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FOCUSon Scugog MAY 2015 Pedalling Pacific to Atlantic Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon Periodontist New Patients Always Welcome BEST DENTIST port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Your Hometown Dental Professionals TOM FORD EYEWEAR 905 985 9388 NEW LOCATION 305 Queen St FOCUS - MAY 2015 1 contents 4 Strong like Bull Mike Haigh may be the best local athlete youve never heard of. 63 travelon Adventures with our world traveller Jonathan van Bilsen. 33 Candian odyssey Local couple spend five summers riding their bikes across Canada. PUBLISHER EDITOR........MaryAnn Fleming ADVERTISING................................Tracy Souch PRODUCTION..........................ArleneWalker FREELANCEWRITERS ............... Paul Arculus Jonathan van Bilsen Karen Stiller Lynn Campbell Scott Mercer J. Peter Hvidsten ACCOUNTING.............................. Judy Ashby FOCUSon Scugog MAY 2015 Volume 10 - Number 2 Published by Observer Publishing of Port Perry 188 Mary Street - Port Perry Unit 201 - L9L 1A2 Phone 905-985-8585 email website Focus on Scugog is published 12 times a year from Port Perry and is distributed to all homes and businesses in ScugogTownship by Canada Post. Delivery the firstTuesday of each month although this date does vary depending on the number of weeks in a month. Opinions expressed by columnists contribu- tors and letter writers must be signed including address and phone number. Letters must be signed. Requests that a name be withheld will be hon- oured only if there is a compelling reason to do so. Phone 905-985-8585 26 thumbs Rating local events and decisions with a thumb up or down. 13 ice out Spring arrived last month with the ice disappearing in non-record time. 50 william is gold Young teenager has a golden year winning four medals. 16 Crown for Queen Forty years ago this monthTown Hall 1873 received a new crown. 60 whats Up Scugog Entertainment and events taking place in ScugogTownship. 2 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Focus has change of ownership our cover Retired teachers Bob Almack and Liz Henderson of Port Perry share a love of cycling well beyond their teenage years. Five years ago the couple began an outdoor adven- ture which saw them cycle from British Columbia to Nova Scotia over a period of five summers. See story starting on page 33. Photo courtesy Bob Almack Effective with this issue of Focus on Scugog the magazine comes under new leadership. The new owner MaryAnn Fleming is a familiar and respected member of our team and the community. Nothing else changes at Focus. The staff you have come to know and trust along with the magazines mandate to provid comprehensive coverage of the people and events taking part in the community continues. For my part after 48 years in the publishing industry its time to step back. Its hard to believe so much time has passed by since I rst began my apprenticeship in the back shop of The Port Perry Star then owned by my parents. Thirteen years after arriving in port perry my father retired. Thanks to his encouragement and condence I assumed the role of owner and publisher a job I embraced until 2001 when the newspaper was sold. It wasnt long until I realized that ink was still running rampant through in my veins so with the help of a few colleagues an idea was conceived for a new communi- ty based magazine. The formula proved to be an instant success resulting in Focus on Scugog magazine reaching its 10th anniversary year last month. Ten years. What a perfect time to pass the torch With MaryAnn assuming the role of owner and pub- lisher I am condent in the future. Focus on Scugog is in good hands and I know she and the staff will suc- cessfully guide the magazine through the next decade. My sincere thanks to all of my colleagues friends and to the community at large for ten great years. your acceptance of Focus on Scugog in the community has been overwhelming and has provided me with the proudest achievement of my publishing career. To say I will miss coming to the ofce everyday is an understatement but every career comes to an end and its time for me to move on. Thank you Scugog J. Peter Hvidsten Publisher Focus on Scugog publisher Peter Hvidsten is seen here with the new owner of Focus on Scugog MaryAnn Fleming. The maga- zine changes hands effective May 1 2015. Photo by Tracy Souch Kudos to the Megalore Group Dear Editor I would like to thank The Megalore Group for all they have done in assisting me with the cost of my eye surgery Toric Lens Lazer Treatment and glasses. This was not covered by OHIP due to government cutbacks. Without financial help from The Megalore Group this would have been near impossible for me to have accomplished without great financial difficulty. I am a senior on a fixed income. Kudos to everyone at The Megalore Group. A very grateful recipient Pam Sager Port Perry Letters to the editor Mailbox FOCUS - MAY 2015 3 Letters to the editor Mailbox Spring Fling has blasts from the past Dear Editor We wanted to let your readers know that Megalore Group is holding its annual Blast from the Past spring dance on Saturday May 9. We would like to invite the whole community to join the fun. All proceeds will go to help a needy person or family here in Scugog Township only. This year the music will be provided by Todd Soomre a local fireman. Todd will play your requests and music from your favourite era. We also invite you to dress up in clothing from your favourite era. Blast from the Past will be held at the First Nation Hall on Island Rd. The dance will run from 8 p.m. to 1 p.m. with spot dances followed by a light lunch. There will also be a 50 50 draw. Keys to Us a designated driving service will be on hand to provide free transportation to those who need it to your home within 20 kms of the venue. Tickets are 20 per person and are available at Envoy Business Centre 1869 Scugog St. Call David 905-982- 2700 or Jim 905-985-4372. Jim and Lynn Doucette Darlene Hlozan John Nuefeld Megalore Group More letters on page 20 Articles about farming appreciated Dear Editor On behalf of the volunteers for Durham Farm Con- nections I would like to thank Focus on Scugog for the two articles in the January issue featuring award win- ners from the first annual Celebrate Agriculture event. Both articles did a wonderful job of explaining the outstanding contributions to agriculture in Durham Region by the award winners. The articles featured the Nicole Swain winner of the Leadership award and the Nesbitt family who won the Farm Family award. We would like to invite the community to attend 2015 Celebrate Agriculture Gala to be held October 29 at the Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Tickets are available from Durham Farm Connections is a volunteer-run organization offering innovative agricultural education. It provides agricultural education opportunities for the farm and non-farm communities in Durham Region to ensure the viability of the agriculture sector. Thank you for recognizing one of Durham Regions largest and most important industries agriculture Carolyn Puterbough Durham Farm Connections Blackstock 168 Queen St. Port Perry 905-985-2521 for men women kids 4 FOCUS - MAY 2015 STRONG LIKE BULL Mike Haigh may be the best athlete youve never heard of. Inducted into both the Ontario and Canadian Halls of Fame in his sport Mikes 30-year career reads like an athletic dream. Humble and passionate on the topic hes philosophical when explaining why arm wrestling appeals to only a limited audi- ence. It suffers from an image problem he says candidly. Its associated with dingy bars and settling wagers. In its simplest form arm wrestling is a friendly test of strength among friends. But taken to a competitive level it demands the same physical training mental preparation and intellectual strategizing as any mainstream sport. The walls of Mikes trophy room are lined with plaques and trophies he has won or been presented over the past 30 years. Photo by J. Peter Hvidsten Mikes 30 year career promoting and competing in arm wrestling landed him in the Hall of Fame Mikes unplanned journey began casually at Crandells Tavern in Port Perry in the mid-80s. I expected to compete against local friends and coworkers he recalls of that initial entry. But most of the competitors were veterans of a well-established arm wrestling circuit. That was a phenomenal first experience even if I didnt come close to winning. What it did was whet his appetite. And when the competition returned to Crandells the fol- lowing year Mike struck up a fruitful friendship with a fellow competitor which would change his athletic life. Todd Steele would become my influential coach. But that night all I wanted to do was pick his brain Steele would ultimately satisfy the newcom- ers thirst for knowledge and greater achieve- ment. Photo on Page 1 - Arm wrestling Champions from left Gary Goodridge of Barrie heavy and middle weight Mike Haigh Port Perry light weight and Leanne Johnston Port Perry ladies division. FOCUS - MAY 2015 5 He taught me the philosophy behind the sport and guided my training. And the more I learned from him the better I did in competition. Raw strength his coach taught him contributed only fractionally to success. Todd said arm wrestling was 25 strength 25 technique and 50 psychological meaning being prepared for your match. Research and be mentally ready for your opponents best then adjust to it. Its in the thinking Todd told me that the match is won or lost. And just like martial arts your reactions need to become automatic. Mike lists four basic techniques which dominate the sport all of which share a common goal to com- promise the opponents leverage while maximizing your own. With the top roll you pull your opponents arm toward you. Think of carrying a package best-case youd carry it in close to your body. So as you pull his arm away he loses power while you gain. You curl your wrist in doing a hook which allows you to essentially pull his down. The shoulder roll utilizes your body weight. We call that getting on top of your arm and that techniques difficult to defend unless you catch it quickly and react effectively. The fourth technique is to move straight sideways and hit it with everything youve got. Among the four Id say that ones the middle-of-the-road technique. In time you find out what works best for you. And as you progress you become more versatile and bet- ter able to counter your opponents moves. Arm wrestling pairs competitors of similar statures by weight category. The match officiated by two referees to ensure both equality and safety begins with a thumbs- visible grip-up between opponents. Shoulders must be squared to the table wrists kept straight. The referee must be able to pass a fist between head and shoulders to prevent crowding and raised pegs provide placement for each wrestlers free hand. The head referee com- mands readygo and the match is on The object is simple to drive your opponents hand to a pin pad. The pad is raised four inches off the table to prevent injuries which might result if the goal were to push to the tabletop. While the set up to a match is formalized to ensure a level playing field as with runners taking their marks Mike says when it begins competitors are allowed to move as they please. Your elbow has to stay in contact with a cushion on the table but other than that you can move anyway you like in search of an advantage. Most matches he says last only seconds. Thirty seconds would be called a long match and most average five. So you have to react instantly to your opponents moves or its all over. That could mean ad- justing your grip or changing your body position. Biomechanics play a key role in success. Strong super-sized tendons allow you to carry on Miss Bahamas Betty-Ann Hanna has a friendly bout with Mike Haigh organizer of the arm wrestling tournament at the 1987 Fes- tival Days in Port Perry. Miss Bahamas was a guest for the festival which chose the Bahamas as its theme for the summer celebration. Archive photos by J. Peter Hvidsten Mike seen during a competition during Port Perrys popular Festival Days in July 1986. Please turn to page 6 6 FOCUS - MAY 2015 longer. Height can be both an advantage and disadvan- tage. Arm wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes. Endurance is another critical element. These are double-elimination tournaments so to win you have to be prepared to go again possibly after a long or a gruelling match. Not surprisingly upper body training is the arm wres- tlers primary focus. While this most often takes the form of traditional gym exercises the extreme may become the norm outside the weight room. One of the best guys I know hell grip a patio stone in each hand grabbing them from the top and carry them around the yard. I swapped you know youre an arm wrestler when stories with friends and told them about carrying 13 bags of groceries home from the store hammer-curling them with good form as I walked. They looked at me and said Yeah okay. That was considered mild Mikes passion led to the formation of a world-class club in Port Perry. We were like-minded and dedicated and trained together. That group became provincially and nationally known and maintained a strong presence at competi- tions. Port Perry was held in very high regard in the but it mayve ultimately cost me the title. Mike shared his passion with Scugog through the Festival Days celebration. The Chamber of Commerce ran the first arm wres- tling competition in 1986 and with help from them I produced the event between 1987 and 1992. We were a key event on the arm wrestling calendar with competi- tors even coming from the U.S.A. to participate. We were fortunate during those years and Todd and I were in our early days to have generous support from local businesses. Its never been truer to say I couldnt have done it without them Moving to England in 1993 Mike started a club based on the Port Perry model. In 1999 he was elected Chairman of the British Arm Wrestling Foundation and presided over an impressive growth in participa- tion. When he returned to Scugog in 2005 he expand- ed his involvement to include coaching and officiating as well as remaining a competitor. His tireless efforts to build the sport have attracted widespread attention. In 2010 he was inducted to the Ontario Arm Wrestling Hall of Fame as a Builder and two years later received similar recognition from the Canadian Hall. Im humbled by those accolades he says. And Id add that it was always a badge of honour to be part of the Port Perry club because it was the benchmark for all the others. Within our sport belonging to our club meant something. Mike will be the first to admit on the topic of per- sonal interests that theres arm wrestling then theres everything else. It has consumed in a very good way the largest portion of my adult life. But I also enjoy other sports snowboarding and waterskiing and Im a big fan of motorsports like F1 and Nascar. I have a great group of friends whove provided a lot of those good time had by all moments. He smiles then adds And I have to mention my dog Fred among my friends. Youll find us walking everywhere Mikes training may not be as intense as it once was he admits but his passion burns as brightly as ever. He continues to compete in the sports Masters category. Arm wrestling gets in your blood he smiles. Mike does see a trend toward more mainstream appeal. The AMC network is running a show called Game of Arms which has helped promote the sport and other series around the world have also gained atten- tion. Both men and women compete now and form a very social respectful family of competitors. Im proud to call them friends. Will the increased television exposure lead to more mainstream acceptance and interest To borrow a phrase from arm wrestlings own vocabulary thats a tough answer to pin down. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Continued from page 5 My mother was a tower of support and inspiration to myself and the rest of the guys in the club. . . . Mike Haigh The The DUTCH Pantry were on the move JUNe 1 34 water Street sport. For his part Mike is open in his affection for the town. My family moved to Port Perry in 1972 and thats where my heart is. It has a perfect balance to it. Mikes family was supportive of his interest from the start. One member was especially influential. My mother Vonne was a tower of support and inspiration to myself and the rest of the guys in the club. The wrestlers on the circuit all referred to her as Mum From his humble beginnings at Crandells Mike forged a reputation and an impressive list of champi- onship awards as Ontario champ in 1991 and runner up at the nationals the fol- lowing year. I had one of those rare marathon matches in that tournament. It lasted 15-20 minutes and even though I had a couple of hours before the next round I was pretty well spent after that one. The two of us took Match of the Day honours BELINDA VERNON Aunt Bees General Store Aunt Bees General Store in Seagrave will be a beehive of activity this summer with 12 delicious avours of premium Kawartha Dairy ice cream to choose from. Its a popular destination for localsshermansnowmobilerscottagersandcanoeists. A married mother of two friendly proprietor Belinda Vernon realized her lifelong dream of opening a country store 15 months ago and she really enjoys getting to know her clientele. Relationships and strong organizational skills are two of her strengths. Aunt Bees unique shop offers a great selection of everyday grocery needs plus the wares of local entrepreneurs. You can nd leather dog collars home baking greeting cards bread pop chips candy coffee maple syrup and honey scarves soy candles shing gear and worms and more Drop in to Aunt Bees for a browse and a chat and a generous ice-cream cone Hours are Monday to Friday 8-9 Saturday 9-9 and Sunday 9-7. GENERAL STORE 102 River Street Seagrave 905-985-1611 NANCY DRISCOLL and JANET PAGE Videoplex WERE STILL HERE AT VIDEOPLEX Nancy Driscoll and Janet Page are heading into their 10th year of owning an independent Video Rental Store. Visit Videoplex and browse their many sections of movies TV series documentaries music foreign lms in DVD BR 3D format. They also have 1000s of 7 day rentals. Want to nd that special DVD Video Game or Vinyl LP to purchase Videoplex can search out almost anything for you anytime throughout the year Plus we have lots of previously viewed movies for sale. Cant play your video game DVD or CD For a small fee Videoplex can make them new again They also carry cell phone cases in Wetsuit by Dog Bone and Urban Armor Gear. Powerock portable cell phone tablet chargers and Enerplex travel adapters. They can special order for your type of phone or tablet. So drop into Videoplex and Nancy or Janet or one of their great staff can give you advice on renting or ordering that special movie 68 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8807 It takes skill experience and passion and here are a group of exceptional business people who have that and more to offer. Please support them whenever possible. Lets keep our business in and around the Scugog area. Business Leaders Four Part Feature Saluting Some Of Our Many Local Business Leaders FOCUS - MAY 2015 7 Business Leaders PART 1 RANDALL JONES Superior Tire Auto Randall Jones owner of Superior Tire Auto says no matter what tire you are looking for you will nd it here. We offer brand name tires such as Michelin Goodyear Toyo Kumho Bridgestone and many other great tires at great prices. The price includes free tire rotation for the life of the tires. Superior Tire also offers a priced alignment on your vehicle with the purchase of four new tires. We offer a complete selection of rims whether you require alloy or steel. In addition we offer a discount oil lube and lter change at 33.96 up to 5 litres including tax for most vehicles. Superior Tire service is performed by highly skilled licensed technicians trained to work on all vehicle makes and models from brakes alignment air conditioning tune ups and more. For quality honest friendly service bring your vehicle in today and you will be more than satised Monday-Friday 800 am - 600 pm Saturday 800 am - 200 pm 1511 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-1999 Not Intended to Solicit Buyers or Sellers Already Under Contract GRANT LUCAS Sales Representative ABRSRES A Full Time Realtor who prefers the personal hands-on approach to client care Grant brought with him over 25 years of Sales Marketing and Customer Service experience when he joined the industry in 2009. Grant keeps current with todays real estate market technology and marketing techniques to better serve his clients at Coldwell Banker RMR. This dedication to his people was reected when he received the Coldwell Banker Sapphire Society and Ultimate ServiceAwards. Grants strong Family Values and Work Ethic coupled with his Experience Professionalism and Friendly Outgoing Manner combine naturally to make him a Trusted Advisor and an excellent choice for Buyers and Sellers alike. Grant truly believes in giving The Care and Service You Deserve And by the way he is never too busy for any of your referrals. 1894 Scugog Street Port Perry Port Perry Plaza Ofce 905-985-9777 Direct 905-718-2933 R.M.R. Real Estate Brokerage Each Ofce Independently Owned and Operated COLLEEN FERGUSON Forever Friends Bridal Boutique Here Comes the high style from Forever Friends Bridal Boutique in Port Perry. You dont have to go out of town to get friendly and personalized customer service while choosing the perfect ensemble for your wedding party. For 10 years Colleen and her knowledgeable staff of seven have warmly welcomed and assisted in outtting brides bridesmaids mothers of the bride and groom matching the perfect gowns and dresses with complimentary accessories. Check out the latest in bridal fashions on Forever Friends website or visit the store seven days a week 10-6 Mon. Tues. Wed. and Fri. 10-8 on Thursdays Saturday from 930-5 and from noon to 4 on Sundays. Jeunesse Globals revolutionary skin rejuvenation line LUMINESCE is also available. Check out Forever Friends Facebook page which has 4000 likes Thanks to Colleen and her staff for raising over 15000 for local BBBS Scugog Library Community Service and Lakeridge Health. 5 High Street Hwy 7A Port Perry 905-982-7433 JOE GIBSON Budget Blinds Beautiful customized window treatments can put a pleasing nishing touch on every room in your home. As seen on TVs Property Brothers Budget Blinds of Port Perry offers a lavish selection of shutters drapes blinds shades and even window lm to enhance your living environment. Custom window coverings and personalized customer service are offered by the husband and wife duo of Joe and Cathy Gibson. For six years they have helped their customers nd solutions to their window treatment projects in an easy-going and stress-free atmosphere. In-home consultations and estimates for window coverings are complimentary. Products from respected major suppliers are used including Shade-o-Matic MaxXmar Mera Springs Window Fashions and their own brands Signature Series by Budget Blinds and Inspired Drapes. Theres even a ve year no questions asked warranty Joe and Cathy have lived in Blackstock for 31 years are members of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and volunteer for the Terry Fox WalkRun. Joe Gibson Blackstock 905-213-2583 www.budgetblinds.comportperry 8 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 1 Rory Scully started out as a client with Investors Group and 18 years ago he gave up his career with the provincial government to join this nancial rm. I really care about my clients wellbeing Rory says. Having a CFPdesignation shows commitment to ongoing education and ethics as well. Rory offers a wide range of investment products as well as mortgages insurance and securities accounts. He designs individualized nancial plans for his friends and neighbours. Available at his clients convenience for face- to- face meetings Rory points out that smart phones and email make it easy to keep in touch. A resident of Port Perry for 24 years Rory is married to Wendy Scully and they have two grown children. He volunteers with Community Care and sits on the local advisory board. A triathlete Rory enjoys running mountain biking and skiing. RORY SCULLY CFP Investors Group Financial Services Inc. 111-1614 Dundas St. E. Whitby 905-434-8400 1-888-801-9406 JULI CONARD Therapeutic Grace Helping others is a fundamental part of who I am commented Juli Conard of Therapeutic Grace. I have an inner desire to help ease pain and reconnect the body mind and soul for optimal wellbeing. Juli offers Massage Therapy Reiki Meditation classes and workshops Spiritual Retreats Life Coaching and Angel Therapy and Customized Wedding Services. Her colleague Jenn Soule RMT offers Hot Stone Massage Indian Head Massage and deep tissue and relaxation Massage Therapy. Presently Juli is training in hypnotherapy so she will have an exciting new tool to offer her clients in the summer of 2016. Juli has been in the business of helping others to feel better for 15 years. Married with two young children Juli is the Greenbank Mission Team Coordinator plus she volunteers for the Little Rocks at the Port Perry Curling Club. Therapeutic Grace is open by appointment Monday through Saturday. 