service that will impress your friends Solar shades protect your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays and provides great insulation while maintaining your beautiful view. Cellular shades unique honeycomb construction help insulate your room making energy use more efficient and less costly. These shades are available in a vast variety of colours patterns and opacities. Most solar and cellular materials are available in a vertical application that is perfect for patio doors.This allows you to co-ordinate your windows and patio doors. Consider purchasing cordless shades for children and pet safety. Ask about our no questions asked warranty. To view our hot summer trends products call Budget Blinds for a complimentary in-home consultation email or visit our website. Budget Blinds 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comport perry See our ad on page 32. Keep your cool with our hot summer trends where high style meets low energy costs FOCUS - JUNE 2015 31 32 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 is in full swing with spring and summer furniture painting workshopsThis is an excellent way to learn the trade secrets on how to upcycle and transform yesteryears treasures into functional furniture to suit todays dcor trends.These workshops are fun and informative and the techniques can be learned no matter what your painting skills are. Presently offers three introductory workshops ServingTray Shabby Chic and French Country Cabinets. Seven other workshop classes are offered for those wishing to delve further into creative specialty techniques.You can even customize your own workshop for you and 7-19 of your friends. Bed BreakfastWorkshop Packages are available for out of town guests. More details are available online or from one of their furniture artists at the storestudio. 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-1164 See our ad on page 31. Learn the trade secrets at workshops Joe Gibson Blackstock 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry Blinds - Draperies - Shutters - Shades Great Selection - Stylish Colours Superior Service - Satisfaction Guaranteed A style for every point of view. Free In-Home Consultation Refresh your home Revive your sense of style Renew your windows Canadas 1 Choice for Window Coverings 6B High St. Port Perry beside Halibut House 905-985-6650 6B High St. Port Perry Free Pool Hot tub Chemical water testing Chemicals Salt water specialists Sales Service Installation Pool Spa parts and accessories. PERFECTPERFECTPERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOLKEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECTPERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL PERFECT KEEPYOURPOOL SHEPSTONE HAULAGE LTD. 1451 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-7282 SHEPSTONE HAULAGE L I M I T E D DELIVERY AVAILABLE SMALL TO LARGE LOADS. Stone Pea StoneGravel Sand Top Soil PLAYGROUNDS PET RUNS A B GRADE VARIOUS LIMESTONE PRODUCTS BACK FILLING MASONRY AND BEACH QUALITY DRAIN AND SEPTIC GRANITE STONE NATURAL STONE 1 - 3 RIVER ROCK 4 - 6 GABION STONE UNSCREENED SCREENED AND TRIPLE MIX NOW AVAILABLE MULCHOPEN TO THE PUBLIC LAWN WATERING TIP Water your yard early in the morning and soak the ground thoroughly so that it penetrates to a depth of at least 3. While the amount of water needed will vary the general rule of thumb is to make sure your lawn receives 1 of water per week during dry conditions. To see how much water your grass is actually receiving put several containers with straight sidessuch as a coee mug metal can or plastic containeron the ground around the yard while you are watering. Then use a ruler to measure the depth of the water in the container. 32 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 33 Mattress and Much More and Fires Our Friend located in Port Perry are the one stop shops for all your grilling needs. High quality products backed by lifetime warranties functionality and versatility. Our fully trained staff guided by a lifetime of experience can help you create the perfect outdoor living space. Some of our featured products include The Big Green Egg Known for its durability and ability to grill bake smoke and roast it is a key feature to any back yard patio. Napoleon Prestige BBQs These high quality Canadian- made grills are the best in their class. Experience direct indirect charcoal Rotisserie smoking and infrared cooking all on one grill. Its the only BBQ in the industry to go from 0-1800 degrees in 30 seconds. Get the ultimate searing for the perfect steak. Mattress and Much More 1874 Scugog Street Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-7420 Fires Our Friend 170 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-0715 See our ad on page 31. Get your grill on Port Perry - Home of Millions installed from the east coast to the west coast TM Zip On Flip Up Available at Port Perry 905-985-8722 Howey Kitchen Bath and Interiors MAAXEnjoy the experience Large selection of porcelain tile Create your own custom shower FOCUS - JUNE 2015 33 34 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 