14683 Old Simcoe Rd. Prince Albert 905-985-2006 KENNA KOZAK Scugog Chamber BIA Executive Director Kenna Kozak has been the enthusiastic face of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and Port Perry BIA for eight years. She brings to the table experience in all areas of business structure human relations public and media relations event coordinating marketing creative design and her years working in the broadcast industry. The ChamberBIA is dedicated to providing a full business complement of services including event coordinating and marketing to promote everything that is wonderful that Scugog township has to offer from festivals to local businesses to tourism. Open seven days a week with one full-time and two part-time employees Kenna likes to refer to the Scugog Visitor and Business Centre as Scugog 411 your go-to place for information on local day trips and events Kenna is a member of many local boards and she loves living in this beautiful township with her husband of 25 years Jeff. 237 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-4971 1-877-820-3595 BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION PORT PERRY Born and raised on a family farm in the Greenbank area James Cannon left Port Perry High for University where he met his future wife Lori also from a family farm. In 2002 after years of commuting and demanding careers Lori is a chartered accountant and James has extensive retail experience they gave up the Corporate life to establish Trading Post Quality Foods just three miles from their Seagrave home where they are raising their three children. This successful business is famous for its quality meats and specialty foods. Customers enjoy choosing fresh beef chicken pork lamb sh and seafood plus culinary accompaniments. Thirty-three people are employed to run the specialty food store 362 days of the year from 9-7 Monday to Wednesday 9-8 Thursdays and Fridays 9-6 on weekends and 9-5 on holidays. Closed Dec. 25 26 and Jan. 1. Future plans are to continue wowing customers with exceptional service and highest quality fresh local product. Community-minded the Trading Post sponsors a Dragon Boat team many local sports teams churches and numerous community events. 1920 Whiteld Road Port Perry 905-982-0118 JAMES and LORI CANNON Trading Post FOCUS - MAY 2015 9 Business Leaders PART 1 MONIQUE MELOCHE Personal Injury Lawyer WARDS PC When you or someone in your family has been injured it is important to ensure that you get the right legal representation to pursue your rights. Monique Meloche has experience working on both sides of personal injury law she has insight and understanding into how insurance companies manage personal injury claims. Her practice is focused on plaintiff personal injury matters including motor vehicle snowmobile ATV accident claims sliptrip and fall accidents defective products and denied long-term disability claims. As a resident of Port Perry and with a practice that spans the Durham Region and the City of Kawartha Lakes Monique is available to meet clients in various locations and offers free consultations. Monique and the team at WARDS PC will work hard to ensure that you receive the advice care insurance benets and fair compensation to which you are entitled. Please contact Monique for a free consultation. 84 Kent Street West Lindsay T 705-324-9273 WARD F 705-324-2364 TIM THOMPSON Menzies Chrysler For Tim Thompson of Menzies Chrysler in Whitby selling a car is not just about the sale Explains Tim Selling cars is about building relationships. I want to make my guests feel comfortable so that they will have condence in referring their family and friends. Port Perry is Tims hometown and he is happy to bring his 13 years in the automobile industry close to home. Joining the Menzies team has been a perfect t for Tim as Menzies believes in giving back to the community by supporting the organizations that make their town great. Tim shares this passion and is a member of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce. Menzies business includes not only Chrysler but also Dodge - featuring the best selling Caravan and the innovative Dodge Dart the rugged and durable Jeep lineup with the brand new Jeep Renegade and the award-winning 2015 Ram trucks with a newly introduced 3.0L diesel engine option. Please call or drop by for a visit. Tim will be happy to share what Menzies Chrysler has to offer. 1602 Champlain Ave. Whitby 905-683-41_ _ NELLIE WESTERMAN Accounting Service When Spring is in the air that means its tax time the busy season for Nellie Westerman Accounting Service. Nellie had 40 years of experience in her eld including 16 years in an accountants ofce before she took on the challenge of going out on her own by establishing her own business in 1988. Many of her clients are also self-employed and they rely on Nellie and her skillful staff to handle their taxes payroll and bookkeeping tasks. A people person Nellie enjoys her work and the opportunity to get to know and help her clients. The staff at Nellie Westerman Accounting Service keeps up on the latest in taxation laws and government regulations by attending seminars. Until the end ofApril during the hours of 830-6 and from 9-2 on Saturdays Nellie Westerman and her staff will be on hand to greet you and make your life easier by handling your tax concerns. Regular hours of 830-4 return on May 1st. 11490 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985-0195 Fx 905-985-3007 Accounting Service BRENDA COLVIN Owner Sensational Signs Company Inc. 17 years wiser full of experience and the latest product knowledge and technology to help you with your new business endeavour idea or event. We are proud to be part of this community and have built a solid reputation. The historical and local signage bylaws are etched into our memory for a wrinkle free worry free installation. Our products are environmentally friendly resilient with the highest quality and service. We were also bestowed with the honours of receiving a prestigious award for high rise signage at the prominent One BloorAddress in Toronto too. We love dimensional signs and are proud to share some of our local work around town at Antweek The Old Flame Brewing Co. Modella Marwans Books Galore and Astoria Spa they are our best advertising. Sensational Signs is proud to support many golf tournaments and assists with many local fund raisers. We are a top dog sponsor for the upcoming on June 6th at the Town Hall 1873 for the New Animal Shelter. Volunteer as a Board of Director for both Habitat for Humanity and Big Brother Big Sisters of North Durham. We have 7 employees to serve you from 830am to 430pm Mon. to Fri. How can we help you 12780 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-982-0881 10 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 1 905-243-5834 Judi Weedmark CRESCENT MORTGAGE CORP. Lic. 10126 JUDI WEEDMARK Crescent Mortgage Corp House hunting Need a mortgage Look no further. Judi Weedmark offers you 40 years of experience in the mortgage industry. After retiring from her 28-year career in the bank industry she zeroed in on her speciality for a new endeavor arranging mortgages through the Crescent Mortgage Corp. That was 13 years ago. Judis extensive experience well equips her to successfully negotiate even the most difcult mortgage deals and deals which require special structures. Judi has arranged mortgages both manually and now computerized she knows how to put a deal together. Judi can arrange your mortgage privately or with nancial institutions and she works closely with real estate agents.Available at your convenience 247 you can trust Judi to take care of all of your mortgage needs so you dont have to worry A resident of Port Perry for 13 years Judi gives back to her hometown by volunteering for the Santa Claus parade the Indoor Outdoor Show and the G-Moms. LAURA GRAY and BEV LESLIE Coach House Studio Coach House Studio showcases a variety of products from local vendors and artisans. Its a must-see for anyone needing that special gift or home dcor ideas. Laura Gray who has an extensive background in the interior design and dcor eld opened this mecca of eclectic treasures in Utica almost two years ago. Coach House Studio is a retail store offering unique home dcor furniture antiques giftware garden ware and fashion accessories. A large selection of custom reproduction lighting is available plus beautiful fabric choices for windows bedding and upholstery. You can nd milk paint and craft paint and there are classes offered in everything from milk painting techniques to oor cloth rug hooking felting and more. Laura and regular staffer Bev Leslie are on hand to welcome you from 10-6 Monday to Friday 10-5 Saturday and 12-5 on Sundays. Visit Coach House Studio to get inspired 605 Regional Rd. 21 Port Perry The Old Utica Store 905-982-2705 ANTIQUES UNIQUES DCOR MORE COACH HOUSE STUDIO Vos Your Independent Grocer is a family store with strong family values. Owners Terry and Christine Vos are proud of that. They have a strong knowledge and sense of business. They are very personable and community responsive. Terry has worked in the grocery business for 24 years. The clean and bright Vos store features the exclusive line of Presidents Choice products. Vos Your Independent Grocer is the place to go for something sweet or savory from the bakery specialty cheeses fresh produce dry goods and a tempting array of meats and deli items. There are 178 friendly staff members to assist you. Customer service is a priority. Terry and Christine are dedicated to being part of the local community contributing and getting involved. Vos is open Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 10 pm for your convenience. For a pleasant shopping experience choose Vos Your Independent Grocer. CHRISTINE and TERRY VOS Vos Your Independent Grocer 1893 Scugog Street Port Perry YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y YOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y Its the ambiance that you will fondly remember after visiting the historic Piano Inn and Caf owned by Christy Stone-Curry in the 1884 Lenard building in downtown Port Perry. Once occupied by her grandfather who was a successful realtor this local landmark has been in Christys family for 45 years. The popular Piano Caf was established 13 years ago. Its situated in the heart of town convenient to local shops and the lake. Part of the charm is the revolving art show featuring a gallery of ne paintings by local artists. But the best reason to visit the Piano Caf is the wonderful and well -priced menu. Homemade soups fresh salads and gourmet sandwiches are popularluncheonchoices.Therearealsoglutenfreemenuitemsanddelectabledesserts. Upstairs luxury upscale efciency suites have been available for six years. Enjoy the outdoor patio from May through September CHRISTY STONE-CURRY Piano Inn and Caf 217 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-0707 FOCUS - MAY 2015 11 12 FOCUS - MAY 2015 POOL SPA Millstone Mocha Marble Grey Sandstone Green 905-986-4000 Just Plug In ANYWHERE Portable Affordable Luxurious 3695 regular 4695. Complete with stairs cover and hand rail. while supplies last Call today for start-up and cleaning of your pool heater. Sales Services Rentals FOCUS - MAY 2015 13 It was almost half a century ago that I was given the job of recording the official date the ice melted and disappeared form Lake Scugog. Records for this eagerly awaited event have been published since 1872 so no doubt there have been numerous record- ers. In the past century - the chore was carried out by the likes of Port Perry Star publisher Sam Farmer and members of his family until 1963 when the paper was sold to my father Per Hvidsten. All those who have participated are not known but each spring Port Perry Star employees like Clive Boyd Archie Farmer Bill Harrison and Per Hvidsten kept the records up-to-date. The process as explained to me was quite easy. Simply walk to the end of the pier at the end of Queen St. scan the hori- zon to the north and make the call. If the ice had completely disappeared from the surface of the lake looking north - then this was the date the ice left Lake Scugog. Of course this over simplification of the process did cause problems at times - especially if a strong wind from the north moved an ice field back into the bay the following day. Other dilemmas would come from people living along other loca- tions around the lake who claimed the ice left earlier or later. Prior to 1918 when the government pier was constructed Port Perrys lake- front in no way resembled the lakefront we have today. The shoreline which to- day is home to Birdseye Centre pool the Scugog Library Palmer Park and baseball diamonds was a heavily industrial cen- tre. In the late 1800s when records started the railway rolled through the centre of todays park lumber grain and manu- facturing industries lined the entire lake- front from north to south. So just where those who recorded the dates the ice went out were standing when they declared the lake free of ice is not known for certain. But this year will make the 143rd year this spring tradition has taken place. J. Peter Hvidsten Focus on Scugog Ice Out How its determined Old ManWinter releases its grip on Lake Scugog 1990............. April 13 1991............. April 1 1992............. April 14 1993............. April 18 1994............. April 16 1995............. March 28 1996............. April 19 1997............. April 1 1998............. March 31 1999............. March 31 2000............. March 21 2001............. April 11 2002............. March 18 ICE OUT DATES FOR THE past 25 years Record Dates Earliest date the ice left Lake Scugog March 15 2012.. March 15 2012 Latest date the ice left Lake Scugog April 29 1965.. April 29 1965 2003............. March 18 2004............. April 4 2005............. April 16 2006............. April 3 2007............. April 4 2008............. April 15 2009............. April 1 2010............. March 27 2011.............. April 10 2012............. March 15 2013............. April 13 2014............. April 19 2015............. April 11 Dont you just love this time of the year when winter has officially passed into history Thankfully Aprils warmer temperatures accompanied by rain and wind started to eat away at the thick coat of ice which had cov- ered the lake for the past four months. Old Man Winter finally released his grip this year on Saturday April 11. Aside from a small field of crushed ice trapped in the bay on Saturday the lake glistened under a bright sun marking the start of another summer of fun. This years date for the ice out records was only eight days short of the date a year earlier. Welcome to summer in Scugog 14 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Scugog artists are ready to show off their latest creations this weekend lake scugog spring Tour The 16th annual Lake Scugog Spring StudioTour will take place this weekend May 2 3 featuring the work of 31 artists located at a dozen sites in and around Port Perry.This allows them to welcome the public to view and learn about their craft. The StudioTour is self-guided so you can visit your favourite artists at your own pace.Visit as many as you wish.There is no admission fee. Scugogs talented artisans produce their creations in a variety of media rang- ing from wood fibre metal jewellery glass and stone pottery and photography. Lake Scugog StudioTour Preview Exhibition continues until April 30 at the Scugog Council for the Arts Gallery 181 Perry Street Port Perry. You can download your free Scugog StudioTour brochure and map from their website at For information call 905-982-2121 or email Gordon Ross Photo Perspectives Sarah Chin Stained Glass Marion Myers Encaustic Paintings Quilts Lisa Simpson Glass Jewellery Objects dArt Cathy Mark Metalwork Paul Gray Diamond WoodTurning and Wildlife Photography Saturday and Sunday May 2 and 3 Studio Joanna Malcolm Acrylic Watercolour What s On Seniors SCUGOG MEMORIAL LIBRARY Contact 905-985-7686 ANNUAL How to iN teN FestivAL FREE Learn a variety of new and useful skills in 10 minutes Saturday May 30 11 am - 2 pm CompUter CLAsses Zoomer tech Class Saturdays 2-4 pm intro to world wide web Friday May 1 3 - 4 pm intro to email Friday May 8 3 - 4 pm intro to social Networking Friday May 15 3 - 4 pm intro to skype Friday May 22 3 - 4 pm intro to ipad Friday May 29 3 - 4 pm eveNiNg Book CLUB Thursday May 28 7 - 830 pm the Confabulist by steven galloway keNt FArNdALe gALLery Henrys world - Henry Fernandes May 2 - June 4 memoir writiNg NEW telling your own story By Jennifer Graham session 2 Saturday May 2 9 23 30 1030 am - 1230 pm This is a FREE 4-week memoir writing workshop Spaces are limited so register early by calling 905-985-7686 x 101 movie NigHts Thursday May 7 14 630 pm trAveLogUe - Jonathan van Bilsen Topic New Orleans Tuesday May 12 2 pm HEALTH WELLNESS Foot CAre CLiNiC Hope Church - by appointment only Wednesday May 13 27 1030 am - 1230 pm Contact 905-985-8461 port perry tAi CHi St. Johns Presbyterian Church Cost 25.00 month Mondays 630 - 730 pm Thursdays 1 - 2 pm beginners Thursdays 230 - 330 pm cont Contact 905-985-1689 LATCHAM CENTRE ACTIVITIES closed statutory holidays Contact 905-982-2192 Email Art Wednesdays 1030 am - 1230 pm Bridge CriBBAge eUCHre Tuesdays 1 - 3 pm CHorUs Wednesdays 1230 - 130 pm CrAFts Wednesdays 9 - 1130 am eXerCise Mondays Fridays 930 - 1010 am geNtLe eXerCise Tuesdays 1030 - 1130 am LiNe dANCiNg Mondays Fridays Regular Classes 1030 - 1130 am Beginner Classes 1130 am - noon sHUFFLeBoArd Mondays 1 - 3 pm tAi CHi Wednesday May 6 20 2 - 4 pm woodCArviNg Wednesdays 9 - 1130 am yogA For ArtHritis NEW Thursday May 7 21 10 - 11 am SCUGOG RECREATION CENTRE Contact 905-985-8698 Art eXHiBit From Little Acorns mighty oaks do grow Scugog Shores Heritage Centre Archives May 1 - May 24 Art from past local high school students May 24 - June 21 Exhibit opening May 24 1 - 4 pm Art from R.H. Cornish Students drUmmiNg eXtrAvAgANZA NEW Wednesday May 13 call to confirm time piCkLeBALL Mondays Thursdays 9 am - 4 pm Beginners Monday 9 - 10 am BLACKSTOCK REC CENTRE Contact 905-985-8698 BLACkstoCk LioNs CLUB CAr sHow NEW Saturday May 30 8 am - 3 pm sHUFFLeBoArd CLUB Every Wednesday starting May 13 9 am - 330 pm MEALS CommUNity CAre dUrHAm LUNCHeoN oUt Various locations - Must pre-register Cost 8.00 Thursday May 7 21 Noon Hot FroZeN meALs oN wHeeLs NEW Contact 905-985-1689 CLUBS MEETINGS dUrHAm Beekeepers Monday May 25 630 pm at Greenbank Hall Contact Toni 905-852-0733 greeNBANk FoLk mUsiC NigHt Saturday May 23 730 pm at Greenbank Hall Contact 905-985-8351 greeNBANk LioNs CLUB Regular Meeting Wednesday May 20 7 pm Breakfast Saturday May 2 9 am Contact Larry Doble 905-985-3723 greeNBANk HALL yogA NEW Every Tuesday 545 pm Call to confirm Contact 905-985-3723 greeNBANk HALL ZoomBA NEW Every Monday 10 am Call to confirm Contact 905-985-3723 pAtCHers gUiLd meetiNg Mondays Fridays 930 - 1010 am at Hope Christian Reform Church Contact piNe ridge gArdeN CLUB Tuesday May 5 730 pm at Nestleton Hall speaker peter wynnyczuk Topic Benefits of trees and advice about their conservation. Contact 905-986-5330 pLANt BAke ANd yArd sALe NEW Saturday May 16 830 am - 1 pm at Nestleton Hall donations of perennial plants gladly accepted meNs groUp BreAkFAst Saturday May 9 830 am at Seagrave United Church Contact 905-985-2429 sCUgog seNiors Advisory Committee meetiNg Tuesday May 5 10 am in the Council Chambers EUCHRE BLACkstoCk St. Johns Anglican Church Tuesdays 730 pm Contact 905-986-5046 NestLetoN Nestleton Hall Thursdays 730 pm Contact 905-986-5648 port perry viLLA Wednesday May 6 20 130 pm Contact 905-985-3312 Scugog Township Seniors Advisory Committee 289-485-1012 Want your June event activity listed Please forward information to by May 6. SENIORS COMMUNITY CALENDAR MAY 2015 PORT PERRY SENIORS CLUB Latcham Centre Cost Ages 50 - 80 15.00 annually Ages 80 5.00 annually Port Perry Seniors General Meeting Wednesday May 13 2 pm 181 Perry Street Unit G1 Port Perry Come one - Come all to the seniors information offiCe friday june 19 1100 am Rain Date Friday June 26 FOCUS - MAY 2015 15 16 FOCUS - MAY 201516 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Two sections of the replica bell tower are seen here being moved along Queen St. towards the Town Hall on a atbed truck in May 1975. Port Perrys Town Hall after the original bell tower was removed in 1951. Port Perrys Town Hall 1873 has undergone many changes over the past cen- tury but possibly one of the most dramatic changes took place in 1951 when the decorative bell tower on top of the halls two-storey brick edifice was removed. The aging wooden structure upper left had been considered unsafe for a number of years. In fact as early as 1939 the bell tower had been slated for removal during renovations of the hall which included replacement of the roof enlargement of the stage and front entrance. But it was more than a decade later when council decided it was a hazard to the public and ordered it removed. The bell tower was finally removed from the hall in October 1951 by local contractor Ed Storey who replaced it with an unattract- ive squat peak seen in the photo A Crown for Queen St.A Crown for Queen St. Marjorie Letcher The original Town Hall tower as it looked in 1935 with a ag pole and large circular space left a clock but the clock was never installed. Below the new bell tower after it was installed. on opposite page. For the next 24 years this important municipal building sat crowned with its unimpressive cap. The Town Hall 1873 Committee was formed in 1974 to save the aging hall from destruction. They began a campaign to raise funds to renovate both the interior and exterior of the communitys historic town hall. One of the driving forces behind the project and in having the tower replaced was Marjorie Letcher wife of Merlin Letcher who had served as Port Perrys Reeve for 13 years from 1933 to 1945. Mrs. Letcher donated 10000 toward the construction and replacement of an identical replica of the tower. Its believed this project FOCUS - MAY 2015 17 High atop a scaffold on May 28 1975 workers prepare to attach the newly constructed bell tower to the top of the hall. Archive photos by J. Peter Hvidsten would never have been possible without her gener- ous donation. The tower was built by local carpenter Jamie McNab on Water St. near the south ball park and then driven through town to the hall capturing the attention of dozens of curious onlookers. Police blocked Queen St. as a large crane hoisted the newly constructed crown section to a team of men waiting high atop the scaffold-clad brick tower. Mrs. Letcher was among the small group of enthu- siastic