48 Water St. Port Perry ON 905 985-3767 ANTIQUES UNIQUES DCOR MORE COACH HOUSE STUDIO ITS A DESTINATION SHOPPING LOCATION 605 Regional Road 21 Port Perry 905.982.2705 Bursting with new items. Tea Room coming soon 193 North St. Port Perry 905-985-4910 A. Oppers Ltd W i n d o w s D o o r s PRIDETHAT SHOWS THROUGH FROM STARTTO FINISH Scugogs premier supplier of windows and doors since 1979 Refacing your existing kitchen can save you thousands of dollars and add up-to-the-minute features like soft closing hardware countertop mouldings backsplash and the latest door designs. Custom rollout drawers on full extension slides maximize the storage space in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. My cabinet making expertise enables me to modify or add to the existing cabinets in your kitchen bathroom or laundry room. Its as easy as making a quick call to Alec at Ideal Home Storage Solutions to ask about what you need. Remember Shop local. Ideal Home Storage Solutions 905-904-2050 See our ad on page 35. Add beauty and value to your home At Century Home and Garden weve taken the time to arrange beautiful planters and centrepieces for your home inside and out. Arrangements are beautifully designed and ready to pick up. Drop in to our 22000 square foot greenhouses to see our huge selection of quality plants. 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Reface your existing kitchen and save thousands of dollars Install roll out drawers in your existing cabinets to maximize the storage space Dont settle for anything but the best. Port Perry 905-904-2050 Winner of 2013 Best Reviews GARDEN TIPS Fertilize Your Plants Save your vegetable cooking water The water has a lot of nutrients that your garden thrives on. Give Your Garden A Calcium Boost Grind eggshells into a powder and sprinkle in the garden for a calcium boost. Diapers Retain Moisture Place one in the bottom of a potted plant to help it retain moisture for longer. Great for those summer annuals that require daily watering. Epsom Salt in the Garden Its rich in magnesium and sulfate. Add a tablespoon in with the soil when rst planting and then sprinkle more into the soil once mature. FOCUS - JUNE 2015 35 36 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 What s Up Scugog JUMPIN JUNE Doors Open 700 p.m. Location Jesters Upstairs Music Charge 15 per person Reservations Call Lynn 289-354-1140 or email SUNDAY JUNE 7 THE LORNE LOFSKY TRIO Featuring Lorne on guitar Kieran Overs on bass and Ethan Ardelli on drums. Jazz music doesnt get any better. Quality and style. Its jazz festival season so - there you go SUNDAY JUNE 14 THE RYAN OLIVER ORGAN TRIO Ryan is always so much fun and TALENTED Featuring Ryan on saxes Bernie Senensky on B3 Hammond organ and Terry Clarke on drums. SATURDAY JUNE 27 830 1130 p.m. 25 per person THE GREAT LESTER MCLEAN BAND Summer Barn Party A hip and happy Barn Dance hosted by Lynn McDonald and the Somervilles. Good band to get down and move that THANG. No psychedelia no rap just dance toonz we know and love at Len and Bette Somervilles fabulous fun barn plenty of parking Location 21300 Simcoe St. Seagrave Information Call Lynn at 289-354-1140 SPECIAL EVENT at jesters court Dance Saturday June 27 730 p.m. - 100 a.m. Grant is a former member of the pop- ular 60s bands Stitch In Tyme Mad Cats and Lighthouse whose hits in- clude Sunny Day One Fine Morning Pretty Lady and many more. To watch Grant Fullerton perform is to experience a one man power- house. His unique style and unparal- leled guitar playing has to be heard to be believed. He performs a variety of songs from the sixties to the nine- ties with passion and conviction. Beer wine tickets available for purchase. Location Beacon Marina Caesarea Tickets 20 per person in advance 25 at the door Available at Call Susie at 905-986-4038 GRANT FULLERTON Caesarea Skate Park For Kids once again presents a fundraiser featuring Friday June 12 500 p.m. - 800 p.m. Saturday June 13 1000 a.m. 500 p.m. Sunday June 14 1000 a.m. 500 p.m. Over 20 local artists are participating at the Port Perrys Artists Association Art Show Sale featuring a wide variety of original paintings. Pieces in oil acrylic watercolour and mixed media will be on display and for purchase. Door prizes and refreshments Location Latcham Centre 121 Queen St. Port Perry Tickets FREE ADMISSION Information Email Saturday June 6 700 p.m. An evening of diverse musical genres including Big Band Opera Jazz Latin and more Music by renowned George Lake Band vocalists and special guest perfomances. Master of Ceremonies is Neil Crone. Location Town Hall 1873 Port Perry Tickets 40.00 - Online or please call box ofce 905-985-8181 An Elegant Evening of Music In support of the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge Scugog fabulous annual GIANT YARD SALE G-MOMS OF PORT PERRY Saturday June 6 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. We would appreciate quality donations of household items toys tools furniture book and once loved treasures. The G Moms will be receiving donated items at the Scout Hall on Friday June 5th from 3 p.m until 9 p.m. and before 8 a.m. on Saturday June 6th. There will be a metal bin and an electronics bin for those special items as well. Thank you in advance for your donations interest and hope- fully your attendance at this very important and fun event. Location Scout Hall at 15585 Simcoe St. N. Port Perry Contact Anne Chellew or Johanna Ricketts 905 986 0328 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 37 Friday June 19 600 p.m. - Midnight Come and join the fun downtown Port Perry at twilight as the merchants turn up the savings for you All of Port Perrys eclectic stores boutiques and eateries will be offering fabu- lous savings on a wide variety of items Location Downtown Port Perry Tickets FREE ADMISSION Information Call 905-985-4971 or visit IN DOWNTOWN PORT PERRY Wednesday July 1 11 a.m. Start Celebrate our local culture on Canadas 148th birthday in Port Perry at Palmer Park and along Water St. from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Support the Troops parade kicks off at 11 a.m. and during the day enjoy the local food arts and crafts childrens activities and entertainment concluding with our unbelievable fireworks display set for dusk Location Water St. Port Perry Information 905-985-7346 ext 112 or visit CELEBRATIONS Saturday June 20 the Port Perry Dragon boat festival is being held on Saturday June 20 at Palmer Park Port Perry. as in the past 10 years the races will take place along the Port Perry waterfront with resting areas set up throughout the park. festival organizers are asking businesses families and groups to form their teams and register as soon as possible teams consist of 20 paddlers a drummer and a steersperson. instructions will be provided for those teams that have never before paddled a dragon boat. the pre-season excitement begins during the two weeks of June 8 to June 17 just prior to the event when practices are held off the shores of Palmer Park. all equipment is supplied. this year the Port Perry hospital foundation and the Scugog lake Stewards have been invited to raise funds by way of their direct and active participation in a pledge program of the Port Perry Dragon boat festival. both of these registered charitable organizations have accepted the invitation and we are pleased to assist each of them with very worthy projects within the township of Scugog. register now and participate in this worthwhile event while Working together for a healthy Community. Dedicated volunteers and charitable sponsors are also needed to help make this worthwhile event a success. additional information for individuals groups and businesses in the areas of sponsorship volunteer- ing and team registrations is provided on the website or by contacting Carol Gonder at 705-932-207 or Jackie Taggart at 905-407-2174. Saturday June 13 motorcyle enthusiasts will gather at the Scugog Community recreation Centre beginning at 10 a.m. for the start before parading through downtown. organizers are expecting up to 300 riders to participate in the run which will travel throughout Durham and Kawarthas. the telus motorcycle ride for Dad invites anyone to join the annual ride for charity to raise money for Prostate Cancer research and awareness. more than 280000 has been raised since the ride began. the event promises to be a fun-filled day and in- cludes breakfast bbQ lunch live entertainment prizes and a show and shine. you dont have to be a rider to get involved. Come on out give a wave and enjoy the sea of chrome and leather as they parade down reach St. Simcoe St. Queen St. and Water St. past Palmer Park. register or donate online at The Dragons are ComingLively Dragon Power of Team PORT PERRY Saturday June 20 900 a.m. Start The Port Perry Lions Club will host it 16th annual Soapbox Derby along MacDonald St. from the intersection of Ottawa St. at the rear of Port Perry High School to Old Simcoe Road. For anyone who cant build their own car the Lions Club has soapbox cars it will loan to ensure that everyone can enjoy a day of racing and fellowship. Anyone wishing to help we are looking for volunteers to help load the derby cars on and off the travel trailers on race day The derby gets underway starting at 9 a.m. The entry fee is 10 per driver and includes a free t-shirt and participation trophy. Location MacDonald St. Port Perry Information 905-985-0120 or email Port Perry Lions Club SOAP BOX Derby 38 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 If adventure travel to remote locales is for you then the Galpagos Islands is a must for your bucket list. If on the other hand you enjoy cruising then the Galpagos should still be on your list. How you see it is up to you but seeing it is a must. I flew from Quito to Baltra the air- port island which is two hours away and wondered if I could spend an entire week in such a remote place. I had planned to go to certain islands some not accessible by cruise ships so I stayed at a 3 unit motel Focus on Scugog October 2009 and by small boat visited a different island each day. The Galpagos Islands were formed when two tectonic plates collided and crumbled to form the minuscule land masses in the middle