Town Hall supporters who proudly watched on Wednesday May 28 1975 as the tower was lifted back to the top of the hall. By J. Peter Hvidsten Focus on Scugog SCUGOG KITCHEN DESIGN ScugogKitchenDesign kitchensdesignedwithyouinmind ScugogKitchenDesign kitchensdesignedwithyouinmind 180 Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-9506 FREE INSTALLATION with complete kitchen NEW LOCATION JUNE 1 2015 47th Annual Canoe the Nonquon Saturday June 6 2015 Registration at the Latcham Centre Friday June 5 6 - 9 pm Saturday June 6 7 - 10 am First boats in the water Saturday morning at 8 am Registration 50canoe or kayak. All participants encouraged to seek additional sponsorship. A prize will be awarded to the person who raises the most money. For more information or call 905-985-8698 x 103 A RACE FOR ALL AGES Also at Latcham Centre on Saturday .... ChildrenS CraFtS BBQ aWardS CereMOnY - 2 PM Silent auCtiOn Open to the public during Friday registration and Saturday 7 am - 2 pm 18 FOCUS - MAY 2015 ITH ONLY five weeks to go until the 47th annual Canoe the Nonquon its time to dust off your canoe and pull your paddles and life preservers out of storage. The popular Nonquon River race will take place this year on Saturday June 6. The course has changed little over the last half century although the starting point was moved last year to the 12th concession due to water conditions. This location beside the bridge on the 12th concession will be the starting point again this spring shortening the race by about 6 km. Participants launching their canoeskayaks will follow the scenic and winding Nonquon River north towards Seagrave experiencing tight bends to practice your rud- der turns. Along this section of the shallow river paddlers may also encounter some dead-end channels and although there are no portages competitors may find they have Canoe the Nonquonto push their canoes over one or more beaver dams. There is 12 km of river paddling followed by a long 8 km south along the shores of Lake Scugog to the finish line at Port Perrys waterfront. Participants race the clock and can start any time between 8 to 930 a.m. on Saturday morning. Canoe the Nonquon is a well attended race with a long-standing history in the community. Ama- teurs and professionals young and old compete in a large number of competitive or recreational catego- ries. Shuttle vans are available to take participants back to their cars upon concluding the race. W Registration takes place at the Latcham Centre on the Port Perry waterfront at the corner of Queen and Water Streets on Friday June 5 from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturday June 6 from 7 to 10 a.m. Canoe the Nonquon is a major fundraiser for the museum. Minimum race entrance fee is 50 but the public is encouraged to get out and support the Scugog Shores Museum. This year the person who brings in the top pledge amount will win a Visa Gift Card worth 100.00. Only the top pledge person will win a prize. Organizers also plan to have a bigger and better silent auction than before with great gift baskets. The silent auction is open to anyone and the bids will be ac- cepted on Friday night during registration and anytime up until 2 p.m. on Saturday. For more information contact Scugog Shores Mu- seum Village 905-985-8698 x 103. Kathy Downes and Brad Whittaker in their kayak as they head off along the Nonquon River during last years Canoe the Nonquon race. Photo by J. Peter Hvidsten Referrals are the core of our business Call John 905 434 0517 905 985 8569 Renovations from the outside in we can do it all Transforming dreams into reality BEFORE AFTER FOCUS - MAY 2015 19 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE 2014 BEST DENTAL OFFICE A veneer is a thin layer of restorative material placed over a tooth surface either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth or to protect a damaged tooth surface. Whether as a result of an accident or a tooth has been broken or chipped or simply if a tooth suffers from discoloration a dental veneer is used to improve the appearance of a tooth. A veneer is fabricated by a dental technician in a dental laboratory and later bonded to the tooth. Veneers are an important tool in cosmetic dentistry and have become an increasingly common procedure. The Hollywood smile has transcended the movies and more and more people want the same perfect smile they see in magazines and on their screens. The technology is now available to make amazing changes to the look of our teeth. Whether a tooth is worn at the edges too small and not able to be closed by orthodontics or malpositioned one or multiple veneers can be placed to make the teeth look just like your natural ones. Consultation Preparation Fitting Bonding Veneers are used to fix Teeth that are discoloured - either because of root canal treatment stains from tetracycline or other drugs excessive fluoride or other causes or the presence of large resin fillings that have discoloured the tooth Teeth that are worn down Teeth that are chipped or broken Teeth that are misaligned uneven or irregularly shaped Teeth with gaps between them Dental Veneers 20 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Focus Readers Comment Dear Editor Easter Bonnet parade a great success Dear Editor On behalf of the Church Chicks United thank you to Focus on Scugog - for doing exactly that - focusing on our 6th Annual Easter Bonnet Parade and Contest. You all have been our biggest champion from the start and without the exposure youve given us we are sure it would not have become the grand event that it is today. It was blisteringly cold this year but sunny- we had about half the street crowd but our contestpartici- pant numbers only suffered a bit 152 compared to last years 184. The Chicks would also like to thank our two spon- sors Cakes By Stephanie and The Kids Cupboard Ken and Pat at the Nutty Chocolatier as well as DJ Todd Soomre Tripp Creative Photography and our judges JulieAnne Gatto-Gibbons Kerri King and Kent Farndale. A huge thank you to the following schools for par- ticipating in Crazy Hat Day RH Cornish SA Cawk- er Prince Albert Epsom Greenbank Cartwright The Childrens House Montessori School Trinity Grace School and to Port Perry High School for their donation as well. All money raised both at the event and the adjoining Crazy Hat Day goes to the Scugog Memorial Librarys children and teen area. One of the Church Chicks reported that they heard a child exclaim This is the happiest day of my life When the parent replied Wow why the child said Its the funnest and prettiest thing to see and I get to smile with all my friends. Mission accomplished Thanks Peter Pam Hollett Melissa Durward Co-chairs Port Perry Easter Bonnet Contest Parade Fix splash pad before kids arrive Dear Editor It annoys me to read in our local newspaper that council is considering painting the Old Mill. Why You may say because the Pan Am Torch is going through our community. Please do not misunderstand me I am not against the torch but I believe the money could be put to better use by sprucing up the Childrens Splash Pad. The Port Perry Kinsmen Club approached former Mayor Marilyn Pearce who was a great supporter of this childrens facility. The Kinsmen pledged funds for a splash pad and then began selling fireworks to raise the necessary funds. Two long weekends each sum- mer for about four years members volunteered to sell fireworks to raise the money. Despite the Port Perry Kinsmen folding the men and women who made the promise to raise funds worked on. The pad became a reality and the many many volunteer hours were worth while. The first year the pad looked beautiful and it was a joy to sit and watch the little kids run through the water and enjoy the big frogs and the coloured fish. It truly was a delight. Where were the fish and frogs last year They were thrown in the township yard on Reach Road. The pad was truly a disgrace. It was not a happy spot it was a mess. Many times no water was running. It certainly did not look like a fun spot to take the little ones to. Shame on township and parks and recreations staff for letting this happen to what should be a focal point in our beautiful lakefront park. Come on council fix it right. I am just one of many who spent too many hours to see what has happened to the Childrens Splash Pad. Doreen Kendall Utica GOT ENOUGH COVERAGE HOME AUTO BUSINESS LIFE HEALTH GROUP BENEFITS 1564 King St. E. Hwy. 2 Courtice 905-436-9090 W.O. INSURANCE BROKERS Dale Gibbons R.I.B. ON Broker The The DUTCH Pantry New Deli Bakery Location 34 water Street The DUTCH Pantry were on the move JUNe 1 34 water Street As another tax ling deadline passes we would like to thank you for putting your trust in HR Block. Remember our service doesnt end on April 30th. Were open year-round to assist you with any tax problems or questions. Visit an HR Block Tax Professional today. HR Block Canada Inc. At participating oces 174 Perry Street Port Perry Ontario 905-985-9803 Thank So Much. Business Leaders PART 2 MICHAEL KONOPASKI Scugog Accounting Michael Konopaski PhD CPA CMA CFP has an impressive professional background. The owner of Scugog Accounting Professional Corporation Chartered Professional Accountants Michael has shared his expertise by speaking at conferences throughout Canada the United States and Europe. Michael is also professor of accounting at UOIT Oshawa. Michael has 20 years of experience including four years in Port Perry. Consulting focuses on the nancial capital of wealthy families and professionals. Services include accounting audits review engagements bookkeeping business advisory entrepreneurial training family business management nancial and investment education estate planning and tax and succession planning. He makes time to serve locally as the Treasurer of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and as a Director on the Port Perry Business Improvement Area BIA. Michael and Roger Moase CPA CA along with their employees are available with extended hours during tax season. For expert professional advice on your nancial affairs Scugog Accounting Professional Corporation is the wise choice. 250 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-9791 905-985-8893 SCUGOG chartered professional accountants accounting professional corporation LESLEY WESTBURY and VICTORIA WESTBURY Silver Cross Silver Cross moved to its new location in Oshawa in January Lesley Westbury and her daughter-in-law Victoria Westbury are still on hand to offer the same important aids to daily living for people with mobility issues. Their Healthcare Product Solutions include stairlifts elevators bathroom safety aids wheelchairs walkers roll-in showers and accessibility renovations. Silver Cross offers some recycled options as well. Their website has recently been updated and now easier to use and understand. It has the ability to generate an inquiry should you need a visit or quote. VictoriawhoworkedinanursinghomeinEnglandfor12yearscommented that teamingupwithLesleytwoyearsagotostartSilverCrosswas a perfect t. The staff is on duty 9-5 Monday to Friday and ready to help you We often answer our phones on weekend and offer weekendevening appointments Lesley is married and a resident of Seagrave and both are members of Oshawa Chamber of Commerce and support Rotary and the MS with donations. 850 King Street W. Oshawa 905-668-8560 1-800-659-0668 ROSARIO GRECO Styles Hair Salon Hair specialist Rosario Greco the owner of Styles Hair Salon is very excited about the newest products and services now available at his Port Perry salon. The salon located at 21 WilburAve. is the newest location of the premier Canadian banner group Capilia. With 48 centres across North America focusing on scalp care hair-loss prevention and correction Capilia is a natural t to Rosarios lifelong commitment to hair and hair health by providing solutions for clients struggling with thinning hair scalp conditions or tackling chemotherapy. Capilias commitment to research development and training allow Styles to offer their clients the best 100 natural products and solutions available in the marketplace. The value add for clients is that while their hair is being styled or coloured Rosario now trained in trichology has the ability to talk to them about scalp health and hair revitalization.. For a consultation give us a call email us or visit us at facebook.comRosarioGrecoStyles 21 Wilbur Avenue Port Perry 905-985-0099 Having been licensed and selling Real Estate throughout Durham Region since 1979 Brian has assisted 1000s of families to relocate and make Durham their home. Brian brings 35 years experience of listing and selling properties and strives to make your decision his priority. Having been raised in South Durham and moving to the Scugog area in 1995 he has seen a lot of the changes that have evolved into making Durham Region and Scugog the areas to invest into and relocate to. Brians experience of owning one of the Top Real Estate franchises in Oshawa from 1987-92 and working with and learning from Top Realtors and being honoured as in the Top 20 Sales Achievers in both Canada and the USA. All of this experience and knowledge can only benet you the seller or buyer when it comes time to choose a realtor. He can help you the seller in marketing your property through his Social Media Skills and obtaining top dollar. Call Brian to buy or sell. BRIAN MCKINLAY Real Estate Broker 94 Water Street Port Perry 905-430-3000 Cell 905-260-1568 Realty Executive Systems Inc. Brokerage FOCUS - MAY 2015 21 Business Leaders PART 2 ELLY HUHLE AND JEANNIE MUIR Camilles Closet Its the best of both worlds when you can get a bargain and support a worthwhile cause at the same time. Camilles Closet is operated by the Auxiliary to Lakeridge Health Port Perry. Open from 10 am 4 pm six days a week it specializes in recycling used merchandise all of which has been donated. Since it began ve years ago Camilles Closet has raised over 100000 for the Port Perry hospital and is staffed exclusively by volunteers. Camilles Closet has been one of the key projects in helping the Auxiliary meet its commitments to the hospital. Currently the Auxiliary has pledged 350000 to support the renovation of patient rooms which will soon be underway. Auxiliary members also organize the Polar Plunge in February and Tag Days in June. The gift shop in the hospital lobby operates all year. The Auxiliary welcomes new members to help with these and other programs. Supporting Auxiliary initiatives means better health care for you 119 Perry Street Unit 5 facing Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-9522 SANDRA CARRIER Kawartha Lamaze Your rst pregnancy can be an exciting yet sometimes overwhelming experience. Sandra Carrier is available to help. The owner of Kawartha Lamaze Sandra has 26 years of experience. Her mandate is to provide education that promotes the positive aspects of childbirth. As well as being a certied Lamaze childbirth educator she is a registered nurse who works in the New Life Centre. Sandra provides a six week Lamaze series six times a year at Port Perry Hospital. Classes run on Tuesday evenings from 7-930 pm. Sandra also offers tours of the comfortable New Life Centre in Port Perry Hospital. By working in the eld I can provide hands on experience as well as keeping up to date with current practices Sandra says. Caring and knowledgeable Sandra can smoothly assist you through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. 705-786-3217 10 Van Edward Drive Port Perry 905-985-8474 BUICK GMC BUICK GMC GARY COCHRANE Gus Brown Buick GMC Gary Cochrane of Gus Brown Buick GMC is proud to be part of a company that actively supports various local sports teams and local groups. In 1994 Gary sold his business and moved to the Scugog area to continue his career in the auto sales eld. He has been at the same location since 1998 with Bryce Philip then Jim Conlin and now Gus Brown. Garys knowledge from years of experience selling and leasing new and pre- owned vehicles is evident in his superior customer service. Extensive internet advertising draws customers from all over Ontario. The Sales Department at Gus Brown is open from 9 am until 8 pm Monday through Thursday and from 9 am until 5 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Now thats good service JANET BISSCHOP Scugog Kitchen Design Ltd. and The Dutch Pantry Scugog Kitchen DesignThe Dutch Pantry is on the move On June 1 these twin businesses owned by Janet Bisschop will be relocating to 34 Water Street. Until then customers are invited to visit these stores at their present address 180 Mary Street. At the Dutch Pantry candy clothing cheeses specialty foods and giftware from the Netherlands are all on display to tempt you. Janet is a proud Dutch Canadian whose father immigrated to Canada in 1948. At the new location the line of imported Dutch products will be expanded to include European deli meats and Belgian chocolate. The Dutch Pantry is now eight months old. Janet established Scugog Kitchen Designs ve years ago. Its the go-to place for friendly experienced customer service. Choose from a variety of stylish custom cabinets and countertops to turn your kitchen into your dream kitchen. Drop in 10-5 Monday to Friday and 10-4 on Saturdays. 180 Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-9506 SCUGOG KITCHEN DESIGN INC. kitchens designed with you in mind The DUTCH PANTRY and 22 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 2 SANDI YOKOM Bookkeeping Services Sandi Yokom has always been an entre- preneur. She worked for six years as a legal secretary at which time she handled accounting duties. She then spent three years as a real estate agent. Sandi later operated a deli for two years and then spent 10 years as an accounting clerk. In 2007 she nally decided to merge her experience and her skills in interacting with people to create her own bookkeeping service. With a spotlight on small business bookkeeping as well as computerized payroll government remittances payroll deductions and personal income tax Sandi specializes in providing clients with proper insight into RRSP planning. To provide the most convenient and affordable service possible small businesses only need to drop off paperwork on a monthlybi-monthly basis for Sandi to do the work. Take advantage of her convenient work hours Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm. Extended hours during tax season. 4 River Street Seagrave 905-985-8962 BOOKKEEPING SERVICES Do you ever wish you could feel better ReHabilitative Massage Therapist Rochelle Homsma can help. I strongly believe in going above and beyond for my clients because my ultimate goal is for them to be able to go about their activities of daily living without discomfort she commented. Rochelle provides therapeutic massage focusing on treating acute sub-acute and chronic conditions. She provides quality care for a variety of discomforts and conditions impairments injuries and helps with rehabilitation. My passion said Rochelle is to help people manage their body maintenance work towards preventative care and promote overall wellness. She also offers proprioreceptive taping which alleviates postural discomforts and provides neurological re-conditioning. She plans to offer ultrasound treatments in the future. Clients are welcomed ve days a week with daytime and evening appointments as well as Saturday availability. Rochelle is a member of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce and a supporter of local businesses. ROCHELLE HOMSMA RMT ReHabilitative Massage Therapy 905-213-4027 ReHabilitative Massage Therapy ReHabilitative Massage Therapy AMY BARRON and REBECCA BLUNDON Scugog Shores Museums Scugog Shores Museum has an exciting lineup of events planned for the 2015 season The University Student Art Showcase runs from April 18 till May 17. The Museum Village opens as of May 18. From May 24 - June 21 the artistic renderings of students from R.H. Cornish will be exhibited. Saturday June 6 is the 47th annual Canoe the Nonquon. Dont miss the 13thAnnual Dog Days of Scugog on July 18 19. Pioneer Day is August 9 and the Driftwood theatre productions take place on Aug. 15 16. September 11 is Murder Mystery Night The Arresting Images Exhibit runs from Sept. 18 to Dec. 18. Since 1969 Scugog Shores Museum has preserved and celebrated local pioneer and native history and heritage. Take a trip back in time Visit the homes of the early settlers sign up for a workshop or research your own personal genealogical history Heritage Centre Archives 1655 Reach Street and Museum Village 16210 Island Road 905-985-8698 ext 103 DARRYL PROSSER 25 year employee of Asselstine Country When you visit Asselstine Country thats Darryl Prossers familiar face behind the counter ready to greet you and help you get the right parts for your Yamaha and Suzuki products. Over 25 years ago Darryl started out working part time after school and he has been with the local shop ever since. His knowledge of parts is next to none. Orders are put in almost daily so parts arrive in a day or two if they are in stock in the warehouse. Established by the Asselstine family in 1971 Asselstines is your go-to place to purchase Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles ATVs and snowmobiles. There are two licensed mechanics and two apprentice mechanics on duty plus two knowledgeable salesmen. Customers can choose the convenient option of ordering parts or asking for quotes via email. Asselstines has earned great customer respect during its 44 years in business. Check them out Durham Rd. 57 6 km south of 7A 905-986-4437 FOCUS - MAY 2015 23 Business Leaders PART 2 DONNA LUCAS DDS Lakeside Restaurant The rst time Donna Lucas sat on Goreskis patio on Scugog Island she knew it was the place for her. After thirty years in the hospitality business Donnas dream of a place to call her own nally came true. In 2006 Donna opened DDs Lakeside Restaurant. Donna has made DDs a comfortable casual family dining experience and wants to let her customers know they always come rst. She specializes in something for everyone comfort foods like liver onions sh n chips wraps specialty salads and of course a kids menu. Open seasonally from May 8 to October 11 DDs offers a lovely lakeside setting where you can let your hair down and enjoy the water along with good food friends and conversation. Friday nights feature live entertainment with local artists to enhance your dining experience on the patio. No matter what the occasion Donna and her staff make sure all who stop at DDs nd warmth good food and great surroundings. 225 Platten Blvd. Scugog Island Port Perry 905-985-2275 DIANE SMITH db silversmith designs 227 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-8778 Diane Smith of db silversmith designs has seen her business grow from small beginnings to become a local destination for those looking for unique made-on-the-premises jewellery. Her success is a testimony to the quality of her work and the value that she can offer by being the stores OwnerArtist. In this day of mass production it is nice to have a local store where customers can meet and chat with the person who has actually made that special item. Diane takes immense pride in her work and in the friendly cozy atmosphere she has createdinherstudioboutiqueandthanksthepeopleofPortPerryandthesurrounding area who continue to appreciate and support her. In her downtown Port Perry shop Diane showcases the designs of other local artisans as well as her own unique and distinctive sterling silver jewellery. 