of the Pacific. They were so remote that species of wildlife mutated to adapt to the climate and terrain. Of course these islands were the centre of controversy when Charles Darwin stopped there and began to study the habitation eventually creating his controversial Origin of the Species. Each of the 19 islands is unique. The inhabitants and Eco system is so sensitive that the government takes extreme precaution in keeping it as pristine as possible. When you board the plane in Quito Ecuador they check your belongings and tell you not to take any food with you. When you land they check you again and any food products no matter how well they are packaged are tossed. If you are caught breaking any rules such as straying off paths littering feeding or touching the wildlife you will be asked to leave and banned from future visits and your guide can lose their license. No one in their right mind would want to pet an iguana but these crea- tures are without natural predators so they simply sit and wait for you to step over them or snap their photos. Birds are just as tame and stepping over various species nesting on the ground is quite an experience. I stayed on Santa Cruz a sizeable island with about 20000 inhabit- ants. Each morning at dawn I left my motel and met the ships captain for the days adventure. I say ship but please appreciate it held at most five or six people and was no more than 10 metres 30 feet long and was quite small amid the three to five meter swells fortunately we did not encoun- ter any storms. The trip I took was one of the best I have been on and I cannot begin to share all the sights I experienced. There were marine iguanas which had evolved over time with webbed feet and an ability to hold their breath for great lengths of time. Lying on the ground face to face with these mammals will assure you top quality photos and it is sometimes difficult to remember they are wild and may snap at you without warning. Sea lions are also a species which is abundant in the Galpagos. When you are snorkeling you will be tempt- ed to grab one by the fin and go for The Galpagos a tiny spec in the middle of nowhere Sea lions and pelicans can be found everywhere. a ride but I would not recommend it. One thing you will quickly get used to or not is the stench of hundreds of sea lions basking on the warm rocks sea lions have ears seals dont who knew. Turtles and tortoises have inhab- ited these islands for millions of years turtles go in the water whereas tor- toises live on land. In the days of pirates these mammals were nearly hunted to extinction as they possess a unique ability to live six months or more when confined to the hull of a ship. Having them on board would ensure sailors were always guar- anteed fresh meat. Fortunately the species has made a comeback and is starting to thrive once again. The Darwin Centre is located on Santa Cruz Island and is a refuge and sanctuary for creatures that make their home on the Galpagos Islands. Until recently it was also the home of George a 150-year-old turtle who was the last of his species. A 10000 reward was offered by the Centre to any organization country or person who could find a success- ful mate for George but alas none was found and when George passed on last year so did his bloodline. I had the pleasure of visiting Daphne Island. There are only ten trips per year and they have to be groups of 5 or less. After circling the island several times in an effort to find a place to land the captain finally launched a small dingy and we pad- dled our way to the shore. The sight of the shark fins in the water was shock- ing but quickly overcome by the two meter slopes we had to climb to get onto the island. It was an adventure but one well worth the effort. Daphne Island is covered in masked Boobie birds which simply sit on the ground and stare at you with a what on earth are you doing here expression. The island is also the nesting ground for the red throated frigate bird. The climb was steep and the crushed lava made walking treacherous but it was all worthwhile with memories to cherish forever. The longest trip I took was three and a half hours to San Cristbal Island. The waves were a good 5 to 6 meters high but the visit was amaz- ing. Unique rock formations and hun- dreds of marine mammals made this a paradise a meaningful visit. I seldom promote personal ac- complishments in this column but for those who are interested I have published a 60 page colour book with the story of the Galpagos as well as dozens of my photographs. I mention this because a portion of the profit goes to the Darwin Centre. For more information please email me at FOCUS - JUNE 2015 39 Upcoming Cruise Group Departures to... X Also .... If a quick sanity break is needed join our group to RIU Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas Oct 25-29 2015 Check These Off Your B cket List South Pacific Fiji - Oct 21 2015 on Celebrity Solstice New Zealand - Nov 2 2015 on Celebrity Solstice Panama Canal - Apr 11 2016 on Celebrity Infinity Canada-New England - Sept 4 2016 on Celebrity Summit MC TICO 4577532 