188 Mary Street Port Perry 905-925-1343 JONATHAN VAN BILSEN PHOTOGRAPHY Jonathan van Bilsen has spent most of his adult life travelling photographing and writing about wonderful locations around the world. From his home in a country setting outside of Port Perry he has visited 90 countries written 9 books and countless articles and has photographed some of the most exotic locales on our planet. His photography studio in downtown Port Perry features the latest in digital technology as well as large format printing capabilities producing spectacular portraits and commercial images. His monthly columns in magazines and newspapers takes readers all over the world sharing his adventures and sometimes calamities in many different lands. Jonathans sense of humour and storytelling ability make him an excellent speaker at events and meetings. He has spoken to groups as large as 1500 and as small as 20 in faraway places like Hawaii and Paris as well as close to home. Consider Jonathan van Bilsen as a guest speaker at your group or clubs next event. Jonathan van Bilsen is published by Hushion House. His adventures packed with award-winning photographs can be viewed at JONATHAN VAN BILSEN Photographer SHELLY BILLINGS and ELIZABETH MASCHKE Hair Mechanix Hair Mechanix invite you to their fresh clean and friendly salon. We generate a fantastic atmosphere. You can sit back and relax while you get pampered by experts with over 30 years experience. Visit Hair Mechanix for the latest in colours foils and razor cuts. They also offer manicures pedicures eyebrow and eyelash tinting ear piercing and waxing. Updo and wedding styling are our specialities. We offer a variety of products for retail Paul Mitchell Schwarzkopf Lanza Osis and Bain de Terre to help you look your best. Shelley and Elizabeth are right on trend they continue to update their skills by attending courses for the ever-changing and dynamic industry. At Hair Mechanix there is a smile waiting for you and plenty of free parking. Hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday 9-6 Thursday - Friday 9-7 and 9-4 on saturdays. 16050 Old Simcoe Road Port Perry on the Northwest corner of Reach and Old Simcoe Rd. across from Tim Hortons 905-985-8888 24 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 2 Wood works that will inspire your life is the tag line for Inspirational Wood Works Inc. ItisownedbyIanRosswhoenjoyslivinginScugog with his family. Ian has 15 years of experience in the business and hes been self-employed for eight years. Inspirational Wood Works Inc. specializes in interior nishing carpentry custom woodwork built-in cabinetry interior railings and stairs crown molding hardwood ooring harvest tables kitchen design and installation. Ian has a good eye for detail. Hes honest and dependable and he has strong visionary skills. I really enjoy the opportunity to provide quality workmanship to people Ian commented. I like working one on one with my customers. We will treat your home like it was ours. Two people are employed and the hours are 8-5 Monday to Friday. Check out the website to inspire yourself IAN ROSS Inspirational Wood Works Inc. 905-242-4690 Inspirational Wood Works Inc. Custom Finishing Carpentry STEPHANIE ALEXANDER RMT Natural Health Associates 126 Water Street Unit 2 Port Perry 905-985-8591 NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES Stephanie Alexander is pleased to bring her own personal style of Registered Massage Therapy to Port Perry. Since joining the team at Natural Health Associates Stephanie has been building her practice and is available Monday to Friday. Stephanie offers a multitude of massage techniques and services including therapeutic deep tissue pre and post natal lymphatic drainage relaxation and everyones favorite hot stone massage. Stephanie says that deep tissue therapy is the most requested service as it is a very effective treatment for chronic neck and low back pain and injury. The main goal of deep tissue therapy is to get past the supercial muscle and release deep postural muscles allowing for postural correction and in most cases immediate pain relief. Whether you are looking for deep tissue massage therapy or simply trying to de-stress Stephanie is condent that she can meet your needs. To book an no obligation complimentary consultation call today. Spring has sprung and Dr. John Tompkin of Natural Health Associates is busy treating foot pain and biomechanical issues caused by foot dysfunction. Dr. Tompkin has been treating foot pain and building custom made orthotics for the past 18 years in Port Perry and says that foot problems can cause many issues such as sore knees achy hips and low back pain. Recently Dr. Tompkin has invested in a digital gaitscan system which measures both pressure and timing data as you walk. This information gives him more insight into exactly what is going wrong with your feet and allows him to design a treatment program to help resolve the problem. The great thing about gaitscan is that it can reveal a problem before you ever feel pain. To book a complimentary gaitscan call today. 126 Water Street Unit 2 Port Perry 905-985-8591 NATURAL HEALTH ASSOCIATES DR. JOHN TOMPKIN D.C. Natural Health Associates Partners in life and work Mark and Leahann Willes have owned and operated Mark Willes Automotive Ltd. for two years. A licensed mechanic since 1998 Mark describes himself as a problem solver and he has a strong commitment to offering his customers honesty and good work at good prices. We are a full service shop offering basic automotive maintenance for all makes and models tire installation and balancing. Roadside assistance is available through Technet which can alleviate your fears. Parts are ordered online. Ask about our warranty programs Visit us today for all of your automotive requirements from 8-5 Monday to Friday and 8-noon on Saturdays May thru June and October thru December. Mark who grew up in Port Perry and raised his family here likes to give back to the community. He volunteers for Community Living and sponsors Port Perry Fair events and Classic Car Club Cruise-ins. Check them out MARK LEAHANN WILLES Mark Willes Automotive 1511 Reach Road Unit 2 Port Perry 905-985-9292 MARK WILLES Automotive FOCUS - MAY 2015 25 26 FOCUS - MAY 2015 THUMBS DOWN - At least one local man is frustrated with the lack of accuracy of the published hours of the Scugog dump site and he gives a thumbs down to whoever created the Waste Management Calen- dar. Checking the calendar he found it was Closed Sunday Monday and holidays so he loaded up his truck on the Saturday only to nd himself and three other vehicles surprised to nd it closed. This meant unloading the garbage or losing the use of the vehicle for the next three days. Guess wed have to classify the calendar as garbage. THUMBS UP - to the Township of Scugog council who has endorsed Gary Edgar as a community torch- bearer for the upcoming pan Am Games Torch Relay. Gary is well known in the community for his achieve- ments in the sporting world and for his work with the Mississauguas of Scugog Island First Nation. We extend congratulations to Gary and look forward to him holding the torch high as it winds its way through port perry. THUMBS DOWN - to customers who pay for their single cup of coffee with a creditdebit card at a drive- thru window. Did you know by the time the server hands over the payment machine customer puts in his codes hands back the machine and then receives his coffee it takes about four times longer than paying with cash. Keep the cards for large payments and lets keep that drive thru line up moving THUMBS UP - to port perrys very own Old Flame Brewing Company for winning yet another gold medal in the Amber Lager category for their Red at the Ontario Brewing Awards. Way to go Scott Jack Shawn and the gang at Old Flame. Keep up the great work and bring home more gold. umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum The DUTCH Pantry New Belgian Chocolate Brittles n More Location 34 water Street The DUTCH Pantry New Deli Bakery Location 34 water Street The DUTCH Pantry were on the move JUNe 1 34 water Street FashionoUTLET 1888 scugog st. 905-985-1890 all occasion Ladies Wear Bras Everyday Low Pricing 20-80 Below Retail Grad or Prom Dresses Special Occasion Dresses Swim Summer Styles Year-Round At Kotya Peekin 1 Were doing it again... Join us for FREE WoRkouts in our outdoor training area every weekend in May Bootcamp saturdays 11 am Zumba sundays 1130 am Port Perry Star Readers Choice Award 2014 Scugog Chamber of Commerce Awards of Excellence in the Under 15 Employees category for 2014 Dont let another year go by... call or drop-in and get started on your path to a Healthier Place today It has been one year since we officially celebrated the Grand Opening of Anytime Fitness Port Perry Since then we have made some great enhancements to the gym and to our membership options we have won accolades as the Best Fitness Club and Best New Business in Port Perry as well as the Business of the Year in Scugog and we are proud to have helped hundreds of members get to a Healthier Place 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL ST MONTH FOR1 Sale 14500 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905 982 2788 Join Anytime Fitness Port Perry before May 16th and get your 1st Month for ONLY 1 Come Dance with Pamela on her creative journey with the Annual Scugog Studio Tour. Her works will be on display at the Utica Memorial Hall Regional Rd 21 Site 9 at the sign of the frog Saturday and Sunday May 2 3 - 10 am to 5pm. I FOCUS - MAY 2015 27 port perry dental centre 238 Queen St. - Port Perry - 905-985-8451 Meet Terry Fox Your Hometown Dental Professionals Dr. J. Cottrell Dr. J. Hardy Dr. C. Baneld Dr. J. Isenberg Dr. E. King - Orthodontist Dr. M. Dhillon - Periodontist For 34 years Dental Receptionist Terry Fox has warmly welcomed patients to the Port Perry Dental Centre. She is a living example of the company motto Patients First I enjoy helping people and making things easier for them Terry says. Shes an expert at explaining dental procedures answering questions about insurance claims and just plain making people feel comfortable. Caring Terry has a cell phone with her 247 and she personally answers all of the after hours calls. She deals with hospitals in emergency situations. One patient who was out of the country even sent her photos of their dental issues. I like being on call because I am concerned about the patients Terry commented. Every one is important to us. Some of the children who came to Port Perry Dental Centre are grown up now and they bring their own kids in for dental treatments. Terry says she really likes to get to know the generations of clientele. I love the people I work with Terry added calling the Port Perry Dental Centre team a family. She enjoys teasing some of her colleagues by saying that she has worked there longer than they have been alive Dental procedures have really improved over the years Terry has observed. Theres more emphasis today on the cosmetic aspect of dentistry which boosts peoples self-esteem. Port Perry Dental Centre offers state of the art techniques and the availability of nitrous oxide which help to make it not so upsetting. Terry jumped at the opportunity to take the First Aid and CPR courses offered by her employer. Its just another way to help people she said. Some of the children who came to Port Perry Dental Centre are grown up now and they bring their own kids in for dental treatments. Terry says she really likes to get to know the generations of clientele. I love the people I work with Terry added calling the Port Perry Dental Centre team a family. She enjoys teasing some of her colleagues by saying that she has worked there Dental procedures have really improved over the years Terry has observed. Theres more emphasis today on the cosmetic aspect of dentistry which boosts peoples self-esteem. Port Perry Dental Centre offers state of the art techniques and the availability of nitrous oxide which Terry jumped at the opportunity to take the First Aid and CPR courses 28 FOCUS - MAY 2015 The Port Perry Dragon Boat Festival is just three months away. The Festival is being held on Saturday June 20 at Palmer Park Port Perry. As in the past 10 years the races will take place along the Port Perry waterfront with resting areas set up throughout the park. Festival organizers are asking businesses families and groups to form their teams and register as soon as possible Teams consist of 20 paddlers a drummer and a steersperson. Instructions will be provided for those teams that have never before paddled a dragon boat. The pre- season excitement begins during the two weeks of June 8 to June 17 just prior to the event when practices are held off the shores of Palmer Park. All equipment is supplied. This year the Port Perry Hospital Foundation and the Scugog Lake Stewards have been invited to raise funds by way of their direct and active participation in a pledge program of the Port Perry Dragon Boat Festival. Both of these registered charitable organizations have accepted the invitation and we are pleased to assist each of them with very worthy projects within the Township of Scugog. In addition to paddling and raising funds for these community projects the festival offers opportunities for fun fitness and fellowship for all ages and genders. Dragon boat teams compete for medals in the various divisions as they paddle in numerous heats and final races. It is a heartwarming spectacle to see the team- work of the paddlers and the colourful display of the heads and tails of the dragon boats as they glide along to the drumming sound of the stroke counts. Register now and participate in this worthwhile event while Working Together for a Healthy Commu- nity. Dedicated volunteers and charitable sponsors are also needed to help make this worthwhile event a suc- cess. Additional information for individuals groups and businesses in the areas of sponsorship volunteer- ing and team registrations is provided on the website or by contacting Carol Gonder at 705-932-207 or Jackie Taggart at 905-407-2174. THE DRAGONS ARE COMING Dragon Boat Races return to Port Perry this summer Port Perry will once again host the annual Ride For Dad which takes place on Saturday June 13. Motorcyle enthusiasts will gather at the Scugog Com- munity Recreation Centre beginning at 10 a.m. for the start before parading through downtown. Organizers are expecting up to 300 riders to participate in the run which will travel thoughout Durham and Kawarthas. The Telus Motorcycle Ride For Dad invites anyone to join the annual ride for charity to raise money for Pros- tate Cancer Research and Awareness. More than 280000 has been raised since the ride began. The event promises to be a fun-filled day and includes breakfast BBQ lunch live entertainment prizes and a show and shine. You dont have to be a rider to get involved. Come on out and wave to the bikes on June 13 as the parade of motorcycles pass through town. Enjoy the sea of chrome and leather as they parade down Reach St. Simcoe St. Queen St. and Water St. past Palmer Park. Your enthusiasm brings more attention and donations in finding a cure for prostate cancer. Register or donate online at Motorcycle Ride for Dad on June 13 FOCUS - MAY 2015 29 Cool weather greeted the 6th annual Easter Bonnet Parade in Port Perry on April 5 but it didnt stop a large colourful crowd from tak- ing over Queen Street. People began arriving in all shapes and sizes of bonnets and were also invited to purchase pre-made hats and fascinators to take part in the festivities. As always the parade of bonnets delighted the hundreds who crammed the street for a view of the amazing creations. Winners of this years event were as follows Jennifer 1 and Jake Arnott 4 give a thumbs up for the Easter Bunnies. Alexis Lusted right and Evelyn Smith show lots of Easter Spirit with their colourful bonnets. Gabby Nichols hat won for Easter Spirit under 4. Pets First - Payton Deguilio dog Charlie Runner up - Kelly Finch dog Chloe Easter Spirit 4 and under First - Gabby Nicol Second - McKennah Davidson Best Bloomin 4 and under First - Duivesteyn Runner up - Alice Yeo Easter Spirit 5-15 First - Alexis Lusted Runner up - Evelyn Smith Best Bloomin 5-15 First - Leah Ashton Runner up - Violet Smith Most Delicious 5-15 First - Sophia Guido Runner up - Ashley Sluggett Traffic Accident 5-15 First - Madeline Baldasaro Runner up - Emily Jarman Loveliest Lady on Queen Street Winner - Melanie Barnett Runner up - Betty Kirven Best Man Winner - David Vowles Runner up - Dave Hollett Grandparent and Grandchild First - Peggy Hunter and Mali Janwin Runner up - Pauline and Kylie Bertrim Easteron parade port perry 30 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Four years ago when some local men set up camp on the roof of the Foodland building on Queen St. it had many heads tipping back and looking up at this strange occurrence. But today it has become one of the communitys most recognized fund raising events. The Rooftop Campout undertaken by members of the Scugog Fire Department may seem a little unusual but its the local firefight- ers way of raising funds and awareness about muscular dystrophy and they are set to do it again this month. On Friday May 15 members of the local department will climb to the rooftop of Harp and Wylies Canadian Grill House located at 150 Water St. Port Perry where they will spend the next 50 hours to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Last year the firefighters and their support- ers raised more than 15000 which went to directly support families in Durham Region suffering from MD. Their goal this year it to raise 20000. To start the event off an opening ceremony will be held in Palmer Park at approximately 6 p.m. on Friday followed by the firefighters be- ing piped onto Harp Wylies roof. This will be followed by live music. The next morning the firefighters have a variety of entertainment scheduled at ground level from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some of the activi- ties include a fire truck bouncy castle for the kids dunk tank come on out and dunk a fire- fighter fire safety house demonstrations live music and lots of great prizes. The entertainment excluding the bouncy castle will continue the following day Sun- day until 8 p.m. when the firefighters will descend from the rooftop and will announce the total funds raised over the weekend. Canadian Firefighters continue to gener- ate awareness and support for those affected with Muscular Dystrophy. By organizing boot drives rooftop campouts and community events across the nation they help give hope to everyone affected while also continuously expanding awareness of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. As a result of all of this hard work firefight- ers are the single most important source of revenue for the Muscular Dystrophy Canada since 1954. Scugog firefighters set for annual campout on downtown rooftop Jamies Dream Gala will honour life of CL supporter In just a few weeks Community Living Durham North will host an inaugural gala to honour the life of Jamie Ross a special supporter of the organization. Jamie was a former president of Community Living who was dedicated and committed to CLDN until his death in January 2014. He was also the recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee award for his ongoing contribution to the community and meaningful causes through volunteering. Funds generated from this gala evening will be used to continue Jamies legacy. He was a deeply gen- erous man who gave anonymously having a great impact on the lives of numerous people supported by Community Living Durham North. One of the agencys main goals is to assist people in achieving their life-long dreams and live a life built on quality. The gala funds will be used to assist people who may be experiencing a shortfall to achieving their dreams as well as to support opportunities for people to develop social capital and become connected to their community. Jamies Dream Gala takes place Thursday May 21 at the Scu- gog Community Centre beginning at 6 p.m. with a cocktail re- ception featuring local talent Leah Daniels. This will be followed by a gourmet dinner silent and live auction and 5050 draw. Tickets are 125 per person and can be purchased by contact- ing Tracy McGarry or Nikki James or by calling 905-985-8511. Jamie Ross Firefighters taking part last year from top are Gregory Hunt Trevor Welch Sean Foxton Port Perry and Dave Fisher Caesarea. FOCUS - MAY 2015 31 Scugog Chamber of Commerce president Julie Curran left and 1st vice- president Tony Janssen congratulate Dana Smith who was selected by the local business association to be Scugogs Pan Am Torchbearer this summer. Dana was selected for her exceptional work and outstanding role within the community and will carry the torch through Port Perry on Monday June 8. Photo by MaryAnn Fleming For years Reflections a community group for women in the Port Perry area was well known as a place to gather with old friends and make new friends to laugh learn and be inspired. Now Reflections is returning for one special morning Come and enjoy a cup of tea or cof- fee enjoy listening to the guest musicians and be inspired by guest speaker Sue Keddy. All women are welcome The event will take place on Friday May 29 beginning at 9 a.m. and going until 1130 a.m. at the Emmanuel Community Church 1680 Reach St. Port Perry. Cost to attend is 15.00person in advance or20.00person at the door. Tickets may be purchased at Lukes Country Store Queen St. or at Marlin Travel 158 Casimir St. Port Perry. If you require further information please call Nancy at 905-985-4937. Daughters bring your mothers Mothers bring your daughters. Everyone bring a friend Reflections group returns for meeting FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Renovated Driving Range and Eighteen Hole Mini Putt New Bunker Batting Cages Childrens Birthday Parties Individual Membership Host Corporate Events Group Rates PORT PERRY DRIVING RANGE 1690 SCUGOG LINE 4 PORT PERRY 289-356-6000 905-985-9902 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-3655 BesideWalmart Monday-Friday 8 - 6 Saturday 8 - 4 TAYLOR FORD OnlyTheWorks gives you an up-to-83 point inspection of your Ford done by a Ford-trained technician plus an oil change and tire rotation. Get piece of mind that your vehicle isriding the road properly by adding anAlignment CheckAudit to The Works. If your vehicle does require an alignmentwe will take 20 off the Alignment cost. Ford Approved Service Every 8000kms or 6 months Premium Oil and Filter Change Battery Health Test and Report Visual Brake Inspection Top Up All Fluids Muliti-Point Inspection Report Card No Charge Local Shuttle Service Vehicle Report Card Oil and Filter Change Tire Rotation Applies to single rear wheel gas vehicles only. Includes up to 5 litres of engine oil. ONLYONLY 8995 8995 Includes detailed printout OnlyTheWorks gives you an up-to-83 point inspection of your Ford done by a Ford-trained technician plus an oil change and tire rotation. THE 32 FOCUS - MAY 2015 compost FREE 8 a.m. to noon or while supplies last Scugog Community Recreation Centre 1655 Reach St. Port Perry Residents may fill four 4 blue boxes with compost. Green bins blue boxes and backyard composters will be available for sale cash only. Damaged blue boxes and green bins may also be exchanged for new ones free of charge. While supplies last. Saturday May 9 Please bring a non-perishable food item for the local food drive. Remember to check the expiration dates on food items donated. Please bring a non-perishable food item for the local food drive. 1-800-667-5671 If this information is required in accessible format please contact 1-800-667-5671. www.durham.cawasteevents The railway which ran from Whitby to Port Perry is to be the focus of this years Doors Open Whitby. A large display of the railway will be presented at the Whitby Marina on Saturday May 2. The display will feature a working model railway layout of the Whitby station and harbour area as it was in 1900. Photographs artifacts and models of the Port Perry section of the railway will also be on display. Port Perry historian Paul Arculus will be on hand to answer questions about the northern section of the railway while Whitbys former archivist Brian Winter will be on hand to discuss the south end of the railway. The old Whitby Junction Railway station now refurbished as the Station Gallery will be one of the buildings open as part of the event. In addition a small section of the old railway line is still visible and a guided walk will be conducted from the marina. Homes open as part of Whitby Doors Open include the James Rowe House. Rowe was the first mayor of Whitby and was one of the financiers of the steamship the Woodman built on Port Perrys waterfront in 1851 for the Lake Scugog traffic. On the grounds of the Rowe house there will be a display of antique outboard motors and marine engines. Doors Open Whitby takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday May 2. Information is available on the Whitby Doors open website. Paul Arculus on hand to relate history of north PortWhitby and Port Perry Railway DOORS OPEN ON RAILWAY HISTORY A train pulling into the Whitby Junction station in Whitby. The railway station and grain elevator in Port Perry 1871. FOCUS - MAY 2015 33 Bob takes a break on an old rail line converted into a bike trail which stretches from Meaford to Collingwood Ont. canadian odyssey Riding a bike offered me my first taste of indepen- dence. I could range further get there faster and travel wherever I wanted to go. But then sixteen happened and bike-riding became suddenly and decidedly un- cool. bike what bike One of the silent casualties of replacing cycling with driving was the exercise it had provided. As a kid I cant say I ever thought of riding my bike as exercise and certainly never sought it out for expressly that purpose. You did what had to be done to reach and return from your destination and a little fatigue represented the cost of doing business. Freedom and exercise. By Scott Mercer Those same elements which provided the framework of most peoples childhood bicycling experience draw some back to it as adults. Port Perrys Bob Almack and Liz Henderson understand. Both retired teachers the couple share a love of cycling well beyond their teenage years. Five years ago Liz proposed a lofty goal. She was working in northern British Colum- bia Bob recalls. And said Come join me. Well start here and cycle across the country. Liz envisioned their odyssey as self-supported. Forty pound packs secured to each bike would contain all the necessities for camping cooking repairs first aid and an extended life on the open road. Bob jumped at the chance. I grew up on a farm where you had to be physical and that made you fit. It wasnt necessar- ily athletic it was just the way it was. Later on in my 20s when I was teaching in Toronto I cycled to work. Fortunately he found a life-partner in Liz who Please turn to page 34 Couple spent five summers bicycling across Canada 34 FOCUS - MAY 2015 shared his love of physical activity. Cross-country skiing and cycling with their distinct seasons became our twin passions which kept us active all year round. So a suggestion that the pair attempt a cross-country self-supported bike tour was far from fanciful. And soon it was reality. We decided to start in Prince Rupert because it was logical given where Liz was working Bob remembers. On a map it might not look like the obvious place to begin but Im glad we did. The Yellowhead Highway which heads southeast from there had wide paved shoulders which certainly wasnt the case throughout the journey and light traffic. Lizs vacation allotment limited the couple to three weeks a year of continuous cycling so they broke the country into five manageable segments. Bob recalls that the initial leg from Prince Rupert to Calgary offered magnificent scenery. There were snow-capped mountains on both sides of the road as we set off in June. It was spectacular. The rewards were great but so were the challenges. We cycled about a hundred kilometres a day on a 36-pound bicycle carrying a 40-pound pack through mountainous terrain. Youre tired your quads are burn- ing and at the end of the day you have to find a place to lay your head. Travelling with another person provided companion- ship and security but required continual cooperation to be ultimately successful. One persons exhausted while the other wants to go further. One suggests a side-trip the other wants to carry on the same course. You have to consider your partner in every decision. Compromise compromise compromise Almost as if hes expecting the obvious question why would anyone want to make a trip of that magnitude facing all those difficult conditions Bob offers some insight. Its great for mental health he explains. The whole world vanishes and your greatest concern in the world is whether itll be windy when you wake up tomorrow. You also see the country from a unique perspective up close and personal. It gave us a sense for Canadas incredible beauty and its vast size. As they wended their way from west to east the second year Calgary to Winnipeg then Winnipeg to Tobermory the third Tobermory to Riviere de Loup and finally to Sydney Nova Scotia Bob counts many lessons learned. People were gener- ous and kind especial- ly when they found out what we were doing. I noticed there was much less farm land than I thought there would be. You could see the relationship between agriculture and the prosperity of an area places where the farmland was in use usually had a bustling economy. And I gained a real appreciation for the value of food energy. We burned between three and five thousand calo- Liz is seen here after pitching a tent along a river bank at one of their many overnight stops in the Canadian Odyssey. Continued from page 33 There were snow-capped mountains on both sides of the road when we set off in June ... Bob Almack We burned between three and five thousand calories a day after spending 6-8 hours pedalling ... Bob Almack Please turn to page 40 Business Leaders PART 3 COLLEEN ANDERSON Marlin Travel Colleen has been in the travel industry for over 25 years and is a certied member of the Canadian Institute of travel counsellors which promotes professionalism and offers ongoing educational training. Many people believe that the best deals are found on line but your travel consultant can usually nd the same price or less and you have the peace of mind that someone will advocate on your behalf if the need arises. It is always nice to deal with a person instead of a computer and get the best advice on your destination choice necessary documentation and any extra costs that you might occur during your travels. You can pick up the phone and call Marlin Travel anytime and be sure of helpful service. Colleenwillofferyouthebenetofherlifetimestravelexperience. This past year Colleen visited Sandals resorts in Grenada Exuma and the Bahamas to explore holiday options for clients as well as cruising on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO 4577532 VIRGINIA FREW Marlin Travel Initially the love of travel lures agents into the travel profession but the relationships they build with clients over many years holds them in. This busy mother of two owns Marlin Travel a full service travel agency that she began her career with 27 years ago. The team does it all from packages to airline tickets but Virginia specializes in cruises. A veteran of many cruises she uses her knowledge of cabin locations best times to sail certain regions and the benets of each cruise line to help each guest navigate wisely. I love helping clients plan their dream cruise she says. Cruises can be booked in some cases up to two years in advance and she is currently working on 2017 sail dates for some cruise destinations. Most cruise deposits are refundable so the client has complete exibility when they take advantage of early bookings. In addition to next years escorted Panama Canal group in April 2016 there is also space available for Canada-New England in September 2016. The itinerary will soon be available for our group sailing to Italy and the Mediterranean in May 2017. Call Virginia today to discuss your next dream cruise. 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO 4577532 DANA SMITH Danas Goldsmithing Recentlytherehasbeenafocusonhometown girl Dana Smith of Danas Goldsmithing. Dana was honoured to be chosen to be a Pan Am Torchbearer in the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Torch Relay. The Scugog Chamber of Commerce was asked to select an outstanding member of the community and chose this lifelong resident and local business person. Dana is also a two-time winner of the Scugog Business of the Year Award. Her latest contribution to the community was a Custom Designed Pink Sapphire Pendant for the Rotary Club of Port Perrys annual Spring Gala. Rotary is just one of the many local organizations which Dana supports. While she specializes in custom design she has a full support team of graduate jewellers goldsmiths and an amazing sales staff all offering a strong commitment to customer service at Danas Goldsmithing truly a Port Perry destination. 186 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2953 JEAN SCOTT Marlin Travel A travel professional is like your own concierge better connected faster than the internet and able to book the un-bookable with a single call. Jean has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry. Her years of experience have brought knowledge skill and resources to help clients realize their travel dreams. Jean has organized individual and group travel Cruise Groups Destination Weddings and Family Reunions as well as Luxury Travel Packages. Jean has been fortunate enough to have travelled to many countries within Europe the Caribbean Mexico Australia New Zealand all across Canada and many parts of the USAincluding the Hawaiian Islands. She has just recently come back from the beautiful pink beaches of Bermuda. Travel has been her passion for as long as she can remember and she loves sharing her experiences with others. Nothing pleases her more than hearing about clients travel dreams and being able to make them come true. Jean welcomes the opportunity to be a part of your travel experience and looks forward to helping you discover the world 158 Casimir Street Port Perry 905-985-2268 MC MC TICO 4577532 FOCUS - MAY 2015 35 Business Leaders PART 3 JODIE MALCOLM Marks Maintenance Marks Maintenance are the experts diagnosing what is wrong with your vehicle. Jodie Malcolm has over 25 years in this business and right up until last fall worked side by side with his father Mark who retired after 35 years.And the family tradition continues as Jodie introduces his son Danny now an interprovincially licensed mechanic. So the work force of two licensed mechanics and two apprentices continues to move forward into the next generation Jodie originally planned on a career as a systems analyst but the family business was calling his name. Ive always had a good diagnostic mind says Jodie who loves to diagnose and resolve issues with the more complex automotive systems being used in todays cars. Marks Maintenance is the go-to place for servicing and repairing all makes and models. People who want paperless service can take advantage of the option of receiving pictures and invoices through their smart phones and computers. They are open from 7-6 Monday to Friday and 8-2 on Saturday. 3976 Highway 7A Nestleton Station 905-986-5620 ALEC COOK Ideal Home Storage Solutions Ideal Home Storage Solutions combines traditional cabinet making skills with up to the minute designs and applications. Alec comes from a long line of master cabinet makers and has over 35 years experience in the cabinet industry. He can reface your existing cabinets with new doors hardware mouldings and counter tops and add matching cabinets to complete the new look. Add new solid maple roll out drawers to access the wasted spaceandhardtogettocorners.Nomoreneedtobenddowntoreachthehidden depths. If you would like a brand new kitchen Alec will design and custom build new cabinets to t your space. Whether you just want to add new drawers reface your existing cabinets or replace your cabinetsAlec will help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Dont settle for anything but the best. Port Perry 905-904-2050 MADE IN CANADA BROCK and WENDY REVILLE Port Perry Optical The Vision Clinic invites you to its beautiful new location at 305 Queen St. in Port Perry. Opticiansowners Brock and Wendy Reville of Port Perry Optical have been in business locally for 30 years at 30 Water St. TheVisionClinicoffersfullopticalserviceforeyeexaminationsretinalscreeningeldvision a pediatric exam room and eyewear. Brock and Wendy both have a strong background in labwork which makes it easier to understand lens technology and lab techniques. They like working with advancements in the industry such as digital design to benet the lens optics. We focus on frame t for patients. Licensed opticians are also on hand to consult regarding your optical needs and theres an amazing array of attractive frames available to choose from for adults and children alike. Drop in Monday to Saturday to check out the Sunglass Studio offering a great selection of top brands. 305 Queen Street Port Perry corner of Queen Simcoe 905-985-9388 portperry0 p t i c a l 14500 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-982-1256 SANDY and GINGER JACKSON McDonalds Owners of the Port Perry McDonalds for 13 years Sandy and Ginger Jackson love to meet people and work together supporting our beautiful community. Gingers strengths are marketing and networking. Giving back to the community is a priority for this family-run business. One of Gingers passions for the last four years has been serving as Vice Chair for the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge and Scugog. Check out www. Ginger was one of the founders of 100 Women Who Care and she has served on many other local organizations. Each year McHappy Day supports childrens charities plus McDonalds donates to many sports teams and good causes. Sandy is proud to serve delicious coffee and hot fast meals made with 100 Canadian beef. He employs 70 people including one lady who is over 80 who says she likes to interact with the customers. McDonalds drive thru is open 247. 36 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 3 DR. RAMI MAAROUF DDS Dentist Dr. Rami Maarouf of Port Perry Dental Associates says that many of his patients are now good friends. He joined the team at PPDA in January 2010. Prior to that he practiced dentistry for one and a half years in Madrid Spain and for two years in Dubai. After coming to Canada in 2007 and working in Trenton Dr. Rami decided he liked small town life and relocated to Port Perry. He graduated from dental school at New York University where he did an internship at the Rosenthal Aesthetic Institute. As well as restoring teeth Dr. Rami does crowns bridges and root canals. He has a special interest in cosmetic veneers and implant dentistry. Dr. Rami likes being part of the Port Perry Dental Associates team of professionals who work collaboratively to give each patient individual care. DR. ROBERT BOYKO Orthodontist Orthodontist Dr. Robert Boyko of Port Perry Dental Associates works with children and adultstore-aligntheirteethforthatHollywoodsmile. Heseespatientsasyoungassevenyearsofagesince early detection of developing issues is crucial so early interceptive treatment can begin. Childrens teeth are not fully formed and the jaw is still growing but xed or removable appliances are available to youngsters.Age 13 is the time when those who need braces can make that commitment. Dr. Boyko gets great satisfaction out of working with his patients of all ages to re-align their teeth for that condent smile. Born in Oshawa he earned a degree in Economics and his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Western Ontario. He completed his Orthodontic Specialty Training at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Dr. Boyko has been treating the friendly residents of Port Perry for over 20 years. DR. SANDRO DEL ROSSO H.Bsc DDS Dentist Dr. Sandro Del Rosso enjoys the variety of practicing general dentistry at Port Perry Dental Associates. Since 1996 he has fullled his childhood dream of a career as a Dentist. A typical day may include lling cavities doing extractions root canals dental implants bridges and crowns. He also handles any dental emergencies. Dr. Del Rosso believes that lifelong good dental health relies on good oral hygiene starting at an early age. Brushing and ossing in between teeth where the toothbrush cant reach is vitally important to the health of each tooth. Parents can help their children as young as newborns by wiping their gums and cleaning their teeth for them to prevent cavities. State-of-the-art technology continues to dramatically improve dental care services. Dr. Del Rosso nds it rewarding to serve local families and help patients of all ages to smile their best smiles. DR. FARAH WALJI BSC DDS DIP. PERIO Periodontist When we think of the word Dentist the word Teeth springs to mind. But healthy gums also play a vital role in good oral health. Periodontist Dr. Farah Walji joined Port Perry Dental Associates in 2005. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from McGill University and graduated seven years later as a Periodontist from Tufts University in Boston. She uses her expertise to restore lost gum tissues to their original levels and helps to prevent further bone loss and deterioration. Sometimes dental implants are the right choice for a patient. With the advent of CT guide surgery it is now possible to place the dental implants without long incisions resulting in minimal swelling and post-op discomfort. Dr. Farah believes that tooth loss and gum disease dont have to be a result of aging. Using modern pro-active treatments she is experienced in helping people keep that youthful smile. 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 462 Paxton Street Port Perry Located across from the hospital in the Medical Associates building 905-985-8459 FOCUS - MAY 2015 37 Business Leaders PART 3 DAVE STEVENSON Stevenson Specialty Cars Spring is in the air so its time to get out your show cars race cars and hot rods. Stevenson Specialty Cars Ltd. has earned a stellar reputation for being the destination for customizations and restorations of everything from classic cars to track cars or even your daily commuter car. The owners are Dave and Tammy Stevenson. Dave is a GM Certied Grand Master Mechanic with an impressive background in the racing environment. In 2001 he was named Crew Chief of the Year and his team took home the Grand American Championship. His passion for classic and performance cars led him to open this shop a year ago. Dave has 28 years of experience for mechanical service to all GM vehicles including Camaros Corvettes and all domestic performance cars. That includes track car suspension tuning corner weighting alignment and fabrication to modern cars and complete builds for classics. Drive on in 1511 Reach Street Unit 3 Port Perry 905-982-0825 RICHIE and CAL TRIPP Hometown Printing Let Hometown Printing help you promote your business.thats their business Owner Richie Tripp his wife Cal Tripp marketing and advertising and their talented team specialize in printing graphic design and marketing. Hometown Printing helps local businesses big or small to get their message across to customers in a clear and effective package. Theres a wide range of marketing products available vinyl banners business cards brochures yers posters signs calendars and even personalized holiday cards. If your company is doing a trade show Hometown Printing can create the display and all of the printed promotional material required. Commercial photo services are also available. The detail-oriented staff will ensure that your projects are professionally produced and eye-catching. Hours are Monday to Friday 830 to 530. 141 Perry Street Port Perry 905-985-2468 STEVE GAJEWSKI and JENNIFER MICHEL Taylor Forder Insurance Port Perry residents Steve Gajewski and Jennifer Michel of Taylor Forder Insurance serve their hometown in so many positive ways. First they offer outstanding rates and advice on your home auto or commercial insurance needs. Secondly they are good corporate citizens. A Rotary Club member Steve is also co-founder of the 100 Men of Scugog group which supports local charities. Jenn Steve and the Taylor Forder staff participated in the 2015 Coldest Night of the Year Walk to raise funds to combat homelessness plus they support many other good causes. Their mandate is to contribute to the wellbeing of their customers and their community. Steve has 40 years of experience in the insurance industry and Jenn has 12. Both have RIBO and CAIB qualications. Taylor Forders staff of 14 brokers all offer superior personal and professional service. No wonder they received the prestigious Chamber of Commerce 2013 Business of the Year award I N S U R A N C E 169 North Street Port Perry 905-985-8416 2013 BUSINESS OF THE YEAR ANITA VAN ZEELAND 1st Financial 269 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-1926 For 40 years Anita Van Zeeland of AVZ Accounting Tax Inc. located in the 1st Financial Centre has helped to make her clients lives easier by taking care of their accounting and tax needs. Her clients range from Sole Proprietors Farmers Corporations to Individuals. As a Forensic Accountant Anita takes an analytical approach to ensure that each client benets from proper bookkeeping payroll WSIB HST Tax returns and has CRA insight with AuditsAppeals. Tax knowledge is of prime importance to ensure that all expenses are claimed and in the proper way. Tax court and representation are also offered along with C.A.C.P.A. services. Top of the line tax software and accounting software are used. Tax Return lings and AccountingBookkeeping are just a couple of the professional services offered by AVZ Accounting Tax Inc. Anita Van Zeeland has a professional team of six employees on the job from 830 to 430. From anywhere in the world with internet Anita can look after her clients with her personalized hometown approach 38 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 3 PAUL FLEILER and CAMERON FLIELER Flieler North End Service Ltd. Flieler North End Service Ltd. offers the winning combination of the latest in technology twinned with good old-fashioned customer service. For example ipads are used to show customers pictures and videos to help explain their car problems. Three generations of the Flieler family have operated this business for over 40 years in the same location. The present owner Paul Flieler bought the gas station from his father Arthur. Mike their registered apprentice has worked there for 20 years. Cameron Pauls son is their licensed mechanic. Tires are a specialty with all major brands available. Flieler is the place to go for your mechanical repairs brakes exhaust and other automotive needs. Bring all your vehicles ATVs garden tractors and implements there for tires top-notch service and Ultramar gas. Open 7-6 Monday to Friday and 730-5 on Saturdays. Youve likely seen the Flielers name on local jerseys they sponsor the Mojacks along with many other local organizations. 15829 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985-8177 Flieler North End Service TERRY BOOTH Goldbug International Do you wonder about the value of your old coins Perhaps you want to sell your jewellery that is seldom worn or broken for instant cash. Do you have an old pocket or wrist watch ROLEX that you would like to sell Goldbug International is the place to go. Having opened a year and a half ago in Port Perry the partners have years of experience buying and selling jewellery watches coins and estates. Both partners decided to turn their hobbies into a business. Retired policeman Terry Booth and Eric Lismanis a real estate developer are experts who promise People can trust us to buy and sell. Theres a large selection of coins and quality jewellery for sale at reduced prices. Goldbug buys and sells gold and silver bullion jewellery paper money coins and watches. Hours of operation are from 10 -5 Monday to Friday and 10-4 Saturday. 