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 The blue footed Boobie bird lives in the Galpagos. George the 150-year-old turtle who could not find a mate. 40 FOCUS - JUNE 2015 Letters to the editor continuedLetters to the editor continuedLetters to the editor continuedMailbox Every little bit helps To the editor Earth Day Wednesday April 22 this year was a rainy day. I was driving in different parts of our Township this day and saw several classes of students with their teachers out to collect the garbage from streets ditches and the fairgrounds. Thank you to these students and their teachers. Several bags of garbage was collected making for tidier neighbourhoods and a lesson in conservation. Every little bit helps and its a great lesson for all. It would have been easy not to do it on a rainy day. It was so nice to see. Thank you again Kathy Le Fort Alternative for retirement living To the editor Your readers may be interested in a new housing option for seniors that is coming to Port Perry. Recognizing that I probably cant live alone forever I have made plans to buy into a shared home within walking distance of grocery stores the post oce and the downtown area. When renovated it will have five large bedrooms each with ensuites spacious living areas a finished basement and an elevator. My ownership along with the others allows me to maintain home equity while cutting my share of operating costs taxes utilities cleaning etc. by more than half compared to living alone. It also addresses the safety and social concerns related to aging in place and the savings can be put towards home care if and when that becomes necessary. We would be more than pleased to share our ideas with the Focus so that they may share with their readership a made-to-order familysomething like the Golden Girls and Boys model. Interested people can contact me at the email address below. Louise Bardswich Thank You To the editor Thumbs Up to Col. Mustards Bar Grill Crabby Joes Tap Grill Haugens BBQ Pickles Olives Bistro and The Jesters Court for donating gift cards in support of the Alzheimer Society Durham Region. With your donation of a gift card for the Taste of Durham basket you helped to make this annual fundraising event a continued success. You also demonstrated to those affected by Alzheimers disease or a related dementia that they are not alone in their journey and that memories do matter. Thank you. Liane Strus Port Perry Speeders and drunks on the road To the editor I am a runner and a cyclist living on Old Simcoe Road South in Port Perry. For those who believe that drinking and driving has been on the decline you only need to take a walk along Old Simcoe to realize that it is still very much a serious problem. The ditches are filled with a plethora of beer cans and bottles as well as a variety of small liquor and orange juice bottles. It is also not uncommon for me to find a beer bottle or can in the ditch in front of my house. Being a runner a cyclist and a father this concerns me greatly. Speeders and drunks seem to use this road unabated as I have rarely witnessed law enforcement in the area. The speed limit in front of our house towards the bottom end is 50km per hour. I understand a person doing 60 or even 70k but many vehicle pass at speeds up to 100 plus k. Rodney H Burley Port Perry Apologies required To the editor I was extremely upset when I read the account of the May 2nd meeting in the local newspaper. The behaviour of the councillors was truly disgraceful and embarrassing. For the people we elect to oversee our Township to embarrass and treat Regional Councillor Drew in such a horrific and demeaning way is truly unwarranted and uncalled for. Our Mayor claims to want more control but from where Im sitting I dont think he can handle it when he cant even keep a meeting in order. I do believe that the Mayor should be held accountable for this schoolyard behaviour. Regional Councillor Drew has served this community in many capacities and over many years School Board and as councillor. Her dedication over the years as been seen time and time again for this reason I believe she should be admired and respected not bullied. I would encourage this council to formally apologize to Councillor Drew through the papers and at the next council meeting. Unfortunately I see this as the start of meetings we have recently seen in Toronto total mayhem. Im hoping not. Three cheers up to Councillor Drew and all she has done to make this a better community for all Debra Foggetti Port Perry Feeling Misunderstood We Can Help WE ARE FAST FRIENDLY AND LOCAL CALL US TODAY to find out how easy it is to switch to Comptons home phone digital TV and high speed internet services. ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS If your business phone service continues to be with Bell you are paying way too much Business customers who have switched to Compton Business Phone have typically saved 50 or more monthly and received more attentive and rapid customer service. To discuss business phone services please e-mail or call 905-985-8171. 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