1874 Scugog Street Hwy. 7A across from Water Street 905-985-0001 GOLDBUG INTERNATIONAL CLAIRE MARSH Royal LePage Claire Marshs background makes her the ideal choice when you need a real estate agent. She works with Royal LePage Frank Real estate Inc in Port Perry. Claire has two degrees in Agriculture and in Business plus she is a Real Estate Broker. She has assisted in the buying and selling of residential agricultural and commercial properties. I treat my clients with the utmost consideration and respect Claire commented. I provide my clients with professional marketing support to assist in selling their properties for the best possible price. I communicate clearly and openly during the entire selling or buying process. I love the independent work and am available 247. A married mother of four Claire has owned and farmed a cash crop and sheep farm for 25 years on 100 acres in south Scugog. Community-minded she has volunteered for school SCCs as a 4-H leader and for the Cancer Society. She also has enjoyed working on the Board of Directors of the Durham Region Association of Realtors for 4 years and 2 years on Womens resources the womens shelter in the City of Kawartha Lakes. 268 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-9898 BROKERAGE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED OPERATED ALISON BROWN AND CHERYL KERR Now spanning three store fronts houses an exciting variety of one-of-a-kind hand-painted furniture specialty home dcor original ne art a full workshop studio and a complete line of Cottage Paint. Locally owned by Michele is managed byAlison Brown who heads a team of furniture artists who transform yesteryears tired treasures into new works of art to suit todays dcor and personal styles. We love to work with older pieces of furniture because of their interesting shapes character and strength. Cheryl Kerr is the Assistant Manager and is responsible for the bookkeeping. The artists use a myriad of techniques liming for that beach look distressing and glazing to achieve a shabby chic feel metallics for a touch of richness or a crisp coat of bright colour to bring a piece back to life. Many of these creative techniques are taught by the artists to DIYers in one of their fun weekly workshops starting at 59. 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905.982.1164 FOCUS - MAY 2015 39 40 FOCUS - MAY 2015 ries a day not surprising after spending 6-8 hours pedalling and I learned quickly why and how to keep that energy stock replenished. I bonked once meaning my energy tank was completely dry and I made sure never to let that spending happen again. My energy booster Chocolate milk it has sugar for immediate use fat and proteinand tasty too Liz and Bob opted for the long and winding road throughout. We went significantly out of our way to avoid high-traffic roads like the Trans-Canada Highway which certainly wouldve been our most direct route. And we often detoured in order to visit a museum or a sightseeing attraction. As well as a physical challenge this was our vacation. Ironically Bob reserves his only negative comments for the Ontario portion of the trip. We saw the greatest poverty in Northern Ontario. You could see it in the people. That stretch of road also had the skinniest shoulder which made travelling more dangerous. And there was no practical way to escape that particular highway. The journey ended five years after it began in North Sydney Nova Scotia on the eastern tip of Cape Breton Island. Actually we biked 40 kilometres past there to reach a campground Bob laughs. The Continued from page 34 If you can walk... you can bike FOCUS - MAY 2015 41 end of the journey was very emotional for Liz. A tough act to follow that cross-Canada tour but Liz and Bob already have their sights set on future explorations. In 2015 were going to spend 8-10 weeks traveling New Zealand top to bottom. Now that Liz is retired our times less limited. And well travel the Quebec City and Gaspe areas. Quebecs roads are by far the best. The provincial government has invested signifi- cantly in what they call Route Verte and draw cyclists from everywhere. Not surprisingly Bob is a strong advocate of cycling as a form of exercise regardless of age or fitness level. Riding a bike is low-aerobic so knees and joints dont take the pounding they would if you ran. Just three hours of cycling a week three hours can cut the risk of heart attack or stroke in half and help fight diabetes. Its social too you can do it with a partner or group and thats made biking the new golf. If you can walk you can bike Their example goes to show its never too late. In their sixties now Bob and Liz remain physically active and enthusiastic about an activity which has allowed them to combine companionship sightseeing and vigourous exercise. For those who might consider taking up biking though perhaps around the neigh- bourhood rather than across the country theres also a charm to revisiting a childhood pleasure. It requires minimal investment and no special training to regain a skill which might be dormant but not forgotten. As the saying goes its just like riding a bike. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog The coast to coast journey ended five years after it beganl 193 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-7306 1-800-387-5642 INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED SINCE 1917 FARM HOME AUTOMOBILE COMMERCIAL Scugogs locally owned and operated General Insurance Broker with over 130 years of Broker experience. An evening of diverse musical genres including Big Band Opera Jazz Latin and more Music by the renowed George Lake Big Band. Joining the band we have performances from the bands own vocalists as well as special guest performer Jor- dana Talsky solo guitarist Maneli Jamal and oper- atic style selections by local tennor Glen Kowarsky. The Master of Ceremonies is Neil Crone.Tickets can be purchased at the Town Hall 1873 box ofce or online at An Elegant Evening of Music In support of the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge Scugog Date SATURDAY JUNE 6 Start Time 700 p.m. Location Town Hall 1873 port perry Tickets 40.00 Please call the box ofce at 905-985-8181 42 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business of theYear Awards The Scugog Chamber of Commerce honoured members of the business community at its Awards of Excellence meet- ing on March 26 at the Latcham Centre. Eleven businesses were nominated to receive the award for their service to the commu- nity througout 2014. Nominees were - Anytime Fitness Danas Goldsmithing Great Blue Heron Herringtons Quality Butchers Maple Leaf Foods McDonalds Piano Cafe Ro- sario Greco Styles Sunnybrae Golf Club Trading Post and Vos Independent. This years winners were Anytime Fitness operated by John and Jennifer Docherty Scugog Mayor Tom Rowett left presented John and Jennifer Docherty Anytime Fitness with the Award of Excellence with Scugog councillor Wilma Wotten and Chamber of Commerce Presi- dent Julie Curran. Photos by MaryAnn Fleming Dorie McDonald second left of Sunnybrae Golf Course receiv- ing her Award of Excellence from Mayor Tom Rowett Councillor Wilma Wotten and CofC President Julie Curran. for a business with under 15 employees. Sunnybrae Golf Club owned by Dorie McDonald for a business with more than 15 employees. Trophies Awards Corporate Promotions Embroidery Graphic Design Engraving Screen Printing Pineridge Impress 905-985-2839 135 North Port Road Port Perry Your Name is Our Business vehicle lettering wrapping Reach Northport Rd. Port Perry 905-985-0802 Since 1996 SIGNS Here to save your event... 905-904-1736 905-985-7356 Chef Robin Brown 905-904-1736 905-985-7356 food man mobile food company Fun Mobile Food truck Fine catering Complete event catering services from our mobile kitchen or from the location of choice. Weddings Corporate Events Private Parties Outdoor BBQs the frst gourmet food truck of its kind in Port Perry FOCUS - MAY 2015 43 The celebration of a 175th anniversary is somewhat rare in Canada even more rare in Scugog Township. Early in 1840 the Anglicans of Cartwright Township gathered in the homes of the faith- ful. By the fall of that year they felt that their congregation was large enough to justify the building of a church. They petitioned the Bishop to allow them to do so. Blackstock started out as a cluster of buildings called Tooleys Corners named after the hotelkeeper John Tooley a devout Anglican who had his hotel at the south-west corner of the village where the War Memorial now stands. By 1860 the community had become known as Williamsburgh but this name was changed again in 1887 to Blackstock. The first St. Johns Anglican Church was built in Cartwright in 1851. It was located halfway between Cadmus and todays Blackstock at the western side of the present St. Johns cemetery. This church burned down in 1875 and the congregation needed a larger more This rare photograph was taken shortly after the opening of St. Johns Anglican Church Blackstock in 1876. St. Johns Church in the 1920s. The steeple was re- moved in 1930 after it had been damaged by lightning. substantial church. James Fluke who was also a devout Anglican had become an extremely suc- cessful businessman in Cartwright. He owned a hotel at the south-east of the four corners of Wil- liamsburgh and a 100-acre tract of land on the north- east corner. Fluke donated two acres of his land for the new St. Johns Church at the eastern edge of the village of Williamsburgh. The church was built of local red brick. Robert Bryans was on the church building committee. His son Edward Bryans also an Anglican had just established a brickyard about two miles directly west of Williamsburgh. Here he used the clay from the Lake Scugog basin to feed his kilns. All traces of the brickyard vanished long ago but not before the church and several homes had been built of Bryans brick. A huge gathering took place on July 23 1876 to celebrate the dedication of the new church. In the census of 1851 over half of the citizens of Cartwright declared themselves to be Anglicans. By 1880 there were ten churches of various denomina- tions in Cartwright three of them in Blackstock. Today there are only three surviving churches in the township St. Johns being one. Local historian Paul Arculus has written a history of the church and the community. This book en- titled Blessed Are They is to be launched on Friday May 15 as part of the 175th Anniversary celebra- tions. The book will be available for sale at the church James and Charlotte Fluke. Blackstocks St. Johns Anglican Church celebrates 175 years and at Books Galore here in Port Perry. It will also be available on line through Amazon and on e-books. A number of celebrations are planned for 175th anniversary of the founding of the An- glican congregation in Cartwright. By Paul Arculus Focus on Scugog Business Leaders PART 4 10 Van Edward Drive Port Perry 905-985-8474 BUICK GMC BUICK GMC LIZ BLACK Gus Brown Buick GMC To sell great cars and trucks you need terric products plus the desire to work on a personal level with people. When Liz Black joined Gus Brown Buick GMC six years ago she knew the rst of those factors was rock-solid. Her professional background not the most common route for vehicle salespeo- ple as well as her positive attitude ensured the second factor would be equally true. Liz recalls I worked as a ight attendant and then decided on sales as a career because I enjoy working with people especially in a small town setting. My ability to interact well with customers getting to know what they want these things made me condent. Of course the quality of our products is a huge factor. Liz knows that small business operators cant just get out to the dealership to shop for a new vehicle many cant get there during ofce hours so she is always happy to take a vehicle to them for a test drive. Its just that extra little something Liz is always willing to do. You can meet this enthusiastic area resident at her professional home on Vanedward Drive Monday - Thursday. 9 am - 8 pm Friday 9 am - 530 pm and Saturday 9 am- 5pm. MICHAEL FILIP Scugog Computers Did you drop your iPhone and break the screen Does your PC have a virus Help is at hand Michael Filip started Scugog Computers two years ago to bring his 16 years of experience to our community. With a focus on mobility and responsiveness he offers free pickup and delivery for all services and includes onsite setup with purchase of a new computer. His services include PC Laptop and Mac repair virus removal tune-up data recovery and new hardware or batteries. He xes iPhones and iPads. Scugog Computers can design build and host your website and is happy to advise on marketing and Social Media. Michael is proud to be a Scugog Chamber Director and volunteers on many committees. He recycles old hardware and donates good machines to charity. Hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday evenings and weekends by appointment. The best news is that there is a no x no fee policy 905-985-2161 SPIROS VOVOS and DIMOS VOVOS Mr. Sub Congratulations to Mr. Sub for 25 years of success in Port Perry Spiros Dimos and father Emmanuel Vovos are proud to celebrate this huge anniversary. Emmanuel started out with the popular food franchise in 1970 and opened his rst store at Victoria Park and Danforth in 1972 and never looked back The Vovos family are grateful for the support of their loyal customers and for being voted Best Sub for 17 years in a row. Since opening their doors here in 1990 Mr. Sub has sponsored basketball soccer ringette and dirt bike racing. Mr. Subs school lunch program raises funds for local schools and their Subs for Seniors program has raised over 35000. Mr. Sub thanks their staff for making the shop so successful and they are happy to have made so many good friends over the years Enjoy a fresh sub or wrap 10-11 daily and till midnight on Fridays. 1874 Scugog Street Port Perry 905-985-1090 PAULA R. MCMURTRY Barrister Solicitor Paula R. McMurtry has been practising in Durham Region since 2002 and in 2010 decided to open her law ofce in the beautiful town of Port Perry. Paulas area of practice are family law and civil litigation. She will assist you in determining settlement options to keep you out of Court. As a trained Collaborative Lawyer she can assist you in resolving your separation in a respectful non-adversarial manner. However if Court is required you are in good hands as Paula is also an experienced litigator who has appeared before the Superior Court of Justice the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Paulaandherstaffareattentiveexperiencedandaccessible.Theywelcometheopportunity to assist you with cohabitation agreements marriage contracts separation agreements parenting plans divorce and general litigation including breach of contract and real estate litigation. 174 Mary Street Port Perry 905-982-2650 Paula R. McMurtry BARRISTER SOLICITOR 44 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 4 JACQUELINE AND BRENT HERRINGTON Herringtons Quality Butchers Whether company is coming for dinner or its just a family meal Herringtons Quality Butchers is the place to go for ne cuts of meat and delectable accompaniments. For 15 years Brent and Jacqueline Herrington have offered high quality fresh meat economical freezer packs and custom orders big or small. Herringtons specialty products include Empire cheese olive oils and dips. There are 20 popular varieties of meat pies to choose from ranging from turkey cranberry to beef and bacon. Brent is a former farmer who started in the butcher business as a coop student and decided to make it his career. Friendly service is offered seven days a week by the knowledgeable staff of thirteen. Herringtons is proud to support the Terry Fox Run Chili Cook Off and so many more. Check out the easy and delicious recipes on Herringtons website Sign up to get notice of weekly specials via email. 251 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-1456 Port Perry 905-982-1831 JOHN WHYTE True North Eavestroughing John Whyte owner of True North Eavestroughing is extremely proud of his small town roots and with over 25 years in the construction market has got customer service down to a ne art. Johns motto quality is our priority appears to be working well as he has just received Best in Durham for the fth year in a row And now along with the eavestroughing John is excited to announce Metal Roong to the Scugog area. John says there are many myths about metal roong but he can dispel them . its all about keeping energy costs down and increasing the resale value of your home. Give John a call today to discuss andor answer any questions you may have. Port Perry Proud and Scugog Chamber Member 214 Mary Street Port Perry 905-982-0606 HELEN DAYMOND M.Sc. C.Psych ACCESS Psychology Adolescent Child Counselling Educational Support Services A registered psychologist Helen Daymond of ACCESS Psychology offers psychological and counselling services for children teens and families. Services include behavioural and social-emotional assessments as well as psychoeducational assessments to identify learning difculties ADHD and ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder. Helen also provides therapy to address a variety of concerns affecting youth and their families. These include anxiety depression self- esteem adjustment to separationdivorce blended families grief bullying social skills body imageeating disorders trauma and more. ACCESS is a multi-disciplinary practice which also offers speech-language services family therapy and dietarynutritional counselling. Helen has been working with children teens and their families for over 15 years. She is on the Board of Directors for the Uxbridge Youth Centre and she is a member of 100 Women Who Care Durham Chapter. 15930 Old Simcoe Road Port Perry 905-985-9748 DR. VICKI LANGFORD and DR. JESSICA SHERWIN Scugog Animal Hospital Scugog Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary care for 39 years and this year marks the 3rd anniversary of our new hospital location beside Tim Hortons at the north end of town. Our new hospital is easy to get to and fully handicap accessible. We have three doctors to cover all your pet care needs plus our referral network. Drs. Sherwin and Langford practice conventional medicine and laser surgery which has many important benets including patient comfort less bleeding and faster recovery. Dr. Benson practices homeopathic medicine which draws upon the bodys natural ability to heal. We focus on preventative care through regular examinations early detection screening and vaccination protocols that are tailored to the specic lifestyle of your pet. We also recommend and provide prescription diets and health care products aligned to your pets own unique needs. We look forward to helping both you and your pets in whatever way that we can. FOCUS - MAY 2015 45 Business Leaders PART 4 MIKE DUNN Port Perry Denture Clinic Celebrating 20 Years in Port Perry Mike Dunn DD owner and Denturist of Port Perry Denture Clinic would love to help you in creating a new smile Mike Dunn DD took over the family business in Oshawa in 1995 which was originally established by his father Edward Dunn DD in 1972. He then opened his Port Perry location in 1995. Newdenturescanimproveapersonslifeinsomanyways. Frompersonal condence in appearance and social settings to improved function and health. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays or by appointment the Clinic provides a full denture service from new full and partial dentures relines and repairs while-you-wait to implant supportedretained dentures and also offering the All-on-4 procedure. His relationship with local dentists and oral surgeons allows him to offer a complete service. Mike even makes house calls to your home hospital or retirement home. He is only a phone call away You can contact him at his ofce in Port Perry or Oshawa or check out the information on the Dunn Denture Clinic website. 6 High Street Unit 4 Port Perry 905-985-8028 Port Perry Denture Clinic Implant Centre JULIE CURRAN Sales Representative As an active community leader Julies genuine passion for people generous spirit and expertise with providing exceptional customer- centered service continues to distinguish her within the Durham Real Estate Industry. By her example she demonstrates the importance and value of integrity honesty and staying in constant communication with homeowners during every step of the home buying or selling process. Clients agree Julies exemplary ability to anticipate and meet her customers needs along with her excellent eye for detail creates lifelong realtorclient relationships. Homeowners love the experience of working with Julie As the President of the Scugog Chamber of Commerce Julie is proud to give back to her community including volunteering with a number of Boards Committees and local Scugog initiatives helping to make Port Perry a better place to work and live. A resident for over 40 years Julie is proud to call Port Perry her home town and has raised her four children in this wonderful and friendly community. If youre considering buying or selling a home or know someone who might be Julie will see that the level of service is exceptional. 144 Queen Street Port Perry Ofce 905-985-4427 All-Stars Realty Inc. Brokerage NANCY HICKOX Hair Solutions Nancy Hickox has owned and operated Hair Solutions for 10 years a business built upon her genuine love of people and desire to make them happy. I had always worked for someone else and I thought it would be amazing to have my own business. I love working with the public some of my clients are like family states Nancy. Having been a hair stylist for twenty four years Nancy has learned that the most important thing is to make sure the client is happy treat them with respect and kindness and give them what they want. Hair Solutions offers hair cutting perms highlights and coloursand all the latest styles. They use the very best hair products on the market including Schwarzkopf colour. Stylists at Hair Solutions are highly skilled and experienced and together aim to provide the very best services to the clients they serve. They are open Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays 9-5 Thursdays 9-7 and Saturdays 9-3. 84 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-2508 HAIR Solutions LORI MAY and LARRY MCCLURG Ray Hobbs Garage Brian Tassell has retired but new owners Larry and Lori May are making sure that the customers of this local shop continue to get satisfaction. They have extensive experience in the parts business. Their motto is We strive to give our customers the best quality parts for the best prices possible and nothing but the best customer service. The two experienced mechanics Gary Gimblett and Jim Irvine are still a xture at Ray Hobbs Garage. A new shop foreman licenced mechanic Terry McClurg has been added to the team. Ray Hobbs Garage specializes in automotive repair and diagnostic. They can take care of everything from heavy truck repair to switching tires. The internet is used for ordering parts checking for the best prices and showing customers the parts being replaced on their vehicles. Open Monday to Friday from 730 5 for all of your automotive needs 182 Northport Rd. Units 8 9 Port Perry 905-985-0059 RAY HOBBS GARAGE Lori May - Owner Terry McClurg - Foreman 46 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 4 CATHIE TAYLOR Taylord to You Its time to get ready for summer with a visit to our private and personal Nail Salon and Day Spa Taylord To You offers 17 years of experience outstanding customer service and affordable prices. Our menu offers a complete list of natural and articial nail treatments including Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails. This system requires less abrasive preparation and priming allowing natural nails to remain strong and healthy. And there are over 150 colour gel shades to choose from Body WaxingSugaring is available for men and women utilizing quality products that are gentler on the skin with less discomfort for the client. We exceed all Ministry of Health Standards. Check out the list of professional services offered by Taylord To You on our website. Appointments are available 10am - 7pm. We are located inside Port Perry Villa corner of Reach and Simcoe 3rd oor. PUBLIC WELCOME Call today - you deserve it 905-441-0198 Let us TAYLOR our services to you nail salon day spa MYLES ORIORDAN Wagg Funeral Home Successful people bring some unique quality to their vocation. Myles ORiordans outstanding attribute genuine sensitivity and genuine concern for his clients. We offer traditional and non-traditional funerals in a peaceful warm and comforting atmosphere. The Wagg Funeral Home has been an integral part of the community since 1846 Myles purchased the business 23 years ago. Id worked for one of Torontos largest funeral homes but loved the town of Port Perry. Myles has since integrated into the community both personally as a member of Rotary Knights of Columbus Oddfellows Chamber of Commerce BIA and the Port Perry Hockey League and professionally serving as the Ontario Funeral Service Associations Past President. Waggs maintains a website which offers information about current and past funerals lists obituaries accepts donations and public condolences details services. The home opens daily 9 am - 5 pm and in Myles words when families need us. And its that kind of sensitive connection from a family-owned and operated business to families in need which has formed a bond which has lasted now over 165 years. 216 Queen Street Port Perry 905-985-2171 SUE DALBY Sues Signs Wedding Dreams Decorating Learning the sign business at age 17 Sue has over 30 years of experience creating storefront signs print materials banners A Frames etc. Her goal for the sign business is happy repeat clients and she appreciates each one of them Many of her Sues Signs are found all over Durham Region Over 10 years ago she fell in love with the creativity of wedding decorating hence Wedding Dreams Decorating was born With both businesses Sues main focus is on listening to her clients needs and wishes and make sure her clients get quality products services at the best possible deal. I pride myself in completing the tasks from beginning to end. She has great staff to help with decor. She can match or beat any competitors written quote with both businesses . Sue belongs to the SWNB plans to join the 100 Women Who Care and donates to many great local causes. 905-985-0008 905-985-0008 Wedding Specialty Decorating 620 Scugog Line 4 Port Perry 905-985-6527 Looking for something worthwhile for your kids to do this summer Look no further. Crossley Aquatics is offering full day Wilderness Summer Camps for kids ranging in age from 5- 16 years. Director Lisa Graves has 35 years of swim school experience and she established this camp in Port Perry in 2003. Crossley Aquatics is a family affair with Bradley and Britney Graves and Michelle Rondeau playing an integral part of the summer staff of 12. The camp offers training in Leadership Aquatics Wilderness LAW with a focus on Character Education Physical Health and Fitness Environmental Awareness and Appreciation. Campers can certify in Red Cross and Lifesaving Swimming and First Aid as well as Water Safety Instructor and High 5. Campers round out their day exploring the 57 acre forest participating in cooperative games pond play and crafts. Lisa has been a Physical Education and Science teacher since 1988 and she promotes an active outdoor lifestyle for youth. Check out the website moms and dads LISA GRAVES Crossley Aquatics FOCUS - MAY 2015 47 We would like to thank all those who participated in the annual Focus on Scugog Exceptional Business Leaders feature and for allowing us to share your lives with our readership. Also thank you to all of our advertisers for their ongoing support of Focus on Scugog magazine. We love to bring it to our readers each month and can only do this because of the continued advertising support of the Scugog business community. Finally we urge everyone to shop locally at the businesses that support Focus on Scugog and this great community of ours. Thank You Business Leaders PART 4 Andy and Terry Leitch began their Canadian Tire journey 11 years ago in Winnipeg Manitoba. During these years they have owned stores in St. Stephen New Brunswick Greenwood Nova Scotia and nally in 2013 were fortunate enough to be offered the Port Perry Canadian Tire Store. We feel truly honoured to be part of such a wonderful community and represent such an iconic company as Canadian Tire. All of us here at the store strive to provide great customer service and a positive customer experience By shopping locally you have helped us to support and contribute to Rotary Port Perry Knights of Columbus Boys and Girls Club Port Perry Scouts Fire Fighters Jumpstart Port Perry Hospital Dragon Boat Races Relay for Life Community Care Minor Sports Teams the New Animal Shelter plus way more. Thank you for your loyalty Port Perry. Shopping local helps us help more ANDY and TERRY LEITCH Canadian Tire Port Perry 14325 Simcoe Street Port Perry 905-985-7341 905-852-0182 MARGARET MACLAREN Day by Day Seven years ago Margaret MacLaren came up with the genius idea to start her own business Day By Day. When her father was in the hospital she found it frustrating trying to nd a company to bring her mother from Port Perry for visits. She concluded that there was a great need for a reliable and affordable transportation service. From 9-5 Day by Day offers exceptional senior care to clients in a wide geographical area. Calls are taken 247. Our ofce is open 9-5 but we start our day at 7am-7pm. Weekends and overnight stays are also available on an individual basis. Margaret and her compassionate staff of three take clients shopping and to appointments.They also provide companionship personal care and even hot meals. Aprevious business owner for 13 years Margaret has experience working in CCU in PA and with the Canadian Red Cross and area doctors. Training includes the Death and Bereavement Facilitator course at Evergreen Hospice plus courses through theAlzheimers Society and PalCare Network. Margaret supports many charitable endeavors. Non-Medical Home Care 188 Mary Street Port Perry 905-985-8585 TRACY SOUCH Focus on Scugog Ten years ago an opportunity came along for Tracy with Peter Hvidsten and Arlene Walker to create a new product for Scugog and Focus on Scugog was born. Two years later MaryAnn Fleming came on board and with such a great group and the input of the community Focus has become a well read magazine in Scugog. After graduating with an advertising diploma from Durham College 25 years ago Tracy began her career in advertising newspaper sales and to this day continues to enjoy her relationships with clients and meeting new people Helping and creating ads is like putting a puzzle together. Clients tell me what they need and I along with our designer Arlene create a message especially for them. When you love what you do it doesnt feel like a job. I have worked in Scugog for 15 years and my clients are more like my extended family. If you would like to Focus on your advertising call Tracy today. FOCUS 48 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Business Leaders PART 4 AUTOMOTIVE Flieler North End Service - Paul FlielerCameron Fleiler .............. 39 Gus Brown Buick GMC - Gary Cochrane ...................................... 22 Gus Brown Buick GMC - Liz Black ................................................ 44 Marks Maintenance - Jodie Malcolm............................................... 36 Menzies Chrysler - Tim Thompson ................................................. 10 Ray Hobbs Garage - Lori MayTerry McClurg.................................. 46 Stevenson Specialty Cars - Dave Stevenson ............................... 38 Superior Tire - Randall Jones ........................................................... 8 Willes Automotive - Mark Leahann Willes .................................. 25 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVZ Accounting -Anita Van Zeeland .............................................. 38 Crescent Mortgage Corp - Judi Weedmark ................................... 11 Investors Group - Rory Scully ......................................................... 9 Nellie Westerman Accounting Service ......................................... 10 Sandi Yokom Bookkeeping Service ............................................. 23 Scugog Accounting - Michael Konopaski ...................................... 21 HEALTH WELLNESS ACCESS Psychology - Helen Daymond ........................................ 45 Crossley Aquatics - Lisa Graves .................................................... 47 Day by Day - Margaret MacLaren ................................................... 48 Kawartha Lamaze - Sandra Carrier ................................................ 22 Natural Health Associates - Dr. John Tompkin .............................. 25 Natural Health Associates - StephanieAlexander ........................ 25 Port Perry Denture Clinic - Mike Dunn .......................................... 46 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr Farah Walji .............................. 37 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr. Rami Maarouf ........................ 37 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr. Robert Boyko ..........................37 Port Perry Dental Associates - Dr. Sandro Del Rosso .................. 37 Port Perry Optical - Brock Wendy Reville ................................... 36 ReHabilitative Massage - Rochelle Homsma ................................. 23 Silver Cross - Lesley WestburyVictoria Westbury .......................... 21 Therapeutic Grace - Juli Conard ....................................................... 9 LEGAL Paula McMurtry Barrister Solicitor ............................................ 44 Monique Meloche WARDS PC ........................................................ 10 REAL ESTATE Coldwell Banker - Grant Lucas ......................................................... 8 Realty Executives Systems Inc. - Brian McKinlay ........................ 21 Remax All-Stars Realty Inc. - Julie Curran .................................... 46 Royal LePage - Claire Marsh .......................................................... 39 RESTAURANTS DDs Lakeside - Donna Lucas ...................................................... 24 McDonalds - Sandy Ginger Jackson ........................................... 36 Mr. Sub - Spiros Vovos Dimos Vovos ............................................ 44 Piano Caf - Christy Stone-Curry .................................................... 11 RETAIL Antweek -Alison Brown Cheryl Kerr .............................................. 39 Asselstine Country - Darryl Prosser ............................................... 23 Aunt Bees General Store - Belinda Vernon .................................... 7 Camilles Closet - Elly HuhleJeannie Muir ..................................... 22 Canadian Tire -Andy Terry Leitch ................................................ 48 Coach House - Laura GrayBev Leslie ............................................ 11 Danas Goldsmithing - Dana Smith ................................................ 35 db silversmith designs - Diane Smith ............................................ 24 Forever Friends - Colleen Ferguson ................................................. 8 Herringtons Quality Butchers - Jacqueline Brent Herrington ..... 45 The Dutch Pantry - Janet Bisschop ................................................ 22 Trading Post - James Lori Cannon ............................................... 9 Videoplex - Nancy DriscollJanet Page ............................................ 7 VosYour Independent Grocer - Christine Terry Vos ................. 11 SERVICES Budget Blinds - Joe Gibson .............................................................. 8 Goldbug International - Terry Booth................................................ 39 Focus on Scugog - Tracy Souch .................................................... 48 Hair Mechanix - Shelly Billings Elizabeth Maschke ...................... 24 Hair Solutions - Nancy Hickox ........................................................ 46 Hometown Printing - Richie Cal Tripp ........................................ 38 Ideal Home Storage Solutions -Alec Cook ................................... 36 Inspirational Wood Works Inc. - Ian Ross .................................... 25 Jonathan van Bilsen Photography ............................................... 24 Rosario Greco Styles Hair Salon - Rosario Greco ....................... 21 Scugog Animal Hospital - Dr. Jessica SherwinDr. Vicki Langford ........ 45 Scugog Chamber Port Perry BIA - Kenna Kozak ....................... 9 Scugog Computers - Michael Filip ................................................. 44 Scugog Kitchen - Janet Bisschop .................................................. 22 Scugog Shores Museums -Amy BarronRebecca Blundon.......... 23 Sensational Signs - Brenda Colvin ................................................. 10 Sues SignsWedding Dreams - Sue Dalby ................................... 47 Taylord To You Nail Salon Day Spa - Cathie Taylor ................. 47 Taylor Forder Insurance - Steve GajewskiJennifer Michel............ 38 True North Eavestroughing - John Whyte ..................................... 45 Wagg Funeral Home - Myles ORiordan ......................................... 47 TRAVEL Marlin Travel - ColleenAnderson .................................................... 35 Marlin Travel - Jean Scott ................................................................ 35 Marlin Travel - Virginia Frew ............................................................ 35 Index By Business Name FOCUS - MAY 2015 49 50 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Will Leblanc has a quick wit. It surfaces when discuss- ing a beginners transition from common ice skates to long-bladed speed skates. So a beginner might easily fall on his face I sug- gest metaphorically. No hed likely wind up on his he quips. Will displays patience as I struggle to grasp the nu- ances of short- and long-track speed skating equipment. The blades are dramatically flatter for long-track be- cause of the larger rink dimensions he clarifies. He shows no sign of aloofness a teenager chatting ami- ably with a stranger three times his age touching at times on delicate matters. None of those sequences is particularly unusual given that an interview is little more than a lengthy conversation on a pre-determined topic. In this case the subject is an outstanding Port Perry athlete one preparing to compete on a national level with eyes cast confidently to a date on the worlds athletic stage. Will Leblanc captured four gold medals at Ontarios Provincial Special Olympics earlier this year. His fo- cus has now shifted to the nationals in Corner Brook Newfoundland next February with a hopeful nod to the world competition the following year. I definitely feel I stand a chance he responds without hesitation. Weve reached a critical point where I need to delicately pose a pivotal and obvious question the nature of his disability. Wills response presents a candid snapshot of this remark- able young man and brings into focus those otherwise-trivial sequences in our earlier discussion. I have Aspergers Syndrome he tells me matter-of-factly. That means I have Scugog speed skater captures four gold medals at the Ontario Special Olympics I have Aspergers.That means I have some social difficulties that requries I take more time to learn ...William LeBlanc FOCUS - MAY 2015 51 some social difficulties and requires that I take more time to learn. He copes well both with the de- mands of absorbing and applying physical skills at an elite level and to the rapid-fire inquiries of an unfamiliar face. One of four children older siblings Brandon and Patricia are 20 and 19 respectively while Lindsay is four years his junior at 13 Will began as so many young Canadians do as a hockey play- er. Wanting to play goal but finding that position locked down Will and his father Duncan went looking for a new team. Coincidentally one of the arenas they scouted had been configured that day for speed skating. The sport in- trigued him and after splitting another season between hockey and speed skating Will shifted his attention to the latter. Im competitive but not to an extreme. I learned in speed skating that everyone competes during the race but theyre friendly afterward. I liked that and I enjoyed the adrenalin rush I got during the race. His experience skating in hockey helped as well as hindered his early development. Id skated before but speed skates are entirely different he remembers. Your posture isnt the same and you need to know where your feet are at all times the right time to cross over and when to push for power. so a beginner might fall on his face No hed likely wind up on his Like runners speed skaters usually gravitate to short sprint events or longer distances. In Wills case he found short-track events better suited to his skills. Short-tracks done in a hockey arena while the longs are done in are- nas with larger dimensions. The shorts easier to adapt to for begin- ners and some people are natural sprinters. Long-track with its lengthier straightaways demands a differ- ent skill set as well as different skates. The blades are dramatically flatter for long-track because of the larger rink dimensions. Speed skating shares a number of tactical similarities with car racing Will explains. The fastest skaters given the inside position so he or she ar- rives ahead of the pack at the first turn. Everyone tucks in behind the leader believe they call that drafting in car races who takes the brunt of the wind resistance. But that advantage evens out over the course of the race. Speed skating had dominated Wills athletic life for several years before the extent of his talent was recognized. I didnt enter many competitions in those early years. But as I got older my Dad got me into more and more of them. Duncan also became involved as his sons coach and the pair set their sights on Olympic gold. Will was rewarded for his years of hard work this February with top Provincial hon- ours in the 500 777 1000 and 1500 metre events. So now its on to Corner Brook. My on-ice seasons over now until Left William carefully checks the blade of one of his speed skating boots. Opposite page William speeds around a corner during a competition last year. Photo by J. Peter Hvidsten Please turn to page 61 Im competitive but not to an extreme. I enjoy the adrenalin rush I get during the race ...William LeBlanc 52 FOCUS - MAY 2015 The Borelians theatre group continue to prove they are a force to be reckoned with in small town commu- nity theatre circles. At the recent Association of Community Theatres Central Ontario ACT-CO annual THEA Awards Gala this active local theatre group were honoured with top honours in a number of categories. Every year ACT-CO gives out awards in 16 categories celebrating excellence in acting directing and design for community theatre productions across central Ontario. This year 45 productions in total were entered to be adjudicated representing communities ranging from Orillia to Orangeville and from Georgetown to Oshawa. At the recent celebration of local theatre two Boreli- ans productions were honoured with multiple nomina- tions and several awards. The Borelians production of Michael Healeys The Drawer Boy took top honours this year by winning Best Production of a Drama and garnering recognition The Borelians cast and crew of The Drawer Boy. Front left Kyle Dickie John Lunman David Geene. Back left Joanne Norman Kyle Brough Bryan Coughlin Helen Coughlin Justine Scott. Photo courtesy of Stephen Wright. Smalltown...Bigtalent Port Perrys theatre group The Borelians honoured with top prize at Oscars of community theatre. for director Helen Coughlin who was nominated for Best Director as well as Joanne Norman who received a nomination for Best Lighting Design. Actors John Lunman and David Geene were each nominated in the Best Actor category for their touching portrayals of two rural farmers coming to terms with their secretive past however it was David Geene who ended up winning that award. For their comedic production of Norm Fosters Office Hours Michael Serres received a nomination for Best Sound Design. Also Ruth Smith won the award for Best Stage Manager for her work on the same show. The Borelians have been providing the Scugog area with top-quality theatre since 1971. Audiences can look forward to their upcoming 2015-2016 season at Town Hall 1873 featuring productions of Doubt and Hav- ing Hope at Home. The annual THEA Awards Gala was held in Concord Ont. on Saturday April 11. After a long cold winter we are happy to see the sunshine of spring. If only that sunshine didnt spotlight our clogged gutters cracked driveways and dead plants in last years ower beds. Here are some of the people in our area that will help you plan and complete your spring projects both indoors and out. 905-982-1831 has developed a new cast aluminum down pipe bracket JOHN WHYTE owner of TRUE NORTH EAVESTROUGHING Old world wrought iron look For more information call today 905-985-7758 Drain cleaning general plumbing repairs well and sewage pump sales and service installation of in-floor radiant heating. Family Owned and Operated 33 years Licensed and insured by WSIB KEEP YOUR BASEMENT DRY THIS SPRING Call us for sump pump inspection installation and maintenance. BOB GOODMAN PLUMBING REQUEST AN ESTIMATE TODAY 48 Water St. Port Perry ON 905 985-3767 FOCUS - MAY 2015 53 NorthDurham causes suds to disappear faster and requires more chemicals for cleaning can require about 29 more energy to heat wears out fabrics 15 faster leaves scale that can shorten the life of dishwashers and clothes washers by as much as 30 HardTruthsAbout HardWater SHEPSTONE HAULAGE LTD. 1451 Reach St. Port Perry 905-985-7282 SHEPSTONE HAULAGE L I M I T E D DELIVERY AVAILABLE SMALL TO LARGE LOADS. Stone Pea StoneGravel Sand Top Soil PLAYGROUNDS PET RUNS A B GRADE BACK FILLING MASONRY AND BEACH QUALITY DRAIN AND SEPTIC GRANITE STONE NATURAL STONE 1 - 3 RIVER ROCK 4 - 6 GABION STONE UNSCREENED SCREENED AND TRIPLE MIX NOW AVAILABLE MULCHOPEN TO THE PUBLIC Often we are asked When should I open my pool and the answer is very simpleas soon as you can Why would you open a pool in April when you have no plans on using it Well there are many benefits to opening up early. 1. To Prevent Algae Growth Warmer temperatures breed algae the sooner you are able take the cover off and start the system circulating the less chance that you will have a green pool. 2. Expense Cooler water temperatures require less circulation time and go through a minimal amount of chemicals. 3. Esthetics For many people the pool is their backyard. A pool that is open and clear is much better to look at then one with a winter cover full of stagnant water and leaves. 4. Mother Nature Lets face Mother Nature has a hard time committing to the seasons lately. One day its 15 degrees and the next it is -2. Warm weather is coming lets be ready Clearwater Pools and Spas 6 High Street Port Perry 905-985-6650 See our ad on page 58. When is the best time to open my pool 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905.982.1164 One of a Kind Hand Painted Furniture Decor Original FineArt CustomWork Workshops Eco-Friendly CanadianCottage Paint An .net Spring Gardening As soon as the ground is workable plant cool-weather crops such as sweet peas onions cabbage radishes and leeks. 54 FOCUS - MAY 2015 WINNER FOR 7 YEARS Readers Choice Awards Sales - Service - Support 135 North Port Road Port Perry formerly Blanchards 905-985-9746 Above In-ground Chemical Supplies 1918 Scugog StreetPort Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 OMESTEADHFURNITURE APPLIANCES HARDWOOD LAMINATE FLOORING WINDOW COVERINGS Furniture Appliances Flooring Mattresses Window Coverings Accessories Fashion Function for your Home We believe that to do something well you have to be passionate about it and we are We are a family owned business that has been operating on Medd Road between Port Perry and Uxbridge for 15 years. Quality and customer service are what we pride ourselves on and our customers know that when they walk through the door they can expect the best of both. Our goal is to have things that you wont find at all the other garden centres. We hope to see you wandering the greenhouse in the next few weeks. The coffee is on every weekend in May Otter Greenhouses 315 Medd Road Port Perry 905-852-4187 See our ad on page 59. Our customers are top priority Pools and spas Want to have your pool cleaned and balanced without doing the work Consider hiring a pool expert to open your pool for you. Pests Check for pest infestations such as mice termites and carpenter ants. Eavestroughs and Downspouts Clean debris reattach loose sections replace damaged sections and make sure that the water flow discharges away from foundations. FOCUS - MAY 2015 55 QUALITY Let us be the ROCK in your next step. LANDSCAPING STONE DIRECT FROM THE QUARRY 1400 REACH ST. PORT PERRY We have a LARGE INVENTORY of NATURAL STONE Armour Flagstone River Rock Step Material Decorative Rock Hand Stackable Wall Stone Mulch Topsoil Flagstone Armour Stone Aggregates LANDSCAPING SUPPLIES LFS ROCKLFS ROCK MULCH Black Brown Red Natural Cedar Driftwood TOPSOIL AGGREGATES Limestone Products Sales Delivery OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Mon - Sat Opens 8am 905-985-2100 182 North Port Plaza Unit 7 Reach St. at North Port Rd. 905-985-6665 Whether you are looking to add architectural detail to your home or hoping to gain better energy efciency we have a window or door style to t every lifestyle and budget. Our experts will help you choose the perfect ones for you. CHOOSING THE RIGHT WINDOWS FORYOUR HOME Locally owned and operated by Ike and Kelly van den Berg Visit our showroom and see why Theres So Much More At... Let the professionals at Port Perry Pool Spa be your one stop shop for sales service and support for all your pool and spa needs this year. We offer premium Bio-Guard sanitizers balancers and remedy solutions for chlorine bromine or salt water applications. Come in for a free water sample and let our trained staff answer any questions you may have. We also offer a full range of sales and service for above ground on ground and in ground pool systems. Whether its a new build a remodel or a new liner let Port Perry Pool Spa handle the work. Come visit us call or check our website. Port Perry Pool Spa 135 North Port Road Port Perry 905-985-9746 See our ad on page 55. Let Port Perry Pool Spa take the headache away has a wonderful selection of spring and summer colours to help you with your outdoor painting projects. Their furniture artists can even mix custom colours to match your dcor to a tee. Weekly workshops are available to teach you how to get that professional look. All paint products can be demonstrated and tried by customers in their store any day of the week. The friendly helpful staff are there to support you through your project no matter what your painting skills are. For those who would rather someone else paint has a custom painting service plus an excellent selection of painted furniture for sale in their store. 257 Queen Street Port Perry 905-982-1164 See our ad on page 54. Now is the perfect time to paint for summer Plan for Property Maintenance Landscaping requires maintenance and care from pulling weeds watering and pruning to replacement of dead plants etc Plan what plants will suit your maintenance schedule or consider hiring a professional gardener or lawn service to take care of your yard. Plumbing A defective sump pump could mean a basement full of water which can destroy your belongings and pose health hazards like mold and mildew. Have it inspected to make sure its functioning properly before any flooding occurs. 56 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Competitive pricing - relaxed atmosphere Homestead Furniture Appliances has been a locally owned and operated furniture appliance and flooring store since 1976. We have a 6000 sq. ft. showroom where we showcase many top brands of furniture appliances flooring mattresses and window coverings. With household brands such as La-Z-Boy Palliser Maytag Whirlpool and many more we offer Big Box store selection with small town service. We sell and install carpet hardwood ceramic laminate and vinyl floors. We also do custom window coverings such as blinds and shutters. We offer one stop shopping for your home or cottage with competitive pricing in a very relaxed atmosphere. Come and visit with our friendly knowledgeable staff say hello and have a browse around. We look forward to seeing you. Homestead Furniture Appliances 1918 Scugog Street Port Perry across from Vos 905-985-2451 See our ad on page 55. 905-655-3291 1-800-575-5656 4179 Simcoe St. N. Oshawa just 10km south of Port Perry When Quality Counts MSRP 219.95 MS 170 Gas Chain Saw MSRP 249.95 with 16 bar BG 55 Handheld Gas Blower 30.1 cc 1.3 kW 3.9 kg 8.6 lb 27.2 cc 0.7 kW 4.1 kg 9.0 lb Century Home Garden Greenhouses Stop in and take your pick from an incredible selection of bargains for the garden Annuals Perennials Herbs Vegetables Climbing Vines Tropicals Box Plants Bedding Plants Hanging Baskets Flowering Shrubs Wall Bags Urn Planters Rose Bushes Roses Family owned by John Karen Colleen vanderZalm Where the Spirit of Gardening Lives 905-985-2672 1431 Hwy. 7A Port Perry Home Improvements Now is the time to establish a clear idea of the home improvements you need to do be it painting or renovating. You could be putting those plans into action by the time warmer weather finally arrives. FOCUS - MAY 2015 57 193 North St. Port Perry 905-985-4910 A. Oppers Ltd W i n d o w s D o o r s PRIDETHAT SHOWS THROUGH FROM STARTTO FINISH Scugogs premier supplier of windows and doors since 1979 6B High St. Port Perry beside Halibut House 905-985-6650 Annual Spring Sale and BBQ Saturday May 9 2015 sales service installation above ground inground pools salt water specialists pool spa parts and accessories openings closings liner replacements leak detection lters pumps chemicals free pool hot tub chemical water testing safety covers expert staff Get it done right the first time - on time Fred Shepstone owner of Shepstone Haulage Port Perry has been serving Southern Ontario for over 40 years. Fred provides delivery for both do it yourself residential home owners to large industrial job sites. He will schedule your delivery to be in time for your projects to be completed on time. If you are unsure of the products you require Fred and his knowledgeable staff will offer insights to the best product for the job. He truly believes that his professional experience and credibility will exceed all your expectations and it is what you need to get the job done right the first time. Before you begin any job stop in to talk to Fred or Bonny at Shepstone Haulage. Shepstone Haulage 1451 Reach Street Port Perry 905-985-7282 See our ad on page 54. Hot Water Tank For a good water heater maintenance routine flush out deposits each spring to lengthen the life of the heater and keep it working efficiently. Trees and Shrubs Trim or remove nearby trees shrubs or bushes that may pose a danger to your home. Windows and Doors If you suspect air and water leaks schedule professional inspection and consider replacing your windows and doors as soon as you can. 58 FOCUS - MAY 2015 315 Medd Road Port Perry 9 0 5 8 5 2 4 1 8 7 o t t e r g r e e n h o u s e s . c o m Open 7 Days a Week Voted 1 Greenhouse in Port Perry ENTER TO WIN Beautiful Hanging Basket 59.99 value Name Phone Number DRAW DATE MAY 24 JAMES PAPIA Certified Arborist 905-982-1998 Tree Trimming Pruning Tree Stump Removal Free Estimates Arbor Consultation TREErifc Tree Service SO-4204A Hard water is just that hard. Its hard on your appliances your detergents your clothes and your heating bill. If youre interested in saving your fixtures and your money come in or call for a free water test. Well provide you with quality solutions tailored to your needs. We take pride in our product as every EcoWater unit is manufactured in North America and with carbon offsets our process is carbon neutral. For friendly service sales and advice call or visit us at our showroom in the Port Perry Plaza. EcoWater 1894 Scugog St Unit 1 905-985-4900 See our ad on page 54. Hard water could result in expensive problems Large selection of porcelain tile. 64 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8722 Howey Kitchen Bath and Interiors MAAXEnjoy the experience 1874 SCUGOG ST. HWY 7A PORT PERRY 905-985-7420 170 CASIMIR STREET PORT PERRY 905-985-0715 FIREPLACES AND GRILLS Queen Mattress - 2 Pillow Top Starting at 375 Free Local Delivery Queen R4- Sealy Posturepedic Adjustable Base with Infuse Hybrid Mattress FOCUS - MAY 2015 59 60 FOCUS - MAY 201560 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Relax sit back and leave the work to the pros Big city jazz in a small town setting It doesnt get any better Bernie appears with Terry Clarke on drums and Kieran Overs on bass Lynn McDonald will sing a few songs Start Times 700 p.m. Location Jesters Court upstairs Reservations call Lynn 289-354-1140 or email Music Charge 15 per person SUNDAY MAY 24 BERNIE SENESKY PIANO TRIO JAZZ at JESTER S ScugogScugog What s Up Date SATURDAY MAY 23 Time 800 p.m. Location Greenbank Centennial Hall Tickets 25 per person. Available at pOE port perry Blue Heron Books Uxbridge by calling 905-985-8351 or 905-852-7578. GreenbankFolk Music Society RUSSELL DECARLE TRIO Greenbank Folk Music Society fans are excited to know that the Russell deCarle Trio featuring Steve Briggs and Denis Keldie will close out the current season. Mark the date on your calendar. In addition to performing as the lead singer and bass player of prairie Oyster Russell has been writing singing and recording with the Bebop Cowboys as well as touring his great solo album Under the Big Big Sky. He will be bringing to the Greenbank audience all his love and appreciation for the roots of honky tonk and pure country music as well as the classic country vocalists. An Exhibition of Fine Craft The Scugog Council for the Arts is accepting entries in celebration of Craft year 2015. An Exhibition of Fine Craft will take place from June 6 to 27 at the SCA Gallery at 181 perry St. port perry. Cost of entry is 20 15 for SCA members and must be submitted by Friday May 22. Artists should consider the number of pieces they wish to submit based on the type of item and size. you can pick up an entry form at the SCA Gallery or download from the website at www. scugogarts.casitecraft-year-2015. FOCUS - MAY 2015 61 Blast from the Past The Megalore Group presents its third annual Spring Fling - Blast from the past Dance with great music provided by DJ Todd Soomre. There will also be a light lunch 5050 draw spot dances. Date SATURDAY MAY 9 Time 8 p.m. - 1 a.m. Location Mississaugas of Scugog Island Hall 22600 Island Road Scugog Island Admission 20 per person. Tickets Contact David at 905-982-2700 or Jim at 905-985-4372. Information See letter on page 2. Spring Fling Dance Lynn Phillip Hodgson author of Inside Camp X and other related works will be the guest speaker at the Lake Scugog Historical Societys May meeting. Recently Hodgson has been an advisor and consul- tant on the popular TV series X-Command. The series follows the events of those involved in Whitbys world famous World War II spy training camp. Hodgson who is a former Scugog councillor will have copies of his books for sale. The meeting takes place at St. Johns Presbyterian Church on Queen St. in Port Perry on Wednesday May 20 at 730 p.m. The public is invited to attend. TELUSRideForDad SATURDAY JUNE 13 Scugog Community Recreation Centre Pad 1 West Side 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Registration 730930 a.m. Opening ceremony 930 a.m. Kickstands up 1000 a.m. sharp GIFT FOR FIRST 250 RIDERS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT BY POST OFFICE WALL PRIZES BREAKFAST LUNCH POKER RUN SCENIC RIDE Pre-registration Friday June 12 500800 p.m. Scugog Community Recreation Centre Pad 1 West Side 1655 Reach Street Port Perry Every 200 raised gives you a chance to win a 5000 Harley-Davidson gift card a Title Sponsor National Sponsor Register on line at Camp X author guest speaker the fall. In the meantime I work out every second day stretching biking jogging and on an elliptical. Stretchings critical. I need those muscles to be flexible so I can take the longest stride possible when I race. Both Duncan and mother Janine will accompany Will to February 2016s Canadian Special Olympics Winter Games where a potential trip to the world competition hangs in the balance. We have family and friends in Newfoundland so theyll both be making the trip. At the same time Wills priority will be finishing his final year at Port Perry High School. Id like to be a police officer he says. So Im looking forward to a college program in Police Founda- tions. Setting and striving for goals is an essential element of creating a fulfilling life. Goals serve as motivation and will provide a measuring stick for ensuing progress and achievement. Will Leblanc has already proven he can set and then reach his athletic goals so theres every reason to be- lieve that academically hell wind up exactly where he wants to be once high school is in the rear view. And policing is an admirable goal for a young man who in a short conversation exhibits a quick wit patience as well as a personable demeanour all of them useful and important attributes in the line of work hes chosen. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog Continued from page 51 62 FOCUS - MAY 2015 Subs For Seniors on June 1 Its that time of the year again for the community to help Spiros and Dimos Vovos assist Scugogs seniors. The owners of Mr. Sub Port Perry are at it again this year holding their annual Subs for Seniors day on Monday June 1. The fundraiser which began in 2009 was inspired by their mother who lived in a nursing home. In honour of her the two young men started Subs For Seniors to help give back to their community and the nursing home. For one day they donate 1 from every 12 inch sub and 50 from every six inch sub to the Community Nursing Home. The money will be used for supplies arts and crafts entertainment and help pay for trips and outings for the seniors. To date Spiro and Dimos have raised 34621.23. AROUND TOWN The Scugog Heritage Centre invites you to attend back-to-back exhibits showcas- ing local artistic talent by of some of Port Perrys younger residents. The exhibt which began in April carries on until Sunday May 17. The Heritage Centre is pleased to host an exhibit orga- nized by past high school art students now in university and college. The exhibition is called From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks Do Grow. Matt Condie and Rachel Callan recent graduates of Port Perry High School have helped to organize this art show of 15 past art students who have continued to develop their skills in their present post- graduate programs. Following the exhibit students of R.H. Cornish will take a turn showing how the first seeds of art grow in our local children. This exhibit takes place May 24 to June 21. The Heritage Centre is located on the 2nd floor of the Scugog Community Centre at 1655 Reach St. Port Perry. Hours are Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Admission is 4 for adults 3 for stu- dents and seniors 2 for children 5-12 years of age. More information Amy Barron Interim Curator or call 905- 985-8698 x 103. Exhibit at Scugog Heritage Centre shows how the seeds of art grow in Scugogs children The North Durham Con- cert Band under the direction of Sarah Lynn Howie has had another success- ful year making music with and for the people of North Durham. In the past year they presented an extremely well received Christ- mas concert Sounds of the Season for the Port Perry UCW Christmas gathering and this past February the band competed in the Sunderland Lions Music Festival. On Wednesday May 6 at 730 the North Durham Concert Band will be wrapping up their season with Springtime Serenade at Port Perry United Church. Patrons will be treated to a selection of the North Durham Community Bands favourite popular jazz and classical selections from the past year. There will also be delicious homemade treats as a thank you from the band to all of their supporters and fans. This event will be enjoyed by the whole family. Admission is by donation only and any funds raised will be used toward the purchase of music and the practice venue. If you are interested in joining the concert band next Septem- ber please contact us. Whether you are interested in dusting off your musical instruments to join the band or in supporting the band by attending the Springtime Serenade we always look forward to seeing you. For more information about the North Durham Concert Band go to To enquire about mem- bership email the Director of Music Sarah Lynn Howie at sarah. Springtime Serenade will wrap up 17th season for concert band FOCUS - MAY 2015 63 Hats Off To Harry One of my most favou- rite aspects of travelling is nding unexpected hid- den gems in unique and exotic locales. One such nd was on a recent trip to Venice where I stumbled upon an establishment called Harrys Bar which was certainly not an Italian sounding place. Intrigued by this anomaly I decided to venture forth and entered what appeared to be a transition back to the 1930s. It was certainly a bar somewhat upscale but with a uniquely different atmosphere from any other drinking establishment in this famous Italian city. I ordered one of their original martinis which is served in a small glass without a stem. Their dry martinis are very dry apparently with the ratio of 10 parts gin to 1 part vermouth. The place is also the home of the famous Bellini cocktail which is known for its pinkish colour it reminded the bartender of a toga worn by a saint in a painting by Bellini. The drink and consequently the bar became a famous year-round haunt of Ernest Hemmingway. I also discovered that Harrys Bar is where the rst Carpaccio was created. This delicious dish of thinly sliced raw meat sh or vegetables has become a generic term used by many restaurants and chefs around the world. So why is a place in Venice called Harrys Bar especially since it is run by Vene- tians. The answer is quite interesting and certainly not what I expected. It seems a bartender named Giuseppe Cipriani worked in the Hotel Europa where a very rich Bostonian named Harry pickering was a frequent patron. Sud- denly without notice Harry stopped visiting the hotel and when Giuseppe nally saw him and asked him why Harry explained that he was broke because his family found out his drinking habits and cut him off nancially. The two had grown to be good friends and Ciprian who was saving to open his own bar decided to take 10000 lire about 5000 and give it to Harry. Harry was very grateful and said he would repay him. Time passed and two years later pickering returned to the hotel bar ordered a drink and gave Cipriani 50000 lire in return. Stunned and dumbfounded the Ital- ian bartender looked at the money and then at Harry. Mr. Cipriani thank you Harry said. Heres the money. And to show you my appreciation heres 40000 more enough to open a bar. We will call it Harrys Bar. And later that year in 1931 Giuseppe Cipriani opened a bar in St. Marks square and true to his word named it Harrys Bar. The haunt has become very famous over the years with the likes of Charlie Chap- The famous window of Venices well-know Harrys Bar Please turn to page 64 64 FOCUS - MAY 2015 lin Alfred Hitchcock Truman Capote and Orson Welles visiting on many different occasions. Today Harrys Bar is synony- mous with upscale patrons and the company has branched into the North American market by opening a second Harrys in New york City. In 2001 the Italian Ministry for Cultural Affairs declared it a na- tional landmark mostly because of the reputation and history of the place but also to capital- ize on the Cipriani brand which has become a leader in global cuisine. The family-run busi- ness has expanded to include the well-known New york eatery called Cipriani on 42nd Street as well as downtown Manhat- tans famous Rainbow Rooms. They also run a successful travel company a catering company and in Buenos Aires have opened three more outlets. In Venice the Ciprianis also own Harrys Dolci as well as brand lines of pastas sauces olive oils coffee books and kitchenware. What seemed as a small unob- trusive bar on a side street in St. Marks Square in beautiful picturesque Venice turned out to be a wealth of interesting facts all centered on a simple martini. Did I mention the price tag for the exquisite drink was 25 Sounds like a lot but compared to 10 for a coffee and 40 for a bowl of Minestrone its not half bad. Follow Jonathan van Bilsens travel adventures at The city of Venice makes a beautiful backdrop for Harrys Bar. National Public Works Week Works Department DURHAM REGION If this information is required in an alternate format please contact 1-800-372-1102 ext. 2834. Saturday May 23 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 2400 Forbes St. Whitby OshawaWhitby D 825 Conlin Rd. Whitby Corbett Creek Water Pollution Control Plant Learn how the Region works to protect local water quality and the natural environment. This tour is not recommended for children under the age of ten. There will also be trucks and heavy equipment on display. Check out our waste management and other educational displays visit our truck and equipment display play some games and get your face painted. FREE familyevent Tour and Open HouseTour and Open House For more information or to take a virtual tour visit www.durham.canpww 1-800-372-1102 Mothers Day Brunch Buffet P A T I O N O W O P E N Sunday May 10th 11 am - 2 pm Reserve your table now to avoid disappointment. 279 Queen Street TREAT YOUR MOM THIS MOTHERS DAY to an ALL YOU CAN EAT Continued from page 63 Feeling Misunderstood We Can Help WE ARE FAST FRIENDLY AND LOCAL CALL US TODAY to find out how easy it is to switch to Comptons home phone digital TV and high speed internet services. ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS If your business phone service continues to be with Bell you are paying way too much Business customers who have switched to Compton Business Phone have typically saved 50 or more monthly and received more attentive and rapid customer service. To discuss business phone services please e-mail or call 905-985-8171. Operated by Rogers Communications Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2009 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2010 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2012 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2011 Readers Choice Awards PORTPERRYSTAR 2010 2010 See for yourself why we were voted Readers Choice 5 years in a row Best Telephone Service Internet Provider 905-985-8171 905.985.1361 FEEL GOOD. LOOK GREAT. 1893 Scugog Street Port Perry www.yourindependentgrocer.caYOUR NEIGHB O URS OWNED OPERATED B Y Guiding Stars is an easy navigation system that helps you find nutritious foods throughout the store. HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR STARS TODAY Just like your home regular maintenance and cleaning does not reach all the nooks and crannies. The same goes for your teeth Regular brushing and flossing is great but to keep teeth really clean and healthy a professional cleaning is the only way to remove certain types of plaque and tartar build up. Your Confident Smile is Our Goal 15930 Old Simcoe Rd. Port Perry 905-985-7777 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT 29 Toronto Street Uxbridge 905-852-7382 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT 15 Ringwood Drive Stouffville 905-642-5777 STOUFFVILLE TORONTO STREET SUNDERLAND NORTH PORT26 Church Street Sunderland 705-357-3161 Other locations to serve you Keep Your Smile Bright and Shiny